Beyonce & Jay-Z have gone “partially vegan” for her pillowy pregnancy

Have you seen some of the latest blind items having to do with Beyonce and her Deflating Bump of Conspiracies? Go here to Dlisted to read some of them – I mean, they are “allegedly” about Beyonce, but… they certainly fit, right? Still, Beyonce is on track to give birth… soon. Like, within the next month, apparently, considering she claims she was six months pregnant on September 23rd. Meaning she’s past the eight-month mark right now. Which means that surrogate is probably ready to bust. One of the blind items claims that Beyonce is making all kinds of deals behind the scenes to profit from her pillowy pregnancy, including a Jessica Simpson-style “How I Lost the Baby Weight” magazine spread shortly after “giving birth”. Allegedly, Bey is still going to be selling this pillow until we’re all sick of it. So… here’s a preview. Us Weekly has a story about how Bey has gone on a “partially vegan” diet (???) and Jay-Z has joined her in pillow solidarity or something.

Jay-Z is eating like a pregnant woman! The 42-year-old dad-to-be is supporting Beyonce by dieting with her. A source tells the new Us Weekly — on stands Friday — that the duo are maintaining a “partially vegan diet.” (Think stir-fried vegetables and tofu, made to order by a private chef.)

“Jay’s trying to be disciplined, and he needs the energy to support her,” a source adds.
Beyonce, 30, isn’t going to let herself go just because she’s expecting! “I’ve been really conscious [about food],” she told 20/20. “I’ve been trying my best not to lose control!”

Meanwhile, Beyonce has been resisting temptation, including favorites like fried chicken and doughnuts.

Jay and Bey’s commitment to healthy living seems to be paying off. A source tells Us that Monday night the duo were “dancing up a storm” at Hollywood’s Spare Room club.

“They were loved up and sweet together [and] partied until 4 a.m.!”

The next night, Beyonce and Jay-Z partied once again! This time, the couple hung out with Serena Williams, Kanye West and friends at Watch The Throne’s after party.

[From Us Weekly]

WTF is a “partially vegan” diet? Is that “eating your vegetables as part of a balanced diet that includes ham and chicken and steak”? So we’re not just supposed to buy the pillowy pregnancy, we’re also supposed to buy that Bey is maintaining a partially vegan diet, and that Jay-Z is dieting with her? Here’s an honest to God question: Is Beyonce just making this up as she goes along? Did she have an actual plan to fool people, and is this the plan? Because if this is the plan, Bey can afford to be getting much better advice.

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  1. mln76 says:

    Kaiser you never addressed the fact that Katie Couric touched her belly on TV so do you think Katie’s in on the conspiracy too??!

    • Betty says:

      She barley touched her belly it was not gynecological exam.

      • mln76 says:

        Have you ever touched a pregnant belly? Have you ever touched a pillow? They feel a whole of a heck different!!!!

      • xxodettexx says:

        actually this is for mln76, they make some very realistic looking/feeling “pregger bellys” nowadays; ive tried some on and they even have the “added weight” so you really can feel what being pregnant is like… plus, i just dont trust ANY journalist to have integrity nowadays, not with their near worship of almost all stars as god-like superhumans that can do no wrong!

    • Bitchbelying says:

      Kaiser won’t believe this pregnancy if Beyonce opened up her legs, showed Kaiser her vadge, and popped the baby out right in front of her. Kaiser;s been on some bull with this Beyonce pregnant story. She won’t believe it no matter what, and I guess she’s on some sort of Agenda to have others not believe it either. I usually love Kaiser;s stories, but she seems to hate Beyonce, yet writes about every little tedious thing she does.

      • sluggo says:

        Um … Kaiser didn’t CREATE these BIs, but is only repeating them. You’re going to have to add a VERY large number of writers/reporters to that list of “oh waaaah all these bitches are hating on poor Bey” before THIS nine months’ fairy tale is over.

        And sorry, I can’t believe in any sort of pregnancy where the belly goes UP and DOWN and FOLDS and SHRINKS and MOVES AROUND, and the birth date keeps getting moved around just as much as the flotation device she’s wearing. Unless Bey’s giving birth to some sort of alien camel creature? So you’ll have to add me to that list. It has to be said: this is the phoniest thing I’ve seen in a LOOOOOOONG time.

    • Aria says:

      I remember seeing a pic of Beyonce at the beach with a white bikini and prominent belly.
      And that belly was not food/beer gut.

