Duchess Kate & Prince William are putting off baby-making until 2013

Headlines involving the words “Kate” and “Wait” are nothing new. In fact, there’s a decades’ worth of those headlines, but they all involve her waiting for the ring, Duchess Kate’s only career goal ever. So this is slightly new – The Mail reports that despite centuries of royal history and the expectations of a decade’s worth of waiting, Duchess Kate and Prince William aren’t going to try for a baby in their first year of marriage. In fact, they probably won’t even get to it in their second year of marriage.

Prince William and Kate are putting off having a family until next year so they can focus on the Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics.

Despite hopes of a Jubilee baby, sources close to the couple say they are in ‘no hurry’ to start a family and want to make sure that 2012 is a success for the sake of the Queen’s 60th anniversary celebrations.

‘Realistically there is not going to be time for a baby and they have said they are in no hurry. There is no urgent need for an heir – we already have two,’ says a source. ‘William and Kate want to take things in their own good time.’

The news comes as Clarence House confirmed that Kate, 30, will start solo official engagements next month, once William leaves for his first tour of duty in the Falkland Islands.

‘It will be a good distraction for her and take her mind off worrying about William,’ says the source. ‘At the moment, starting a family is definitely on the backburner.’

The Duchess of Cambridge – who married William last April – is the Royal patron of The Art School, National Portrait Gallery, Action On Addiction, and East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices. She has also said she will volunteer with the Scout Association.

‘The Duchess will have a handful of engagements while the Duke is away,’ a spokesman says. ‘She will visit all her patronages publicly at least once and continue to visit them privately. It will be a busy period. The reason she chose so few charities is that she wants to get to know them intimately.’

William and Kate will be apart for six weeks in February and March, then they will gear up for the Jubilee weekend in June. In September or October they will tour Singapore, Malaysia, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu.

[From The Mail]

I really don’t understand why Kate couldn’t be pregnant AND working as a royal? Princesses have done it for years and decades and centuries, fulfilling their royal duties at the same time, if you know what I mean. Like walking and chewing gum, actively being pregnant and making appearances on behalf of the monarch doesn’t seem like it’s something so grueling, no one has ever done it before. Anyway, I guess the British people will just have to WAIT as Kate is slowly, methodically eased into her royal role at a snail’s pace, and they’ll have to wait until Kate and William are well into their 30s for them to produce a royal heir.

Look, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with waiting until your 30s to start a family – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and I actually do think it’s very interesting to see that more “modern” trend happen in the royal family. But just know that in this, Kate and William really are breaking with tradition in a big way. Most royal brides produce an heir very quickly, and people were really expecting Will and Kate to start having babies, considering William made her wait so long for the ring. I also think Kate is misjudging her popularity – royal brides pop out babies quickly for PR reasons too, because everybody loves babies and babies “soften” the image of a princess and give her something to “do” (as in, “Kate is raising a family, that’s what she does all day.”). If Kate isn’t pregnant two years out from the wedding, I think there will be a big backlash against her, honestly. Because what the hell does she do with her time? “Kate gets her hair done, and goes shopping, that’s all she’s done during two years of marriage.”

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  1. Manuela says:

    just there are some problems i guess. it s her job anyway. strange

  2. Alita says:

    As recently as Saturday I was asked when I shall next procreate (by my hairdresser). I gave her my well worn answer of “not today!”

    I wish I had a Clarence House to tell people on my behalf, in the nicest possible way, not to fuss with my uterus and the contents (potentially) therein. Actually given the volume of questioning on this front, I may have to look into a PR firm. Huvane, of course.

  3. atlantapug says:

    I think they’re being smart. Keep Kate uninteresting to get the super-aggressive paparazzi that killed Diana off her back.
    A baby so soon after the wedding would cause riots everywhere she went. Let the girl get out, do boring Royal-type stuff, then she can pop out her kids later.

  4. JulieM says:

    So, she won’t get pregnant this year, to do what? Oh, I know, I know, to work incredibly hard on the Jubilee and Olympics. Does anyone actually believe this? Probably some of the fan club residing here. In 5..4..3..2..

