Leonardo DiCaprio has a new, 22-year-old, blonde model girlfriend

A week ago, the tabloids were reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio would totally take Blake Lively back, but only if she came running back to him, begging for his attention. Well, Blake is in Canada, spending time with Ryan Reynolds’ family, getting conveniently pap’d, leaking stories about cupcakes and basically getting pre-engaged at this point. So Leo has had to bide his time with a series of interchangeable blonde models, which is pretty much his default position. Since Leo has been filming in Australia, there have been reports here and there about Leo taking this or that “mystery blonde” out, but now we have a confirmation of one of the names – Leo is currently dating 22-year-old Erin Heatherton. She’s a Victoria’s Secret model, and I can barely tell her apart from Candice Swanepoel.

Some men would be happy with a new bottle of aftershave or a sweater for the holidays. But Leonardo DiCaprio has bagged himself a brand new blonde bombshell model girlfriend, in the very sexy shape of Erin Heatherton, to keep him company under the mistletoe.

Having dated Gisele Bundchen and Bar Refaeli in the past, it appears that Leo is a bit partial to supermodels — especially Victoria’s Secret ones — but well… who could blame him?

The 37-year-old actor is currently in Sydney shooting Baz Lurhmann’s The Great Gatsby and has apparently grown very close to the 22-year-old blonde beauty.

The loved-up duo was seen walking around the grounds of Vaucluse House last week and have been seen at a martial arts event and out for dinner at the city’s hot spot Barrio Chino.

“There were times when they weren’t really talking but then they would get chatty again and laugh and stuff,” an eyewitness told Australia’s Daily Telegraph. “If they’re not ‘together’ I would say they are very close.”

And it seems Leo is in for a treat over the holidays as Heatherton was seen picking up $1,700 worth of lingerie from a sexy underwear store.

She had flown in from New York to spend time with the Hollywood star but they are apparently returning Stateside together Friday.

[From Radar]

I mean… sure. Of course. Leonardo is a hard 37, and of course he’d go for a 22-year-old Victoria’s Secret model. I doubt he’s serious about her, though. I think he just needed a new official girlfriend since he got played so publicly by Blake Lively. LOOK BLAKE, I have a new girlfriend! She’s younger and blonder than you!!!! And Blake still doesn’t care, or she’s certainly doing a good job of pretending not to care.

Sigh… I miss Bleo. And I’m worried that Blake and Ryan are going to be super-serious really quickly, and Bleo will never return.

By the way, Erin totally has a bangin’ body – lean and lithe, much like Gisele’s, interestingly enough, but her face is rather meh, right? But her freckles are cute.

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    • Scott says:

      Yeah his issue is – HE IS GAYYYYYYYYYY

    • Violet says:

      That, and herpes.

      Most celebrities are the same. I mean, Ryan Reynolds just got divorced this summer and he’s already introducing his latest piece — and there have been a lot of ‘em since he split with ScarJo — to his parents? Crazy.

      Moreover, 35-year-old Ryan is also going younger; ScarJo is 27 and Blake is 24.

      • HadleyB says:

        I don’t think he’s gay.

        He looks rough, but in his eyes theres bitterness, emptiness, despair and torment.

        Obviously he can’t commit but I don’t think it’s a devil may care attitude, it’s more like they don’t put up with his issues, (mental) and when he dates younger they do put up with it..but after a certain age and maturity they leave.. he dumps them as they are not so easy going with this problems anymore or he can’t manipulate them anymore.

        Whatever his issues ARE… it’s not oh I like being single and want to have fun.. it looks much more to it than that.

      • Alexis says:

        The fact that Leo invariably goes for models, and indeed seems to outright troll for them, is part of what makes him seem skeezier than others. Makes it seem like he wants someone with less substance.

        With respect to Ryan Reynolds, it seems less bad for a lot of reasons. First, he looks younger and kind of only has been a big thing in the past couple years. People who don’t check up on ages or pay close attention could easily assume he’s around 30, which makes coupling up with BL and SJ less shady. You can see why a younger woman would be attracted to Reynolds, where Leo looks old and nasty, so it must be all about reputation/money/what have you. Also, Reynolds has dated and been linked with women his age and older, so it doesn’t seem like he has a one-track-obsession with much-younger women. Finally, 24 is different and more mature than 20-22, tbh.

        Leo should follow Clooney’s lead and go for dumb, late-twenties/early-thirties women from a variety from a variety of backgrounds instead. This isn’t a good look.

  1. Eve says:

    He’s starting to make George Clooney and his waitresses/wannabees actresses look good.

    Can’t he at least pick a model from ANOTHER catalogue — other than Victoria’s Secret’s, I mean?

    P.S.: his head has been growing exponentially.

  2. Tiffany27 says:

    I bet he doesn’t even know her name.

  3. lisa says:

    He is such a man child.

    the new girl looks like a combo of Bar and Blake. He has issues.

    I don’t care if this is not the thread speak.. but I do believe Blake walked away from him. Someone on another thread said that Blake had a crush on him for years, some little girl fantasy. I believe that could have been true. Then like many of us you get the fantasy then you wake up and realize that that is all it is a fantasy. Leo is so not the hype of what everyone says. He is not a ladies man to me. I see him with women and for me I never ever see any emotional attachment no sexy vibe whatsoever.