    • Marjalane says:

      Technology has come a long way with prosthetics- even the “fake bellies” that the kids in my daughters child developement class had to wear, felt very real. I have no doubt that Beyonce could have had a really good one made for herself. And I don’t think Kaiser hates Beyonce, I think Beyonce is just such a diva that the truth is ugly.

    • Mourning the Death of Music says:

      An expensive prosthetic device made to look like a pregnant belly could feel a lot more real than a pillow, especially if it was just a quick touch.

      I can’t imagine Bey going cheap on this trick.

    • HadleyB says:

      They have rubber/ prosthetic pregnancy bellies you know…. they use them in movies..TV..commercials.. people touch them rub them, photograph them.. gee I think Beyonce might be using one of them instead of a pillow from her bed.

      Ya think?

  2. Sadie says:

    Seriously I can’t wait until this pregnancy is over. It is so over played.

    Also that child she is carrying (I believe she’s pregnant) is going to be Suri Cruis number two. I can see Beyonce dressing her up to go on some crazy photo-ops.


    • mln76 says:

      Now this I agree with. And for the love of god I hope that girl doesn’t look like her dad!!

    • cmc says:

      And just like with Katie and Suri Cruise, nobody believes that the mom is really pregnant. Remember when Suri was born and everybody said she looked too Asian, then she looked just like Chris Klein (whatever happened to him?) And now everyone sees that she looks just like her parents. I hope that after the birth, all of these conspiracy theorists are forced to STFU on this one, too.

      • mln76 says:

        I thought the conspiracy with Suri was always not that Katie wasn’t pregnant but that she fudged on the due date. If I remember correctly they were in hiding for like 3 months no photos no nothing LOL. I tend to believe anything shady about Scienos because they are a crazy cult. I just don’t think Beyonce is acting shady-more like she’s being a fame ho.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I believe Katie carried Suri. It looks like she has a diastasis (muscle separation) from being pregnant (which is why people think she’s pregnant when she wears something formfitting).

      • Iggles says:

        No, you’ve got it wrong.

        People weren’t saying that Katie wasn’t pregnant. The rumor was that Tom was NOT the father of Suri.

        Personally, I don’t think that he is. He was married twice before, with no kids. His ex-wife has had bio kids since then, so her fertility wasn’t an issue (clearly they could have used a surrogate).

        I think Tom is sterile and his cousin Thomas Mapother is Suri’s bio dad. Google him. Suri looks just like him.

  3. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    She’s that far along and has that much energy to party until 4:00am, while dancing?

    I can’t remember having that much energy with any of my pregnancies.

    Partially Vegan – what a BS claim. Some days you eat meat/dairy, some days you don’t? I didn’t have any meat or dairy a couple of days ago, does that make me partially vegan too?

  4. tripmom says:

    As a vegetarian, I’m fond of saying “Just like you can’t be kind of pregnant, you can’t be kind of a vegetarian.” Thank you, Beyonce, for proving me wrong on both counts.

  5. Tapioca says:

    The tomato, lettuce and pickle on a Big Mac is vegan, therefore a Big Mac is “partially vegan”. :)

    Snark aside, if she adopts a veg-heavy diet now, stays super healthy and exercises during her pregnancy the baby weight is going to literally just fall off her seconds after [taking] delivery!

  6. CT says:

    So, I’m due next week, December 23, which made me six months exactly on September 23. If she really is as pregnant as me, I wish I could go dancing til 4 am. I can’t even go out to dinner because I can’t sit in the same position for more than 30 minutes. I wake myself up multiple times a night GROANING in my sleep, that is how uncomfortable I am at this point.

    Good for her…if she’s truly pregnant.

  7. Marjalane says:

    I think we’ve reached the point where Beyonce’s ego has overtaken the rational part of her brain. She must think we’re all so busy adoring her that we aren’t paying attention to how ludicrous this whole “pregnancy” thing is.

  8. Helvetica says:

    There’s a blind item that said the she fake her pregnancy for money and media attention, and another detailed blind item about her surrogate’s physical description .

    IMHO,I still don’t think she’s pregnant.

  9. Lilou says:

    For me, it’s a PR move to explain why she doesn’t gain too much weight… In a few months, she will say “oh, I’ve been very disciplined during my pregnangy… I went vegan, but still eat chicken breast one in a while”…

    I used to think she was pregnant and using a fake bump to make it more interesting.

