Ashley Greene in leather and lace DKNY: pretty or very dated?

At last night’s People’s Choice Awards we saw the leather and lace trend rear its hideous head again. Several of you actually liked the ruffled leather and lace Valentino dress that Jessica Alba wore to a Globes party and said that it would have worked with different accessories and styling. I thought the dress was ugly in and of itself, but this is obviously a fashion trend that’s trying to stick.

Here we have Ashley Greene, in leather and lace DKNY that isn’t quite as ugly as Alba’s dress yesterday. It’s a more formfitting dress, and it also has a ridiculous ruffle at the hem. The lace neckline on this dress looks very similar to the dress I wore to my junior prom in 1990. It’s dated, it’s fug, but I’ll be damned in Ashley doesn’t look hot for the early 90s. She’s bringing back a lot of memories for me. Her hair and makeup are excellent and very polished, but would it kill her to try and hide the smug a little?

Here’s “Pretty Little Liars’” Lucy Hale, who didn’t get the memo that the flash-in-the-pan mullet dress trend is over. She’s wearing Cengiz Abazoglu with Sutra earrings and a Baccarat ring. She’s so pretty and this dress is so fug it’s distracting. Look at these ridiculous platform slingbacks. “Pretty Little Liars” won for favorite cable TV drama. (I saw a few episodes of the first season, but it just got too complicated for me.)

Also from “Pretty Little Liars” is Ashley Benson in a goofy, poofy white A-line dress with a black tulle underlay. The waist is too high, the dress looks very young, and the style does nothing for her. She looks so lovely on TV and really could have shone with some more adult styling. Her hair looks too young to me too. She’s 22, there’s no excuse for this.

I’m throwing in my girl Busy Phillips because I just love to see her. She usually doesn’t rock the red carpet, but she always looks thrilled to be there. I love the cut and style of this dress but the earrings and shoes are all wrong.

Update: here’s Kristen Bell, also in leather and lace but Valentino. I was originally going to add her to this post, but then I saw that she was at the premiere of The Grey last night in this same dress and I got confused. She actually wore it to both events. This look works for me. The skirt is A-line, not ruffled, the lace is subtle and hidden under a sheer overlay, and it’s sleeveless. Her hair is a little listless, but I like how understated her makeup is. I’m probably giving her a pass because she’s so nice.

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  1. Chrissy says:

    The second Half long half short dress is so stupid. Who would pick that?

  2. TheOriginalKitten says:

    The white A-line seems less terrible compared to the least it’s not offensive. Leather and lace-ugh, why? It’s so bad. In fact a general rule should be that women should not wear black leather unless their name is Angelina Jolie. It just looks ridiculous on everyone else.

  3. Jules says:

    Ashley’s dress is an abomination….all lace would have been beautiful.

  4. for real? says:

    ummm.. i can see the full out line of Ashley’s panties in that dress . Can anyone tell me where i can find a dress similar to busy phillips, i want to wear something like that to my birthday dinner.( not to expensive)

  5. Monkey Jim says:

    Genuinely shocked you thought Ashley looked OK – it didn’t fit her, it’s tacky as hell and she’s a moron. Disappointed.

  6. podzol says:

    Kaiser, you know what you said about Lea Michele and the association with “SMACKER”? I totally think that every single time Greene’s (and LeAnn Rimes) smugface shows up anywhere. Any annoyance I might have had for Mara & Lively have all but disappeared and instead merged into an irrational dislike for this twit.

    Oh, and that DKNY looks like Charlotte Russe budget. Gross.

  7. janet says:

    Nice crotch bone Ashley Green! Do I see ur panty lines there in front too? Super yuck either way the way her crotch is poppin’ out!

  8. DarkEmpress says:

    Ashley looks bad. The dress is a nice concept but not for her. She stands like a man. She is bow legged and her calves look bigger than her tighs. Weird. Also, why can I see the outline of her crotch?

  9. Melanie says:

    I thought the white dress was really cute. Jmo. Ashley tries to hard as usual

  10. JudyK says:

    Ashley Greene has the best body I’ve seen in a long time, but that dress is hideous.

  11. Mirella says:

    Ashley’s dress was a custom made DK. You can see her nips & crotch. Doesn’t she represent DK? Do they hate her?

  12. Jenna says:

    Not to mention that her nips are on display. When I was watching it last night I thought that was stitching, but alas….just her nips poking out. It must’ve been cold.

  13. Franny says:

    Who decided that bringing back frosty white eyeshadow was a good idea? The idea is to have a smallllll amount of white near near the tearduct to open your eyes but more white does not open your eyes more…it makes you look like a 6th grader that doesn’t know how to put on make up

  14. aud says:

    I like the dress Lucy has on. I think she looks quite fantastic.

  15. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Lucy hale looks so much like Valerie Bertinelli.

  16. Kim says:

    Majority of dresses this year looked really low budget/cheap in including all above except the white & black dress is ok.

  17. serena says:



    I just love Lucy Hale’s look, yeah maybe Ashley Benson wore a too ‘youngish’ dress but it’s fine, it’s not as fug as that of Bell or Greene.

  18. anniecc says:

    The dress is just hideous. And I hate the hair. Can’t understand why she’s thought of as a beauty – she always looks squinty and awkward to me, and I hope she got a refund for that nose job.

  19. xxodettexx says:

    i love bell’s dress! it was my favorite from last night [full disclosure: i love all things red! :) ]

  20. Ira says:

    the look on Ashley’s face is just SCREAMING: “Oh, look at me in my leather dress – I am soooo Angelina Jolie!”

  21. Beck says:

    Does anyone watch Pan Am? A.G. is doing 4 or 5 episodes (not sure about the exact number). How is she getting jobs? She is a terrible actress, and she looks terrible on Pan Am.

  22. Elizabeth Rose says:

    Ashley looks ridiculous TBH.

  23. Nev says:

    Busy looks pretty and really refreshing.