Michael Fassbender is shirtless, pale and beautiful on the cover of THR


What just happened? Oh, I must have passed out after staring too hard at MICHAEL FASSBENDER’S MAN-NIPS on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter. OMG. He made the cover. OMG. Shirtless. Ginger. Arms. Man-nips. Hands. Blue eyes. Shark teeth. FASSBENDER. So, yes. This is happening. It’s on, bitches. What I have for Fassy is so far beyond a “crush”. It’s just full-blown obsession and it’s crushing me. Why isn’t he mine? Look at the cover – he seems to beckoning me, right? “Come hither, lass. I shall wreck ye sweetshop by unleashing mine beast.” That’s seriously how he talks to me (in my mind). And why did THR position him on a bed? And it’s a very minimalist bed too – My Fassy likes a clean workspace, you know. *cleaning workspace for The Beast*

Anyway, here are some highlights from the interview – you can read the full thing here:

He recently went on vacation in Hawaii, where he jumped out of a plane high over the island: “It was the most amazing rush. I was strapped to the instructor, who was behind me. For 50 seconds, you’re free-falling, and your brain is saying, ‘What are you doing?’ Once the canopy opens, he unhooks certain things and you drop down a bit. It’s a crazy feeling to jump out of an airplane and land on the ground.”

The Fassdong: Fassbender jokes that his father was “very proud” when watching the movie at Venice.

His potential Oscar date, should he be nominated: “It would just be a bonus, but of course I would take my mom down the red carpet.”

Research: Fassbender says he has grown deft at using YouTube to study accents (his own is Irish) or to watch a grainy interview with an elderly Jung. And for Shame, he met with recovering sex addicts: “One man had the same intimacy issues that Brandon had, so it was very helpful to me, and I was very grateful that he opened up.” There was no time to feel too self-conscious when shooting Shame, says Fassbender. It helped that McQueen kept the set intimate. “We moved very fast. We shot it in 25 days, so I kind of had to get over it and get on with it,” he says.

[From THR]

Most of the article is just quotes from other (important) Hollywood types, all talking about how awesome Fassy is. True story, bitches. Maybe if Fassy gets an Oscar nomination and maybe a few more magazine covers, photo agencies will really focus on getting more photos of him. Because he went largely unnoticed at the Globes, and bitches, I’m not playing that.

By the way, this is another pic from THR – which I LOVE. Look at that ginger on the red couch.

But I have a piece of depressing news. Depressing in the sense that it just drives home a certain point about Fassy – something that I’ve suspected for a while, and I hate to see verified. Most of us probably don’t have a chance. His type is: exotic, dark (Asian and black women almost always), slender women with great bodies, who are also cray-cray. On that note, Fassy seems to have reconciled with Leasi Andrews, the woman who once accused him of abusing her (she dropped the charges):

Michael Fassbender enjoyed a torrid — and rather public — reunion with an ex-girlfriend, “Dante’s Cove” actress Leasi Andrews, early Monday morning. A source says the “Shame” actor and his former flame, who has a son with movie producer Lawrence Bender, got very hot and heavy “in a chair by the bathroom” at the Writers Room in Los Angeles.

Fassbender ran into Andrews when he arrived at the drinking den for post-Golden Globes partying with Gerard Butler. Earlier in the evening, the two hunks hung at CAA’s party at the Sunset Tower hotel with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney and Stacy Keibler.

After their PDA session, our source says the couple grabbed a cab to the Sunset Marquis Hotel, where Fassbender had a villa. Andrews was spotted leaving the hotel after noon in slippers. Fassbender’s agent did not respond to a request for comment and a rep for Andrews could not be reached.

Fassbender and Andrews’ reunion is interesting in light of allegations that the exotic beauty made against the “X-Men: First Class” actor in 2010. In March of that year, Andrews filed a motion in L.A. Superior Court asking for an order of protection against Fassbender and demanding that he move out of their Bel-Air home. As the Daily News reported, she claimed in court papers that in July 2009, Fassbender “threw [her] in a drunken fury and in November dragged her alongside their car, hurting her ankle and bursting an ovarian cyst.”

Andrews withdrew the motion in April 2010 because, according to a friend at the time, she didn’t want “to hurt” Fassbender’s blossoming career.