    But now, I honestly think that she is NOT pregnant. She hasn’t gained weight, her boobs aren’t bigger, her face isn’t fuller.. Maybe she has gained 10 pounds to make it look more real…

    • quinnie88 says:

      I agree 100 percent! Katie couric prob touched a very good prostetic bump…… touching it quickly like she did wouldn’t red flag it a a pillow pregnancy! I find it hard to believe to most private hollywood couple are shoving a true pregnancy down our throats…….and yes i’ve seen many pregnant ladies in my life never met anyone with a bump that changes shape ans size on a regular. ….. and dont anybody bring up the bikini photo of her showing off her belly from a far distance and a giant purse in front of it….. look real cloesly at it. Not even the same skin colour. Its called a prostetic and makeup. Simple.

      • Paula Berry says:

        Omg thank you!!! I’m a makeup artist and when I saw her bikini pictures right away I was like WTF!? It’s the skin does not match at all! The makeup is ashy and on the sides of the tummy u can easily see the difference of her tan skin on top bottom and both sides, that also match the rest of her. Then the bump is completely a greyish brown. It was a horrible makeup job but seemed to fake alot of people. I personally think she want to b Americas super star and not get the backlash about not wanting to carry her baby. I’m a mom and I would def think less of her for wanting to hop on the road for another world tour as soon as she “delivers”. Plus the mag covers, the attention she will get for being able to bounce back so quick. Her being out till 4 dancing up a storm, & then round 2 a day later!? NOWAY!!!!!!
        Will I ever believe that! I’m a mom and going to a club ok, dancing my ass off in heels (u know she wouldn’t be caught dead w/out them!) till 4, no gonna happen! This same crap happened w/ Katie holmes disappearing belly 2! One day she was huge the next way smaller, then bam suri is here everyone who signed off on her borthcertificat want even working that day!

    • cmc says:

      Her face isn’t fuller? I don’t think she’s always had that double chin…

  10. lala says:

    There are 3 or 4 blind items about the fake pregnancy. That’s a little too much to be made up. There are prostethics, that can be used, not pillows. Look at Nicole Kidman, she chose not to hide the surrogate the second time since everyone doubted her first pregnancy.

  11. gillie says:

    Nearly due and out partying til 4 am? Just a little suspicious, there… Especially in those kinds of shoes.

  12. madpoe says:

    This is what I’m not getting! If you’re not pregant and using a surrogate. Why not just allow yourself to gain weight, in addition to the pillow, and hush the naysayer (which would be right anyways) but it wouldn’t leave as much questioning cos you “look” pregnant. I’d play the part to the hilt. lol. I’d go all out. But on the other hand I just might say the truth like its been real hard getting preggo so we went the surrogate route. There’s a lot of women out here that can’t get pregnant they’d understand Bey. There’s no shame in that!! Damn!

    • Amea says:

      This is all very true, except 1) I believe she chose a surrogate because she didn’t want to mess up her body in the first place, so even gaining weight to play the part would be a no-go cuz she’d still be ‘messing up’ her body. And that leads to 2) I believe she was perfectly able to get pregnant, and just chose not to do it naturally. We haven’t really heard stories of her and Jay-Z trying and failing, like we hear with other couples, so I’m pretty convinced that they are just being money-hungry media whores at this point. I hope the surrogate milks them for all their worth, so that she can sell their story and even if they sue her she can sue them right back with the money THEY gave her haha.

  13. JessCar says:

    Hmmmm, out of interest, has she ever directly said she was pregnant? I know shes talked about being ready to have children, but think about the announcement – just rubbing her tummy and not actually announcing “I AM PREGNANT”. Therefore all assumption on our part…. just sayin…. and probably wrong….

  14. aenflex says:

    Kaiser’s blog, so yeah. It wouldn’t be gossip fodder without a devil’s advocate anyway. I don’t think she’s pregnant either, Kaiser. I think she’s twisted a little though.

  15. Bee says:

    I don’t think she’s pregnant simply because beyonce is not a naturally thin woman. If she gained weight, I think it would be all over ala jessica Simpson. She’s a bit too thin for me to believe shes 8 mos.

    • kristiner says:

      That’s what I said.

      Beyonce can workout and be toned all she wants but she is NOT a naturally skinny girl. I don’t think she’s ever been below a size 8 in her life. Back in the early DC days she was slim but I think he smallest is always an 8 which is actually very skim considering she’s 5’6 but her hips and but give her a bigger number size.

