Kris Jenner lost Kardashian magazine deal by trying to control stories in the tabloids

We heard a couple of weeks ago that there was a magazine in the works solely dedicated to the Kardashians. I didn’t really believe that story, and thought that Page Six must have confused that new “Reality Weekly” magazine with one that was just about the trashy Kardashians. There’s a follow up story in Page Six today that claims that not only was there a Kardashian Magazine brewing, but that Kris Jenner botched the deal with parent company American Media International by demanding that all stories in AMI tabloids were positive. AMI owns Star, The National Enquirer and Radar. There’s no way they were going to star censoring all stories about the Kardashians and they told Kris as much, so she blew a huge deal at a time when her family really could have used the positive publicity that would have gone along with a magazine. Ha-Ha!

Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner’s demands for absolute editorial control has killed a deal with American Media Inc. to create a Kardashian-devoted fanzine — after she insisted on approval on all stories about her family across their titles.

Page Six recently revealed the family was in talks with the publisher — home to Shape, Star, National Enquirer and Radar Online — to create a magazine entirely dedicated to the family’s antics.
But sources told us the deal turned sour after Jenner demanded she have editorial approval over every AMI publication to ensure wall-to-wall positive coverage of the overexposed reality robots.

Our source told us AMI “balked” at the demand, even though megalomaniac mom Jenner offered to “dish” all of the family “scoop” to the fanzine. AMI execs argued they didn’t want to just swallow saccharine “Kardashian krap,” noting that while they have a television deal with E!, other outlets often get better scoops on the family.

AMI dealt the deal a mortal blow when Star last week claimed Jenner’s late ex-husband, Robert Kardashian, was not the biological father of Khloe Kardashian. Furious Jenner denied it, and realized that AMI would never bow to her demands.

“AMI chief David Pecker made it clear that there was no way he was going to tell his editors what stories they could and couldn’t do,” our source said. In turn, Jenner pulled Kardashian-related product ads from Star.

[From The NY Post]

I’m thinking that the whole Enquirer cover story “O.J. is Khloe’s dad” was specifically angled to piss off Kris after she tried to strongarm AMI. The bitch deserves it and then some, but I kind of like Khloe and feel for her that she’s paying for the fact that her mom was a cheating skank. Plus Radar just dug up Kris’ old divorce papers which show that she’s been a greedy, conniving cheat for decades. There’s more money to be made in dissing the Kardashians now and AMI knows it.

Getting back to the issue of Khloe’s paternity, our friends at Evil Beet dug up a story about Kris potentially having a fling with her old hairdresser in the 80s, resulting in Khloe’s conception. They have the photo of the guy and he looks a lot like Khloe. It was smarter of the Enquirer to claim that OJ is her dad, though, as it’s easy to imagine Kris getting her freak on with a killer who just happened to be best friends with her husband. Even if he’s not Khloe’s dad, she probably screwed him too.

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  1. QQ says:

    So this is the sole time we praise Jesus for her neverending greed?

  2. truthful says:


    I love this thread!!
    Kris does it to herself, all of her actions and past actions are DUMB ones.

    she is such a money grubbing skank and Kimmie is JUST like her.

    RUN Khloe, RUN!!

  3. Sumodo1 says:

    *gasp* (Speechless!) I am laughing so hard, I can’t catch my breath!

  4. bee says:

    Kris’ hair stylist Alex Rodan is still her hair stylist today. Alex Rodan travels with Kris at times. Alex hair is grey and he is a large gentlemen.

  5. machiavelli says:

    I saw an episode where Khloe did a DNA test. Did she decide not to open the result?

  6. barb333 says:

    I actually laughed so hard at this I have spell laugh out loud. No lol here. I have never been able to watch any of their shows, but I have read all about them only because they are like a car wreck, you can’t help it.

  7. Jules says:

    I am happy for the trees that will be spared from becoming a Kuntrashian rag. Is Pimp Mama Kim’s date in that one photo?

