Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt at the Globes: a bad night for the Brangelina Brand?

Ah, lets’ just go ahead and analyze (and over-analyze) everything Brangelina. Brad and Angie made it to at the Golden Globes red carpet with plenty of time to schmooze the media outlets. Brad wore a three-piece Ferragamo tuxedo which… no one paid attention to. People only looked at Brad’s cane and his hair. He looked scruffy, but I was just happy that he wasn’t wearing sunglasses like a jackass. As for Angelina, she was in this cream and red Atelier Versace. Okay, Brangeloonies, it’s time for some hard truths: I really didn’t like this gown. Seriously. It washed her out, even with the red streak. It looked padded in the bust and butt, and the cut was really weird throughout the bodice and shoulders. Now, I didn’t loathe the look, and I’m aware that there are mixed opinions. My mom loved the whole thing, and CB thought her lipstick was the biggest problem. So, go ahead and fight about it. I’m just saying, I think she could have looked so much better. And hey, at least it wasn’t a motherchucking sack.

Shall we talk about the Ryan Seacrest interview? I was laughing my ass off. You know Ryan and Angelina pretty much hate each other, right? And it goes back to the 2007 Golden Globes – go here for a minor review. Anyway, last night, Angelina wore a stunningly direct bit face while talking to Ryan, and I was totally rooting for her to smack the hell out of him. Does it even matter what they said to each other? Nope. The subtext was clear. Ryan was all, “This bitch.” And Angelina was all, “Come at me, a–hole. I’ll kneecap your ass too.”

As for Brangelina at the actual show – they were front and center, and there were some gratuitous cut-aways to them, but not as many as in years past. Angelina lost Best Foreign Film (while Madonna was presenting!) and Brad lost Best Actor, but both got to present. During the ceremony, Angelina wrapped herself up in a matching shawl or jacket which was not cute. And thankfully, the cameras didn’t pan to Angelina when Ricky Gervais made ANOTHER crack about The Tourist. All in all, a disappointing night for the Brangelina Brand.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. kaykay says:

    the 2 most immoral people in hollywood

  2. lili says:

    BOOOO to you CB. LOVE the look, she is GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Charlotte says:

    I especially like her makeup and although the dress looked a bit off at the neckline, I think that she looked lovely overall.

  4. Fay says:

    I read somewhere they called her a used tampon in that dress. Very fitting. Why is she insisting on showing those scrawny legs and anorexic arms?
    Brad, wash your hair.

  5. Carrie says:

    I kind of love the dress in an old school way, maybe if it was emerald with a cream highlight instead!

  6. Marjalane says:

    I hate exposed tats in evening gowns.

  7. Azurea says:

    It defies belief that a woman who had twins can look like this! (Naturally, I mean…)

    • Raven Sparrow says:

      Do you think her belly is naturally flat here after having twins? ;)

      • Hautie says:

        Angelina still has a slight tummy from those twins.

        What she does have here, is an incredible dress with a built in corset and whale boning in it.

        Which tucked in her waist and flatten her stomach. And gave her curve’s she normally doesn’t have.

        I don’t think the dress is bad. I like to have seen her without all the harsh lighting. (from all the friggin camera’s going off all at the same time)

        Now I do like Brad’s tux. But I prefer the one has had on with the white tie, from the other night.

      • Wendy says:

        Not built in, she’s worn that corset before, notably under the black gown at the BenButton premiere, I think it was. If it were built in, Versace would undoubtably made it less visible

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @Hautie @Wendy good eye. I own a corset similar to this and wear it with tight clothing in order to hide my diastasis recti “bump.” The corset (under this form fitting dress), combined with her propensity to hide her stomach under sack dresses, leads me to believe she definitely has diastasis recti. My guess is, she hasn’t fixed it yet because she wants to have more children.

      • HadleyB says:

        its a corset? I know a lot of the hollywood red carpet dresses have built in support which I always forget about when watching awards or see pics.

        Where is it visible? lookign again because I must be blind!!! lol

  8. Carrie says:

    or lose the flash of colour and make the whole thing bright classic green

  9. Len says:

    Totally agree. It washed her out. An the red in combination with the cream is too harsh.

    • jesstar says:

      The color combo was ugh and the whole thing looked like a bad prom night. The matchy-matchy accents were lame. When she presented and had to face staight to the camera, you could tell she had a case of the Leann Rimes man-shoulders and skeletal everything else.

  10. Rita says:

    I could not disagree more about AJ’s look. My God!!!! The second I saw this gown I thought to myself:

    “In my next life I want to look like that for just one night”, (’cause there’s no chance of it happening in this life).

    The fashion, the fit, the fabric, and the splash of color made this gown pop for me.

    She’s a little stiff and maybe that break-down story is true but wow, what a stauesque look.

    Okay, so if I’m going to get my wish to look like that in the next life, I better get started today with a little workout.

  11. Gayle says:

    Hated her look. Horrible color combo, too shiny, made her look too skinny. Matchy-matchy lipstick did not help. Updo was also too severe. That navy strapless number she wore recently is the direction she should always, always take.

  12. lisa says:

    Wow. I knew it would come.

    first off she has done several interview with Ryan since 2007. She even did his radio show last year. And I guess Charlize not winning, Jessica not winning, Viola not winning and all the other people in their category not winning is just not newsworthy.

    And they were NOT sitting Front and Center at the show. IN fact they were seated to the far left of the stage. Hardly in the front of the room. That was George’s table.

    They didn’t win.. but they had great company. I guess a lot of “brands” had a bad night.

    They both looked amazing. and the fact that they are the talk of the night.. well I think Brad and Angie are doing just fine.. disappointed.. but hardly broken.

    • ahoyhoy says:

      X2. People complain she wears dark colors–Now it’s too light and the color part is “all wrong”. She can’t satisfy those who have already made up their minds.
      I actually gasped when I first saw her on Camera. Stunning. The rest of the room looked dour.

      (Except Laura Dern. Loved the green sequins!)

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        Exactly! “All she wears is black” now “it should be darker”. I thought people would like this color on her. I think she’s one of the only actresses that could pull off that dress. IMO she looked beautiful, and very nervous. Angie can’t win for losing, good thing she doesn’t dress for others.

    • The Original Mia says:

      No need for me to say anything. You’ve said it all.

    • I agree.Win or lose,Jolie was getting something like 1,300 tweets per minute.Over 50,000 thousand total.The info is on JJ.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Angelina was not at her best here, I guess; less “warm” than usual, a bit vampire-y, but not bad.

      As for it being a bad night for the Brangie Brand, the feeling is more that this is more of a – dare I say it – bad period for Angelina.
      Her movie is not getting as big and glowing reviews as expected, her acting has been disappointing as of late (thanks Ricky for remind us that…), she’s terribly thin which does not help when rumors about her health come, and in general she seems to be suffering from being a recluse of her own fame.
      Brad, on the other hand, has things still going pretty well, with those mindful and unusual films he prefers now and his popularity (he seems to enjoy it much more) still strong.

      Well, it’s a period, it shall pass. I just wonder if she’s starting to be tired of this life.

      • samira677 says:

        It’s ridiculous to call her a failure because every single critic didn’t love it. She wrote and directed her first film and got average reviews. That’s not horrible. Even Scorcese and Speilberg have done poor movies. It’s baffling that anytime that Brad and Angelina don’t win or make a bad movie people are quick to call them losers but don’t say the same thing for other actors.

      • RocketMerry says:

        Oh, For Goddness Sake, I did not call her a failure! I just pointed out, this could easily be a stressing and NOT-SO-GOOD period for her.
        Did you ever have a project that you really thought was great and would get lots of compliments and didn’t? Did you ever feel a bit jealous of your partner ’cause things were going much better for him, professionally speaking? Did you ever feel you really needed to do some good work to keep your peers opinion of you, well, good? Ever gotten subtle hints that you really needed to generate some better income with your work or your salary would go down?
        Look, Angelina IS human, she probably FEELS some of that, you know? As I said, it’s a period, let’s hope it passes.

  13. SamiHami says:

    Well, it’s nice to see her wearing something different. It’s not black–Yay! I don’t think it’s a terrible dress necessarily, but I do think she could have done better.

    Regardless, AJ at her worst looks better than most other women at their best.

    Also, what’s up with BP’s cane? Did he injure himself somehow?

  14. olivia says:

    She looks like a used tampon in that dress. She probably thought the dress was a metaphor for her film’s title.

    • LAK says:

      Really???? REALLY???? step away from your computer!!!

    • MapleLeaf says:

      I don’t think the dress is a “metaphor” for the title. However, I absolutely think that it is meant to match her film poster, which is red and white. A little cheesy, but whatever. The outfit still stands on its own, and her face looked perfect.

      This dress is a big win, in my book. I find pretty laughable some of the “best dresses” of the night for some of these news outlets that panned Jolie’s look. Rooney Mara’s repetitive and lame-o dress/look a win, but Jolie’s a fail?

