Khloe Kardashian and the cameras are following Lamar Odom to Dallas

Here are some new photos of Khloe Kardashian (and Kourtney) at a Barnes & Noble book signing yesterday. They were signing copies of Kardashian Konfidential. I don’t understand Khloe’s fedora… for why? I’m also including photos of Khloe and her nephew Mason from two days ago. Anyway, as we discussed yesterday, Lamar Odom was traded to the Dallas Mavericks. What does this mean for the Kardashian domination in NYC and LA? Well, who knows. But it’s looking like Khloe is going to follow her husband to Dallas, and E! producers are already making plans to film everything, according to TMZ.

Get ready, y’all! Lamar Odom was traded to the Dallas Mavericks over the weekend, and Khloe Kardashian is already planning her move to Texas.

Odom, 32, was initially set to be traded to the New Orleans Hornets as part of a nixed exchange of players between the Lakers, Hornets and the Houston Rockets.

“Missing him already,” Khloe, 27, tweeted Monday. “As soon as I pack our house up, I’ll be there.”

The reality star — who admitted earlier she was sad about the trade — remained optimistic about her move to the Lone Star state.

“I’m excited [about the move],” she tweeted to a fan. “Heard only great things!”

When another follower lamented that Khloe was leaving L.A., she reassured them: “I’ll be back and forth!”

So why isn’t Khloe staying behind in California while her hubby of two years plays basketball in the south? “I ride or die for my Lam!” she tweeted. “It’s where I go… It’s who I am with.”

[From Us Weekly]

I actually think the move will be great for Khloe. Some physical and emotional distance from her family, the chance to make her own set of friends and build a home base apart from the Plague of Kat-Faces. It might even make Khloe and Lamar’s marriage even stronger, you know? Anyway, I like that Khloe is putting her marriage first and following Lamar.

The coach of Mavericks, Rick Carlisle, also gave an interview where he basically welcomed not only Lamar and Khloe, but the cameras as well. Carlisle said: “I will say this: Khloe’s my favorite Kardashian. She’s the coolest.” He was also asked if he would appear on an Kardashian-based show, and he said, “I’ve never been one to rule anything out. I would guess it would be a long shot to be asked.” See? Lamar and Khloe will be welcomed in Dallas. And I think they’ll do well there.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. NancyMan says:

    They won’t go away until you stop giving them any attention.

  2. Quest says:

    Yee haw….I want them to just go away.

  3. mymy says:

    well I watched a clip of Lamar and Khloe and it was so ridicules. She let the camera’s in her Ob gyn appointment. Let everyone see her spread her legs and the doctor go up her vag. And to top it off he says well you have secretions and he got some and said he would test them as an infection can make getting pregnant harder. It was beyond embarrassing and she wasn’t the least bit embarrassed. Who does this? And she was telling the doctor her mother i8s hounding her daily for a grand kid. Kris Jenner just wants more family members to exploit. She did not even raise her to youngest daughters and now she wants grand kids. For more money. Khloe thinks she wants them to be a grandmother. Kris Jenner is the worst example of a narcissistic mother I have ever seen. And her golden child Kim is in line to takeover for her. What vile people.

    • TG says:

      You are right about Kris being a narcissist. In the latest episode mamma Kris comes for a visit and she showed no interest in Mason and he didn’t seem too excited to see her either. It was all about her and she shut down dear Kimmie’s dream of having a baby because she saw her cash cow leaving you should have seen the wheels spinning in her head when she thought her precious kimmie might not make her as much money. Poor kimmie can’t make a single life decision without mommakris.

  4. Lilou says:

    Well as you said, it’s a good thing that she is following her husband (unlike Kim who refused to move out from LA to follow her husband)… I mean they can do their “job” anywhere in the USA, unlike their husbands who are traded from team to team…

  5. TG says:

    I am only disappointed he was traded because with Khloe married to a Laker that gave her a one-up on KimmieKatFace. LOL

  6. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    The coach seems really cool. At least she is getting away from PMK!

    Also, why do you (Kaiser) keep saying “following” her husband. I mean, sounds like they are making the move together..not like she’s following him like a little puppy/stalker/live-in girlfriend.