    Blake was smart at her young age to finger him out. Good for her. She probably liked Ryan anyway, but when Leo showed interest she like many Young women went for the fantasy.

    Sometimes we get a second chance to close that book and move on.

    • NotaBitterBetty says:

      Completely agree with this. Blake’s what, 24? She would have been in her early teens when Titanic came out, of course she’s going to have a crush on him. But the reality of Leo as he is now was probably underwhelming. It certainly looks like, now that she and Ryan are meeting families and spending holidays and pretty much every waking moment together, that she did the walking away. Seeing as this is model #467 we’re onto now and probably a hundred more to come, I don’t blame her in the slightest. Even I find Leo’s womanising and model-banging ways all played out.

    • MJ says:

      Yes! It’s like someone took photos of Blake, Bar and Gisele and gave them the “If They Made It” morphing treatment from Conan O’Brien’s old show.

    • GimmeaBreak says:

      I totally agree. He never seems to be really into whomever it is he’s with. He seems almost a little chilly. Like he’s in total control of his emotions and she’s just sort of fortunate to be in his company. Like he’s got better and more important things on his mind.
      He needs to find someone on “his level.” More his age or older that has some sort of humanitarian thing going on or some charity. He needs to quit messing with these young girls just for the arm candy.
      George Clooney, take note of the above!

  4. Ann says:

    He looks so bloated. Not aging well.

  5. madpoe says:

    What’s with all this man’s eye candy? !Leo you need a REAL meal! Real woman. *pls note that is not plural*
    Steak and Potatos & leave the twits..um twix to the younger men. Is he vying Hugh Hefner’s job of creepy old dude with young chicks? *shudders*

  6. mln76 says:

    Ugh I know that every guy I know would laugh his ass off at my opinion. But Poor Leo. He must be really miserable jumping from young blond model to younger blonder model. At 37 it’s pathetic. And I’m not being sarcastic.

    • Gine says:

      Yeah, it’s actually getting kind of sad at this point. He’s turning into a joke.

    • Sarko says:

      You made very interesting points in the other thread and I completely concur
      Leo is the eternal frat boy and his approach to relationships is not as cold and calculation as GC, just extremely childish.
      I think Leo probably thought as he did with his other girls, (when not catting around on them), he could break up with Blake while filming in order to sample the local delights and return to the norm when he was no longer filming.
      Blake didn’t want to play along, he dumped her, she however did not come back crawling and begging and he’s been trying to play catch up since.
      I think he’s been thrown in a loop and does not want to look like a fool esp during awards season

      I do however feel bad for him, on some level I can’t get around the impression that he’s an unhappy soul.
      Bill Zwecker, the prestigious Chicago Sun Times columnist wrote that he saw one of Leo’s friends backstage at DWS and they told him they were ‘stunned’ to hear of him and Blake’s break up cos ‘Leo never seemed happier’

      Kudos to him for not getting married and then being a hound-hypocrite like so many sports stars / actors
      But he’s gonna end up like Howard Hughes I think. Alone and crazy

    • Bermuda Blues says:

      I completely agree. There is a total inability to commit, or maintain an adult relationship. He dates girls who are barely out of their teenage years because they are inexperienced and unassuming. Its sick. Its perverted. It indicates that he doesn’t really *like* women, he doesn’t enjoy their company, or respect them as equals. He’s exclusively interested in poo-tang, which is what we call Sex Addiction.

  7. LeaR says:

    For future reference, the words ,”20-something”, “blonde”, and “model” are superfluous in this context – “Leonardo DiCaprio Has a New Girlfriend” would have sufficed. We all could have inferred the rest.

    When discussing Leo’s hookups, saying “model girlfriend” is like saying “wet water” or “cold snow”.

  8. Duh says:

    For God’s sake, the girl is starving of what? She looks so skinny, it’s scary!

  9. Eleonor says:

    In a couple of years he will be George Clooney 2.0. The only difference will be that while George chooses waitress or b/c list girls, Leo chooses on the page of the Victoria’s secret catalog.

  10. Agnes says:

    As Michael K calls him – Leonardo DiCatchaho.

  11. Miss Ellie says:

    No of course, Blake doesn’t care. Now you understand why she dumped him. After spending like 20 hours with him in Sydney, she must have discovered underwears from models or escorts in his house. She sure ran away (or flew away). She has now a steady serious relationship with a guy she learned to know while working with him the year before.
    Now Leo DiCaprio’s new flavor of the month has to learn from experience. She’s only 22, give her some time. And plese give her something to eat, she has no bump.

  12. CTgirl says:

    Leo is getting a wee bit creepy.

  13. mia girl says:

    Most guys look through the Victoria Secret catalog to pick out something for their girlfriends.

    Leo looks through the Victoria Secret catalogue to pick a girlfriend.

    • Tapioca says:

      I believe Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran picked the lovely Yasmin out of a catalogue and they’ve been married what, 25 years now, so it could work!

      However SLB was a grown man, whereas LDC is a mummy’s boy who’s probably using these women as a cover for some horrible fetish.

      Louie: Troy McClure? You said he was dead!
      Fat Tony: No, what I said is that he sleeps with the fishes! You see…

  14. Jenny says:

    The two women in that photo are pretty much interchangeable, right down to the same hair-do, same dye job with the same amount of roots showing. Did he flip a coin on which one to date? (I don’t know either of the women, so don’t know their dating status).

