Demi Moore is “jacked up on Adderall and energy drinks, refuses to eat any food”

There are plenty of Demi Moore stories to cover as she seems to be dominating the headlines for once. I’d like to start with this one, from Radar, which seems to best explain Demi’s issues. A couple of days ago People Magazine reported that prior to her hospitalization Demi had been acting the fool on nights out with her 23 year-old daughter, Rumer. On one night, Demi was seen downing a dozen energy drinks. That much caffeine and stimulants can cause serious health problems, especially in a woman as frail as Demi who refuses to eat. Well massive amounts of Red Bull aren’t the only stimulants Demi has been on. Radar Online reports that Demi’s stay-thin secret is none other than ADHD drug Adderall, a stimulant which is often abused for weight loss.

“Demi has been taking Adderall and drinking energy drinks and starving herself and those are some of the serious causes that led her to collapse on Monday night,” a source close to the actress said.

As previously reported, Demi had an epileptic seizure before being rushed to the hospital and she is currently seeking treatment for anorexia.

“The pills and starvation destroyed Demi and this has been a problem for about a year,” the source said about her tragic situation.

“She’s constantly jacked up on Adderall and combining that with not eating accounts for her loopy behavior and anorexic body frame. She literally refuses to eat any food…

“She’s depressed over her career and coupled with the stress and heartbreak over the split, all of this emotional turmoil in totality has taken a serious physical toll on her body.”

[From Radar]

Prescription drugs can really screw a person up and change their personality. So which came first, Demi’s issues with prescription drug abuse or the demise of her marriage? Ashton’s camp is busy painting Demi as a total mess whom Ashton took care of for the past year. X17 has details from the print edition of People, in which a “source” states that Ashton tried to help Demi with her issues. “‘It was over the last year her friends saw a change. She wasn’t sleeping as well, didn’t seem to be eating and looked really gaunt.’ Sources close to the ex-pair also tell People that Moore’s prescription drug use was a huge turn-off to the Two and a Half Men star. ‘It was a sticking point for Ashton. He wanted her to take care of herself and get a hold of things, and she wouldn’t.‘” The first time Ashton was busted cheating on Demi was in early September, 2010. I’m not saying that it’s Ashton’s fault that Demi was drowning her sorrows in Red Bull and Adderall, but it’s not like things were going great in their relationship until Demi got hopped up on pills.

In other Demi news, we might never know if the “whip-its” overdose story is bogus or not, because when the 911 call is released to the public all references to drugs Demi was on at the time will be redacted. I guess this is standard practice due to HIPAA privacy laws, and it definitely works in Demi’s favor. It’s possible that the whip-its were the last straw that caused her to have a seizure, or that it was just a cover up story for what was really going on.

Demi has been released from the hospital, just as Ashton has returned from Brazil, where he was shooting a commercial and hooking up with randoms. Ashton hasn’t yet publicly commented on Demi’s issues, but he has deigned to let a source say a few nice words about her to People. The source said “Ashton is deeply concerned for Demi. He still cares about her and wants the best for her. But their marriage is ending and they are both moving on with their lives.” So is Ashton also the “source” behind the story that he tried to help Demi but couldn’t, so he just had to stick his dick in a bunch of party girls?

In other Demi news, a new video has surfaced of her from 1982, when she was just 19, kissing a 15 year-old boy at a cast party for General Hospital, where she worked at the time. You can watch the video here and while I don’t see Demi “making out” with the kid, she keeps going in to kiss him aggressively and you can tell he’s uncomfortable with it. She’s obviously drunk and is seen swilling wine in the video. The drinking age across the US was raised to 21 in 1984, although in California the drinking age was 21 prior to that.

As for Demi’s concerns that her career is on the wane, like Lindsay Lohan she’s only making it so much worse by abusing drugs. After her hospitalization it was announced that Demi had “dropped out” of the role of Gloria Steinem in the Linda Lovelace biopic and would be replaced by Chloe Sevigny.

