LeAnn Rimes is still trying to make her failing music career happen

Here are some photos of everybody’s favorite Falcor, LeAnn Rimes, at LAX yesterday. Is this the way you dress for a flight? Thigh-high stockings and a miniskirt? Apparently, LeAnn was flying to Nashville – this is according to her Twitter account, where she tweeted, “I could not have made a better record at this time in my life. It’s like making a film. I’m proud…SO, headed off to Nashville to a HUGE meeting with my label to play them the whole new record LIVE. SUPER excited cause it ROCKS. #proud”. So, she’s recorded ANOTHER album? Didn’t her last album just come out a few months ago? Didn’t it bomb? Wasn’t there a rumor that her label was probably going to drop her? Why is LeAnn still trying to make her music career happen? So many questions.

Meanwhile, a prediction by AstroChicks, an online astrology site, is making a surprising amount of headlines. Their psychic claims that 2012 is the year that LeAnn will get pregnant, perhaps to keep Gemini Eddie Cibrian interested and engaged – you can read the full prediction here. You know what I hate? I hate that LeAnn and I share a sign – we’re both Virgos. LeAnn gives Virgos a bad name. Yes, we’re OCD and kind of crazy and anal retentive, but we’re not ALL batsh-t insane. In any case, I kind of hope that LeAnn does get pregnant this year. It would give her something else to obsess over.

Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Marjalane says:

    I wish you hadn’t mentioned that she is a Virgo; I’m a Virgo too, and while I might be *somewhat* controlling, I don’t want to think I’m quite on the psycho level of Lean!

  2. heatheradair says:

    Eddie’s a gemini, huh?

    And he’s with a Virgo.

    My man and I are finding this a tricky one — he’s a virgo, I’m a gemini — difficult to balance emotional expectations and social inclinations, just a bit…

    GENERALLY speaking, not usually a great match. Gemini’s have short attention spans….Virgos typically less so.

    Had to admit to myself this morning that for as much as I wine about LeAnn and the KK’s, they’re always my favorite posts. Can’t help it. Love to oogle the idiots.

    Helps me start my day off with a smug sense of superiority…..

    • smith says:

      I’m a Virgo with a capital VIR* and my husband of six years (been together 10) is a slightly befuddled Gemini.

      We’re still loved up like it’s still early days – there’s hope for everyone!!

      (*GO – I couldn’t just let half the word hang there for all eternity)

      Okay, I have to go clean everything and make a couple dozen lists.

    • Petunia says:

      Me too. I find some of her antics hilarious (the yodeling about how SUPER-talented she is, the showing off of her horse’s hooves, the ridiculous “Look at MEEEEE” jumping jacks,) although I don’t like it when she tries to push herself into “Mommy” territory.

      You know, this chick acts like she’s having a mid-life crisis, only she’s not old enough yet, is she?

    • Yael says:

      see, i’m married to a virgo… and yet he’s so NOT like any virgos i’ve read about/know. he doesn’t plan for the future much, doesn’t make lists for anything, forgets his schedule constantly… strange.

    • Samigirl says:

      So…help me out on this. My husband and I are BOTH Virgos. We have the same exact birthday, actually (he’s 20 hours older than I am)…what does this mean? I’ve never really followed astrology, but I think it’s interesting, and fun at the least.

      The list making thing is funny. I didn’t know that was a Virgo thing. I make lists allllllll the time, haha. It’s a compulsion.

    • skuddles says:

      I’m a Gemini woman and the two absolute WORST relationships in my life were with Virgo men…. I shudder just to think of them now. But there’s more to it than just the sun signs, you have to do a chart to see where all your houses fall – some Gemini/Virgo combos work beautifully. But definitely not the rule…

    • Asli says:

      Eddie’s a Gemini? No!!! Why, God, why?!! *falls to knees screaming incoherently…

      Just kidding. I still hate the fact that he’s a Gem. He’s giving us all a bad name! Where’s George Bush when you need him…

      • Isa says:

        I’m a Taurus in a relationship with a Virgo.
        Two of my best friends are Geminis.

        That outfit is horrible!

      • Asli says:

        Gemini’s rock right?! I’m a Gemini. Haha, my bestfriend is a Virgo and my sister, who I’m really close to, is a Taurus :) That outfit IS horrible, but then again I expect nothing less from Leann.