  7. Abby says:

    Great. Now I’m going to have to watch the show I’ve been boycotting to see what Dallas places they frequent. :-)

    • shauna says:

      No, you don’t have to watch the show. You people kill me, you say you hate them(why I don’t know) but yet every chance you get you are ripping them apart. People or things I dislike, I don’t respond to. At all!! Love the Khloe and Lamar show and can’t wait to see what the move to Dallas brings. I am happy for them both and wish them the best. People need to leave them alone. Khloe is not Kim and you can’t judge everyone in that family by Kim.

  8. NO SH¡T says:

    Aww look at Big Foot and mason so cute!

  9. iamnotyou says:

    Khloe is my favorite – and I do think her and lamar ar real. her getting away from the rest of the Klan will be good for her. And why the comment about the hat, fedora? Why cant she wear it, I think she wears it well!!

  10. NO SH¡T says:

    What “job” does Big Foot actually have?….So she really has no reason not the follow her husband unlike cat face Kimmy she’s there for her man because their marriage is “real”.

    • shauna says:

      What job do you have. She has more money than you and that is what you hate. They happen to have very lucrative boutiques. I know because I have been to the NY store on various occasions and they do have some nice and affordable pieces. Quit hating and get a life!!

  11. Coco says:

    Mason Dixon is so freakin cute!!!

  12. Dawn says:

    Fame whores are fame whores no matter where they go. Please Dallas for the sake of all that is holy; please just ignore these whores, please. Neither brings anything of value to the table.

  13. cmc says:

    I actually like Khloe. Not compared to the Kardashians (although *especially* compared to them), I mean she seems like a cool person in general. I’m glad she’s getting away from them, and I’m glad she’s showing the world (and Kim!) that she actually loves her husband and wants to be with him. She has no real reason to stay in LA while he’s working in Dallas, so she won’t. Good for her.

  14. Sam says:

    Boycott the whole E Channel now.

  15. ladybert62 says:

    (1) Hate the hat
    (2) Hate the nail polish
    (3) Hate the outfit
    (4) But good for her in going with her husband – I also think this will be good for her; unfortunately, the cameras will also be there – but it is a start!

  16. JPX says:

    Why is this a surprise to anyone? God forbid she put aside the non-stop filming of her life so she can create some privacy. It’s just gross.

  17. Dominique says:

    The older Mason gets the more he looks like Scott.

  18. Relli says:

    PLease Please PLease let this show be called KHLOE DOES DALLAS!

  19. Turd Fergussen says:

    I am a proud resident of Dallas, and this horrifies me on so many levels. First, we have enough vapid twats here — we’re all full up, thanks. Second, Lamar should be jumping up and down about joining the g.d. WORLD CHAMPION Dallas Mavericks, not bitching because his ass had to leave LA. Third, please keep Kim far, far away. I have never been as tired of a family as I am of the Kardashians.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Well, it’s not like you’re ever going to meet them, so what’s the point of the righteous indignation?

      • Lissa says:

        Well, it depends on where “Turd” (ha ha!) is. If he lives/hangs out in Uptown/Preston Hollow/Highland Park it is actually pretty likely. Most of the people kicking up a fuss is the trust fund babies who live near the action, they like their privacy and don’t like a lot of fuss. I don’t mind, really. I think it = great attention = $$$$ for our awesome city.

        But seriously Turd, I also don’t get all the vitrol, she isn’t moving into YOUR house! LOL, tons of Dallasites freaking out!!!

    • Original Tiffany says:

      Vapid twats, indeed. Oooh, world champs. How many of those banners have you got hanging. Oh, yes, ONE.
      The LA Lakers have 17, and have been in 50% of all NBA finals ever played. Get over yourselves. Learn some NBA history. Look who is the NBA logo…Jerry West former Laker player, coach and GM. When you can list 30 HOFers, give us a call will you?
      Shoot the Celts got most of their wins in the 50′s and have not been in as many finals. Dallas was great last year, but call me when you make 33 Finals appearances and have more than 1 banner.
      OTOH, good for Khole. Maybe her hair was dirty that day, hence the fedora? That’s my M.O. Except I wear a very multiple championship Lakers hat.

