Brandi Glanville accused of boning her best friend’s ex-husband for publicity

You know what? I generally come down on Brandi Glanville’s side in the whole “white-trash uncool Bermuda Triangle” situation, but this week’s Brandi-centric storyline is exhausting. First, Brandi “got married” in Las Vegas to her self-described BFF of 20 years, Darin Harvey. Her Twitter page was full of photos from her wedding night, and it really seemed like she and her girls had gotten hammered and Brandi thought it would be “fun” to marry Darin and then hang out with strippers. A day later, Brandi and Darin were both claiming that the “weddding” wasn’t really official and that it was just a ceremony with no paperwork. Okay… sure. But some of us still have questions. Questions like, “What was the purpose of this nonsense?” And “Drunken publicity stunt much?” And now there are new questions. Like, “Was Brandi screwing her best friend’s ex-husband?”

Brandi Glanville got married over the weekend in a spur-of-the-moment Vegas ceremony and has exclusively learned her new husband’s ex-wife is fuming over the stunt!

“She was my best friend until she started an affair w my ex hus Darin behind my back!!!!” Darin Harvey’s ex-wife, Michelle Harvey posted on her Twitter account Tuesday afternoon.

“All our sons are paying the price… BG marriage to Darin Harvey wasn’t funny to our son tanner!!!! She was my BFF until she stated [sic] affair w my ex husband!!!”

Although Brandi’s marriage to Darin isn’t legal because no paperwork was filed, Michelle doesn’t find it funny and is unleashing on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

“I was BG BFF for 12 yrs b4 betrayed by her n my ex Darin!” Michelle tweeted.
“Brandi doesn’t care about me or my son… But Darin should!!!!”

Michelle also goes on to allege that Brandi and Darin participated in the drunk wedding ceremony just for publicity.

“Darin told me they did it for the publicity!!! Pathetic fame wh*res. All 3 kids are devastated,” she wrote.

“They are both back peddling…Darin admitted to me it was her idea for publicity.”

As previously reported, Brandi and Darin tied the knot at the Spearmint Rhino strip club on New Year’s night.

[From Radar]

OK, Michelle is mad because she was friends with Brandi and then Brandi slept with her EX-husband? Correct? Michelle isn’t claiming that Brandi homewrecked her marriage or anything, just that Brandi was boning Darin when he was officially single. I mean, sure, there are rules about boning your friend’s ex. But I don’t see the big deal in general.

Anyway, Brandi is denying the part about the “affair”. She tweeted, “I didn’t legally get married and I won’t ever again in my life. Our wedding was our first kiss! We are just friends.” Regarding the criticism she received, Brandi tweeted, “Marriage mocks itself. I believe anyone and everyone should be able to get married! Why not me? In my head I was just having fun with my best friend who I adore and has been there for me during all my tough times. I didn’t mean to offend anyone! I believe everyone should be able to get married and maybe even embarrass themselves in Vegas.”

I was looking through Brandi’s most recent tweets, and she seems to be on the defensive a bit more. She says that she’s “never hooked up with D” and that Michelle “is not my friend & hasn’t been in over a year. Very sad woman.” Blah. Whatever.

Photos courtesy of Brandi’s Twitter & WENN.

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  1. mln76 says:

    Eh the ex-wife needs to let go. Obviously Brandi sided with this dude after the divorce. On the other hand a fake marriage publicity stunt?? What is she 12?

  2. KatScorp says:

    On the 4th of October 2011, Michelle Harvey sent this tweet to LeAnn:

    @leannrimes morning Leanne it’s Michelle have Elisa give you my #! we have lots to speak about!
    4 Oct via Twitter for iPhone

    There’s history between Michelle Harvey and Eliza (ex-friends of Brandi) and LeAnn. Michelle Harvey keeps claiming that what happened in Vegas is the result of an “affair”, despite the divorce being six years ago. The TweLees are going nuts and attacking Brandi – hence why Brandi is “defensive”, as you put it.

    There’s more here that what is in the abridged and bullsh!t piece by RadarOnline. How about someone mention that Michelle was reaching out to LeAnn last year?

  3. brin says:

    She’s a free spirit and I love that about her. Now that she’s in the public eye she is going to have to defend her fun side a lot more.

  4. jazz fabulous says:

    Lol, bitter ex-wife. I bet she’s fat and ugly….

  5. Hautie says:

    Maybe things are different where I am from. But nothing good, is going to come from you screwing your friend’s ex-husband. Ever.

    Especially if everyone runs in the same social crowd.

    There are too many men who are looking to get laid.

    There is no need to go and shag a man… that you have had a personal friendship with his ex-wife.

    Who wants to bet that their kids all play together.

    • KatScorp says:

      The only person saying that Brandi and Darin have bumped uglies is Michelle. And Michelle is one of the three ex-friends who became friends with LeAnn. Yet you don’t doubt Michelle’s claims? Not for one itsy bitsy second?

