Jennifer Aniston has “separation anxiety,” won’t let Justin Theroux take a job

Justin Theroux hasn’t had a job since he met Jennifer Aniston. Okay, that’s not exactly the truth. He hasn’t had an acting job since Wanderlust was filmed in 2010, but he was one of four credited screenwriters on Rock of Ages, the Tom Cruise movie which comes out this summer. I don’t remember hearing about Justin on the set of Rock of Ages, so maybe he wasn’t very hands-on during production? Which basically means Justin has been unemployed for a year and a half. It’s by choice, though. Producers are offering him acting gigs, but he keeps turning them down because it would mean time away from his new girl. His sugar mama “demands” that he not be further than a five-hour plane ride. Which means no international work, basically.

Dating Jennifer Aniston may have made Justin Theroux a household name, but it probably won’t turn him into a movie star.

According to a friend, at Jen’s request, Justin recently turned down two roles because they shot out of the country and Jen didn’t want to be separated for that long. She has separation anxiety and told him she didn’t want him that far away.

“She initiated a rule that he can’t be further than a five-hour plane trip so he had to pass on the projects.”

The pal says Jennifer knows that distance does not make the heart grow fonder. “She wants to be with him 24/7.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

“She has separation anxiety” - like she’s a dog? My dog has separation anxiety. He gets really upset if I’m gone longer than two hours. Like, he’ll pout about it when I come home and then for the next few hours, he’ll just stare at me like he’s seeing me for the first time, a look of betrayal and anger. I wonder if Aniston is the same? That’s the part I believe – “She wants to be with him 24/7.” She seems like That Girl.

But – I don’t care for how In Touch basically “blames” Aniston and her “rules” for Justin not taking a job. If he wanted to work, he would. He’s a big boy. He’s 40 years old, for God’s sake. It’s his decision. And I don’t understand why Aniston wouldn’t simply travel with him while he worked overseas if he really wanted to take a certain job?

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    • Capella says:

      Oh now, In Touch has not been making money with some of the other headliners (coughthebrandcough), so they have to put a story on a star people are interested in reading about.

      You know Bite Me, selling rags is tough business, one has to do what one has to do!

      Some comments though are making me like JA more and more. Odd, because to start with, I only had a passing interest in the star.

      • Molly says:

        Why is his hair always so nasty greasy?

      • Capella says:

        He has the Leo DiCaprio pomade-to-hell look. Brad’s hair was also that greasy at the Globes.

        The boys need to drop that look pronto! It’s not looking good on the camera anymore. Especially in HD! :D

      • HadleyB says:

        I used to just glance through Intouch for the pics, but they photoshop them to HELL even stupid ones that I don’t even bother anymore’s almost like why ? It’s not even gossipy pics they do this to .. like Orlando Bloom holding a bag, they removed the bag for some reason.. why? and just dumb dumb stuff .. I glance through US sometimes… but the media has gotten so crazy I wouldn’t trust of pic of anyone they put out there… adding stuff, deleting stuff.. I could be standing next to a movie star every day and not even know it they alter everything so much. Bah.

  1. Kiki says:

    C’mon! The woman can’t be that needy! This is just manufactured crap.

    • autumndaze says:

      I don’t believe this story. He is capable of choosing his own projects.
      Her reputation is one of “needy”, however. Only someone with terribly low self-esteem would get back together with John Mayer after he publicly trashed and dashed her the first time.

      • Capella says:

        Actually, by John’s own words, she completely dropped him after he talked about her in the rags. And apparently wouldn’t give him the time of day.

        As in Ted Casablanca’s words (apparently the gossip bible all blog sites live by!), John thought he was playing Jen, but turns out Jen just didn’t care enough for him.

        But let us be fair here. This is In Touch. A few weeks ago it was Angelina’s turn who was latching on to Brad and was doing anything in her power to keep him with her. I think the line was she was trying to get pregnant again, so he wouldn’t leave her for a costar, or i think his Assistant, with whom he was often photographed on set. It’s ITW, no woman would ever painted strong on their cover. Even Strong Sandra Bullock!