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    Well sh!t. I was hoping this would be her chance to get away from all the khaos. Gaycrest needs to be shot for inflicting all of this on us. (I say this in jest; don’t yell at me or ban me, please.)

  21. assistantrachel says:

    See Kimmie? The cameras would have followed you too, I’m sure. You didn’t have to divorce over it!

    Seriously though, at least Khloe appears to care enough about her marriage to actually want to be with her husband.

  22. Nev says:

    love them together…she’s hysterical!

  23. Hinckle says:

    Didn’t Lamar already comment that the Lakers probably weren’t too crazy about him being involved in the reality show? I would think he’d learn from that and not have the cameras follow them to Dallas now. Oh well. I like Kloe somewhat, but always found her and Lamar’s show to be a bit boring. Maybe Dallas will be more interesting.

  24. TXCinderella says:

    We will accept you with open arms here in Dallas Khloe! She’s the only one out of that clan that makes sense.

  25. Elfie says:

    Is it me or does Khloe resembles Miley Cyrus in the last two pictures?

  26. BerMan says:

    This move may be the ticket Khloe and Lamar needs. Away from the LA/NY Drama starring Queen Kris,Kim, and Kourtney. BTW Kourtney can use the break from the cameras and all the b.s. fakery . She’s pregnant and is looking tired and out of it..Hey Kourtney you’re entitled to break off just be you and mason and nurture you baby oven. Ladies K times are changing grow up and let go.

  27. Emily says:

    If we must be subjected to the Kardashians, then I hope this new show really takes off and Khloe becomes the most popular of all the siblings. She is the only one I can even remotely tolerate.

  28. j says:

    I really like her and him.. but.. I am really sorry.. I think that kid is kinda fug.. sorry anyone? anyone? sort of reminds me of a mid eastern look.. j

  29. kirsten says:

    If anyone ever watched K & K in Miami (which I doubt since all comments above suggest hatred of the franchise) Khloe was the recipient of a diamond bling ring from another black baller. She broke into his vm and he was playing her. My point being this chick would marry any tall black man (with money) and would follow him across the country also. She has major abandonment issues since she doesn’t know who the f her biological father is. Boo hoo

    • bee says:

      @kirsten – their show is scripted and staged. The NBA player you are referring too confirmed that him and Khloe did not break up the way it played out on her reality show.

      • kirsten says:

        Yes obviously I realize the shows are scripted. But this woman has a history of bad relationships with for whatever reason, black men. She has a foul mouth and no respect for authority. She drops the f bomb to her own mother, not that she’s a great role model, but she is her mother. I love you, I love you, don’t ever leave me please…she is definitely a person who cannot live without a man, not necessarily Lamar, any man.

    • TG says:

      I would say it is more than just abandonment issues. She also has to deal with that she doesn’t look anything like her lovely Khardashian sisters and I can believe her mom probably never treated her as valuable as the other 2 and now the 2 jenner girls she is grooming to take over since littlekimmie might eventually fly the coop

  30. Leek says:

    I love her. She’s the only one of the bunch who seems to know how relationships with other human beings work. It seems Khloe and Lamar are in it to win it. She’ll probably get pregnant once the toxins of her family’s horrible influence is expelled from her body.

  31. Madisyn says:

    Of course the camera’s are going along. These twits can’t f&ckin BREATHE unless theres a ‘camera’ around.

  32. Dawn says:

    Everything you see on any of these Kardashian shows are scripted so how can they seem to be anything more than scripted and reading lines? Only their “help” know how any of them live. And they aren’t talking…yet.

  33. truthful says:

    This is “Bigfoot’s” ONE and only chance. She HAS to follow Lamar,because his history of CHEATING is HUGE!!!


    Before he even got w/Bigfoot, there were posts about him on private gossip sites, w/pics of all of his feuding women. She knows, her husband can’t be alone, she’d BETTER follow, LOL.

    I do not WATCH ANY TRASHian garbage.

    oh and Khloe was QUITE the cleat chaser herself.

  34. Evelyn says:

    I like them, and I’ve always liked her

  35. Anastasia says:

    I’m a Dallasite not thrilled about it. Watch, she’ll hang out in Uptown–Twat Central.