Kylie & Kendall Jenner got adorable chocolate lab puppies for Christmas

Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner girls, got very special Christmas presents this year – two chocolate lab puppies! They were tweeting an endless stream of photos, which I have included at the end of the post. The puppies are leggy adolescents, they’re not little baby dogs, and I’m guessing that they came from a lab breeder. Kendall and Kylie decided to break with their family tradition and NOT name the puppies with “K” names. Instead, they named these poor dogs “Louis” and “Vuitton”. UUUUGH. The only thing keeping me from already declaring these beautiful dogs as victims of animal cruelty is the thought that they’ll probably become Bruce’s dogs very quickly, once Kendall and Kylie get bored with them. Why didn’t they just give the puppies to Bruce straight away?

In other Kardashian/Jenner news, Kylie and Kendall are going to “co-design” a line of jewelry for Pascal Mouawad, that shady-as-hell jeweler who used to be tight with Lindsay Lohan. Mouawad also runs Kim Kardashian’s line (which was largely jacked from other designers) and Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow 1960 brand. Thankfully, it’s not going to be all diamonds and jewels sold to rich 13-year-olds. The brand is aimed at teens and tweens, but the prices will be reasonable ($20-80), so no 13-year-old girls dripping in diamonds.

Photos courtesy of WENN, twit-pics from Kylie and Kendell’s Twitter pages.

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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    Uvvvvv course they did. Those poor puppies already have “SAVE ME!!!” eyes.

  2. Jennifer12 says:

    When, WHEN will this family go away!?

  3. gg says:

    Should’ve named em “Shallow” and “Vapid”.

  4. Franny says:

    I like that they got them real dogs, and not some little purse dogs (but who am I to judge, I have a dachshund who would probably love nothing more than for me to carry him around all day)

  5. cmc says:

    Ugh- they had an opportunity to elevate their “brand” and promote adopting animals vs buying them. Shame on them.

  6. Marjalane says:

    We adopted a new dog from a shelter this Christmas, and unfortunately there were several chocolate labs there waiting for homes as well. I wonder if the Kardashians ever thought to look somewhere like that…..nah,it’s no good unless you pay a lot for it. I hate them.

    • cmc says:

      You know what’s funny? I’ve always been a Kardashian fan- I liked them for what they were, harmless airheads that provide empty entertainment. I didn’t hate them until this story. There’s pretty much nothing more disgusting to me than buying a dog from a breeder instead of adopting. Especially for a person in the public eye- wtf are you promoting? You buy your companions? There are thousands and thousands of animals put down every day in shelters around the country, why couldn’t they just adopt one and show a compassionate side?

      Yup. I’m officially on the Kardashian-hate bandwagon, and it took two beautiful dogs to get me there.

  7. hairball says:

    Who gives a f*ck. Stop reporting on these f*cking morons.

  8. constance says:

    Do they still have that poor monkey? I feel like this is a “make us look like good people” ploy.

  9. JoJo says:

    Yes, it would have been a a good thing if they rescued. That said, getting a dog from a responsible breeder (keyword: responsible) isn’t a bad thing. Dogs end up as rescues because of irresponsible people – period. So, that doesn’t mean that responsible people who buy a dog from a responsible breeder are bad – if they keep, love and care for the dog forever. However, it’s the latter part that I would doubt with the Kardasians. Plus, getting puppies as Xmas presents is a terrible idea that most responsible breeders or rescues advise against … It doesn’t imply commitment but rather a gift that will quickly be tossed aside after the novelty wears off. I feel terrIble for these puppies – having to live in that crazy house!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      “Yes, it would have been a a good thing if they rescued. That said, getting a dog from a responsible breeder (keyword: responsible) isn’t a bad thing. Dogs end up as rescues because of irresponsible people – period.”
      Exactly. Instead of getting so angry at people who buy instead of adopting why don’t we direct that anger at the jerks who abandoned their pets in the first place (the REAL reason why shelters are overrun)??? It’s great to adopt but I see no reason why people should feel obligated to rectify the mistakes of irresponsible strangers. If you want to buy a pup from a RESPONSIBLE breeder then that’s your prerogative-just remember that pet ownership is a LIFETIME commitment and animals are not to be discarded like a broken toy…

    • HadleyB says:

      I don’t have a thing against breeders.. but I tried to find my cat at a shelter but I wanted a persian cat or Himi and a good healthy one is hard to find.

      I had my previous persian from a shelter and while we loved him to death, he had health problems from day one as did my little alley cat from the humane society..but we had them many years. Don’t regret them at all.

      My current cat is from a breeder, very healthy and we love her so much.

      As long as the person getting the animal is a true animal lover, I have no issues.. breeders who are cruel, over breed, etc yes I have issues with so not everyone who gets animals from breeders are horrible.

  10. Cherry Rose says:

    Wasn’t there one episode where Kylie and Kendall got a small white dog, (which Bruce didn’t want them to have in the first place, but of course Kris ignores anything that Bruce wants) and Bruce had to end up taking care of it?