    • anne_000 says:

      @ Hautie – In the article, it says that they weren’t even romantically involved & that it was the first time they kissed. So why do you think they were having sex? Even Darin’s tweets doesn’t show anything sexual involved. As a matter of fact, Darin tweets that Brandi wasn’t there with him the next morning when he woke up.

      Also, the article says that Michelle & Brandi weren’t even friends for over a year. Nevermind that last October, Michelle tweets to @iluvLeAnnRimes & @leannrimes offering up info & her phone number.

      Apparently the Harveys were divorced 6 yrs ago. On top of this, it wasn’t even a real wedding or real relationship.

    • anne_000 says:

      @ Hautie – Darin’s tweet also says that he & Brandi are just friends and never “hooked up”:

      @darinharvey Darin Harvey
      @kickbackmiami @rondarousey @brandiglanville never hooked up just friends but thanks for having such good values
      11 hours ago via Twitter for iPad

  6. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I give it 10 minutes before the Glanville Camp comes out in DROVES to trash this Michelle woman. Who wants to count down with me? Five, four, three, two….

  7. carrie says:

    who is she? (please if she is in a tv reality show,don’t explain me)

  8. lilibet says:

    If my BFF got ‘married’ to my ex or slept with him I would be really pi**ed. Regardless how much time has passed to me it’s just an unwritten rule…you just don’t go there.

    If it’s all for publicity then surely this is extreme even in her crazy messed up life?!

    • anne_000 says:

      @ lilibet –
      1) They’re not BFFs. They haven’t been friends in over a year.
      2) Brandi & Darin both say they never had sex = no affair.
      3) The only one saying it was for publicity is Michelle. Both Brandi & Darin have been tweeting that it was just for fun, nothing else.

    • kadymarie says:

      so youre saying that its totally wrong of me to be dating my exs ex best friend when my ex was the one who left me and even told said ex best friend of his that he was OK with us dating (turns out he wasnt as he hsnt dated anyone else) has it ever occured to people that we cant help who we fall in love with?? ive NEVER been in a better relationship in my life! weve been going strong for 10 months and we feel like were really soulmates…so sometimes, we do things weird, so dont hate those that date their exs “best friends”. in case of the leann/eddie/brandi thing…im team brandi:) i dont like cheaters.

    • Willworkforfood says:

      When I was married to my 1st husband, I used to joke that if I found out about an affair, I would buy the woman a potted plant and a welcome mat for their new place. lol

  9. Jayna says:

    Mote telling is the ex told his ex-wife Brandi did it for publicity. I am liberal in many aspects, but she has children. Sorry. Very tacky. I love those calling it being a free spirit. If it was anyone else they would be calling them tacky famewhores.

    I like Brandi and like her on the show, but I call a spade a spade.

    • KatScorp says:

      Michelle Harvey cosied up to LeAnn (see my above post) and threatened to sic a scandal on Brandi in the past (see Jezi’s top post). Don’t you think there is even the slightest chance she’s lying through her caps when she claims her ex just volunteered this tabloid-worthy information? Especially an ex she had a hostile relationship with?

    • Lisa says:

      THANK YOU!!!

      Stop co-signing on this b.s. Bottom line…Brandi’s recent antics are making LeAnn look positively ANGELIC!!!

    • anne_000 says:

      @ Jayna – What I find odd about this is that someone (Michelle) would offer up her phone number & info through another person to a stranger & the new wife of an ex-husband of an ex-friend of over a year over an ex-husband of 6 years.

      So I’m not going to hold Michelle’s claims with that much credibility yet.

      • Jayna says:

        I find their behavior all odd in one way or another.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Jayna – Imo, the mock wedding was just a joke. Also, imo, this wasn’t the first time a mock weddings was done in Vegas by anybody. I mean, you have Elvis-themed chapels along with other goofy themed chapels. All you have to do is pay some money to go through the event, but you don’t have to register it as legal. Anyways, I think people are taking what happened too seriously. I think tons of mock Vegas weddings have been done in those crazy-themed chapels. Darin tweeted something about Elvis at the chapel, iirc.

  10. Diana says:

    How does Darin Harvey’s first wife know that “all 3 kids are devastated”? How would she know anything about what Mason and Jake feel?

    Also, did Darin Harvey’s first wife tweet Eddie Cibrian’s second wife back in October, offering information?

    • Jezi says:

      Yes. Michelle’s been trying to sell stories about Brandi for months now. Even contacting Leann. I’m almost sure Leann bit.