  8. duncecap says:

    Khloe get out while you can and disown this humiliating travesty of a “family”.

  9. The Truth Fairy says:

    How does she breathe thru that nose?

  10. Petunia says:

    And the good news is that now you can buy a Kardashian-ad-free Star magazine.

    I have to admit, Khloe does resemble the hairdresser but how do I put this politely? Are any male hairdressers straight?

    I’m glad that AMI didn’t bow to Kris’s demand. We don’t need more sacchrine-sweet stories about the Kardashians.

    • NO SH¡T says:

      Whether he is gay or not now doesn’t matter we talking about 30 or whoever old Khloe is yrs ago but if he wasn’t/is gay time they could have had drunken one night stand

    • bohemelilene says:

      Yeah I was thinking about this too when I first heard this Alex guy was a hairdresser but on youtube there’s a fairly recent video of him, I think if you type in “Expert Tips for Red Carpet Style with Lisa and Molly” the youtube video with him will pop up. He’s got all-white hair now but it’s the same guy and he doesn’t seem all that effeminate to me. It’s also curious that his name is Alex and Khloe’s middle name is Alexandra but that could just be a coincidence?

    • Kelly says:

      Plenty of hairstylists are straight (isn’t that kind of a tired stereotype?). Didn’t you see the movie Shampoo, with Warren Beatty, whose character was modeled after celebrity hairstylist Jay Sebring (tragically murdered by the Manson family) and Jon Peters (now a producer)? Or Jonathan Antin, who had that cheesy show Blow Out, and then Shear Genius? These are all macho horn-dog types.

  11. Jilly Bean says:

    I dont get it.. Khloe is the only one who looks like the father Kardasian, (?Robert? his name?)
    .. the rest of girls are just Kris clones…

    • Smarty says:

      Yes!! She DOES look like Robert! Also, her and her brother look exactly the same.

    • Laurie M. says:

      Really? I don’t see the resemblance to Robert K at all. She is a spitting image of the hairdresser – size and facial features. Believe it or not – Media Takeout has side by side pics of Khloe and OJs daughter and it has me thinking there MIGHT be something to the rumor.

      • Annie says:

        Agree, Laurie. Khloe has rather *masculine* features compared to her siblings which may have people seeing things that aren’t there. Remember that people tend to have a certain resemblance to the parents that raised them, even if they are not the biological parent, copying facial expressions and so on. Personally I don’t really see any real resemblance to Robert K per se. I always thought Kimmycakes took after Robert the most in looks – she’s looking more like Kris now but only because they use the same plastic surgeon (in personality she is like the worst of both parents). Main thing that gets me suspicious about Khloe is her height. While it’s genetically possible for a short man to father a tall woman it’s statistically uncommon, and knowing what we know about Kris *cough*, I’d put my money on a different bio dad for Khloe.

  12. brin says:

    Can we just drop a bomb on their house? That’s the only way we can get rid of them. Wait til they have their game night so we can get all of them at once.

  13. neelyo says:

    If she wants positive coverage, why doesn’t she encourage her family to do something positive?

  14. quinnie88 says:

    The tip of Kris’s nose looks loose! I shudder to think what the kardashians look like without all the shelack on there face. One giant bag of smashed lips and as@holes no doubt lol

  15. dorothy says:

    Glad to hear those mags. have standards. Can’t imagine being subjected to more articles about those people.

  16. Pia says:

    Khloe looks A LOT like that hairdresser! Hmmm….

  17. Cathy says:

    I just love the Kuntrashian threads, they always give me a good laugh.

  18. Kimlee says:

    Khloe does look like the Alex guy but at this point I don’t believe even Kris knows who Khloe real dad is and she was such a big slut that Khloe dad could be anyone’s.

    The fact that she trying to exploit this situation many years after the fact is just sicking and that she has no regarded of her daughter’s feeling.