    • CG says:

      Isn’t there a rumor going around that the Queen basically ordered them not to have any kids this year? The Queen wanted the focus to be on her Jubilee, and if Kate were pregnant, that would be the only thing the media and public would talk about. So I thought I read something a while back that the Queen had put the kibosh on baby-making until next year.

  5. Bubulle says:

    I’m not buying it , I think she has been trying to get pregnant ever since she got married, and sadly didn’t succeed. I think they leak this excuse so the media won’t put pressure on her and try to get to know why she’s still not pregnant.

  6. teehee says:

    I think she needs to stop with the black eyeliner. Everyone says it, thins it— one day it may come true…

  7. Bermuda Blues says:

    Because most “Modern” women are waiting to having babies for financial and professional reasons.

    The Cambridges have no financial constraints, Kate’s lifestyle for the past 10 years of unemployment shows that.

    It goes without saying Kate has no professional reasons to wait either.

    Basically, William wants to wait. Probably because he doesn’t want the attention and would rather focus on his career in the military. And once again, we see that Kate takes all her cues from William.

  8. Eleonor says:

    What if this is a pr move to hide some fertility problems?

  9. SHump76 says:

    Look, I’m lucky if I can make it out of the bath and get dressed without throwing up on something, I’d HATE to have to get all dressed up and deal with dignitaries while pregnant. It’s not uncommon for it to take a year of ACTUALLY trying (and by that I mean more than just not using birth control) before getting pregnant… so even if they did start trying right away, it wouldn’t be that shocking that she wasn’t already. I’m just not sure why anyone even cares. I mean, the Queen isn’t stepping down. Charles will have to pull that crown out of her cold, dead hands. And once he’s king… well, he’s probably got another good 35-40 years left in him. William himself won’t get near that crown until he’s in his 60′s.

    • whatthehell456 says:

      I had the same problem when I was pregnant, you were lucky if I managed to get to work without pulling over to the side of the road to either puke or pee :( I can totally understand Kate not wanting to do all those appearances while pregnant, the last thing she wants is pics of her throwing up in a receiving line.

    • JulieM says:

      I was pretty lucky; I only experienced queasiness and not the full effect of morning sickness.

      Diana suffered from horrible morning sickness when she was pregnant with William, and she still got out there and did her “duty”.

      I think the commenters above are correct; so far she has been unable to get pregnant and this is palace PR BS.

  10. GoodCapon says:

    Can’t she do both at the same time? Is it asking a lot from her?

    Anyway, I think this news is just a smokescreen for that Mustique vacation and frankly I’m getting dizzy from all the PR spin. Is she even back yet or is she still enjoying her break? Does she need to have a grand holiday every time she starts to prepare for “work”?

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Yeah, really. What does it require for a “public” appearance? 30 minutes? Get out of car, pose, hug some kids, give a 3min speech, paint a snail/”plant” a tree etc., get back in car. Real strenuous work.

    • Em says:

      To be fair, if she got pregnant now, she would be 5 months pregnant at the Jubilee Celebrations and 7 month pregnant during the Olympics. She is expected to be pretty heavily involved in these events, what with touring the country, parades, the mysterious opening ceremony etc.

      I’m not saying it’s not posssible to do all these things whilst heavily pregnant, but if given the choice I certainly wouldn’t want to be pregnant while all that was going on.

  11. HoustonGrl says:

    She will begin her solo engagements “next month.” With Kate it’s always tomorrow or the day after. Interesting too that they claim she will start meeting privately with her charities. Isn’t that what the past 8 months have been about?

    As far as the pregnancy thing…I will admit that Kate doesn’t need to work, and so she chooses not to. I’ll be fair and say that many people in her position would do the same thing. But most of those people (um, women), would then decide to start a family simply because we all need something that fulfills us in life. For many of us, it’s a career. For others, it’s a family. But seriously…what DOES Kate do all day long? And let’s not pretend these engagements (once a month) take up most of her time. That’s just bad math.

  12. Boo says:

    She will spend half of March, all of April and May preparing for Jubilee Weekend? Exactly what does she have to do to prepare? Is she assigned to make the centerpieces?

