Beyonce & Jay-Z are trademarking Blue Ivy’s name for future branding

Have you heard the latest Blue Ivy Carter news? That baby is barely a month old, and she’s already The Most Important Baby Ever. Don’t believe me? Blue Ivy Carter is an official brand now. Beyonce and Jay-Z have filed paperwork (which is being rushed) to trademark BIC. For reals.

She’s just a month old, but Blue Ivy Carter is already a household name — and her world-famous parents Beyonce and Jay-Z aim to protect it.

Rolling Stone reports that the new mom, 30, and dad, 43, filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to protect their daughter’s name; the music superstars intend to use Blue Ivy as a potential brand name for a line of baby products, including carriages, diaper bags and baby cosmetics.

The application (made through Beyonce’s company BGK Trademark Holdings) is pending, but is expected to be approved.

The “Love on Top” singer and “Empire State of Mind” rapper’s move comes after two competing trademark applications emerged following Blue Ivy’s Jan. 7 birth. Fashion designer Joseph Mbeh tried to trademark “Blue Ivy Carter IV” on Jan. 11; another applicant tried to claim the name “Blue Ivy Carter Glory IV” for a line of fragrances. Both applications were denied.

[From Us Weekly]

And there’s the answer to several blind items – didn’t everyone say that Beyonce and Jay were going to use the pregnancy and the baby to extend their multiple business interests? Now, although I think this is the height of TACKY, I understand the reasoning behind trying to protect the baby’s name so that it’s not used for perfumes and such without a parent’s permission. Here’s a question I have, though – if (when) the trademark comes through and Bey and Jay then use “BIC” to brand a multitude of crap, won’t all of the profits have to go to BIC?

In other Beyonce news, Star Magazine has a fascinating story about how Beyonce has gotten and will continue to “get back” her figure. Hint: it’s harder than “just removing the pillow.”

Beyonce is getting back to bootylicious! After giving birth to baby girl Blue Ivy Carter on Jan. 7, Beyonce is determined to drop 40 lbs. of baby weight she packed on during her pregnancy – and she hopes to do it in just four week of boot camp!

Trainer Marco Borges has moved into her and Jay-Z’s Hamptons home to put the new mom through intense daily sweat sessions.

“Beyonce and Marco are up at 5 a.m. for a two-hour workout, and they do it again at 5 p.m.,” says a source. “They do a mix of cardio, Pilates, plyometrics, yoga and of course dance.”

Beyonce is sticking to a strict diet too. “She’s having six tiny high-protein meals a day,” reveals the source. “She’s living on protein shakes, egg-white omelettes, pineapple chunks and lots of ice-cold water.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Pineapple chunks? A live-in trainer? Two workouts a day? All while breastfeeding? Damn, Bey. Someone sure wants us to believe that baby weight was definitely gained. Personally, I still don’t see it. Beyonce looks slightly heavier, but not by much.

Photos courtesy of WENN & Beyonce Online.

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  1. paola says:

    Beyonce breaking news for you: you DIDN’T invent the words Blue and Ivy so STFU.
    p.s. hope you’ll choke on your pineapple

  2. Maya says:

    I don’t care, women can’t train that much and still be able to breastfeed for a significant amount of time.
    As for the marketing and trademark; this couple is truly tacky.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Exactly what I was thinkin’. What breastfeeding mother doesn’t live on proteins and iced water? Everyone does it! Swear off all carbs and fruits, I say. *eyerolling into oblivion*

    • Marjalane says:

      I remember my Dr. telling me that you can’t, (or shouldn’t) do heavy exercising for at least two hours before breastfeeding because it actually does do something to your milk- enzymes that sour it or something- I think this bitch just took the opportunity to gain a little weight while she wore that pillow. Beyonce doesn’t look like the type to drag her ass out of bed at 5 to work out.

      It use to be that I only thought of Beyonce in terms of “I can’t believe she married such an ugly guy”, now I get disgusted by her AND think she married an ugly guy!

    • normades says:

      I’m all for low-carbing, but you shouldn’t do it while breastfeeding (releases toxins in your breast milk). I seriously doubt she is nursing anyway. The queen probably has a wet nurse to do that for her.

      • SW says:

        No toxins are released into the breast milk from dieting. The worst that would happen is she would dry up. I hope that baby BIC is well loved and has lots of cuddles.