  19. kerker says:

    I honestly thought this was a bogus story all along until I saw those pictures. Freaky!

  20. Franny says:

    Her little penquin purse reminds me of the SATC episode where Big gets Carrie that weird bedazzled watermelon purse (or whatever it was) and she was all “WTF…who wears this”

    Kris Jenner apparently.

  21. Dario says:

    All issues aside, what the hell is up with Kris’s nose? Michael Jackson syndrome? It looks like its about to fall off! Eww!

  22. Laurie M. says:

    Check out Media Take Out today. They have pics of Khloe side by side to OJs daughter with Nicole. Interesting similarities!!
    At least at this point, there is little doubt Kris screwed around and Robert is most likely NOT the father.
    That’s what the family gets for putting it all out there!

  23. Amy says:

    ok I used to not see the resemblance between Kris and her daughters. Now that Kris has gotten more plastic surgery recently, her plastic surgery-ness is looking like Kim’s plastic surgery-ness.

  24. CTgirl says:

    Kris K is nothing more than a pimp. Shame on her for selling her family and their lives.

  25. Jackson says:

    Wow! Khloe does look so much like the hairdresser dude. Ok, I’m dumping the ‘OJ is her father’ guess and going with the hairdresser. And Mother K is disgusting.

  26. NO SH¡T says:

    Robert K Sr. learned the hard lesson you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife cuz hoes don’t act right. Now his daughters are hoes just like mommy deares.

  27. dena says:

    I like Khloe too, don’t get me wrong. She seems smarter and more down to earth than the other bimbos.

    But are people forgetting her DUI/cocaine possession?

    And trash doesn’t fall far from the trash can, ladies. She is very much a “Kardashian.”

  28. NO SH¡T says:

    Just looked at the pic… that hairdresser dude is her dad they look just alike smh Kris you old hoe!

  29. Jover says:

    I must lead a sheltered life WHo are their “fans” 12 year old club girls – I passed by some of their clothes at my local sears – the table didn’t even have a pic of those slimeball famehos, the tops looked and felt cheap (no surprise) and it looked like my local sears may have been embarressed to carry their ahem clothes; the table was by the restrooms.

  30. Ally says:

    Incidentally, pretty sure EB’s story is a copy pasta of this.

    In any case, yeah, OJ is more plausible.

  31. Kim says:

    Such good news! FINALLY a tabloid realizing the Kartrashians 15 mins are up, the public is WAY over the entire family.

  32. JudyK says:

    I’m hoping for an Alien Abduction of both Kris and Kim.

  33. DomCoug says:

    OH MY!!! Kris is REALLY looking more and more like a drag queen.. CAN I GET AN AMEN UP IN HERE! and the ick factor of shininess and layers and layers of make up and grime… inside and out! ick ick ick..

  34. the original bellaluna says:

    I feel really bad for Khloe. I know she’s had her moments of doubt about her parentage, thinking she was adopted (the DNA test was for her & Pimp Mama, not daddy).

    Pimp Mama is an atrocious *ahem* human being. I’m glad that AMI (or whatever) stood up to her and told her “NO!”

  35. Kasey says:

    That dolled up pic of Khloe and the hairdresser is the first to
    time I’ve noticed a resemblance berween she and Kourtney.

    I’m glad we’ve been spared another media outlet promoting this crew. I hope no one requests her comments on this situation because I can believe she word think nothing of telling the tale of how she couldnt permit them to villify and scandalize her family or their name. She would totally make this about her choice to go the virtuos route, stick and not compromising her values and morals…..

  36. dorothy says:

    I thought Dina Lohan was the bottom of the barrel. Kris is down there with her. It’s a shame mom’s like them can’t have charges filed against them by DHR on behalf of their younger children.

  37. dorothy says:

    I thought Dina Lohan was the bottom of the barrel. Kris is down there with her. It’s a shame mom’s like them can’t have charges filed against them by DHR on behalf of their younger children. Pimping them out is the same as child abuse.

