Angelina Jolie says her one-on-one meeting with Pres. Obama “was wonderful”

Last week, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visited the White House and had a brief meeting with Pres. Obama in the Oval Office. Many speculated that Angelina was there to discuss In the Land of Blood and Honey, as well as her work with the UNHCR. Many also speculated that Brad was there to discuss Make It Right NOLA. Some claimed that Brad and Angelina simply “dropped by” the White House while they were in town – which I don’t buy. You can’t drop by the White House unannounced, you know? The Secret Service doesn’t do uninvited guests. Well, Angelina and Brad made it through the Golden Globes red carpet without really discussing the White House meeting, but Angelina did discuss it with Extra over the weekend:

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Angelina says that she had a one-on-one with Obama and: “We met on different issues. He went mainly to speak with Biden about New Orleans, and I went with the lead actress [of "Blood and Honey"] to speak about Sarajevo and our concerns with things going on… we spoke to them briefly and then we spoke a lot to the people underneath them, the ones kind of in the trenches.” Angelina said the meeting was “wonderful.” While Obama and Jolie talked, Brad had a sit-down with VP Joe Biden to discuss Make It Right NOLA. She also talked with David Petraeus, who she met years ago “in the field.” She said Petraeus “doesn’t belittle” her when she has questions – which is an odd statement. Do people in Washington EVER belittle her?

Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. D says:

    Isn’t it an outrage that Obama is meeting with Hollywood celebrities just like every other American president has since the 1930s?

    Doesn’t the fact that he spent 20 minutes with these two prove that he was probably goofing off during the remaining 23hr40 min of that day?


    P.S. Jen/Angie sucks!

    Did I miss anything?

  2. Camille says:

    So I guess she only gave him a hand job. Too bad.

  3. Mali_ says:

    Heaven help Angelina if Barrack and Michelle ever split…. (rolls eyes)

  4. TheOriginalKitten says:

    As far as being “belittled”: maybe she means that she worried that she’d be seen as a “celebrity” and not an “activist” when she meets with someone like Petraeus. Honestly, if she could speak at the World Economic Forum, I have no doubt that she could hold her own with Petraeus. Some people actualy DO recognize that being a *celebrity* does not preclude you from being politically & socially active.

    • Alaina says:

      Agree, I think that’s exactly what she meant. And considering celebs get all lumped in together in a very dismissive way when they voice public concerns and/or make political waves (and I know some of them do deserve the contempt they often generate), she probably was just making the point, as you say, that being a celeb doesn’t preclude a genuine and intelligent interest in concerning issues. Angie walks the walk.

  5. Sunshine says:

    I guess she is beautiful but I don’t get her appeal, and I’ve certainly never understood the appeal of Brad Pitt. It’s nice to see her dressed up, this might be the best she’s looked in at least 2-3 years. But mostly, she just bores me and so does the incessant coverage of her. Also, her fans scare me, how do people develop such an emotional attatchment to someone they don’t even know? It seems really weird….

    • Mali_ says:

      “Also, her fans scare me, how do people develop such an emotional attatchment to someone they don’t even know?”
      That comment would be more accurately directed at the fans of a certain someone else…

      But as for Angelina’s defenders? I guess some of us always root for the underdog and feel the need to defend someone we see as unfairly being attacked, smeared, slandered and lied about. Its a nobility thing.

      • Sunshine says:

        I see your point and I respect it, however how is she an underdog? I am no Aniston fan (really, I am no fan of anyone in Hollywood TBH) but you don’t sleep with someone else’s husband, no matter the circumstances. That alone makes me dislike her and not root for her. But I am old fashioned like that I guess.