      This outfit was a win because it was beautifully constructed; the material is high quality; the splash of color is just right to keep it from washing her out; and the red lipstick, eye-makeup, and sleek hair are gorgeous.

      Who cares if the shoes/purse and lipstick were “matchy-matchy”? She was going for a two-tone, sleek look and it worked.

      The only thing that she needs to do is gain 10-15 lbs. Her legs look a little scary. If she would gain enough weight to get back to her Tomb Raider body, she would be a perfect 10.

      • LAK says:

        you do realise that she was asked and put on weight specifically for the TOMB RAIDER role and even then she was padded out?

        Granted she is scary thin at the moment, but she has always been really skinny.

        if you google pics of her and billy bob, you can see her little arms. And she wasn’t exactly filling out those leather trouers

        my theory is that there was so much else crazy [alleged] to focus on, no one noticed how skinny the girl was.

  15. jinni says:

    It’s a nice dress, but it’s so tight that you can see the boning in her corset which isn’t so great.

    I wish they had shown what she looked like when Ricky made that joke towards Johnny about seeing The Tourist, Johnny took it lightheartedly so I don’t see why she’d be upset or put out by it.

    My theories for why there weren’t that many close-ups of them are: 1. they aren’t as interesting to the public as they were in previous years or 2. they specifically made arrangements with the GG’s to not have the camera on them all of the time or else they wouldn’t show up; especially with the knowledge that Ricky was returning.

  16. Cathy says:

    Basically I like the dress, but it would of looked at little better if the red at the neck had sat down a little bit lower, it looked like it could of chopped her head off if she tilted her head down.

  17. NM9005 says:

    I liked the dress, her shoes and her hair. She did well fashion wise. Can’t get over how thin her legs are though:


    I thought it was funny when Clooney joked about Pitt’s cane. He was a better joker than Gervais. Really lame-o this year!

  18. LadyJane says:

    Jutting hip bones and skeletal arms (her elbow is bigger than her upper arm). She is uncommonly stunning but she just looks painful. She and Brad look out on sync in these photos.

  19. jamesnsparrow says:

    It was nice to see her in something different than her usual monochrome choices, but there was something too severe about the bust and the sleeked back hair.

  20. serena says:

    Boooooooooh I wanted them to win!

    I think Angie’s dress is beyond amazing, I’m actually speechless..she seems an empress (sorry Z).

  21. Ellie says:

    Ironic you say that because I read on Twitter everyone saying how beautiful she was and some saying when she arrived and alighted from the car, everyone gasped. And a few said people had to pick their jaws up off the floor. She looked so beautiful, and really made a hit with that outfit. Received glowing accolades on many of the gossip/web blogs on Twitter. She was a red carpet favourite.

  22. Lori says:

    she looks like a 1959 Barbie doll without the pontytail and fluffy bangs, the whole anorxic look just makes her head, hands and feet look ginormous and out of proportion… white , black, grey , red… just go goth and be done with it, woman. I do not understand why people find this woman pretty, she looks horrible, plastic, stiff, ill at ease, and like she’s holdin gher breath all the time. breathe already…

    • MooHoo says:

      you read my thoughts. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw her – Barbie or Cindy doll in every way. Although Barbie might be a few pounds heavier. She has a beautiful face and will always make an impact even if she shows up in a paper bag, but she really does look way too thin right now.

  23. Jacq says:

    I saw the interview, she looked much better in the dress “live.” I thought it was very pretty.
    I sure wish we could get a “professional” body language analyst to tell us what is happening in those photos! Lol aren’t there some experts on staff?

    • Veruca says:

      I’m definitely not an expert, but I always get the impression she’s very sensitive to criticism.

      She knows everyone’s going to talk about her — good or bad — and I get the vibe she’s always very conscious of that.

      (Which probably explains the need for a sandwich look. I’m not bashing — I’m a fan, but the girl needs to eat.)

  24. paola says:

    she looks like a wax work to me. Great body though… incredibly defined at her waist

  25. Madrid says:

    Ok, it´s a very risky look and she could have done better.. but it works somehow and she can pull it off. Maybe all the flashes dont help.

  26. ab says:

    the dress could have been fantastic — I love the red accents against the white — if not for that hideous shiny satin fabric. and I’m not entirely sold on the matching white satin shoes. not sure if a red shoe would have been too matchy-matchy, but the white is not doing it for me. that said, she does look gorgeous!

  27. anemoneblue says:

    I find she looked more beautiful than I have seen her look in a while. She has the most amazingly beautiful face.

  28. GiGi says:

    I actually saw her from behind first and before I knew who it was, loved the dress and the fit. Especially in contrast to some of the very ill fitted gowns last night.

    But! I think they’re something going on with her. On the red carpet she was very stilted and reserved and when (in candid video) Brad would turn to greet/talk to someone else she looked lost and would just kind of look around and then remember to smile.

    Maybe that’s just exhaustion from having 6 kids, though…

  29. Ellie says:

    As for them not winning, so what? They rarely win. But at least THEY are nominated often. That in itself is a ‘win’. Better to be nominated and lose, than not nominated at all.

  30. Wendy says:

    I think that “shiny white satin”, “tight” and “boned corsets” should never be seen together on the same person at the same time. And this dress is seriously reminding me of something I’ve seen before but it’s escaping me at the moment.

  31. mln76 says:

    It’s a love it or hate it look. I loved it but my opinion is biased so…I just have to applaud her for taking a risk instead of going for a safe dress.

  32. GiGi says:

    Also – serious case of ‘tox face!

  33. bitterqueen says:

    i loved it, and i usually HATE what she’s wearing, especially what she wore last year to the globes. I want to see more of this from her.

  34. someone says:

    Seperation won! I was so happy! I love Angelina, but that movie deserved to win!

    • Kaligula says:

      Ditto and ditto. I really appreciated the graciousness and the boldness of the Iranian director, too.

      As for her dress, I thought it was flawless. And even if she didn’t win, the nomination is pretty huge for her movie. I regard them both very highly. They’re American royalty no matter what is said about them.

  35. GoodCapon says:

    I don’t pay that much attention to her, but wow! When did she become incredibly thin? She has a major case of lollipop head going on.

  36. tracking says:

    Her face looked stunning–great that she eschewed neutral makeup for once. But the overall effect was too much like a candy cane, agree the padding was too obvious, etc. Maybe they were just being pros, but they seemed quite remote with each other. Not very warm.

    • ahoyhoy says:

      That white satin cannot be touched or it will show any foreign material. Any bit of anything shows (even skin oils), and the fabric keep its wrinkles like nothing else. She had to be super-careful, especially since she was presenting toward the end. Can you imagine if she had dripped a drink on herself and then had to go onstage? Our resident nut-job, ‘Olivia’, would have crashed the innernets with her joy that Ang is, indeed, human.
      I heard Angie even poops too. It’s in all the papers.

  37. Franny says:

    I wish her makeup artist hadn’t powdered over her eyebrows like that.

    When she was on screen during the show, I said to my boyfriend how pretty I think she is, and all he could say is “Ew, why, look at her arms!”

    meh, she’s still beautiful in my eyes. I love a great bitchface

  38. Julia says:

    I loved the dress and her makeup. But I think her face was a little bit too stiff, like she hates being there, at least what I can feel from the pictures.

  39. Bubbling says:

    Whaa? Am I the only one loving the look? For the first time in long time I thought she looked stunning! She doesn’t look too tired like usually, and while I don’t care for white and red combo, makeup is great and she doesn’t look too frail! Common son, this sure beats Morticia’s business attire from the other day.

  40. MSat says:

    I thought they both looked tired.

  41. maemay says:

    The gown reminds me of those David Bridal gowns you see on shows like Bridezilla. Not a fan at all BUT Angie’s makeup and hair are fierce, this is the best she has looked overall in years.

    Brad…..shampoo and conditioner are your friends, he will always be hot but at his age he needs HELP like basic grooming habits….put down the bong and pick up some Prell.

  42. CHLOE W says:

    i JUST LAUGHED SOO HARD AT THIS……”He looked scruffy, but I was just happy that he wasn’t wearing sunglasses like a jackass”

  43. melanie says:

    I liked it a lot better than that weird green sack she wore last year.

  44. Vee says:

    I’ve tried to like this look on Angie. It fits like a dream, it is a show stopper, but I do not like it. She looked far to extreme and austere last night. She was in a mood and it came across in a bad way.

  45. Tiegan says:

    I love the drama of the dress, the slashes of red on white. But I do agree about the padding and obvious corset. That’s just not her natural body, and her legs and arms look terrible.

  46. justhinkin says:

    A-ho looked great. But their shut out was kinda well…Karmic.

  47. Ell says:

    I think that dress was so wrong in every way. I made her shoulders look square, the cut was awful but even worse was the padding, especially the butt padding, it looks so lumpy.