      • Emma - the JP lover says:

        @Capella … (Blinks) Where were Brad and Angie mentioned in the article above about Jennifer Aniston?

      • Capella says:

        Don’t get your question Emma.

      • Capella says:

        I think you misread my comment.

        I was comparing the silliness of ITW’s postings on Jen A and the Brandge. They each get a turn every week.

        Was that your question? Blinking back.

      • Bambi says:

        Casablanca is a well-known Angelina-hater and Aniston lover which is why he re-wrote the truth and made it sound like Aniston dumped Mayer, when Mayer actually dumped Aniston. NO blogs rely on Casablanca, except for Female First and IUC, the rabid anti-Angelina pro-Jen blogs. Why am I not surprised you’re a Casablanca reader? Aniston ass-licker central there.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        Does it really matter who dumped who? If Mayer dumped Jen he did her a favor. If she dumped him no surprise there. He’s such a bag of douche, no woman should ever touch that man.

      • Josephina says:



        John Mayer is not a catch. I knew she hit an all-time low shen she was dating him. Or was it when she let Gerard Butler “trim her bush?”

        Mayer said he has a David Duke d*ck in interview. Aniston said she loved the way he thinks his thoughts in interview. Dizzy broad. GMAFB. They broke up, and then got back together again.

        That was gross enough. And then he ragged on her in an interview after that…

      • Capella says:


        Well said! That guy is disturbing with his sleaze to say the least.

        I find Casablanca to be on the same level as Enty Lawyer: You take their blinds with a grain of salt. And you can’t take completely one blind as gospel, if you chose to ignore the others.

        As per both bloggers, Angie is a known heroine addict, even while pregnant, and Jen is a weed and cocaine smoker. Either you take both, or none at all.

        Again, never let fanaticism blind you in feverish delusion. They’re Hollywood stars, and both had done much in their desperate climb to the top, and pulled some vicious shit to stay there.

        Would definitely read both their bios after their deaths :)

  2. whatthehell456 says:

    I’m calling bulls*it on this one. I’m no fan of JA, but this is a little too much to swallow.

    • Capella says:

      Well, always better than to be caught with a bottle of vodka under the table, getting dunk and flirting with Tilda.

      Rags will rag on. This site is getting scary with team Angie or team Aniston. You get attacked for saying nice things, if you are not bashing the other. Extremism. I get why Angie Jo gets drunk often, she must read what her adoring fans say.

      • Bambi says:

        “I get why Angie Jo gets drunk often, she must read what her adoring fans say.”
        Charming. What an obvious passive-aggressive attack, just as you did in your first reply when you dragged Brad and Angelina into it to cause trouble. You are obsessed with hating Angelina as much as Wendy is. Your passive-aggressive and OUTRIGHT aggressive attacks on Angelina are so predictable. So whats Aniston’s excuse for being a lush for 10+ years? Aniston’s alcoholism is rampant and infamous. Does she read attacks by you on Angelina and drink herself into a stupor? Seriously, have a look at yourself. If ever Aniston fans/apologists couldn’t drive me more to supporting Angelina….

      • Jacenta says:

        @ Bambi
        Totally agree with you. Check my reply to her at #16. She drags Angelina and Brad in all her posts. :lol:

      • Original Chloe says:

        I agree with the posters above.

        Yes, I got your comparison (about the rag making stuff up about both of these women, moreover, I agree with it) but for someone with a seemingly rational and non-bs approach, you’re making far too many snide remarks about Jolie in your posts, Capella, and it’s a bit puzzling, not to say revealing.

      • Original Chloe says:

        Hrm. That came out stronger than planned, btw. It’s just.. you really insert a lot of Brange-related remarks into your posts, Capella, I don’t know if you’re aware of that.

      • Capella says:

        @OriginalChloe – you are definitely right, I gave too much of my time on Friday to this particular thread, and had to step back and breathe a little.

