Chris Brown was all over Rihanna at her bday party, tried to get guests to keep quiet

I guess we can assume that all the stories about Chris Brown and Rihanna hooking up again, including a recent one in which they’re said to have spent four hours alone in a dressing room together – were true. Not only was Chris a guest at Rihanna’s recent 24th birthday party, as we’ve already heard, he was macking all over her all night long. He tried to get all the partygoers to sign non-disclosure agreements in which they wouldn’t reveal that he was even there, but of course the news leaked anyway. What a dumbass he is. Here’s the story from TMZ:

Chris Brown was so paranoid about keeping his attendance at Rihanna’s birthday party a big fat secret — he actually tried to FORCE partygoers to sign confidentiality agreements … TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us, Chris refused to enter the private party Monday night at the famous Hearst Mansion in Beverly Hills until everyone signed an NDA — sending his henchmen in beforehand to gather every partygoer’s signature.

We’re told although they didn’t get EVERYONE to sign — Chris eventually walked in … and spent a huge chunk of the night nuzzling up against Rihanna.

According to sources, the two got real intimate — sitting next to each other, talking, and holding hands … all perfectly legal ever since the restraining order was lifted.

As for the rest of the party — we’re told it was jam-packed with celebs including Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and Chris Martin (no Gwyneth).

[From TMZ]

TMZ also has a photo of Rihanna’s super strange fug birthday cake. It involved a Rihanna lookalike riding a giant spliff. I wonder if she uses the same bakery that made Miley Cyrus’ p3nis cake.

Rihanna probably thinks that Chris has changed and that she can handle him now. I hate to see her with him again, but for her sake I hope she’s right.

There are plenty of other stories about Chris in light of his somewhat triumphant comeback, which has of course been marred by his piss poor entitled defensive attitude. Yesterday we heard that Chris’ new pickup line was “Can I get your number? I promise I won’t beat you.” His rep sort-of denied that report to US Weekly, claiming “I’d be surprised if Chris said something that stupid.” Well team Breezy has revised their approach and they now swear that Chris never said that. They even try to make it sound like this statement is directly from him. “That is absurd and absolutely not true. I did not say that nor would I joke about that.” Uh huh.

Also, someone e-mailed me about a Daily Mail story in which they claim there are now “disturbing new details” about the night that Chris beat Rihanna to a pulp, bit her on the ear and hand, and left her alone in the car with her injuries. The details aren’t new at all, they were directly in the police report which came out three years ago. The Daily Mail has since revised the story to take out the “disturbing new details” part. Maybe if more people read the actual police report they would understand why so many of us want Chris to stay far away from Rihanna, and just as far away from our TV sets.

These photos of Rihanna and Chris together are from 2008:

Rihanna is shown outside a recording studio on 2-10-12 and with Chris in 2008. Chris is shown at the airport on 9-8-11. Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Bite me says:

    And the cycle continues… This is probably normal for them given the circumstances they grew up in.

    • Riana says:

      Sad but true, they’re both repeating the cycles of abuse they experienced while growing up.

    • Jeneral says:

      The pathetic part though is that most women caught in an domestic abuse cycle have few to no other choices of escape. They don’t have money to move out, there are children involved, they don’t have a support system to help, etc.
      This IDIOT woman goes back to the moron who beat her senseless, and this ASSH*LE continues to… act like himself.
      It’s not like she doesn’t have any other choice and no knowledge of what’s wrong about the situation, she’s just being plain stupid.
      I hope the sex is good enough to make the beatings worthwhile.

      • Sacred says:

        Exactly. I feel for the women who want out but have no way to escape. Those are the ones that need sympathy and help–not Rihanna. She is such a stupid girl and I hope her career is finish because of this. It is not like she has talent anyway. She is glamorizing violence and it sends the wrong message that it is okay to go back to a violent lover. I guess she is forgetting what led to the altercation in the first place–his cheating. Now, she is the other woman because he has a girlfriend. Not to mention, there are stories all over the net of him boning different groupies. What a stupid, stupid girl. And, just like any other stupid girl, you can’t tell her anything.

      • Hmmm says:

        This is a power trip for him. Imagine if he wins her back, in the face of everything that happens to him. He wins.

        He is seducing her with sweet nothings, and probably promising her it will never happen again. She, as someone typically abused, buys it. The cycle continues.

        The violent freak just wants to win. Then his FU will reverberate around the world, not only on twitter. First the Grammy trophy and then Rihanna. He’s the man. Unstoppable and untouchable.

        They are the cycle of abuse for all the world to see (and for many other freaks to validate and glorify).

      • Karen says:

        First of all, he is F ugly and a real little pretender. All he’s known for is beating on a woman. Big gansta my butt. It takes 4 -6 years for a psychologist to change his attitude and HE HAS TO REQUEST IT. Anyone hear that he has done that. HA. Anyone hear she has has gotten any help? If not, she and her people are messed up.

    • Dani says:

      Yes, the cycle continues but it has nothing to do with how she grew up. DV happens to all types of women. Educated women, wealthy women, poor women, etc. It doesn’t discriminate. Granted you may be at higher risk if you witnessed it in your own life, but make no mistake about DV, it happens to women from all walks of life. And if you are somebody that tells yourself, it will never happen to you, you are wrong. It can happen to anyone.

  2. Kyle says:

    They should back together. She is stupid woman and he is an idiot. The perfect match. Sorry to say that but it seems she enjoyed and still enjoy his company and behaviour.

    • irishserra says:

      Agreed. And may I take this a step further and say that due to prior circumstances and their current states of mind (that neither of them learned anything from the previous experience) that perhaps Survival of the Fittest will come into play and may they cancel one another out, if you catch my drift.