      • Marjalane says:

        No, the toxin’s aren’t from what you eat, it’s from heating up your body temperature with exercise.

      • normades says:

        I prefer your take on it, but I have read many sources saying otherwise:

        “Rate of weight loss– Gradual weight loss has not been found to affect either the mother’s milk supply or the baby’s health. However, there are documented concerns when a breastfeeding mother loses weight rapidly, defined as more than a pound (.45 kg) per week. Toxins, such as environmental contaminants PCBs and pesticides, are stored in body fat. When a breastfeeding mother loses weight rapidly, these toxins may be released into her bloodstream, and the toxin levels in her milk may increase. Rapid weight loss has also been linked to a decrease in milk supply.”

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        She’s really showing her hand, here. Am I to applaud her for going on a starvation diet and excercising herself into St. Crotch’s Fire while breastfeeding? Any junior high-schooler could tell you that that is not kosher, so she should’ve done some research before the product rollout was complete. It’s either unrealistic or unwise to do this.

    • ViktoryGin says:

      I can totally see her having a clandestine wet nurse. They would have placed a gag order on her, of course. Threatening her family if she or an associated party “happened” to blab to the press.

  3. brin says:

    Doesn’t every new parent trademark their baby’s name? *eyeroll*

  4. says:

    Actually, I think the trademark application was done thru her company, so wouldn’t any earnings from BIC go to her?

  5. emb says:

    These two are getting really old….and i always liked her…enough already. can’t you just take some time off and enjoy your kid?

  6. Sonia says:

    Isn’t it that you cannot do intense exercise otherwise you loose milk?

  7. sassenach says:

    What is everyone griping about? It’s obvious they had to trademark her name because other people were already trying to do it. It’s right there in the article. Geez.

    • Kim says:

      But it’s stupid because they DID NOT invent this name. They are greedy and pathetic.

    • Tiffany says:

      What does inventing the name have to do with it? Are you really stretching THAT FAR to complain about these people? You don’t have to invent something to trademark it (see “You’re Fired” or “That’s Hot”).

      Clearly Jay-Z and Beyonce made the right decision, because people are trying to use their childs name to sell unrelated goods.

    • ol cranky says:

      there’s already a firm (either catering or party planning) called Blue Ivy so the trademark should only be approved if it is for Blue Ivy Carter or some other derivative or if they have some sort of agreement with the owner of the firm.

      That said, it explains why they chose the name. Baby was born to be a brand extension and they just made it clear that the branding was forefront in their minds.

      • kristiner says:

        Bet you $10 they’re going to be on that lady’s ass trying to shut her Blue Ivy party planning company down.

        She’s been in business like 5 years or more. She should trademark the name because she had it first.

        Watch! They’ll be trying to buy out her business too.

  8. Monkey Jim says:

    Well I’d believed the conspiracy theories, but those do look like post-natal boobies – though there’s no way she’s exclusively breast feeding Jay’s (youngest) child or that she delivered naturally. If she’s saying she is/did, then I’m a pineapple chunk

    • atlantapug says:

      The problem is that there’s no weight anywhere else… usually you gain weight in the upper arms, neck and face right after baby. Especially if your boobs grow. She doesn’t have the body type to JUST get the big boobs.
      Chicken cutlets, my friend. That’s what I see.
      And this is coming from a thin woman, who gained 40lbs with my first, and had GIGANTIC boobs post-natal. You have weight everywhere else too…

      • Monkey Jim says:

        Well I’ve seen a side-on pic and they do look soooo swollen & I’ve had two babies too – all I got were massive knockers topped off with a pinhead, that also started going bald. I digress. But! Wait! How would she be doing all that training so soon post c-section??! Impossible. Lies and conspiracies!!!

  9. atlantapug says:

    Love that she’s suddenly “huge” AFTER the birth, but not while pregnant. Nice padding Bey.

    What great parents this baby has, already making their child into a business adventure.

    Giant C-U-N-Ts!!

  10. Nessa says:

    I wasn’t really on board with the whole fake pregnancy conspiracy (I mean, who would actually do that?!?). However, no one would be working out like that a little over a month after giving birth. Absolutely no one, not even the queen B herself. Any (good) doctor will tell you to wait AT LEAST 6-8 weeks… Even then you would have to start off slow. Having a baby is so hard on a woman’s body. There is no one who can recover that quickly, no matter how well the birth/delivery went.

    This woman was never pregnant. No way.