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  1. Kate says:

    Fame…for a price. Sad. Go away quietly and get better.

  2. Marjalane says:

    So if she’s “controlling” her weight with Adderall and Red Bull, does that make her not an anorexic? I’m sure there was a bit of blow involved as well. My heart hurts just thinking about putting it through that kind of abuse!

  3. Riana says:

    What a mess of a woman and mother, obsessed with her weight, downing prescription meds and red bull.
    Essentially killing herself because her too young mate moved on, that response or lack of concern from his side is telling, clearly any love was lost a while ago.

    Just so embarrassing, she should do better for her daughters. What is this teaching them? If a man leaves you then life isn’t worth living?

    • Faye says:

      This times 1000 percent, Riana. No doubt Ashton is a tool and treated her badly, but we live in modern times! You can still live a very full, happy life without a man. What an example to set for her daughters, indeed. I’m glad she’s not playing Gloria Steinem anymore. Her actions are so anti-feminist anything it’s a joke.

  4. Tiegan says:

    So sad. She really needs to sort herself out at least for her kids’ sake.

  5. QQ says:

    Oh thanks god she dumped that loser “cause she didnt want to be a bad example to her daughters” bitch please

  6. TheOriginalKitten says:

    The Adderall and Red Bull mixture combined with not eating is a MUCH more believable reason for a seizure than the “whip-its” claim.
    This is really sad to see someone at 50 behaving like this. I feel worst of all for her kids. Yeah I know they’re *mostly* grown-up at this point but it has to be embarassing for them. If this is a ploy to get attention from Ashton then she should probably consider this a failure-she’s really only making herself look like a mess and I’m sure he’s happy to be away from that.

  7. ataylor says:

    I don’t think Ashton’s “The Source” I just think that it’s no longer logical enough to make him the poster/whipping boy for that disaster of a woman.

    I think enough people seem to recognize or finally realize that Demi has had issues since way back in the days. I mean, the fact that Chelsea Handler was comfortable enough to PUBLICLY call them out on their OPEN MARRIAGE (which was not exactly a secret to begin with) and the fact that there are people out there that have noticed Demi WAY OUT OF IT while others either did damage control or endured it (Snoop Dog Concert) and the fact that she has a HISTORY of DRUG ABUSE issues, speaks for itself.

    Deductive reasoning is all that’s happening now.

    Unfortunately, it ends up favoring an annoyingly irritating douche bag. But if I’m gonna hate on him, it’s for irritating crap he actually does (Paterno tweet, etc.), not because he’s the popular scapegoat of the day.

  8. Roma says:

    I would have to say that Demi and Chloe Sevigny are complete polar opposites. Intersting casting choice.

    I think she’s looped up on a number of things; remember Lindsay’s combo of choice were adderall, cocaine, red bull and vodka. The combination of so many uppers can wreck havoc on your system.

    Plus people often use benzos to come down; benzo withdrawal can cause some massive seizures.

  9. Jackie says:

    what a mess. after watching that ET video, seems she was screwed up even when she was 19. her poor daughters.

  10. serena says:

    Poor Demi.
    I’m sad for her, and I do think she did this to herself because of Ashton.
    Yeah surely, even before of that she was doing drinks and drugs, but I don’t think it was this serious.
    He screwed up, and the best he can say is ‘we moved on’. Who did? Just your dick, Ashton.

  11. leslilly says:

    Demi seems to be a person that counted on and developed her looks ONLY. From past appearances & random reports, she doesn’t have much of a personality. Looks don’t last forever, as she has learned…she better start working on her insides; otherwise, she is going to remain an empty shell who bases all of her self worth on being young and hot. That ship has sailed, Demi. Get over it. It happens to everyone – that is, if they’re fortunate enough to grow old.

