Jennifer Lopez tweets pic of herself & Casper Smart, deletes it quickly

Funny story – Jennifer Lopez tweeted the above photo ^^^ of herself and Casper Smart earlier this week and quickly deleted it. Thankfully, The Mail and some other sites got their hands on the photo before Jennifer deleted it. What is she playing at? What does this move mean? I would understand what it meant if Jennifer merely tweeted this “sweet” photo and left it up for everyone to see. The message would be, “This is my boyfriend, we’re in love, and we don’t care who knows.” But by deleting it, it’s like Jennifer is saying, “That’s my boyfriend, but I’m kind of ashamed of it.”

Anyway, you remember how the tabloids are completely schizophrenic about Jennifer’s relationship with Casper, right? Some say Jennifer is just using Casper as a rebound. Some say she’s totally going to end up marrying this poor boy. Well, that speculation is still ongoing. Life & Style (via Jezebel) has a new report this week claiming that Jennifer has already moved Casper into her home(s) and Casper is already involved in “every facet of her life, from family vacations to photo shoots.”

Apparently, she’s already talking about marrying him, a friend claims: “She talks all the time about getting married again. This is so Jennifer. She jumps into love and really goes for it.” And Casper has already proposed too, according to this report, although the friend notes that Jennifer “already treats him like a husband.” But it’s not all good – Jennifer’s friends (her employees?) “are desperately trying to slam on the brakes and prevent her from repeating her lifelong pattern of sprinting down the aisle.” However, Gossip Cop spoke to Jennifer’s rep, who said the L&S report is “inaccurate.” Who are you going to believe, Jennifer’s rep or Jennifer’s Twitter account?

Photos courtesy of WENN, The Mail, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Steph says:

    Poor jen.. If she really is in love with him or serious, she’d stop taking him out all the time. If he is a rebound she should just let it go and stop trying to be with someone and just enjoy being by herself and her kids

  2. TheOriginalVictoria says:


    OMG, she totally is ashamed! What a dumb bitch. She should have just kept them on so she could say fuck off the haters!

    And the picture is still cheap looking even if it’s in black and white.

  3. Marjalane says:

    I’m sorry but, I looked at that twitter pic and saw a mother with her teenage son. and now I’m nauseated.

  4. Bite me says:

    Bitch is not even divorce yet … For shame

  5. demian bichir says:

    It was a F*ck U Marc move!Marc went to the Grammy’s with the 24 years old Venezuelan model.

  6. Agnes says:

    is it me, or does she look so very late 90s? it’s like she’s hanging on to decades long gone. :)

  7. Camille says:

    She seems to be really desperate to stay relevant these days. She is over 40 and acts like 20. There is nothing more pathetic.

  8. bea says:

    That photo is all about his tatt and nothing about “love”.

    I guess having an “inappropriate” bf is a better way of getting attention than having an uncontroversial one………

  9. ageisjusta# says:

    I really like this photo. It’s tastefully done and shows their strong chemistry. Don’t be ashamed Jlo. Do your thing! I have a much younger boyfriend and I have more chemistry with him then anyone I ever dated my own age or older. and he’s more mature than most of them so it really just depends on the person. If she’s happy in love, then go for it! Life is too short to worry about what others think! and she’s wealthy and independent. JUST BE CAUTIOUS FOR THE SAKE OF THOSE KIDS THOUGH! the way she and Mark have dove into other relationships makes me wonder how disgarded these children might actually be right now. They are at the most impressionable stage in life and these events leave lasting imprints in their minds and hearts.

    • MJ says:

      I think the reason people are hating on this relationship is because of her hasty integration of Casper into her day-to-day life. She’s only been separated from Marc for four or five months, and already he’s going on family vacations. That’s pretty messed up, in my opinion.

  10. OriginalTiffany says:

    I think she’s aiming for Liz Taylor numbers…

  11. Adele says:

    I’m not her fan but I saw her on Ellen the other day and she looks like a 20 year old! How does she do it? And don’t say trainers, make up artists, chefs, because Kirstie Alley has all that and looks like sh!t! Lol

  12. salamanca says:

    Is she trying to challange Liz Taylor? She failed already, even if she marries 12 times.

    • Tapioca says:

      I actually like J-Lo because she can relied on like no other to bring the diva and the relationship drama and she’s one of the few to acknowledge that they enjoy the media attention, but I’m not going to pretend that any of her films or her music will go down in history as classics!

      Maybe I’m too cynical, but once you’ve had 3 failed marriages, you might as well go for the record – it will be her “thing”, in the same way the only reason anyone knows who Zsa Zsa Gabor is these days, is because she got married a heck of a lot.

  13. Gorry says:

    I find all this tres confusing
    By all accounts she’s also still boning Marc on the sly
    How has Casper had her sprung. This guy must have a magic **** for someone as street as Jennifer not to be aware of how ridiculous she looks. Really??