      • TheOriginalVictoria says:

        I’m a Taurus (­¡Cinco de May bebe!) and my husband was a Gemini) Now, just about all my cousins are March, April, May babies and my father is Gemini. I find many Geminis born in May to be really two-faced and shady. Image is everything. My father was born on the 27th as are some of my cousins and boy they are like the evil side of the Geminis. Always plotting and manipulating.

        May Taureans can be very stubborn and bullshitters so we clash with Gems and Aquarius folk (my mom Jan. 23) who hold grudges like nobody’s business but are pretty straightforward. But my husband was closer to the cusp between Gem and Cancer so he had a sensitivity to him that kind of went hand in hand with his tough side.

        Gems are also very particular and somewhat more orderly than Taurus; I’m all over the place most of the time.

  3. NeNe says:

    I cannot pinpoint what I do not like about this chick, aside from her being a homewrecker. Her smug face just irriates the heck out of me. I truly hope that her label dumps her ass, just like I predict Eddie will once he finds another dumb as rocks sugarmamma.

    • Samara says:

      I could forgive the homewreckery if she her genuinely apologetic about it and did nothing further to hurt Brandi. But her “get over it, it was FATE AND I AM SOO HAPPY” approach not to mention the “MY BONUS BOYS MINE MINE MINE” makes me think shes a terrible horrible person that is a complete selfish twit to boot. Letting her stylist, tour manager, and record producer chime in and make fun of Brandi on public permanent forums is just as low class.

      Alicia Keys at least laid low for a good while for the drama to die down. Leann just revels in the drama at whatever cost to her career and reputation

    • lisa says:

      She has no humility, no shame and, apparently, no mirror.

  4. autumndaze says:

    Leann has been public about her battle with psoriasis. I think that a small factor in Leann’s endless bikinis and famewhoring has to do with the resolution of her psoriasis with prescription medication.
    It has cleared up the rashes and she is showing a lot of skin.
    However, to get pregnant she would have to go off the medication and her psoriasis would return in force.

    She is not going to let that happen.
    I predict no pregnancy in 2012 or any time soon after.

    • lw says:

      Totally agree. She has spent a lot of time and money to get her body looking the way it does. She is not going to “ruin it” to have a kid any time soon. I think she takes great pride in being Eddie’s lil’ “sex kitten sugar momma”.

      • Petunia says:

        Agree with the both of you. I don’t even think she’s particularly maternal. After all, it’s all about LeAnn, always and all the time, isn’t it?

        And no way would she “get fat,” giving Eddie’s wandering eye an excuse to wander again. No way.

        Maybe the resolution of the psoriasis is a legit. reason for her to be proudly flaunting her body but you know, I just find her to be very unattractive in a bikini. Maybe it’s the nasty smirk on her face? I don’t know.

  5. Roma says:

    I get all the LeAnn hate, I really do. But: at least she has done something. The girl can legitimately sing.

    This is not a Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton who have done nothing in their lives (besides their brief “acting” careers) who want to record an album. She’s had a music career for a very long time. That’s not to say it’s good, but…

    I don’t know. The more LeAnn and Jennifer Aniston get bashed on here, the more defensive I become of them. And I don’t even like LeAnn.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

      I’m no LeAnn fan (too much of one song in retail lol) but at least she has made a career on talent which she does have when she uses her voice properly and not going all christina aguilera vocal gymnastics. I’d like to hear a duet with vince gill.

      • Sandra says:

        YES!!! Some people can pull off the vocal gymnastics and some can’t. Her style just doesn’t suit it. She sounds beautiful when she sings straight up, so I wish she would stick to that. And I agree – the more she is bashed, the more I want to defend her too. It doesn’t mean she’s right, but the extent of the vitriol just bothers me.

    • Petunia says:

      You know, it’s true that she has talent and it’s too bad that she doesn’t return to paying attention to that aspect of her life.

      The bashing comes from her ugly behavior, pure and simple. No one would really care if she was just a star with an overinflated ego. But the stuff she pulls with Eddie’s boys really, really bothers me. Marriages die but there’s just no excuse to try and usurp a mother’s position, pretending to be a “bonus mom.” I find that behavior absolutely revolting.