  12. Agnes says:

    Insane. Aderall can send your bloodpressure through the roof. I can’t even imagine what mixing Red Bull with it would do. No wonder she had a seizure. Ugh.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Actually, redbull and adderall are a pretty common cocktail. As I said up thread, redbull intensifies the effects of adderall. People often drink redbull for a boost when they’re coming down from adderall.

      • Gradstudenteatinghotpockets says:

        WHHY?! Why would people do that? Do people who actually NEED adderall do this cocktail, or is it people that are abusing adderall use the redbull-adderall mix? I’m just asking because for me adderall doesn’t make me more awake or hyper but I know if I’m not careful with other medications I can get jittery (that’s why I can’t ever get sick during the school year…it means I have to decide between taking adderall and suffering through symptoms or take the cold medicine and suffer with mental fogginess and concentration). Bleh, people are dumb.

  13. Justaposter says:

    I wonder if Rumer was dragged out by Demi and also felt like she had to ‘keep an eye’ on her?

    Isn’t Scout away at college?

    And I heard on ABC news that the youngest is living with Bruce and the new wife. (which I found very telling)

    For all we know, she has been off the rails for a long time, and I am not excusing Ashton for cheating (NEVER EVER A GOOD EXCUSE OR REASON TO CHEAT) I wonder if he was just done and has been for a while. Maybe he simply had enough and walked away?

    Whatever is going on with Demi, I really hope she can get the help she needs. And lets face it everyone loves a good comeback story.

  14. Sapphire says:

    Sorry to sort of re-post. This woman has had issues with attention whoring, plastic surgery and her constant need for validation before her second marriage. She had issues dealing with the string of flops she made based on her sexy image in the 90s. She obviously hasn’t progressed or worked on these. Doesn’t she think she exists outside of her image?

  15. Justaposter says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like Red Bull? I think it tastes like cherry triaminic BLECH.

  16. Paloma says:

    Can you imagine what her blood pressure and heart rate were downing these particular items? Ohmygosh, even the Red Bull alone would do a number on me.

  17. Sara says:

    Hey Demi!
    Smoke a spliff, eat a sandwich, watch tv and go to sleep.

  18. Sara says:

    Look up Red bull and sticky blood if you are still drinking this crap

  19. MJ says:

    I think the “epileptic seizure” description from the excerpt is inaccurate, no? Unless she actually has epilepsy, in which case that would be the excuse for her hospitalization instead of these weak “soft drugs” claims (I think she’s back on the booger sugar.)

    Here is a hilarious and uncomfortable video of 19 year-old Demi inappropriately making out with a costar on his 15th birthday.

  20. Leni says:

    If they had an open marriage I bet it was only becasue Demi was trying to please Ashton by being “cool”. Demi has had a lot of emotional abuse issues and yes that leaves a sense of emptiness. I think she felt safe w/ Bruce until she found out about his fooling around. I think she would have stayed with him if he had not left her. So here she gets involved w/ a “stud” (eeww) and gives him all she thinks she has-it is not enough. So it is proven to her again that she as a woman is not enough. I think Demi needs to work w. a good therapist for the next 2 yrs at least and date no-one. Of course Ashton has moved on-his d-ck never left the single scene.

  21. Mari says:

    Gahhhh, I wish she would get ahold of herself. I really, really want to like her again.

  22. mln76 says:

    I said it once I’ll say it again. The Whip-Its claim is too embarrassing not to be true. Prescription drugs, and cocaine etc have some dignity to them Whip-It’s make her look pathetic and frankly disturbed.
    Oh and I won’t let that weasel off the hook at all. He should have given her an ultimatum to get help instead of boning half of Hollywood.

  23. Julie says:

    I have a hard time believing Ashton was using and abusing one thing or another while married. This holier than now stance and one of having been burdened is hard for me to swallow, about him! Now for her GMA had a good addiction specialist on that explained her recent Harper interview where she explained she feared getting to the end of her life to realize she was fundamentally flawed (something like that) was very telling. It’s the shame (not liking who you are at a core level) that all addicts share. No go beat her the f-ck up for being less than pefect, kids or no kids. All I’m going to do is hope she gets her strength back to go kick butt again in the world, in a healthy way.