    Okay, I have a theory. She has waited for Will for 10 years and endured nicknames and humiliations galore as he balked, broke up with her, etc. Now, she’s got him. Finally, SHE is in control. What if she were keeping her 30 year old, fertility on the decline self painfully thin so that she cannot get pregnant? We know Will is a reluctant royal but one who knows and does his duty, so he knows damn well they need to produce an heir. We always assumed they were waiting so that when they finally married, they would be ready to have children, as we all know that is how it works. But what if Kate has finally realized that she finally has control over this thing? What a giant FUCK YOU to the royal family who now must wait for her. Will he become Waity Willie when his bratty bride won’t get pregnant? Innnnnteresting.

    • HoustonGrl says:

      I agree with you…I get a bit irritated when people claim that she has to prepare for all these events. She gets briefed by professionals on every detail she might need to know, and they are the ones doing the “work” (research). Sure, she may have to “study” a bit, but let’s face it, most of the work involves waving and smiling for the cameras.

      As for the theory, I do think it’s impossible, or at least very difficult for her to conceive at this weight. She is extremely thin. I’m not sure what her motivation is. To be honest, I’m more inclined to think it’s her vanity rather than some plot to avoid conception. At the same time, Kate’s goal in life is to avoid any responsibility, so your theory might be probable!

      • Boo says:

        You may be right about avoiding responsibility. You can’t decide to go on vacation from motherhood, although I’d assume the whole Nanny Thing makes that concept far closer to possible for Kate than for the rest of us.

        One would think she would want to secure her spot in history by not only being future Queen but also the mother of a future monarch. Hell, if I were in her place, I’d want to lock that down. But here again, the vanity thing is possible, too–I’m sure she isn’t starving herself so that one day soon the tabs can point out her pregnancy pooch or photograph her double chin while she gestates.

        I believe she made a huge tactical error in getting so thin before the wedding. She will ALWAYS be measured against that day–she should’ve stayed a bit heavier for the wedding so that a few pounds in either direction wouldn’t become the entirety of her identity. She will now forever struggle to be that thin–and pretend that is “natural” for her–to avoid being criticized by the paps for “letting herself go,” which is beyond obnoxious, but look at The Duchess of Pork–that was horrible, too. She has dieted herself into a corner here.

    • XYZ says:

      “Is she assigned to make the centerpieces?”

      Thank you for starting my Monday off with an LOL.

  13. Talie says:

    You know, I’ll cut them some slack. It’s not so much fun to rush in and have a kid your first year of marriage. You don’t get that time back.

  14. maemay says:

    I think those who criticize Kate’s restraint do not remember what happend with both Diana and Fergie, I’m old so the current path that Kate is following does not upset me. Diana was thrown to the wolves, they do not want the same kind of mania they had with Diana. This year is the Queens year and Kate will not overshadow that, everyone else can call her waity but they will have to deal with it.

    • JulieM says:

      One more time: Diana was miserable not because she had to “work”, but because she had an unfaithful husband who did not love her. I believe that had Charles been a better husband, they might still be married today. And she, alive.

      Fergie- she was just dumb.

      • Kate says:

        Actually Diana herself said it was horrific, being thrown in the deep end that way. Terrifying beyond belief. She also said that pregnancy and a heavy schedule was hellish. And I don’t think that level of fame is good for anyone’s mental health, tbh – look what happens in Hollywood, when they aren’t as famous, and it is actually for something.

        She’s painfully thin, as Diana was, and most shrinks believe eating disorders like that tend to happen to women who feel they have little control over other aspects of their lives. Diana’s marriage was a disaster for both, but her level of fame and lack of support was another huge issue.

    • Jaxx says:

      I think you hit it on the money. No one wants another Diana. Ever. The queen was horrified with how much attention Diana pulled away from the rest of the royals. Everything they do is calculated to prevent that. Even delaying gaining the heirs. They don’t want Kate to go from beautiful bride to beaming motherhood and risk the attention just building and building.

      I also can see the Queen very much not wanting a pregnant Kate to overshadow their next two big deals coming up. It has nothing to do with overwhelming Kate. It’s all about not repeating their mistakes with Diana. She was their nightmare and they will never let that happen again.

      • LAK says:

        couldn’t agree more.