    • Mia says:

      She wants people to see her as a rebel. Hooking up with that douche is her way of saying: ‘See, I’m so rebel I date the guy who spanked me”. Stupid girl, stupid guy = perfect match.

      p.s she looks like a cheap prostitute now.

    • Jackson says:

      Totally agree. She’s not some poor girl with a bunch of kids who goes back to her abuser because she needs food in their bellies and a roof over her kid’s heads. I’ll save my concern for that woman. This chick knows what she’s getting into and is doing it by choice, not necessity. Hope you enjoy whatever comes your way, Rihanna. And I literally LOLed when I read that idiot tried to get everyone to sign non-disclosure agreements. What a tool.

    • Capella says:

      THIS IS EXACTLY why we the public, from the moment we saw the picture of abuse, and read the report, CANNOT get over, or forgive Chris Brown.

      Because Rihanna has piss-poor judgement, (she’s the poster girl for abused women hooked on their abusers), we the public opt to not forgive and forget, and to let him know that we are watching and judging his every behavior.

      Next time he beats her, I will not say that she deserved it, for unfortunately she really thinks she doesn’t deserve to be treated any better, I will simply say that our judicial system had once again failed a woman, and was not able yet again to either rehabilitate or adequately punish. That the music industry had once again promoted an abusive a-hole. That once again, an obvious dirt bag had gotten away with violating a woman, and demeaning her existence to one less than an abused punching bag.

      I will do my part in letting the Chris Brown brand fade into nothingness.

  3. Marna says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Rihanna is headed for a breakdown? She looks a mess lately and seems to be all over the place.

    • Kyle says:

      You right. She lost a lot of weight recently and I don’t think because of pilates.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I agree. I think she’s dabbling in harder stuff. The weight loss and dead eyes are a give away. Maybe if she gets off of whatever it is she is on, she’ll realize associating with Brown is a bad move.

      • Jag says:

        Whitney Houston and Bobby 2.0. Rihanna doesn’t have Whitney’s talent, so it will be interesting to see where life takes her. She is talented and beautiful, but is wasting it with such an abuser. I hope she finds the inner strength and self-confidence she needs to get away from him, and away from the drugs if that’s what she’s doing, too.

      • Anon73 says:

        agreed re : the drug speculation. i was wondering about that too lately given the weight loss and the non-expression in her eyes. as for getting back with Brown, that is all shades wrong. as in, how do you file a lawsuit against someone ? then get back with him ? please refund the CA courts the money you wasted by either filing a bogus claim or else clearly did not want enforced.

    • Rhiley says:

      I totally agree. She has started to remind me of Lawrence Fishburne’s sad daughter. Even though she is an adult and can do whatever she wants to her body, it saddens me when young women have no respect for themselves. When she talks about her sexuality it is completely raunchy and totally inappropriate. And knowing the kind of men that she is attracted to makes it even worse. I also think that because she changes her appearance so drastically and so often, she is trying to cover up some serious self esteem issues.

  4. Asli says:

    LOL! 70% of the words in that statement is not in Chris’s (does anyone else feel naseous when they have to type his name?) vocabulary.

    • DreamyK says:

      As if the word “disturbed” would ever come out of Beat Her Down Brown’s lips. Ha! More like “Chek this biches, me n mi bb r hawt n 2gthr, sck it h8rs” .

    • Capella says:

      So true! Lol.

      “His rep sort-of denied that report to US Weekly, claiming “I’d be surprised if Chris said something that stupid.”

      I think he has a new rep, because no one with half a brain cell would ever be surprised that CB says things that are that stupid, or that ignorant!

      You have to admire his mother though for being hard on him. She is the one who got beaten up by CB’s father (or stepfather? can’t remember), and is the only one showing her son tough love. Those pictures of Rihanna’s beaten up face must have made her cry disappointing tears for her son.

      And that being said, I now realize that CB’s mother must be pushing for him to get back with Rihanna, for she wants her son to show his gf respect and get out of the violent vicious circle.

      All around sad.

      Still think the legal system was a big FAIL: Reading the report on the Smoking Gun, combined with the pictures… CB had viciously attacked a woman repeatedly in an enclosed space, where she could not get away. He had repeatedly attacked her with his fists, teeth, had repeatedly bashed in her face with his closed fists. Her ribs. Had viciously bitten her like a rabid dog.

      He got away easy. And his actions show that clearly, the punishment he received did not at all have any effect. In fact, he knows he got off easy, his actions are quite demonstrative of a “valuable lesson learned”. Snort with a big gag.

  5. Marjalane says:

    I’m sorry, but she’s an idiot and so is he. I’m tired of everyone making excuses about what a victim she is- she has what so many other victims don’t have and that is resources. She can get her head together and she has “people” that can be sure she’s no where near him. But she chooses to be. As far as I’m concerned, at this point she has loser stamped on her forehead.

    • jc126 says:

      Yes, my sympathy for her has evaporated. If she wants to be an idiot, let her be one. (I still think it’s entirely possible that Chris Brown has changed, but if he hasn’t, I won’t feel bad for Rihanna if something happens.)

