Alex Rodriguez is dating a female wrestler, is this a trend now?

Have you heard the story about the scary plastic surgery mom in England who gave her daughter a liposuction voucher for her seventh birthday? When I saw that chick’s picture on Radar at first I thought it was a photo of Alex Rodriguez’s new girlfriend, a female wrestler named Torrie Wilson. In reality Wilson is much more attractive than that woman, but the same components are there: lots of fake blonde curly hair, obvious bolt-ons, too much makeup and a fake bake. (At least that’s how she used to look, she’s cleaned up a lot in the past year or so.) From far away, like in this photo of Alex and some unknown woman, possibly Torrie, on The Superficial, they look the same.

Anyway we know Alex likes ‘em muscular and blonde, and like George Clooney he’s now dating a professional female wrestler. In fact Alex’s lady is presumably friends with Stacy Kiebler and was even seen vacationing with Kiebler, Clooney, Rodriguez and Cindy Crawford this holiday. I’ve included a far-off photo of the ladies in Cabo on December 29th. Torrie is the one in the red shorts. After their Mexican vacation, Torrie and Alex returned to LA where they’ve been seen riding bikes and taking in a Lakers game together. They were just photographed kissing courtside. Here’s more and TooFab has the pics from the Lakers game.

It’s official — the relationship between Alex Rodriguez and former wrestling diva Torrie Wilson has been sealed with a kiss!

The two were spotted on a very public double date with Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber last night, where they sat court side for a Lakers game.

The couple was seen locking lips as cameras snapped — and appeared to have no hangups about being photographed together.

The couple confirmation comes after A-Rod and Torrie joined Cindy, Randy, George Clooney and Wilson’s pal Stacey Keibler on vacation in Cabo over the holidays.

[From Too Fab]

People ran a story last Friday with a sighting of Alex and Torrie in her hometown of Boise, Idaho on Monday after Christmas. So it looks like they spent time with her family over the holidays. It’s serious. Torrie is surely getting some mileage out of this relationship, but unlike A-Rod’s past girlfriends she’s not particularly famous. Maybe he’s trying to switch it up after his high profile romances with Kate Hudson, Madonna and Cameron Diaz. Or maybe he finally found a chick strong enough to keep up with him. He strikes me as a kinky bastard, but not in a way that I find attractive at all. I don’t get what women see in him.

Photos of Torrie in the ridiculous jeans are from 2-25-10, credit: FayesVision/ She’s in an ugly fishscale sequin dress on 10-13-09. Credit: Nikki Nelson / They’re shown riding bikes together on 1-3-12. Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. carrie says:

    she looks great even if your hair color is too too blond

  2. hstl1 says:

    I just wish someone would ask Cindy Crawford how she puts up with all of the chicks that Clooney and A-Rod date. It must be exhausting to pretend you like them. She and her husband must look at each other, roll their eyes and ask who the hell Clooney and A-Rod are dragging to Cabo now.

  3. Liz says:

    He has a type. I think she’s pretty.


    I’m not sure why so many people go so crazy about A-Rod liking muscular women. (Not pointing fingers at anyone here. It’s just that a lot of people seem inordinately freaked out.)

  4. SolitaryAngel says:

    What are those lines/creases across her abdomen?

  5. cody says:

    The were at the Lakers game, last night, with Cindy and Rande. This must be the new couple Cindy and Rande are hanging out with lately. First they are together in Cabo and then at the Lakers game. Can you imagine the conversation, by the poolside, in Cabo,with all three of these couples, Stacy, George, Rande, Cindy, A-Rod and Torrie. Probably conversations about nothing ,with a long silence in between, because they have nothing in common.

  6. Franny says:

    I like that these men are at least going for athletic girls. Seeing stick thin girls who starve themselves to get there (calm it down naturally skinny chicks…lucky bitches) gets really old after a while. These girls have some meat on their bones, but work hard to be athletic. Its something to aspire to.

  7. Messenger says:

    It is a sad statement on the further deterioration of societal mores but having read these blogs for a time now isnt it obvious that men date these women because they have reps for being easy in every sense of the word? the wrestlers are an untapped source of feminine beauty :) you know after porn actresses, hookers and strippers. women willing to have sex with them without expecting anything in return. why would they turn it down? all you need do is watch a minute of what these women do for a living to see they have no self-respect and no expectation of being cherished and loved. but go ahead, aggrandize their lifestyles and their conquests. sex sells. be responsible for the downfall of a multitude of sad little girls.