        I really went rabid like a Brangeloonie defending Jen Aniston, when I’m not even that big a fan. The weird thing, seeing how certain rabid Brange fans were authorized to post a lot of unfiltered aggressiveness towards posters (on the AJ threads), just got me defending the other side. And constantly reminding people that In Touch treats both sides with equal snide. Personally, I think writers covering both parties should either give credibility equally, or snide equally. Sadly it isn’t the case.

        I guess to stay sane, not to sink to a stalker-ish degree, where I pretend to know what happened in people’s private lives, and how they live it. I will have to learn to limit myself! And especially understand that strangers with self-esteem would never behave with such erratic manner. Here’s hoping I’ve learned my bit ;)

  3. samira677 says:

    I don’t believe this because she dated other celebrities who have to travel. Also isn’t Justin more of a writer than actor? Even before Jennifer that was what he was known for.

  4. Wendy says:

    I don’t believe this for a second. First, if you’re a writer you can do that anywhere and for all we know he’s working on a script right now. Second, if she was so anxious about being separated, we’d have seen her following her ex-husband from set to set when he was filming, which is something she never did.

    • JudyJudyJudy says:

      yeah, and look how that turned out!

    • Mari says:

      Like Leann? Sure, if Heidi was not around when they got together, now she probably is afraid he will cheat… I do not think he would cheat , tho, she has too much money, no way he can aford the same lifestyle without her.

    • Josephina says:

      @ Wendy

      Wow, …just WOW.

      Brad and Angie don’t have to do anything. They are not together all the time because of fear. They are together because they LIKE and LOVE each other. They like each other’s company, and it shows.

      Imagine that…wanting to share your life and life experiences with someone and ACTUALLY following through with action.

      Brad and Angie have repeatedly said this almost at EVERY interview, every red carpet event. This is the way they CHOOSE to live their life and it works for their family.

      • Wendy says:

        Josephina, I dare say you have no more “inside information” on why they are always together than I do.

        But I do know this…
        A woman who habitually “competes” with other women by sleeping with their men = insecure
        A woman who constantly has to keep tabs on her man = insecure
        A woman with no female friends = insecure
        Control freak = insecure

        You can apply whatever POV you like on that, but I’m sure that everyone on this board knows people like the above and knows perfectly well where the behaviour comes from. Only most of them don’t have the control over their image like this woman does.

  5. heyheyhey says:

    smells like a bullshit story…

    also theroux is more of a writer than actor and accroding to him in an interview he perfers writing to acting.

    anyways Zoolander 2 starts shooting this year and theroux was the scriptwriter and is apparently also the director… that should keep him busy enough

    • Capella says:

      A few weeks ago it was Angelina’s turn who was latching on to Brad and was doing anything in her power to keep him with her. I think the line was she was trying to get pregnant again, so he wouldn’t leave her for a costar, or I think his Assistant, with whom he was often photographed on set.

      It’s ITW, no woman would ever painted strong on their cover. Even Strong Sandra Bullock!

  6. Maritza says:

    I don’t think these two will last long, maybe 1 more year the most.

  7. Agnes says:

    “Separation anxiety” = fear that he will pass his peen around, like he did with her? ha!

  8. Lady_Luck says:

    Love the comment about your dog! priceless :D

  9. Barbara says:

    Actually I seem to remember that she has a fear of flying. And I dont remember her accompanying her exes on too many trips (I think she did a John Mayer concert by road/bus??) She is needy….we’ve heard that from exes before. But I get the flying thing. Jen: this is your chance to overcome it!

    Anyway I’m with the poster who said Justin is not a kid. He can take a job if he wants to. He’s the one making the final choice…

  10. Thelma says:

    He SO looks like a grown up Eddie Munster from that old TV series.

  11. Jessica says:

    LOL @ the lady in the background with the blue dress and red hair…

  12. Dee Cee says:

    Lady in blue.. “Oh honey glam it up, get frisky, change, update something will ya?”

  13. Mac says:

    This may ultimately set off a feeding frenzy among Hollywood producers for Justin Theroux.