    • Jeni says:

      I follow Brandi on twitter and she tweeted how there would be no more EC or LR on her timeline and something about how she would go gangsta on someone if they messed with her kids. Please don’t quote me, it wasn’t those exact words but it was along those lines. When I read that, I thought it was funny. Then I read the tweet about her saying that alcohol, drugs, and strippers were underrated. At that point, I thought someone might have hacked into her account because I couldn’t believe she would say that. This was from NYE, when she had tweet diarrhea. Both tweets have since been deleted.

      • cbear says:

        She said they were underrated ’cause they work overtime. People flipped. I thought it was a weird tweet, but thought maybe she was seeing a lot of this in Vegas and was trying to say it’s so prevalent there it works overtime? That was all I could figure out.

    • anne_000 says:

      @ Diana – Good point. How would Michelle know what Brandi’s kids are thinking when they haven’t been friends for over a year?

      I also wonder if Michelle’s offer to give her phone # (thru Elisa) & info to @iluvLeAnnRimes & @leannrimes herself means that the private phone lines are burning up between Michelle & LeAnn (& iluvLeAnnRimes too?) as we speak?

    • Janiece says:

      Exactly. In order to know that personal information about Brandi and Eddie’s sons, she must be in contact with Leann and Eddie (since shes not friends with Brandi). She outed herself. It just proves that she and Leann are feeding each other information and plotting and scheming. This can only rebound and backfire on Leann.

  11. Cray Cray says:

    um Brandi and Darin are BFFs and have never had sex..Michelle and Brandi are no longer friends and she and Darin have been divorced for 6 YEARS..Brandi fan or not just read michele’s tweets, chick is cray cray

  12. Tierra says:

    I’m not on twitter either but i did scroll thru Brandi’s when this story broke. she also made a tweet to Michelle about how Michelle was screwing one of Darin’s friends when they split and about her having a coke issue. Seems like she’s been giving BG a hard time for awhile now but now is seeking her own publicity out of this. That Michelle’s account was closed when I tried to c/o so maybe she deleted it after all this.
    This whole thing is now more high schoolish than it already was.

    • Cray Cray says:

      shes back on as modelharvey..she claims her ex hacked into her account yet she is still spouting off..she sounds cray is it an affair if you have been divorced for 6 years..and she says her son has been crying uncontrollably, huh? how would the son even know,,even Mason and Jake dont know about their dads affair

    • KatScorp says:

      She closed it, reopened it w/ one less ‘L’ in the name and tweeted a claim that her ex (Darin) had hacked her account… but everything was “fine” now *eyeroll*

      Here’s michelle’s new twitter:

      Darin’s response:

      I just found out that I hacked into my x wives twitter. This is amazing didn’t know I had these special abilities. Thanks for letting me know

  13. fabgrrl says:

    I’m just curious, if this guy is just a friend, then why were they partying in Vegas together? That’s something I would do with my female friends, not a single, guy friend. When I first saw this story, since I don’t follow Twitter, or watch TV, and don’t know who anyone is, I just assumed that Brandi’s male BFF was a gay dude, and that they thought “marriage” would be a larf and a half.

    I think that Darin is pretty hot. He and Brandi have known each other for a long time, have mutual friends, have kids the same age. That sounds like a great match. I suspect they may be a couple, but are pretending to be “just friends”. I wonder if they really did want to get married, but when Brandi sobered up enough to call her agent with the news, she got an earful and was told that she has to remain single.

  14. Zelda says:

    No matter how many blog posts you guys write about this npobody, she will never be interesting or relevant.
    Or famous.

  15. Eileen says:

    This chick Michelle has a serious drug problem and is trying to sell stories for money. Period. She’s tried it before with Leann-she told Leann the stories that were actually HER behvior. Leann tried to get them published in mags but none of them would touch the story. Now this chick is using this as the perfect opportunity to restart all this again. Brandi has NEVER hooked up with this guy like that. Brandi is dating other guys.
    I’m seriously surprised you guys would publish this crap without researching a little more.

  16. cbear says:

    I agree it’s embarrassing for people to have these wars on twitter, but all the dramatic statements about the kids’ welfare? I mean, yeah, if Michelle told her kid this news about the faux marriage, and upset him…then that’s her fault, she should be protecting him. I’m sure she projected heavily on him.

    But all this about the children’s welfare and being humiliated watching their children trash talk on Twitter…really?? C’mon. 8-year-olds sit all day on twitter following their parents’ conversations?

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Well I hope the average parent isn’t on Twitter all day, period. I’m not a parent and I’m not on Twitter but damn straight if I DID have kids, I wouldn’t be airing my dirty shit for them and their friends to see. You don’t think their kids hear about this stuff-if not on Twitter then at school? I’m just saying that the sad, pathetic, desperate need for fame and attention shouldn’t come before the need to protect your children. Is it really that difficult to just STFU and protect your kids’ privacy? Just glad these famewhoring nutjobs aren’t MY parents.

      • cbear says:

        Oh, trust me. I don’t think this should be aired on Twitter at all, and I think children should be protected from fights between ex-es, friends, etc.

