Adam Lambert arrested & held in jail after drunkenly attacking boyfriend in Finland

I usually don’t pay any attention to Glambert, so this is the first time I’m actually looking at Adam Lambert’s boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen. Um, OMG. Look at how TINY he is! Adam Lambert is dating a Hobbit. He literally has a pocket boyfriend. Anyway, it seems like Adam and Sauli had a bit of an incident in Finland, of all places. Adam and Sauli were in a gay bar called Don’t Tell Momma, and Adam started getting violent.

Former American Idol star Adam Lambert was arrested following a fight with his boyfriend outside a Helsinki, Finland bar on Thursday.

Lambert, 29, and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen, 26, got into the altercation outside a gay bar called Don’t Tell Momma, according to Finnish reports. When patrons outside the establishment tried to stop the altercation, Lambert attacked them as well, though no one was injured.

Koskinen, also a TV star, won Finland’s 2007 edition of the reality competition Big Brother.

Lambert, who finished second in 2009′s American Idol competition to Kris Allen, was still in custody at a facility in Pasila, while Sauli was held at a jail in Toolo.

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Ah, so Sauli is a Finn. That’s why they were in Finland. Anyhoodle, The Hollywood Reporter has much more on this violent attack:

American Idol star Adam Lambert spent several hours in a Finnish jail Thursday after being arrested outside a Helsinki gay bar following a brawl with his Finnish boyfriend, local reality star Sauli Koskinen.

According to Petri Juvonen, who is heading up the police investigation into the event, Lambert and Koskinen were arrested at around 4 a.m. Thursday morning outside DTM (Don’t Tell Mama), a famous Helsinki gay club. Both men are being held for questioning as local police investigate a total of four possible assault offenses. Juvonen tells the Hollywood Reporter that the two would likely be released after being interrogated.

According to media reports out of Finland, the dispute between the two men started in one of DTM’s back rooms. Lambert and Koskinen, a winner of the Finnish version of Big Brother, were apparently kicked out of the club but carried on fighting in the street outside.

Finnish beauty queen Sofia Ruusila, an ex-Miss Helsinki, who had been celebrating with Lambert and Koskinen, told a Finnish entertainment channel that she had tried to get between the quarrelling couple when Lambert accidently hit her by mistake.

Lambert arrived in Finland on Monday, Dec. 19 to celebrate Christmas with Koskinen. There had been much internet speculation that Lambert was scheduled to be a guest performer on Thursday’s finale of the X Factor. A show spokesperson denied the booking and clearly, being 5,100 miles and a continent away, a Lambert appearance was not in the cards.

It’s unclear when he’ll return to the U.S. or whether he’ll face charges in Finland.

Lambert’s new single, “Better Than I Know Myself,” was released on Tuesday. The singer last tweeted on Wednesday at around noon Helsinki time boasting that the song was No. 2 on iTunes in the Middle East. He had earlier written in Finnish, “Helsinki is a beautiful city full of beautiful people! Thank you!”

UPDATED: Investigator Juvonen has completed his interrogation and the two were released on Thursday afternoon. Koskinen later blogged about the incident, writing in Finnish (as translated by Google): “Celebrities are people too and fame is not easy. Love is not always easy either, but it’s forever.” Koskinen goes on to say that the “hangover is gone already” and “Paparazzi, police stations have back doors, too, go away already.”

[From The Hollywood Reporter]

It sounds like Adam had too much to drink and he started getting aggressive and pissy and… not good. If this was a heterosexual couple, would we feel differently? Because this seems like something out of the Charlie Sheen playbook. Does Glambert have issues with violence? Is he abusing his (much smaller) boyfriend? Is Adam a violent drunk?

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Come on you know that this petite Finn took his eyeliner and lipgloss. Case solved.

  2. Happymom says:

    Haven’t there been similar situations with him? I’m thinking he has alcohol (and anger) issues. His boyfriend is wee, but I also recall that Adam is a big guy.

  3. mia135 says:

    Wow he’s a strange looking one, that Lambert.

    Re: your point – I agree, DV is always a serious issue. Had it been a male/female scenario – yeah, the media wouldn’t make light of it.

  4. Veruca says:

    Speaking of Finns, I can’t get past how much Glambert looks like Tim Finn from Split Enz in the 80s.

  5. the original bellaluna says:

    Sounds like Glamberace is an ugly drunk. (He’s also ugly sober.)

    LOVE MicahelK’s title for this piece.

  6. pentti siimes says:

    Come on Clambert is sporting some serious man-heels in all the pictures of him and the black eyed pee.

  7. Victoria says:

    Don’t Tell Mama…I’m A Husband-Beater. That should be the name of his next album.