    • Nina says:

      @Gorry, she is street? In what way? Because she grew up in New York? Because that I get. However, her Mom was a teacher and her Dad had a good job too, I think as a computer technician or something and they owned a house and put their daughter through private Catholic school.

      Lots of Italian Americans grew up in the Bronx too and come from similar families and circumstances and no one calls them “street” maybe street smart or New Yorkers, but no one implies that they are “street” whatever that is.

      • anon says:

        Good post Nina, and so true. Its the Puerto Rican thing; that’s why she is is automatically street and not Regis Philbin (from the Bronx) :-)

      • Gorry says:

        Oh for FFS
        Does everything have to be a racial angle?
        After hustling like crazy on In Living Colour. She found musical success when she incorporated pop with R&B and with the help of Puff Daddy found credibility in both pop and hip hop markets, which she cultivated more working with Ja Rule, LL Cool J etc.
        Her remix albums played up her ‘I’m from the bronx schtick, from the block’. Very few mentioned her I’m the daughter of a school teacher line. And yes considering her divalicious, take no prisoners rep, I would say she was street.
        You can infer from that what you will . Sheesh

      • TheOriginalVictoria says:

        Jennifer Lopez is not street. I was born and raised in North Philadelphia in a tiny little pearl of community where the rest of the section was mad chaos and I can tell you that I am no where near street although I’ve lived around them, in them, near them my entire life. As I got older, that pearl turned into a hot spot for criminal activity, prostitution and drugs and it’s a hot mess today. But never was I allowed to be in those streets or associate with anyone who was running them. And neither was J. Ho. Her parents wanted better for her. Amongst my local friends I am known as “suburbanist” urban chick ever.

        Jay-Z is street. Lil Kim is street. J. Lo is street by association and her PR heritage. Truth. And she capitalizes on that when she wants to. Also truth.

      • Buffy says:

        K, I feel stupid asking this, but does street mean street smart? Or am I even more out of touch than I thought?:-)

  14. CookieJar says:

    The Timberlands are gone? Babysteps…

  15. Twez says:

    She marries all her boyfriends, I wouldn’t be surprised if she webs this one.

  16. Michelle says:

    Has this chick ever been single for a long period of time? One look at her Wikipedia page shows she has had back to back relationships for over a decade. She obviously can’t be alone.

  17. Jackie says:

    it seems like she may have some kind of love addiction.

  18. tia says:

    feel so embarrased for her. :( Yeah just what everyone has always wanted.. to be photographed with a huge arm hilarious. Oh jennifer you are so much better than that.

  19. Talie says:

    Oh lord, she really is a love addict, and not in a fake Kim Kardashian way.

  20. Lola6 says:

    He probably cant wait to be to rich.

  21. TruthTella says:

    They’re both adults (some just more than others) and her Children are perfectly taken care or and her relations with her Ex are great so i say go for it, you only live once.

  22. TXCinderella says:

    Looks like she’s already buying him some expensive duds judging from the last pic. I guess the girl is not afraid of trying love again and again to see if something sticks.

  23. Samanthalous says:

    Marc Anthony stays winning, JLO just looks sad not being able to find a man who is or on a higher level of professionalism. Why not go the Reese Witherspoon route and marry someone successful in a different field (banking, law or medicine).

  24. Ogechi says:

    I wish her well at this point…

  25. Jessica says:

    In that last picture it actually looks like a mom with her teenage son.

  26. Asli says:


    I’ve noticed a pattern of celebrities tweeting something and then deleting it quikly. It’s like their brains are under-developed (if their behaviour doesn’t already shows this) and then can’t figure out the consequences of their actions. That part of the brain only fully develops when you’re in you’re twenties but apparently most of the celebrities brains doesn’t. Really funny. I feel like Einstein next to these people!

  27. T.C. says:

    I hate the double standard. Women who date younger men are laughed at. Famous women who don’t date other famous men are laughed at. Why aren’t we laughing at her husband’s younger non-famous girlfriend? People should leave Casper Smart alone so what if he is not rich and famous? They are happy, wish them luck even if you think it’s a rebound. Maybe she needs it in her life right now, life is too short.

  28. Dorothy says:

    I’m ashamed for her. Dating your kids friends is just nuts. She’s one of those women that can’t be alone. How pathetic.

  29. Quest says:

    OMG! Awwww!!! I really pity her desperation right now.

  30. ladybert62 says:

    Oh gosh – maybe she can get a matching arm tattoo like his – but on the other arm. Then they can be a walking pair of billboards.

    He is using you Ms. Jennifer – you will regret this. (But then you are also using him but at least you give him an “allowance” of $10,000 or so a week so you are letting him know he is the paid help!)

  31. Jayna says:

    She deleted it because it was such a hokey thing to do trying to show the world her love, ugh, in such a posed photo (not just a candid snapshot) and knew the cutting remarks would come and didn’t want to deal with it or maybe she knew she would receive the wrath of Marc. That’s why she deleted it, not because she’s ashamed of it or him.