        I just think it’s a little overly dramatic and far-reaching to think that children know of and UNDERSTAND all the context of discussions on Twitter and that this is what 8-year-olds or 4-year-olds for that matter sit around discussing at school.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Well, my comment was in reference to this crazy lady saying her son was upset by the fake Vegas marriage and that they have kids that are the same age. Whether her son was upset or not who knows? But it certainly seems likely that it would be upsetting to find out your dad had a fake Vegas wedding for the sake of publicity. Regardless, I am talking about every one of these people-the Michelle woman, Darin, BG, EC, LR..they all need to grow up and stop feeding their narcissism through Twitter. Time to focus on their kids and stop with the teenage behavior. That was my only point.

  17. Suzy from Ontario says:

    Frankly all these parents sound pretty immature, narcisstic and selfish. I feel bad for the kids. None of their parents seem to truly be thinking about them, only using them to make themselves look better. It’s all so lowlife and stupid.

  18. Erinn says:

    By the sounds, and looks of her twitter page, Michelle (modellharvey) is just trying to get attention. Her tweets are very attention grabbing relating to this situation, and I honestly think she’s just trying to get media attention from this.

    She probably does feel betrayed, but by the sounds she hasn’t been in BGs life for a while now, and she just seems kind of sadly pathetic. BUT she also doesn’t seem like the kind of person who’s trying to help herself either- just sell out others.

    Who knows if BG slept with this guy or not- but since the marriage has been over for 7 years, and hers didn’t end all too long ago, certainly not that long ago, I’m going to have to say she didn’t.

    I have really close guy friends, does that make me want to jump into bed with them? God no- they’re more like obnoxious brothers. So, I’m going to have to side with BG on this one.

  19. Violet's Roses says:

    Nothing alters the fact that LeAnn stepped out of her own marriage and into someone else’s. I find LeAnn ugly on the outside and inside. She can tweet a million posts and post a million pictures of her as a “doting” wife and “bonus mother” but nothing will change my opinion of her because she seeks to instill pain in others.

    • Vesper says:

      This article is NOT about LeAnn. Not sure why some ppl. must bring her into every conversation.

      Oops, I forgot the mantra:

      ‘Everything is LeAnn’s fault and every negative can be traced back to LeAnn as LeAnn is always the source of the trouble. Brandi is never at fault and if she is it’s only because she is a free spirit.’

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Vesper – As posted in the comment sections, the connection between Michelle Harvey and LeAnn is based on the former’s tweet to the latter on October 4th, offering up a phone # & info:

        modellharvey Michelle Harvey
        @iluvLeAnnRimes @leannrimes morning Leanne it’s Michelle have Elisa give you my #! we have lots to speak about!
        4 Oct
        It’s been known that LR gets friendly with people who bash her husband’s ex-wife.

        And then the twitter rants in the past 2 days from Michelle? Fits the pattern of some of LR’s base.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Vesper – Also, Michelle keeps referencing LR/EC marriage on her twitter as do those who are tweeting her.

  20. Roma says:

    I can’t seem to get a reply button for the comments I want to reply to but: for those above calling out Michelle for having a drug problem (when no mention of one has been made), I think you should stop. Brandi has a DUI and some recent escapades suggest that she doesn’t know when to stop it on the drinking so you don’t really want to open that one up.

    I know that you’re friends, but this is getting pretty sick.

    • Eileen says:

      Just stating the facts-she DOES have a drug problem. She has threatened Brandi before that she will make up stories and sell them if Brandi doesn’t pay her. Brandi told her to piss off.

      She got so messed up when she was “watching” Mason when he was little she passed out, Mason got out of her apt on the 6th floor and she couldn’t find him. She has BIG problems-more than heavy drinking on New Years.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      @Roma, I get what you mean. There could be serious repercussions for this woman if these accusations reach the authorities (particularly child protective services). I think it would be smart if she and Brandi took this argument from public to private. The only thing that has me questioning Brandi’s substance abuse issues is the fact that she so readily calls others out on theirs (Kim Richards, this Michele woman). Usually, people who suffer from substance abuse are reluctant to call others out on theirs for fear of being exposed themselves. Brandi doesn’t seem to be afraid of being exposed. I think she’s had a couple of alcohol fueled indiscretions (which is forgivable considering what she’s been through) but I don’t think she’s an alcoholic. This is just my opinion. I don’t know the woman, don’t follow her on twitter, and I don’t want to make excuses for her (especially in the case of the DUI, which I think is a truly reckless thing to do). However, I think I understand why she may be “acting out.”

      • Roma says:

        That’s really all I meant; drug allegations shouldn’t be made except by people who are involved in the situation. And if there is a problem then people who know of it in REAL LIFE should intervene.