        HOwever with regards personas, i will say that the Diana comparisons are unfair if only because Diana was unsually charismatic. The woman could charm water from a camel. Of course later in life she used that to her advantage. Lots of people over time have met Kate, but you don’t get the same kind of giggly, almost romantic ardour when they subsequently tell of the encounter in the same way that you had with Diana.

        So while the RF are being cautious about repeating the Diana mistakes, they should realise that they don’t have another Diana on their hands.

        Of her two sons, Harry is the one who inherited her charisma. William has her face, and that gets him alot of slack but he is more like his father than people realise.

  15. Emily says:

    The DM article also says that Pippa recently visited a School for the Deaf. PR move? Almost certainly. But I still think it’s a sweet thing to do.

    • GoodCapon says:

      In my view, the reason behind all this is purely self-interest and not because she actually cares. Perhaps she is doing this because she cares about her public perception (she is trying to counter the negative press she has gotten since the wedding) and because of the book deal.

      With public perception, she was WAY overexposed last year and attention moved quickly from the “ass” and “What is she wearing right now” to “Who is she currently dating/Why did she and Alex broke up?/Which aristocrat is going to be her next victim?” Her public image went downhill since then.

      With the book deal- if it is really coming through-this PR will be a step in the right direction. She wants to be taken seriously and she needs to show the world that she is doing something more than attempting to climb the social ladder.

      But seriously, in the article it stated that they’re only doing this because now they’re in the public eye – how f***ing pretentious is that?

  16. Cathy says:

    Actually it looks to me that she has started to realize what food is and has put on a few pounds. She looks way better than she did in Canada, she was stick thin then. If they have decided to wait then more power to them. They have alot coming up and I don’t imagine it would be fun being outside in the hot weather during the summer olympics or the jubilee being six months pregnant.

    • LAK says:

      Hot weather?? in Britain are you kidding? it averages 26C in the summer over here which can hardly be called hot. Yes there are occasionaly days [not weeks] when there is a temperature spike to 30C but that is the exception rather than the rule.

      • Jaxx says:

        I wanted to reply to your earlier comment but it had no reply button so I’ll catch you here.

        As you said, when will they realize they DON’T have another Diana on their hands? It is unfair for Kate to carry that burden. Sure, she takes pretty pictures just like Diana did but as you said, Diana had some kind of mongo charisma that drew people like flies. Despite all her later emotional problems, Diana always had a real warmth she directed like a laser on the person she was speaking to and they responded to it and to her. Kate does not have this quality. As you said, you are either born with it or you are not. The whole RF needs to lighten up. There will never be another Diana.

  17. NM6804 says:

    You know what? All this time I thought that Kate was just a puppet of the palace and that she would do everything to snatch that ring. I guess the latter is correct but girlfriend is very savvy. She KNEW what was coming once she got that ring and now she wants to hold off a baby (because I do think it’s here!)? That’s a pretty huge risk. But I guess now she is comfortable as the princess, she can do whatever she wants (well, to an extent) and that was her plan all along! What other options are there? Divorce? Yeah, not going to happen. Will made her wait, now he and the royal family have to wait while she has fun and does charity once in awhile (just enough to please the crowd) :D . I do think she loves Will but fo’ sho’ she kept her eye on the price all those years and this proves it. A baby is work and responibility, since their image is DIY, a real family, non-confirming to stiffling rules of the palace then you can bet she doesn’t want to take on that huge responsibility (and work!) so soon. She is very calculating and a child doesn’t accustom itself to her, she is going to accustom herself to the baby. She accustommed herself long enough, now it’s her turn, she definitely has control over this situation.

  18. Holly R says:

    She’ll deffo be pregnant by the end of this year. Not for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and not for the Olympics because, well, those events aren’t about her. Plus, she actually will be involved with the Summer Games as she, William, and Harry, are ambassadors for the games. So once all of that is done, and the British press can promote it as another great year for the royals, she and William will have a baby announcement to cap it all off. Plus, she’ll probably want to be noticeably pregnant by her 31st birthday – speculation was already crazy this year on her 30th.

  19. nnire says:

    people shouldn’t have babies until they are good and ready to have babies (no matter how wealthy and ‘unemployed’ they are)! good for them for not succumbing to the pressure.

  20. Anne says:

    So now she is not getting pregnant fast enough? Seriously?