    All that money and someone sends her that?!!!

    I liked the lipstick and her hair

  48. casey says:

    i am speecheles.angelina looks amazing.i so love this look on her.perfection.i just love everything.everybody is talking about this look.even at work.and she is the most talked about star at the globes.and she is rocking all the polls for best dressed.most people voted for her as best dressed.she is also leading the msnbc poll.

  49. casey says:

    to the author, it is not a bad night at is predicted already that clooney will win and that angie’s movie is not that strong compare to the it is if they are the only one who about the other losers, is it also a bad night for them.of course not.only for brangelina a fan , i am so happy to see how gorgeous is angie and how she stole the show.the power of all the news they are the most talked about.people are talking more about them than the winners.

  50. CHLOE W says:

    what’s up with her rib cage, right below her bust line….she really has a weird body structure, am I right?
    and what’s that on her hips, from the back view?
    dang, i can’t process all the things wrong with this

  51. DazzlingDazzy says:

    Loved the dress. Not what I was expecting and I’d wager nobody else was expecting this sort of dress on her either. I liked that she surprised people. Brad could have looked sharper but he wasn’t bad. I understand Angelina is very divisive but wow at some of the comments on here.

  52. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    Love her dress!!!

  53. Sakyiwaa says:

    I think something was up with her. I ve been a fan for ten years and the longer she has to PLAY the HW game, the more unhappy she looks. At her core, i think she didnt ENJOY BEING AT THE GGs.

  54. Sakyiwaa says:

    Still love her dress. Still love her. I know she’ll pull through.

  55. Snappyfish says:

    She looked exquisite. The dress fit her like a glove. She was luminous. Who looked at him with her looking so incredible? I am not a fan of Versace Atelier usually, but this dress I make an exception. I do believe on a lesser beauty it wouldn’t have worked quite do well but Angie looked like a movie star, & that is what we tune in to see on award nights

  56. pwal says:

    How is this a blow to the ‘Brangelina brand’ when, in 2005, people were declaring that their careers were over because they allegedly hurt Aniston? Brad’s been making great choices, in terms of roles, and Angelina continues to stretch herself in behind the scenes projects. The fact that they seem to embrace taking risks says more than however many trophies they have on their mantles.

    And that dress was killer! She was sleek, yet curvy.

  57. Beregorl says:

    I think that outfit was gorgeous. I hate her favourite shapeless sacks, tight dresses suit her thin body better. She should eat MUCH more and work out regularly, but I like the dress and her face is very beautiful with this makeup and hair.

    She was much prettier when she had more fat on her face (when she was with JLM in the 90′s / or between 2001 and 2005), but she has great bone structure anyway. I’m not talking about the nosejob but the chin, the forehead and the cheekbones – she’ll be a pretty old woman. However, it’d be nice if she didn’t try to become a pretty old lady before 40. I say it again, Angie, eat more food. 15 pounds would make you look 5 years younger.

    • Rhea says:

      Agree. I loveee Angie but she was more believable as someone who can kick ass before. I hate it that people always talk about how skinny she is now because she must be on drugs, etc. Please if she’s an addict we would know that long before (I am looking at u Lilo!). I do wish she could add more fat on her body and face then people could just shut up and find other reason to hate her :D

      • Beregorl says:

        Oh yeah! :) Imagine this: what would happen if Angelina got more meat on her bones? The tabloids would start the “Jolie got FAT, Jolie became bulimic, Brad pines after Jennifer’s slender body” campaign. Oh, it’d be hilarious.

        I don’t believe the drug addict rumors either. She looks exactly like my friends who are naturally thin, don’t need much food and lose weight easily.

        Last month I rewatched the first Tomb Raider movie (confession time, I love them, as well the games), and she looked great, she was a strong and healthy amazon full of life. However, I know it’s very hard to change our habits, and if she isn’t into neither sports, nor food, and she doesn’t have to maintain a gorgeous body to get roles because she’s powerful and famous enough, then she won’t change.

      • Vesper says:

        There are plenty of functioning drug addicts/alcoholics in Hollywood and elsewhere. Not every addict/alcoholic presents like LiLo. Drug addiction is classified into stages (early to late stage) and LiLo is coming across as a late stage alcoholic/addict who is hitting rock bottom.

      • Josephina says:


        Anige IS NOT a DRUG ADDICT! Jeez! She is a thin woman with boobs, hips, ass and long legs.

        You better believe there IS a reason why Brad’s hand is ALWAYS on the ASS.

        Her curvy body is NOT the ONLY reason why she is called sexy. ( Yes, she in genetically thin, so get over it haters! You don’t like it, go yell at her father Jon Voight) It is her confidence, her posture (former model) , her green eyes, her gorgeous mega-watt smile, her intelligence, …plus she is STILL a badass …

        She rides motorcycles and flies planes and wears tattoos that tell a story.

        Wherever she goes, people stare at her in awe of her beauty. Name another woman ON THIS PLANET whose beauty is constantly analyzed. She owns every one of you on this blog!

        All you have to do is look at the live footage from the GG event.

    • Rhea says:

      @Beregorl : LOL. I think they might said it like this : ” Angie is working hard doing yoga 24/7 to get her sexy body back because she thinks Brad would run back to Jen if she keep on staying thin.” :D Regarding her weight, I think she is just not taking care of herself right. She wants to do so many things and when you are tired and constantly on the move, eating right is not really your priority. I got 2 kids under 4 without any help for doing chores and errands and let me tell you sometimes I forgot or not having any appetite left to eat. It’s not that me, or I think, Angie do it on purpose, but really at the end of the day I just want to sleep. And yeah she still kicking ass, but at the moment her figure is kinda frail so it’s not really believable in the movie when she is doing the fighting scenes as she was before at Lara Croft.

  58. Reece says:

    I love everything but the top of the dress. Fits her beautifully everywhere but the top. Her shoulders looked linebacker-ish. Weird. I thought her & Portmans dress were designed by the same person (I missed the arrivals) because of the red flip thing up top.

    As for the brand, Jean Dujardin should win and Clooney’s been “not” campaigning his arse off. I didn’t think they would win even at the GGs.

  59. Marianne says:

    I didn’t really like the red fold at the top of her dress, otherwise she was stunning. The dress really complimented her shape.

  60. islandgirl says:

    How is it a bad night for them? Some of you people are cray cray

  61. pwal says:

    And on another note, I think that the GG producers thought that George Clooney was their ace in the hole therefore they thought they could cut down on the Brad and Angelina cutaways.

    Of course, I think it was a gross miscalculation, since IMO, Clooney has already worn out his welcome this awards season. Complete bore.

  62. really says:

    Ryan Seacrest better watch out, Angelina will plant his ass! Angelina has her daughter … Empress Z’s attitude, they have that bring it kick ass look 247. Ask Brad, thus the Cane .. ole goldylocks was proably talking casually about zzzzz Jen, and before he knew it, Angie planted his dingy locks on the floor.

    I love it! Can she smack George Clooney too, good actor but he irks me.

  63. Sara says:

    Don’t like the dress, makeup, or hair. Red lipstick on blowfish lips is NEVER a good look. Who is putting makeup on these women?

  64. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    My absolute fav dress of the night next to Viola, Reese, Octavia, Queen La, Piper, that Chinese chick whose name I can’t remember, Madonna, and Sarah Michelle because blue is my favorite color and it was so absurd
    it was awesome.

    Angie looked amazing. So classically brill I almost fangirled my tv screen.

  65. Sunnyjyl says:

    At first glance, I thought she looked stunning, but with further perusal, I think the dress is stunning, and Ang just looked stunned. She seemed trapped in the dress. Also, the arm tattoo(while the symbolism is sweet) always makes me think of a holocaust survivor. It makes me sad.

  66. Lisa says:

    When I first saw Angie Baby in “Hackers”…I thought that she was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen…

    I think that she and Brad were at their apex of attractiveness when they did Mr. & Mrs. Smith…(hence, the outcome, personally speaking)

    Since then…No…simply…no…

    Angie needs to EAT…I don’t care how beautiful your face is…if you have no body fat…you look gaunt and old…

    And Brad needs to clean himself up…he could get away with that “devil may care” look when he was young…but that look when you are older…NOT HOT!!!

  67. S says:

    It is really funny…From what I’ve read, some people thought she looked amazing and others way washed out. I do think the gown was kind of 80s. It did maker her look not so thin, until you saw her arms. The thing is, no matter how thin she is she is insanely beautiful. Weirdly enough, I was watching Girl Interrupted a few days ago and she was as thin then as she was now. I’m pretty sure she was more or less off the hardcore drugs by then too, if I remember reading correctly so the weight was pretty natural. The difference was that when you are 23/24 it is not as noticeable.

  68. M says:

    Why does she look so frozen??? Like you could just walk up to her and give her a tiny push and she would fall over.