    • anons says:

      agreed. cardio, pilates–so soon?! naturally giving birth to three kids myself, my OB always instructed me not to do any strenuous exercise prior to my 6-week postpartum check up. as far as the branding thing goes, that’s just wicked ew.

    • Tiffany says:

      Funny no one made comments when Heidi Klum, Mirranda Kerr, etc. had 6 packs walking the runway weeks after giving birth.

      People’s double standards for Beyonce are so obvious, and it is troubling.

      • dahlia noir says:

        If I remember well, Miranda Kerr took 6 months before doing the catwalk again. You may think of Victoria Beckham though, who basically only survived on seeds after her girl’s birth. And as for Bey, she’s not a mother, nor a woman, but a bank account.

      • anons says:

        from what i remember, both heidi and miranda attributed their initial rapid post-baby weight loss to nursing. not sure if B has even publicly discussed how she’s feeding her baby; though, her regimen doesn’t sound like it accommodates for breastfeeding.

      • Tiffany says:

        Anons, you are taking the tabloid gossip of Beyonce’s eating habits as the truth? That is pretty niave.

      • lilou says:

        oh Tiffany, enough already.. Kerr and Klum are MODELS. They are tall and have an extraordinary bodytype which Beyonce doesn t have. Bey and Jay are just greedy people who exploit everything up to their own child. BTW I don t believe in a million years that Beyonce carried this child and I also don t believe she s 30 years old. She s a selfish, money bitch who would sell her soul to be in the spotlight forever. Her music is not selling that good anymore.. I whish she would just dissapear for a couple of years and leave us alone with all her fakeness. There s something wrong with the whole Knowles clan .. always trying to cover up their mess and don t even get me started on Jay z…

      • Tiffany says:

        Liliou, you sound like you have a foil hat.

      • paola says:

        @ lilou
        I totally agree! never believed for a second that B was pregnant, she never looked pregnant! In comparison jessica Simpson and Jennifer Garner look like they’ve been pregnant for ever! Plus B has big hips and a thick bone structure, a woman like that doesn’t just gain big boobs during the pregnancy but much more weight than a Heidi or a Miranda… she was never pregnant and i’m sure a famewhore like Beyoncè would have sold picture of her full belly to every magazine on this planet.
        now she probably indulged in some food to make us all believe she was truly pregnant but maybe she should have consulted a doctor, which i’m sure would have told her that if you had a natural birth, let alone a c section, you’re NOT allowed to big strains for at least 6 weeks. So B…sorry but i don’t buy your b-shit, the baby is a cutie pie, maybe she is genetically yours but she’s never seen your vagina. Amen

  11. The Truth Fairy says:

    I really cannot stand either of these a-holes. They act so entitled! I have to say that on my Celebrity Hate Meter, they outrank everyone including the Kardashians.

  12. dorothy says:

    That’s why I had children, so I could make money off of them. Get over yourselves already.

  13. Aiobhan says:

    Those two are ridiculous. With each and every new story that comes out about these two idiots makes them like terrible parents. She is a delusional control freak who would rather work out to excess and endanger herself and her new baby, all for work. He comes off as a typical rapper whose foot is inches away from running out the door and is only with her bland ass because of all the money they generate. No wonder she and Gwennie are best friends.

    And why is still pretending that she was pregnant? Is it such a terrible thing to say that she went through a surrogate to have her first child? I don’t think so at all.

  14. sarah says:

    Actually, she DID GAIN the weight.
    here’s picture from another angle. Her breasts and hands are huge.

    • LAK says:

      ….but Sarah, Beyonce was never a skinny minny. Her body type has always run to fat.

      She has given several interviews about how hard she has to work out to maintain the size she is. And a very restricted diet , when not doing the maple syrup diet. The exercise schedule in this article sounds about right for her NORMAL routine.

      I understand that women are different as far as pregnancy weight, and she could have been watching her weight throughout the preganacy, but like Jessica Simpson, she doesn’t have the body type to be a skinny pregnant girl. And you can not say that she was working out to same level if she was indeed pregnant.

      Those pictures only show weight gain in the boob area, and yet they also look like push up bra with a side of chiclets.

      Ultimately, as someone commented on earlier threads, her famewhoring this pregnancy [or pillow] is what has caused this PR nightmare.

      Frankly, at this point she will have to release a birthing video with camera front and centre for many people to believe she was ever pregnant!

