Kate Moss is recovering from a temporary paralysis caused by nerve entrapment

Yesterday, I covered the photos of Rihanna at Stella McCartney’s London Fashion Week show – for Rihanna’s dress, Stella merely recycled some old Calvin Klein designs from the 1990s. (Sidenote: Stella is one of the most overrated and unoriginal designers out there.) These are some additional photos from the event – Kate Moss is in one of Stella’s “illusion” dresses which are supposed to fool the eye into thinking that women have super-tiny waists. Kate Winslet wore a similar dress – I would have thought this style would be too provincial for someone like Moss. The dress doesn’t look bad on her or anything, it’s just not what I was expecting. In other Moss news, there’s a really weird story about Kate being temporarily paralyzed while she was in Paris:

Supermodel Kate Moss is suffering from a nerve disorder that has rendered her ‘temporarily paralysed’, according to friends. Kate was diagnosed with the condition last weekend after returning from Paris, where she woke up at the Ritz hotel unable to move her right arm and hand.

Although she will make a full recovery, the illness is a blow for Kate, 38, who is about to move into her £7.25 million new home in Highgate, North London, with husband Jamie Hince, 43. The couple have built a state-of-the-art gym at the property, but it will be some time before Kate is pumping iron.

‘Kate was at the Ritz when she woke and had no feeling in her arm, which was terrifying,’ says a friend. ‘She saw the hotel’s doctor and when she came back, she got a second opinion. She has told her friends she has ulnar nerve entrapment, a common disorder that can result in a temporary paralysis.’

As Kate prepares to move into her luxury mansion – which has cardio machines, a marble wetroom and sauna as well as a huge Turkish steam bath with Jacuzzi – she may need an extra pair of hands to help with all the unpacking.

For the time being, an unhappy Kate has told friends she cannot even take the lid off a jar.

‘Jamie will do most of the unpacking as Kate has been in a lot of pain,’ says the friend. ‘She was told the condition could take months to heal. She has told all her friends about her hospital drama.’

Kate plans a housewarming party, which has been pushed back until she has fully recovered. A source close to the supermodel says: ‘Her hand is not paralysed or injured in any permanent way.’

[From The Mail]

My first thought was that Kate’s paralysis could be drug related, but I guess not. It sounds like a more serious case of “pinched nerves”? It sounds rough – and although it probably isn’t drug-related, maybe it will help Kate cut back on her partying.

I’m including more photos from the Stella event, including a photo of Stella in her own design. Yes, she designed a dress that makes a woman look like she has an enormous, pointed ass. I told you – overrated and unoriginal. And yes, there is absolutely NO reason for Alexa Chung to be considered a fashion icon or interesting.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. CandyKay says:

    Thanks, Kaiser! I thought I was the only one who didn’t like Stella’s designs. Maybe it is like the emperor’s new clothes – no one likes her designs, but assumes everyone else does

    And I agree that Alexa Chung looks disheveled and boring.

    My first thought when I saw the Kate Moss headline was “coke stroke.” Hope I am wrong. I do wonder how she is going to be able to afford the taxes on that mansion in a few years.

  2. spinner says:

    The camera sure does love Kate. She looks gorgeous. Such an interesting face.

  3. paola says:

    If Stella McCartney is an overrated stylist than kate Moss is the most overrated model, sorry but i never found the appeal in her, never got her beauty and never found her sexy in any way. Her face looks weird and not cute at all, but this is just my opinion.
    Now, Alexa Chung, with that messy hair and crooked eyes………..wtf???

  4. LadyJane says:

    How cross eyed is Alexa Chung? And I totally agree – not a fashion icon or interesting. She is only very thin and nothing more. Kate LOOKS AMAZING.

  5. Asli says:

    That dress is supposed to make a womans waist smaller? To me it looks like she’s naked behind. The dress-version of the mullet. Business in the front, party in the back.

    Bahahah, that pointed-ass dress is hilarious! I’d so wear that for Halloween. Pad the front and it looks like a giant blue berry. Funny stuff.

    Why is Alexa wearing a sheet?

  6. Rose says:

    What a page of fug! Christ, if Stella can’t even look good in her own designs then she is her worst advert! Those illusion dresses are the tackiest things I’ve ever seen! Gross

  7. demian bichir says:

    Poor Kate,she’s my favorite model.I hope that jamie is supportive of her in this terrible moment of her life and also that she’s going to recover soon.