    George Clooney Jr. He needs a date for the Oscars.

  15. Poison Ivy says:

    Wow! You can’t even say he prefers a certain type of women – it has become a model-fetish! Just awkward.

    • Ally says:

      Totes. It’s not just that they’re 20 (he’s the Matt McConaughey character in Dazed and Confused… he keeps getting older and the girls stay the same age), it’s that they could be his sisters in looks and coloring.

      Immature and a narcissist! He’s really dating himself — when he was young, un-bloated & promising. (Wish Scorsese would stop putting him in his movies. Waste.)

  16. spinner says:

    I really hoped it wouldn’t come to this but…but…I am really starting to believe that Leo IS gay.

  17. Nan says:

    You always have to wonder what a guy is hiding or hiding from when he only is seen with women not seen BEING with women.

  18. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    He makes such good movies and is such a great actor. It’s so sad he has to ruin it with this kind of juvenile shit. I mean date something other than a model, or maybe go up to god forbid 28. I can’t stand most 22 year olds right now and I’m 26. I don’t begrudge him always dating, I’m not a big believer in marriage either, so whatever, his life, but barely legal is creepy as fuck.

  19. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Ugh, I normally don’t give a crap if a dude wants to date *only hot girls* but WHY always models from the VS catalog? I honestly don’t get it. I’m not even trying to diss models because maybe these ladies are intelligent women of substance but I highly doubt it. Just judging by the fact that she’s dating Leo, this chick does not seem so smart. Unless, it’s all about more exposure/raising her public profile? And the fact that she is 22?? Ugh….just gross…

  20. Gine says:

    He’s going to turn into one of those desperate old dudes who date younger women until eventually they can’t find anyone willing to put up with them and end up giving sad interviews about how lonely they are, like Jack Nicholson did, isn’t he? It’s too bad, actually, because seems like a nice enough and smart enough person, but he’s definitely got major issues.

  21. DavidBowie says:

    Is he storing nuts for the winter?!?

  22. lisa says:

    I think she is very cute. That picture of her with the other model makes her look way younger than 22. She looks so “fresh” like those California commercials.

    Ugh.. I just never ever got him as a heart throb. And I always LMAO at the people that would talk about him getting with Kate Winslet. AS IF. Leo would never ever go for Kate. He has never been with a woman his own age. But then I find him creepy and weird. Always have. Too many guys hanging around with him.

  23. Toot says:

    I’ve always thought Leo was gay and his true love is Lukas Hass. Lukas is always around and he even had a part in Inception.

    • weeble says:

      Hmmmm….interesting. Never noticed that.

    • Moi says:

      I went to school with Lukas and he was (and still is, I assume) a very nice person – I always get a quick out of seeing him in a movie or taking a bike ride with Blake and Leo ;-)

    • truthSF says:

      Toot, it’s an open secret in HW about L & L. The reason you don’t hear about it is because A: Leo doesn’t have enemies in HW, he’s pretty much a nice guy and he doesn’t bite the hands that fed/feeds him, at least not the ones that matter.

      I have Loved Lukas Haas ever since I’ve seen him in “Witness” with Harrison Ford. and when I was told about his being gay over 12 years ago, it never changed my feeling about him. Although, it was a bummer I couldn’t fantasized about being married to him without thinking about him and Leo being together.

      But this is hollywood, and it’s much, much harder, as well as a career suicide for any A-list male movie stars to come out. And please don’t use NPH as an example of someone coming out and still having a stellar career, he was never an A-list movie star that many women fantasized about being with.

    • kazoo says:

      Did Lukas seem gay when you knew him?

  24. maemay says:

    Second verse, younger than the first.

  25. only1shmoo says:

    Ugh, he’s such a superficial a$$wipe; at 37 he’s still perceives women the way a 14-year-old boy would, and I bet that when he’s 50 he’ll be cruising for an 18-year-old Heidi Montag wannabe. Loser!

  26. NotaBitterBetty says:

    His photo-ops with his girls are always very odd to me. It’s almost like two strangers who just happened to be walking side by side. No chemistry, no awareness, no comfort or familiarity that there is with a lover. There’s such a disconnect and it’s not just with this current chick either. For all that he was snapped out with Blake, there was that same disconnect too. The pics of her and Ryan, staged or not, the difference is so clear. There doesn’t have to be PDA but, c’mon, act like you actually know each other! Very odd.

    • Sarko says:

      That’s not entirely true
      The pics of him and Blake holding hands in Monaco or wherever he looked almost giddy, hand holding and all.
      And PDA’s are’t usually Leo’s style, not since Gisele anyways
      Same with the Verona pics, deliberate possibly but to me Leo actually looked happy and engaged rather than surly and sour. Then again maybe it was the European air.

      You could also argue the PDA in the Blake and Ryan pics were BECAUSE they knew they were being snapped so put on a helluva show in front of her sisters B and B.

      We could be cynical either way.

  27. ladybert62 says:

    He is George Clooney Jr.

  28. Mara says:

    It is very clear that he is a playboy going out with all this models but this girl is not that pretty she have a strange face .

  29. Lady_Luck says:

    That’s the face of somebody that takes a lot of hard drugs. Not the face of a 22-yr old. 22 going on 40 more like it. Can’t fault the body though.