  8. Brooke says:

    if the latest blinds are true, this is Cammy and A-Rod’s threesome partner who they broke up over, bc he was seeing her without Cam. pretty girl.

  9. Marjalane says:

    Cute? Pretty? Yeah, if you like dirty looking women who lie about their age! I am shuddering at the thought of anyone having sex with A-roid, but gross+gross=mega gross.

  10. Audrey says:

    She has a nice body, horrible hair.

  11. Emily says:

    At least the female wrestlers eat food. I don’t mind this trend.

  12. Kasey says:

    Maybe so but this “trend” isn’t new for HIM. Aside from the boobs Cam has this same athletic, buff build. I think he’s into this look. Makes me wonder how Kate Hudson was able to sneak on the playlist. Don’t most guys like to ‘play’ wrestle? She looks like she’d be fun to play with.

  13. Cherry Rose says:

    I don’t find her to be pretty, but man, does she have some killer legs.

    Also, who the heck is A-Rod? Maybe he likes his women to be buff and muscular so that they can do work-outs together?

  14. Messenger says:

    it is a statistical fact that those who populate the porn industry and the off shoots of that industry have been sexually abused as children. so those who “date” these women are participating in their degradation and self=loathing by using them. when will people broaden their scope and extend compassion past the boundaries of their own selfish needs? etta had a song: love it or leave it alone.

    • mln76 says:

      I don’t even know what to say to that comment. I don’t agree with the porn industry but people should be free to date whoever they want. Hopefully someone who’s been sexually abused will seek help to work out their issues but to presume that any person who has worked in the sex industry shouldn’t date??? That’s the kind of ‘feminist’ statement that crosses the line and makes the term a bad word.

      • Messenger says:

        when people have been sexually abused they do not have proper boundaries and with little to no self esteem they have scant ability to separate genuine interest in them from objectification. to compound that, these women usually end up in industries that exploit these lack of boundaries and thus the cycle is perpetuated. if understanding the cycle of abuse the keeps people trapped and shedding light upon it is feminist, i’ll raise a fist to that. but my first thought when i read your response was why is s/he so defensive and what could s/he be surpressing?

      • mln76 says:

        @messenger It’s very sad that you think anyone who disagrees with you must be repressing memories of sexual abuse. Thankfully I haven’t had to deal with that personally. But I still believe that people who have been sexually abused or have worked in the sex industry have as much right to overcome their past and be in stable relationships as any other person on the planet earth.

        Oh and by the way I put the word ‘feminist’ in quotes because your brand of psychosis has very little to do with empowering women. Have a nice day.

      • Messenger says:

        you of course miss my point and that doesn’t surprise me. but is your argument that the wrestling industry empowers women? porn empowers women? women posing nude with their legs spread empowering? i advocate for mental health and healing and sexual abuse survivors cannot heal if they continue to be exploited. perhaps you are currently at work in one of these industries? in that case i understand your hostility, nonetheless, i stand by my discourse and wish you luck.

      • mln76 says:

        Yes messenger it’s true I am a porn star,wrestler who once dated A-Rod that’s exactly why I think you are full of *****.

    • Sab says:

      @Messenger…I think I understand what point you are trying to make, and you honestly tickled my brain with your take on the situation of women who are encouraged to use their bodies and good looks in order to get ahead in life, or get what they want, in other words being “objectified”. You allude to the fact that you put the female wrestling industry as an offshoot of the sex industry by pointing out that both industries are driven by using, and abusing people who have poor boundaries, and self-esteem issues due to childhood trauma. You then add another argument basically saying that just by dating these women these men only perpetuate their continued abuse. I think that’s what you meant. I may be inclined to agree with you somewhat if these weren’t grown women. The fact being that no one can nor should they live out their entire lives as “victims”. Just looking at these two particular women as examples of “being used” and the perceived perpetuation of a lifetime of abuse, whether true or not, they are by far more than old enough to have learned to establish boundaries. If at this point in their lives they haven’t done that, I lay that responsibility squarely at their feet, and reject that anyone shouldn’t date them based on the perceived notion that they have low self-esteem and poor boundaries. This is all hypothetical at any rate as it’s complete conjecture to say these women were abused judging them just by the industry they, at one time, chose as a career. And no I’m not projecting ;)