  69. Heebeegeebee says:

    Strongly disagree about Angie’s dress. It is a strong departure from her usual red carpet attire. Plus it is a glamourous and compelling homage to her film. She really scored with this look.

  70. Grasshopper says:

    Love the dress but how intriguing would it be if the inside of the dress would have been lined with red to match the top

  71. journey says:

    all those belittling the ang’s bod, and the dress she chose to wear, i doubt she cares. because when she swept out of her bedroom i bet her children’s eyes got big and they thought she looked like a fairytale princess. especially little viv and the empress.

  72. chloe says:

    At first I didn’t like the dress but it grew on me, her eye makeup looked good, but the lipstick was to drastic, plus I don’t care what any of the loonies say she needs to eat, when she was presenting the award her upper arms looked about as thick as a 5 year olds wrist. I saw an old picture of her when Maddox was a baby and she looked so good and don’t tell me she’s tired from chasing after 6 kids, though I don’t doubt they are involved daily with the children, they still have a team of nannies to help them.

  73. lisa says:

    That back view of them is totally hot.

    Love how Brad said when he first saw her all dress up the bumped into a chair. cute.

    The people that were actually at the event and saw them talked of how amazing she and he looked. I go by that account. The stopped the show and everyone was looking with opened mouths when they got out of the car.

    I see the dlisters are here as planned.

    Don’t get it. They say the most nasty things about CB and the people here, yet they always run to at JP thread to post in groups..

    scary to be so mad that 2 people have fans.

    • pwal says:

      That back view is the reason why I’m shaking my head at the anorexia jabs. I remember when Calista Flockhart and Nicole Richie were receiving flack for their size; IMO, that’s not Angelina. You don’t see ribs or vertebrae on Angelina. Her shoulders look angular, but then again, they always look that way, and frankly, her shoulders are one of her best features, IMO.

      As for the lipstick, she also catch hell for wearing red lipstick because of her lips. Hello, there are women with bigger lips than her and they rock red lipstick too. To me, this insistence that Angelina avoid red lipstick is just as dumb as imploring plus-size women to stick with dark colors and avoid bright/light colors. THE HELL WITH THAT!!!! Life would be boring if you campaign to be some anonymous person’s personal puppet!

      • Wendy says:

        Smoke and mirrors I think. Movie stars are in the business of glamour, but it doesn’t have to be all real. If you see AJ in regular clothes, she doesn’t have a defined waist like that and she also doesn’t have a curvy bum. The video someone posted upthread where you see the size of her thighs when she’s walking is telling. No one has thighs that painfully thin and a lush curvy bottom following it on the way. At least, not unless you’ve either had butt implants which she obviously hasn’t, liposuction on your thighs so that you have no fat cells left there or some artificial help in the form of padded undergarments.

      • LAK says:

        eeeewwww!!! i’d forgotten Calista’s spine and shoulder blades…it looked like you could reach out and rip them out it was horrible. i shudder at the memory.

      • Wendy says:

        Maybe the corset hides them.

    • Ellie says:

      Apart from FF, Dlisted are the lowest of the low and the worst for nutty irrational fruitcakes. They truly are psychotic loonistons who lack the ability to reason and think.

    • anonymous says:

      For some people it’s sour grapes, some of the commentators on the morning shows couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful and royal like Brad and Angie looked. What surprised me was when she turned to go down stairs after their live interview, did you notice Angie’s figure from behind,it seems that after Jolie had those babies and started to dress like a nun or unkept somethimes, people tend to forget that Jolie garnered most of her fame from her sex appeal, she has a darn good figure.

  74. sami says:

    she tried something different , and it was not her. brad look ok . why is ja and jt name in this , they did nothing to anyone here . yes i like all of them , because i have nothing in thier personal life ,i do not love or hate them . and do not want any harm to come to anyone in thier lifes . i like the movie they make , its the job, because it all make believe they are not the people in the movies .

  75. lucy2 says:

    I like the idea of the dress because it’s different, but overall I thought her look was a bit too severe. Something about the fabric and the cut and the hair and the lipstick.

    I agree chloe, her arms looked ridiculously skinny when presenting.

  76. Juu says:

    I liked the red lipstick, but not the dress detail and the red clutch. It does look matchy-matchy, as someone said above. But I love the dress colour and the its effect on her body.

  77. bea says:

    LOVED her dress, but as always, those tattoos kill it for me. From a distance, just looks like a bunch of scribbles and the “deep meaning” of them is lost!

    Her “imperious beeyach” facial expression is comical to me.

  78. Cait says:

    To me, that material (think it’s satin?) is never flattering. Too shiny, wrinkles easily, and draws attention to any ‘problem’ areas. It’s nice AJ tried to switch up her look with something other than black though!

  79. Lola says:

    Hollywood does not like homewreckings and cheaters, so the called A-list lost AGAIN.

    • ahoyhoy says:

      LOL! They’re certainly the first in Hollywood.
      Wow. Sounds like someone got cheated on and can’t let go.
      Welcome to real life, baby.

      • anon says:

        Yet Roman Polanski is beloved, Kelsey Grammer, Laura Dern won. Woody Allen was nominated and he did it to the mother of his children with his children’s sibling.
        yikes! People really love a lie.

      • Ida says:

        I also seriously doubt Hollywood is that puritanical. Actually, scrap that, I’m 100% sure it isn’t. But let’s play with it while we’re at it: Laura Dern was engaged to Billy-Bob when Angelina decided that she was in love with him and in a rather vulgar manner, which was nevertheless somewhat charming in its own perverse little way, proceeded to declare her love for him to numerous journalists, her act culminating in her parading her tatoo of his name at the…Golden Globes.

    • Ellie says:

      Since neither Brad or Angelina are homewreckers or cheaters, how does that have to do with them? Unless you are saying that JAniston didn’t get nominated because she stole Justin from Heidi?

      • Gossip Girl says:

        @ Ellie, what is not homewrecker about Angelina and Brad hooking up on the set of Mr. And Mrs. Smith? The rule was, “If the trailer’s a rockin don’t come a knockin.” Even if that can’t be verified, Brad was hooking up with Ang while he was still married to Aniston. I believe Ang was pregnant with Shiloh before the marriage was officially over.
        As for homewrecking in general, it isn’t as if some wayward woman casts a spell on some deeply in love man and lures him away with her siren song. If either Brad’s or Justin’s relationships had been strong, no one could have torn them apart. Neither woman is that magical.
        But, really, isn’t it time for all of us to get over the Brad/Jen split and to stop making bitchy comments about the situation? Didn’t this all happen 5 years ago?

      • Josephina says:

        Gossip girl-

        Your name fits you perfectly. And you have issues.

        All you have to do is remember that Shiloh was born in June 2006.

        Aniston filed for divorce March 2005.

        Brad spotted in Africa with Jolie in April 2005.

        If Brad wanted Aniston HALF as much as Aniston had claimed to want to stay married to Pitt in the Vanity Fair article in August 2005, that might have delayed the inevitable a few months. Aniston was willing to keep a man that did not want to stay and she had admitted to such.

        No home was wrecked. There is nothing about Brad’s interviews, body language or intentions that allow Jenhen fanatics to believe that he wanted to stay in his marriage to Aniston.

        He said his marriage was a deadend, that he was bored and not doing anything with his life. And yet you expect someone to stay in a marriage that they no longer value? What, did you want him to sleep with Angelina and then return to Aniston? How many losers do you know?

        The relationship ended because there was nothing left—-for Brad. I am sure Aniston could not possibly have been happy with a man who no longer wanted her as his wife.

        Enough with playing Aniston as the victim.

        I am glad that he got off his duff and did something with his life.

    • Mari says:

      Lola, that Laura Dern you just saw getting a Golden Globe is the very same that wrecked Billy Bob’s marriage with children! And the same that wrecked Ben Harper’s marriage with children too! Even more so, ben’s wife was still pregnant when Laura was pregnant too! And they still gave her an award! Billy Bob and Laura wene not married, Angelina there probably meddled less than Aniston with Justin.
      She is a very good actress, But she strikes me as a hypocrite, or a sour person, but who really knows? HW is a small town.
      What I find funny is that A J gets all these ettiquettes and Laura Dern hardly any…

      • anon says:

        I know and Laura Dern got pregnant while Ben Harper’s wife was pregnant. Somehow people prefer to focus on lies about Angie, things that can’t be proven, only endlessly lied about, than the truth. Laura did the same thing to Ben Harper’s wife that the woman who had Arnold’s son while Maria was pregnant. Yet it’s never mentioned. Amazing.

  80. Sophia says:

    White and red? Like seriously? Also what’s up with Pitt’s heels? I heard he wears lifts too.I guess some men insist on being taller than her their date.

  81. bea says:

    Ooooo-I agree with the blogger – I think her dress is PADDED in the bust / hip region. Look at the pix, you can see it. Shades of Marlena Dietrich!