    If she were to be pregnant during the jubilee and the Olympics, then you would all be complaining about how she was taking the attention from others.

    It would be nice for her to get back to a healthier weight, which she seems to be doing, before she gets pregnant. It would be better for her and the child.

    • Frayed_Edges says:

      Agreed – whatever she does is wrong – either doing nothing, or taking attention away. I hate how certain people are adored and endlessly praised on Celebitchy, while others are hated and criticised constantly for no apparent reason.

  21. hazeldazel says:

    OMG, Lainey was soooo right! The Queen totally has her womb scheduled AFTER the Olympics and her Jubilee. Wouldn’t want all the attention on the wrong person and all that y’know…

  22. Lia says:

    Why is it our business when anyone, Kate included, gets pregnant?? It always amazes me when the public thinks they “own” someone. I can see the British people expecting her to make appearances if they are paying her way in life, but for anyone to expect her to get pregnant, well, that’s just crazy. When they choose to procreate is their business…. not ours.

  23. JackieF says:

    I really think queenie put the kibosh on this one! Do you really think Elizabeth Regina would LET Kate get knocked up THIS year?! It’s her fricken DIAMOND jubilee! If I were the queen I wouldn’t dream of letting some annoying little beast that just came onto the scene (relative to the queen’s 60 years on the throne) steal the spotlight!

    I really think “focusing on the jubilee and olympics” is them putting it mildly. I think Elizabeth pretty much had Kate tied down and stuck an IUD up her! Kate wants a child. Like yesterday. She can’t be part of the monarchy if she doesn’t reproduce and knows that until she produces an heir, her position doesn’t have any clout.

    Also, on a side note, has anyone else noticed that Will and Kate are being sent far, far away for their tours on behalf of the queen this year? Seriously, they could not be farther away from the spotlight. And to some of the smallest countries too! Well, that could be to shine light on regions that are usually ignored, but I think it’s more likely that Liz just wanted them out from under her feet. And I can’t say I blame her.

  24. Enn says:

    Getting knocked up isn’t magic. For some women it takes several months; it can take up to 18 months before a doctor recommends fertility treatments. If they are having trouble, I can see that no one wants that splashed across the front page.

  25. Linney says:

    Jeez, this article is a giant step backwards for women. So, she’s choosing not to get pregnant because she isn’t ready or thinks it wouldn’t be the best time. Since when is that a bad thing? It’s what I’m doing. This is a pretty reaching article to find something, anything, wrong with her.

  26. squaw says:

    She is making the WRONG MOVE, looking at her at charities is not what her top job is, it is to heir …. so she needs to do her job. I find it just a dumb move entirely to wait in regards to her position. She has the perfect position to just concentrate on her job: popping babies.

    Im rather bored watching her show up at events; she is no Diana! The sparkle is not there, yes she is lovely, but only with a purpose. I would like to see William a daddy! She is so leaving her door open for him to get a mistress.

  27. Boo says:

    Let us not forget that Kate is NOT a woman “just like us” who has a job and life and everything all her own. She is a massively public figure; in some ways, the British people own her. She fought hard to get that “job,” and one of her duties in that job is to have children. All the royal brides in the 20th century who were or whose husbands were in line for the throne were pregnant within one year of marriage. They all recognize that the bankability of the monarchy (which has no real political power) depends upon its stability and its popularity with the masses, and what way to be more popular than to have a cute baby to show off? Their decision to wait is not just another young couple making the choice that is right for them–their choices reflect or reject the entire monarchy and could threaten it.

    Also, if Kate turned up pregnant tomorrow, I sincerely believe that her duties at the Olympics would be modified to avoid taxing her in *any* way. Pregnancy would be a great way to get out of or minimize her involvement in stuff she doesn’t want to do.

  28. the original bellaluna says:

    IMHO, a baby (an heir) is the deal-sealer on becoming an “official” Royal. I don’t think anyone enters into a Royal marriage minus the “heir and a spare” expectation of them.

    Frankly, I don’t care if they wait to have kids; but they need to realise that trying to have kids in your 30′s gives you less time to figure out what to do if things don’t go as planned.