    • NO SH¡T says:

      He’s not married he doesn’t have kids what’s the problem? As long as he’s upfront with these hoes I don’t see anything wrong.
      Just because he wants to be single and not just marry some random hoe just because and end up cheating on her he’s gay according to some of you….hmm that’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard

      • Lara says:

        Are you going to argue with anyone who doesn’t worship on DiCaprio altar?

        He is gay because the only people he always has with him are men, who all have gay rumours themselves for years and because he dates models who all get a career boost from being seen with him while they give him the hetero credibility. He never looks interested in those women, only makes sure to be photographed with them.

    • taxi says:

      Huh? She has a very outdoorsy-fresh-college coed look, imo. Not beautiful but maximum cute, with a great figure.

      Bar is pretty but bland. Try picking her out of a crowd of pretty, leggy blonds.

      Giselle has a mystique but she is not really pretty. Great body, but a boyish-athletic one, with no waistline.

  30. LeaR says:

    The sense I’m getting from these comments is that people are disappointed in Leo because he’s somehow dating beneath himself.

    This line of thinking seems to assume that Leo is intelligent, or somehow “deep”, a man of substance – but that he doesn’t seem interested in dating his equal – an intelligent, mature woman of substance.

    My question is – what makes people think he is somehow above, or better than, the women he dates? Same goes for Clooney – people moan about him lowering himself by dating “trashy”, “budget” women. As far as I’m concerned, Clooney & Leo are intellectually, emotionally & spiritually “budget” and as such, ARE dating their equals (though in Leo’s case, I might even say he’s dating his superiors – when I compare the conduct of his exes to his, he doesn’t look good by comparison).

    Leo is just a dudebro in artiste’s clothing. This perception of him as some kind of evolved, intellectual artist is a projection by fans.

    • lisa says:

      YES YES YES ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ YES YES YES

    • Jenny says:

      Here, Here! and Bravo!!

      They are both insecure man/boys who could not handle being with a strong woman. They want to be idolized and have to be the star and center of attention.

      Only strong men with secure egos can handle strong, successful women and I don’t think either Clooney or DiCaprio is as strong or intelectual as their publicists would like us to think.

      • Carolyn says:

        I can’t imagine having an intelligent conversation with either of them. Leo has been lucky to have landed some very good movie roles otherwise he’d be in the same boat as countless of male “hot in their teens/early 20′s” actors who are stone cold now. He is also lucky his teen fan base has grown up with him and not dumped him.

    • BlackMamba says:

      Agreed!! I said something like that when he was dating Blake, people seems to think that she was beneath him or something and I was thinking I can’t understand why that is.

    • UKHels says:

      *wild applause*

      THANK YOU – George and Leo have never said anything of real substance, don’t get this image of them as intellectually stimulating individuals!

    • Original Bee says:

      ITA! It’s fairly obvious now why he and Kate Winslet never dated. They are great friends but that’s all it will ever be because, Leo is a boy and she is a woman. He even mentioned in an interview what an adult Kate is. During the Titanic press tour Kate talked about how she initially had a crush on Leo but those feelings morphed into a brother/sister relationship once she realized how “young” he was. Water finds it’s own level and Leo has no trouble finding his.

    • CJ says:

      Agreed. Like attracts like, and I get the feeling that George & Leo would not be able to keep an intelligent self possessed woman interested for very long. There are very obvious red flags with both.

  31. Rocky says:

    So she’s his new catch of the day?

  32. Nessa says:

    Has anyone heard this girl interview? She is so vapid and bland. It is hard to even listen to her… It is that bad.

  33. dena says:

    This guy is starting to gross me out. Pancake-faced pedo freak.

  34. 2outOf5 says:

    I don’t know why, but he always reminds me of Jack Nicholson. I think the eyes maybe? He is just creepy in a Jack Nicholson sort of way.

  35. janie says:

    i think he and justin timberlake have weird mother issues. like both are super close to their moms but have wandering eyes.

  36. ladybert62 says:

    Isn’t Leo the one that is still living at home with his mom?

    I say he is probably a mommy’s-boy and that he may be gay – just my opinion and I have absolutely no facts to prove it!

    And here is another really creepy thought – do any of these “girl friends” resemble mom? Dang, I am creeping myself out – stop Ladybert, stop and get back to work!! ha ha

  37. Tazina says:

    He doesn’t have anything in common with these young girls but keeps them until he becomes bored. He’s after the physical package and the immature personality where things stay fun and don’t get too serious. He’s a disconnector, “somewhat” like Clooney, but Clooney develops more of a relationship with his women. It’s actually a win-win for both. He gets what he wants and she gets her name out there.

  38. Victoria says:

    I officially believe that he is now, a la Clooney, taking professional beards onto his rolodex. I am sorry, but my gaydar started dinging during the Titanic era. I can’t remember, but I’m sure there were some quotes that he made about Kate Winslet that made me feel like a straight man would not say that. But then he got with Gisele, who is a bomb ass bitch and I refuse to believe she’d a be beard for anyone. I believe she loved Leo. She even said on the 2006 VSFS that she only had “on love and it was a great one.” We all know she was talking about Leo. And yes, I can quote Gisele like that because I love her so. LOL so then I believed he was bi and Gisele thought she could change all that but failed. Le Sigh.

