Robert Pattinson is in “panic mode” ever since he stroked Sarah Roemer’s hand

Two weekends ago, there was an OMG SCANDAL in which Robert Pattinson was seen in the vicinity of a girl who was not Kristen Stewart. OMG. Actually, it was a bit more scandalous than that – Sparkles and Sarah Roemer were seen hanging out at a club and then they got into the same car. OK! Magazine even claims that Sparkles “stroked” Sarah’s hand in the car. OMG I bet she’s pregnant now!!! Anyway, OK! Mag has a hilarious/sad story about what’s really going on between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: basically, Kristen is a neurotic mess over Robert’s flirtations…? Who buys that? But I do buy that Rob “adores” Kristen:

It was the canoodle felt round the world: On Dec. 3, Twilight’s Robert Pattinson left L.A.’s La Poubelle restaurant with actress Sarah Roemer, then squeezed into the backseat of a waiting car and stroked her hand — this with Rob’s on-and-off- screen love, Kristen Stewart, 5,000 miles away in England, filming Snow White and the Huntsman. So speculation flew: Was Edward cheating on Bella? Twi-hards were aghast — and Kristen was furious.

“Rob’s one of the world’s biggest heartthrobs and Kristen’s never been able to relax the whole time she’s been with him,” an insider tells OK!. “This was, like, her worst fear realized.”

Rob, 25, denies any infidelity, claiming it was an innocent night out with platonic pals. But now the brooding screen vampire is terrified that Kristen, 21, might come home and toss his guitar and hoodies into the street — and he’s desperately trying to save their relationship.

“Rob’s in total panic mode at the thought of losing Kristen,” the insider says. “He’s desperate to keep her and is virtually groveling on bent knee.”

To return to Kristen’s good graces, Rob is buying her a spectacular Christmas present: A diamond ring.

“He’s designing it himself and wants to put an inscription inside,” a friend of Kristen tells OK!. “He asked if their initials were too cheesy, but Rob really is a hopeless romantic. He adores Kristen,” the friend adds. “He wakes up thinking of her and goes to bed thinking of her. And he would do anything for her.”

Another measure of Rob’s devotion? In a recent interview he hinted at having children with Kristen. Asked if he’d like to be a young father, Rob replied, “I think that would be nice.”

There appears to be some work to do first — the Sarah flap is only the latest bump of a rocky period in Robstenland.

“Kristen and Rob have been arguing a lot,” says a pal of Rob. “They’re overworked; their tempers are short.” But more than anything else, what’s fueling the discord is just plain jealousy. Working on separate film projects in between Twilight stints, Rob and Kristen have often been continents apart. Texting and Skyping only go so far both young stars face temptation. In the early days of the Twilight phenomenon, of course, it was mainly Rob who was fending off amorous advances from fans — and fueling gossip. While making 2010’s dark romance Remember Me, for instance, he got uncomfortably (for K-Stew, at least) close to co-star Emilie de Ravin.

“Rob loves the attention he’s been getting from hot women,” his friend tells OK!. “Growing up in London, he never had that. So he’s been taking advantage of his popularity by flirting.”

But, increasingly, it’s becoming a two-way street. Much like Twilight alter ego Bella Swan, Kristen has become more comfortable with her sexuality.

“Having so many enamored male fans drool over her has made Kristen feel the sexiest she’s ever felt,” says Rob’s friend. “Because of her newfound confidence, she finds herself wanting to flirt more. Kristen claims it’s all in good fun.”

Rob isn’t laughing — he’s especially steamed over Kristen’s recent outing with On the Road co-star Garrett Hedlund, and the attention she lavishes on easy-on-the-eyes Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner. In fact, Kristen’s friend suggests that Rob may have played up the Sarah incident just to make her jealous: “He does everything to keep Kristen’s attention. She doesn’t tend to be the type to dote on him, and it drives him crazy.”

Clearly, the next few weeks are crucial for the golden couple’s relationship. “Rob’s saying all the right things,” an insider says. “Kristen wants to trust him more than anything, and there’s no doubt she’d love to be Mrs. Pattinson one day.”

The holidays may provide a cooling off period. Kristen is spending Christmas in L.A. with her mother, Jules, while Rob flies back to London to be with his folks. Kristen’s friend is hopeful the romance will survive.

“They’re young, in love, rich, famous and their careers couldn’t be better,” the pal tells OK!. “For them it’s really just about enjoying their time together. Kristen is always saying they should live in the moment and not worry about what comes next.”

[From OK! Magazine]

I tend to believe that Kristen is the one who will cheat, if I had to make a choice between the two of them. Kristen allegedly screwed around WITH Sparkles when she was with her previous boyfriend, Michael Angarano – and I do think there was some overlap between the two relationships. Kristen seems really good at playing the game of keeping Robert interested in her, and I suspect she’s a withholder, and he’s a bit of a masochist. He’s always reaching out, and she’s always pulling away. That’s what makes them work. For now. Give it another year.