  24. Julie says:

    p.s. correction I meant to say I have a hard time believing Ashton was NOT using

  25. jermsmom says:

    I am going to go out on a limb here and probably get bashed for it, but when you base your acting career on little talent (ok, she had *some* good roles, but face it, she was never a great actress) and use mostly looks, sexuality, and a celebrity lifestyle to keep your career going, you just are not going to accept aging very gracefully. You put yourself out there as this image of sexuality, tweak your body and face to continually try to hold on to your youth and glory days and sooner or later time is still going to catch up to you. Some actresses rely on talent (Meryl, Helen, Kathy Bates) and not looks and body and keep their careers going and don’t fall into this miserable trap that women like Demi and Heather fall into. The sad thing is that both are beautiful women blessed with daughters and a lifestyle (I am talking wealth and travel, not partying) many of us will never experience. At this time in their life there is so much they can enjoy – a past career, their day in the sun, the pleasure of travel, the luxury of being known…but instead they try to hold on to who they were and not who they can still become. Getting older isn’t for the fainthearted but it isn’t the end of life, either. It is truly sad to see women try so desperately to hold onto their youth rather than embrace aging with grace and dignity. Who didn’t love Jessica Tandy? Who doesn’t look at Meryl and Helen and think “wow, that’s what i want to be like when i am in my 50′s and 60′s”?
    If you bank your life/love on looks and a body you are in for a sad awakening. Sorry ladies, but all that surgery starts to show and most of them look worse than if they had just let themselves age naturally with maybe a tiny bit of eye/chin lifting.

    • mln76 says:

      I agree with you 110% I can think of a few other actresses who are going down the same path. At a certain point you have to let go of the perfect body and face and develop substance. If you don’t do it by the time you are headed to 50 there’s really only misery in store for you.

    • Kimlee says:

      I completely agree with both your statement.

      It makes me fear what’s in store for the younger so called actress like Megan Fox and all the others that are in thier 20′s and have already stared getting plastic surgery, and Botox to look younger.

    • Sapphire says:

      Why would anyone bash your for telling the truth? Excellent analysis. I am sort of puzzled why the years in Idaho did give this woman more insight into what a life is for.

    • bluhare says:

      Totally agree, Jermsmom. Someone else who’s looking great? Jacklyn Smith. (I spelt her first name incorrectly, I know I did!).

    • Odyssa Kelly says:

      I agree with you Jermsmom more than 100%. I think it’s sad when a woman bases her life on looks and when the aging process comes into fruition, she falls to pieces. Instead of embracing life, Demi tries to hold on to what she once was.

    • jermsmom says:

      i think my fear of being bashed was my statement that i never particularly thought she was a very good actress. I enjoyed some of her films – like A Few Good Men and even GI Jane, but more for the story line than her acting. She is like Jennifer Aniston and so many others who just play themselves in movies and all their roles are basically the same. Kimlee, you bring up an excellent point that i wanted to address but felt my post was already too lengthy (because i do have that tendency!) regarding younger actresses who are already tweaking and jacking their bodies and face. What is this obsession with perfection? What is wrong with a crooked nose, imperfect teeth, and some laugh/brow lines to show TRUE emotion? Does anyone watch On The Case with Paula Zahn?? I am astonished at how much that woman has tweaked her face over the years – she doesn’t even look like the same person and she looks like she is permanently happy (or surprised) even when asking the most sorrowful of questions. Madonna – ugh, look at her, it’s pathetic! It’s no wonder we have these f*cked up girls like Courtney Stoddard and Kim K. (with her jacked up ass and cat face) parading around – they grew up WANTING to be like some of these women like Demi!! mln76 – you said it, SUBSTANCE. Exactly. When you lack substance you are left with nothing but grasping the straws of your youth. I am 54. I want to look good, I would love to have a slammin’ body and smooth face, but it is more important to me to show my children and two grandsons that i can accept who i am and where i am with grace and enjoyment. How am i a good role model, otherwise?
      Oh, yes, Jaclyn Smith does look fantastic, and I recently saw some silly Christmas movie with Markie Post – remember her from Night Court – she didn’t look like she had much tweaking and she looked great. Then I saw Marie Osmand and Carrie Fisher and my heart sank – my opinion of both of them was much higher before their “makeovers”. Sad.