      • YEP_ITS_HER says:

        Well, what a sweetheart you are. You know she grew up in an abusive home? Her dad beat her mother and her throughout her childhood and on top of that he was drug addict who could not hold a job. Do you know how she rebelled at that time? By being a straight A student. When she got signed at 15 and had to leave to go live in a foreign country (United States) without her mother, do you think at that time when she was chasing her dream she was then able to process the awful things that happened to her in her childhood? I really don’t think so as she was still a child at that time. Instead she stayed focused and determined to make it and make it she did. But at what cost? She has millions in the bank and is known the world over but still seems enthralled and attached to this abusive and violent man even though with her status she of course does not ‘need’ him. All the signs are there that she is a scarred woman, the excessive partying, the drugs, the drinking, her overly sexualized and try hard bad gal image- all it says to me is that she is either numbing/masking pain. Pain that she has never gotten over and pain IMO she is still going through.

      • jc126 says:

        Yep its her – then she ought to know better, frankly. She’s successful and has had every opportunity to learn how not to get involved with an abuser; if you watch her interviews on the subject such as on ABC a few months after the incident, she said as much. I know LOTS of women who were exposed to horrific abuse in the home, such as seeing their dad hold a gun to their mom’s head. They learned from it on how to make better choices, or what to do if abuse occurs – END the relationship.
        All you can do is provide the knowledge about what to do in case of abuse. You can’t always persuade victims to do the right thing, and some of them will turn on you if you try.

    • Tapioca says:

      Well quite, if you try and pet an angry dog after it’s already bitten you once then you wouldn’t get any sympathy from anyone. From here on out she’s not a “victim” but a “volunteer”…

    • ladybert62 says:

      You said it all! I totally agree.

    • Eve says:

      @ Marlajane:

      My exact thoughts.

    • Lee says:

      haven’t there been stories about her family pressuring her to get back with Chris though? And didn’t she also grow up in an abusive household? Just because she’s famous doesn’t mean she is capable of escaping the cycle of abuse that haunts so many.

  6. bea says:

    This is the last time I will ever comment on either of them on this site. Giving either of them any more exposure just reinforces the cycle of abuse. She is now the poster child for forgiving the abuser and getting beat down again. And again. And again. And anyone who is her friend that is going along with this is an enabler. Plus, with her obvs love of substances, she’s the next Whitney. Bad.

  7. Eva says:

    Also he is rumoured to be the feature artist on her new song birthday cake… The producers of the song have said that the artist on that track will ‘shock the world’ when it is revealed. I can’t think of anyone else being on the track who would shock the world as much as Chris brown would. I think, sadly, it is safe to say these two are back together and have been for a while. I’m even beginning to thing his girlfriend is/was a decoy.

  8. Lis says:

    She’s a grown woman.

    A spectacularly stupid grown woman, from the sounds of things, but still. And she has this thing called freedom of association.

    That’s what I kept repeating to myself as I read this. It was that or scream with frustration.

  9. Ravensdaughter says:

    This is just so creepy I don’t even know how to react to it….

  10. Delta Juliet says:

    Well, the same is true of many abusive relationships, isn’t it? I agree that she is making a very poor (stupid) choice going back to him, but on the other hand I feel bad for her. Abusers know how to brainwash their victims and it seems like the case here.
    This is no doubt a very co-dependent relationship. And it is very unlikely that he has changed or will change since he never took responsibility for his actions or showed any remorse. This story will not end well.

  11. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    This generation’s Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. So sad.

  12. Buffy says:

    I had a friend who went thru an abusive marriage. I can not explain how abusive and how bad. That being said, I let her stay with me to get away, among other things, and she would sneak away and go back. Like she was sneaking out her parents window. She was finally able to get away after years and met a great guy who treats her well. But she has never been the same and is a mess of a person. I guessy point is, when she is ready to get away, she will and there is nothing het friends, family or handlers can do. This is Chris Brown’s fault. Not hers or anyone she knows. Let’s put the blame where it belongs, on the abuser not the victim.

    • Riana says:

      That’s the sad thing about abuse, it damages you mentally.

      Its not, “Okay I’m away from this abusive guy now I’m free!”, instead, “This is all just a mistake. He loves me, things got out of hand. I don’t want to lose him because he’s the only one who really cares.”

      I just feel bad for her. All that money and resources and she can’t escape the trap laid out for her.

      • Buffy says:

        That is exactly how it is, I believe. My friend would have serious eyes, teeth knocked out and still she would blame herself once he got back in her head. She just figured if she wasn’t so “stupid” or hadn’t done something so “dumb” he wouldn’t of hurt her. It truly is sad and maybe I’m off base here, but I have a feeling alot of the posters here have only seen abuse on t.v. and truly have no idea what it is really about. :-(

      • Jag says:

        The thing that bugs me is that she has enough money to get therapy for herself, and also to have bodyguards keep him away from her and her family.

        When I was being abused, I literally had no one to help me and after he disabled me, I couldn’t easily get away. Had I her money, I would’ve been able to pay people to move me out of our house and stay somewhere safe, while getting the therapy I needed to get out of depression and back on my feet. She’s willingly going back with open eyes because the world told her what he was; I hope for her sake she gets out before he kills her.

      • Buffy says:

        @Jag I am so happy to hear that you made it out. :-) The difference between you two is that she isn’t ready to do it and no one can convince her. She has to decide she is ready herself. When and if she does, then her money will help. That is if she has any left :-( . Money does not fix you mentally. :-(

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @Jag, OMG! That is terrible! I’m so sorry. I was in an abusive relationship as a teen and went back several times before I broke free. My parting gift to him was a broken nose. Not condoning violence, but self-defense when possible. I hope Rihanna doesn’t ever have to defend herself again, but I think she’d be smart to take some martial arts classes if she’s going to take Brown back.

  13. Gorry says:

    Oh please
    EVERYONE knows these two have been exchanging bodily fluids for at least a year now.
    They only appear to remain apart to avoid a backlash. But their mutual friends/ co -conspirators provide houses for them to meet, text exchanges etc.
    The reunion is only one in that it is a ‘public reunion’.