        This is someone’s real life that these allegations could destroy.

      • Jezi says:

        Brandi’s best friend who lives with her is Jennifer Gimenez who is a sober living coach. There is no way in heck Brandi would ever do anything to jeopardize Jennifer’s sobriety and Brandi was the one who helped Jennifer get sober. If Brandi ever had a problem, Jennifer would step in. Brandi is separating herself from the ones with the problems for that reason alone.

      • Janiece says:

        But Jezi Brandi clearly has a problem with alcohol too, so if she is living with Jennifer Giminez then why isn’t Jennifer helping her? Maybe be Brandi’s sponsor?

  21. Samigirl says:

    I wouldn’t trust Michelle further than I can throw her. Her latest tweet from 4 minutes ago?

    Michelle Harvey
    @modelharvey Michelle Harvey
    @leannrimes wow…looks like Eddie was being cheated on as well!! Hypocrisy at its finest! More to come I’m sure…wink,wink

    Yeah. She’s not saying these things for publicity at all.

  22. anne_000 says:

    Darin’s tweet says Brandi didn’t cheat on Eddie:

    @darinharvey Darin Harvey
    @BrandiGlanville was deeply and passionately in love with eddy She was fiercely loyal and deeply In love Not a cheater dnt listen 2 haters
    10 hours ago via Twitter for iPad
    replies ↓
    Brandi Wall
    brandiwall Brandi Wall
    @darinharvey @brandiglanville Never did! That situation bothered me before I knew who Brandi was. Only makes me like her more!
    10 hours ago
    darinharvey Darin Harvey
    @BrandiLiarville @brandiglanville Eddy was the love of her life she was hurt deeply. If you knew her you would love her the way I do
    11 hours ago

    Here’s Darin’s tweet saying that he & Brandi never had an affair:

    @darinharvey Darin Harvey
    @kickbackmiami @rondarousey @brandiglanville never hooked up just friends but thanks for having such good values
    11 hours ago via Twitter for iPad
    darinharvey Darin Harvey
    @kickbackmiami @rondarousey @brandiglanville not an affair she divorced me 6 years ago
    11 hours ago

  23. Rita says:

    This Michelle is a nut case and like all the other nut cases has gravitated to LeAnn Rimes. No doubt we’ll soon see LeAnn and Michelle shopping together.

    The Radar story has LeAnn written all over it. Michelle said the children were “devestated” much like LeAnn’s fence crash which was “horrifying”. This is LeAnn’s MO. Notice how quiet she’s been while she has others do her dirty work, like setting up Eddie in the restaurant finger sucking video and then giving it to the tabs.

    @Mortician asked the question we all ask. Why doesn’t LeAnn take her “prize” and leave Brandi to her life? Yes, Brandi is more successful than both Eddie and LeAnn but their downfall is their own fault. LeAnn is one self-centered mean spirited little bitch.

    All this is taking place while Eddie sits on the couch with Pepe (LeAnn’s neutered chihuahua)trying to explain:

    “All I wanted was to bang a speed bump for a while. Is that so terrible?”

  24. Lilian says:

    Who is this woman and what is she famous for anyway? And why do I find news about her everyday in Celebitchy?

  25. anne_000 says:

    Here are Michelle’s tweets:

    modelharvey Michelle Harvey
    @KyleRichards18 I was Brandi’s BFF for 12 years until she began hooking up w my ex whom she married in vegas this weekend! My sons devastat
    2 Jan
    modelharvey Michelle Harvey
    @KyleRichards18 she is everything you and your sister think she is and much worse! @AmyShap1111 @Bravotv @ @LisaVanderpump @PerezHilton @
    2 Jan

    Here’s Michelle insinuating Darin is gay & Brandi is his beard:

    modelharvey Michelle Harvey
    @TalynBug @brandiglanville @darinharvey he is her ‘beard’ she uses him for his $$$ sad relationship
    19 hours ago

    • Tierra says:

      so according to Michelle he went from having an affair with Brandi to BG being his beard b/c he’s gay in less than 24 hrs? I didnt know gay men could turn it off/on like that.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Tierra – Yeah, it’s odd isnt it. Sounds like Michelle is throwing out whatever she can and seeing what sticks.

        For instance:

        Michelle’s tweet:

        modelharvey Michelle Harvey
        @mimsypop @brandiglanville @BethWilson253 divorced 6yrs ago. They started affair 14 months ago. What’s diff. to understand?

        modelharvey Michelle Harvey
        @leannrimes wow…looks like Eddie was being cheated on as well!! Hypocrisy at its finest! More to come I’m sure…wink,wink
        1 hour ago

        Brandi & Eddie were separated in July 2009 & EC filed for divorce in August 2009 after making his relationship with LeAnn public, both dates are 29-30 months ago.