      • Mrs. Nix says:

        I get where that comes from, but I love my stepmother. I am so grateful that she was good to me and treated me like I was hers. It made custody swapping and step-family holiday occasions where I wasn’t related to anyone in the house a safe and enjoyable experience in my otherwise segmented and fractured childhood. An enthusiastic and fun stepparent is preferable to one who is standoffish and cold.

        It’s not about the mother’s feelings. It’s about the kids’. At least it should be. When they are in her home, it’s not “usurping,” in my opinion to treat them as though she was a parent to them.

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      The problem with LeAnn isn’t her talent as a singer, no one can deny that she’s very talented. The problem IMO is that she ACTS like KK, and Paris, by that I mean she’s as of late been attention whoring using her body, her breaking up another marriage as well as her own, her marriage to Eddie Cibrian, publicly bashing his ex, etc. All things that have nothing to do with her fame, and true undeniable singing talent.

      Simply put she has unapologetically ruined her own image, and turned public curiosity away from her singing. Which has been a mistake.

      Few celebrities are famous based on talent alone, it’s an entire image that catches the public’s eye. I think we’re all aware of how even one bad move could affect any celebrity’s public image negatively, we are on a celebrity gossip site after all. We’ve seen other celebs take hits to their public image for their private antics, why should LeAnn be any different? Especially since it’s LeAnn herself that puts the negativity out there. I just don’t get her behavior and I don’t hate her, I simply find her bizarre.

      • Kara Ann says:

        Beautifully put, Wild!
        Sometimes I listen to pandora.com in the background while I open another tab to read “celebitchy”. Just yesterday one of Leann’s songs came on and I just couldn’t listen to it. Yes, she is talented and the song was beautiful but, at some point, her personal life and decision to make that my business has made me unable to enjoy her on any level. That’s not even my fault if she wants to blame someone for her loss of a fanbase, she can take a look into that big ole shiny mirror or, for that matter, any internet site with her bikini jumping shenanigans!

    • Mrs. Nix says:

      Me, too! She was young and in an unhappy marriage. She messed up. She messed up BIG time. I get it. I get why people are angry with her.

      She is not a bad singer and her career has not been a joke. She has a singular and amazing vocal talent. Her last album, which so often gets dismissively put down here, was amazing work on classic country music. The audience for that album is more limited than the pop-country stuff she normally does, and it didn’t surprise anyone that it didn’t get the numbers her other mainstream stuff does. It was artistic and niche…and it was very, very good.

      Look, I don’t have any vested interest in this woman except that I’ve really enjoyed listening to her sing over the years. I was appalled by her behavior at the beginning of her relationship with the new husband…Eddie. But it’s been years, now, and they are married. The unmitigated hatred for her on the celeb gossip circuit has made me feel defensive for her.

      and…(ducks down)I think she’s kind of pretty in a different and striking way.

      • Samara says:

        I cant feel defensive towards someone who is constantly on the offense against the ex wife of her husband. The fact her hair stylist, Mateo, can feel completely comfortably calling Brandi “a drunk messy terrible mother” on a public forum on the internet speaks to me of the kind of hate Leann spouts off and approves of when it comes to Brandi. Or her tour manager calling Brandi a “drunken whore”. Its easy to find proof of these very public, permanent posts on the internet with google. Leann is a piece of work and I am content that her true nature is finally peeking through and affecting her career as it should.

      • Cecila says:

        I somewhat agree what about Angelina she a homewrecker but people are more forgiving when it comes to her. I don’t like what happened how she got with Eddie but at least she did lie about it. Reme er when Angelina said on live tv I would never be attracted to a married man bul….at least Leann kept it real

      • Jezi says:

        Leann hasn’t kept anything “real”. She’s lied throughout this entire relationship. She lies about making peace, when in fact she does and says things that are the opposite. She lies about her relationship and how wonderful it is. She lies about her career. She lies about everything. She’s as fake as they come. Everything is about her and her image and her feelings. She’s all that matters to her.

  6. lil ole me says:

    That poor thing can’t see to dress herself looking through those slits she calls eyes. WHY would Eddie let her out of the house wearing this???? He must hate her.
    Jeez, just realized me and my new husband are the exact same signs. However your true personality is with your moon sign, so….