    Rihanna probably sees it as ‘them against the world, nobody understands us, Chris has an 8 inch ****.’ *shrugs*
    Interestingly, other English peeps posting here would know of a similar story of the TV presenter Ulrika Jonhson and the footballer Stan Collymore. He beat the crap out of her and there was this public act of flagellation/remorse on his part, with her becoming a voice for abused women, meanwhile they were still secretly meeting up for sex and heading for a reconciliation as Collymore’s biograpghy and other insiders admitted. But Ulrika was wary of the damage it would do.
    Very similar

  14. grace says:

    Hmmmm, I am thinking I was right ALL ALONG!! This behavior between the two of them was a regular thing and I do believe they BEAT on each other, it wasnt a one sided thing. I have said that all along while all of you bashed only him. You all look like dumbasses! And when the truth comes out, you will all look like bigger dumbasses. Accept it, she will be back screwing him in public before the end years! And I will be here telling you, “Told ya so”.

  15. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    I really don’t understand what she sees in him. There are so many attractive, talented and accomplished men that she could date and instead she picks a man who’s beaten her in the past and can barely string a sentence together. I read that statement that supposedly came from CB about how he didn’t use that pickup line and laughed. I’ve seen him on interviews and he literally cannot speak properly and he certainly could never put together a sentence like that. I really don’t think I’ve ever seen him speak a complete sentence using proper English. He’s really not that bright.

    Everything he’s done since the beating just proves how incredibly immature and stupid he is (ie: throwing fits about getting asked questions, throwing a chair through a window, etc.) and imo, he still hasn’t taken personal responsibility for what he did. Just because he did community service doesn’t mean he personally acknowledges what he did wrong or feels any remorse. His only remorse is it getting out into the public and he feels sorry for himself. He still doesn’t see it as a big deal, and clearly Rhianna doesn’t either. It’s sad.

    Both of them should have to go to a womens shelter and listen to/see pictures of women who have lived through domestic violence. She is an incredibly poor role model. She could’ve stepped up and made domestic violence something that she fought against and brought real attention to, but instead she’s continued on acting like a fool and getting back together with CB.

    I know that she doesn’t have to be a role model just because she’s an entertainer but having gone through something like that personally I think it’s an opportunity that she missed that would’ve spoken to her having depth and maturity. You can still be a bad girl who pushes the limits on stage or through fashion and speak to an important cause. I think she could’ve gained a lot of respect if she’d done that. Instead we now have young girls who look up to her and CB and listen to their music saying things like “CB can beat me anytime” etc. That’s pathetic.

  16. TXCinderella says:

    If she is seeing CB again, and it sounds like it may be true, they both have not learned anything. It will only be a matter of time before she pisses him off again and the next beating might be the fatal one. I certainly hope not, but I’m done with this story.

  17. Riana says:

    Okay that cake is creepy as hell.

    Honestly I feel kinda bad for her. She has a classic abused woman reaction about her.

    I suspect she feels like no one will really love her like Chris did and has been feeling depressed in spite of the violence. She’s a child of an abused home and an abuse victim herself, the statistics are not on her side.

    I understand people will be pissed because she’s a ‘public figure’ blah blah, but she’s just a teenage girl from a broken home with a past history of abuse to me. I wish her luck.

  18. Jean says:

    she dont wanna be a role model, fine, let’s stop giving her public attention… and she deserves what is coming to her for being stupid… she makes me ashamed of being female….

    and he’s a mouth-breathing arrogant douche

    they suit each other perfectly

  19. Maria says:

    the sad thing is it’s probably only a matter of time until he gets in a rage and beats her again. But, she has her own free will to make her own choices…and to learn from them, hopefully NOT with her life. He is not a good man,that is obviously clear. The fact that he continually gets rewarded for his narcissism and horrible ego with awards and millions by those purchasing his music is a sad comment on society.

  20. Naye in VA says:

    my sympathy was never for her. she tried to get back with him way back when. my problem is how all of this looks to other young girls who think its okay for pigs like him to put their hands on him. my problem is when people say she deserved it. she may be stupid enough to be back in it, but never ever does a woman deserve it. i hate to hear that leave someones lips. thats just my two cents.

  21. Petunia says:

    She’s nuts, he’s nuts. For whatever reason, they’re both attracted to the other one’s brand of nuts. End of story.

  22. nina says:

    she comes from a very jacked up family, dad’s a crack addict who beat her mom, mom worked the whole time, she watched her brothers while mom was at work. She couldn’t wait to leave at 15 when the opportunity presented itself.

    Chris comes from a more jacked up family, extreme violence central.

    The problem here is you get two KIDS from dysfunctional backgrounds but good looks and voices who get pushed into a ruthless industry where they were enabled from an early age because they are cash cows. And you get what you have here-a messed up relationship, cycles of violence repeating itself.

    Chris will not get the rehab he needs to not be violent abuser, Rihanna is not going to get the counsel she needs to understand what she deserves in relationships and in life.

    It’s just a sad situation, I feel for Rihanna, it’s like she didn’t have a chance with her upbringing, lack of parenting, and being put in adult siutations as a pop star WAY TOO EARLY.

  23. Rachel says:

    Its all about choices basically. Let’s face it how many of us av gone back to the same guy who has repeatedly treated us bad(not necessarily beaten us) hoping this time he would change. She alone knows what she sees in him even if the rest of d world incuding me can’t understand. I really hope for her sake he has changed cos if this time he proves her wrong,then she shall know what pain really feels like.