    Once they determine his availability is in short supply the demand for his services is likely to skyrocket.

    • sluggo says:

      And that may be the idea behind these stories which “friends” are feeding into the media. Sure, it’s not that he can’t go on to bigger and better things in his career … nope, it’s just that Jen won’t let him.

      There are several blind items making the rounds, which give a totally opposite story: that nobody seems to want to give JT the grade-A Mr. Aniston treatment, and that he’s exhausted all of Jen’s friends and connections.

      Both of these people are boring, vanilla, blaaaaaaaaaaand, and it’s hard to give a crap one way or the other.

    • Capella says:

      Well, to be fair Jennifer had done her fair share of the pulling. Case in point, JT is the 4th in running for People’s Sexiest Man Alive.

      4th, when a few months ago we had to google his name, so we’d know who he is. A sugar mama can do so much, it’s his turn to work it out.

      That being said, by all accounts, even in those same rags, and John Mayer interviews post-break-up, the problem with JA is the absolute opposite. She doesn’t give a hoot about where you are, and is too laid back to be neurotically checking your every step. I think you have to be low maintenance and quite your own man to be around her. Not some mama’s baby intending on some woman to at your beck and call.

      • Wendy says:

        Either you trust someone or you don’t. There is no point in having someone in your life who’s shoulder you are constantly having to look over. Too much work and wayyyyy too much stress.

        Honestly, if the woman wanted to be running after someone constantly to keep them in line, she’d have had kids years ago.

      • Capella says:

        Oh that is so true!!!

        Besides, all these cover stories about her friends going over to her place for lunch, makes me think she is really a homebody, and people just like coming over everyday.

      • Wendy says:

        Some people like to entertain, which is of course very easy to do when you have a cook and other house staff.

        I also think that once you hit a certain level of fame, it’s probably a lot less stressful to have people in, lunch by the pool and gossip with margueritas the afternoon away, or socialize at other people’s houses than say, lunch and pool at the Chateau Marmont with a side order of paps.

  14. LeeLoo says:

    I’ve written horrible bitchy things about Aniston and I don’t believe this for a second. Mainly because ITW is 99.9% lies 99.9% of the time. Maybe he’s writing a screenplay?

  15. valleymiss says:

    If I had a boyfriend who looked like that, I’d want him around 24/7. *swoon*

    • Capella says:

      I find him to be an acquired taste. He looks to be more Angie’s type than Brad ever did… Even when he bleached his head Billy-Idol blonde!

      • Jacenta says:

        Geez you are so obsessed with Angelina. You mention her in almost every post. I just had to say it.

      • Capella says:

        No problem, it’s a free country. Angelina.

      • Capella says:

        Yep. As much as any fictional character in La La Land.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        I saw Angie’s type in Brad in Fight Club, he kicked a$$ in that film. Edward Norton was great as well, I’m pretty sure that’s when EN was dating Courtney Love?? LOL! I remember they were trying to limit it’s showing due to all the violence, it’s one of my all-time favs, as is Snatch.

        Guy Ritchie is a crazy good film maker. BP kicked a$$ again doing that crazy gypsy fighter thing (although my fav character will always be Bullet Tooth Tony :D ), and the end was sweet revenge…haha..

      • Capella says:


        Huh, I never saw Brad that way, but now that you are reminding me of fight club… Yeah, sure!

        It’s just that I perceive him to be a bit more good ol’ boy like his roles in Moneyball and Benjamin Button. And always, a guy so at ease with fatherhood as he is, in my mind anyways, is a lot more good ol’ boy than bad ass! ;)

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        Yes, I see the good old boy thing with Brad, now that he’s older. People forget about Brad’s wild past because it was so long ago. It’s there though.

        When I think of the whole “type” thing I look back to the days when BP dated Robin Givens while her ex Mike Tyson was still harassing her, and even showed up one night when they were in bed and tried to break her door down, or Juliette Lewis, and their H experiments, when she was 16 and he was 26. BP liked the wild side.