      • Mali_ says:

        The very fact that people like you persist in smearing her and spreading lies about her such as the above. The fact is Angelina DID NOT sleep with someone elses husband. There was no affair. She did nothing wrong, yet gullible people like you who believe the trashloid lies persist in spewing and regurgitating this RUBBISH as if it were true. I guess I am old-fashioned in that I believe you should never spread LIES about people without having the FACTS. Because one day, someone will do the same to you…

      • Sunshine says:

        OK…whatever. I remember why I never even look at the Angelina threads now. Too much insanity and emotion over someone that I really have no opinion of. And sorry but if you think she didn’t sleep with Brad when he was still married, then I have a bridge you may be interested in. I don’t care what she does but I don’t have to like her or only say “nice” things about her because I don’t get a “nice” vibe from her AT ALL. Which is why I mostly ignore her. I did come in here to say that she looks lovely in that dress, I can give credit where it is due. But I think this is pretty pointless, sorry if I got you all riled, didn’t mean to disrespect her.

      • Mali_ says:

        Perhaps if YOU were a victim of someone spreading vicious gossip about you, THEN you would understand. You go on about morals, but you PERSIST in spreading OUTRIGHT LIES about someone you don’t even know. Gossip is not harmless, it can really hurt a person and their reputation. Clearly you weren’t brought up to know that you shouldn’t spread harmful gossip about someone – because what you are doing is way worse than what you wrongfully accused Angelina of doing. Both Brad and Jen said no cheating happened. So did Courteney. So did etc, everyone that knows them. If you are so gullible to believe trashloid lies, then I have a Statue of Liberty to sell you. $500 ono. She didn’t sleep with him. Everyone knows that now. Time for you to wake up and stop gullibly believing absolute lies. Because one day, karma will get you. And if it weren’t for thoughtless people like yourself spreading lies about another human being, then there would be no need for people defending her. Your lies harmful lies are exactly why she is an underdog and has defenders. People take morals more seriously than yourself maybe. Maybe you should take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are really so moral and old-fashioned, because what you are doing is evil, immoral and wrong.

      • Tiegan says:

        Of course she slept with him while he was married, they were pictured on that beach playing with Maddox not too long after they announced their split. She was even pregnant before the divorce was finalised. Do the maths.

        It’s so crazy how the ‘fans’ refuse to listen to anything negative about their idol. I agree it damn creepy.

        Here’s the thing- JA was also dating Vince Vaughn while they were separated, so she can hardly cry foul about it.

        And you can’t prove that there was an affair on the MAMS set unless one of them admits it, which AJ kinda did (fell in love on set). And usually where there’s smoke there’s fire IMO, so I believe they were cheating before the separation, but I hold Brad accountable 100% as it was his marriage and his vows.

      • Mali_ says:

        They were there for M&MS photoshoot, so as colleagues they took a break from filming that on the beach and Maddox was there, and that automatically equates to an affair? Also Brad and Jen were *legally separated* when Angelina conceived Shiloh. Also, the judge signed off on the divorce early August. Shiloh was born late May next year. Do the maths yourself. She was conceived post-divorce. Oh, and the fell in love on set thing? That was about Jane and John Smith (the characters) falling in love – and then as hired assassins, attempting to kill each other. Angelina’s comment was twisted and misinterpreted. She was talking about the CHARACTERS. Not her and Brad in real life.

      • spinner says:

        @ Mali – a nobility thing?? I really am trying not to laugh.

        You do the JP’s no favors…no favors at all. In fact, you’re turning people off to them. Time to rethink your rabid approach.

      • Tiegan says:

        The divorce was finalized in October, and whatever way you twist it, that don’t add up to nine months. I’ve stated that they were separated. You’re the one who said they weren’t married.

        And the quote I’m referring to is from the New York Times

        and was not a reference to their characters at all. No matter how many times you try and sell the Daily Mail quote as the original it just won’t fly. But I’m sure you’ll just pretend that you didn’t read that, or say that the Times botched the quote from a rag like the Daily Mail.

        I mean, it’s not like you ever, *ever* stop and think, “wait a minute, *what if I’m wrong*?”

      • Mali_ says:

        The judge signed off on the divorce in August. From that moment on they were legally decreed by the judge to be divorced. October 2 was merely the paperwork filing date. They were legally free to date others in August. Thats how the system works. Look into it sometime. And no matter how desperate you are to spin the NYTimes as the original, it won’t fly. The Daily Mail was the one she gave the actual interview to. Sorry.