  38. some bitch says:

    Her nose is seriously bothering me. Like I keep touching my own nose in fear it would collapse just like hers… or something.

    If it weren’t for the rest of the obvious drag-queen look/molded features I’d wonder if she fucked up her nose by snorting too much coke back in the 80s….

  39. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    Wow what a ‘Diva’ move she tried to pull, Mama Kris has obviously been drinking her own brand of Koolaid (or is it OJ?) for too long. “Oh yes Mrs. Jenner, or is it Kardashian now? You can have total editorial Kontrol over all AMI mags, what with all your education and experience, and *cough writing cough cough* your own book you’re a natural!” HAHAHAHA!!! What a delusional twat!

    Also, this explains Kim’s AHEM size two (2), Photoshopped to the ‘nth degree Shape magazine cover.

  40. kit says:

    I wonder what it’s like growing up with a mother like Dina or Kris? It almost makes me feel bad for disliking Kim and Lindsay so much.
    Then again, so many kids grow up with f*cked up parents and turn out alright…

  41. JD says:

    When I was younger, I thought my mom was a witch.
    She wouldn’t let me wear certain clothes, insisted on knowing who my friends and dates were, grounded me when I did get in trouble, and so on.

    Thank God. I could’ve had Kris Kardashian for a mother.

    So, one great big THANK YOU to my mother!

  42. Gabby says:

    HOLY CRAP, the hairdresser is DEFINITELY Khloe’s father.

    Check out a recent video of him:

    I mean, it’s UNDENIABLE – she looks exactly like him, height-wise, facially, colouring, everything. Even from that short clip, he seems like a well-grounded guy, so personality-wise, it fits too.


  43. kimberly says:

    I laughed so hard at the idea of a cuntdashian mag that I swallowed my spit and started coughing violently. THEN I hit the link and saw the pic of the dude and nearly fell out of my chair.

    I mean really a mag? What would it feature? How to put on fake eye lashes and take off your spanx? How to hold still while someone pees on you, and pretend the pee Fuji water? How to lie, cheat, and backstab in order to obtain 15 min of fame? How to become a stylist in order to make it appear that you are not a total whore and gold digger? How to avoid getting caught with white powder rimmed nostrils? How to use bleach water to remove the pounds of fakeness every night before bed?

    I mean really?

    thank you for giving me a huge laugh today celebitchy!

  44. Angelique says:

    This woman looks like monster… very ugly one

  45. Maya says:

    It’s time Kris Jenner hired a professional madam to take care of her girls.

  46. JudyK says:

    What woman or mother would have her 9 yr old daughter testify against her own father in the divorce..true is in the divorce papers.

  47. Bambi says:

    I can’t believe the National Enquirer actually printed the ridiculous story that O. J. Simpson might be Khloe’s father. Robert Kardashian is a dark complected man and his children all have dark hair and skin.

    Khloe stands out because her hair and skin are lighter than her siblings. So logic would dictate that if she does have a different father, HIS hair and skin would be lighter, not darker, than Robert Kardashian’s.

    I agree that Kris probably did have sex with O. J. at some point.

    And Khloe does look like that hairdresser. The National Enquirer needs to get on that!

    • Caz says:

      Go Kaiser & Celebitchy! Don’t hold back! I hope the OJ/Kartrashian connection gains media legs. From Robert & Kris (by association) helping him get off a double murder charge, to a potential affair and possibly OJ being Khloe’s father this has the potential to put the final nail in this family’s coffin. No family can survive an OJ connection. Every sane person knows what he did and that justice was not served.

  48. Dredz says:

    Surely this is a joke? Who would wanna buy that magazine?

  49. gina says:

    omg, the hairdresser’s pic does strike a very close resemblance to Khloe :-/

  50. Meanchick says:

    That silly putty nose is the worst!