    The color of the dress looks terrible with her skin tone – particularly her legs. She should try a rich color that will warm her up!

    The cut/design of the dress is great, although I don’t know about the use of satin for the whole dress. It’s such an unforgiving fabric.

  82. Shelly says:

    Ugh, I hate this dress. Satin, the bust fits so strangely, just awful. I hate the red lips and severe hair, as well. I love Angelina, but for once I would like to see her in something fabulous. Like the leather skirt and simple cream blouse she rocked last week.

  83. Shelly says:

    And I like Brad scruffy, but seriously, his hair did not look washed.

  84. Mara says:

    Angelina is a real beauty but when she is on the red carpet she is so full of herself like she is the most beautiful there she should be more natural on the carpet .

  85. JB says:

    Ouch. I thought the dress looked better on TV then in these photographs. Much better in movement. I liked her red lipstick, too.

  86. nikzilla37 says:

    Angelina resembles a fembot.

  87. Mouse says:

    I agree, the dress is padded. She’s so thin and stringy, she’s all angles and no softness and the padding sticks out. She looks ticked too, like she’d rather be somewhere else. Brad looks okay, but his Tristan Ludlow days are far behind him…

  88. Wilma says:

    I prefer the suit she wore to the luncheon as that drew all attention to her lovely face. There are a lot of things off with this dress, the material looks cheap and it makes her look harsh.

  89. amanda says:

    Thank god she didn’t have lanky hair and lanky bangs. She looks the best here she has looked in a while. Gorgeous!

  90. jane says:

    Angelina jolie was the best dressed of the evening

  91. Jules says:

    For some reason I liked the dress and bag…but why did she have her toenails painted red, but not her nails? It would have completed the look.

    But damn, does she scream ICE QUEEN, or what?

    Have a cheeseburger, AJ.

  92. Sakyiwaa says:

    I’ll bet everyone was ALL up in her bizness with Angie wear this! Angie wear that! Angie you have to POP! Angie Don’t show your skinny arms and legs! sighhh!

    My lady Angie…

  93. kibbles says:

    Not a good night at all. Needless to say, Angelina needs to gain a few pounds. She looks like a hungry vampire. Seriously, that dress is doing her no favors. It looks like something a vampire would wear. She’d be perfect for a guest role on True Blood.

  94. Julie says:

    OMG, she looked like a bobble head. I could not bare to look at her on stage. Her twiggy arms just hanging there. Compared to women who eat, Sophia, etc. she looks horrible. I’ve always thought for someone with anorexia, she manages to look good….but no, not anymore.

  95. MMM says:

    “Padded in the bust and breast”
    Is the most honest observation about Angelina. The women is sinking before our very eyes and there are fans who are claiming she is curvy…talk about fanatics.

  96. casey says:

    angie fans, our girl is rocking all the polls as best dressed, yahoo, msnbc, vogue, etc.let us vote for her more.people really like her look.yesterday till now brad and angelina still trending in yahoo.angelina rocks.

  97. Loralei says:

    I love AJ, but she looked like she was about to board the starship Enterprize. So Star Trek , that dress. So severe!

  98. casey says:

    aniston fans , you can also vote for other stars if you want so to lessen angie’s lead to the far second lol.

  99. Jillian says:

    when they fell in love, on mr & mrs smith those years could ANY man resist her..happily married or not…. she is so beautiful that it’s ridiculous…Jennifer Aniston is ho hum…not hideous..but NOT even close to the sort of beauty Angie has…Jennifer, if she had had bad hair, wouldn’t be looked at twice, Angie could be bald and JUST as stunning….with her bone structure she should age nicely. bone structure is EVERYTHING!

    • CHLOE W says:

      who are you?

      you’re weird
      get a life

      • Jillian says:

        yes, agreed….i do need more of a life.. i look forward to award season and love analyzing outfits…makeup..etc….in the dead of winter award shows bring some excitement to an otherwise mundane winter…….I don’t mean to sound negative about Jennifer, but I couldn’t imagine having to kiss your husband goodbye for the day when he’s off to work to be with Angelina…. Brad didn’t stand a chance..

    • Wendy says:

      Sorry, only if he was a shallow a**hole. Because frankly, while any (all) guy(s) might look at a beautiful woman and say to himself “Wow”, there are lots who would do nothing more that.

      • Jillian says:

        yes, agreed…I suppose many Hollywood men, not all mind, you, ARE’s always all about them…every wish fufilled…a good man would have integrity to be tempted but not to act…at least until he left his current relationship if there was an issue…there will always be someone more beautiful, smarter, etc…a grown up realizes what commitment means.

  100. Jackie says:

    i had no idea angelina jolie was such a divisive figure amongst women.

    i guess she is the elizabeth taylor of our times, and jennifer aniston is the debbie reynolds figure.

    god, can we not move on from these vixen/girl next door stereotypes??

  101. Ravensdaughter says:

    Bridesmaid dress-what’s up? She also looks really stressed…
    Brad looks like he is happily on painkillers…

  102. Lauren says:

    I just watched clips of Angie & Brad on you tube. AJ is so stunningly beautiful and gracious. Angie & Brad truly love eachother, and I wish Brad had won. He looked a little stoned in the video I watched. Angie looks much better on video than in the pictures we are seeing..almost inhuman perfection. We should all have such a problem!

  103. Original Chloe says:

    It’s a striking look and I kind of like it. She looks like a gorgeous painting, almost unreal. I don’t mind the lipstick – you can see it works, especially in the second picture (the one from the waist up).

    She could have worn a more typical gown and look ‘prettier’, more princessy but all in all I’m glad she didn’t.

    I’m meh about Brad.

  104. Camille (The original) says:

    Oh Kaiser you big stirrer ;) . Well fair enough, we’re all allowed an opinion (thankfully!), but I don’t agree with yours. I think Angelina looked AMAZING. Flawless IMO. One of the best dressed of the night (and I never would have thought I would say that about one of her awards looks :-\).

  105. beclove says:

    She is such a incredibly beautiful woman- I would just love to see her look happier and healthier. With 20+ pounds on her frame she could seriously take over the world.

  106. blonde on the dock says:

    There were far prettier women there last night than Angelina. She looked like a wax figurine. Brad looked pretty good though.

  107. NM9005 says:

    Watching the discussions about her padded waist.
    She has no waist, never had, never will. Besides, if she hasn’t had a waist when she was young and fuller (still slender but healthy) how would she have one now? For all the naked scenes in most of her films, I’m sure even the diehard fans must admit the woman is not famous for having a waist. Now that she’s wilting away before her eyes, she would suddenly, magically have a waist? Sofia Vergara has a waist, compare that to Jolie :) .

    See 30 where her bodyshape is obvious:

    In photoshoots, they try to give her curves but in real life, she doesn’t have them. She used to have boobs, legs and ass (Gia, Lara Croft) but the non-eating made them non-existent.

    • Shay Kay says:

      I could not have said it better and now thanks to you I don’t even have to try!
      That said I actually liked the dress because it gave her much needed curves.I liked her hair and makeup as well so this for me was a real win for Jolie.I don’t think she could have done any better because the dress gives her back the curves her eating disorder has taken away!The arms/legs/bobble-headed thing would be obvious in any dress but the dress did what it was supposed to do by creating the ILLUSION that her chest/waist/hips are luscious and curvy.
      Still don’t like her but a definite “A” on the dress.Thing is she could look this way naturally if she’d EAT!She can’t be the best looking simply because that take into account not only facial features/dress/hair/makeup but actually the twiggy arms and legs and that’s not a good look for anyone.

      P.S. posters:
      Presumably Jen is at home with Justin eating popcorn and watching the awards.Also presumably she is happy with her life since she said so.I don’t think she’d trade her looks/life/body for Angie’s anymore than Angie would trade for hers so evidentally everyone won.

  108. Sasha says:

    The dress is a 100% hit for me. She looks incredible. This is what I mean when I say she lives in her sacks and then POWS on the red carpet when she wears something non-sack.. and RED. Angie in red.. *le sigh*

    And I agree she is definitely on the thin side, but I honestly think she’s in too happy a place in her life to be anorexic. She’s with the man she clearly loves, is raising her children well and is building up a very admirable life for herself. I think Angie is past the point where she has demons to fight. She’s very reflective of that time in her life and I just don’t believe that she could have an eating disorder.

  109. Dee Cee says:

    R U Kidding me.. everyone wants to be them including them..

  110. praying mantis says:

    Interesting she doesn’t really dress for her body type well. As a previous poster mentioned, her dress is all boning. She favors dresses with structure at the waist because she doesn’t have one. She’s obviously dangerously thin but she uses corset type undergarments to pull in her waist or uses some similar construction at the waist of the dress. In some of her gowns she looks like she can’t breathe with all the pull at her waist. Ex l’wren scott dresses beautiful but tons of boning. From the backside you can tell there’s a whole lot going on under the dress. It doesn’t look natural, rather it looks artificial and stiff.