      • Mali_ says:

        Thats your answer spinner to anyone who defends Angelina. Please, you are so transparent. Its people like you that turn one off Aniston. Typical casual yet cowardly passive-aggressiveness. You don’t fool me. So save it.

      • Tiegan says:

        Ok Mali_ (josephina? jp fan? Ellie?)-

        “Retired Judge Jill S. Robbins, whom the stars had sought to handle their breakup privately, approved the divorce papers Aug. 1

        “Although the judge has signed off on the divorce of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, the couple’s split, after 4 and a half years of marriage, won’t be official until Oct. 2, according to court records obtained Monday (AP).”

        And do you really think an A-list actress is going to give an interview to a tabloid who routinely make things up and photoshops their images? Over the NYT? Really? Did you even read the article? He interviewed her at the Waldorf-Astoria.

        It’s like you’re being willfully obtuse. I don’t think you’d believe me if I told you the earth was round if Angelina thought it was flat.

        I’m actually embarrassed for you, so I’ll just leave it at that.

        @ Spinner, I agree. The Brange are fine, it’s their overzealous fans who turn people off.

      • Original Chloe says:

        I can’t believe people still bring this up. Even Aniston, who actually created and profited from this tabloid soap seems to have had enough of it already.

        Whether you believe there was an affair or not will always be the matter of your personal stance. Aniston herself said she doesn’t think there was (though she later backtracked from it while rebranding herself), her best pal Courtney Cox went on record to say that Pitt was honest with his wife, that they often talked about their several issues and that there was no cheating. All in all, we’ll never know.

        As sad as it is, over 50% of marriages in the US end in a divorce (go check the data from the census office). Pitt and Aniston weren’t a good match from the start and spent the majority of their time together in therapy. The appearance of Jolie obviously hastened the end of their marriage. She and Pitt have now a happy family together that already lasted longer than his first marriage.

        It’s the oldest story in the world, condemn it all you want.

        Just remember, people who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones – something JA seems to have forgotten.

      • Original Chloe says:

        Gawd, why are we even still talking about it.

    • anon says:

      Elvis Presley
      I think his fans still see him regularly, 50,000 impersonators not sure of the number

      Michael Jackson
      Fans dropped what they were doing and flew to his trial to support one woman released doves.

      John Lennon,
      the Beatles

      Glad there wasn’t an internet then.

      Angelina’s fans need to step up their game :-)
      there are others, I’m sure our historians know.

  6. Asli says:

    I don’t even know. Good for her? I guess…

  7. HoustonGrl says:

    While I think it’s unfortunate that fame and wealth equates to political access, these two seem to use it for really good causes.

    • Pamela says:

      Absolutely agree. It doesn’t sound great to hear that the biggest Hollywood Power Couple got a private meeting with the President… But when you consider why Brad/Angelina met with him, it is hard to complain. They got in there because they are famous–and they also use their fame to do SO many good things. So what’s to complain about?

  8. lisa says:

    Petraeus and Powell have both spoken so highly of her and her knowledge. Doubt they would if she didn’t know her stuff.

    and if she bores people so much why are they always commenting and following what she does. that is what is scary and weird.
    Why care what her fans feel or think. And if you think the JP fans are over the top, perhaps you don’t read other fans talking about who they like. they are just as passionate. but people for some reason get upset at their fan base only.

    • Sunshine says:

      It’s all creepy, IMO. However, this article is about Angelina, not anyone else. And I do enjoy celeb gossip and read a lot of it, and I have not seen this level of devotion to any other celebrity. I was simply asking WHY people are so emotionally attatched to this woman. I actually DON’T follow her at all, if I see a thread about her I always ignore it, if a magazine has her on the cover, I don’t even pick it up. It’s the same old stuff and it’s weird. Sorry if you don’t like it, but ANY slavish, blind devotion to ANYONE is weird. People act like she’s the Second Coming or something and if you don’t see how that’s creepy and weird, then I don’t know what to say.

