Emma Stone in green & black Gucci: Sgt. Pepper fug or truly adorable?

There’s so much to love about Emma Stone, I can’t even start. I love her ginger. I love her voice. I love her talent. I love how low-key she seems. And I love that she seems to love clothes, and that she’s a young woman who is still finding her style, for better or for worse. I think she has made some big style mistakes over the past year, but she when she gets it right, she looks amazing. For last night’s People’s Choice Awards, Emma was one of the few ladies in a pantsuit. This suit is Gucci, and there’s definitely something costumey and Sgt. Pepper about it, but… it kind of works, right? Only on Emma. And only because it’s a very modern silhouette. Emma won last night too – she took home “Favorite Movie Actress” AND “Favorite Comedic Movie Actress”. She beat out ladies like Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, and Jennifer Aniston. Watch out world – there’s a new sassy, funny, A-list redhead on the loose.

Here’s Faith Hill – she performed during the People’s Choice, although we only have photos of her on the red carpet in this pretty red dress. It looks okay from the front, but there were issues with the fit that you could see from the side. Still, she’s a beautiful woman. I like her hair color these days.

Vanessa Hudgens in Jenny Packham, who is one of Duchess Kate’s favorite designers. You would never see Waity in this dress, though. Much too sexy. I think it looks rather cheap too, but I suspect that Vanessa just does that to any dress or outfit. I don’t want to waste the energy to actively hate V-Hud, but she’s really, really desperate for attention these days. Every single day, she paps herself with her new “boyfriend” and now she’s pouring herself into gowns for the People’s Choice Awards. This was probably the highlight of her year. She needs a job.

Just yesterday, I commented about how I really liked that Julianne Hough was a mostly conservative dresser. And then she shows up in this KaufmanFranco dress with the crazy back. Yeah, this isn’t conservative. And Julianne has a CRAZY body. Does anyone else think she looks like a young (un-jacked) Meg Ryan? Like, if Meg Ryan and Christina Applegate had a baby, it would be Julianne Hough.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Lady says:

    Emma is not a natural redhead! She’s a blonde. Still beautiful though.

  2. lucy2 says:

    I don’t mind the jacket, the green is great with the red hair, but the pants make it seem a bit band uniform-ish.

    Loved Julianne’s – until she turned around. The netting part is weird.

  3. lilred says:

    Faith Hill’s face looks like it was pulled too tight.

  4. smith says:

    Emma just exudes charm – love her.

    Vanessa – not a fan but this is the best I’ve seen her look in a long time. I can’t stand the psuedo-hippie chick thing she’s always sporting.

    Faith Hill = jacked face.

    Julianne – this dress should be sexy and she’s clearly an attractive woman but I don’t like it much from the front (can’t put my finger on exactly what is wrong) and it’s distracting and meshy from the back.

    That is all.

  5. Marjalane says:

    Julianne Hough’s dress looks like it was made for the dance floor with those sheer inserts. No likey.

  6. Marianne says:

    I think Emma looked cute, but personally found her a bit underdressed.

  7. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Emma looks great – as always!

    VHud, cheap/trashy.

    Julianne, really pretty girl. That dress, though, is too much (as in not enough) for her. She can be classier than this. Looks like something Aniston would try to pull off.

    side note, Kaley Cuoco, hostess from last night, was so adorable! Love her!!

  8. L says:

    Julianne isn’t that conservative of a dresser-have you seen her dance costumes?

  9. JudyK says:

    Like Emma’s outfit…only she could pull it off…but was she high on something? Her acceptance speech wore me out.

    Julianne Hough looked like an idiot, but she repulses me anyway, so maybe I’m biased.

  10. Zigggy says:

    I think the pant suit is perfect- she looks great.

  11. Yael says:

    flat out in LOVE with emma’s outfit. i would wear the hell out of it.

  12. Coco says:

    I’ve always loved her but, wow, Faith just isn’t aging well. She looks like she pulled a double shift at the diner before she headed to this event. Yikes.

  13. Blue says:

    I like VH’s dress, so sick of her hippie try hard outfits.
    JH’s dress would look better on someone else and without the netting. The dress doesn’t suit her.

  14. Bad Gal Addiction says:

    Sorry, I just can’t with Emma’s jacket. Leprechaun is all I can think of.

  15. ladybert62 says:

    This must just be another of those days where I simply cannot agree with anything said – I think all the outfits above are horrible and the backless one looks trashy.

  16. Jules says:

    1) Love Emma, hate the pantsuit for an Awards show.

    2) Hate Faith Hill, but she is pretty.

    3) Vanessa’s dress is too spider-webby.

    4) Julianne is definitely resembling Meg Ryan, unjacked and young. Not a fan of the dress though..projects “trying too hard”.

  17. Girl says:

    Emmas outfit is great when I look at her feet I think she accidentally put on Cuban-style pantyhose in the wrong direction:)

  18. Vanden says:

    I LOVE Emma’s suit. She’s cute enough to really work it! everything else meh… Vanessa looks pretty. Don’t like Julianne’s dress

  19. Bob says:

    Love Julianne’s dress and what a great ass she has. So over Vanessa..not a fan.

  20. Bermuda Blues says:

    UHHH, am I the only one who noticed:

    Stone is STONED!

  21. stephanie says:

    sgt. pepper fug, and yes, that last woman looks like meg ryan.

  22. Camille (The original) says:

    I think Emma looks adorable, I think only she could get away with that outfit.

    I agree with you about that girl looking like Meg Ryan.

    Vanessa’s dress looks like it was made for Halloween.

  23. serena says:

    Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, and Jennifer Aniston. there’s a new sassy, funny, A-list redhead on the loose -’Cause those 3 were never sassy, funny or anything. (maybe julia in her gold years, but not Camy and Jen lol)

  24. whatevs says:

    loool… she’s adorbs though