      Nicole Kidman is a natural stick figure. I can believe she was pregnant the first time. She lost a baby with Tom so she can get pregnant but she just had trouble and it was a miracle she got pregnant with Sunday. But the second time around and at 42 they just said lets do a surrogate, no big deal.

    • Emily says:

      Too bad she doesn’t also have Jessica’s pregnancy style. Beyonce is choosing some fugly combinations lately.

  16. Jules says:

    Beyonce would have blown up like a BALLOON by now, if she was really that pregnant. Check out those skinny jeans/leggings she is wearing…there is no way she is actually pregnant! HER body would be huge all over, since she has a tendency to be pretty thick. And
    no one’s pregnant belly crumples when you sit down. And as for that famous bikini pic, my belly looks just as pregnant and I’m not.

    She is being ridiculous, who cares if she has a surrogate???

  17. Courtney says:

    um dumb asses not all pregnant women swell up or gain a large amount of weight. for a singleton pregnancy your supposed to gian about 35lbs in the 9 months of gestation and a full term newborn on average weighes 7lbs 7oz. the only reason a pregnant woman is recomended not to war heels is if she’s in a high risk pregnancy like multiples by the way Sunday Rose wasn’t Nicole Kidmans first pregnancy but her first live birth she’d had an eggtopic pregnancy and a miscarriage with Tom Cruise and taller women like her 5’11″ show much later in a pregnancy than somebody like Lady Gaga who is 5’1″ would. leave Beyonce alone ever occured to you she’s wearing a protesthic over her real belly to protect it

    • quinnie88 says:

      I only gained 18 pounds my whole pregnancy. …and no i couldn’t wear skinny jeans ans party until 4 am i also got bigger as my pregnancy went on. … not select a size like beyonce. She is a scientific marvel if u ask me.

    • sluggo says:

      “she’s wearing a protesthic (sic) over her real belly to protect it”


      Yeah, those multiple paparazzi shots are really dangerous to a developing kapok fetus.

      I only gained 19 pounds during my pregnancy and I still swelled up all over. And if you’re as far along as Beyonce claims she is, it would be difficult if not impossible to wear such high heels for any length of time. Your center of gravity shifts. Certainly not if you’re partying until FOUR A.M.

      I’d really like to know what kind of “partially vegan” diet allows you to stick out at various angles and sizes to go with a particular outfit (smaller bump for the expensive dresses, large ungainly bump for oversized shirts) and also allows you to ONLY enlarge in the belly and NOT in the face, boobs, ankles, hands, etc. She could make millions on that. Oh wait, she probably will.

      I expect, also, a great magazine article which explains what “secret” allowed her to rebound from her pregnancy with NO stretch marks whatsoever.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      @courtney, learn to use your homonyms correctly before you refer to others as “dumb asses.” Also, it’s ectopic not “egg topic.”

      I’d like to venture a guess here and say you’ve never been pregnant because very few women want to clomp around in heels all day with swollen feet, a loose pelvis and a wonky sense of balance.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Bey is only 5’7″. The baby is either Jay’s from his French side-dish or from a surrogate.

      And no name-calling, dear; it’s rude.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        LOL Ladies! I mean Jeez. *smh*

        @it is me!!! My favorite is when Courtney does her 6 degrees of Joanne Woodward/Paul Newman. I can’t figure out if she’s a 50 something idiot savant like “Rain Man” or a Coutney Stodden-esq 17 year old with an old man (Paul Newman) fixation.

        @paranormal, eggtopic was pretty awesome!

        @bells, do we know this French chick’s name? I’d love to get a look at her.

    • Guesty says:

      You told us, Courtney!

      Extra-special snaps up for calling others ‘dumb asses’ while typing out ‘eggtopic pregnancy.’ I LOVE YOU! I need you. I need your brand of very deep wisdom in my life. I really do.

  18. DarkEmpress says:

    Will the conspiracy twirled end??? Beyonce is pregnant!!! The one piece of evidence that truly convinces me is Jay-Z’s reaction at The VMAs- it was pure joy! Jay-Z looked ecstatic that his wife was up there showing off their baby they made together. I dont think for one second he would be reacting that way over his wife’s prosthetic bump.

    As for a partially vegan diet, ppl say things like that all the time. Generally they will be vegan or vegetarian for certain days in the week and allow themselves a day or two to eat meat.