  7. horizonte says:

    you know what would make me suuuuuper happy? if leann started a lifestyle/advice website like goop. it would give me endless hours of fun. maybe i’ll go trolling on her twitter and suggest it :D

  8. Blue says:

    Goodness if she got pregnant…. *shudder*

  9. cbear says:

    Her last album bombed so bad, that’s why she now calls it an “art” album, to deflect how horrible it did. She wasn’t singing that “art” album tune until the sales came out and she had to convince herself it wasn’t because she’s so disliked. But…it was also a covers album, so maybe an original album will do better? Especially since she’s been alluding so hard to the fact that it will be about her recent life, so we all know what that means. Digs at Brandi.

    Her psoriasis cleared up a while ago. Her new slutty wrecked fashion sense comes off more as a desperate attempt to sexualize herself to keep her serial cheater husband entertained.

  10. Linda says:

    What the HELL is she wearing????

    Thigh high socks with open toe shoes—so grossssssssssssssssssss!!!!

  11. hateonit. says:

    her body makes no sense at all. her top half looks fine and then she has chicken legs and thennnn she she has a bobble head affect. the sad thing is she actually can sing. however she decided she would rather be a celebrity than a known singer which is her choice but what a waste…..how does she still have money? the last I remember her was singing in coyote ugly am I right? idk she’s useless smh. I hope she gets pregnant so She can gain weigh her skin allergy comes back and eddie cheats on her ^_^

  12. HA! says:

    Oh, Leann! i still have hope that she will change…somehow….someday…maybe…i don’t.know…get a fashion advisor instead of wasting money in booze, for starters.

  13. Petunia says:

    One expects a musician to make music but LeAnn’s comments about the album are supercomical in their crazy way. “This album is SO wonderful and FANTASTIC and HUGE and (insert any number of LeAnn’s batsh!t crazy BS here.)” If her record company is about ready to drop her, then I’m seriously doubting that the album is “All that.”

    LOVE it when Celebitchy graces us with photos of LeAnn wearing her black Horsie hooves, as she is today. I missed them in all of those nauseating bikini shots. It’s kind of funny how a woman who deeply resembles a horse chooses to wear oversized black hooves out in public on a regular basis. Maybe she knows, as well as we do, that she’s got the Equus blood in her.

    BTW, I’m not a Brandi fan. But I DO like giving it to LeAnn because she’s not a very pleasant soul at this particular juncture.

  14. Cathy says:

    Somebody needs to teach that woman how to dress. That outfit is nasty. Those glasses don’t help, they’re fugly.

  15. Sammi says:

    Word around town is, she is starting to hurt financially and needs a new record deal. She needs the money.

  16. zooyork says:

    Yes, I’m glad to hear that sammi. It serves her right.

  17. Franny says:

    If that outfit isn’t begging for attention, I don’t know what is. Feather earrings that my 15 year old sister wears, a torn up sweater where I can see your black bra, a wrinkly leather mini skirt, knee high black socks and ugly booties?

    This is what you spend your millions on? If I had her money, it would be chanel jackets all day long. Not this Forever21 crap.

  18. Samara says:

    She really is morphing into Brandi’s style! Brandi (god love her) dresses a little more on the sexy/trashy side whereas leann pre eddie was cute and sweet and normal. Now after being with Eddie for a while she suddenly drops 40 pounds in an attempt to be long lean and fabulous a la Brandi and poaches Brandi’s signature hoochie mama outfits.

    On another note, who dares fly to the deep south looking like a porn star school girl in public? southern ladies don’t approve yall

  19. dorothy says:

    Music career ended when you fooled around with a married man and then proceeded to tweet your every thought and feeling chick.

  20. HotPockets says:

    I feel like Leanne Rime’s music career ended in the 90′s, am I wrong? She is only momentarily relevant because she starred in a lifetime movie and began an affair with a married man, that’s her career.

    Also, Eddie is a Gemini? Well, he gives Geminis a bad name, both my husband and I share that sign. It makes for a interesting marriage.

  21. Jennifer says:

    What a scary looking head shot on the front page. Shudders…

  22. Deliver Of Deceit says:

    Brandi just tweeted LeAnn – “Just got ur email. I am n:)”
    Anyone know whassup?

    • brin says:

      Maybe Leann asked Brandi for Gerry Butler’s autograph.