    S.McCartney is overrated!But she has the right connections in the biz.So…
    Alexa is not a fashion IT girl,but she’s skinny so they’re trying to make her happen but everyone knows that it’s because of who she F* that she’s everywhere.

    • Misha says:

      it is as cocaine attacks your nerves. I have to admit, I know from myself, after decade of parties cant get my nerves back to normal and never will… I didnt get nothing paralyzed (and that soudns so scary!). But have frequent & very painful moments. This will probably wake Kate up.

      For some (strange) reason she rocks the dress!

      Stella and the other girl, lol.

    • imqrious2 says:

      I call total BS on this. I had a trapped ulnar nerve (due to a car accident – hands/arms jammed on impact when some dip$h_t ran a red light and jammed into my car). What happens is you get a LOT of buzzing and tingling down your arm into your hand. It does *not* render your entire arm useless. And surgery to release the nerve sheath will ease the buzz/tingle (although, she’s a girl who does enjoy a good buzz, isn’t she?? ;-J ).

  8. Nanea says:

    There are things happening in British fashion that make me roll my eyes:

    Alexa Chung was appointed an ambassador for young fashion by the British Fashion Council.

    And they let Stella do the designing for Team GB in this summer’s Olympics that will take place in London.

  9. Cathy says:

    I like that dress on Kate, it looks good on her. I do think she is over rated though. The other 2 dress definately leave something to be desired. Especially that blue thing with the giant butt. Gawd that thing is fugly.

  10. normades says:

    Agreed. She never would have been named the head of Chloé right out of St. Martins if she wasn’t Paul’s daughter. Phoebe Philo was the one with talent.

  11. Maya says:

    C’mon, Stella is a fashion designer because of her surname.
    I’ll never forget seeing a pair of shoes with her name (on them) retailing for a thousand dollars and the material they were made from was the white elastic you can buy in any cheap textile supply shop. Horrible and the floor pair had already gathered grime from hands (so I couldn’t imagine how they’d be after one event).
    Then I saw one of her melamine clutches on net-a-porter and wondered how stupid people had to be to buy such rubbish.

    • MacScore says:

      Yeah, I know right? I remember some big-wig claiming that Stella was never shown any special treatment, as nobody realised she was Paul’s daughter, as “McCartney is a common name in England.” It may well be, but I still call B.S. on the whole thing. She is a dreadfully overrated designer. I spend hours working out and trying to trim down; you couldn’t pay me enough to wear that hideous “blueberry” dress which makes her look triple-butted – she looks effing _ridiculous_.
      And who is Alexa Chung?!

  12. sister says:

    This happens when people fall asleep on a limb and are too drunk or drugged to move. Called compartment syndrome.

    But, she’s stunning.

  13. Agnes says:

    this can also happen from tendinitis (either golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow, or a combo of both) – i couldn’t even make a fist when i had a bad flare-up.

  14. TruthTella says:

    I had a similar thing to Kate a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t paralised but my left arm and hand was REALLY weak and numb for like 3 days and it totally freaked me out.

    BTW I think Kate looks amazing in that dress, best she’s looked in ages… as for Stella… MEH, what’s with the ass tipi???

    Oh and Alexa Chung… she’s so annoying, she looks like an upside down dirty mop.

  15. NJ says:

    Does anyone else think Kate is starting to resemble Jane Seymour?

  16. Therese says:

    Thank you Kaiser for saying that Stella McCartney is vastly overrated. Where would she have been without the cachet of her father’s name and fame. I don’t think very far. She has come up with some wearable clothes, but also the people who buy her clothes can wear just about anything and look decent.

  17. phlyfiremama says:

    To all of you Celebithcy-ians: Acupuncture is very helpful for chronic pain of any origin, as well as being very useful for a broad range of conditions. You don’t have to suffer, or be on meds for the rest of your life. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose & your lives to gain back~

  18. Meow meow says:

    Kate is another fur-wearing coke sniffing narcissist who will die young. Stella McCartney is a great designer for going cruelty-free and should get more credit for doing that! I am so tired of this age of barbarian fashion, and it’s nice to see some different less “body-conscious” shapes.. I am over the trick-dressing with nude heels and illusion dresses and spandex Azzefine Alai-like from the 90′s, what did Tyra Banks bring them back? What next, milliskin unitards like she wears on ANTM with 6 inch stuffed boots?