[From NYDN]

Sigh… Fassy went back for more of that crazy woman. DAMN IT. Fassy, why not go for a nice Indian girl whose sweetshop needs to be wrecked by an Irish beast? Actually, I’m not that nice. I’m kind of bitch, and I can totally be crazy if you need me to be. *throws chair* WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME?!?! Kiss me. I HATE YOU. I need you! See? I can do crazy. Call me!

Here are some photos of Fassy and Leasi in 2008 & 2009.

Photos courtesy of WENN, The Hollywood Reporter.

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  1. brin says:

    When I saw this cover pic yesterday I knew it would be on here today. I’ll leave you alone with Fassy now.

  2. GoodCapon says:

    Bwahaha I knew you’d cover this Kaiser!

    I still haven’t seen Shame. I feel like I’m missing out on a lot.

  3. Quest says:

    Oh Kaiser I feel your pain, confusing and errotic desire to ravash Fassie. He looks yummy on that cover

  4. Asli says:

    LOL! I love how Stacy Keibler has become a person of note at the Globes after party. That girl is getting after it HARD! Georgie may have met his match…

  5. Girlnone says:

    Kaiser, I love you, but you’ve officially gone insane.

  6. Tiegan says:

    “That crazy girl”? I think the fact that he hooked up with her again suggests the allegations might be true. Why would he touch her if she only spread malicious lies that could have ruined his career?

    All very fishy to me, but then I just don’t get the Fass-love.

    • D says:

      I’m thinking the same thing and it’s bumming me out because I think he’s such a great actor.

      I’m also not thrilled with calling her “that crazy girl”, a description that is often used to diminish the credibility of women who make abuse or rape allegations. Gratuitous, IMO.

    • kieslowski says:

      Totally agree, I cannot get behind this Fassbender thing because of these allegations.

      I am kind of dissapointed that you are giving him a pass because you find him super hot.

    • T.C. says:

      No, it means that she is hot and the sex is good so he can’t resist. She dropped the charges, the L.A. district attorney didn’t pursue the case which usually means there is nothing there. If there is abuse they will continue even without the woman. Men have a hard time saying no to sex with a hot woman. Even a woman that tries to ruin your reputation. The Fassdong speaks for the Fassbrain. Always.

      • scotchy says:

        I have to say, that just because a woman drops the charges, does not mean that there is “nothing there”.
        i know many an abused woman that has dropped charges. Manipulation is a very very powerful tool, and that guy is really effing creepy.

        if she was simply trying to sully his reputation he would not have gone back to her, he was dating another seriously hot woman just before hitting this again, so i doubt its just about the sex.
        i think that there is something to this story and that, the man is really creepy, and intense, and could very very easily smack a lady.
        it does suck because he is a talented actor, but this creepy aspect really isn’t doing him any favours.

      • Morgan says:

        Seriously? Like Fassbender couldn’t find a non-crazy hot woman to sleep with, if what you were saying was true? He’s drop-dead gorgeous with a gorgeous voice, famous, and probably now rich (or at least rich-ish).

        Dropping charges/lack of prosecution definitely does not mean there was “nothing there” when it comes to DV cases. DV is hard to prosecute, and abuse victims get skittish, especially when their abuser has a lot more power and outside support. Like a rich and famous white guy versus a black woman nobody’s heard of.

  7. Steph says:

    I am going to hate a little on leasi…

    ew, that forehead needs to be covered

  8. Snowflake says:

    ha, ha, funny post! who knows, he might end up giving you some one day!

  9. Toot says:

    Kaiser, have you seen Michael’s pics in W? He’s beyond hot and I believe laying in the bed in all the pics.

  10. Bite me says:

    I still don’t see the hotness

  11. Lenna says:

    Kaiser that last bit was hilarious. YOu made my morning. You complete me

  12. k says:

    Lol..he likes crazy yellow girls? #winning# can’t fault him for his type. Atleast it’s a changeup from the usual blonde and blue eyes.

  13. Maya says:

    I really don’t care for him in still photography. But in film, he just oozes charisma. After months of viewing still photographs and thinking ‘yuck’, I then saw the X-Men film and didn’t even know who he was until I asked, and even then I was blown away. He is a hot motherf$%%%^er.