    • Tiegan says:

      Have they really? Please share.

      And where did this one-on-one nonsense come from, it was a room full of other people and I doubt she spoke more than ten words to the president. She pretty much said so herself in the video.

      As much as I respect her work in the field, lets not pretend anyone in a position of power is looking to a movie star for advice on policy issues.

      And lisa, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you comment many times that JA is so boring and all she talks about is her hair, which kinda makes you a hypocrite, don’t you think?

      If you don’t want to hear bitchy things about your favourite celeb, maybe don’t visit a gossip site with ‘bitchy’ in the title. There are plenty of fansites which I’m sure you’d find much more suitable.

    • Mali_ says:

      Agreed. Imo its really creepy to be sucked into lies and gossip about something and repeat it as if it were true. In fact its downright evil imo.

      I mean, do they ever, *ever* stop and think, “wait a minute, *what if I’m wrong*?” What if she truly didn’t do that and is innocent? Is it fair of me to slander and persecute someone who perhaps did nothing to deserve it? I was always brought up that you should never spread harmful gossip about someone because if its false, you don’t know the effect it could have on the person. Clearly many weren’t, because they see no problems at all in spreading gossip, lies and persecution of someone. DO they ever stop and ask themselves “What if its not true?” I sometimes wonder if they ever do stop and think, and them impact/effect their partaking in the bullying/lies/persecution. I know in this time of multimedia social network bullying is the in thing and people don’t stop and THINK that they could be truly hurting someone and their reputation. I guess I am old-fashioned and ‘uncool’ there. Because I don’t like to potentially hurt a person with something that could be false. Having been a victim of persecution based on absolute lies, I know how it feels when people are dead certain the lies are correct. It is so very unfair, and so damaging. It really is evil. Fair becomes foul, foul becomes fair is how I define it. And people everywhere should take a stand and stand up against it.

  9. Wilma says:

    I too like the way Petraeus speaks in his interviews, press statements. He’s to the point and doesn’t pussy foot around the issues.

  10. Abby says:

    Good for her. It’s much better than being just another actress not being actively involved, and God knows it’s better than the starlets, reality stars, and Kardashians faking it for the camera just for attention.

  11. Sakyiwaa says:

    Great for Angie! But… I miss seeing the kids A LOT! *guilty pleasure of mine*

    • anon says:

      Me too. My grandchildren are getting big, they are teens now. I so miss when they were little. I enjoy seeing young children, especially Angie and Brad’s crew. Adorable little ones all of them :-)
      Maddox is close to where my grands are almost a teen.

  12. Fallon says:

    She looks gorgeous in the two pictures where she’s in the suit.

  13. moopsie says:

    Question for the Angelina fans: What is your favorite movie that she starred in?

  14. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    I think it’s good that she and Brad were able to talk about the different philanthropic work they do, and hopefully bring what they’ve witnessed to light. Information is key, and they’ve both been to the forefront of home, and international issues. Foreign policy is a key issue in politics, as are home-front issues such as Katrina, which has been basically forgotten by many.

  15. original sandy says:

    great job, brad and angelina, so impressive, love them. and their work.

  16. d says:

    “The Secret Service doesn’t do drop-ins” … that made me wish that a commenter would reveal themselves — anonymously – as an agent and give us the scoop on getting visits to the White House. and then I thought, I would really love it and have a good laugh if all the Jen-a-loonies and Ange-a-loonies were all in fact secret service agents and FBI agents and CIA agents who were bored out of their minds, pretending to be commenting on these stories, all competing with one another as to who could leave the craziest comment. Sigh…one can dream…you have to love a good prank. OR! Maybe George Clooney is actually one of the commenters and he’s always pretending to dish on Angie, and Brad pretends to be a dissing Jen. Seriously, these tabs have to up their game if they want to keep the triangle interesting.