    And because he’s always dating models, that is such a tip off.Then out of nowhere he dates Blake, an actress. I don’t know but I am on the edge of my seat waiting for all this crap to explode.

  39. E says:

    People are comparing him to George Clooney, but at least George Clooney’s girlfriend’s don’t look nearly identical…Clooney may choose C List girls/cocktail waitresses/etc but at least there is a little variety…They tend to be brunette, but that is it. I’m really freaked out by how similar Leo’s girlfriends look…I always bought that Blake dumped him too, even though I can’t stand Blake. I’m also wondering if there isn’t a little bit of truth is the Leo is bi/gay rumor, considering the near identical girlfriends is getting a little weird.

  40. Jaded says:

    I think Blake has way more personality and, dare I say, smarts, than Leo likes. I’m not saying she’s a Rhodes scholar or anything, but his type clearly can’t string 6 words together to form a sentence and probably find having a conversation about something other than fashion and make-up impossible. Whipping up a batch of cupcakes would be like writing a doctorate for most of them. He obviously has a number of issues, not least of which is needing to have a certain type of unchallenging but gorgeous woman around him to bolster his manly image but NEVER challenge him with actual conversation or opinions. He’s a seriously weird dude and has mommy issues.

  41. weeble says:

    Well I don’t like Blake and Leo together at all. And I don’t particularly see why everyone seems so gaga over Blake. She seems so…regular..without the it factor. Now as for Leo, I adore him, but I’m thinking he really might just be doing all this for show, like most everyone else has said. He has some issues, and he would be better off addressing it head on….no matter what it is.

  42. Geneva says:

    I’m going to take a wild guess and that he has a small(er) you know what and these young, impressionable girls are so fame-whipped that they don’t notice his short-comings in that area… He seems relatively intelligent and passionate about social issues – so I’m going to ‘narrow’ his issue down to the ‘pinky’ syndrome.

  43. NO SH¡T says:

    Leo can’t win with you people

  44. Palermo says:

    I think he and Clooney are actually a couple

  45. Elizabeth says:

    Leo’s getting (way) past the age where it is acceptable to keep dating Barbie dolls (my apologies to VS models who have a brain – really). I going with the flow here – mommy issues and/or gay.

    • Ally says:

      There’s funny photo of Leo out on a date with Demi Moore, right before she got together with Kutcher. I think she was cruising for young actor flesh just like, well, Tom Cruise.

      Demi:Leo = Tom:Scarlett — the one who wasn’t interested. Cabbage patch kid went back to dating his twins.

  46. KsGirl says:

    I am going to concede to a few in this thread that yes, it is POSSIBLE that Leo is a stand-up, secure, emotionally healthy man who likes to date very younf women. BUT, I sure don’t think it’s probable. This pattern of his, to me, doesn’t reflect badly on the women he dates (f*** it, you’re 22 and hot, why not have some fun and world travel?), it reflects badly on him. Others have already made this point but I really don’t think Leo *likes* women. He’s one of those guys for whom women are there to have sex with and appear in public with and that’s it. Conversation, fun, etc., these are things you do with other human beings (i.e. men). These young girls are things to him. I applaud Blake for getting away from that.

    Also, re: the comments on the 22 yr old looking “40″ etc. – god, please. These always show up in any thread involving a pretty young woman and it’s just kind of pathetic. That bugs me about a lot of comments here. If a woman is older than 30 and average weight then she is somehow automatically cool (eg. Winslet) but if a woman is young and beautiful, she’s somehow a vapid famewhore who doesn’t even look that hot anyway. It’s just…not cool.

    • Sienna says:

      “If a woman is older than 30 and average weight then she is somehow automatically cool (eg. Winslet) but if a woman is young and beautiful, she’s somehow a vapid famewhore who doesn’t even look that hot anyway. It’s just…not cool.”

      Agree! Women treat me like that too. It’s because you’re competition for their men. When past a certain age, the woman is no longer competition thus becomes “cool” and “intelligent”.

      • Realistic says:

        A lot of your generation has gotten its concept of beauty from internet porn sites and other heavily made up american media programs input into your brain as to what being an attractive woman is. I prefer the european look with less makeup. American girls wear way too much.

        Sometimes it’s not made up out of jealousy, a lot of you guys do look old, the way people heavily apply their makeup, tan, and are in such a hurry to be seductive in their teens, do ducklips and pose suggestively in their 20s does make them look older (not all of them, of course.)

        So no, some of us are not jealous, we’re just trying to be honest with you since no one else seems to be. Not going to pretend something is great or beautiful when it’s not, and the observations are legit and accurate a lot of the time – unfortunately.

  47. T.C. says:

    At least she is pretty unlike Giselle and Blake Lively. That’s the only positive thing I can think of. It is almost Christmas so I’m trying to be nice :)

  48. Lauren says:

    I AM SO GLAD..that other folks think Leo is Gay too. Most Mama’s boys are gay, and Leo fits the profile. It’s as if Leo just keeps brainless VS chickmodels to be his beard. Happy holidays everyone. This is my favorite site.

  49. lolita says:

    He is a joke!! why is he doing this? he is probably gay and thats why he only dates models… Its getting ridiculous!! he is a suoperficial prick and is extremely overrated as an actor

  50. Nikki Girl says:

    I fail to see how Blake played Leo. We have no proof of that whatsoever. I think Leo got bored and dumped her, and she went running to the next guy she could get her claws into, Ryan Reynolds. She’s pathetic and co-dependent.