  14. D says:

    Oh no. I was hoping that the story that he had beaten her up wasn’t true, but this reconciliation is making me think it might be.

    It’s pretty common for women to reconcile with their abusers (I believe that, on average, DV victims go back to their abusers 6 times before leaving them for good), so her behavior doesn’t surprise me (see also: Rihanna)

    What I am having trouble understanding is why Fassbender would hook up with a woman who falsely accused him of beating her so viciously that she ended up with a burst ovarian cyst and a blown-out knee cap. That he’s cool with doing so makes me think that those accusations may not have been false at all.

    Damn, this sucks.

    • T.C. says:

      She didn’t say he “beat her”, she said he dragged her alongside the car and burst her ovarian cyst. Which sounds out there. A man pulling you isn’t going to burst an ovarian cyst and you wouldn’t feel an ovarian cyst bursting. She then said he pushed her while drunk. The dates these things were reported to happen he wasn’t even in the country. She had no case. Look at that picture of this woman and tell me what man would say no to her if she wanted sex? If she is Fassbender’s type just like any man he is weak when it comes to sex with a beautiful woman he has history with.

      • Dalstongirl says:

        Maybe she sought medical attention? Have you thought of that?

      • kit says:

        I beg to differ. About a decade ago this (ovarian cyst bursting)happened to me and it was so painful it made me pass out at work. It CAN be really painful. I don’t know if it can be caused by being dragged though, the doctor said mine just happened.
        And I can’t make up my mind about the abuse allegations. I read somewhere this wasn’t the first time she accused someone of domestic violence and then took it back.
        In either case, why would he go anywhere near this woman again? It just seems like such a stupid thing to do.

      • Morgan says:

        I’m assuming you’re a straight dude. So what the heck do you know about ovarian cysts? I’ve never had a cyst but I’ve definitely had uterus pain and ovary pain before. I also occasionally feel it when one of my ovaries “pops” an egg (Mittelschmerz). We do have, like, nerve endings in there, you know.

    • Dalstongirl says:


      I agree. It’s all weird. As you said it’s not uncommon for women to get back with their abusers and some many of them with draw their allegations of abuse. Battered wife syndrome I think it’s called. And why would he want to hook up again with a woman who could have ruined his reputation and his career?

    • Zoe says:

      She was also with Terrence Howard, another abuser. Its doesn’t look good. Whatever happened, really bad publicity for him. All of the vagina being thrown his way and he gets back with her? Suspicious.

  15. phllygrl65 says:

    Can you imagine it! Gerard Butler and Michael Fassbender on the prowl together!

  16. Ari says:

    That Leasi lady is fug.

    She is going to be bald apparently very soon. Her huge forehead tells no lies.

  17. Whatever says:

    Well if it matters to you Kaiser, you probably have a better chance of Getting raw fassdong than I do. Aren’t you closer to his preference than us(dark girls or really pale girls)? I like his preference though, its different from the usual.

    The sex must be crazy with this Leasi girl. She must give him head trauma! lol.

  18. rtms says:

    There is something fishy about him supposedly hooking up with his ex. Translation his management paid her off to drop the charges I think as his career was indeed taking off then.They didn’t want another Mel Gibson.

  19. Bellydancer says:

    Just saw the W pictures and OMG he needs to stop posing on beds or in beds before us ladies get too roused up looking at the fassdong! (lol)


  20. Victoria says:

    A DANGEROUS METHOD he is fantastic. He whips Knightly and you will want him to do it to you. He’s all in black and very mcuh the master.

  21. Jules says:

    Fassy has that wild Irish heat…he reminds me a bit of my ex…who was/is definitely cray cray.

    So unfortunately I could see the Fass getting really drunk, and smashing things and hurting someone in an angry rage. I bet it’s true. :(

  22. Blue says:

    Is it okay that I would still let him have his way with me? I mean that story with his ex is probably true, but dammit he’s so… Sigh.

  23. Kelly says:

    I never really understood the Fass love until this cover. He looks great all clean-shaven, very chiseled and I love a pasty man!