  24. Quinn says:

    Better these two screw each other up than other people…

  25. Shannon says:

    No one deserves to be hit just for being caught in the cycle of abuse. This is not an uncommon occurrence. It just proves how complicated it is for people to permanently break free. It takes time and some unsuccessful attempts to get out of the relationship for most women before it sticks.

  26. Ramie says:

    she has no one to blame but herself now. I won’t feel sorry for her when she gets hurt again.

  27. Newtsgal says:

    Ike & Tina 2.0
    She is an insult to females
    He is a douche
    And I wish that when they finally come out of the shadows and people see them for the lying POS they are.
    Someone will push them back under the rock from where they came. I hope they along with their crappy music with be shunned.

  28. Happy21 says:

    I’m not even going to start…

  29. Blue says:

    I wanted to believe they were not back on but they are. RiRi needs professional help. But like most people with a problem she won’t get any until she’s ready. No amount of guilt tripping or shaming is going to make her get herself together or leave CB alone until she’s ready. They clearly have a toxic relationship but can’t leave each other alone. I just hope it doesn’t go to far and one of them ends up dead.

  30. FeverDream says:

    I think they’re just perfect for each other.

    I also enjoy both’s music.


  31. Elizabeth says:

    If her childhood was one where she saw this pattern and now she has grown up and is living this pattern, then I bet a “normal” guy who treats her with love and respect would seem to her to be too boring. Its all about what you’ve been taught is “normal”. For her, an egotistical beater is normal.

  32. skuddles says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Rihanna is not only dumb, she’s stupid.

  33. Dana M says:

    They are both dolts. She needs mental help.

  34. lisa says:

    At this point I’m done feeling sorry for her.
    They deserve each other.
    I will continue not buying their music (have never anyway).

  35. skuddles says:

    Oh and ps girlfriend… you’re boyfriend is gay

  36. Audrey Farber says:

    One word… Dickmatized…

  37. the original bellaluna says:

    CB, did you put that “Looking for Pest Control Services?” ad under Chris’ last pic? Because that is BEAUTIFUL! :D

  38. Jayna says:

    Her tour was awesome. She loves her fans and shows such appreciation to them. She’s improved so much singingwise from last tour. She has it all right now. They have probably been together for quite a while and haven’t come out for the sake of her career. Perez Hilton posted the link to the police report. The violence was horrific by him. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have another chance at this career. But why she went back to him I will never understand after the violence she endured from him. But I am sure right now he pulls the I’ve never loved anyone like you. I’m misunderstood. Because of my past I made mistakes but I’ve changed. I can’t live without you.

  39. gg says:

    “He tried to get all the partygoers to sign non-disclosure agreements in which they wouldn’t reveal that he was even there, but of course the news leaked anyway.”

    As if the idiots that went to this party would honor anything, let alone some stupid agreement on a piece of paper. Please. He’s a joke.

  40. the original bellaluna says:

    Does anyone else wonder how this will effect her relationship with Jay?

    I mean, he was her rock when all this mess went down; and I’m willing to believe he had a hand in some of the career backlash the batterer underwent. (Not including all the damage he did to himself with his inability to keep his stupid mouth shut.)

    But Jay has a new baby girl now, and I could see him cutting Ri off as far as “mentoring” her.

    Of course, JayBey have been suffering some backlash of their own lately, so maybe he wouldn’t cut Ri off…

    2012: The Year of Backlash!

  41. Kim says:

    The song “stupid girl” is playing in my head right now.

  42. Gene parmesan says:

    shes gonna get killed this time!!!!

  43. Crystalline says:

    I feel bad for her, but I have been there and done that. I know the draw she feels to him because I felt, and admittedly still feel, that same draw to my own abuser. The damage they do is very thorough, making you feel like only they understand, only they love you, its no surprise she has gone back. Hopefully she will not end up dead. She is still a victim and just because she has money and handlers doesn’t mean anyone can stop what is clearly some strongly ingrained abuse issues.

  44. Alexis says:

    Before you judge Rihanna, remember that even though she’s 24 now (which is mature enough), she was first with Chris Brown when she was a teen. First loves can be weird and difficult forever, especially if they were toxic. Rihanna’s no role model, but she never signed up to be, and it’s wrong to say she’s as bad as CB.

    Also, really Chris Martin? Hanging out at a bday party for a wild-child over ten years younger than you without your wife? Okay. He’s not getting it in with Rihanna herself (although he’d probably like to), but I’m sure there were tons of PYTs about at the party. Not at all helping talk that he and Goop’s marriage isn’t the happiest.

  45. dahlia1947 says:

    I have no respect for her anymore. Getting back with Brown is the last straw. Next!

  46. NM6804 says:

    If they are back together than Brown can add another “victory” to his resumé because then, Rihanna the Victim even forgives him so why shouldn’t we? Then the naysayers are the ones who are wrong. If Rihanna can sing about it and act upon it then Brown just gives her what she “deserves” and we should keep our yaps shut, right? Well not for me, I will always see Rihanna as the victim of an extreme doucheb* no matter how many times she defends him or he screams out his innocence. A lot of women stay with their abuser or never leave so why should people be harsh on Rihanna for going back? Because she’s famous? This matter goes way further than stupid celeb behaviour and I’ll always have Rihanna’s back on this.

  47. wunder says:

    Thought that was a wax fig of Rihanna!