      • domesticdiva says:

        I don’t know what to think about the weight gain thing i mean she does look bigger but having seen all those pics of her pregnancy i think she’s seriously exaggerating gaining 40lbs. B and i have very similar body types and right now im 8 months preganant i haven’t worked out since i found out i was pregnant and haven’t done any kind of special diet and have only gained 13lbs so far. But when i tell ya’ll its all boobs and baby so i do believe she’s really planning on milking the whole weight loss angle for publicity

    • The Truth Fairy says:

      The rumor is that she’s on steroids to gain weight and look puffy, plus a boob job which she has always wanted but never got because she knew it would be too obvious. Now she can just says it’s the “pregnancy” that gave her huge boobs, and once the steroids leave her body she’ll depuff. There is a BI about this somewhere.

    • ruddyzookeeper says:

      Where did she gain the FORTY pounds??

  15. Common Sense says:

    So they had a child by whatever means, children are a good thing. They are famous and thier child will be too, such as life. Make money? Oh God forbid, perhaps she should have dropped out of school and started having babies at 15 so she could make money off of them the respectable way.
    Give it up, they do thier jobs, people pay for their goods (not me) and that’s that.
    Oh yeah, welfare mom would be SO much better! At least the child is taken care of, look around there are plenty of children that are not cared for.

    • The Truth Fairy says:

      So those are the only two choices women have then? Make money off of your infant child’s celebrity or be a 15 year old welfare mother?? Are you serious?!

      • Common Sense says:

        No those aren’t the only options, however people have compassion for welfare mothers many who are doing the best with what they have. However, let someone with money spend it on thier children and all of a sudden they are demonized.
        Charity starts at home, what % of YOUR income do you give to help others. Forget what THEY are doing what are you doing. Scream-oncye and her ugly-azz husband – is that how you address clients MST?
        Have you ever bought things you can’t afford for your kids? Do you buy them the best you can afford or shop at the salvation army?
        It’s their child, thier money and I’m not about to start screaming about their looks, character or baby and getting all self righteous just because I’m jealous of thier ca$h!

        My job is to take care of what I can, and you better know I have no intention of taking a salary cut. Neihter would I refuse a million dollar raise…

    • MST says:

      I’m a social worker and I’ve met some “welfare moms” who are good mothers. They do the best with the limited resources they have.

      Never could stand Scream-oncye and her ugly-azz husband and I dislike them even more now. They could live three lifetimes and not spend all the money they have. How much more do they need?

  16. Freeloveforall says:

    I guess she doesn’t have any of that post-baby bleeding that women have after giving birth. I can remember walking up the stairs too much causing extra bleeding. But I guess giving birth to the messiah does have its privileges.

    • Samigirl says:

      I lived in a 2 story home when my little guy was a baby, and YES. Going up the stairs was the hardest! Even a month after I’d had him, I still felt all stitched up!

      • Tiffany says:

        It is ABSURD to expect all women to have your same experience. My sister gave birth a little while ago, lives in a 3 story house, and didn’t have any problems after a few days. Each woman is different.

        Why the need to rush to judgement, especially about something like childbirth that can be so varied?

      • freeloveforall says:

        Tiffany- postpartum bleeding is to be expected. Your sister was quite lucky it only lasted a couple days but the norm is actually quite longer. The discharge changes and finally goes away usually by 4-6 weeks. Your comment that it is absurd to think she didn’t experience this because all births are different is just plain ignorant.

      • Tiffany says:

        Free, I think it is absurd that you pretend to know how much her vagina is bleeding. YOU DONT KNOW.

      • FreeLoveForAll says:

        Tiffany-my initial comment was related to the fact that there are claims she is exercising 4 hours a day. Several responses here,not only mine, are completely shocked by this claim. I can only surmise this is due to the fact that they have given birth as I have too. It is completely unrealistic claim based on my experience. However, as I sarcastically alluded to, Beyonce is exempt from the NORMAL rigors of childbirth because she gave birth to the little messiah. Your comments really have no merit.

  17. Peachy Kean says:

    I feel really bad for baby #2 (if there’s a #2 in the contract).

    That kid will be just like her/his aunt, Basement Baby.

  18. madpoe says:

    Isn’t there a BIC lighter for cigarettes?
    So what of them?