        Plus take into account that he’s 12 years older than AJ. If you put them at the same AGE in say 1999. Both 26 years old, AJ does Girl Interrupted, and BP does Thelma and Louise. For the next couple of years he’s dating Juliette Lewis, AJ’s with Billy Bob Thornton. AJ goes on to do Tomb Raider & Gone in 60 Seconds; Brad does Kalifornia, and True Romance.

        That’s how I can see them together, and that they are very much each other’s type. ;)

  16. Cathy says:

    Well, this is a probably just a bunch of crap. Anything to sell magazines.

  17. mia girl says:

    Total bs. In Touch Weekly is the worst.

  18. mln76 says:

    Smells like B. S. Theroux isn’t in demand as an actor so I doubt he gets tons of offers. More like pounding the pavement auditioning. And since RDJ made a point of saying he didn’t like the Iron Man 2 script as much as the first maybe those offers are drying up
    too or at least on hold until Rock of Ages.

    • The Original Mia says:

      My thoughts exactly. IM2 was critically panned. RDJ said that the 3rd one is a return to the greatness of the 1st one. Burn.

      • Wendy says:

        Of course, IM2′s box office was higher that 1′s, let’s not overlook that.

        One has to wonder just when action superhero films became Shakespear, in that ANYONE cares whether the critics like it or not. Next thing you know, they’ll be asking Lars Von Trier to direct the 3rd so it can “live up to it’s potential”. Pffft

    • Heine says:

      Mln76: Theroux is a writer. He acts sometimes but it is well known that he is primarily a writer. He isn’t in demand as an actor because that isn’t what he is known for.

      And please, an actor saying negative things about a script is not going to dry up offers for the writer. No actor has that kind of power. A successful writer’s work is out there for all to see. No one cares what the actors say (case in point-Katherine Heigl). EDIT: Offers aren’t dried up as Svetlana mentioned below, he got a pass at a draft of Neighborhood Watch and has a animated series pilot in the works for Fox.

      Original Mia: Actually it got an aggregate score of 74% on Rotten Tomatoes. It wasn’t the best film but it wasn’t critically panned.

      • TheOriginalVictoria says:

        And yet he is still not all of that no matter how anyone tries to pretty it up.

        Action films will almost always do well with a good likable cast, even if the writing is marginal. Having said that, I thought IM2 sucked ass. Only the talented RDJ and some of the cast was able to save it from total ughfest.

        But in defense of Justin, I will say that he does not need HER for connections. He was connected to begin with and he has British business connection as well. His cousin is a British actor. So, he’s fine.

        Of course SHE comes across as a needy trick, but I seriously don’t believe this story. She can’t be that desperate. That’s Demi’s thing.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a film, dude is hot, just saying… ;)

    • allenpoe says:

      @mln: Theroux’s actually worked more than Aniston in the time they’ve been together and he’s certainly not hurting for screen-writing work, despite what you’d like to think. Actual legit sources like the LA Times, Hollywood Reporter and Variety have noted that he has 1) sold an animated comedy pilot to Fox and is working on future scripts for such, 2) was brought on to rewrite/clean-up the script for Neighborhood Watch (Stiller, Vaughn, Hill, etc.) last summer, and 3) co-wrote (with Stiller) the script for Zoolander 2 last August (when they were in Hawaii). He i also set to direct that sequel, which is supposed to shoot later this year. Given that, he is likely working on his scene set-ups, etc. Prior to all this he was brought on to re-work the Rock of Ages script, meaning he has 2 films due out this summer where he holds screenwriting credits.

      He also has several projects listed on his in-development page, and for all we know he is working on one of those, or has written other things in the last year as well – there were reports he was working on one of Aniston’s in-development scripts, for example.

  19. tracking says:

    So every In Touch story on Aniston is true, but every Jolie story is false. That’s how this site rolls, right?

  20. Asli says:

    I’d have no respect for a man if he did what Aniston is making him do. The acting like she’s his mom-part. Come on, he’s a grown ass man. I don’t believe this story. Just becuase he seems to…. gritty to act like that. Like a baby, honestly.