    • ellen says:

      Brandi has asked LR to meet her before for coffee, and LR has ignored her. Since BG and that Darrell Brown guy apparently ran into each other in an airport recently, LR has been putting the spin out there that she is all about peace and getting along, and BG has been the barrier to that. (Riiiiight!!) You know LR, it’s all about the spin – she prob’ly is continuing to ride that wave and asked BG to meet. I get the impression LR has to control everything and it all be on her terms, so she’ll ignore BG’s requests to meet, but then turn around and now ask BG to meet, and then put all the spin out there that she’s so “high road” and attempting reconciliation. She’ll prob’ly make a bunch of ridiculous demands to Brandi, that no one would ever agree to, and then say BG doesn’t want peace. That’s my psychic prediction. ;)

    • Rita says:

      Here’s my take on LeAnn wanting to bury the hatchet. After her last album bombed so bad she had to give away copies of that CD to trick-or-treaters, she’s finally realised that her career is done. LeAnn has calculated that if she can pretend to make nice with Brandi, we will all realize how wonderfull LeAnn is.

      This is a reoccuring theme with LeAnn. When she was about to be exposed as the vial tweeter named Witchy she ran to Brandi wanting to make peace but within days LeAnn and her crew were up to the same crap. Typical bully-coward.

      The fact is LeAnn and her crew think people like myself are on Brandi’s payroll and that we and Brandi are why her career is over.

      I want to state very clearly that I have never accepted a dime from Brandi. I did return the Porsche, wrong color.

      (I understand when LeAnn learned the Porsche had previously belonged to Brandi, she bought it for Eddie.)

    • Linda says:

      Oh Brandi, please that you would open your eyes. This is all a trap by and from LeAnn–she means you harm. This person loathes you and always will. There is no good in her. She is looking out for herself right now, not you–it’s all a trap. Oh, that you would open your eyes.

      • ellen says:

        Baylor – hmm…guesses on the demands? maybe something like this?

        * turn over custody of your kids to me
        * don’t ever be seen in public, especially looking pretty
        * respond to all your tweets with “LR is a goddess. I am not worthy”


      • brin says:

        True…don’t get fooled again!

      • Jezi says:

        Do any of you honestly think that Brandi would fall for anything that Leann has up her sleeve? Brandi is a smart woman, even though many don’t think she is, but she is. I think it’s good that Brandi meets with Leann and sees what she has to say. After all, Brandi was the one who initally invited Leann out for coffee.

      • brin says:

        Hi Jezi…I agree, Brandi is smart, but she is also very kind and will put her children first. Leann would see that as weakness, she’s all about herself and would spin to her advantage. Do not trust.

      • charity says:

        Brandi is one heck of a smart cookie, she has taken what would have broken many women and managed to come out as the one who now has a life, career and wonderful future ahead of her. Eddie has nothing except Leann’s wallet to take care of him and Leann has a career that is in the toilet.New album, my butt, don’t believe for one minute that Curb records will put another dime into anything she does. the only reason she is trying to make nice with Brandi at this time is because Curb probably twisted her arm up into her butt.

      • Jezi says:

        All Brandi can do is lay it out on the table and say “please stop doing this and that”….and all Leann has to do is listen. The ball is in Leann’s court whether she wants to do what is morally correct and what would be in the best interest of her image. She could be shown skipping down the street holding hands with Brandi and people will still not buy her music. I don’t think there is any way back because people do not trust her.

      • Linda says:

        Hello Jezi.

        I said what I said because I remember all too well the Witchy33 account and how quickly she fixed things so that no one would find out/know it was her. She tweeted Brandi right away something along the lines of a truce and then Brandi retweeted it. LeAnn swept that whole incident under the rug as if it never happened–but it was all a LIE. Since that time, the backlash on Brandi has been horrific thanks to LeAnn’s passive agressive tweets/retweets and let’s not forget her cohorts/partners in crime.

        With the backlash that LeAnn received and still is receiving regarding the horrible taunts and jabs at Brandi that her employees and her selective people have thrown at Brandi (with proof from their tweets), and the fact that many different websites picked it up…LeAnn is ONLY trying to save face and the mess her own hand created–damage control (just like with Witchy33).

        Why didn’t LeAnn agree to meet up with Brandi when Brandi asked her months and months ago? Why NOW??? Because it suits LeAnn and LeAnn only. It just seems to me that when LeAnn wants/asks Brandi to retweet/meet up, Brandi says “Yes”. I just think it is unfair.