  19. Sunny says:

    What I don’t understand is why anyone would name their baby girl Blue???thats what you name a dog…or a old bull.Ivy is pretty,though.i can’t wrap mind around B faking her pregnancy,but I wouldn’t put anything pass them.

  20. Eener says:

    They really are the most predictable couple ever. Urgh. Wouldn’t you just love to have grown up being a commodity? I suppose they really are the best investments these days. Pillow for president!

  21. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    I guess they are mad that they weren’t able to get off the weed that was named after blue. They are trifiling, mostly because there are stores, strip clubs, and other businesses named Blue Ivy so what makes them think they named this chick something special. Beyonce is more unique than Blue Ivy. Shaking my head.

    These people are ridiculous and if people who think she had that baby don’t understand the lengths these two selfish bacoons will go to stay relelvant and make cash, then you don’t want to get it.

  22. WickedSteppMom says:

    Are these entitled A-holes aware that Blue Ivy already existed before “The Most Important Baby Ever”? There’s an ivy plant named Blue Ivy, and there are Blue Ivy geraniums. In FL, there’s a Blue Ivy Cakery…will Bey/Jay seek to make this person who has had this business since 2008, change the name?? I don’t know how patents work, but the cakery is a LLC…I’d LOVE it if that makes it so Bey/Jay are unable to patent the name!

  23. Katie says:

    I said this yesterday, but it bears repeating. I did not buy the fake pregnancy rumors to begin with but these two are just making it too easy. You can’t work out that intensely one month after giving birth. It is dangerous. Also she’s either lying about breast feeding or lying about her diet. No way is that enough calories for a breast feeding mother.
    I don’t know who they think they are, but they disgust me. I used to like B, but now she’s proved she is just as much of a money whore as the rest of the celebrity world.

  24. Asli says:

    Cannot be more disgusted by these two. She never gave birth to that baby. I will never believe that. Her and Camel-Z are money-hungry opportunists. Of course, they would take advantage of their daughter. Of course.

  25. Mika says:

    Why didn’t Beyonce’s nose spread during the pregnancy? Did she have a nose job?

  26. JustaGirl says:

    Did they have a child or did they just plan for a new business venture? I swear…some people!

  27. quinnie88 says:

    OFCOURSE they did. That was the purpose for hving this baby. Money,fame, more publicity…. they didn’t name her Blue Ivy carter without a motive. I hope these famewhores get exposed already!! And who is really buying all this shit? I mean even my two year old knows better.

  28. SW says:

    Seriously? If you were famous and had money, and someone ELSE was trying to trademark your babies name, what would you do? Sounds reasonable to me. Others are trying to take their kids name to use publicly..,,whats the problem here people?

    • LAK says:

      really, what about all those businesses that have that name already who didn’t bother patenting it. or Flowers that are known by that name already or indeed as someone has mentioned, the initials BIC are already owned by a huge multinational conglomerate. Should they sue Beyonce/Jay Z for using their names or initials???

      Also, this wasn’t done to protect the baby’s name, this was done to market a product line based around the concept of motherhood and babies!!!!

      • Tiffany says:

        You have to give a reason to trademark a name, that doesn’t mean that you actually will use it as a business. For example, Britney Spears trademarked her son Sean Preston’s name for kids wear and garterbelts, but she didn’t actually have to follow through with the products in order to have the trademark.

  29. lucy2 says:

    I really hope it’s just to protect the name from being used by other people.
    But I won’t be the least bit surprised if they start marketing, which would be just gross.

    Wow, his face is…not good. Though in that first photo, all you see is that horrific dress.

  30. miriam says:

    And the award for most pathetically materialistic couple goes to…

  31. Nanea says:

    I wonder if those two know there’s a global brand called BIC that was founded decades ago in France that produces pens, lighters, razors… but no pillows.

  32. JD says:

    That black dress is horrid.
    Ir looks like she is wearing one of my grandma’s vases.

  33. Meow says:

    Why is every one so quick to believe unsubstantiated storie?

  34. Me says:

    That is definitely a post pregnant body right there. Sure she has some shapewear on but she does look a bit different. I dont believe she is working out that much though or restricting her food. I about killed myself trying to do that when my second daughter was 2 months old.

  35. mew says:

    Being a product already now, this kid’s life is probably going to suck.

  36. Delta Juliet says:

    You know what would be hilarious? If the reason she looks slightly bigger now was becuase she just took off a layer or two of Spanx. As in, this is what she looked like normally.