  48. Asli says:

    Okay. To the people saying Rihanna deserves to be beat and that her career should be over – No. Chris’s career should be non-existent right now. but- surprise surprise- it isn’t. I’d say it was better now than before he beat Rihanna. How is that even possible? What Rihanna needs is therapy. And people who don’t push her to Chris (her own cousins did this :O) around her and she needs to get away from the constant Chris-praise. Most celebrities didn’t speak up against this, some even said that what happened was just ”a young couple fighting, normal”- That people, people that she most likely interacted with said this, coupled with her up-bringing, probably made her believe it. She has to come out of this on her own. The people keeping her away from Chris probably makes her want him more. She has to see for herself what’s wrong with the relationship before she can make the decision to get out. Rihanna is/was the victim and turning on her for doing something most DV victims do, is wrong. I’m backing up Rihanna and by doing so ALL victims of DV. This is bigger than JUST Rihanna. This is about domestic violence and speaking up for its victims all over the world.

    • No one deserves to be beaten. But in order to avoid being beaten again by the same man, one needs to not get back together with him and one needs to have her own mind and actually use it.

    • I Choose Me says:

      My sentiments exactly Asli. Posters saying that by getting back with him she deserves to get another beating makes me sad/mad. They clearly do not understand the cycle of abuse and how it messes with your head.

      I’m pulling for Rihanna to break free of his hold on her but I’m afraid it’s all going to get worse before that AHA moment comes.

    • paola says:

      Hello my friend Asli :)

      I’m sure i read somewhere that Rihanna confessed she really likes rough and violent sex, she loves being spanked and tied up.. but it doesn’t sounds only kinky to me, which would have been perfectly fine if she has fun in bed, but it sounds more like this is the only way she’s been used to and she doesn’t know anything different. She needs therapy, she needs true friends and she needs to step back from the limelight for a while. she seems always so lost and sad, and very skinny lately. I like Rihanna, she seems like a cute girl, harmless but honestly she needs to sort her shit out and stop seeing that C-nt of Chris Brown. That is such a bad publicity stunt for her, dating again the guy who sent her to the hospital, but i guess that due to her upbringing this is perfectly normal to her.

  49. the original bellaluna says:

    No guy just walks up to a chick and punches her in the face. DUH.

    Domestic violence is much more insidious and sneaky than that.

    It starts with a lot of attentiveness, sweet talk, and jealous behaviour. Then it turns into a controlling thing, like “call me when you get to work; call me when you get home” and you think, “aw, he’s concerned for my safety.” (Nope.)

    Then he becomes your ONLY: your ONLY friend (because he’s isolated you from them); the ONLY ONE who cares about you (he only cares about controlling you); and eventually he becomes the ONLY ONE who could EVER love someone like you (because YOU’RE the f*cked-up unlovable one in this relationship). (You’re so emotionally messed-up in the head at this point, you believe him.)

    And when you’re emotionally ripe for the picking, the physical abuse starts. Slowly; gradually, at first. Maybe a push or shove, or yelling in your face. Followed by apologies and/or gifts.

    From there, it’s all downhill. It escalates. It gets worse. Eventually, if you’re strong enough and have a family member or friend who doesn’t buy the lies, you may get some help. And a restraining order. And hopefully some long-term counseling.

    But it is NEVER easy. And there is no one on this earth who can do it for you until you’re ready.

    Unless you end up dead. Then, hopefully law enforcement does its job well.

    • Asli says:

      Agreed. Makes me sad, knowing this happened to you :cry: So happy you’re doing fine now.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Oh, Sweetheart, I’ve been there; survived that, and am doing just fine.

        Some stuff, if you survive it, makes you strong and hard (not easy, trying to create new relationships). And when you recover (if you’re lucky), love enters in.

        I just want other girls/women to know how it happens. It IS sneaky and insidious, like I said. Please don’t doubt that, ladies. I speak from experience.

        It’s SO EASY to say “Well, if a guy ever hit ME…” but I was THAT GIRL. The fiercely independent “no one’s EVER gonna lay hands on me” girl.

        But I had never, EVER in my darkest thoughts could conceive that someone who was supposed to love me could treat me like that.

        And when he did, I didn’t know how to deal with that. Abuse never figured into my relationship equation.

        Like I said before, I was flattered by the supposed “devotion” to me, and the attention lavished upon me. But the NEGATIVE attention lavished upon me was DEVASTATING. And definitely not worth the price.

        LEAVE. GET HELP. No matter what he says to you, it won’t be worse than what you’re going through now.

        TRUST ME.

  50. maemay says:

    Seems like a fake publicity stunt. True or fake I’m tired of these two.

    • NinaG says:

      I have to agree with you on that, these two both seem like messes. What they should have done is seek therapy, both of them. Drinking and partying is not going to solve the psychological problems that these two both have from their childhood as well as their relationship. I wonder why their parents don’t seem to be intervening? Or if not their parents other family members who realize this is not a good thing. I know they are adults but still.

  51. NinaG says:

    I wonder what CB girlfriend thinks of him constantly going around Rhianna? I’m sure she doesn’t like it and it seems to me he has no respect for his new girlfriend as well,given the last story of him asking a “brunette” for her number and btw, saying I won’t beat you, which I doubt he said because he can’t be that stupid, Can he?

  52. Sisi says:

    “That is absurd and absolutely not true. I did not say that nor would I joke about that.”

    the hell that is him….

    Dude can’t even create one sentence without making grammatical errors. Also, he makes his statements thru Twitter.

  53. crys737 says:

    I read the police report that was filed on the day he beat her. were talking about full on punching, headlocking, threats, and biting. As a woman I would never tolerate so much as a mere shove let alone this. I dont understand her mentality, or whether she has any self-respect. It’s just sad.