  24. TheOriginalKitten says:

    He sure does have a type huh? Boo :(

  25. Tiffany27 says:

    I’m black and Japanese. Call me Michael ;)

  26. liz says:

    this is from the ny daily news kaiser….which is pretty tabloidy…..i dont think hes that stupid to get back with her

  27. krys says:

    Kaiser, if you go on Bing search and type in Michael Fassbender Shame, and then go on images, it has him on the set banging a woman from behind against a window with a big smile on his face. lol

  28. Jen34 says:

    What I don’t like about this story is that it makes those allegations about him seem true. I hope I’m wrong.

  29. SCREEEE says:

    Hahahaha *throws chair*

    I’d totally dial up the Halle Berry if it got me in those pants. *fanning self*

  30. Elise says:

    Omg, why do you do this to me, Kaiser! This is torture! And YOU, Fassbender, you know I only have one more ovary left! You’ve exploded them all. (Last ovary explodes) Ugh, I love him so, so much.

  31. Shazza says:

    Ok I’m going to say I don’t believe he did hook up with her. He’s to clever and too looked after not to know how hooking back up with her looks, like her claims were genuine. After all an abused women is more likely to go back than a man go back to a woman that lied. He wouldn’t risk the Oscar.
    I think the story is either wrong totally or as he has a type they’ve mistaken someone else for her.

  32. malia says:

    I think “reconciled” for Fassy dong means reconciling his penis with her vagina. I mean, let’s be real-this is Fassy we are talking about.

  33. Sefa says:

    Wait, wait, wait. He’s the one who dragged her alongside a car, and she’s the crazy one? I’m not saying she didn’t do stuff herself, but W. T. F? I’m sorry, but you just lost a few points in my esteem.

  34. Milla says:

    Oh Kaiser, I believe I’m in love/obsessed with this dude and it’s all your fault!!! Of course, I saw X- men… But anyway I hope he has a type (I’m black), the only problem is I’m 18 and stuck in Brazil…. ;]

  35. nina says:

    See what happens when you fassy fans complain about that adorable zoe kravitz? You get crap like this happening. Bet zoe’s looking really good to you now, huh? lol

    ps: I’m not gonna call the woman “crazy.” We don’t know what happened now. There’s various reasons why she could have dropped charges. My bet, since MF doesn’t have a history of abuse, is they are a really bad combination, and they probably shouldn’t get within 20 miles of eachother. What a disturbing charge though.

  36. Cathy says:

    I’d take him for a wild night. Yup, putting up the sound proof, foam injury proof walls for Fassy…come on man I’m waiting for ya. I’ll be cray cray as you want. I’ll even find a doctor to give me cray cray papers if you want me to. Can’t do anything about the skin color, but we can work around that.

  37. Sasha says:

    I love that his type is an “exotic” woman. It would really diminish his sex appeal if he kept hooking up with brainless blondes.

    I bet he shows NO MERCY in bed.

    • Bellydancer says:

      Damn Sasha I bet you are right he is probably merciless especially if his lady friend is about to… anyhoo not trying to get carried away but your name reminds me of the movie 2012 when the russian pilot is trying to get the airplane to lift up higher and he says”come on baby lift your big ass for sasha” lol it is on FX channel all this week and everytime he says it I laugh and think of Michael saying that to some lady as he is wrecking her sweetshop! Whew I got that all out anyway yeah I bet he can stroke (lol)

      • Crissy says:

        Bellydancer, ever thought of writing erotica novels? HA AHA HA HA. Did you see “Fishtank”….he dirty talks to this girl while he does her on the couch. Also, there’s a scene with her mother, she watches them together…let me just say, you can SEE that he KNOWS how to give long, hard, strokes and the positions….whooo, lawd, (sorry, celebitchy if am being x-rated here)

  38. Amanda G says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t find him attractive in any way? Although I will admit that I googled his nude scene after Clooney’s comment. Still not impressed.

  39. Francesca says:

    He has a long torso and short legs…ick

  40. Isa says:

    I’m glad you love your Gingers. Gives me hope for my gingers!

  41. UKHels says:

    I haven’t been this hot for an actor for a loooong time – saw Centurion last night and he really does push all my buttons!

    as for the allegations, well it wouldn’t surprise me – he will disappoint us ladies, isn’t that always the way?

  42. Nev says:

    why is he getting a pass and there is no pass for Chris Brown?

    just saying.