      • mln76 says:

        ‘The fact being that no one can nor should they live out their entire lives as “victims”’

        SAB THANK YOU for having a sensible argument! BTW I consider myself a feminist. In no way do I support the porn industry and haven’t ever watched wrestling. Oh and I think A-Rod is a jerk. I just took offense to the proposition that anyone who dates a former wrestler/stripper/pornstar automatically is an abuser of women by definition.

      • Messenger says:

        sab being grown women in no way indicates they have healed or even remember. one can see how a person was traumatized based on how they behave. and there are men who gravitate to these types of women precisely because they are damaged and unaware. thus repeating the cycle…..

        and on one point you are wrong it is not conjecture that sexual abuse survivors who have not dealt with their trauma gravitate to the sex industry. research bears this out.

      • Sab says:

        @mln76 “I just took offense to the
        proposition that anyone who dates a former wrestler/stripper/pornstar automatically is an abuser of women by definition.” I agree, blanket statements are never productive, and tend to offend people. Also as far as childhood trauma goes, I don’t know if many “Survivors” would appreciate being called, or thought of as a victim for their entire lives, as if they should go live under a rock just to make sure they’re never abused again, now that would be re-victimization, and tantamount to societal shaming of Survivors.

      • Messenger says:

        since neither of you are in the sex trade industry then you will never have to find out first hand for yourselves :) although the level of hositility and lack of objectivity might indicate otherwise :)

      • Sab says:

        @messenger When I made that statement about conjecture I meant this was conjecture regarding these particular women who are wrestlers. I totally agree that people who were abused as children are drawn to these industries, on that part you and I are in complete agreement. As far as their age goes, I’m not saying that by hitting any particular age they are no longer suffering due to childhood trauma, however, life is short and there are plenty of helpful organization out there where anyone can seek help for their suffering. But, if as grown people, they have decided to shun treatment and rather live in denial, or whatever, there is still always a time to take the reigns and steer your own life in the direction you wish it to go. It serves no one to play the victim card, and most survivors don’t WANT that victim card. There will always be those who, driven by self-destruction, run toward being objectified and treasured for only what they have on the outside because that’s all they know, and they choose to be where they’re at, as a child you can’t choose, as an adult you can.

    • Sab says:

      Messenger says:

      “since neither of you are in the sex trade industry then you will never have to find out first hand for yourselves although the level of hositility and lack of objectivity might indicate otherwise”

      I sincerely hope you are not attempting to insinuate that I am in any way involved in the sex trade industry just because you deem my responses to your posts to be “hostile”. A little reading comprehension goes a long way, and I was in no way hostile in my responses. I am however feeling a bit insulted at your insinuation that I lack objectivity, which I clearly do not. I’ll stop now as I have nothing nice to say about your insinuation and what THAT may say about you, such as self-esteem issues and the need to attack or insult when your views are challenged, even when it was done politely.

  15. Guest says:

    Like Stacy ,Torrie is a d-lister and both use these guys to get their name out there. The paps would not be interested in them if they weren’t hanging out with Cindy, A-Rod and Clooney. Both Clooney and A-Rod use these girls as their hired arm candy. Anyway, when spring training comes around she will be history.

  16. danielle says:

    With darker hair and less make up she is SO pretty. She looks hard in the pictures with loads of makeup and platinum hair. And…I sortof wonder if Cindy C. doesn’t like the uh…shenanigans these girls provide. I wonder how Arod got in the crawford/clooney group tho?

  17. mmf says:

    I swear that is Ellie Mae Clampet.

  18. whatevs says:

    she looks like a character for xena.

  19. CeeCee says:

    are the group of girls on the beach holding wine in plastic cups. Love it!

    A-Rods new jump looks like a Gold Coast Meter Maid (Australia)

  20. jayem says:

    Cindy Crawford must be like, “Seriously. I have to hang out with *them*?!”

    She is pretty though.