  19. bagladey says:

    All of her pregnancy pics are crazy, with her belly inflating, deflating, changing shape, carrying low, carrying high- this isht is crazy. Did anyone else read the linked story and what do you think?

  20. Coby says:

    I love a good gossip story! I just read somewhere that her bigger boobs are also fake?

  21. Victoria says:

    Bitch please! Beyoncé apologists are hilarious. That picture with her in that shrouded get up had some suspicious looking shadows going on under it. Her bell is constantly changing sizes that is abnormal and when Katie touched that belly, OH BABY!

    Beybumpless completely panicked and moved her hand to WHERE SHE WANTED IT PLACED. It made Katie go, “Is it okay to touch?” Because Beybumpless claims people are always rubbing her belly, but she acted like that it wasn’t cool that a respected journalist who is trying to make your shit believable to touch it; like Katie was gonna snatch the pillow from right under her, which IMO she should have just said to hell with professionalism and done exactly that.

    Beyoncé is a proven liar, narcissist and manipulators as is the majority of her camp. It’s not bad karma, it’s just common sense. If I as a fan am keeping your ass rich and about to cloth your baby in Dior and Gabanna, I don’t want to be lied too about your fake ass pregnancy. Thousands of her young fans are wanting to connect with her on that level and are sending this chick all kinds of stuff about pregnancy with their parents’ hard earned money and she is eating it up. Finally people are waking up to the fact that she is all smoke and mirrors and her music is okay to dance too but not worthy of 16 grammy awards.

    Finally, am I supposed to believe that this woman is so into her body and image, constantly shoving her poonanny in our faces like it’s the nectar of the gods, who in just about in every video wears a leotard or underwear, and sells sex 24/7 is suddenly all modest and trying to cover up her shit? Bitch please. It takes 21 days to form a habit, and BeyLIAR can’t go without being trife. Look at her Dance For You Video. She’s supposed to be six months pregnant and homegirl is popping her ass in front of some actor dude like crazy! If Beyoncé had a real bump she would be showing it off like crazy trying to out do everyone’s baby bump bikini pictures.

  22. jacquie109 says:

    You would think with as much money as these people have, if they were going to fake a pregnancy they would at least have the decency to get the latex costume and make a bump. Sorry but I don’t know too many pregnant ladies that party until 4 am unless they sleep all day!

  23. Happy21 says:

    Hmmm…and the plot thickens!

    I am truly stumped,is she, isn’t she. She is not a naturally thin woman yet while pregnant is looking like one by only gaining a small amount of weight and not having much more than a belly. And her belly is always changing shape and size.

    But then again, why would she fake it. If there was all this speculation that its not real then why wouldn’t she just stay out of sight for most of the time she is ‘pregnant’.

    I just don’t know!!

  24. pebbles says:

    okay, fake the pregnancy, use a surrogate, but then don’t go making money selling your story as to “how to lose baby weight” – - making women who were really pregnant feel lacking in some way that they didn’t lose the baby weight as easily as Beyonce did –pulling the prosthetic baby bump off the waist……

  25. reg says:

    First of all there is no such thing as a partial vegan diet, and second is that cow can’t make it through the day with eating half salami and a bowl of doughnuts. Since she is not really pregnant her diet is irrelevant.

  26. danielle says:

    I’m still laughing at the “partial vegan” If that means you eat some fruits and vegetables, hopefully everyone is “partially vegan!!”

  27. Bite me says:

    The baby better be half camel

  28. layla says:

    There is NO SUCH THING as Partially Vegan. UGH.

    You are either Vegan (do not comsume any form of animal products or animal by-products) or you are not. Its that simple. Ugh.

    Perhaps she is confusing “partial veganism” with comsuming a form of vegetarian diet. (pescatarian/ovo-lactotarian/vegetarian etc.)

    Either way – she sounds like an idiot, and before jumping on a bandwagon at least take the time to educate yourself on the things spewing out of ones bandwagoning mouth.

  29. Firecracker says:

    I thought she was pg and just milking it for publicity with all of the fake bumps, until I read those 2 blinds the other day. Too much information in those, especially the second one, to not be true. Disgusting!

    And that beach pic, you can get the same look by swaying your back a little bit.

  30. Dani says:

    I really thought B was going to blow up with this pregnancy.

  31. JoleenMean says:

    ‘Partially vegan’ …so eating a few vegetables these days is now being ‘partially vegan’?

    Veganism is like pregnancy you either are vegan/pregnant or you are not vegan/pregnant.