    • NotFamous says:

      Wtf are you talking about? If the allegations were true they would’ve continued the investigation and take his ass to trial. I refuse to believe that someone like Fassbender would hurt a female if he shows so much respect for them. The allegations are bs.

      Chris Brown though is an ass and is CLEARLY abusive towards women.

      • Nev says:

        what I am talking about is the “white-wash” of this alleged story happening on this thread just because he is good-looking and has sex appeal…Rihanna is being questioned and ridiculed for allegedly “hooking up” with Brown again…and in this story it is just being ignored because he has few sexy photo-shoots.

        hey, i don’t want it to be true either.
        maybe he did it and changed his ways.
        maybe it never happened.

      • kieslowski says:


        Totally agree with you. The woman in this simply decided to drop the charges the case was not investigated etc.

        I hate the fact that this situation gets totally ignored and the women in questions is just dismissed as being crazy b/c Fassbender is considered hot by some.

  43. Marissa. says:

    Damn, involuntary drooling by a picture? I’m so weak, lol. But before I can critique the, ahem, tasteful pictures, I’m just gonna get this out of the way. MICHAELLLLLLL! (squeals) Annnnd, I’m done, lol. He looks painfully delicious in the pics, especially on the cover. I can’t decide which one drives me crazier – the W Mag spread or this. Sigh, I CAN’T. And for the Fassy Haters, why are you guys here? Yeah, you’re entitled in your opinion, but it’s always the same thing: “I don’t see the appeal.” If you “don’t see the appeal,” just don’t click the post and move on. More Fassy for us.

  44. R says:

    FASSY WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME SO?! IM EXOTIC (indian german chinese swedish norwegian french spanish and cuban!!!!!!) AND YOU GO FOR THE CRAY CRAY BEOTCH?!?! WHYYY? ;’( sdfjwsjgjejgf;j;oIARgwfj’IOASjhg *falls out of chair and into hysterics*

  45. LucyOriginal says:

    Honestly, my fassiefever coolled off…I am not going to question her, but him?! seriously, if her claims were not true, what Does it tell about him? apparently, he would not have a bit respect for himself…

    I won’t waste 17 years following a career of a phony person (side eye to George Clooney). Although he is very talented. I will be watching his movies, but I could not careless for him now…

    pa: Why the President of the Cray cray Hollywood club (cray cray keibler)is being mention in every magazine? As if she was an A-list, please…

  46. Addison says:

    I too saw the story of him running into his ex. I was crushed! Why would anyone go back to someone who LIED about him. So some of the posts here have me re-evaluating my obsession with Michael. Then I see those pics again (sheet only). Wait! Must concentrate!.

    I hope this is not true him being violent with the ex. At this point I’m more in his corner. If he did have a history of violence with women more women would be stepping out. An abuser continues the pattern. Most certainly before any “fame” there would be incidents. Until there are more women stepping forward I will give him the benefit of the doubt but at this point it’s 60/40.

  47. Crissy says:

    If he indeed is abusive, why hasn’t any other woman charged him with abuse? Zoe has never come forward and said he is a woman-beater. I don’t believe this, yes, crazy, woman one bit. Why did she drop the charges? Here lies the real question. I am just hoping that he didn’t get back with her though. Please, Michael, listen to reason! Even if he did hook up with her, I doubt it is permanent. Michael, there are so many women of colour you can choose—Rochelle Aytes, Nicole Beharie, Meta Golding, Sanya Hughes, come on now!

  48. jello says:

    I’m with those that think calling her “crazy” is out of line, and I’m disappointed Kaiser did so because she’s got the hots for an actor. As for why she might have dropped the charges- there’s a hug precedent for this. It totally fits the battered woman pattern. I like Lainey’s breakdown of the situation: to find Fass hot I have to believe the allegations are not true, which means Leasi Andrews is lying. But because battered women often act exactly the way she is acting, I can’t be sure she is. Therefore how can I find Fass hot? Either way, at the very least he’s got some seriously messed up relationship issues which takes him out of handsome hunk category for me.

  49. patty says:

    Boyfriend! Also, I really doubt he’s a woman beater. Sexy but not violent.