  21. Svetlana says:

    He’s worked more than she has this past year. LA Times said her was brought in to rewrite the script for Stiller’s new movie “Neighborhood Watch” (which was shooting in Atlanta this past fall); the Hawaii trip was supposedly a working vacation. And in December, Fox ordered one of Justin’s scripts to pilot. That’s probably been keeping him busy.

    • Svetlana says:

      *just to clarify – the LA Times note was from last June. So he was probably working on the script with Stiller over the summer, before shooting began in the fall (obvs).

      • Capella says:

        Thanks for the info Svetlana! But I think a rag such as In Touch would rather sell him as a lazy slob, living off Jen’s dime.

        you have to be on the crazy-delusional side to give their stories any credibility. And they know it: That is why their rag sells for $1.99 in my area.

    • allenpoe says:

      Thank-you Svetlana – I just posted info above on these items as well. He’s most definitely worked more than Aniston in the time they’ve been together:

      Actual legit sources like the LA Times, Hollywood Reporter and Variety (as opposed to Outta Touch Weekly) have noted that he has 1) sold an animated comedy pilot to Fox and is working on future scripts for such, 2) was brought on to rewrite/clean-up the script for Neighborhood Watch (Stiller, Vaughn, Hill, etc.) last summer, and 3) co-wrote (with Stiller) the script for Zoolander 2 last August (when they were in Hawaii). He is also set to direct that sequel, which is supposed to shoot later this year. Given that, he is likely working on his scene set-ups, etc. Prior to all this he was brought on to re-work the Rock of Ages script, meaning he has 2 films due out this summer where he holds screenwriting credits.

      He also has several projects listed on his in-development page, and for all we know he is working on one of those, or has written other things in the last year as well – there were reports he was working on one of Aniston’s in-development scripts, for example.

  22. Kara Ann says:

    I don’t believe any of this Aniston-is-anxiety-ridden crap. I think her relationship is just fine which is probably tough for the tabloids. Happy Jennifer doesn’t equal profit for them…unless it’s quickly followed by her anxiety of losing said happiness.

    BTW, I find the Sugar Mama title inaccurate and insulting. I guess successful females are doomed to have to be in relationship with even more successful men, you know so that the relationship fits acceptable society standards for a powerful-but not too powerful female. Argh!!

  23. Petunia says:

    If he co-wrote a script, then he’s working and busy. And maybe writing a script doesn’t necessitate traveling.

    • Capella says:

      I think the poor man, no matter how hard he’s been working on writing in the past year, will always be painted as a lazy slob living off Aniston, as long as he is still with Aniston.

      And if he gets any acting job, of course it would be because of Aniston. It’s lose-lose situation as career situations go.

  24. Jill says:

    Even if it’s true it’s not a bad thing to protect your relationship from the horrors of distance. It never makes the heart grow fonder….maybe trying to have a decent relationship is actually the smartest thing she has ever done. Relationships take SACRIFICE – not continuing the same patterns as when you were single….

    • Capella says:

      @Jill, I thing they’d rather paint her needy.

      But with In Touch, it’s not just a Jen thing. Angie is also painted just as needy and insecure. I thing that is how they appeal to their fan base: needy women cannot be strong on their own.

      • Josephina says:


        NO ONE thinks Angie is needy. She is very alive and lives life to the fullest. She has a very active lifestyle and she is an on-the-go Mommy.

        Her professional acting career remains almost unblemished. She is one of the most sought after A-list actresses, even after having children. She has made a decision to reduce her time in Hollywood in order spend more time with her family.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:


        I think Capella is referring to how both women are “portrayed” by In Touch magazine, not the real world. There’s a difference between fact and the fiction that the tabloids spin. TABLOIDS, like In Touch, portray AJ as needy just like they portray Jen as needy. We all know that tabloids are nothing but lies, because the “truth” doesn’t sell like their brand of fan “fiction”.

  25. ha says:

    That means he will be “out of town” to make this given story a false. the same old same old with jenny and her huvsy.