    She will marry him, because JLO doesn’t date. She marries and then divorces once the excitement of new love dies. Regular old married life bores her. She never learns.

  32. Tweakspotter says:

    This was totally aimed at Marc for bringing the hot new girlfriend to the Grammy’s. Grow up JLO with your “Mommy and Me” photo.

  33. Maritza says:

    She probably deleted the photo after Marc called to call her “Your nothing but a cheap ho!”. Most likely her mom Guadalupe called her also and told her, “you look like a fool!. I do think she is really in love with this guy and he for sure loves her too. She should not remarry at least for a couple of years, she should wait and see if the passion dies first.

  34. Ashley says:

    Cheap publicity, would anyone be poting about her and commenting about her had she not posted this pic & deleted it? No

  35. Patricia says:

    smith says:

    Demi Moore …your table is ready.

    Too too hilarious – thank you for that!

  36. Patricia says:

    You know…
    She appears to be looking into his bicep like a crystal ball. Maybe that’s why she deleted it. Doesn’t look promising.

  37. skuddles says:

    JLO I believe you’re confused – you marry a man and raise a child… see the difference?

  38. Kimlee says:

    I sorry to say but this whole thing looks like it all for attention everything is so calculated even these V Day pictuer of J Lo and her boy toy, one word comes to mind when I see these pictures Photo op it look so stage and she looking at the camera a lot.–BF-Casper-Smart-s-PDA-filled-Valentine-s-Day#.Tz1FVvF5mSM

  39. Kimbob says:

    Anyone notice how his whole face ain’t showing? Guess both J-lo AND Casper both know he’s kinda fugly!

  40. Maya says:

    He is more expensive than a Birkin.

  41. Delta Juliet says:

    I love the quote “This is so Jennifer. She jumps into love and really goes for it.”

    Yeah, she really goes for it, and then when she gets bored, she moves on to the next guy.

  42. Kaye says:

    What is funny to me is that according to other photos they are approximately the same height. Imagine how “romantic” it was to get this picture because he had to stand on a box!

  43. TxGal says:

    I was really hoping that JLo had changed her ways when it came to men. Especially now that she has kids. I thought Ok she is divorcing Mark now she will be with her kids. Wrong!! She had to find a lover 20 yrs younger and to top it off she is paying this jerk. Very disappointing..

  44. Jaxx says:

    I hate the double standard. Men can take a younger woman and he’s a stud. Women do the same and are ridiculed. Why should a woman who looks great for her age go out with a man whose skin is loosening, growing hair in all the wrong places, and at an age where he is having trouble with his “equipment?”

    Unfortunately, though I feel the double standard is wrong I doubt very much I could bring myself to date a man ten or more years younger than myself. But for those who can do it? More power to you and Enjoy!

    P.S. I think the picture is beautiful.

  45. Newtsgal says:

    How funny would it be…They all (Jlo,Casper,Marc,model) show up for a family thing and before you know it Casper & the model run off together because, with time they’re going to realize just how stupid and batshit crazy Jlo & Marc really are.

  46. juju says:

    OMG, how pathetic !!!! I guess couple’s dont get divorce anymore before starting a new relationships. But really Jenifer taking these type of pictures is really chessey !!!! LOL, OMG this is really funny !!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Lucy says:

    I wonder why they are having professional portraits like this taken? Its strange….what is she gonna frame them and put them around her house? Right next to her kids pictures…jeez…

  48. Ruffian9 says:

    Oh, that’s just embarassing.

  49. Quinn says:

    “Hummm…what pose would best highlight my awesome biceps and killer tat?? Okay! Got it!!!”


  50. Sunny says:

    Last photo – looks like he’s been spending up BIG at the clothes stores with Jen’s card… lucky bastard. It is a bit embarrassing for Jen to be acting so desperate with this young guy…

  51. Sunny says:

    … and who says Money can’t buy love…

  52. Jdao says:

    She looks like his mama in that photo.

  53. original sandy says:

    peeks head in, yells…he is not that bad, he’s a baby, take it easy on him, … runs back

  54. Ana says:

    I don’t think you should use the term “schizophrenic” in that way, is a serious illness and using it like that (I already saw that word being used in a similar way somewhere else) is very disrespectful.

  55. Onyx XV says:

    Nevermind the age issue (which to me is a non-issue – they’re both grown – end of story on that) I can’t believe I’m the only one who notices how flaming he looks. Casper sends my gaydar WAAAAY into the gay zone in every single picture I see of him. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I doubt that’s what JLo’s looking for in a BF.

  56. Coucou says:

    He looks every inch the kept boy in that last pic…he knows it too, look at him smirkin’ in his brand new outfit Mama Lo bought him…he needs to break in that leather, i can hear him squeaking all the way from over here.

  57. MisZ NiNA says:

    Cougar.. At least go for an A-lister like Justin Bieber LOL, not some D-list dancer.