  50. ella says:

    OK, any story that has a sentence along the lines of ‘the unknown actress was spotted leaving a hotel’ is bull.

    And there’s a single source for this story that involves multiple locations over a period of time?

  51. Diana says:

    Gross. I’m not saying that I know for locksure that he was violent towards his ex-girlfriend, but… I don’t feel right calling her a liar or crazy — her story is plausible.

    People so often forget, too, that men who hurt women don’t always have a long history of violence behind them — sometimes life stressors (like substance abuse) can drive people to violence even if they hadn’t been violent before.

  52. amanda says:

    Your M. Fassbender commentaries have become a bright spot in my life. I literally laugh out loud at your writing and comments. I thought Michael was joy enough; but Michael in my eyes and you in my ear? Perfection.

  53. Leesa says:

    Post-Michael’s accusation, Irish Sunday Mail did a story/investigation on Leasi Andrews after a few other men stepped forward and said she had falsely accused them of abuse. It’s an interesting read of a very troubled woman. Someone in the article says she has a “persecution” complex and ivents situations to get attention.
    Supporters of Fassbender have already pointed out that Miss Andrews sought an order barring Fassbender from approaching within 100 yards of her when he is 9,000km away – and has been for six months.

    She also waited almost nine months to demand $20,000 ([euro]16,000) to help cover her medical bills.

    What makes these issues doubly intriguing is that they have uncanny parallels with a case Miss Andrews filed 12 years ago against a seedy boyfriend known as the ‘Bill Gates of porn’.

    Court documents in America show how she claimed that internet sex mogul Seth Warshavsky ‘choked her during a limousine ride in Las Vegas’ and physically attacked her in front of her six-year-old child.

    He hit back in newspaper interviews, claiming her complaints were baseless and filed with dishonest intent. He added that he had continued to be ‘intimate’ with Miss Andrews even after she slapped him with a restraining order and that they even travelled to Hollywood together to attend the MTV Video Music Awards.

    Wa r s h a v s k y claimed she became angry when he took back the car he had given her and ended a business deal they had been planning.

    He later fled to Thailand after being investigated by the FBI for fraud. He could not be reached for comment.

    Nor was it the only instance of domestic violence in Miss Andrews’s chequered past. Indeed, much of her history seems to suggest that, either she suffers from a persecution complex -or else she genuinely brings out the worst in men.
    I think Fassbender got caught in her madness once; I hope he’s wise enough to avoid her now. The fact that all the Fassbender/Andrews stories always are “scooped” by the NY Daily Mail makes me either wonder if someone there has it in for him, or she or her ex-Lawrence Bender have a lackey there who do their bidding. The timing of all this right before Oscar nominations is immensely fishy to me.

    If anyone wants the entire article on her, I guess PM me here. I’m not sure what he saw in her in first place–other than her great rack.

    • Tara says:

      How do I PM you? I’d like to see this article. From what I understand, no other woman has ever accused Fassbender of abuse. Given his fame they would have come out by now.

    • Jo42 says:

      So why are you immediately defending a white man over a black woman? If you thought the he was attractive enough would you ignore any acts of violence against women?

      Also, why not include a link to the article you copy-and-pasted your comment from if you want to back up your claim? Here it is:

      However the Daily Mail is a tabloid that would attack or discredit anyone to sell papers, as it did to Michael Fassbender in a separate article published only five days later on the same story:

      Another thing, you claim (or your article claims) that Andrews is a liar because she accused another man of abuse, as if it is not possible to be abused twice in twelve years. On detailing that the man Seth Warshavsky built his empire on exploiting women and has fled the US due to FBI investigations [i.e. he is very likely to be an abuser], you put this down to Andrews “bringing the worst out in men”. As if she is sorely responsible for his behaviour.

      You are free to enjoy his body or acting, but convincing yourself and others that there is a flawless person behind that at the cost of silencing abused women makes you just as bad.

    • Morgan says:

      Yeah, it’s really not that rare for a woman who’s been abused by one man to continue to have relationships with abusive men. It’s not a matter of “bringing out the worst in men”, but that abusers are attracted to vulnerable people, such as those already broken down by abuse. Thought experiment: do you think if these previous men really had abused her, they would step forward to admit it?