  29. hatsumomo says:

    I dont get this whole talk of “They are waiting to try for a baby”. What do you mean, try? Is there a special position to conceive? Do you just have sex for the purpose of procreating?! My man and I arent “trying” for a baby but we have sex anyways. Isnt that really all thats needed? Do the royals need to take time off to try for a baby? What would you do, have sex then lounge around all day until the mood strikes you again and rinse repeat?!

  30. Sumodo1 says:

    Remember when there was speculation over Kate’s tummy looking “bumpy?” Well, here’s my theory: she was on fertility drugs to produce eggs to store. Add some thawed-out semen, and BINGO! British heirs to the throne. Whenever and how many they choose. It’s the thing these days, dontcha know!

  31. Reece says:

    In her defense, I wouldn’t want to be pregnant during the Olympics. I’d outright refuse. There’s too much pr to do at that time. Seriously. Pictures in the “internet age” never go away but Olympic pictures NEVER go away. 100 yrs from now pics from London 2012 Games will be brought out.
    As soon as that is all over, I wonder what the story will be then. That’s what I’m curious about. Pass from me til August.

  32. benny says:

    She needs to fix her eating disorder first. Why push her to have kids when she obviously has emotional/control issues that should be fixed first?

    The queen has many kids and grandkids. Her line of seccession is secure. There’s no “need” for William to have kids.

    I think Kate’s under a lot of stress (hence the eating disorder). Why push her? There’s no neeed.

  33. Sachi says:

    I, for one, am glad she’s not getting pregnant yet. It’s HM the Queen’s Jubilee this year. Nobody and nothing should steal the spotlight off of the gracious, classy, dedicated woman who has lived her life serving the United Kingdom and continues to do so.

    I would hate for Kate to announce a pregnancy right around the Queen’s Jubilee and be praised left and right for nothing else but getting pregnant, because we all know how it’s gonna turn out once she gets pregnant: the media will fawn over Kate and move her to Saint status, everything else be damned. She’ll have more excuses to not do some work and just stay at home “taking care of herself” until the baby is born. When the baby is here, she’ll take another year off to be a “full-time mom” and will get praised for being the loving, warm royal mom who’s dedicating all her time to her children.

    And LOL at the report that Kate is “preparing” for the Jubilee and the Olympics…for 5 months! She’s probably just gonna be planning whether to have big curls or a side part on her hair or how thick her eyeliner makeup should be applied.

    This report is all just a grand PR spin to fight off the backlash about the Mustique vacation for when Kate finally comes back, and to get the press to stop asking why Kate has done nothing else since the wedding but show up for fancy, VIP events.

    She’s not pregnant, she’s not working, she hasn’t visited any of her charities yet…what does she do all day? She’s not even staying in Wales like she and William proclaimed she would! She’s at Kensington Palace. The only times she’s spotted out and about in London, when not attending fancy galas, is when she’s shopping for more clothes.

    It makes ma laugh, how the Palace tries so hard to sell the girl as a hard-working person who needs a lot of time to settle in, because 10 years of doing nothing just isn’t enough.

    They probably shake their heads, too, at how much they’ve had to cover for the lazy, do-nothing Duchess whose gaffes have been mounting not even 1 year after the wedding. The press is starting to turn against her faster than they did with Fergie.

    What a walking PR disaster Kate Middleton has become. She has chased William for 10 years, but all these ridiculous PR spins are telling me that she’s overwhelmed and she’s not ready for this role. Her instances of inappropriate behavior show someone who’s not mature enough to know how to behave in somber/serious events. She refuses to sample food in diplomatic events like the UNICEF event in Denmark. She giggles while signing condolences for victims of the New Zealand earthquake. She shows up in an expensive, brand new outfit to visit riot victims. She’s mostly out and about shopping, probably to escape Palace life as often as she could. She probably thought all the work is minimal and royal life is all about prancing around in jewelries and tiaras.

  34. KsGirl says:

    I think that unprotected sex between Kate and William has been occuring and will continue – this story in the media is just a)an attempt to take the pressure off her (which I udnerstand) and b) an acknowledgement that a baby is unlikely when they are spending a lot of time apart, even if they are at it like bunnies when they’re together. I wish the best for them/her and I hope she gets pregnant easily and has an eays pregnancy and healthy baby, when it happens.