  54. normades says:

    I do not come from an abusive family, nor have I ever been in an abusive relationship. Despite that I feel an enormous amount of sympathy for Riri. Like Gorry said up thread she probably views this as a “us against the world, no one understands us” thing, and riri’s right. I can’t understand. They have so much in common coming from abusive homes and working professionally/being so big at such a young age. All this “thug” rebel stuff is connected. And the drug abuse too.

    So I can’t bring myself to say “she’s stupid” and leave it at that. The emotional scars are something I can never understand and it’s what’s keeping her coming back. I hope she gets the professional help she needs…otherwise this will not end well.

    That said, it’s disgusting that the music community condoned this behaviour with CB at the Grammy’s.

  55. D. says:

    On average, victims of domestic violence will go back to their abusers 4-5 times before they leave for good.

    Furthermore, at least in the U.S., most of them are not financially dependent on their abusers – unfortunately, the ties that bind people to abusive relationships are way more complicated than, “I can’t afford to leave.”

    I hope those of you saying things like, “that dumbass deserves whatever she gets” don’t say such cruel things in real life to women who are struggling with this type of situation. Because you’ve all probably known several such women, whether you were aware of it or not.

  56. Arrow says:

    Is it just me or is that varsity Jacket Chris’??? It actually looks like she’s trying to dress like him…:/

  57. jilly says:

    “What a dumbass he is.” And she, what does this make her? If he is a dumbass she is a complete idiot. This is the last time I support anything she ever does. Chick has ZERO self-esteem. ZERO. I’m done with her. I was already done with his abusive ass but now I am done with her moronic stupidity for going back to him in ANY way. I AM OUT!!!!

    I am so angry about this I can’t even describe.

  58. Marieeeee says:

    I just read the police report for the first time… Wow. Just wow.

    How awful that she would even consider going back to him after such brutality.


  59. Vibius says:

    The guy didnt just beat her, he tried to choke her to death.

  60. CeeCee says:

    The fact this PoS is still famous says a lot for the morals of society itself. People still buy his music and pay to see him live. How can anyone support that!!? Chris Brown got off easy, not just because he is a celebrity but because to a certain extent, society tolerates this kind of treatment of women and the law does not protect them enough, or punish the offenders severely enough. How many stories have you heard about women dying in the hands of partners that beat them when a restraining order was ignored and not enforced.

    I don’t beleive this is just gossip, and it’s unfolding before our very eyes and no one is doing a f*cken thing about it. That dog would be nowhere near her if he was still in jail where he should be.

  61. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    When I think about what happened that night in 2009, and in the ensuing weeks, this is what I think went through the minds of the “collective”, and why girls would tweet how they’d like to be “beaten” by Chris Brown, and why he doesn’t think he really did anything wrong…

    After the beating, Chris went on talk show after talk show, he cried, he said how sorry he was. How bad it made him feel…to beat her, how bad he felt because his childhood made him an abuser, how bad he felt for making his mother cry because it was all her fault, how bad he felt that Rihanna asked for it, how bad he felt because HE was a victim…

    Changing perspective, garnering sympathy, deflecting blame, focusing on the “real” tragedy, his abusive childhood. It was all his mother’s fault really, and he forgave her for being beaten in his presence, and turning him into a monster. What a great guy, a guy like that would never beat a woman…without a good reason. Those pictures must have been doctored, Rihanna must have set him off, and she was lucky he only beat her a little, and not like in those “fake” pictures on TMZ…

    After all Rihanna refused the role of victim, that society demand she play, by remaining silent. Surely that meant she was the one at fault. If she wasn’t guilty, why wasn’t SHE going on talk shows, why wasn’t SHE crying?

    Society wanted a “criminal” and a “victim”, in order to enjoy the narrative of good versus evil while sitting back eating their popcorn. So intent was society to play out this narrative, society placed the role of “victim” on Chris, and the role of “criminal” on Rihanna. Otherwise how were they to revel in their pain? How were they to be “entertained”?

    IMHO…This is the mind of the collective, may we never sink so low. No matter what Chris and Rihanna do, we should know that they are not the cause, they are a symptom to a much larger sickness that pervades our society.

    • jilly says:

      It is NOT true that Chris went on talk shows to say how sorry he was. Truth is that he NEVER did that. Not Once. Whenever he got asked about that night, he would get pissed off and end the interview. He has NEVER, not once, publicly admitted guilt, remorse, or responsibility. Nice try in your attempt at spin.

      But it IS true that Rihanna has never behaved like a victim. It was she who petitioned the courts to end the no contact order. My personal opinion is that she did not want to be blamed for hampering his career in any way. And look how his career is blossoming. And just watch as hers begins to fizzle into nothingness because of angry fans like me.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        This is NOT how “I” feel, this is what I THINK happened in the mind of the public because of HIS media spin. If you’re on a gossip website you must understand PR, and how the media machine runs it, and you are very right about why Rihanna petitioned the court to end the restraining order. She was being relentlessly attacked, and blamed for ruining his career, everyone was calling her a liar, and she had done only one interview with Diane Sawyer, it was insane! What was she to say when everyone was blaming her for getting beaten up? Why do you think she would think of getting back with him? The whole world as she knew it was blaming HER! Her own family was telling her to get back with him, and even her peers were making public statements saying they were just 2 young people who got into an argument. She had no one on her side, she stood alone. When Usher publicly said he couldn’t believe CB was in Miami enjoying himself just a week after he beat Ri, HE got attacked and was forced to issue a public apology about saying what he felt.

        He doesn’t show regret NOW, he DID PRETEND to show regret back in 2009. He went on Larry King, wrote songs, did little interviews here and there. I saw them, and he made me sick because he was saying he was sorry, and crying, all while LOOKING angry, it was obvious he was lying.