      • mln76 says:

        Yes substance! This is why IMO Helen Mirren is sexier than Demi Moore, Megan Fox, and Jen Aniston put together because her confidence comes from her talent and brains not just how her face and body look.

        Oh and Demi has NEVER had critical acclaim . I was listening to a review of Margin Call which had high praises and the reviewer called her out as the only bad part of the film.

      • mia135 says:

        Imagine Kim K when she hits 40 – 50 and it all starts going downhill, looks and all! Nothing else to fall back on at all.

        Demi could have done a great second act – write books, start a clothing line, direct movies. So much opportunity.

        Let’s hope she manages to pull herself together.

      • jermsmom says:

        mln76 – did you see Flawless, the movie with Demi and Michael Caine??? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Michael Caine and i felt so…sad (?) that he, a brilliant actor, was in what could have been a brilliant movie except for the fact that Demi Moore was his co-star. OMG, her British accent was TERRIBLE and her acting was just atrocious. The movie became a comedy in our house because I couldn’t stop making snarky remarks about her acting.

    • DrM says:

      Interesting analysis…I’d like to add one more thought. Being young is NOT the be all and end all. It isn’t like that is the ‘best’ you are ever going to be as a woman and you have to ‘accept’ that its over and go away somewhere to shrivel and die (LOL). I LIKE being in my forties. Its a much better headspace, lifespace, relationship space to when I was in my twenties and thirties. In many ways I look better now then I did then. For many women getting older means more of a sense of self, more assurance, less willingness to put up with any BS from any quarter, and a greater understanding of themselves and the world they live in. I can assure you I do not look back on my twenties and thirties as my ‘glory days’ and wish them back. My youngest children finish high school this year, my career is coming together well and I am looking forward to the next decade as probably my most productive and one of the happiest…bring it on I say! :)

      • jermsmom says:

        DrM – and that is why we aren’t a hot mess like Demi! Yes, there are days when old insecurites creep in, but i put that down to just being normal. Last week we had the great joy of visiting our second grandson (first child for my middle son) in NYC. Hubby and I did a little grandparent shopping, and riding back on the subway with packages and a huge package of toilet paper from the Brooklyn Target i caught a glimpse of us in the opposite window and thought how ridiculously happy and cute we looked loaded down with goodies for the kid and grandson!! I wouldn’t trade that moment for even one of Demi’s!!

    • Kloops says:

      Right on! Let’s call it: she’s pathetic. She could choose something different and has the resources to do it, but she refuses. No sympathy from me.

  26. IC says:

    I had a friend who went to acting school with Demi. They were super close before Demi got famous. She said as soon as she got famous, she dumped all of her friends for the Hollywood lifestyle. I think of this story when I now read about Demi’s meltdowns. Remember how she essentially ‘disappeared’ to Idaho for years and then magically had a comeback? Anyway…I think she is probably just a shallow person who can’t deal with reality. I also believe she will disappear again.

    • mln76 says:

      If I remember correctly she did the same to her first husband who’s last name she still has.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Yeah, I think his first name is Freddy. They got married when she was eighteen and she just left. Been there. I wasn’t married, but the human that I was seeing skipped town–skipped the nation without a word.