        So even if Michelle is telling the truth about an affair starting 14 months ago (tho both BG & DH deny any affair), how would that be called ‘cheating’ on Eddie?

        Just odd.

  26. Rita says:

    I just want to remind you Brandi Dandies that this is all good. Brandi is picking up hundreds of twitter followers each day and she’s had multiple gossip threads this week. While Camp LeAnn tries to smear Brandi, audiences will tune into Housewives to judge Brandi for themselves.

    Any negativity will soon pass but Brandi is here to stay.

  27. Debra says:

    Wow… someone needs to do an intervention on this Michelle woman, STAT

    first she goes on a twitter rant…then accuses her ex of hacking her account…now another twitter rant

    and I don’t care who you are,, model, actress or grocery cashier,,, if you allow an 8 year old child to troll the internet on twitter or gossip sites or any site that’s not appropriate for children,, you are whacked out of your mind,, this Michelle claims her son read about his dad on the internet and was devestated… if that’s true, she really needs some help, fast

  28. Cray Cray says:

    so being the nosy person that i am i saw Darins FB and he said
    “He was traumatized because she told our son I was married and was screaming to him I was fucking Brandi and I’m a horrible person. Couldn’t wait to discuss it I private. Went ballistic in front of him. He would never have known”

    Michelle is certified cray

  29. Jayna says:

    Leann is disappointing for discussing the kids all the time. As a mother losing your little children two weeks out of the month would kill me. Leann should whether she likes Brandi or not realize it rubs moms the wrong way. Her behavior is high school mean and is flat-out wrong. One day if it happens to her, she will understand the pain. Paybacks are hell.

    Eddie is a good dad, but I have come to realize
    he could put a stop to LeAnn’s nonstop talk about his kids because she adores him. But he
    lets it happen, so he is just as complicit.

    Brandi is likable but she is foul-mouthed and rough around the edges. This last episode with the tweets about strippers, suck it,quickie
    marriage for fame whoredom is just another example. Still like her but she has some issues
    and I see her ending up with a worse guy than
    Eddie.because of her lack of class.

    I wish they would all shut ip on twitter for the kids’ sakes or even their dignity. But none of them have dignity.

    No need to respond to my observations by the Brandi obsessives.

  30. Rita says:

    To LeAnn and Michelle who have both accused their ex-husbands,Dean Shermet and Darin of being gay, I would like to respond on behalf of these two wonderful gentlemen with a quote from a little known country song:

    “I couldn’t kiss the lips at night that bitched at me all day”

  31. mln76 says:

    At the end of the day it doesn’t matter WTF anyone’s Twitter page says. Brandi gave the crazy lady ammunition because she craves the attention just like Lee Ann. Any grown ass woman with children who thinks getting hitched is a ‘joke’ is pathetic. She needs to take the blame for creating the drama.

  32. Laura says:

    Celebitchy and Kaiser, why do you continue to write stories about this completely nobody? Yes, they do get a lot of replies, but that’s only because it’s the same few people (SUPER DUPER CRAZY PEOPLE) who keep replying and talking to each other about drama no one cares about.

    Is it because you get more advertising dollars out of it? Then I would understand. Otherwise, this is lame.

  33. Rita says:

    For those of you asking who Brandi is, she’s the brightest new star on television and the receiptiant of the 2008 Nobel Prize in particle physics for her work on the theory of the Higgs Bozon universality particle governing gravitational mass…and she has really nice legs.

  34. lil ole me says:

    Just saw M. Harvey’s new twitter, she looks eerily like Brandi….

  35. Zelda says:

    I posted something downthread, but didn’t have time to expand, and am wondering if anyone else is with me on this–

    I hate to say this, but I rather read a Kardashian post than a Brandi Glanville post, if only because Glanville is even MORE of a nobody, and those threads are all full of her friends gossiping about each other (other nobodies) and not getting over ancient shit that no one else cares about…
    I guess what I’m saying is, congratulations, Celebitchy: you have managed to extensively and exhaustively cover something less palatable and even more useless than the Kardashians.

  36. Baylor says:

    Is this Michelle one of the three jump-offs(Michelle, Elissa, and Liz) or another one.

    Also, how do the three jump offs treat Brandi now? Do they join in the taunting of her with LeAnn or do they simply ignore her/give her the cold shoulder?
    Or are they simply cordial with Brandi but no longer hang out with her?

    • Jezi says:

      Yes, Michelle is included in that group. Well you can see how they treat her, they hang out with Leann. That pretty much shows their respect of her. I’m not sure if they share info with Leann but I can bet they do. Michelle is the only one trying to garner attention from the friendship though. None of them hang out with Brandi anymore and she wouldn’t want to hang out with them.