    Doesn’t seem to be very smart pet owners.

    And yes, they should have adopted.

  11. Kali says:

    As a lab owner for years, I just pray they train those dogs well. If they don’t, they can kiss their Prada shoes etc goodbye. Bet they get Cesar Milan to train them.

    • Marjalane says:

      I had to come back and comment on this- You said it, baby! In addition to new dog, (Dave) we have an older chocolate lab and a golden retriever, and both of them feasted on all our shoes until they were like three- as well as carpet and table legs. Unless they get professional training help, their tacky mansion will be gnawed to death!

  12. Turd Fergussen says:

    Oh that’s excellent. When there are homeless, unwanted pets crowding shelters at Christmastime, I’m glad someone made the brilliant choice to get these two spoiled rotten twats designer dogs from some low-life breeder for a present. Yes, giving animals as gifts: such a wise choice. Fools.

  13. KJ says:

    “Instead, they named these poor dogs ‘Louis’ and ‘Vuitton’.”

    This. This right here. This sentence is absolutely indicative of my core thoughts about the Kardashians and that is “money cannot buy you class.” They are the complete new money stereotypes. Greedy, opportunistic, and obsessed with showing off, showing out and being all around gaudy and tacky. Louis and Vuitton? Really? I know they’re teenage girls but Jesus. We get it. You like designer brands. So f—ing tacky.

  14. no thanks says:

    can i ask a question and please i am not being racist just an observation, why do white people love animals so much, dogs cats, birds ect… im indian and i know we dont keep pets nor do too many black but whites just love them..pls pls again its just a question i am not racist..

    • cmc says:

      It’s definitely not a white thing. I’m Afro-Carribbean (from the Dominican Republic)and I absolutely adore animals. I’ve rescued two dogs- one from the side of the road- and I am a vegan. It’s not racist to think only whites care about animals, but it is incorrect.

      • KJ says:

        Same here. I’m of Afro-Caribbean descent as well (Jamaica! Represent) and my whole family is full of animal lovers. Both my mom and dad’s sides of the families had multiple animals growing up. Dogs, cats, my grandmother even had chickens at one point.

        I personally think that the idea that non-whites hate animals is perpetuated by the media. Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but if you look at something like the coverage of Vick’s dog fighting house of horrors, the news would always show white people being mortified by it, and then cut to some black dude talking about dog fighting being no big deal. It’s easy to make that assumption, and in a lot of ways, how we regard animals is totally cultural. Maybe Indians like the original commenter don’t have house pets like Westerners do. I know some people don’t keep pets because they have a moral objection to it (animals are meant to be wild, etc.) Hell, you go to some countries and the kind of animals you keep as pets can be radically different. It’s just better to take things on a case by case basis.

    • RobN says:

      It’s simply a cultural difference. Some cultures don’t believe in house pets and some do. I would bet that it has a lot to do with cultures that have historically been wealthier; if you’re having trouble feeding a family, you don’t have a couple of yorkies running around that aren’t earning their keep.

    • rissa says:

      im native american and ive had every animal you can think of. dogs birds rabbits hampsters ducks chickens and even a sheep (lived in our backyard). except a cat, cant stand em.

    • Hai says:

      I’m Asian. I have 4 dogs and donate to animal charities. I would like to highlight the near extinction of Orang Utan, Elephants and Tigers due to the loss of their habitats which mostly caused by Palm Oil companies ripping off virgin forests. It’s heart-wrenching, I hope people are made aware of this.

  15. MerryHappy says:

    Is anyone ACTUALLY surprised it didn’t occur to them to adopt a dog from a shelter? REALLY? I wouldn’t give them enough credit to know how to even find an animal shelter, let alone enter one with the purpose of adopting/rescuing. Even though they have enough money too fund the shelter and save all of its inhabitants. It would just never occur to them. Next we’ll see them in an aspca commercial doing damage control.

  16. RobN says:

    As an owner of three labradors, I hope they get proper training or this is going to be a nightmare. Labs do not start out as contented dogs sitting at their master’s knee in front of the fireplace; they start out as chewing little monsters with more energy than can be properly described, who need proper direction. The kids didn’t get it, I doubt the dogs will.

    Personally I wouldn’t get a lab from a shelter. A lab from a responsible breeder has multiple tests done on the parents, grandparents, etc., to determine genetic problems, eye diseases, hip dysplasia, patella issues, etc., to keep dogs with health issues from breeding. Most of the dogs that end up in shelters may be purebred labs, but they come from puppy mills and you simply don’t know what you’re adopting.

    If you want fewer dogs in shelters, spend your time working against puppy mills, not responsible breeders who are in it for the love of the breed, not the money.

  17. Onyx XV says:

    Cute pups. However they got them, at least they are not homeless dogs.