        I detest him.

  62. anonymoose says:

    I would appreciate a restraining order on Rihanna to stay away from recording studios.

    She may choose to put toxins in her own life (ie, the criminally violent total loser by the name of Chris Brown), but the so-called “music” she puts into our lives is also toxic pollution and I’m not having it.

  63. Jayna says:

    This reminds me a little of Madonna and Sean Penn. He had hit her before, once with a baseball bat but never pressed charges be be ause he was going to jail for hitting an extra. The final time he scaled the wall to her bedroom and beat her up, tying her up – I think gagging her, holding her hostage for nine hours continually beat her, forcing her to perform a sex act on him. All the while he was drinking hard liquor. She somehow got away with him trying to bash the car and showed up at the police station beaten up, crying, shaken. They didn’t even recognize her as Madonna. But she did not want this
    to end his career, because she loved him so withdrew the charges.
    Though she never went back to him, she still for years after called him the love of her life. Go figure.

  64. Sunny says:

    They deserve each other. At least she knows what she’s in for. She is very trampy and not a good role model for impressionable kids…

  65. Cerulean says:

    It is very sad that she thinks so little of herself that she would go back to him. I know the cycle of abuse is complex and the victim suffers from a form of Stockholm syndrome but she does not have the same barriers that keep most women in the cycle. No children, her own income and access to therapy. There are avenues open to her.
    Having said that…
    She does not deserve to be beaten again and it is not really compassionate to say that. It points to her having severe self esteem and emotional issues.

    What she is missing is that by allowing him back in her life he is hurting her professionally as well. She will lose fans and respect. The next time he beats her there will be at less sympathy for her. I don’t think it’s right but it is what will happen.

    My mother had 2 friends in violent marriages during my upbringing. The first woman was from a broken impoverished background and had no means to leave. No job skills. 4 children. She had a severely disabled child and no place to go. This was the late 70s too when the awareness was not there. She finally did get away but it took years of planning and plotting to escape. After she left the real truth came out about how she lived in terror every single day. He had all the money, control and power. From the outside it seemed like a great family. She said she never really told anyone because she was so ashamed. Her situation was more like Ike and Tina. She stopped loving him long before but didn’t know how to leave.
    The second was a relationship that I think is like what is going on with Rhi and CB. Overly passionate, dramatic ups and violent, dramatic downs. This woman had a good job and independence but they were addicted to each other. She would flee and take him back over and over again. To the point that no one would help her anymore. Her own children cut her off because they could not take it anymore. He had beaten them all their lives and just could not be a part of their cycle. No matter how many times he threatened to kill her she saw him as the victim in the end. Poor him, he just loves me so much that it makes him crazy. Poor him he had a rough upbringing and only I really love him and he NEEDS me. He cheats on me because I left him so many times…
    This cycle only ended because he committed suicide.

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      Thanks for sharing those stories. I think one of the best things to do is share stories. So many people in situations like this think they’re alone, and feel alone.

      This happened a long time ago, late 60s I think. There was a woman, married with 2 kids. Her husband beat her, and the kids. He was an alcoholic. He used to have men over, and force the wife to do things with these men for money. He had guns and threatened them all. One night he pushed it too far. Police got involved, he went to jail, the woman had a breakdown, and was institutionalized. The kids went to stay with people who knew the family, they’d never known anything, they were angry, and sad.

      The daughter told me this story. The first night in her new home the man of the house sat her and her brother down and said. “This is your home now. As long as you’re in this house you’re safe. I wont ever let you be hurt again, you and your brother are under my protection now”

      She said that was the first night she ever felt safe, that she could remember, and that she adored him, he was a great man. They never saw that “father” again, it was made clear to him that he’d better disappear, and never come back. The mother spent the rest of her life in institutions.

      The girl has a happy marriage, wonderful husband, and two kids. Same with her brother, they’re both happy and have good lives. Amen.

  66. Marla says:

    Besides being stupid I believe CB was / is her first ” love”. Happened to me when is was 16. I was beaten and when I got out I still loved the guy. I’m not saying she should be back with him…it’s just hard.

  67. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    Im not saying this is an excuse but it explains a lot: Chris Brown has Bi-Polar disorder. He’s been diagnosed with it and doesnt take it seriously and doesnt take his medication. For myself I wouldnt touch someone with a ten foot pole that was Bi-Polar and refuses to take their meds. She is really playing with FIRE in a HUGE way. That said comng from the back ground she did RiRi needs years of therapy to get straight and clear headed but I doubt itll happen. I see Whitney and Bobby Brown all over this. Sad, really sad.

  68. Pirouette says:

    How many times do some of you have to hear about the cycle of abuse and the mental complexities that dictate victims’ and abusers’ behavior to stop saying stupid things, like “she deserves it,” or “she’s rich, why doesn’t she stay away from him”? You have been told, time and time again, about physical and emotional abuse and how it effects women in abusive relationships, yet most of you still cling on to these archaic assumptions that enable people, like Chris Brown, to beat up women. What is wrong with YOU?

    I don’t care how stupid or dumb a woman is. Even stupid people, or dumb people, or whatever bullshit adjective somehow gives you licence to justify abuse, have the right to live violence-free lives.

    There are alot of stupid mfers posting here, but I would never sit back and nod my head at an abusive situation they might find themselves in.

  69. Johnny says:

    Abuse is a abuse no matter what. They have both physically abused each other which is wrong on both the women and man’s perspective. But both Chris and Rihanna are human, if they decide to forgive and forget the past, that’s there business. If the past re-occurs again then its on them.