  37. Jezi says:

    Just a generic comment. Why do people come on to a particular story and make comments about not being interested in a particular person or telling CB and Kaiser that they should or should not write about it because that person isn’t relevant? I look at the stories that are posted and I comment or read the ones that peak my particular interest. I gloss over the ones that don’t. Just don’t get the point in wasting my time making a comment about how stupid other people are or how crazy they are for commenting.

    That’s just a random thought :)

  38. Deliver Of Deceit says:

    With each posting, Brandi threads are starting to look more and more like LeAnn threads – who’d have thunk it. I can’t devote every day to this. (@why? How’d you do it sweetie? Cold turkey? A patch? Rehab? I need some guidance! Jennifer Giminez? Bueller? Anyone?!?!)

  39. Kim says:

    Brandi is a nut job, desperate for fame and didnt think of the consequences to her sons. LeAnn should have a field day with this one-lol!

  40. Cray Cray says:

    can any of Brandi friends explain WTF is going with that national enquirer that demi and brandi..seems super random

    • Eileen says:

      Looks like Mrs. NoseCandy managed to sell one of her stories/lies with the help of a mystery helper who sings country music. O.o That’s the most ridiculous story I’ve ever heard! lol Oh man I think Brandi needs to thank her ex-friend, she just raised her to A-list gossipee. I’m am dying over here! lmao.

  41. cbear says:

    I’m kinda cracking up at this point. LR’s fans/”twitter friends” are just LOVING this, and jumping on it as fast as they can. Being their normal vile selves while LR blows them kisses and good morning hugs, and preaching their morality and what an awful person BG is. I LOVE how they turn a blind eye to LR, and they don’t even see it. Such idiots!
    They’re now vehemently agreeing with Liarville that Brandi using rohypnol for fear of flying while younger is now mocking rape victims. Give me a break!
    Ohhhhhh, but where was their outrage when LR/EC donned their “white trash wedding” halloween costumes, complete with LR having a fake black eye?? Do they even get how offensive that is to make light of domestic violence? something that women die of EVERY DAY???
    What a joke those people are.

  42. Little Darling says:

    WOAH. Comment overload. I don’t care. Must move on. These people EXHAUST my gossip loving eyes.

  43. Jules says:

    Glanville strikes me as a sad, weird woman who is obviously trying too hard to show how famous and fun and spontaneous she is. I really dislike her. Oh no, does that make me Team Rimes? Ew.

  44. Dawn says:

    I am still TeamBrandi. The possibility of marrying an ExBFF’s Ex husband, wheww to many ex’s. Anyways, I think that if Brandi & this Michelle were still close friends then this would be bad. But it sounds to me like the friendship between the girls was long over as well as the Harvey’s marriage. Once a friendship is over especially if there was anger the bond of the friendship is gone. No affair, neither married to others no big deal. As far as the kids knowing that is her fault. Who in the world would let the kid read this stuff anyways.

  45. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I think people come here to read the crazy, wack-o posts for much the same reason that people slow down to look at a violent car crash. It’s sickeningly fascinating. I think those of us who don’t get the obsession with a bunch of Z-listers and their immature drama don’t really understand how this has become a such a personal conflict for so many. So yeah, like others, I’m fascinated. I hope people understand that I largely keep my mouth shut precisely because I don’t want to offend or be rude to particular posters here but I have my own theories as to why *some* people care so much (and I’m not talking about the ones that are personal friends of BG). I also wanted to add that at the end of the day, I’m Team NoOne so it’s not like I’m here as the GREAT DEFENDER of either side. They’re all morally bankrupt IMO.

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      @ TheOriginalKitten, Agreed 100%. I don’t care about these reality people, not a one of ‘em.

      I AM, however, Team 2 little boys. These poor little rich children are caught up between three people who like to ‘party’ and ‘have fun’. I grew up with ‘parents’ like this, and I might as well have been raised by wolves.

      The unholy trinity’s children need stable, non PR whoring adults whose major aim in life is to set a good example for them. It doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen. God, I only hope the boys have a stable nanny or some positive out of the limelight individual(s) who make them a priority. The antics these bottom feeders get up to are absolutely toxic to children. I know that for sure.

  46. Memphis says:

    Who would have thought getting fake married in Vegas on NYE would cause such problems. LOL

    I personally don’t believe Brandi and Darin ever had anything other than a great friendship. I don’t get that “vibe” from them. But now Michelle, Leann and the rest of her crew are going to come hard at Brandi for it. The fall out is going to keep coming and coming. Eddie and Leann have been searching for an excuse to come at Brandi (again) and now they have one.

    I also think Michelle is 1000% wrong to drag her son into this. She could have waited and talked to Darin and found out the whole thing was just some drunk Vegas fun but she is grabbing onto this for all it’s worth.

  47. KC says:

    I feel like this is backfiring on LeAnn. Brandi is now headlining her own stories while no one could care less about LeAnn (and the only people who do are paid to so she could not count on them to buy her CD’s), Eddie is completely over LeAnn (or her money’s running out), and from what I’ve seen, LeAnn’s incessant bullying is making Brandi more and more likable.