    • Mari says:

      Some or, better say, a lot of women do need all the help to look great in gowns in those important occasions. If Angelina wants to go natural, she seems to prefer loose gowns, and then gets bashed for wearing those. If she wears a tight dress, she needs something that helps her suck in her tummy and mark her waist. Ever since the Twins she doesn’t seem to have a very flat abdomen, even with how slim she is. Reese W also does not have the same body she had before her children, or Julia R. Also she has great porture, you never see her hunched over, only when talking to shorter people or giving autographs.
      Why bash her because dresses have construction? She is not selling her skin, they are great dresses, she’ not trying to be overtly sexy, she can do that, she has, like in tHe South Korea premiere of Salt.

      • Praying mantis says:

        Who is bashing her? That is a rather narrow and simplistic interpretation of the term.

        The pejorative definition of BASHING is: a harsh, gratuitous, prejudicial attack on a person, group or subject. An observation about the construction of a garment of clothing does not fulfill the definition as offered above. It might be prudent to review the definition and re-review my post.

        She is not selling her skin?? She is not trying to be overly sexy?? Angelina Jolie’s media machine is premised on her sexy image/persona. Her clothing, her magazine ads, editorials and interviews were intended to further her sexy image? Do you know who Angelina Jolie is?

  111. Sasha says:

    People can hate all they want, the fact is Angie turned every head in the room & you could hear people gasp when she walked out on the stage. And that’s the point of these things. It was, in fact, a very good night for Brangelina.

    • praying mantis says:

      Not every slightly non-positive comment about her fashion choices constitutes a post as being a “hater.” I made some observations about her dress that were slightly critical. I did not make assertions of her character, her good works or her life. It is the pieces of cloth and accompanying materials that I made characterizations about – nothing else.

      • Sasha says:

        Did I write that every (to quote you) “slightly non positive comment” = hate? I certainly did not write that — yet you read it into my comment. If my comment didn’t apply to you, then there is no reason for you to respond to it, much less try to justify yourself about an argument that I DID NOT make.

        You seem to be kind of defensive. . . just saying.

      • Praying mantis says:

        @Sasha = If you were not directing your comment to me then I take back my comment. However, how effective and persuasive to make a point by ending it with “… just saying”

  112. bluhare says:

    I’m making an appt with my optometrist because I think she looks amazing. So what if it’s got construction built in? A LOT of evening wear has built in construction.

    She wears the hell out of it and that’s what counts. She and Helen Mirren were the two best dressed there.

  113. skuddles says:

    Sorry to hear they both lost. I thought Angie’s dress was absolute perfection and love how she matched colors to her movie poster.

  114. Sakyiwaa says:


    Angelina Jolie Tells Brad Pitt “You’re Prettier Than Me” at Globes Bash

    Angelina Jolie doesn’t take her handsome hunk Brad Pitt for granted!

    Both Jolie, 36, and love of nearly seven years Pitt, 48, left Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards empty handed — Jolie’s In the Land of Blood and Honey didn’t nab the Best Foreign Language Film globe, and Moneyball star Pitt lost to pal George Clooney in the Best Actor, Drama category.

    But Jolie (looking spectacular in satin one-shoulder Atelier Versace gown, bright red lipstick and a dramatic updo hairstyle) had quite the consolation prize: Pitt!

    “You’re prettier than me,” Jolie gushed to her man as they arrived quietly at the CAA afterparty at unset Tower. Pitt looked dashing as always in a Salvatore Ferragamo three-piece tuxedo.

    Added Jolie: “My shoes are going to kill me!”

    “It’s nice when everything comes together,” Pitt told E!’s Ryan Seacrest of their double nominations. “It’s a golden night for us!”

    Indeed, Jolie naughtily told the Associated Press what she was most looking forward to that evening: “Getting into bed with Brad!”

    Read more:


  115. Jayna says:

    I have to say I was blown away when she appeared on the red carpet. One of the most dramatic looks that night, and her beauty was off the charts. Loved the hair. I don’t want to keep looking at photos and overanalyzing it and finding flaws I didn’t see. I am going to stay with my first impression of her on the red carpet. Magnificent.

  116. Madison says:

    Angelinda looked amazing in that dress, I wish Brad had shaved, they are still very much a hollywood power couple that everyone wants at their awards shows and parties.

  117. blonde on the dock says:

    Some of the *Fanatics* are delusional. I wonder if we are looking at the same woman.

    • lisa says:

      I know I don’t get it either. She was stunning. LOVED everything. Plus all the people at the event said the same thing. tweeting off the charts about how wonderful she looked

      but you know the “fanatics” and their obsessive dislike of her. They get so mad that she has fans and those fans actually like her and are supportive.

      I never get why if anyone thinks different than they then they are crazy loons because they can be objective and not let their jealous blind hate for her cloud their vision.

      well all you can do is feel sorry for the losers

      but of course they are the ones always on all her threads.. running from site to site. Must be a pathetic existence.. So over the top crazy with hate about this ONE WOMAN.

      • Ellie says:

        Way to go lisa, way to go! ;) Exactly. Some of them coughblondeoncoughHeinechoughcough are way too obvious in their snarky passive-aggressiveness of her while not saying one single thing less than 100% positive about youknowwho. Honestly, talk about delusional and unhinged in irrational dislike/hate.

      • Heine says:

        I don’t like Jolie. I’m not going to apologize or feel bad because frankly, she doesn’t care. And I can bitch about her because yea, this is Celebitchy.

        I think Jolie seems like a smug, humorless b*tch who takes herself way to seriously and has a planet-sized ego. Based on the few times I’ve seen her speak (like at this Golden Globes), I dislike her image and her holier-than-thou attitude. I don’t like her movies. In the ones that I was conned into seeing, I thought she overacted and I think her accents are atrocious. I think she is way too skinny and doesn’t have an attractive figure. I think her face is odd-the parts are beautiful separately but when put together look alien-like.

        Mind you, these are all opinions based on the image she puts out there. Some people like her and some people don’t. There is no reason to get all ‘people are losers and pathetic of they don’t like my favorite star.’

        Face it, some people just don’t get it about her. It’s ok. Life will go on.

      • Mari says:

        I think is just weird how much they dislike her, describiing to every tiny detail how awful she is or looks in their opinion, some cannot stand her, but at the same time LOVE being on her threads, not missing one of them. Maybe it makes them feel important? Who knows, in my case, I rarely go to the threads of those I do not like, if I go, is to laugh a bit, not to show how crazy negative I am inmy posts… well, with the exception of Courtney Stodden, I seriously think that is a charade, and her and her husband are really looking to work as comedians.

      • blonde on the dock says:

        I’m not a “hater”. Such an immature comment from someone who is clearly not objective about AJ. She has her good days and bad days but last night was not good. She looked like a miserable lifeless snotty waxy doll. Look at the pictures above. She’s beautiful but there were other women there that are just as beautiful if not more so. It is possible to critisize without hating.

      • anon says:

        What is really weird is to focus on what you dislike so diligently. Its probably not healthy. I mean those that don’t like her post harder than the “fanatics” Its like they never rest. :-)

      • Heine says:

        Anon: Every celebrity has people who dislike them and bitch about them online.

        Now it’s just patently untrue that those who don’t like her post ‘harder’ than those who do. On this thread, check out the names of the people doing multiple posts and check out the positive, fawning comments about her unparalleled beauty. Far more in the positive arena than the negative (this site is quite pro-Jolie).

        For me (I can’t speak on anyone else), there is no diligent, focused dislike. I dislike her, sure. But diligent, focused dislike? Um, no. More like, ‘Whats this chucklehead up to now?’ More or less amused curiosity about what self-important mouth garbage she’ll say next. And I do rest :)

        Plus it’s fun to talk trash anonymously about someone who will never read it.

  118. Heine says:

    I must seriously have a different brain or see things differently than most people because objectively she looked awful.

    She looked terribly thin, her elbows were wider than her upper arms. Her knobby knees and frail looking ankles were just so off-putting. The ‘audible gasps’ some of you are talking about were probably due to her extremely small frame. I heard muttering while she was on stage and I suspect it was mostly ‘Jeez, what happened to her?’ She looked stiff and walked like it was painful. I haven’t seen her in motion in a long time and it was bizarre seeing her in HD.

    She looked like a bobble-headed waxwork. Her face was shiny. Her lips were too red. Her hair was an afterthought. Her dress looked like a cheap, double-sided satin napkin, the kind you fold into fancy shapes at weddings. It also read ‘dated’ to me.

    It was especially bad on stage though. Her head looked enormous on her tiny, frail body. Lastly, the only curve she had was padding and corsetry. She knows she’s too thin so she faked curves.

    Am I the only one who sees this?

  119. ILLNana says:

    Angelina looked like a greasy mannequin. Her dress was terrible. She has the biggest, boniest shoulders. That dewy, shiny look was no good. Two words: blotting papers.