    Also, the only reason I have heard ANYONE talk about their baby’s name was because of how awful it it. To say it’s a “household name” is ridiculous.

  37. Justaposter says:

    I hate that friggen dress! HATE IT!

    I feel sooooooo much better for getting that out of my system.

    What I find really sad is if this story was about any other celeb couple, we would be ‘OH NO! they had to do this!”

    These two have totally jumped the shark of life, and just about everyone is quite over them.

  38. Sue says:

    They have some awkward body language in that last picture. You never see them just walking together holding hands. He is always in the lead she follows, mabye I am naive and don’t realize that they are always in danger or something….. Gotta wonder how much of a real marriage it is or is it a merger to rule the music world… And now possibly the baby clothing/accesories business….

  39. bored says:

    I’m surprised she is breastfeeding.

  40. Relli says:

    I am so over hearing about this kid, who no one has even seen yet. Ugh just stop you are not the first people on earth to have a child, most people could care less.

  41. db says:

    Beyond tacky. But, then again, if BIC’s ‘rents were seriously after monetizing their newborn, they could have filed for the TM during the pregnancy. Could there be another explanation for trademarking the name?

  42. sm255 says:

    Do they think their kid is THAT special to have her name trademarked?

    Wendy’s restaurants, I can buy because the story sounded cute. This just sounds really uncouth and greedy on the part of her parents.

    Something tells me this will put a huge, ridiculous ego on that kid and SOON.

  43. Neocleo says:

    I hope that baby takes after her mother.

  44. S says:

    Why do you all believe everything you read? Are your lives that empty, you jump on the first (or 200th) story you read, and all of a sudden, it’s gospel? You seriously sound crazy, grasping at straws. NONE of us know these people. It’s sad. I feel sorry for you all.

  45. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Initially it seems completely pompous but I (reluctantly) admit that it seems like more of a defensive move. I mean, I wouldn’t want people making money off of my kid’s name without my permission either.

    • Kimlee says:

      But as another poster already said the name BlueIvy already existed There’s an ivy plant named Blue Ivy, and there are Blue Ivy geraniums. In FL, there’s a Blue Ivy Cakery. So it would be that their trying to make money of the name of a company and flower without their permission.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        They’re not trademarking “Blue Ivy” though right? Aren’t they trademarking “Blue Ivy Carter”? I think that’s fair as they just cited two companies trying to make money off of that exact name. I would do the same thing if I were them-they’re just trying to stop people from exploiting their child’s name for profit. If they didn’t then people would be selling Blue Ivy Carter Laxative Pills and Blue Ivy Carter Lubricant.. I mean, I agree that it’s pretty depressing that we live in a world where celeb kids are *branded* but that is the unfortunate reality of the situation. If they don’t TM their kid’s name then that opens her name up for the profit of others.

      • oxa says:

        Blue Ivy is a catering company that has opereated branches on both coasts since long before Beyonce’s egg was fertilized.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Right. BLUE IVY not BLUE IVY CARTER. Difference. I’m sure Blue Ivy Catering Company is trademarked, by the way :)

  46. seVen says:

    Wow.. I just can’t with these people. I used to be a fan of Beyonce but after the PR Shit storm that was her pillow pregnancy and now this shit… ugh. Its sick to see your new born child as a money making machine instead of a precious gift.

  47. Tweakspotter says:

    She just disgusts me now. Oh and how I remember when my little one was a month old and I would work out and paint my nails….(eye roll). WHO DOES THAT??! FAKE AS THE DAY IS LONG.

  48. trollontheloose says:

    YEAH, WELL! Growing up in France I knew all about BIC..

    so ow can they trademark BIC if it’s already a brand for school supplies? is it a special branch for Ivy feather pen wit silk ink or what?

  49. Newtsgal says:

    The way I see it……Bey has the kind of body that she does have to workout hard to maintain, sort of like Janet Jackson. You can see the big girl wantin’ to bust out. A couple of ding dongs and a bag of cheetos and don’t workout for a couple of weeks and…..BAM!….. Baby weight.
    I don’t believe for one hot minute that she was pregnant.
    And that trademark stuff is just plain stupid.

  50. Jover says:

    I agree the truth fairy these two disgusting greedheads are closing in on Lardassian territory; and mew you’re right, how will this child ever be normal; I just don’t get how they are lionized by some in the media and in their own community; I truly hope they die old, haggard bankrupt and forgotten; Mean, yes, they have become an offense to any decent human being, esp. in these economic times. End of Rant.