      “She also waited almost nine months to demand $20,000 ([euro]16,000) to help cover her medical bills.”

      It’s much easier to settle/sue for medical bills resulting from an injury if you do it one go, which is why it’s a good idea to wait a little while, until you’re pretty sure there’s no surprise long-term effects to deal with. When I was T-boned with minor injuries, it took five months until I was healed and we (me, my family, and my doctor) were sure I was safe to give the other party’s insurer a number. “Almost nine months” is not that crazy for a physical assault scenario.

      “…when he took back the car he had given her.”

      This is illegal, lol. Outside of a marriage/shared property scenario, the only gifts you’re automatically entitled to receive back upon breakup are engagement rings, because they’re inarguably part of an implied contract which wasn’t fulfilled (the agreement to wed). I can see how she would be angry that he stole several thousand dollars worth of her property.

      “He later fled to Thailand after being investigated by the FBI for fraud. He could not be reached for comment.”

      Yeah, his personal testimony is definitely trustworthy.

      Look, I get that Fassbender is an attractive man and we all want to believe he’s a good person so that we don’t feel icky about being attracted to him. I too have a thing for the Irish. But when it comes to DV, it’s many times more likely that the alleged abuser is lying than the alleged victim. Them’s just the facts.

  54. ViktoryGin says:


    The chief difference is that there are photos of Rhianna with a busted up face replete with the presence of eye witnesses that prove beyond the shadow of doubt that Chris Brown laid his hands on her. Why are you and some others so quick to villainize Fassbender when there is no definitive proof? I think it’s peculiar that she is making these accusations yet there is no track recod ofdomest

  55. ViktoryGin says:


    I hope that you don’t have any plans to attend law school. The ALLEGED rumor that they have reconciled does not “prove” that he ALLEGEDLY assaulted her. And considering how much the media loves a trashy scandal, it’s a bit strange that none of the major tabloids picked this up and ran with it. Yes, he’s more famous now, he wasn’t some no name actor when the supposed incident took place however. And the gacythyhe media will report on the likes of Sean Penn and Mel Gibson, they’d be happy to blow the lid off this one.

    • Morgan says:

      Do you even understand what “alleged” means? The rumor isn’t alleged, it’s a real rumor, whether or not the abuse is real. That allegations were made proves without a doubt that he “allegedly assaulted” her, although it does not prove that he actually assaulted her. Maybe you should get a dictionary before you try to talk law.

  56. Kris says:

    Soooo…are we all in agreement that this story or Michael and his ex are true?? I thought it was tabloid gossip. Are there pictures out there somewhere? I certainly hope this is not true. I don’t know the whole story between them, but I think Fassbender is extremely talented (and handsome). And while I dont know him, by his interviews and what others have said about him I hope the abuse rumors arent true. Heard Fassbender is quite the drinker, but that doesn’t automatically mean he is a mean drunk. Oh well, but for Kaisers sake I’ll hope this story isn’t true =(

  57. Luiloo says:

    This is probably random. But Michael Fassbender and Nicole Scherzinger would make one gorgeous pair!

  58. Bellydancer says:

    @ Crissy: Hello I have submitted some stuff to Fassdong Fantasies. Warning it is hot!!!!!!!!!!

    1 story in December and 6 stories in November archives enjoy.

  59. Meanchick says:

    Saw ‘Shame’ and the “rise in his Levi’s” is ALL dong! Rrrrrraaaarrrrwww!

  60. Mairead says:

    Edit – I posted the same Indo article as Moohlah. Baby Fassbender with an accordion is adorable! :D

  61. Ginger says:

    I just read about this movie yesterday…with all of the full frontal details and the first thing I thought of was Kaiser! :) Nice pic on that cover…damn!

  62. hobie83 says:

    You’ve only seen him with exotic looking women, but fret not, I have a feeling he’s into all types.

  63. WTF says:

    WTF you mean “DEPRESSING” NEWS because he likes women of color … RACIST MUCH

    • Morgan says:

      Yeah, it’s a little weird that celebrities who don’t date white people are commented on while celebrities who don’t date POC get a free pass so long as they keep their mouths shut about it. Our society is really bizarre sometimes.

  64. kristen says:

    Um what’ so depressing about his liking Asian, Black women? Where did that come from?