    I really like Leo, but it makes me sad that he has such terrible taste in women. He seems very talented and intelligent, but he obviously chooses women with inferior intellect to him, and that’s obnoxious.

    • LeaR says:

      Could you explain why you believe Leo is “very intelligent”? And why you think these women’s intellects are inferior to his? I agree that he’s talented at carrying out the vision of real creators (i.e. screenwriters & directors), but I just don’t understand why so many people seem convinced that he’s an intellectual.

      What makes you think he’s intellectually superior to, say, Gisele, Bar Rafaeli, or the girl discussed in this post? The truth is that people with similar IQs tend to date each other. Water seeks its own level.

      And why does he have “terrible taste in women”? We don’t know anything about this girl’s character. We do, however, know a lot about Leo – you could argue that any woman who dates a man who behaves like Leo has terrible taste in men.

    • Dudette says:

      Rose coloured glasses for sure. Leo is the pathetic one, going after immature girls half his age time and time and time again. It doesn’t get any more pathetic than that.

  51. TXCinderella says:

    She’s cute, but not pretty. She does have a bangin’ bod though. I would kill to have a body like that!

  52. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    That chicks got beautiful eyes – and does look like bridget fonda as Jilli said.

  53. Elise says:

    Leo got played by Blake? I had to read that sentence again just to make sure you weren’t joking. Kaiser, I think you are seriously delusional, because there is NO WAY a veteran like Leo would ever get played by a bobble head like Blake. Plus, I don’t believe for a second they were actually dating, I think it was all a publicity stunt. Leo likes tall, blonde MODELS, not actresses, no exceptions.

  54. seVen says:

    Not that I’m the most beautiful woman in the world but good LAWD that chick is fug.

  55. Callumna says:

    He used to be cute, now he’s just bankrolling girls who also try to raise their profiles by being with him.

    Looks like the “Linda Hogan” in all his relationships.

  56. Tazina says:

    I don’t think he’s gay. One of the women would have spilt it by now. He goes after women ferociously. No gay man does that.

    This latest girl reminds me of Geri Haliwell.

  57. Turtle Dove says:

    “I think he just needed a new official girlfriend since he got played so publicly by Blake Lively. LOOK BLAKE, I have a new girlfriend! She’s younger and blonder than you!!!! And Blake still doesn’t care, or she’s certainly doing a good job of pretending not to care.”

    Here, here. Leo has been five steps behind on this whole scene and THIS is the reason that I think he got dumped (or she ended the contract).

    Listen, I’m no fan of Blake’s, but she’s played this beautifully and has been so far ahead of DiCaprio. I think he was playing around, or some thing else happened where she smelled a disadvantage and said adios. Thing is… unlike the models… Blake has options.

    Leo, although a great actor, is losing that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes him appealing. The modelizing isn’t helping. It’s sort of awkward. Erin is cute and all, but he’s too old for her. Karlie was smart enough to see this, and she didn’t seem interested in him.

    It’s his life, but he looks like a letch hanging out with these young things…. and that’s what they are to him and his ilk too… playthings to be used and disposed of when they become tiresome (or mature enough to voice an opinion).

    • Riri says:

      Isn’t it sad that you think she is busy “playing” and making moves?

      It’s too bad they ceouldn’t act like two real people who don’t think about how to “play” and plan moves.

      They should just be themselves and act as their heart dictates.

      I have no idea why they broke up or if that was not a showmance.

      I do feel sorry for him, for never being able to find woman who are a bit more real and deeper than those starlets.

  58. bobbysue says:

    He did have two long term relationships with models, of course…so he’s capable of it but when they push for marriage and children the relationship is over. I think it’s possible he’s dabbled in switch-hitting, I mostly think he just is not terribly emotional and more interested in himself than another man or woman!

  59. jferber says:

    I believe Leo’s true love is Tobey McGuire, not Lukas Haas.

  60. Shy says:

    I don’t really understand all this “Blake Lively played Leo DiCaprio”. I don’t think he gives a crap about Blake. He probably forgot her next week after he dumped her.

    Blake is like some school teenager. He dumped her and next day she runs to Ryan Reynolds to made it look like she is o’k and that she was not embarrased when Leo dumped her. And she gets papped every day to remind everyone that she is o’k. And really does she think that she is Demi Moore or Aniston or Reese Witherspoon or Sandra Bullock? No one gives a crap who she dates and if she is o’k after break up. At least not me.

    And where we are now? Leo is doing what he was doing before – shooting movies. Dating models. And doesn’t care about Blake. And where is Blake? I remember how she was famewhoring herself at every event few months ago. But now we only see her when she calls paps to take her “candids” with Ryan’s dog. Or something. They don’t invite her to big parties anymore? She used to go there every day. And now only once in few weeks.

    Yean and still directors don’t call her to star in their movies. And apart from that Savages movie her IMDB page is empty. Wasn’t that the main reason why she hooked up with Leo? She thought he will open to her doors to high Hollywood society and that she will get movie roles. She failed at all accounts. So I don’t really understad all that “she played Leo. She is so smart…”

    Bitch still doesn’t have career. And she hooked up with another actor whose career as Lead Actor basically finished after Green Lantern bombed.