  51. Petunia says:

    It’s tacky as all get. They should be celebrating the birth of their little girl not the birth of their baby-money-making-empire. Even Mariah Carey hasn’t done that. I’m not even sure the Kartrashians would start pimping a kid out that early. Maybe the Lohans would, so that tells you something, no?

    And so what if someone else beat them to it and trademarked the name? So what? Is Blue Ivy a national treasure or something? Get over it, Bey, she’s just a human baby, just like any other.

  52. Anne says:

    These people are so full of shit.

  53. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Ugh I hate to have to keep defending them but I think people are a bit confused. Just because they decide to trademark the name Blue Ivy Carter does not mean that they’re going to be going after Blue Ivy Bakery or Blue Ivy Whatever and shutting down those businesses or forcing them to change the names. The idea behind trademarking is to protect a name/brand/sound etc. This means that people can’t use the domain name (for instance) to divert internet traffic to a commercial endeavor. I mean, someone could use the name to push kiddie porn if it’s not trademarked. Would you want your kid’s name associated with something like that? Lots and lots of celebs trademark their name (see Morgan Freeman, Julia Roberts, Donna Karen) to protect against cybersquatters etc. Yes, it’s a scary world we live in where celeb babies can be branded but really it’s a shrewd/defensive business move AND the right decision IMO, given all the public interest in her pregnancy and birth of their child. I understand why people hate on these two but I don’t think this particular incident was ego-driven.

  54. Quinn says:

    He looks like an ugly Anthony from Designing Women, and she makes me craaazzzyyyy annoyed.

  55. The Truth Fairy says:

    I can only hope that this baby girl looks EXACTLY like Jay-Z.

  56. Vera says:

    My cat’s name is Blue.

    Anyways, they kind of seem like the Kardashian Klan with branding their children. It’s really tacky and proves their self-importance.

    As for her “dropping her baby weight”. Eh. She may have been pregnant and had a c-section, but until I see that c-section scar, I’ll be skeptical. The real rub for me is that Beyonce is always shoving herself down the medias throats, why wouldn’t she do some kind of baby shoot? Like, “Look at me! I look like a classy whale!” Mariah Carey did it. And it looked nice (at least the cover..I didn’t see the rest). It just seems like she wouldn’t have thought twice about that. And I bet that she would have made loads of money because of all the rumors surrounding her pregnancy.

  57. anne christoff says:

    To the posters above: It is not that they are only protecting the name from some fashion designer’s use of it (if that story is really true), they stated that they DO intend to use her name to market merchandising, which is grotesque

  58. samira677 says:

    I don’t think they are branding her name. A lot of celebrities trademark names to prevent others from profiting. It doesn’t mean they are branding it for future use.

  59. Anna says:

    What really pisses me off is the lie. That my daughter believes this lie. That BayOwnSay refused for who knows what reason, to be honest about the surrogate mom. Adoption, surrogate moms, etc. is much more prevalent now than ever before. She and Mr. Jay have decided for some unknown reason to pretend and live a lie.

    BTW: I believe she is now saying the birth was natural. Once she realized that no scar would be a dead give-a-way. I think this pretense is going to fall apart. Which is sad for everyone involved. Her lie has now forced her family to lie as well.

  60. the original bellaluna says:

    O-o-o-o-f course they did. GAUCHE.

    (And ain’t no way she gave birth and is nursing with that diet & exercise regimen. Please don’t reply to me if you disagree. I’ll not be budged from that opinion.)

  61. Kim says:

    Their egos never cease to amaze me!

  62. Kim says:

    Whenever I see these 2, Countess Luanns song “Money cant buy you class” starts playing in my head.

  63. Anon73 says:

    just saw that they released a pic of the baby.

    i totally thought those surrogate rumors were a bunch of bunk before, but in seeing this pics, there is NO WAY this child is a 100% product of both Beyonce and JayZ. there is definitely someone else’s DNA at play here !

  64. Meanchick says:

    Um, did I actually read “baby cosmetics?” In all of God’s Green, why the HELL would there such a thing as baby cosmetics? This couple is the definition of tacky. I understand (to a point) of protecting BI’s name (which is also the name of a type of marijuana, so good luck with that one), but using it to launch a baby products line? I’m sorry. I need a glass of Moscato to process this whole baby cosmetics thing. Absolutley absurd. When will they buy a planet and move there?