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  1. Amy says:

    “She might come home and toss his guitar and hoodies into the street” had me laughing from the very beginning.

  2. lin234 says:

    I think the real challenge (if this relationship is real) is after the Twilight series has ended, when one star is still doing well while the other isn’t as popular anymore.

  3. laylajanelovesgossip says:

    I LOVE Kristen in that black dress!!!I must be the only one that does not find Robert all that attractive, he’s not ugly but no heartthrob for me. Rob Lowe was a HEARTTHROB!!I’m showing my age:-)

  4. debunked again says:

    This story has already been debunked once again. Rob and Kris are happy and together. And once again, he was scooting into the car. He didn’t stroke her hand. Morons!

  5. jess says:

    I believe that she cheated on her ex with sparkles…uh i mean rob. Mtv had interviews with them when they were filming the first movie and they were shamelessly flirting with each other, kristen even sticks her finger in his mouth in the interview. I definatly think she wears the pants in the relationship. One of their costars from the twilight movies said rob was “pussy whipped”.

  6. Christine says:

    I’ve never seen that black dress before – and I am in love with it!

  7. GABY says:

    I don’t agree with you Kaiser. I definitely see Rob as being the more likely to cheat than her, and not cause I think he is a bad guy or anything. But because she must be such an insufferable, pain-in-the-butt girlfriend. He probably really loves and cares about her deep down but it’s not easy to spend your days with someone as miserable as she has shown herself to be. I find it hard to blame him for wanting to stray and look for someone who maybe is nice, happy, affectionate, and not always trying to be the self-pitying victim

  8. Bobby the K says:

    Maybe he’ll wake up and realize she’s not that attractive and there’s no reason to put up with any of her BS.

  9. Happy21 says:

    He’s not a hottie to me either but he is attactive. I like them together and wish them a loved filled time together. I doubt they’ll get married or anything but I do think they’ll enjoy themselves. I don’t know who would cheat if either would. And I don’t really think that they pay attention to what the tabs say. They truly seem to be alike in the sense that they just want their privacy and to enjoy each other.

  10. lilibet says:

    They have really nice ‘friends’ don’t they! One spills the beans on what her special Christmas pressie is and the other states that they have been arguing loads…with friends like that who needs enemies!

  11. chrissie says:

    Oh C’mon!
    They are both young especially Kristen and who knows if their relationship will survive?
    Must be really difficult for Rob as girls everywhere from 9 to 90 apparently practically throw themselves on him. Their egos must be so huge that they play tit for tat. Kristen is cold and moddy and sullen. She needs to grow up. And Rob is a pussy cat typical young male. Theyu both still have a lot of growing up to do.

  12. Enny says:

    Oh please, these two are both getting plenty on the side.

  13. emma says:

    I disagree with Kaiser. I think Kristen is the type to be a neurotic mess. Based on her interviews she’s a neurotic mess about everything else.

  14. Cathy says:

    Have never seen any of the Twilight movies, and don’t care to. He’s ugly and she’s bitchy looking.

  15. mimi says:

    Kristen looks so pretty in these photos!

  16. Roxy750 says:

    Um, I am still under the impression neither of them said they were boyfriend/girlfriend, I am pretty sure the marketing and tabloid people made this on up on their own for the whole TWILIGHT thing. It happens all the time…nothing is what it seems in hollywood.

  17. Coucou says:

    I just can’t believe that a restaurant would call itself “La Poubelle,” which means “the trash” in English! Only in L.A. can they feed you trash and make you believe it’s cuisine.

  18. My Red Shoelaces says:

    Give me a break. Two words for you: showmance, PR. End of story.

  19. I Choose Me says:

    “But now the brooding screen vampire is terrified that Kristen, 21, might come home and toss his guitar and hoodies into the street—”

    I can’t stop giggling over that line. Who writes this shite, honestly?

    Didn’t read the comments before I posted mine. I see Amy’s as tickled as I am. :D

  20. Sophie says:

    They’re way too young. There’s no way this relationship can last. Now that twilight filming is finished, it will be over soon.

  21. Tiffany says:

    From the gossip standpoint, I am trying to understand the dynamic of these two. While neither is “attractive” there should be some qualities that make up for it. With Robert he is pretty self deprecating and quite entertaining in interviews and whose qualities moves he up several points. Kristen seems…well nothing is really flattering about her personailty (Ooooo she curses in interviews, she must be a badass). There just does not seem to be any substance.

  22. Mommy2b says:

    This relationship is a fabrication to hype up the Twilight franchise.

    • Carolyn says:

      they have chemistry onscreen in a teenage kind of way. The honeymoon scenes were really unemotional…and silly/awkward in an immature kind of way. Did nothing to promote the idea that they are hot n heavy and in love in character or in real life. I like Twilight for what it is. I like them together but won’t cry if they split up.

  23. jai says:

    I really think he dosen’t know he could lose he FOREVE and he dosen’t realize it at AlL