Beyonce & Jay-Z step out together for Jay’s Carnegie Hall charity concert

We need to talk about this, but we don’t have all of the photos. You need to GO HERE and HERE to see the new Beyonce pics. For the first time since giving birth (cough), Beyonce stepped out for a public appearance. She was supporting her husband’s charitable work – Jay-Z and Bey were at Carnegie Hall for the first of two shows that Jay performed for to benefit the United Way of New York City and The Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation. Bey wore red Alice Temperley and she looked… interesting. Little Blue Ivy was born just a few days short of a month ago, and Bey already has her figure back, of course. We can argue about whether her hips are bigger or whether she’s always had those hips, but can we all agree that Beyonce’s “post-pregnancy weight loss” has been spectacular? I mean… really? Here’s one photo from her outing:

During the Carnegie Hall show, Jay dedicated a version of “Glory” to Blue Ivy, telling the audience, “Put a hand in the air for Blue!” After the Carnegie Hall show, Bey and Jay went to his 40/40 club, where they partied for hours. Jay was also at the club for the Super Bowl too, although Bey didn’t join him. Page Six reports that Jay “was spotted in a main floor booth, in plain view of the hundreds who packed the luxe sports bar’s every cranny. Yankees hurler CC Sabathia and the Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony appeared from a private viewing room upstairs to join Jay at his table. After the Giants prevailed, the crowd sang ‘Empire State of Mind’ in celebration.”

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Beyonce Online.

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  1. Lisa says:

    She knows what the word recycling means. She cut her baby bump pillow in half and put on her hips and here we have post baby body. Very ecological solution.

  2. ShazBot says:

    okay, in fairness (just trying to play both sides here), we’re not seeing her from the side and Bey is renowned for wearing triple spanx, so who knows how many she could have on there.

    • XYZ says:

      I agree. This is not quite her pre-pregnancy shape. Her waist and hips are visibly wider and girl is definitely rocking the Spanx. I don’t like her much–it’s like she never goes away long enough…kinda like the human equivalent of herpes–but the surrogate rumors need to die already.

      • SweetLou says:

        Totally Agree! Beyonce appears alot bigger than she was and no doubt she is ‘spanxin’ it up! These surrogate rumors are not even entertaining anymore…they’re pathetic! Not everyone is meant to have a Jessica Simpson pregnancy.

      • Lee says:

        Agreed. I enjoy the conspiracy theories, but she definitely looks heavier than normal here. Even in her calves you can see they’re thicker than pre-pregnancy. And her breasts look larger as though she’s breast-feeding. If anything, she looks slightly bigger to me than she did throughout her pregnancy even, just without the “belly”. Of course there are other explanations for the conspiracy theorists, but she doesn’t look like she’s completely bounced back yet. She does look good though.

      • autumndaze says:

        If any of you saw her spring into that SUV (on Youtube) the day or two before giving birth, you would know that she was never pregnant. Seriously, go take a look.

      • Lee says:

        Oh, I still have no major opinion on whether or not she was pregnant. I see the merit to the conspiracy – she was out partying up until right before she delivered and barely ever looked actually pregnant, not to mention the pillow folding incident. But since I can’t really know for sure, I refrain from making a concrete judgment. That being said, there was a blind item a while ago about a not-so-pregnant star who was going to take prednisone to fake weight-gain since people weren’t buying her “pregnancy” and that could easily explain the weight gain. Plus, it’s perfectly possible that even if she used a surrogate, she has taken hormones to be able to breast feed.

        I don’t know the answer. Just pointing out that she still looks slightly heavier than she did pre-pregnancy.

      • Tiffany says:

        There is no excuse for the conspiracy theories, they are all absurd. First of all, you REALLY think if she was faking it she would wear a folded over pillow? Really? What that video showed was a dress that was fitted over her belly rising up when she sat down. It deflated a tiny bit when it went over her ribcage area (your uterus isn’t in your ribs). Another commentor was saying she isn’t pregnant because of how she got into a car? Are you that narrow minded that you think ALL pregnant women move the same way?

        I just think the conspiracy theories show how far gone our society has become. Even the craziest rumors with NOTHING factual to back them up will get millions of believers. Pretty sad.

      • Cait says:

        Spanx or not, the one universal norm for postnatal weight/shape is that your uterus is still contracting. Seriously, when you leave the hospital after giving birth, you still look 5 months’ pregnant, because your uterus has grown to roughly 1,000 times its usual size over the course of the pregnancy.

        It generally takes about six weeks for the uterus to contract to its pre-preggo size. I gave birth 12 weeks ago, and I am only now fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes (though, God, how I miss the stretchy waistbands on my maternity pants).

        While I’m conflicted as to whether or not she actually gave birth, I know that my hips and boobs are way bigger now (in part because I’m nursing) than they were 12 months ago when I was merely another Mardi Gras enjoying NOLA girl. She’s got some padded hips there, that’s for damned sure.

  3. Tina says:

    At I saw several photos. She looks quite heavy compared to pre-pregnancy.

    I have a feeling that she can’t do anything “right” in regards of this case. Had she been fatter, well, then we would blame prednisol. Had she been thinner, well, then it’s a pillow-baby.

    I hope they are happy. And I really hope the speculations stop. I would feel so hurt and offended if people were speculation like this when I just had a baby..

  4. Anaya says:

    It isn’t just Beyonce’s hips looking the same it’s her waistline too that is unchanged. Most women I know who’ve given birth have a wider waist line even if they quickly manage to lose the baby weight. Whether she was the one who gave birth to baby Blue or not I can’t deny that she does indeed look great.

  5. HA! says:

    I don’t care about Beyondfake and Jay-Zhitnews. Just confirmation that she wasn’t preggers. She just has to ge rid of the extra weight she put on to ake the belly.

    • Meghna says:

      I couldn’t agree more! On another site they did a side by side of the above picture of her in the red dress and a picture of her still “pregnant” in December. She looks exactly the same! Beyonce always had an incredibly sexy curvy body. Gorgeous hips and sexy thick thighs. All she had to do was put on 10-15lbs to and voila she looks thicker and like she gave birth. I’m happy they have a new daughter, but so disgusted with the fact that they are frontin’. It’s not a shameful thing to adopt or have a surrogate./

  6. celine says:


    haterz will be haterz, will be haterz, will be haterz.

  7. Marjalane says:

    She didn’t have no damn baby. I’m sure Blue Ivy is lovely and will have a wonderful life, but I’ll never believe Beyonce gave birth to her.

  8. Franny says:

    I hate to be a huge raging bitch…but she looks like she was dressed by someone who was trying to make it look like she gave birth. Like her hips were padded.

    And for a girl who easily gained weight, by her own admission, its surprising that her boobs aren’t bigger.

  9. kibbles says:

    I noticed at the Daily Mail link that Alicia Keys is still carrying some baby weight. I am not criticizing Keys, just pointing out that real pregnant women with a curvy figure (Keys, Jessica Simpson, Salma Hayek, Mariah Carrey, etc.) tend to gain a substantial amount of weight during and after pregnancy. Keys actually has a thinner body type than Beyonce and her figure changed after pregnancy. I knew Beyonce was going to look fab her first appearance after “giving birth”.

    • jc126 says:

      Yeah, I had a feeling she’d look great, too, and there she is. She does look slightly heavier, but – those pregnancy pics were weird, and I think it’s REALLY weird we never saw any pics of her in the hospital room, no candids. I mean, they put the baby on a song track, but don’t release a pic?

  10. Geekychic says:

    She looks Like a fit heAlthy woman who had a baby. I mean, pregnancy is an individual issue…and honestly, this conspiracytheory is getting ridicolous.
    She was in Croatia svile pregnant, and i have a friend from that Island who saw her- she says bey was clearly pregnant. Look At the photos, for god sake.

    I guess moderation is a standard for me, although i still Don’t Get why.

  11. sarah says:

    Stunning just stunning!!!
    This is how to make a statement.
    I know many women , who bounced back in days .
    I know losers will be angry and still think she is faking.
    Sexy mama

    Just because your with child , doesn’t mean its an excuse to eat like a pig and not exercise.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Wow! Your comment is ignorant and offensive. It takes the uterus 4-6 weeks to return to pre-pregnancy size, so bouncing back in days is unlikely. You should spend less time trolling on the Internet and more time learning. Perhaps you could start with a physiology book, then you could brush up on grammar. Start with the chapter on homonyms.

    • Enny says:

      You can lose the weight itself quickly, in a matter of days or weeks, if you didn’t put on much to begin with. But any woman who claims to have gotten a flat stomach within days or weeks of giving birth is just full of it – it takes months for all the stretched-out skin and muscles to return to normal, unless you get some help of a surgical variety . . .

      • MW says:

        Yep, even if I’ve weighed less than before my very first child, my waist never got back to being quite that small again. My feet got bigger and stayed that way too!

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Thank you ladies.

        @enny, yes. That’s exactly what I was trying to say. Even IF you lose all of the pregnancy weight before you leave the hospital, your uterus will still be larger for 4-6 weeks following delivery. When I left the hospital I looked about 3 months pregnant because of the swollen uterus and increased blood volume.

        @MW, my feet “spread” and are now larger than usual. I also have a slight diastasis recti, so my waist isn’t quite the same either 😔

        @Riana, that explains A LOT!

    • Julie says:

      Just please….you are obviously pretty clueless. Bounced back in “DAYS”….not exercise. Go back to watching TV and eating your bon bons.

  12. Lem says:

    She looks more pregnant now than 6 weeks ago.
    she looks like a weeble . That dress does horrible things for her figure. Weeble

  13. Wendy says:

    Don’t know whether she actually carried the baby or not, but getting your “shape” back quickly means nothing. Everyone knows these ladies get a C-section and a tummy tuck while the doctor is at it. I have a friend who had that. Granted she didn’t pack on the pounds either, but she walked out of the hospital a week or so later wearing her pre-pregnancy size 0 jeans. No joke.

  14. Lem says:

    Odd. She’s posed both left foot striding and right foot striding- what appears to be 2 inches in front of the wooden wall. Odd, no?

  15. NinaG says:

    I’m just not much of a fan of hers, whether she’s fake or not. It’s really hard to take her seriously.I really just am indifferent toward Beyonce and Jay-Z.

  16. demian bichir says:

    Her shoes are SPECTACULAR though,i luv B.

  17. Maritza says:

    Beyonce has always had wide hips, I don’t see any difference in her at all. She must have spanx on because there is no jelly belly going on.

  18. Bubbling says:

    I just can’t with those shoes…lord have mercy..On a positive note her face looks very beautiful and young

    • demian bichir says:

      Are you trying to tell me that you don’t appreciate the SWAROVSKI crytals detailing of the shoes?That ish takes hours of handwork.
      At least be honest and tell me you loved the shoes that the chick is wearing behind Z.
      That’s the definition of a mean shoe

      I hate Z but I LUV B,i just can’t help myself.

  19. mia girl says:

    I looked through the others pics on various sites and honestly, the one posted here is the most flattering. There are a couple of side shots where she looks much heavier, and her legs look much bigger as well.

    Whatever, I really don’t care if she did or didn’t have that baby. But I agree with @Tapioca that they brought this pr mess on themselves… when you invite everyone into your pregnancy like an open house, you have to also know that you invited people to sneak through your closets and drawers.

  20. Riana says:

    Lord knows she’d perform her own lipo before missing an opportunity to pimp her pregnancy/baby at The 2012 Grammy’s.

  21. kate says:

    why is her pregnancy being debated? she was photographed in a bikini while PREGNANT. I don’t understand. That theory is stupid and insulting. If you’re going to discuss gossip, talk about something that possibly has some sort of merit not just the globe level speculation.

  22. nk says:

    Wow!!! Her boobs are d same old size for a woman who gave birth recently.

  23. NM6804 says:

    Spandex, spandex, spandex! Maybe a corset or two, with her you never know. Her boobs look like mom boobs (and not fake bolt-ons), her hips are wider and she’s definitely not as slim as before.
    I do not know what happened behind the scenes with that pregnancy but Beyoncé does not look slim and trim.

  24. Abigail says:

    Her whole body (legs, arms, boobs, hips) looks much bigger. I moreover assume she’s stuffed into a corset and several pairs of spanks — hence the slim waist.

  25. Mimi says:

    Is anybody catching that those Daily Mail pics look photoshopped to hell and back?

  26. Asli says:

    I don’t believe that she was ever pregnant. In the Daily Mail photos you can definately see she’s wearing a white push-up bra (the photo where she’s walking) and she’s known to wear cutlets as well.

    I’m working on a theory here so bear with me. If she really padded for her pregnancy (which I believe she did) why wouldn’t her ”pre-pregnance” body be padded as well. She’s dim but I think someone would tell her that she couldn’t just take the pillow out and go out and party.

    And the people who are saying that the ”conspiracy” theory stories are ridiculous… they aren’t if you look at all the evidence. I would link it but there’s just too much.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Ding Ding Ding! ITA! In those pics it looks like she padded her boobs out and up. If you look at the line of her breast and the padding/bra you can tell.

      Never was pregnant, no woman has a flat stomach 3.5 weeks later and no woman flies into a huge SUV the day before giving birth. The pics of her now and the day before she gave birth look exactly the same. She didn’t even look 3rd trimester! I’ve gone over the medical stuff before, she is crazy to think we believe this crap.

    • suzie says:

      she was photographed without a shirt on WHILE PREGNANT. I don’t know what more proof you want. google it and see her bare pregnant stomach my god.

    • Tiffany says:

      Your ‘evidence’ is weak. You know that women who give birth get milk in their breasts, right? Well in order to prevent leakage, some women put leak guards in their bras. It might look like padding to you.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Oh good Lord. Yes, A nursing pad is very thin. Thinner than a slim pad. I nursed two kids for 4 years. Pretty sure I know what a nursing pad looks like, that and the 20 odd years in the medical field.
        Nothing about this woman is real, take a listen to that Today show tape. Everything is manufactured on her, voice, image.

    • Asli says:

      Suzie – That photo was taken September 6th and barely shows any bump. She was supposedly 5 and a half months pregnant by then. On September 23rd she came out with that video that said she was six months pregnant. I don’t know if you’ve seen any pregnant women but her becoming that large in two weeks is highly implausible.

      Tiffany – That bra was not padded with a leak guard, you can clearly see that ít’s a push-up bra. As for my evidence. Here’s a timeline for you.

      April 2011

      Baby was concieved

      May – 2011

      Goes to the Met Gala and wears that incredibly tight dress with a corset.

      June 2011

      The Goodmorning America Summer Concerts. She sure did a lot of dancing while she was 3 months pregnant.

      July 2011

      Glastonbury – 4 months pregnant and supposedly throwing up between acts.

      August 2011

      Live at Roseland- 5 months pregnant and still no bump.

      Days later and the bump is revealed at the VMA’s, it’s just suddenly there.

      Films ”Party” video and has washboard abs.

      She also films the ”Dance for You” music video and there is no bump.

      September 2011

      6th – Is photographed in bikini in Croatia with no
      noticable bump.

      23rd – Films a video claiming she is 6 months pregnant.

      Oktober 2011

      Baby bump COLLAPSES!

      November 2011

      Papped constantly walking around in heels all over the city but not once going to a doctors check-up.

      December 2011

      Is flying while 9 months ”pregnant”.

      January 2012

      Filmed jumping into SUV two days before birth.

      *Patting myself on back because this took a while*

  27. Roma says:

    You know it’s the one day where Bey was looking through her closet and thought “Does this dress make me look fat? Yes! I’m wearing it.”

    I just don’t believe she was pregnant and I feel like she never would have styled herself like this on purpose. It draws just too much attention to her “weight gain”.

  28. Tweakspotter says:

    This only confirms it. NO WAY in HADES did she have that baby. NO WAY!

  29. Anna says:

    Before she got pregnant she was the thinnest she’s probs ever been, so that has been her shape at some point but not before her ‘pregnancy’. Still not convinced tbh even though thinking anything else but she was pregnant seems absurd.

  30. Eric says:

    She looks like she was never pregnant to begin with, she always had fat elephant trunk legs and wide hips. It also looks like she’s wearing a padded bra.
    I wander what the surrogate looks like now.

    • anonymoose says:

      BAM! totally agree with you and #30 and #31 above.

      This is an illusion dress: shirring creates the obvious illusion of curves, and it does look like she’s wearing a heavily padded bra. Thighs and hips look thick as always. Nuthin’ to see here, just the latest self-indulgent parade by the empress and her -ha!- new clothes.

      I, too, wonder what the surrogate looks like now!

      Also, Bouncy needs to give up her dream of being a white woman with blonde hair. Or a black woman with blonde hair, for that matter. The blonde is not, does not, and will never work on her. She’s not Heather Locklear! But, pretending she’s something she’s not is all she knows.

  31. marie says:

    Her hips are huge and her waist is noticeably thicker…and she is probably wearing spanx (they all do). I don’t find her body attractive at all..very pretty face.

  32. kim says:

    bump theories aside, Jay-Z really? You went to the superbowl even though you have a new Baby at home? You couldn’t watch the Game on your Huge tv w/ some friends your child and your wife!? What is Pizza Hut to good for you?

  33. It really upsets me the MSM keeps going along with the lie Beyonce was even pregnant. I know you know she wasn’t. Stop going along with the lies.

  34. Howard Stern airs Beyoncé’s raw, unedited live performance of “If I Were a Boy” on “Today” show. Unsurprisingly, it’s shockingly bad.

    Howard: Just get the board feed. If someone off key. It’s pretty funny. This is Beyonce form the Today Show. It’s always funny.

    Robin: So she’s lip syncing?

    Howard: Yeah, basically. But you know she’s singing along with it. Having a hard time I guess. Isn’t a good voice.

  35. Jover says:

    On a different note wonder how much of their own cash they contribute to these charities; they aren’t the King and Queen of anything but their own narcissistic self-contained world; take away the millions for endless self-promotion and you have surprisingly mediocre music churned out by two rather banal and uninteresting human beings.
    Stephen Harper I listened to that Howard Stern clip beyond awful, toneless off-key screechy.
    And this is from a so-called professional singer that has been doing this how many years? Anyone that thinks she’s the shit should listen to that.
    No excuses,either, rock, soul, motown bands from the 60/70s sang live straight up and sounded way better than this screeching hag, and they often played stoned. She really is a joke.

    • Asli says:

      Agreed. Also, last year Jay-Z made 63 million dollars. Do you know how much he donated to charity? His OWN charity. 6.000 dollars. 6.421 freaking dollars. What a disgusting human-being. Yes, it’s his money but Oprah has donated millions to her Angel Network. If you don’t want to foot the bill then don’t create a charity so you can have tax-write offs.

      • Jover says:

        Thanks for the info Asli; stuff like that needs to be publicized. Tell me again why is he lionized in his own community and everywhere. Both are actually among the more disgusting members of the 1 % but their race and celebrity status make them untouchable by what remains of Occupy Wall Street, and lets face it, very few on the left will go after the greed and narcissism of a black rapper. Wonder how many of their businesses have Wall Street ties?

      • Asli says:

        Yup! I also think he lost ALOT of followers after he tried to rip off Occupy Wall Street. He’s selfish, greedy and just needs to go away. We don’t need people like that. Him and his wife are some of the most money-hungry 1%’ers around. Beyonce even makes her broke back-up dancers pay for their own plane tickets and they were told that if they complained they’d be fired on the spot. And for the B’Day album the dancers were only paid 400 dollars per video and she made millions off of that. Disgusting.

        They need to be called out more often. This is the first major backlash any of them are getting. Finally!

    • demian bichir says:

      First of all,Jover i LUV U!!!
      But since you seem to know a lot about music you know that every performer has a bad day , like when they’re sick for instance.
      Maybe she had an OFF day like any normal human being.Since she’s a big money machine she cant say NO to a appearance that’s already been shedulded.
      You know SONY is not going to allow that!
      At least,she tried to sing live so gets a from me.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Are you crazy? Honestly! My husband tours and has to sing 4 hours a day 6 days a week, perfectly. Once in a great while there will be a minor mistake. She CAN’T sing! That isn’t a bad day. If you are a top money making performer, you should be able to carry a tune. No way a real singer would do that to a performance even if they couldn’t hear themselves properly. Absolute hogwash to accept vocalists that have no vocal talent.

  36. Madison says:

    Every woman’s pregnancy is different and not every woman gets as big as a house while pregnant. Beyonce looks great, I know a lot of women who a month later look like they were never pregnant then there are the others who carry the pregnancy weight around for the next few years and some never lose it.

  37. Sara says:

    Meh. I still have a hard time believing she was ever pregnant.

  38. Blue says:

    I can’t stand this chick, but she looks a lot bigger now than she ever did when she was pregnant. Plus that dress is truly unflattering.

  39. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    Wow, Bey got some boo-beys!! If she’s breast feeding that explains the giant knockers, because she never had those! In one pic on DM she looks heavier all over.

    I really don’t want to think that she faked her pregnancy. So all I’m going to say is she looks good.

  40. Geralda says:

    you sound so ignorant. everybody was amazed when miranda kerr or heidi klum walked the runway after weeks of giving birth but when it’s King B it’s a whole different reaction. Get a life ppl at the end of the day she’s still going to be very very rich and you always going to be poor and miserable.

    • TheOriginalVictoria says:

      Reality check. Miranda toom a year off before goung back. Heidi went back eight weeks after and in 2005 on her second child her hips were wider than ever even with her flat stomach.

      Lastly Miranda and Heidi have compeltely different body types than Beyliar and different health regimens because they are PAID to be thin and stay thin. Beyonce beyond dreamgirls era stays thick.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Geralda, the only ignorant one here is you. Calling everyone poor and unhappy says A LOT about your character. Some of the happiest people I know aren’t wealthy but they ARE rich In spirit, have wonderful families and love what they do for a living. If you believe money buys happiness, you’ll die miserable.

  41. kate says:

    i am just gonna comment once on this whole conspiracy. Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different! I looked like a beached whale when i had my first son, and with my second son I had no swelling and I was tiny the whole time. Did nothing different with each one. She never had a big belly, but lots of women don’t!! Also, her boobs look huge now, so she might be breastfeeding/pumping-but she could still do that even if she had a surrogate. BUT I still think that she was pregnant. In both of my pregnancies I felt great, wore heels, and the day my water broke with my second son I was climbing up and down the slides at the park with my oldest-so getting into that car “ain’t no thang”. SHUT UP PEOPLE. I just wanna see BIC! Bring her to the Grammys girl!

  42. Amanda G says:

    I know there is a lot of Beyonce hate here, but you seriously can’t see the changes in her body? Her breasts are huge and so are her hips. Look at the photos in the links, not the misleading one that was posted above. I was on the fence about her pregnancy too, but those photos give me no doubt that she was pregnant. Can we move on now? People are being just as looney as they are with the Brad/Angelina/Jen thing.

  43. camp knowles troll the net says:

    the only reason these fake liars associate themselves with anything related to charity is to gain tax breaks and fool people.
    this lacefront stunt is all related to that pathetic statue monument for beyonce and her self hating ego and ardemonce ventures which want donations from businesses and is **cough** charity related .

    jay-z *gay z* is as fae as the entire knowles camp.