        I happened to bump into one of his former housemates one day about a fortnight after he made his swift exit into the night and I knew things were going to get *real* when said housemate asked how I was ‘holding up’ and I responded by squinting inquisitively. I’ve never seen a look of death spread across a person’s face like that before. Next time I heard from him, the prodigal beau was going to be in Canada for a month visiting his family before going to his job as a mechanical engineer in Doha, Qatar. I don’t think anyone was expecting me to write that. I have to give him credit for even bothering to contact me and apologise in person, who knows what I could’ve done to his genitalia? The other one was just plain ass still in love with his ex. There’s my entire dating history, folks. Tally it up at about five weeks combined. I’m not looking to re-up, I’m content as I currently stand.

        We don’t have to get into my age.

        Now, if I can manage to live a good life with purpose when I am *sob-sob* despised of the un-fair sex, *alack the day* her heart can keep beating, too. And this display doesn’t telegraph as ‘tragic heroine contracts romantic wasting sickness after rakish roue takes leave of her comely countenace’. There’s no such thing as lover’s TB, you’re just on the bad shit. Stop. Why make your private pain a fairground attraction when all it serves to do is verify the validity of that person’s hurtfulness? ‘Oh yeah, lookit her, no wonder he strayed, she’s cray’. Some people aren’t worth your tears beyond the initial trauma. Example:

        My father’s not on speaking terms with any of us, because he’s like that, so when I happened to come across him in the biggest city in Canada after not having seen him in ten years (ages-15-25), he greets me with ‘what did you gain all that weight for?’ ??? Sometimes behaviours are so odious that you have to work and strive to not end up as a giant folly playing into the hands of frauds and fools. Who wants to be under the control of such sorts and why do you think broadcasting is as a fairground attraction makes the ordeal more noble? The pain’s written on her face for all of us to see, but the person in question does not strike me a great reader.

        Romance is only part of the story, so why only be the sum of what other people do ‘to’ you? And in case Demi hasn’t noticed, the one getting hurt isn’t him, he has his job, his friends, his women, you’re going to let him have your health, your happiness, your soul? Why? Be sad, but don’t be a loser! And this is coming from a low-income nobody with bipolar disorder. Sort out your life if you thihk you’re worth the effort.

  27. Shelly says:

    Um, how is it that Chloe is replacing Demi? Weird. She is much younger than Demi.

  28. Justaposter says:

    Did she totally melt down after her and Willis split? I don’t remember, but do remember her moving the girls to Idaho and ‘living a normal life’.

    Maybe she did, and we didn’t know it. But I don’t think Bruce would allow the girls to live around that.

  29. Rhiley says:

    Young Demi Moore looks like Young Shannon Doherty.

  30. bea says:

    The NYP makes it sound like she was smoking salvia and had a convulsion.

    Whip-its? Salvia? Adderall? She has the tastes of a 13 yr old for drugs!

    She seemed hyper in the video of her making that kid uncomfortable with kisses.

  31. dahlia1947 says:

    Wow, people are just so smart aren’t they? “HHHmmm! Let me drink red bull to intensify the effects of Adderall! Yeah that’s it!”

    I’m embarrassed for her. She gets replaced by a younger actress and now it’s come out that she molested a kid back in the 80′s! It’s embarrassing and freaky at the same time.

  32. juju says:

    OMG I’ve said it before people with money, have no idea what to do with themselves !! So pathetic, she looks like crap, being skinny doesnt mean you look good !! Eat some food and stop acting like a fool, for god sake what example are you showing your girls !!

  33. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m sorry, but if my Mom did this, I would take her aside and smack some sense into her.

    I kid – I wouldn’t physically smack my Mom, EVER. But I WOULD grab her by the shoulders and give her a firm “pull your shit together” shake.

    (Of course, my Mom responded to divorce by finishing her college education while working full time, so…not bloody necessary, in my Mom’s case!)

  34. Courtney says:

    Going through a divorce is tough, but half of us go through them! And a lot of us do it without partying with our daughters and using drugs! Everyone has their own set of problems. I’m so sick of “she’s had such a tough year” gag.