  35. Suze says:

    I am kind of giggling at the idea of the queen barging into their bedroom and ordering them to get back on birth control.

    I also really doubt that is what’s happening. I really believe William does run the show, as Kate has stated, and the queen probably has little to do with their relationship.

    Who knows what this is about? I tend to think it is the palace deflecting all the constant speculation and trying to give the couple some room. As others have pointed out, most of the other royal couples have popped out a kid almost immediately.

    Plus the queen has lots of heirs. That family procreates all over the place. I’d rather see Hot Harry’s kids on the throne (which will probably never happen – mores the pity ; ).

  36. Hmmm says:

    Neither Will nor Waity seem the cosy, homeloving, broody type. They are spoiled and self-centred. I certainly don’t think that Will wants kids until he absolutely has to have them. I’m not convinced he really wanted to be married; he doesn’t look like a man in love to me. This postponement probably makes Waity really happy except for the niggling bit about locking in her position for life with an heir. Neither wants any responsibility that impinges on their hedonism. I pity their children.

    • kibbles says:

      I have to agree. I don’t understand all the proclamations that these two look so in love. They dated for nearly ten years, broke up, he dated and probably slept with other women during their breaks, and it seems he reluctantly gave her a ring to fulfill his royal duties and because it was the natural thing to do after stringing the girl along for nearly a decade.

      Maybe William isn’t as much of a party animal as Harry, but I believe he would have enjoyed playing the field for a few more years if he hadn’t been pressured by his family and the public to settle down and produce an heir. Kate to me seems like both the perfect choice as well as an awful choice for him.

      I think she was the most convenient, safest, and most boring choice for wife which of course can be good because she won’t cause scandals the way Diana did. Awful in that she wasn’t the smart, hard-working, sophisticated, independent, and modern commoner many of us had hoped he’d married. I don’t really see Kate as a true commoner. She wasn’t born into aristocracy but her parents are still millionaires. The PR machine made her look “middle class” for so many years. She is just a spoiled rich girl not much different from the other aristocratic women except she is from new money.

  37. katie says:

    Who the heck would want to be pregnant while doing royal duties ?

  38. sharylmj says:

    I understand why she wouldn’t want to be giantly pregnant and trying to participate in these VERY important events. Good for them to wait until they are ready.

  39. Diane says:

    Royal or not, it’s their business, isn’t it?

  40. Amanda says:

    I don’t understand why they want to wait, but to each their own I guess.

  41. JudyJudyJudy says:

    There is an heir in Charles, then an heir in William followed by his brother. Considering the lifespan of this family, they have it covered for the next 75- 80 years or so.

    • bettyrose says:

      Doesn’t matter as far as the commoner is concerned. If at any point it becomes definite that she isn’t going to produce, they will have that marriage annulled. The girl needs to rent “The Duchess” and “Marie Antoinette.” She is not a “modern women” and this is not a modern marriage. Those 18th century women are her peers.

    • eternalcanadian says:

      Not only is there Charles, then William, there is also Harry, then Andrew and his two children, then Edward and his two children and so forth. So even if William and Catherine never have children the throne to England is secure forever.

      • Boo says:

        Of course, there are hundreds of heirs if you look far enough; that isn’t the point. The British want to secure a line of succession from generation to generation…so it will be Liz then Chuckles then William then Will’s future child…they don’t like to have to scoot to the next person in a lateral succession. They will if they have no other options, of course, but the preferred method is to go down the line, not over (ironically, as Liz herself got the throne through a lateral succession when Edward abdicated for Wallis Simpson, thus making Liz’s father George King (he was the Harry of their generation, but without the taste for vodka and blonde bimbo-types).

  42. eternalcanadian says:

    I really would like to know what kind of birth control Catherine is using because she’s managed to not get pregnant in almost 10 years (if she started dating William when they moved in together in September 2002).

  43. iseepinkelefants says:

    She’s not motherly. If it weren’t for her “duty” to have a kid, I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t have one. She doesn’t seem to have a warm bone in her body.

    Though don’t get it twisted she WILL have the kid because it will gurantee her place for years to come (whether she spends time with it or pawns it off on the nanny so she can spend her days shopping at Zara and getting her hair did don’t matter because Waity WILL be Queen *insert evil cackle*).