  120. Cut the Cheese says:

    I’m scared for our future :shock:

  121. lola lola says:

    Looks like she’s made of wax.

  122. Hmmm says:

    There’s nothing spontaneous about her, is there? Come to think of it, there’s nothing spontaneous about *them*. A “brand’ indeed! Carefully managed and intensely controlled. She does look like a mannequin. He’s just meh.

    • Ida says:

      That’s essentially my issue with her/them, more her because I used to like her and have always been indifferent towards him. She has always been a brand, mind you, insofar as even her earlier, i.e. the first half of her twenties, image: self-destructive/femme fatale/narcissistic/slightly macho, was also carefully staged and managed. It was just infinitely more fun though. I can’t believe she actually said her ‘prize’ was getting to go to bed with Pitt. It’s not endearing, it’s corny and corny doesn’t suit her.

      • Rhea says:

        I am going to say something corny too :D I think she does change a lot and more after Pitt and I seriously think that she is in love with Pitt. Love do change people sometimes.( Is it corny?) I never thought I am going to settle down so soon and trust a guy. I am an independent person and likes Angie because of her “kick ass” persona. I am not happy the first time she settle down with Pitt because that’s not the kind of man I imagine she would be with. Yet after I met my hubby, I understand why she wants to be more feminine and stuff. When the right man comes, he would bring out a side of you that you don’t even know exist. ( Oh, God I can’t believe I’m talking about this?!)

      • Ida says:

        There’s a half truth in your post. Pitt is not the first man Jolie has loved. She has two ex-husbands remember. So, if love brought out the ‘feminine’ side of her, we’d have seen it. Secondly, what I was saying has nothing to do with femininity, it’s got simply to do with warmth and softness and that, I agree, is something that love and lovers bring out in us, men and women alike. However, if that happens, it is usually reserved for private moments, by which I don’t mean only the bedroom but family and close friends and ‘safe’ environments. The red carpet, with its hundreds of cameras and strangers, does not constitute such an environment. The fact tha Jolie looked like she had a pole stuck up her a** on the red carpet, that’s how stiff she was, tells me my assessment is at least half right. I’m afraid that corny shtick she pulled at the Golden Globes is a well rehearsed little number and there’s not a whiff of spontaneity about it.

      • deltona lakes says:

        Yes she may have loved before. But, Brad is the first man she had babies with. That says alot. I loved before but my my hubby is the first I wanted to have children with.

      • Ida says:

        No he isn’t. She adopted Maddox when she was with Billy-Bob and indeed spoke of her desire to start a family with him a few times. Or are you trying to tell me only pregnancies count? Also, you don’t necessarily love someone more or less because you have children with them. A lot of circumstances conspire when people end up having children.

  123. Amanda G says:

    I guess I’m going to be one of the few to go against the grain here and say that I hated Angelina’s look. The girl has no style. That dress is not flattering to her boxy figure. I like the splash of red, but white does not look good on her. She will always be beautiful from the neck up, but from the neck down she has a below average body. Too skinny and no curves.

  124. original sandy says:

    spectacular, brad and angelina were and are the talk of the town, they are Hollywood, like them or not, everyone looks forward to them showing up and they do not disappoint, angelina dress fitted like a glove, she’s beautiful, brad is so handsome, his hair is shinny and healthy. love them both, what a great night.

  125. sam says:

    From a distance this dress looked lovely. However the bodice work was off, and this stood out due to the shine of the fabric.

    It looks stunning from the back.

    It was nice to see Angelina really try to do something different.

  126. UKHels says:

    nice dress, totally the wrong colour for her
    lipstick too ‘orangey’ (clear attempt to match it to the dress) and I haven’t seen a knobblier pair of knees since I went to Butlins in the early 80′s (only Brits may understand this!)

  127. I Choose Me says:

    241 comments including mine and probably more to come.

    Love her or hate her, Angelina keeps us all talking.

    Dance puppets, dance! :D

  128. Isa says:

    Usually I’m screaming that she needs to wear something other than black. So I’m glad to see her in something other than black.
    I’m not crazy about what’s going on across her waist.
    And normally I think red lipstick looks too much on her, but I feel like they got the shade right. She looks beautiful.
    And I love her shoes! I also love the tattoos on her forearms. I want one but my husband hates tattoos. And I don’t want to go through the trouble of having to cover them up for work.

  129. Reel Wheel says:

    She’s going for the Audrey Hepburn look here, but, agree, with poster above that the white is all wrong. i think this dress in red with a splash of black would have worked a lot better.

    That being said, it’s hard to do Audrey Hepburn when your covered in tattoos. Just saying…

  130. bella says:

    Angie always knocks it out of the park!
    the most beautiful!No one came close!!!!

  131. melanie says:

    best part was definitely the interview with ryan. the dislike for each other is priceless. he didn’t have the balls to ask who designed her dress…she is far above such petty questions…eyeroll. agh…they are getting more and more sanctimonious as the years roll by…so over them.

  132. I heard Fassey can play golf with his hands behind his back…NAKED!(YOOO HOOOO,Kaiser)

  133. Embee says:

    Her arms remind me very much of my 22 month old’s arms (especially from behind). Utterly devoid of substance.

    Thought the dress was a hamfisted play on “Blood and Honey” but I’m cheesy and love things like that.

    Would’ve preferred a less neon/orangey lipstick.

  134. Ranga says:

    Ech! Gross christmas dress, what the hell Angelina? She looks beautiful from the neck up.

  135. Jin says:

    Oh so they are a brand? Why does Kaiser act like they are entitled to storm through and conquer everything. Brad Pitt thinks he’s so cool and Angelina Jolie is so stuck up and phony and self-righteous. She said she only cares about the country’s thoughts on her film not Hollywood.Yet she was acting so overcome with joy when hollywood reporters were praising her on her crappy, flop directorial debut. She was the fakest person at the Globes too.

    Why don’t you talk about how jacked her face looked. Always picking on Charlize Theron for no reason.

  136. Kate says:

    Normally I can’t stand Angie… It’s the first time for ages, when she looks fantastic to me

  137. Jane says:

    R u kidding? That’s one of the ugliest dresses I’ve ever seen. But since it’s on Angie, ppl love it. She could be wearing a trash can, and ppl would still say that was a great ensemble.

  138. Angelique says:

    This is the first time that I disagree with something I read on this site :)

    Angelina looked breathtakingly beutiful last night and I just COULDN’T stop watching her !!! Everything on her was perfect. Last night she looked like she was from different planet, gorgeous !!!

  139. Maya says:

    Their respective careers aren’t resulting in films that are critically acclaimed. If at all, they are discussed for all the wrong reasons. Their private lives are basically overshadowing their professional lives, and this imbalance is going to have these sorts of repercussions: lacklustre film reviews, lacklustre films. If they didn’t relish the jetset life and designer sponsorships (Louis Vuitton et al) and paparazzi attention, I’d feel sorry for them. I mean, to be so goddamn good looking and to lose out on such a night? What’s the point in attending?
    I’d never thought I’d say this, but this dress is all the more reason why women shouldn’t have tattoos in certain places. Angelina’s don’t do the dress any justice. She has so many exposed tattoos that, if she wasn’t so pretty, would lower her to Kelly Osbourne status.

  140. dj says:

    Angelina and Brad both looked and acted like true old Hollywood movie stars. This is her best look ever — iconic! I love this dress and the flash of red at the collar bone. Gorgeous and etheral. I love that the criticisms go right to the moral baseline since she is too beautiful to criticize there! ;) . Kind of boring fashion night otherwise.

  141. Violet says:

    I think that Angie is too skinny, but that she looked gorgeous in that gown. I found it touching how they supported each other at the event; the body language between them as they sat at their table was really loving.

  142. jane16 says:

    I like the dress and accessories. I think she looks good except that she’s too bony, and her skin looks waxy.

  143. izzyvalentine says:

    I have a question- how do you blast Leann for being a walking corpse and not Angelina? In my opinion she’s even bonier and freakier-looking than Leann. Especially here. She looks like she belongs in a damn haunted house.

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      Angie does get bashed but to be honest she’s still pretty even skinny, and she doesn’t have a new bunch of bikini pics released every week like LeAnn. LeAnn asks for it Angie doesn’t, she doesn’t exactly go around flaunting her body.

  144. Tracy says:

    She looks absolutely stunning. Flawless.

  145. Jenna says:

    Hated the dress, and the hair-do. The make-up? Eh. The red lips and clutch just cemented the awful look for me. I didn’t even look at Brad, to be honest.

  146. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    I think Angie looked beautiful, I think she was very nervous because of her nomination, and it was obvious. Brad sported the same look he’s been sporting, nothing wrong with that. They both went in new directions for themselves instead of sticking to the tried and true, or even what people wanted them to do. I will always respect those who try something new, even if they fail because they had fear and did it anyway.