    And now he’s officially on my shit list. Just because he’s gay does not mean he can get a pass. He’s a dude and his boyfriends looks like a fae compared to him, so he shouldn’t be hitting him, much less ANY partner. Nasty ass.

  8. Calli P says:

    I have always thought this guy was a major a$$hat- like he’s the pissiest, nastiest, meanest little thing around. Might I also add that when I look at him I get the distinct feeling that he enjoys the power struggle & being cruel?

  9. Kelly says:

    I’ve always been pissed that Adam Lambert can do eyeliner so much better than I can. It just never works, and never stays, on me. He must have some kind of diabolical secret. He does have horrible, horrible acne, though, that he spackles over.

    Other than that, I think he’s probably an alcoholic, and shame on him for smacking around that wee little boyfriend.

  10. RobN says:

    No Sauli, love is not always easy, but it’s not supposed to include violence, either.

  11. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    That skin and makeup of his is downright Vampy.

    Im glad he was called out for being an abusive jerk.

  12. madpoe says:

    omfg i just wanna put Sauli on a charm bracelet and carry him around. and the glam Eddie Munster look on Adam- whewwww! Tears. In. My. Eyes.

  13. Oi says:

    Well well well…will have to send this is to that idiot co worker of mine that branded me as a homophobic a-hole cause I had this feeling that there was something pretty douchey about Glambert. I just had one of those feelings….

    Edit: For the record, I hope the BF is alright and that he gets out or Adam gets help with whatever is eating at him. The above is just the first thing that came to mind when I read this. It was a pretty bad/stupid incident that still bugs me.

  14. Karen says:

    I don’t know anything about Adam Lambert but from the boyfriend’s comment and the fact that the ex Miss Finland, who was present during the alleged altercation, quickly ran to the media to tell her side of the story, methinks Adam needed to drum up publicity to sell his album. How convenient that it was released on Tuesday, the day before he travelled to Finland. He’s a damn fool for thinking beating up his boyfriend would be the right move. Ugh!!

  15. Jover says:

    Sad thing is his voice isn’t bad, but the music he’s putting out is terrible, he’s become just another widget in the corporate music bizz, going on AI may have actually ruined his attempts at having a career. Is he really even on the radar anymore, other than incidents like this?

  16. jferber says:

    The boyfriend is adorable. I hope he gets out of this relationship. Getting hit is no joke, period.

  17. Ann says:

    Ummm, according to the latest reports, Lambert didn’t hit his boyfriend. A drunken verbal fight that escalated to some drunken shoving. Business as usual at Finnish restaurants. All that vodka. If Lambert wasn’t Lambert, I doubt police would have been called.

  18. Laura says:

    Wow, another site reporting before the facts are in. Not surprised. No violence, no hitting, just a night of drinking and an argument. Oh, but none of us have done that before, right? If you knew anything about Adam and weren’t judging him by his looks & rumors (by the way, he’s GORGEOUS) only, you’d probably like the guy. Don’t know of anyone that’s met him that doesn’t praise him…personally and professionally. Before you criticize and spread rumors, check the facts…and look in the mirror!

  19. Victoria says:

    So what? Because it was a “shoving” match that makes it okay? Why? Because they are two dudes. Bullshit, If outspoken gays like Adam Lambert is asking the “homophobic” hetero community to get on board with equality, then he or his boyfriend shouldn’t be shoving each other period.

    If Mike Tyson was doing that to his lover/wife then everyone would be calling him all types of names whether they were in Finnish bars acting out typical behavior or not. Chris Brown didn’t get a pass and neither does Adam or anyone else who thinks because they are a same sex couple it’s okay to be violent toward one another.

    I don’t like the double standards and hypocrisy that these celebrities dish out to the public, especially when some people just don’t want to get on board with their views as is their right, and then labeled wrongly all kinds of names. And then they turn around and basically act like the same douches they accuse others of being.

    I loved his music and disagreed with a lot of his views, but I liked him. This changes everything.

  20. s says:

    Hi, proud Finn here! :)
    According to the police officer, who investigated this incident, Adam and Sauli told him that they were more “wrestling” than hitting… Still their party pals insisted that they couldn’t stop the fight and thats why they called the cops. BTW we don’t call the cops that easily in Finland. They are obviously both heavy drinkers with bad temper, not a good compinations. Hopefully they get a grip before somebody really gets hurt. Nice way to star the holiday! Oh and I’ve always thought that inside Glambert is a nasty ass drunken douche..

  21. hatsumomo says:

    I remember a few months back Lambert showed up for Lady Gaga’s birthday party at a club, got super drunk, and punched a hole in the wall. He then got loud and tried to out sing Gaga while she was singing and got kicked out. He does sound like a drama queen to the hilt. Add this to everything else and it looks like he need to lay off the booze.