        LeAnn is NOT a person of peace. She is demonic and evil. Although I am a Christian, some of the things that LeAnn has committed are just unforgiveable—like intruding on the sanctity of motherhood. Motherhood is sacred and in the end Jezi, she wants Brandi blotted out.

        I thank God that you are in Brandi’s life–it’s not by accident; for a reason and a purpose. I leave you in peace sweetie.

      • Rita says:

        @All you great ladies

        Brandi and LeAnn “own” their behavior, character, and values. The actions of one does not reflect on the other. This is why LeAnn’s actions did not humiliate Brandi, LeAnn is the one who was humiliated, she just doesn’t realize it.

        If Brandi does things I am not happy about, it does not mean I think better of LeAnn and vice a versa. They are two individuals, one I support with my good will, the other I loath.

        @Jezi- The pics of you with Brandi in NYC were great. Thanks for tweeting them.

      • Jezi says:

        Linda I <3 u. You're so sweet. Exactly it suits Leann's agenda. However, she's damaged herself so badly that people won't buy it anyway. Her album will not do well. I think she's stunk herself up completely.

        @Rita Thx honey. It was so nice to see her again. My husband was so impressed by her. He thought she was the biggest sweetheart ever. She made sure that he got food because she knew he would pass out otherwise. Hahaha! That's the key to that man's heart. And the fact that she knows rap songs!

      • Debra says:

        I agree Jezi..

        personally, even if Leann and Brandi became BFFs (Heaven forbid) I would still despise LR- never listen to a record or watch a movie or show she is in… sorry just too little, too late… to me she is and always will be, trash

        just my feelings

      • Eileen says:

        Hear Hear DebDoll!!! Me too!

    • Denise says:

      So Leann contacts Brandi “now”???? Could she be anymore more transparent?

  23. hazeldazel says:

    i ain’t psychic and even i know she’ll get preggo so she can sell lots of magazine covers, and the baby is a manifestation of their lurve, and show up Brandi, and everyone WILL LURVE HER, etc, etc.

    So when she have time to make an album? In between getting drunk, feeling up Eddie, playing with her bonus boys (ew), tweet fighting with Brandi and changing into a different bikini? Cuz like, girl does that CONSTANTLY!

  24. Quinn says:

    HEHEHEEEE!!! Nothing makes my day like this trick walking around, looking like an idiot….I just can’t help it!!

  25. anonymoose says:

    Lotta hostility here towards her. OUCH!

    Hey gang, while it’s true that LR could benefit from a good stylist, I also think she should stop being her own publicist. She’s damaging her image by taking it into her own hands.

    I don’t care for her style of singing, but she can sing.

    Word is she’s quite kind to her crew, too. Very professional and sweet.

  26. Rita says:

    Fashion Observation: Is she wearing knickers or spandex under that skirt? What is the thigh length black undies about?

    As far as her singing goes, she has very good tone and range but that’s it. Her diction has always been terrible. She is not a musician or entertainer. She sits on a stool and sings into a microphone. She has no passion for the art form. Her obsession is for the aplause and attention.

    She’s had only a couple of hits and a handfull of top 20′s. Other than that, she copies other performers music to show she’s “just as good as they are”….in other words she’s a bonus-singer.

  27. Susie Q says:

    I can’t stand her but she can sing, your headline is off on this one. I think she has had quite a successful career even though her attention whore antics have been overshadowing everything else lately.

  28. SouthernGal says:

    That outfit is ugly as hell and very childish. She is 29 not 19. My belief is she is only making nice with Brandi for publicity. Lately, she’s been under fire for associating herself with people who bash and stalk Brandi all day.

    Now that her career is faltering and her unemployed hubby couldn’t get a job at a local 7-11 she is desperate to make peace. But eventually, she will become insecure and revert back to her passive aggressive ways.

    As far a pregnancy, I doubt she will ever have a baby. She’s too selfish. Besides, she would have to stop taking her meds and that means an outbreak.

  29. mimi says:

    She sang a couple of good songs a long time ago…a has been that now has to stoop to scandalous levels in order to stay in the public eye. I don’t hate her…but i do find her personality paritcularly offensive and she’s not easy on the eyes

  30. skuddles says:

    I read somewhere that many of the songs on the new album contain barbs towards Eddie’s ex…. this should be entertaining.