  147. deltona lakes says:

    Oh please that woman looked great. Brad and Angie were the best looking couple on the red carpet. I don’t even know who won the awards because she’s the talk of the internet. She’s so powerful that people are actually commented on her undergarments.

  148. deltona lakes says:

    When people say photos don’t do them justice. I believe it since they were gorgeous on live tv.

  149. Meadowlark says:

    I really liked the dress and, since I have a very mild corset fetish, I even liked the visible corset. But I agree with others that it would have looked better if Versace had built the corset in.

  150. crtb says:

    This was the best I have ever seen Angelina look! So nice to see her in something other than black. And she looks like she might have gained a few pounds.

  151. Mari says:

    I don’t like her but must admit she does look good. That lip color is pretty awesome

  152. clara says:

    angelina jolie is aging badly she used to be beautiful and hot now she can being casted for the walking dead as one of the zombies or like emily from corpse bride there is something wrong with her she is too young to look so bad, she needs to eat more soon i cant imagine how she will look like at her 40 years old, here she looks like a mummy she needs to cover that shocking legs and these arms and wear nude lipstick red lipstick makes her lips looks giant ughh come back angie we miss the old angelina, and brad since he is dating her he is so unattractive..

  153. whatevs says:

    angelina didn’t look too happy for some reason but i like this gown. it’s different and visually flaw free

  154. Josephina says:

    Angie has REAL CURVES…
    A Tiny WAIST…
    REAL BOOBS… Nothing is padded. The shot of her backside is REAL.
    She is a mother who has REAL, sexy curves. She is ALL WOMAN.

    I saw the YouTube footage and the various pictures on the web…. she is so gorgeous with that skin of hers, that she looks photoshopped when she is standing right in front of you. Her beauty is UNREAL.

    THAT is why there were over 50,000 tweets recorded in the few minutes that Ryan Seacrest was talking with her.

    She REALLY is that damn beautiful. Her face, her bone structure is LIKE NO OTHER.

    When she wears her hair up you can really see her beauty and it is mesmerizing. Again, Brad and Angie bring the old and new glamour of Hollywood.

    I love it when asked what she looks forward to most this evening and she says,

    “Getting in bed with Brad.”

    You see, when you have it all, “winning” an award is only the sprinkles on top of the icing of a really good cake.

    The rest of you are seriously tripping and you have taken nothing away from this very successful and very much in love couple.

    Brad was taped repeatedly gushing over his Angie and she was gushing over him. How sweet!

  155. Lauren says:

    Just watched interview of Brad and Angie with Ryan S. They are magical
    & respectful towards eachother. Angie looks stunning & is very articulate. Brad is humble & hobbling. I love the way Angie looks at Brad..

  156. Tara says:

    Beautiful dress but she looks a bit over whelmed and stiff In it. Hair and makeup too severe and lipstick overapplied

  157. Rosalee says:

    Angelina is very beautiful, but seriously she has to gain a few pounds. It’s obvious her bust and bottom were padded, they don’t match her skinny little twig like legs. ugly dress, she needs a stylist as much as she needs a big mac.

  158. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    They BOTH had at “throwback” to the early Hollywood years look.

    Brad had on a three piece tux (included) a vest for those not old enough.

    This look was specific by design and it worked. Kind of like the one they had for Benjamin Button premiere. Old school glam that others are NOT doing, so it looks different or odd. Nothing to compare it too.

    Natalie Portman’s dress was NOT like this, but it was still a gown non the less. The Tampon idea is gross and juvenile.

    In videos, AJ and Brad seemed more than fine with being there as both expressed having fun at the GG.

    As for not winning, really being invited to the BIG show is winning. And they will be at the Kodak Theater.

    Think about how many films come out in a year and how many get nominated for anything and you will get the picture. The Jolie-Pitts are respected for their work DESPITE the tab lies. That’s even a greater testament to their worthiness, that one must wade thru the waist deep mess to focus on their films and yet the hollywood industry does.

    Saturday Morgan Freeman will present her. We still have SAG and others, so those with negative comments can prepare. Those worried about their careers can look elsewhere to pick at.

    Lastly, it seems the tweets of her smoking are not from E, but someone saying E has film, yet they did not see it or anyone else. E has not mentioned it nor anyone else at the GG without referencing the same tweets. Just another example of bandwagoners looking for a Jolie fault. Funny that.

    And those who say she looks sad wonder why. How she keeps her head up and goes out at all is astonishing. More power to her. Her response to Ryan was perfect considering the made up stuff (falling in love with rapist) before the filming of the movie, the lawsuit, the twisting of her complete meltdown after finishing the movie and showing it to her cast. Funny that turned into while filming, when she clearly stated a week before the viewing.

    Yeah, that she showed up on the carpet, directors event panel discussion, presented and gave any interviews shows what she is made of and wilting flower she is not. This is one tough chick who is thin, but not about to give up the fight. She has the guts and the courage to tell everyone you can keep the sandwich you want her to eat, she is about to do what she likes regardless. Keep moving forward and get past the past.

  159. Virginia says:

    Her face is gorgeous, I actually love the lipstick. The dress isn’t great, but look at those last pictures! I totally get were Z gets her side eye glances!!

  160. Josephina says:

    Here are some other pics of them when they first arrived. There is a close-up of her face and her beauty is undeniable. She has a slender curvy figure. Brad and Angie OWNED the red carpet last night.

    No woman was prettier than her.

  161. skuddles says:

    I’ve read a fair bit of commentary here and other places about how Angelina looked stiff, bitchy, bored, etc on the red carpet but I think it was just plain, old fashioned nerves. I noticed something was up with her too – usually she projects a bit more warmth and spontaneity, but I think she was truly nervous about her nomination. She straight out admits she shat bricks, even suffered a breakdown during the making of that movie… felt (feels) insecure about taking on the role of a director, plus this entire movie – from A to Z – represents a huge and very personal labor of love on her part – she wrote it! I think the success of this movie matters more to her than most of her acting roles ever did.

  162. CeeCee says:

    Love the dress, hair, make up, bag, shoes. She looks elegant and timeless. Like she made an effort instead of wearing some monotone shapeless sack like usual. I like the ‘matchy matchy’ lips and purse with the satin slash. Everyone tries to avoid ‘matchy matchy’ in an effort to be edgy and they are the ones that end up on the worst dress list coz they don’t get it right. A++ Angelina!

  163. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    I don’t think Angelina enjoys being on the red carpet. I think she’d rather be flying planes or traveling to cambodia or namibia.

    • deltona lakes says:

      Nicki, why do you bother posting photos of Angie thin throughout her life. These are FF’s and IUC’s. They are obsessed with Angie and will always have something negative to say. Look they are even commenting on her underwear. Who does that?

  164. Brenna says:

    I thought her dress was absolutely stunning. Wow!

  165. Kerfuffles says:

    I thought her face looked amazing. I for one loved the red lipstick.

    But the dress, while pretty, seemed like one big attempt to hide an eating disorder. The red fabric looked like it was trying to hide her bony clavicles. The padding in the hips & bust to give her some shape and overall give the appearance she was in a fitted dress (rather than her usual Jedi Sisterwife sack dresses) without showing how terribly thin she is.

    But it didn’t hide her arms which I thought looked shockingly thin.

    She really looks anorexic to me and is doing the classic ana-move of trying to disguise her disorder with her wardrobe. Im sure I’ll get jumped on for supposedly “hating” Jolie (I don’t; I’m actually a fan). But there are actresses not even as thin as her that have been called out as possibly anorexic. I don’t see why it’s offsides to express concern for Jolie.

  166. Daphne says:

    I actually like this dress. It’s nice that AJ tried to take a bold move.

    However, I must say, the way she posed destroyed the whole look. She posed as in her leather pants, but this dress is very soft, very feminine.

    I bet the dress will look fantastic on Rosamund Pike.

  167. leetruth says:

    Brangelina all the way. They were the best dressed couple.

  168. Darlene says:

    I love her dress, hair and makeup. I think she looks AMAZING.

  169. Dibba says:

    Watching the other actors who won reminded me of how professional actors can be without throwing themselves in your face 24-7 and acting so self important. AJ and BP need to tone it down. They are becoming a joke.

  170. grey says:

    I actually think the dress itself is isn’t bad, she just should have had a softer hairstyle. Maybe like a Veronica Lake one. It would have lightened the harshness of the contrasting colors of the dress and created a more 1950′s aura about it. With the current hair and makeup it just makes it look harsh.

  171. Jeannified says:

    I thought Angelina looked stunning in this dress! This is my FAVORITE awards look of hers! Simply gorgeous! She is flawless!!!

  172. Jag says:

    I think they forgot who does the voting on these things. Hollywood doesn’t want to read stories about Angelina “breaking down” in the shower. Suck it up and do your job, lady, is what they’d say, imo. I think some of the interviews they’ve done recently have hurt their chances.