    • Can't fool us! says:

      Leo, I know you’re still embarrassed about Blake playing you, but leaving angry rants about the girl on gossip sites is really beneath you. You have better things to do, like figuring out why you’re aging so badly, or why your head looks so freakishly large lately.

      • Dudette says:

        LMAO! Well said. For someone who ‘doesn’t give a crap about Blake’, that was a quite a rant.

      • Shy says:

        Yeah. Because that what I do. I’m Leo DiCaprio, I’m billionaire and I sit at computer at gossip site and write angry comments about my ex-girlfriend :)

        That’s not even funny. Really. That is my problem here. Everyone behaves like some 16 years old teenagers. I don’t care about Blake. But I’m annoyed to see her every time on gossip sites. And I don’t write about her in comments. Usually I just skip “her articles”. I don’t care about her or Ryan Reynolds. And I didn’t care before. Once again – usually I just skip her. But still those titles of the articles scream at me every day from front pages of sites.

        But I wrote here because I laugh every time I read another article on LaineyGossip or here “how Blake played Leo”. He is almost 40 years old. He is Oscar nominated A-List movie star who shoots a movie. Reason why “Blake outplays him” is because he is not playing :) He is not some teenage girl. I don’t think he gives a crap, I don’t think he sits on Internet and goes to gossip sites to see another picture of Blake with Ryan dog or with Ryan and thinks: “Oh she outplayed me. Now it is my move”. He doesn’t care and didn’t get some celebrity girlfriend to show off her every day like: “Yo people. Look I have a new girl. I’m so over Blake”. Again he is not teenager. He is not some Zac Efron or Chase Crowford. He probably forgot about Blake in one week.

        P.S. And most funny thing that you made me defense DiCaprio. And I don’t really like him. He is bloated all the time. And he is sad person. And I don’t rush to his every movie. I’m just sick of femewhore Blake Lively.

    • normades says:

      @shy: I agreed with everything you said…last week. But you state your points well, esp. the Blake hasn’t got any new work so haha. Just goes to show that showmancing doesn’t equate roles.

    • Carolyn says:

      Oh I totally agree with you. Leo is in Australia filming “The Great Gatsby” with Baz. “The Green Lantern” was absolute rubbish and deservedly tanked and proved neither Blake nor Ryan can hold a movie. The contrast in talent and acting reputation couldn’t be wider.

  61. HotPockets says:

    Just thought I would share a little gossip I know first hand. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are in Boise, Idaho right now, they’re road tripping together and they stopped at a famous burger place there, too.

    How Juicy is that, but seriously?

  62. Jenn12 says:

    Leo is really handsome and a terrific actor. He’s kind of immature when it comes to women and so is Clooney. But they’re not fathering kids all over the place, nor are they pretending they want to be tied down. So the younger women are better because they aren’t looking for what women in their 30s are looking for. As long as they aren’t dogging teenagers or doing a P. Diddy, who cares?

    • Dudette says:

      It wouldn’t matter so much IF he mixed if up a little bit. Are you telling me there are NO women in their thirties, in the entertainment industry that are not angling for marriage? Or women not even in the industry? No brunettes that just want to have a good time too? No non-models that aren’t looking for commitment? The guy clearly has a type but that type is starting to make him look creepy.

      • Jenn12 says:

        I’m sure there are women in their 30s like that. Maybe he just wants to make sure he doesn’t end up with someone who might want a commitment? I don’t know. As long as they’re adults, it doesn’t seem too bad. He is still in his 30s. And as long as he isn’t fathering kids all over the place, which is what I find really reprehensible.

      • Jenn12 says:

        Also, he was quite close in age to Gisele and Bar and they weren’t young blondes. I don’t think it’s creepy- Doug Hutchison is creepy. If someone doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship and is clear about it and responsible sexually, I don’t think it’s creepy. It’s worse if you don’t want to be in one but you’re irresponsible and dishonest about it with yourself and partners. Just my opinion.

  63. Criss says:

    She is by far way hotter than Gisele, Bar,& Blake. She’s so pretty in a cute way. With a bang’n body, super long legs, her face is feminine, her torso is not too long, and she’s super tall. None of the above can compare to her, but yeah, she’s probably temporary. Maybe she can use him to boost her career, I wonder what her parents think.

  64. JaneWonderfalls says:

    It’s a free country, he’s single, rich and stable so he can do pretty much who and whatever he once, we all have a type his seem to be models, so whatever! Enjoy being single Leo cause if and when you get married it will be lock down until the eminent divorce!!!

    • Riri says:


      Though I do have to admit he is weird in that way.

      He is in his late 30s and never seemed to have a real girlfriend.

      He had these young models (and now, a starlet) who wanted his name recognition and boost to their short career.

      He always seem to replace them, but then, it’s not like he is actually in real relationships with them.
      He hangs with “dudes”, dresses like a teenager, and “hangs” with his buddies like a 16 years old.

      I am not sure why is that.
      He is very talented.
      I am secretly hoping for his sake that he is actually gay and in a serious relationship with a guy, someone who he is committed to, and has hime come to all his social events and awards.

      The other option is that he has some sort of huge intimacy problem and unable, for some reason, to see woman as real human-beings as opposed to shallow, disposable, play-things.

  65. j. katz says:

    She’s adorable. She’s going to turn his heart into ground meat. The only thing that cares less about others than DiCaprio, is a 22-year old with the world by the short & curlies.