  65. Meanchick says:

    Just saw the “pics” of Bey and BIC in the ‘birthing suite.’ Bey is wearing full makeup and her weave is flawless. Having a baby makes you tired, weak and you look like you were poured into the bed. You can barely muster a grin ,let alone a big cheesy smile in hair and makeup. I had my daughter c-section and I was even more beat up and in severe pain. If someone had come anywhere near me with a camera, comb and some blush, there would have been hell to pay. Fake as hell!

  66. Newtsgal says:

    OMG! Me Too!
    I just saw that pic on wonderwall…..AIN’T NO WAY THAT BABY CAME FROM THEM TWO!
    Ya’ll know this is going to be the biggest thread on CB tomorrow

  67. Gloheart says:

    Didn’t she have a C Section? Can you workout that much after having one of those?

    • Meanchick says:

      No you cannot. I had a c-section. The next day I was forced to get up and take two steps, standard for c-sections, and I cried from the burning pain I was in! I had to keep the staples covered while having a sponge bath and I wasn’t to even TRY exercising until after my 8 week check up to make sure the incision was healing properly. There is no way she had a c-section and is out and about walking around in heels after one month and exercising, dieting and breastfeeding at the same time! I was so happy with my new baby that I didn’t care about exercise or even being away from her for one second! If she truly had a c-section then she would have the ugliest, discharging scar right now for not doing what she is supposed to do. High heels make your stomach muscles work a bit. What is with these celebs that have a baby and the main thing they talk about is losing weight and exercising and bragging about how little it took to get back into shape? That is not what motherhood is about. The greatest mother of all, Mary, did not get up and run with the sheep every damn day to get the baby weight off.

  68. crazydaisy says:

    ROTFL. Thanks for all the belly laughs, everyone – wait, make that pillow laughs.

    Great thread. Sounds like probably she used a secret surrogate, a la Kidman and Sunday Rose. As for the debate over if the new parents are protecting or merchandising the Blue Ivy Carter name/brand with this trademark business, only time will tell. And it will.

  69. Str8Shooter says:

    These two make the Kartrashians look subtle with all their camera hogging!

    Who the fk names their kid “Blue Ivy” in the first place? Sounds like a drink you can order in a resort in Barbados!

    Now it seems clear that they named the kid that just so they could make even more $$$ off of it.

    Media whores.

  70. Lisa says:

    Didn’t the pen company get there first?

  71. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    I was actually expecting them to trademark their daughter’s name the day she was born. Who didn’t see this coming?

    If they didn’t other people would try and use it for its connection to them. It seems tacky, but if I was THAT famous (lol, as if) I wouldn’t want someone trying to capitalize off of my child’s name.

    I think that’s actually a really good reason for celebs to start giving their kids more regular names. “Jane Doe Carter? Who’s that?” LOL!

  72. liv says:

    damn. she’s working 4 hours a day right after giving birth?

  73. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I don’t know, there are already so many permutations of the name out there that I kind of wonder that insofar as no harm comes to baby as a result, what’s one more? Jimmy Dean’s doing okay.

    I can see the logic behind it, but some part of me thinks that they would trademark the sky to keep that uppity water from falling from it.

    Do you have BIC in the States?

  74. Kerissa says:

    I love celebitchy, the only thing I don’t like is even though I was a skeptic before, it’s hard to think that she didn’t have a baby when she is clearly wider. Not necessarily fat, but I think it’s obvious something came out of her because her hips are super wide now. I think that the fact that you thought she was faking before is muddying your opinion of her now. I at least would hope you would write with the possibility of changing your mind if the situation called for it. I guess it’s my opinion to say it does, but who knows. I do believe she had the baby, I just don’t think she was showing so much in the folding belly incident and she used padding.

    Anyway, I think Blue is beautiful, and her nose and mouth look A LOT like Jay’s. He looks just like his mom, so I hope the genes kind of fall off at this baby lol. I do hope as she gets older, you see more of Beyonce in her.

  75. ohm says:

    it´s just because this brainless girl thinks that it is okay to be helpless and unable to move as long as she looks “bootylicious”. look at this black dress, she´s sewed in it super, super tight! I remember watching a footage of this evening on TV and Bey was not able to move a bit, so her bodyguards had to carry her all the steps up to the event.

    Here are some pictures: