David Beckham: “I can’t even look at Harper without welling up”

David Beckham covers the new issue of Men’s Health Mag. I think he’s on the March covers of both the American and UK editions. We haven’t really discussed how David and Victoria are staying put in LA, have we? After much discussion about a possible move to Paris to play for a French team, Becks decided to stay put in California and sign on with the LA Galaxy for another year. He recently described how much he likes living in LA, and how the kids like their schools and the boys are even developing little American accents. David made it sound like it was his decision to stay, and Victoria would have been fine with anything. I personally think Posh likes it in America too – less judgment, more acceptance for her. Big, A-list American celebrities are wearing her clothes and her business is here too. Anyway, David has been talking about how happy everybody is, and some of the quotes are just too cute:

On having more kids: “We might have one or two more [kids], you never know. We’re not thinking about it yet, but if it happens, great.”

On Harper Seven: “She’s seven months now. I can’t even look at her without welling up. After having three boys, you just assume that you’re going to have another boy, but when we got told she was a little girl, it was amazing, amazing.”

The older boys: “Since I’ve had a daughter I’ve got them all into martial arts. I just want them to protect her when she’s at that age. At that age when she needs protecting. Cruz does taekwondo, Brooklyn does boxing and Romeo does karate, so they’ll all be ready…But Cruz is the one who’s going to really look after Harper, he’s the tough one.”

The kids are competitive: “It would be easy for our kids to sit back and not work for anything, but they’re not like that. They’re as competitive as Victoria and me. We’re very lucky with our boys: They want to win. They want to work at something. They know their values. That’s the way we’ve brought them up so far, and that’s the way we’ll continue to bring them up.”

On family: “Family is the most important thing to me. That will always be the case. I’ve got my wife. I’ve got my four kids. I’ve got parents, grandparents still, and three really good friends. It’s all you need. I’d rather have three really good friends than 20 good friends.”

[From Us Weekly & The Mirror]

Aw…so cute. And while I believe that Becks has screwed around on Posh, I also believe that he loves Victoria and their family. He spends a lot of time with his kids, and he seems like such a hands-on father. Maybe it’s an act, I don’t know. But I buy it.

Here are some cute pics of Posh and Harper! I love Harper, she’s such a cutie.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & Men’s Health.

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  1. Leticia says:

    I like this couple. They make it work and seem to be really committed parents.

    Posh finally got her little baby doll. So cute.

  2. constance says:

    Aww I hope she doesn’t fear her baby daughter is “fat” like Anna Nicole Smith was reported to have said. V looks skeletal compared to that adorable cheeky baby. :(

  3. considerit says:

    i hope that harper learns martial arts, and doesn’t just rely on her brothers.

  4. mln76 says:

    They are so cute. It’s so easy to forget his squeaky voice and philandering and her famewhoring. That little one is going to be the most spoiled little girl in Hollywood.

  5. Aiobhan says:

    I still cannot stand his voice but absolutely love everything that he has said about his family.

    For some reason I don’t believe that he has cheated on Posh and vice versa for her. I don’t know why. Anyone who talks that way about his family gets the benefit of the doubt from me. I sound naive but I refuse to believe it.

  6. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Aw those were cute and sweet quotes. I like the part about the boys picking up little American accents lol. Have to say, for such a skinny, little woman, that is one adorable, chubby baby!!

  7. Sara says:

    His Superbowl commercial was super cheesy to me. The man is 36 with four kids, time to stop modeling underwear dude!

    • mmf says:

      What, because he’s 36 he should throw on a pair of boxers, and sit back in his recliner. He looks incredible for his age.

    • JenJen says:

      No, the time to stop modeling underwear is when you no longer look good in said underwear. He looks amazing and is in great shape. I wouldn’t care if he was 50 and modeling undies as long as he still looked good in them. Who cares how old he is? 36 is ancient now? Geez.