    Clearly, she does not get the PR game; otherwise she would have all this attention, while Brandi would get none. KARMA.

    And for all those people asking why people are so interested, I can only answer for myself:
    LeAnn is a dangerous person. I do not mean that she will go out and kill someone, but I honestly think she is that high-school girl who would torment another kid to the point of suicide. She is purposefully trying to hurt another person (esp. the mother of the children she professes to love), and I honestly believe that she has a sociopathic personality. Anyone who is that amoral and anyone who could be so obviously vile and cruel as LeAnn needs to be called out on their egregious behavior. end.of.story. And there are facts, for any one who doubts this; she TORTURES brandi on twitter.

    Sorry for the run-on’s but it makes me so angry that this a**hole can do this to another human being. I personally feel, at this point, the level of harassment should be criminal.

  48. Delleah says:

    You really have to wonder about Brandi’s character as a person when she has friends and an ex-husband that are all scum. Why is she constantly involved in all this drama? I’m team Brandi all the way but I’m beginning to question her choices in life with all of the drama she surrounds herself with.

    I’m Delleah btw, this is my first time posting. I wanted to say hi. :-)

  49. Franca says:

    First of all, this Brandi person is no girl. She is a 40 plus something woman. I think she needs a reality are an old slore. Secondly, please scrape that crap off your mug. You could wax one of Leeann’s cars (which she actually earned the money to buy as opposed to living on your ex’s money) with all the grease on your store bought face. Go away loser.

  50. Brandi, Brandi, Brandi. You were looking almost sane on RHOBH, but your recent antics make it look like you sure can get your crazy on. Too bad. You were really sympathetic for a while there.

  51. Jennifer12 says:

    Brandi is not helping with her actions, but it’s amazing that since Darrell Brown and LeAnn were outed as cyberbullies with proof positive existing in cyberspace that all this has blown up. Instead of it just being some dopey actions, it has become Brandi the Bad Mom. Wonder where that originated? Trying to take attention away from the Ilana Angel fiasco?

  52. Franny says:

    1. I think the term cray cray is getting old real quick. it was funny the first few times talking about the keebler elf but now just dull

    2. I don’t really get twitter so trying to read all of those tweets with the many @ symbols its kind of confusing.

  53. Eileen says:

    HAHAHAhahahaha OMG this Michelle chick has now sent the National enquirer a story saying that Brandi had an affair with Demi Moore! At first I thought she was saying it was Ashton, but no she’s talking about Demi Moore! this is too insane and hilarious for words! O_o
    I can’t believe Nat’l enquirer ran it! They must have had SOMEONE vouch for it since in the story they are saying Brandi told Eddie too. This is too much. lmao
    CB & Kaiser you GOTTA run that story! That one will get some laughs all week!

    • anne_000 says:

      Brandi’s tweet about this topic:

      BrandiGlanville Brandi Glanville
      An untrue story is circulating that I had an affair with Demi Moore. While I have met her briefly & she is a beautiful woman its 100%untrue
      4 hours ago

      I would think that if they wanted to, Demi & Brandi could sue the NE or (as Russell Armstrong tried to do w/ US Weekly) get the NE to reveal their source. Would be interesting if the source(s) was a familiar name(s)…..

    • joancrawfordhangers says:

      THIS story is awesome. LOVE IT!

  54. Anahata says:

    Brandi seems like the most down to earth and level-headed woman on RHOBH. LeeAnn Rimes is, quite clearly, an absolute piece of sh!t. People do silly things sometimes- why don’t some of you take Brandi outside and shoot her? Ugh have fun siding with an absolute slimeball like LR. It’s clear to me who the (granted, not infallible) good guy is here and who the bad guy is. I also think brandi makes some women insane with jealousy. Some of those pics are toxy, but in general she’s really beautiful. Sorry but I also call it like I see it.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Yes, I agree with you. Brandi makes some dumb mistakes, but essentially seems like a decent person. She also won’t engage with BS, which must piss them off. Confident women often do. Getting “married” on NYE is nothing compared to what she’s been through and why, for some reason, the outlets ignore the cyberbullying and pick up on the not even interesting story.

  55. Willworkforfood says:

    Funny, Brandi is doing fine, and considering. IMO, she is holding her own, without being over confident, and overly rude. Possibly not her best idea by beig on RHBOH, but they do pay her, so who am I to judge. In somne ways, she is sooooo beyond those “RHOBH” women. Give her a break…just say-in….

  56. Franny says:

    Hey Jezi – does Brandi read this site regularly? I always wonder if she does, since I would be so tempted to not only read, but comment back to people haha

  57. OfficialBitch says:

    Yuck. Brandi is as bad as the rest of em.