  35. Paloma says:

    I just read on People magazine website that Ashton was embarrassed when Demi did her impromptu dance with Snoop Dog. I have always thought that myself. Wonder what she took then? It looks like she was trying so hard to impersonate a young girl.

  36. anne_000 says:

    The woman calling 9-11 for Demi said Demi had smoked something that wasn’t marijuana, but kind of like that sort of thing.

    So, she was going for a trifecta? Adderall, whip-it, and smoking something that wasn’t tobacco or mj.

    At this point, I don’t think Ashton should re-enter Demi’s life in any way. I think she’s looking for a codependent or enabler more than any other type of relationship.

  37. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    My two cents:

    Ashton was fulling around and Demi found out well ahead of the press. Still being in love with him, going through maybe a mid-life crisis, faced with the fact her experiment with Dooucher was slipping through her fingers, she went into panic.

    What’s the the first thing many women do when trying to save a marriage? Work on their appearance. Anything to become physically attractive to their partner again. Making sure the hair is right, getting obsessive over weight. Demi may have had a hard time doing that the regular way and wanted a little boost.

    Unfortunately, the more you try to hold on to something that’s not meant to be, the more you make the situation worse and tear yourself a part in the in process. Do I feel sorry for Demi now that all this has come out? No. I can empathize with her pain, but everyone saw this coming. And she reads the tabs and blogs for sure, so she knew what it was about.

  38. juju says:

    smoking something like mj, which means she was smoking potpourri !!! really you have to be an idiot. you have money smoke real marijuana you fool !! potpourri kills marijuana doesnt do a google search and educate yourself !! Or is she trying to get Ashton’s attention like some weak ass female, because its really hard for me to believe that someone could be so stupid !! And to top it off your daughter is with you !!!

  39. Floridaseaturtle says:

    TMZ today said that someone said she might have smoked some ‘incense’. I just found out about that stuff recently because my 17 yr old son tried some (gotta LOVE that age! Not!). Down here, they sell it in the little privately owned convenient stores, in little Carmex sized jars. It looks like weed or parsley, but it’s not. And it is not illegal, yet. I think it is also called K2 (?). Anyway, apparently no one had a reaction in his small group, except for him, so it apparently affects some horribly. He went in to seizures also, and they had to call 911. Next thing I know, we are going to see him in the ER. The Dr. said that they get alot of kids lately, and some end up in Critical Care and almost die! The world is a very dangerous place now a days, too much out there to worry about.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I am sorry for your family’s experience.

      But I have to say (at the risk of sounding insensitive) that I cannot STAND the scent of incense (I’ve barely made it through more than a few Catholic weddings/funerals – which were bi-lingual and took about 5 hours – due to the lung-clogging smell) and cannot IMAGINE smoking it.

      • Floridaseaturtle says:

        Thanks Bella and Sluggo. I think it is not the same as the incense that we burn at home, it actually looks like pot. But it might definitely be the Kush stuff that Sluggo mentioned, especially since the Dr. said (K2). I don’t know if it is possible to keep up with all this stuff. And it probably will become illegal down here eventually, but unfortunately, people have to have seizures and die first. Like Four Loco’s are still legal here, but kids and adults have died from those too. Those things are energy drinks with alcohol in them, and have killed athletes in competitive form. Those things are like liquid cocaine. Anyway, I wonder if in a day or so it will come out that she was smoking that stuff. Thank God my son is ok, and hopefully, shocked him straight. It can happen to anyone, and I don’t assume my ‘good’ kids are angels all the time, especially an almost adult teen. Scary world.

    • sluggo says:

      It’s also called “Kush” and in many places (including where I live) it’s now illegal. I confess, I hadn’t thought she’d been using that … I was leaning more towards bath salts, another cheap high for the younger crowd.