  26. Bite me says:

    Happy 43 birthday Jenny * it’s tomorrow* u go girl

  27. Overrated says:

    She looks like Fabio in the close up face shots.
    Not good.

  28. nan says:

    OMG!!! That forehead…what is the size of his forehead???

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      I get what you’re saying, but it’s a good look on some people to have a high forehead. I find Justin attractive. Jude Law has that same hairline, just with far less hair(!), and he’s still hot as hell to me, although I’d never touch Jude even with a ten foot condom.

  29. Violet says:

    Nonsense. Justin has had a fulltime job all this time: Pandering to his sugar mama.

  30. no americano says:

    Well, she never traveled when pitt was filming movies overseas. she rather stayed in LA or went to Cabo with Cox. When Pitt filmed Troy in 2004, he spend 4 month in Morocco and aniston came to visit him 2 times. and still some people wonder why they broke up. i thing shes very lazy. pitt said he will never do the same mistake again and be away from his love for a long time. thats why he and ang are never sepereated for more then 3 days. and as you can see it works. i hope jen is happy with him and he will give her back her grace and pride and stop playing the poor victim because she wasnt! and now that shes the mrs.smith, she will shut he mouth! because heidi is listening ;-) her luck, heidi has more class then jen!

  31. skuddles says:

    Well why would he work when he can just live in the lap of luxury doing next to nothing?

    Kaiser,your comments about your dog’s separation anxiety gave me the best giggle!! :D

  32. Lady D says:

    Wendy, “Honestly, if the woman wanted to be running after someone constantly to keep them in line, she’d have had kids years ago.”
    That line is so funny yet at the same time it’s not funny at all.

  33. shazzzz says:

    I think he’s holding out for something big.

  34. Mei-Lu says:

    To be fair, screenwriters usually don’t get their development work put up on so for all we know, Theroux is super busy and it’s just not on his page. I have friends who have been working screenwriters for years but because nothing has ever been produced, they have no credits on

  35. xploxite says:

    She doen’t seems to be the Insecure / controlling type, she didn’t Visit Brad for the filming of Mr. & Mrs. & is the same with every guy she dates. she’s the type that gives the guy freedom & doesn’t hold Him back from the things he likes/wants to do & that’s one of the things I like about her. I don’t think Smothering a guy you’re with means you Love the guy, it means you’re afraid to lose him.

  36. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    This story is B.S. Although if he’s being offered jobs and turning them down, that’s not cool, unless he’s writing something. No matter what JT will never reach Jen’s level of wealth, very few men could.

    At least JT seems to have talent, I don’t see him as a sponge. He’s no Eddie Cibrian man-whore.

    The part about her wanting to be with him 24/7 isn’t so strange if you look at it like this is a new love, and it’s still in the beginning, exiting stage, but I seriously doubt she’s ordering him around, that’s just dumb.

  37. crazydaisy says:

    That dude is going bald with a quickness.

  38. lisa says:

    What the heck does Brad and Angie have to do with this story.. yet there are loads of comments about them or referencing them.

    just SMH.. it never ends.

  39. mummy says:

    Who are these stupid sexist writers? Jen is a huge money making success who handled herself with grace over the years and never needed a man at her side to prove her worth. She is not about to cave now and I’m sure she would care less if JT has to fly off somewhere for a job, which he probably doesn’t. Anyway, I am wishing her the best on her birthday. Happy birthday, Jen!! You are looking and sounding better than ever!!

  40. Kosmos says:

    After all these years, why are we still talking in terms of Brad, Angie & Jen? It was a lousy deal for Jen when (in my opinion) Jolie intentionally took him, but it’s been years now since their lives have been separate. We should refer to them today as Brad/Angie, and then Aniston, who has no more connection to them and has moved on.

  41. I wholeheartedly agree! Life is always full of opportunities no matter what is happening in the world…good times, bad times…all depends on our attitude and how we look at things. There are always problems and issues that deserve solutions and answers! WE can be the ones delivering those solutions, answers and yes, hope!