  44. original sandy says:

    maybe i should not be investing in this , because i don’t care, but even jen affleck looks preggers, not just jessica simpson as example, but this is just fun to laugh at in general.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      @OS, I don’t know why either, but it just gets me.
      They showed Posh, Halle and loads of other thin celebs and they ALL looked pregnant.

      From the time of the announcement to birth her stomach never grew.
      If there is one thing I am sure of on this earth, and I don’t give a shit how you carry, you get bigger as your pregnancy goes on. You don’t stay the same, you don’t get smaller. There is a developing human fetus in there that gets larger every week. And the only way to gestate is to go OUT. You don’t carry a baby tucked up inside, the baby goes out as it grows. When B was quickly pregnant, she looked the same the day before she gave birth as she did at her announcement.
      Then the shadiness at the hospital.
      Whatever, every star, even the tiny ones looked heavily pregnant in the days before birth.
      Example Posh snapped by hubby laying in the sun with belly out. That’s a baby in there. With B? Nope, and those first bikini shots she just looks like she ate food and has a prosthetic belly on as you can see the change in skin color. Look closer.

  45. kirksey says:

    im not saying she didnt give birth, but she looks heavier now than she did when she was actually pregnant

  46. Hollaback says:

    Is it just me, or do you see the stretch marks on her boobs? You could see it better from the external link pix.

  47. Lizzy says:

    For a gossip site that is so hung-up on this fake pregnancy, why didn’t you pay for more pics of Bey?
    Having seen them on another site, I can’t deny that she is a woman who gave birth. Her boobs are much bigger and her hips are wider. She is probably wearing multiple spanx and taking care of herself as only a wealthy woman can. She was in excellent shape before the pregnancy so it’s no wonder she would bounce back quicker than the average woman, especially one who spends all her time online supporting pregnancy conspiracy theories!

  48. Lola6 says:

    What a sham. She makes me sick.

  49. Ogechi says:

    Beautiful & humble couple. I can’t wait to see Blue Ivy. I know she would be so adorable considering how clean, stunning & smooth her parents look.

  50. mln76 says:

    I can think of dozens of celebrity women who looked much much thinner after giving birth but no one batted an eyelash. I say she deserves the hate on for her and Jay-Z’s obnoxious takeover of Lenox Hill but the fake pregnancy B.S. so, so, so, so dumb.

  51. kibbles says:

    Comparison pics of Bey when she is heavier and not on tour:

    Yes, she looks curvier, but she has that body type that can gain weight quickly once she stops dieting and exercising. I have seen other photos of her in past years where she is not preggo and her hips and thighs are thick as they look in these photos.

  52. Katie says:

    Either she’s had major plastic surgery to lose that baby shape or she was never pregnant. I was totally reluctant to believe the conspiracies at first, but she’s just making it too easy!

  53. Crystal says:

    And I’d like to add that, as much as I love this site, the propogation of these pregnancy conspiracy rumors makes it lose some credibility for me. Celebitchy’s initial coverage of the pregnancy was “she’s pregnant, but pads her belly for effect at certain times.” Reasonable enough. But it’s now degenerated into an all out “bitch was never pregnant” mode sans an iota of proof.

    Based on the kid’s birth in January, it would seem that Beyonce became pregnant in May of last year. The photos of her from April show that she’s quite thin, as she had beeen for over a year. See the Harper’s Bazaar pics, which were taken in April:

    Compare the April pics with those from the Carnegie appearance — there’s at least a 25-pound difference, and that’s after what everyone seems to think is a “dramatic” weight loss. My point is just that Beyonce looks like many other woman who were at a healthy weight pre-pregnancy (and gained the *recommended* 25-35 lbs during pregnancy) do a month after birth, with the help of some serious Spanx coverage.

  54. CeeCee says:

    I wanna see photos of this damn kid she supposedly had.