  32. only1shmoo says:

    If B. is really pregnant and in her 3rd trimester, what the H— is she doing partying until 4a.m.??? Is that even healthy or acceptable? I totally buy into Dlisted’s theory that she’s using a surrogate and waiting to boast about her “rapid weight loss”. This pisses me off royally, what a bad precedent to set for other expecting mothers >: (

  33. Flor says:

    True not all women swell but beyonce is thick and her weight has gone up and down now if she is pregnant she wouldve put more weight than the way she looks not stuufing her face fat but eating for two, gaining water and baby weight

    • mln76 says:

      Actually most ‘thick’ women don’t put on as much weight as thin women. Most of the traditionally pregnant women with the huge belly are small framed to begin with and they end up all baby.

      • sassenach says:

        Sadly while what you are saying is the truth, people won’t listen because they really need her to be faking it. I am Beyonce’s size but with a larger chest and I only gained weight in my stomach and my face. Never really had cravings, and my stomach wasn’t that big. The same with my second pregnancy. My cousin who also has a similar build to me was the same. Not much weight gain and all belly and face. My doctor told me that for some women if they are not thin they don’t really need to put on that much weight and usually don’t.

  34. novaraen says:

    A woman who is supposedly about to pop is not going to spend two nights in a row clubbing till 4am.

    That pillow belly of hers sure isn’t holding her back…lol.

  35. the original bellaluna says:

    How considerate for her & Jay to go “partially vegan” for their little made-up pillow baby.

    And what a smart way to do pre-emptive damage-control for how she’s lost SOOOO much of the “baby weight SO FAST!”

  36. Dawn says:

    Partying till 4 am is the give away. I was exhausted and cranky the last month of my pregnancy. The sad part is she is missing all those intimate moments you have while you are pregnant. You get to know your baby so well, my daughter used to wake up at three and kick for an hour every night. Some nights it was painful and frustrating but it also let me know she was there. A real, human being growing inside of me. It is the start of your connection with your child and Bey is making the whole experience cheap and tacky.

  37. Victoria says:

    Bey is clocking in at 40. Gabrielle Union slipped up and said they went to the same school and were in the same grade and Gabby was a teen when I was a kid. Gabby is at least 36. How is Bey 30 when she claimed she was 29 three years ago. Her lies make me believe the stories that she was pregnant before with her first boyfriend that wasn’t Jay-Z (she lied about that too claiming Jay was her first and only boyfriend, bitch please) and had an abortion.

    That or her old age, or maybe even both may be one of the reasons why she can’t carry children, although I’m sure she is vain enough to not want to mess up her body. She knows what’s heading for i.e. Miss Tina.

    • Blue says:

      This is an excellent argument for why she’s faking. I don’t believe she’s 30.

    • Tammy says:

      *Sigh* Gabby Union did not say that. Gabby is from Nebraska and Beyonce is from Texas, so how could they have attended the same school? What Gabby said was that she’d known Beyonce ‘since we were teenagers’. Some bloggers took this to mean that Beyonce and Gabby were the same age – Gabby’s age. Gabby later clarified that she meant Beyonce was a teen and that Gabby was in her twenties.

      Personally, I think Gabby was trying to make herself seem younger rather than out Beyonce as older. Destiny’s Child (formerly Girls Tyme) have been performing since they were little girls so there is plenty on evidence online that Beyonce is the age she claims she is:

      Unless you think a 20 year old Beyonce could somehow pass for 12 back in 1993?

      • Victoria says:

        Fine they didn’t go the sames school. I apologize for not remembering all the facts, but I did recall her saying they’ve known each other since “THEY” were teenagers. She only backpedaled, because it became the topic du jour on the urban blog scene for weeks, and Matty Ratty and company told her to retract that shit.

        Got plenty of people from the Third Ward which is pretty much the area where she lived and not in mansion like she claimed, who were willing to corroborate and break down her lies But Matty got to them. Cash rules everything.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        There are such things as “private schools” which allow students from ALL areas of the country/world to attend. Jussayin’.

  38. kay says:

    this is meant for bitchbelying. for some reason I can’t get it to reply to her reply. *sigh*

    There are posts of Kaiser’s where I would agree- like anything about Duchess Kate. Sometimes I think she wants to be Michael K but falls just short.
    However, in this case I saw the amazing folding belly and agree with her (Kaiser).