      Before people started abusing the stuff, I used to burn Kush and even had the scented oil. It smelled great, and was one of my favorites (I’m an incense junkie … smelling only, NOT smoking it!). Now it’s off-limits. Why couldn’t these pinheads have been abusing something like “Pina Colada” or that faux “Opium” incense? those smell TERRIBLE.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Florida – Kush (to me, at least) sounds like weed: Purple Kush, etc…

      I can’t imagine why it’s not regulated/illegal (but then, I’m not in charge). Four Locos have been illegal here for awhile, I think.

      I’m so glad your son is alright. 17 SUCKS.

  40. e.non says:

    she’s fortunate as hell that she has three daughters and an ex (bruce) who still deeply cares about her. presumably this was the wake-up she needed to get her shit together and just chill.

    and get hell out of l.a. and go back to idaho.

  41. Canada Guy says:

    Wow. Whip-its, adderall, salvia…I guess the jug of jenkem (google it) in the closet wasn’t ripe yet.
    What a loser.

  42. Floridaseaturtle says:

    Well, as soon as I typed all that I found this link to a US Magazine report. Looks like it could have very well been that incense/K2 stuff, along with Red Bulls, and Whip-Its. My husband had to tell me what Whip-Its were yesterday. The article says Exactly how I described my son’s experience. What, was she thinking? Gosh!!

  43. Maya says:

    How old is Demi? Seriously?
    I feel sorry for her daughters. I can only imagine the crap they have to put up with.
    Narcissistic, insecure (as narcissists usually are) and drug addled, left for her family (daughters who shouldn’t have to see that) to pick up the pieces, when she should be the nurturer. She is the mother in that family.

  44. Kosmos says:

    These are the same OLD pics they’ve been showing for weeks. Can’t we get something new? I guess she hasn’t been spotted out yet, or she’s staying under cover, which is what anyone would do after a huge public meltdown like that one. I’m certainly NOT a Demi fan, but I want to tell her…Ashton is NOT worth it, and no one is worth trashing yourself over !!! It’s easy to say, but women need to realize that it’s only in their head that they need this particular person in their life. In reality, they can certainly fall in love again, they can love and be loved again !!

  45. Kosmos says:

    BUT…it sounds like Demi has many more issues to deal with besides her heartbreak. You don’t go where she went overnight. This has been ongoing substance abuse. She has to come to terms with who she is and work through her fears and low self-esteem, not an easy job for some. The lower you go, harder it will be for her to find herself again, but it can be done. It’s too bad that this has all been so public. She should have just walked away from Ashton when things fell apart and dealt with it without losing face. We would all have understood totally that you don’t put up with cheating and that relationships fail, but now she looks a tad on the desperate side, what a shame.

  46. cprincess says:

    God -Im so sick of defending adderall – the drug is life changing for a true ADHD…
    I take it as prescribed,I don’t drink alcohol,take no other drugs at all except an occasional advil for menstrual cramps. I drink a couple of shot of expresso every morning and one more in the afternoon-stimulants chill me out.
    Someone downing REDBULL which I tried a mouthful of once and was nearly sick-and using street drugs AND taking adderall AND not eating -path to self destruction but don’t blame the adderall.

  47. metatrix says:

    I used to take Adderall and that shit makes you feel all jittery and you get awful palpitations. Adderall is what doctors call a ‘dirty’ drug, as in it has too many side effects for what it actually does.

    Now I’m on dexedrine…have been on it for years (for my ADHD). Dexedrine is he opposite of adderall….no side effects. The only way you even know it’s working is that you can concentrate a billion times better and actually get shit done. Dexedrine is a ‘clean’ drug — it works on the brain, not the body. 1000x better than adderall and it doesn’t make your heart feel like it’s exploding!

    • cprincess says:

      Yeah-I don’t get jittery or have palpitations-only side effect I have from it is dry mouth and it kills your appetite but you adjust to it and as Im on it for the right reason,I have no interest in starving myself-I want to be healthy in every way-I don’t drink,smoke and I eat a very healthy diet-adderall has been life changing for me but its not for everyone,Im just sick of hearing stories of people abusing it…