  66. Cerulean says:

    I think he’s bi like a lot of actors are.

  67. mainstream says:

    Whatever would they talk about?
    So why does Leo keep going out with young models? Because he can!

  68. crtb says:

    This is so out of character for him!
    (rolling eyes)

  69. Mario says:

    He gets more unlikeable with age. His movie roles now seem to be all about him yelling and screaming like a jackass (he’s also getting fat). I use to like him a lot, now he’s annoying.

  70. GT says:

    I don’t care one way or another as long as he’s happy!! Who are we to judge and I think he’s an amazing actor!

  71. stella says:

    So much praise is doled out about blondes..who are these blondes and why should I care?.

  72. normades says:

    I have totally flipped on this issue. I used to think it was impossible that Blake dumped Leo, but since he’s showing more and more his true colors of grossness, I am starting to believe Lainey now. I think she saw that she’d always take second place to Lukas Hass and saw a better future with RR and jumped ship.

  73. AM says:

    I say good for George and Leo at least they are responsible in terms of not marrying and having kids with multiple women. very smart move guys!!

    • Tekla says:

      I agree completely. It seems a lot of people here are giving Leo flack about his love life when he is just having fun. He has tons of time before he has to settle down, and even then he shouldn’t have to if he doesn’t want to, just because it’s the status quo. At least he isn’t fathering a bunch of children and getting married/divorced a billion times. If I were in Leo’s position, I would be doing the exact same thing, and I am a 20 year old woman who had a relatively normal adolescence (certainly not a childhood of movie stardom). And it wouldn’t be because I have mommy/daddy issues, or I disrespect the opposite sex. It’s not like he’s hurting anybody, and the women who do happen to get hurt know exactly what they were getting themselves into when they decided to date a notorious womanizer. I hate how it is expected that everyone settle down and have that lifestyle ideal of the family with two or three kids, a dog and a white picket fence… Some people just don’t want that. I may merely be projecting my own desires and resentments regarding society’s standards of what people should aspire for, but I don’t think it is too far from the truth for Leo’s situation. Just let him be.

      • Callumna says:

        Fret not. “Society” doesn’t care about you as much as you think it does at 20.

        Nobody cares about anybody as much as a 20 year old thinks others think about them. Still outgrowing that childhood “me” mode when some family is actually circling you which it won’t for much longer.

        At 50 you’ll be happy when anybody does care about you, it’ll be rare that they do, and they’ll be mostly friends and family — if even that.

  74. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Leo is a good actor, and enjoyed Georges acting in the Facts of life since I haven’t seen a movie with him thus far. George and Leo dating these bevy of beauty is akin to Tori spelling, Jen Garner getting papped with their families, serving to keep the actors in the public eye and give them attention. So even though they make enough money to live anonymously they desire attention so these are the ways to get stories. Excellent post AM :)

  75. ZenB!tch says:

    I can tell her apart from Candace what’s it. Erin has her real face and it’s not perfect by any means (her body is tho’). Candace looks like a skanky porn star. I’m just glad Leo didn’t pick Candace.

    Still he’s not 40 yet so that makes him look less pathetic than Clooney. He’s like 90s Clooney.

    • Turtle Dove says:

      Really? I think that Candice is much prettier. Erin IS pretty, but Candice has a great figure (that waist to hip ratio… wow),a cherubic face and really nice skin.

      Plus, Candice has been with the same guy for 6 years, so I doubt that she’d dump for Leo. Erin needed the profile boost. She is an Angel, but she usually takes a backseat to the other girls. You can see that in photos.

  76. kat says:

    I hava a feeling that he is gonna end up with Candice Swanepoel for good…

  77. Anna says:

    Why are all models ‘ho’s”? Why are all models who date Leo particularly ‘ho’s'?

    I am one who DEFINITELY believes that Leo is gay, and DEFINITELY thinks he is a bloody coward for not coming out. But that is his business.

    I can believe that some of these woman who date Leo know that he is gay and stupidly believe that they can ‘change’ him. It is also quite possible that Leo enjoys sex with women. But my guess is that he does not FALL IN LOVE with women.

  78. iseepinkelefants says:

    She is a VS model but she’s one of the PINK girls. I know I know technically a VS model but not exactly Angel status. I think there’s a hierarchy and I wouldn’t put at the top of the list js. PINK is not the same as Angel. The PINK girls are interchangeable and I’ve yet to see one move up to Angel status. They usually get dropped once they start to age (since the PINK girls have to look young in order to sell the younger line).

  79. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    I don’t think Leo is gay. I used to know someone who was very good friends with him during the Growing Pains time and for years after. Leo was a devoted friend. Sweet and humble. My friend was gay and he would have loved Leo to be gay, but said he wasn’t. And by that I don’t mean he just wasn’t into my friend. The guy knew he had no shot, even if Leo were gay. But he was close enough to know his sexuality and he was adamant that he was hetero, but not that into hanging out with girls. He was always with his buddies, though. He is into men for relationships and young women for sex. I think a large proportion of the male population would be all over that.

  80. Katie says:

    @ Alexis –

    Have you noticed the similarities physically between DiCaprio and Orson Welles?


    I believe DiCaprio is an Orson Welles lovechild. Welles used to trade in one ballerina for the next until he found the love of his life at the age of 47.