    On another note, I can’t help but notice that the Bruce Jenner/Kris Kardashian gene mixture was not quite as successful as the Robert Kardashian/Kris Houghton gene combo. Those two younger sisters are just not quite as pretty as the older ones. Just my b*tchy observation…

    • polk8dot says:

      Or they simply did not have their plastic surgeries yet. The 3 older KKs came on the public radar gradually, in adulthood, and they have already gone through their plastic surgery improvements before we got to know them well. Sites like ‘AwfulPlasticSurgery’ will prove to you that they had their appearance altered. The 2 younger ones are simply pushing their way into the public arena way ahead of the appropriate time, i.e. at least having grown out of their teens, and as such they have not been under the knife yet. But you can bet that they will ‘get more beautiful with age’ – yeah, right, they will submit to whatever plastic/cosmetic surgeries and procedures their Pimp-Mommager deems necessary to delay their expiration date. They will be treated as merchandise for public consumption, just like the rest of that brood, and not even by us but by their own ‘mother’. They will end up looking as plastic as Kim and Kris, or worse.
      I wonder that she has scrupules at all, and that the girls have not had anything done yet – that is the most amazing part. I’d ascribe it to smart doctors who refuse to operate on young girls, and not the the intelligence of the PimpMommager.

  18. the original bellaluna says:

    Next up on E! “Louis & Vuitton Take Calabasas.” Mark. My. Words.

  19. Simon says:

    Before I married my husband, he had 13 dogs, all rescue bar his Siberian Huskies. We now have sixteen dogs, mostly rescue, eight cats, all rescue and twenty horses, five of them rescue. My husband loves animals, he’s never able to resist giving a rescue dog at home. Luckily we have the room, we live on farmland in the UK country and both of us work from home and have the money and resources for these animals. I hate when people buy kids dogs for Christmas and once the novelty wears off, the dogs become a low priority. I hope Kendall & Kylie take responsibility rather than make Bruce look after them. You all know that if Bruce tried telling those girls to look after the girls, Kris would take the girls’ side. And what happened to that tiny white dog from the show? The one Bruce said no to but Kris went and bought it anyway?

  20. AM says:

    Yes they are cute now but when they are older they will dump them on someone else to look after.

  21. GoodCapon says:

    For some reason I read this as ‘chocolate puppies’ LOL :D

  22. Cirque28 says:

    Re: doubts about shelter dogs. My Lab came from a shelter at age 8. He’s 11 now, in excellent health, couldn’t be sweeter, and we get stopped daily on our walks by people admiring his good looks.

    At many shelters, dogs are thoroughly screened for health and behavioral issues before being offered for adoption. Add “already house-trained” to that, and being old enough that he’s not completely impossible to tire out, and this shelter dog is much easier than some pedigreed puppy.

    PS– Hopefully the K sisters understand that Labs are NOT lil’ handbag dogs. They’re athletes who need a ton of exercise. Maybe Bruce will step in.

  23. SouthernMS says:

    RobN, As someone who actually works at an animal shelter I can tell you that most of the purebred labs we get in do not come from puppy mills. In fact, the large majority come from very respected breeders in our area. People go and buy dogs for which they are not prepared for and sadly they end up with us, AKC papers, health guarantees,vet records, and all. We have between 30-50 animals turned into us daily. People don’t spay or neuter, they don’t understand the realities of pet ownership, etc. And labs are the most common surrenders we deal with, that and pits. Also, all of our dogs are health screened and temperament tested. We will not adopt a dog without checking a vet reference first, which is something even the breeders in our area sadly don’t do.

  24. SouthernMS says:

    Actually think I reposted this a few times. Crazy mobile service.

  25. SouthernMS says:

    RobN, As someone who actually works at an animal shelter I can tell you that most of the purebred labs we get in do not come from puppy mills. In fact, the large majority come from very respected breeders in our area, dropped off to us with AKC papers, health guarantees, vet records, and all. All of our dogs are health checked and temperament tested. We also require a vet reference, which is sadly something even the breeders in our area don’t do.

    • Val says:

      Those breeders you refer to should not be “respected.” Anyone can get health certificates and AKC papers. Responsible breeders have a spay and neuter contract (unless you are buying a show dog $$$ which cannot be spayed or neutered until show career is over), and responsible breeders don’t continue to produce litters that they have no buyers for.

      And I will tell you what – responsible breeders would have talked the Kartrashians out of buying 2 littermates. Not a good idea. They will be that much harder to train because they will bond closely to each other and not the humans. Labs don’t grow up until they’re 4 years old anyway, and need a lot of training, because they are indeed hunting dogs and will be destructive without a job. I can see it now, those 2 Kartrashian labs will end up in rescue because Bruce will get tired of them and no one in the household will train them properly.

      I wonder if that will make their pitiful show – the family stands there while the Lab Rescue volunteer picks them up at the Kartrashian mansion…..

  26. joe says:

    When will you people realize that Kris Jenner is an evil beeatch and the root of this families disgust. Her story is a blueprint for the downfall of family values. Shame on you Kris–SHAME SHAME SHAME. Just remember that everything comes around full circle.

  27. Regardless of the owners, those puppies are cute. :)