  19. shontay says:

    Stella’s designs are hit and miss with me, but I love her perfume to death. I think this dress works much, much better on Moss than Winslet. It actually made Winslet look bigger to me.

  20. wunder says:

    Kates’ illusion dress looks super classy and ultra slimming when compared with that wonky ‘black hefty bag dress’ and the ‘big butt garbage bag dress’. . . wtf are they thinking?
    Those nasty baggy ass dresses are waaaay fugo!

  21. Tweakspotter says:

    Stella’s clothes are so BORING!

    Kate looks like she had some tweaking and looks fantastic here! The cleanest she’s looked in years.

  22. Love Celebitchy :) says:

    alexa is a DISASTER

  23. Cleo says:

    lol. Kate Moss is wearing the same kind of figure narrowing type of outfit that Diane Kruger wore but unlike Kruger, Moss doesn’t need a slimming illusion. It’s like those Japanese figure skaters who try to hide their barrel torsos with argyle or harlequin patterned skating dresses.

  24. dr.martens says:

    ok listen people…PETE DOHERTY SAID COKE MAKES KATE M VERY PARANOID(=nervous)so it is drug-related.Also,my girlfriend used to do amphetamine and now shes treated for neurosis(i think its a strong kind of anxiety)SO THERE YOU HAVE IT

  25. k says:

    Lately when I read about Stella McC, I think of Eddie trying to get Patsy to put her new-found money in a Stella purse: “Dahling here… it’s Stella.”

    Patsy walks over to Eddie, grabs the purse, and answers it like a phone, “Hello Stella.”

  26. Original Bee says:

    Did anyone else hear the story about Kate Moss Joan Rivers told on Watch What Happens Live? Apparently, Joan was out at a club with two gay male friends when Kate greeted the trio, sat down, and proceeded to grab onto one of the guy’s junk while having a conversation with them. The whole time Kate was talking she had her hand on this guy’s penis. Not in a sexual way, just in a “hi how are you doing kind of way.” That’s just too hilarious and crazy not to be true.

    • mazzy says:

      Lol O. Bee! Luv Joan Rivers (whether bs’ing or not). I can totally see Kate doing that too.

      Kate’s paralysis — drug related for sure, either directly or indirectly (passing out on arm). There is no reason to have tendinitis in her line of work.

      But have to admit, she looks f’in gorgeous in that dress. I want an illusion dress. And just to be different, I mostly love Stella’s designs (though not the one of her w/ the poof in the back, ew).

      Don’t know who this Alexa Chung is (other than she’s the Arctic Monkeys frontman’s ex) but she looks silly.

  27. malathyonxx says:

    When did coke head Kate become a workout fanatic? Kate lifting iron? cardio machines?? Are we supposed to believe that Kate uses that equipment?!!? Sure, whatever…

  28. Camille (The original) says:

    I’ve never found Kate to be all that attractive to be honest, but she looks very pretty here (probably due to a few tweaks by the looks of things, plus heavy makeup). It’s a shame she ruined her nose with her coke addiction though.

    Alexa is very pretty, but I don’t like that eye makeup on her and that dress is fugging hideous!

    Stella is truly overrated as a ‘designer’ IMO.

  29. skuddles says:

    I’ve heard heroin can also cause temporary paralysis…

  30. Ceeber says:

    Ulnar nerve entrapment is pretty bad – I should know, I’ve had it in my left shoulder since 2006. I thought I was having a stroke when it first started because my arm hurt so bad and my hand would go completely blue. It still does 6 years later. Luckily I have never experienced complete paralysis, but I have had extremely limited range of motion and use of my arm sometimes for weeks on end. And just to put into perspective some of the comments that were made above – I have never used drugs in my life (illegal or prescription – I only take my daily vitamin and Advil for pain), I’m a regular office worker (i.e. it’s not like I’m lifting steel pipes or digging ditches!), I dont suffer from anxiety or any kind of psychological illness, etc. I’m a normal 28 year old with a bum arm and it totally sucks. I can’t even talk about it for more than a minute or so without welling up with tears out of frustration. So I guess my point is, sure, KM has had a much, much wilder life than me, but I’d still take the story about her ulnar nerve impingement on face value. More likely than not there is nothing to read into it, and she could be in a hell of a lot of pain.

  31. chris says:

    and by “nerve entrapment” I assume they mean she flubbed the needle?