  31. Genesaret says:

    I’m a Virgo too! And I feel the same way about Kim Richards from RHOBH. I felt so ashamed when she said she was a Virgo!

  32. kimberly says:

    downloaded her cd to see what it was about.

    She lost her gift. She lost her range and she lost the magic she once had.

    Drinking too much? Smoking too much?


    she prob should also stop taking diet pills as well.

    • Denise says:


      If you go to YouTube and watch her sing “Blue” when she was 13-years-old and then compare it to a recent song/video–the voices are not the same. Yes, I understand she grew up and that she is 29 now, but the voices are not the same. Vocally, her voice was of a higher quality and she sounded way better when she was 13-years-old. Can she still sing?? Yes, but her voice now doesn’t blow me away. It actually sounds pretty average when you compare her to other country singers.

      She is no longer that amazing singer and she is absolutely NOT America’s Sweetheart. It is what it is.

      • ellen says:

        Her singing these days sometimes practically sounds like slurring. I can’t tell if she’s overdoing the tequila or is just emoting really, really weird. I don’t know…can’t forgive the way she’s been butchering Adele’s Someone Like You all over the country.

  33. Kelly says:

    Her fame is fade very soon…..she has few redeeming qualities and she’ll get what she asks for in her morality choices with a married man.

  34. Az says:

    You know who else is a Virgo? Kim Richards. Or so she claims. Yikes!

  35. whatevs says:

    lol the title with that photo made me laugh so hard

  36. Adrien says:

    All my bosses are Virgos and they’re all freaking perfectionists so they tend have short temper. They’re fun to be with outside of work.

  37. Baylor says:

    Bet you that at her meeting with Brandi, LeAnn will have her Eddie tats predomiantly displayed.

  38. Camille (The original) says:

    It looks like she is ‘modelling’ the new Hooker Spring 2012 line.

  39. LeeLoo says:

    LeAnn could barely sing at 16 I doubt she has gotten any better. There is no way LeAnn will get pregnant she would get all fat and psoriasy and give Eddie a reason to cheat. We know she will not want that to happen. She will cling to this relationship like a wolverine on a horseleg.

    Speaking of horses, doesn’t everyone think her face is pretty horsey? Also: Wtf is she wearing?!

  40. Suranne says:

    I have never seen a celebrity who compliments themselves as much as Leann Rimes does. She calls herself things like generous, selfless, huge hearted and while pride in one’s work is great, she’s bragging about herself and her new record rather than showing pride. She does have vocal talent to be sure, but her career is a joke now. Her last album, that was only released a few months ago, was an epic fail and there is no way that this next one will fair any better. She is no longer relevant at all in country music or any other form of music for that matter. No one is buying her records anymore, she can’t sell concert tickets and she seems to be losing more fans with each PR stunt and staged photo op. It has taken me a while, but I finally get why people call her delusional.

    • Baylor says:

      She was always like that. When she first started, she kept saying over and over how she was soo “mature for her age.” Now she goes around saying how loved she is, how enlightened she is, and how anyone can see she is ” super nice.” She also called herself “America’s Sweetheart.”Girl doesn’t need to be complimented by anyone else. She can do it all by herself.

  41. Jayna says:

    I think she’s immature and high-schoolish with the way she carries on about another woman’s boys publically ad nauseum. It rubs me the wrong way. BUT I don’t diss anyone for being talented and creative and she is a good singer, though I’m not really country and don’t buy her music. Diss all you want just because you don’t like her, but I have many singers/bands that their heyday is over, and as an avid fan I love when they put out an album even though it doesn’t sell big anymore. That doesn’t mean the music isn’t good. Far from it. And I go see them in smaller venues and love that they’re still touring. Being passionate about something and talented I can’t take away from her, because she is talented. There’s enough real things to slam about her.

  42. Juliette says:

    I just hope and pray that Brandi doesn’t fall for any of Leann’s nonsense if & when they meet.

    LR only wants to meet her (IMHO) because she can see how much everyone dislikes her now and she is trying to repair the damage.

    Leann is not interested in peace, she is only interested in protecting herself. If she really cared about making peace then she wouldn’t have all her “friends” bashing Brandi on her behalf.

    I would be very very wary of Leann if I were Brandi. Leann is not to be trusted in any way shape or form.