      • Day says:

        Agreed. If you can still work it modelling underwear, there is no reason to stop. I would have issue if he looks like crap. But, his body is to die for. He is in better shape than the dudes half his age. When that commercial came on, all the women went crazy and the men started hollering about ‘no sexy man talk’ is allowed. *eye roll* Like, I said, he looks better than dudes in their early 20s which was the age of most of those guys there. So, I know what I am talking about.

  8. Waldemar says:

    When his boys were born they never got this treatment. And now the are solely there to protect his daughter. How special they must feel.

  9. Roma says:

    Most of our husbands/boyfriends etc don’t have random groupies actively trying to sleep with our men. And yest it is always the man’s decision, but I do think that athletes, actors and musicians are in this culture that looks aside to the occasional lay. As long as it becomes public.

    I don’t know if they love each other but they do seem to be totally committed to those children.

  10. Nina says:

    He did screw around on her, it was a big scandal

  11. Maritza says:

    They really are a beautiful family,it’s good for Posh that she chose to forgive him for his infidelities. They seem to be happy now, good for them.

  12. JenJen says:

    As I understand it, he cheats on Vicky with women who actually have a little flesh on their bones. Why she refuses to carry the slightest bit of meat on her is beyond me, especially since her husband who purports to love her (I really think he does) obviously wants to f*ck a woman with a more shapely figure than a chopstick. If that was me, I’d be more than happy to put on 5 or 10 lb. Not like she’s be FAT with that on her.

  13. daz says:

    he only decided to stay in L.A. because he was given assurance, by team GB coach stuart pearce, that he did not have to play in europe to make the olympic team. Previously he had to play for Milan just to keep on getting picked for the England squad. If there wasn’t that promise then david and family would be in paris by now.

  14. Jen34 says:

    I know he cheated on her, but I’m still pulling for this couple. Their kids are beautiful, and they seem to be doing a good job raising them.

  15. suzymoon says:

    harper looks like your typical english kid-red faced with no hat on

  16. pippa says:

    He is a big cheater. Or at least he was. The story about rebecca loos was true and there were others.

    And i dont see them as beautiful family. Beckham is beautiful, but posh is just skinny and fashionable. She really isnt that good looking.

  17. yep says:

    i find it strange that they think that the boys will need to protect her. why cant she take these classes too and defend herself. pretty small minded and sexist.

    • Trek Girl says:

      Harper Seven will learn to protect herself, there is no doubt about that, but it’s still good for her brothers to know how to protect her; in fact, by learning how to protect her, they are also learning how to protect themselves, their future wives and children, and handle any threat from the paparazzi or aggressive people that they may have to deal with; they are children of celebrities, after all. This is a goood thing – the boys learning how to protect Harper Seven and themselves is a good thing.

    • Chole says:

      She will be able to hold her on…she will need to defend herself from her brothers. Its OK for men,or brothers to defend women. When did it become sexist for men to protect others? Women trying to prove they’re bad arse females are often the most insecure with their femininity. Sorry I prefer men that can protect me, not men I need to protect.

  18. lana says:

    He is starting to look like Ricky Gervais

  19. UKHels says:

    his womanising is the worst kept secret in the UK and has been ever since he was at Man U

    but she’s clearly willing to put up with it and that’s her business, I personally think they are both vacuous wastes of space

  20. Kim says:

    I cant look at him without welling up because he is so gosh darned handsome!

  21. yux says:

    Daffy Duck voice, skinny shanks, stuffed crotch for the ads, and gross tats… Bleagh! And a skinny Miss Piggy for a wife.

  22. Liv says:

    meh. Shes not as cute as Miranda Kerr’s baby, Flynn.

  23. JudyJudyJudy says:

    little Harper is so cute. The children are so happy and loved it really is a pleasure to see them when they are out every so often. Great parents!

  24. Sara says:

    That’s cute but why doesn’t he put his daughter in martial arts so she can protect herself when she’s old enough?