  39. Jessica says:

    This is idiotic. Everyone who ever eats a fruit or vegetable or grain is partially vegan then? So,basically, the entire world is partially vegan? You are vegan or not. No middle ground. It’s like being pregnant: you are or you aren’t, but you are never partially pregnant. Beyonce is a fricking moron.

    She’d sit there and tell people she is “partially vegan” while wearing a fur coat.

  40. Original Chloe says:

    Maybe she’s also partially pregnant?

  41. Vera says:

    I still don’t know what to think about all this.

    I’ve seen her in the white bathing suit that VERY clearly shows her belly – she looks pregnant. A lot like how she looks now. BUT that was posted three months ago. She looks the SAME. As in, that looks like the size she is now, maybe a little bigger.

    Sure, she may not be showing it much and that picture looks completely legit, but then why can’t she just do some photo spread like Mariah did? It wasn’t trashy, it was sweet, and although there was no doubts for Mariah, it would clear up all the rumors to a large extent.

    And I have never bought the “pregnant woman glow” being proof. People “glow”, so to speak, when they’re happy. That can mean they just got engaged or got approved to being parents for an adoption. Just because she is “glowing” doesn’t mean she’s pregnant.

    But, again, that photo looked like she was pregnant, so she may very well be. But all the fluctuations and rumors and mishaps on television just make me question it. I wasn’t even sure how big a deal all this was (really don’t care for Beyonce personally – don’t dislike her, just don’t care, so I didn’t know how much everyone else cared) until I heard about it on a local radio station.

    I just really think that if she’s really pregnant, show the belly. And if you think that is an invasion of privacy, sure, I don’t mean force it to be shown, but she really seems like the type that if she was pregnant, she’d get a photo spread and shove it in everyone’s face. I’m just skeptical about the whole thing.

  42. Lisa says:

    Eh, golf clap. Eating fruits and vegetables does not a vegan make. It just means you’re eating like a normal person. She’s so into dramatics.

  43. Kim says:

    Good for her! Meat and the bi products and hormones etc. they put in it are terrible for anyone esp a growing fetus.

  44. JaneWonderfalls says:

    She is the most annoying pregnant women ever! No I’m not a hater but I don’t appreciate her either….

  45. samira677 says:

    I find the “fake pregnancy” claims ridiculous. As mentioned she was in a bikini a few months ago and was obviously pregnant. I don’t recall if Beyonce said her due date or if people are quoting tabloids. Besides maybe she lied to throw people off. I don’t believe she’s going to do a bunch of photoshoots for losing weight or with the baby. If they were into that they would have released wedding photos.

  46. JennJenn says:

    partially vegan = a little pregnant

    Either you’re pregnant or you’re not. Likewise, either a person’s diet or a food item is vegan or it’s not. The phrase “plant-based diet” would better describe Beyonce’s eating plan. “X-based” doesn’t mean “X only.” Oil-based makeup includes more than oil. A London-based business doesn’t operate only in London.

  47. Cerulean says:

    She’s as pregnant as my grandfather. Her vanity will not even allow her to fake this properly. JSimp is pregnant. This waste is space is not.

  48. 2cents says:

    Being that I AM vegan, I find this HIGHLY OFFENSIVE. There is no such thing as “partially vegan”. When I ate 99% vegan, but had eggs I called myself a “strict vegetarian”. I really can’t stand this lady. She seems to think this world is filled with unintelligent sheep.

  49. Hanna says:

    The bitch ain’t pregnant!! She would never look like that if she was ready to pop. I’m kind of disappointed

  50. mew says:

    What the eff is “partially vegan”? Fully idiotic.

  51. Agnes says:

    “partially vegan” is like “partially pregnant”. no such thing. :)

  52. neema says:

    Has anyone considered the fact that the article may be false? She said she doesn’t have any special craving in a recent interview whereas I read on this site that she said she was craving ketchup. Many people on this site waste positive time hating. How about you try to do something positive with you own life? If she’s faking it, its her business and if not good for her. Beyonce doesn’t pay my bills and I am not into her music so I could care less if she was faking her pregnancy or not but I don’t hate people I don’t know either

  53. Silk Spectre says:

    Good God! I know this chick isn’t the brightest crayon in the box but “partially vegan”?! She should be thankful 4 her voice and the money she made out of it. Because she’s actually to damn stupid for flipping burgers and shaking fries at Mickey D’s

  54. Str8Shooter says:

    I think after she finally pops she deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously, what an achievement…she is the First Pregnant Woman on Earth!!!

