Madonna convinces Justin and Britney to reunite on stage

Madonna has found yet another way to regain the spotlight – by hitching her gristle train that could onto younger more relevant artists. The pop singer has plans to bring exes Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears on stage together at her show in LA on Thursday. Ryan Seacrest spilled the beans on this probably planted news on his radio station:

On Wednesday afternoon, Ryan Seacrest called in to local radio station KIIS FM, which airs his morning show On Air with Ryan Seacrest, and broke the news that both Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears will take the stage together with Madonna tomorrow night when she performs at Dodger Stadium as part of her Sticky & Sweet Tour.

“I couldn’t wait to tell you this,” Seacrest said. “If Justin and Britney end up on that stage with her [Madonna]… I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything quite like that before.”

While both Timberlake and Spears have collaborated individually with Madge, they haven’t spent much time together in recent years. Leave it to Madonna to make music history once again!

Seacrest promised to reveal more details on his morning show tomorrow: “Expect some big surprises”– So stay tuned!

[From OK! Magazine]

It sounds like someone is desperate to sell tickets. When you plan to divorce your husband at the end of your tour and he beats you to the announcement you have to move on to convincing other people to serve as your pawns. Timberlake coordinated with Madonna on that “4 Minutes” song and seemed more than willing to appease her, while Britney recorded a video for Madonna’s tour that featured her freaking out in an elevator. Maybe they’re both willing to put the past aside in order of pleasing her Madgesty. It will give both of their careers a minor boost too. It’s just too bad they couldn’t do it as a favor for each other instead of having to go through Madonna.

Madonna is shown performing in Chicago on 10/26/08. Credit: WENN

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13 Responses to “Madonna convinces Justin and Britney to reunite on stage”

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  1. Lauri says:

    Try though she might, she is just not a relevant, or even interesting, person anymore. It’s a pathetic attempt and keeping the spotlight on her.

    Desperation is not pretty. She should just fade into the background and enjoy her money and the career she HAD (past tense). To continue on as she is just makes her look sad and pathetic.

  2. Ophelia says:

    Gristle train
    *dies laughing*
    Well done, that’s hilarious! I’m gonna have to put that in my active vocabulary.

  3. vdantev says:

    On fear of painful death by Miss Heroin Arms storm troopers, I’m sure.

  4. Meg says:

    Madonna is using Britney just like everyone else.

  5. xxx says:

    What is she doing to her face?

  6. jenn says:

    If you want to know what she’s doing to her face, see the Lisa Rinna article.

  7. Mrs. B says:

    Please! No one else BUT Madonna could get these two together. People have tried for years, but she’s the only one w/ enough power and influence to do so! Stop saying that she’s just using them, b/c if any other person on this planet could have got those two to appear together, then they would have already done it. Madonna has a very strong fan base, her sold out concerts prove this, and Britney and Justin are probably using HER to get themselves the exposure they so desperately want.

  8. ff says:

    I have to say while it’s great that she got them back together on stage, it’s just NOT because she’s a great humanitarian. Not to mention that her songs with them just show how she really shouldn’t try that sound unless she’s doing it solo.

    I can only hope the ‘reunion’ is so successful that it completely over shadows Madonna. She’s better as a solo act (both ways).

  9. Anna says:

    Don’t forget Britney performed (and shared the infamous kiss) with Madonna at the MTV VMAs. Also didn’t Madonna also collaborate with Britney on her single Me Against the Music? I think I remember Madonna appearing in the video and singing in the song.

  10. holdup says:

    “If those two appear together on stage-well I don’t know if we’ve ever seen aything like it.”- seacrest

    WERE YOU UNDER A ROCK ON TUESDAY!?!?! Jesus. I guess in his world (hollyweird) that’s basically the second coming.

  11. Jeanne says:

    I’m only interested if all the other ex-Mouseketeers have to reunite with them. Spears and Timberlake together…too late. Music has moved on. Madonna aka Grandma of Pop is showing her age by even suggesting it.

  12. SixxKitty says:

    If only Madonna could respect herself! I’m embarressed for her, she suffers from tunnel vision, and that tunnel is looking back at the 80′s! Can’t she see its a slow death she’s offering her career? Better yet, can’t she see she’s become a hagged old woman that is the epitamy of what she said she never wanted to be? I recall an interview she once gave when ‘Boarderline’ was relased, stating something like “people as old as Cher should leave to people like me, we know pop music, not being called Pop..”
    I was 15 at the time, and didn’t realise that Cher is only ten years older than Madonna, and now shes over ten years older than Cher was when she said it about her.

    ( It was in Dolly mag, if I recall, its a published interview anyway. Thou not her exact words.)

  13. Yadira says:

    MRS B: apparently MadVadge wasn’t all that important and influential cus Britney and Justin didn’t appear together on stage like it was raved about so much. Ha! Her dino powers are weakening