    I’m actually worried about her myself. Be careful Brandi, nothing that LR does or says in honourable. She is a mean, selfish mess and is only out for herself.

  43. Diana says:

    Strongly suggest Brandi ensures no photographers at any meet-up with Cibrian’s 2nd wife.

  44. reeda redneck says:

    she looks redonkulous.

  45. Quinn says:

    I never remember that she used to sing. And I have a cousin in Indiana who was so obsessed with Leann Rimes at the time that she once commissioned a custom-made denim vest with Rimes’ face embroidered into the back, so the fact that I can still forget this woman had a music career is shocking.

  46. Natasha says:

    Her bolt-ons are looking super bolty, her skirt doesn’t fit properly, and LeAnn, for the love of all that is holy, please try for once in your life to NOT blow your own trumpet. Have some modesty, girl! I felt embarrassed for you when reading the tweets about your new album.

    I have just one thing to say to you, and it’s something I once heard from someone older and wiser:

    Self-praise is no recommendation.

    Remember that. (Although I doubt you will because you’re as narcissistic as they come…)

  47. skuddles says:

    It’s like this girl hasn’t got the first clue how to dress…. if she’s not blatantly ripping off some other woman’s look (in painstaking detail), then she’s winging it with a mess like this. I take it she can’t afford a stylist?

  48. ViktoryGin says:

    Love affair with astrology since 2006.

    My suggestion to those who are interested is to go to the following website, and put in all of your birth information. Knowing the exact time and place of your birth will gives you your ascendant (rising aign), which then sets up the rest of your chart. It’s the chart in each entirety that really tells you who you are, what talents you possess, and which issues you are grappling with. Knowing only your sun sign is like the proverbial tip of the iceberg.


  49. Memphis says:

    At least she’s semi covered and not subjecting my retinas to the sight of her shifty ‘I’m here now I’m over there’ bolt-ons.

    As for the meet-up, it’s a PR move for her, plain and simple. But Brandi knows the score. Sorry, Leann… too late.. we all know the real you so there’s no use in trying to cover it up now…but we wouldn’t object to you covering up the bolt-ons ;)

  50. gag says:

    Does she even uave amy credibility as a country singer anymore? She has been so Californiafied that i doubt she even connects effectively with her target audience which is country music lovers. How could she write anything that they can relate to and therefore buy? I say this because I am a southern girl now in philly. I love my southern roots. I dont consider her a representative of country music. She acts like she wants to be a pop singer. Adult contemporary? I dunno. Her fakeness will come out in her music.

  51. Bex says:

    I’m glad that things have calmed down now on these posts and some of the capital-letter using freaks have gone. I think all that needs to be said about Leann has been said and I can add no more but please could we have a post about the Ediot.I feel he has largely condoned if not encouraged a lot of Leann’s behaviour and I would like to read what some of the posters on this site have to say about him.

  52. gag says:

    Well, for one, i read that Eddie will say things like, “she’ll have steamed veggies or just a salad,” or “she doesnt want anything with oil,” when he ald Leanne go out to restaurants. He seems like one of those guys that likes his women super thin. He probably drove her to be neurotic about eating. That happened to me with an old boyfriend. I was obsessed with being thinner than his ex and he sure did not discourage me!

    • whatevs says:

      eww god that’s terrible i hate men like that. ordering for her and stuff. not to mention it’s always my body, my rules when it comes to stuff like that and anybody who doesn’t like it should fuck off. glad you called it off with that guy bb!

  53. Sara says:

    That outfit looks like something Brandi would wear and look better in.

  54. Josie says:

    LeAnn is just plain UGLY. A seriously mentally disturbed creature. Ediot is with her for the money ride. As soon as he finds another Sugar Mama, he’ll pack his bags so fast she won’t know what hit her.
    Or maybe he won’t pack anything. He’ll just have the new Sugar Mama buy him new stuff. But I bet he keeps the Porche that Falcor bought him!

  55. Juliette says:

    I would never wish anyone any harm or pain but I can’t wait until this whole thing blows up j(& it will) and that smug smirk of hers is wiped off her face.

    How she doesn’t realize that we all see how evil she is and no matter how much damage control she does it won’t change anything. We have all sone what a conniving, entitled b**ch she is.

    What a horrible person she is.