  55. Callumna says:

    Pregnancy isn’t the time to go vegan for the first time. It would be a stupid time to experiment with your and the child’s needs. If anything, you add a little meat or dairy.

    So I’m glad that’s probably another dumb lie, and “partially” is a crock. If you add the grains and veggies like everyone said that’s not vegan.

    I’m sure the back dealing is real and about to get annoying. She’s on record being “inspired by” Victoria Beckham and Giselle’s pregnancies. That is weird. But in Bey talk that means she’s going to copy what they did professionally which is sell her “pregnancy” for millions of dollars now that public interest in her is really on a downswing.

    Selling your life, or partly written life means you’re sliding down the celeb food chain.

  56. Jover says:

    I can’t stand this overrated overexposed brainless twit but that one pic of her in the red jacket she has the facial expression of an eight year old gazing at a shiny object on a christmas tree.

  57. sandy#1 says:

    lol, well i don’t know if beyonce is pregnant or not, but it’s pretty funny that kaiser makes fun of it, i like the write up, it is kinda suspicious, no?

  58. serena says:

    Oh come on.
    Of course she will do a ‘how I lost the baby weight’ ’cause she never had it to begin with! So fake!
    Vegan diet my ass.
    And party until 4am? Two night in a row, for an ultra pregnant women?
    I don’t think so.

  59. the original bellaluna says:

    Mort – VERY IMPORTANT! Shennelle Scott, and she’s from Trinidad, not France. (my bad) They’ve already got one kid together, an 8 or 9 year-old (I think) son.

    Here’s the link:

  60. Sam says:

    I think all of the conspiracies keep growing because a lot of people don’t like her. I personally don’t believe she writes all or most of her songs. I don’t think she comes across as very intelligent at all. I know there has always been rumors of performers in general paying songwriters to put THEIR names as a co-writer or the original writer of the song they have written. I know that has been going on since the beginning of time. I really think she is one of the worst offenders.

    • Victoria says:

      It’s all connected. People don’t like her because they know she is a fraud. The conspiracies aren’t far fetched because we know she is a fraud.

      At the end of the day, I know we are all flawed. I have lied, been envious, and have done things like anybody else, but i think the majority of people have good intentions in most cases.

      I find her to come across as very calculating and manipulative in a hood rat sort of way. She’s not books smarts but she was schooled under her father who took the rap for her when things came up foul. She should have never chose her husband over her father in her business matters because Matthew NEVER would have let this shit go down. NEVER.

  61. hateonit. says:

    Shes not pregnant. we’ve seen her stomach deflate, I’ve seen pictures of her wearing fake breast cups to make it look like she has cleavage she wearing heels in her 8th month and partying till 4. she hasn’t gained enough weight for it to be believable and now shes going vegan? uh yeah. probably because people keep commenting on how she’s not gaining weight. and plus if she was goog vegan and was really pregnant people would think she would have that much weight to lose since she was on a diet during her pregnancy. also, to that chick that was yelling at kaiser for the beyonce hate um get off the site. your comments aren’t even needed and you won’t be missed. -_-

  62. cc says:

    as if a prego woman is going to go out dancing until 4am! lolz.

    peeing at 4am is more like it.

    trust me, by the time 8 months rolls around you just want it over with.

  63. Str8Shooter says:

    This girl is one of the most overrated singers in the history of music, and apparently also one of the DUMBEST. WTF is ‘partially vegan’ anyway? Is that like ‘partially carnivore’…?

    What an IDIOT. And don’t even get me started on that ugly-faced freak she’s married to.

  64. BELLA says:

    Fashion seems to the only important thing…I would have never dreamed of
    wearing heals!! My babies were to important.Im waiting for one of these
    idiots fall…

  65. Miss Walls says:

    I am a small sized, yet curvy woman. I’m 5’2, 135 lbs, with lots of junk in my trunk. When I was pregnant, I gained 25 lbs and it was mostly bottom and belly. Yet my arms, legs, hips, face, and whole body in general looked swollen by the end. The swelling was mostly water, yet it was there. It is true that every pregnancy is different, but deflating bumps??? My grandmother is a midwife & my sister is a RN, so I have seen my share of pregnant women. IMO, THIS WOMAN IS NOT PREGGERS. To me, the whole thing is SUPER SUSPICIOUS & SICK. When ever I sat down while pregnant, my clothing seemed to get tighter over my belly, not flop and fold over. I guess $$$ can make anything possible.