  22. mew says:

    It’s just awesome that Finland makes headlines by drunken fights. Is Finland know by anything else but that and Nokia? :D

    • Kelly says:

      I’m sure Finland is a lovely country – it sure is beautiful. And I think its economy isn’t doing so bad, comparatively speaking. However, the depression and alcoholism rates – and, consequently, suicide rate – are really, really, really high. I read a while ago that alcoholism was the leading cause of death for men, and the suicide rate is one of the highest in the world. It’s probably a combination of weather/light and genetics – Finnish men are found to have a unique gene that makes them prone to violence.

      (Why do I know all this? Years ago I became curious about the Finnish suicide problem after reading an article… I’m a serious public policy wonk, what can I say.)

    • hatsumomo says:

      The only stereotypical thing I heard about Finns is they drink a lot of coffee. I mean, by the gallons!

  23. gemmaa says:

    It seems they were BOTh held for questioning and released as I read it? There does not seem to be an exact finger pointed towards the agressor in the situation???

  24. Sarah says:

    Whats up with the Karl Lagerfelt look?

  25. jacquie109 says:

    I think his bee hive adds to the height as well. Wondering with all those freckles if Lambert is a natural red head? DV is never acceptable, hope whoever started this gets the help they need!

  26. rkintn says:

    They look kinda cartoony..and, yeah, Adam’s boyfriend is tiny!

  27. hetekyle says:

    was that pic taken after the attack? i can tell from his bf’s pants

  28. B Moschetti says:

    I hate replying to this site it is pure trash. You’re not even close on the facts of this story. Adam Lambert is a wonderful person. He is NOT a violent person or a drunk. He is a tremendous talent and a real class act.

  29. Mapi says:

    Sofia Ruusila and Niko Nousiainen only commented on the incident because Finnish tabloids were saying that the fight started because of some feud between Sofia and Sauli. Tabloids were claiming that Sauli had kicked Sofia in the head because he was so mad at her for some reason and Niko came to rescue his poor girlfriend and started a fight with Sauli and then Adam just tried to defend Sauli from Niko. And this was absolutely NOT TRUE. Some Adam supportes were eager to spread this story about Adam just being a protective prince and that’s why Sofia and Niko felt the need to correct the tabloids. The fight was just between Adam and Sauli. Niko and Sofia hadn’t anything to do with it and they don’t know why it started. Sauli’s sister had just asked Niko to come help as Adam and Sauli just kept on fighting and they weren’t able to keep them separated. The restaurant staff called the police as the fight didn’t seem to end and people who tried to intervene were getting hurt. Sofia for example got accidently hit by Adam during the process. NOT in purpose, but still it was dangerous behaviour.

    Apparently it was about jealousy issues. Adam didn’t like Sauli talking to any other men in the restaurant. At least this is what other customers have told about how the fight started… That sounds believeble, as DTM is Sauli favorite restaurant and he probably knows everyone in there, is very social and well liked guy, so many other customers come to chat to him all the time in there. So if Adam gets easily jealous (I read somewhere that he has said he can be quite possessive about his boyfriends, but I don’t know if this is true or not) , maybe the fact that other customers were having so much interest on Sauli was too much? Who knows…

  30. Str8Shooter says:

    He looks like the gay EVIL twin of Heat Miser in that first pic.

  31. NO SH¡T says:

    Those are two men not man and woman let them box it out and get over it problem solved!

  32. skuddles says:

    Somebody get this dunk boy into rehab already!

  33. Nan says:

    I’ve never understood the fascination with Lambert. His look is – meh and his music is – meh. His boyfriend is adorable looking.

  34. hetekyle says:

    he looks like the joker and perez hilton combined lol

  35. corey says:

    All I can think, is: wow what an odd looking couple.

    I think at this point for Adam, any publicity is good publicity. I think his career is starting to fizzle…. I have seen videos of his live tour performances and they’re always a complete mess bad singing and purple spandex suits.

  36. ZenB!tch says:

    They look like a pair of clowns.

  37. ZenB!tch says:

    RE: heterosexual vs. homosexual couple. Until I actually *saw* the little guy, I pictured 2 5’10″ to 6 foot guys in eyeliner,fighting so no I didn’t see it the same way as I do heterosexual drunken fights.

    I saw it as a fight between equal combatants vs a usually much stronger male attacking a much weaker and smaller female. A bar brawl with glitter.

    So normally, no I would not see it the same way but after seeing this hobbit dude it could be. He’s smaller than some of Charlie Sheen’s victims.

  38. Shannon says:

    Cute couple. I want Adam’s new album like right now!