Jennifer Aniston denies getting with Justin Theroux during filming of ‘Wanderlust’

Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd sat down for a Wanderlust junket interview with Pop Sugar, and the whole thing is pretty boring… except for the part where Aniston discusses her BOYFRIEND, y’all. Classic Aniston – she only cares about how people LOOK!! No, of course not. She just mostly cares about how people look. She cares about personality a little bit too. Anyway, I just thought it was funny that Aniston admits that her first impression of Justin was that he had a “serial killer” style vibe.

Aniston says in part, “My first impression… I met Justin, like, five years ago…and I thought… um… he’s always so, so sweet, very nice, but I remember thinking he was very dark… he could be, like, a serial killer. But, the nicest person in the world. And I didn’t recognize him as Seth when we were at the camera test.” Because of the grizzly beard he sported for Wanderlust, you see. And then Aniston and Rudd discuss how much they like Justin’s “look.”

Here’s the thing, and Aniston-loonies, don’t jump down my throat – just wait for me to get to my point! My point – I think Aniston really likes that she’s with a guy with a “profile” as an actor and writer. I think Aniston was genuinely attracted to Justin, and I buy that their relationship is 80% authentic, as in they care about each other, and they have a sexual relationship and all of that. The other 20% is showmance and Aniston “remaking” (or “Shane Warne-ing him”) Justin to be a perfect Ken-doll boyfriend, and Justin going along with it because being with Aniston raises his profile and she’s footing the majority of the bills, etc. My larger point: why did Aniston want to change him into this plucked, sucked, tucked, tanned and overly groomed monstrosity? She says she was fine with him before – so why did he change? Did she do that to him, or did he do it to himself?

Oh, and Aniston denied “dating” Justin while they were working on Wanderlust – which is when he was still with Heidi Bivens. She told ABC News, “Nothing happened on [Wanderlust]. I mean, that was sort of – that’s what is a rumor. I mean, it’s again, it’s the easy rumor. Nothing happened. We were just friends, great friends, on the movie.” Us Weekly claimed last year that Aniston heavily pursued Justin back then, though. What do you believe?

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  1. islandgirl says:

    So she wants us all to believe that nothing happened between her and Justin during the filming of their movie and I am sure her fans will all believe her; but when Brad and Angie said nothing happened during MAMS the jenloonies called them liars.

    • Cleveland Girl says:

      they actually were liars.

    • Wendy says:

      They’re probably all lying. But hey, I’m sure Aniston saw how well that worked for AJ and figured, “Why not”? At least she’s not making statements to the press that imply that Bivens deserved to lose her man because of not catering to his wishes when he snapped his fingers and said “Reproduce”.

      • Original Chloe says:

        So, they’re all lying but Aniston is still “better” because [insert a rationale of your choice].

        At least we’ve got that covered. Moving on.

      • TheOriginalVictoria says:

        To rationalise with any loonie no matter what team, is like trying to get Lindsay Lonhan to realise she is not longer relevant. It won’t happen.

        Do I believe Brad and Angie when they said they didn’t have sex? Yes. But only because some of the woman that have dated and Brad and have gone on record, GOOP being the main one, have claimed that Brad is a pretty stand up guy and that he didn’t cheat on them. Gwen admitted to cheating on HIM and Brad as I remember it basically let a lot of accusations and blame be put on him re: breaking Gwen’s heart. He never said otherwise. That sounds pretty stand up to me.

        Do I believe Brad emotionally cheated? Yes. No matter how much the marriage was over if he was falling for Angie, he did cheat. I don’t care if the marriage was more showmance or not. Vows are vows.

        Do I believe Chin? Hell no. Everything about her screams PR. She only came forward and said that Brad didn’t “cheat” AFTER she gave interviews victimising herself and playing the public for sympathy. She also cheated on Tate with Brad. Tate had no idea they weren’t together anymore, according to him and others who have told the tale and Brad thought things were over with Tate. I’m just saying.

        She’s a liar TOO. Because I do think that Brad and Angie are capable of lying, because they are human, but I believe them before I believe her.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        AJ never said she was a shoulder to cry on. AJ was ASKED about the tabloid rumor that she’d been a shoulder to cry on for Brad, and she said “no”, that’s it. The only thing AJ ever said about their marriage was that it was clear to her that Brad was married to his best friend, which was how JA/BP had always characterized their marriage, and still it was in response to a question about MAMS, and what it was about, and how differently she and Brad saw the plot. To him it was funny, to her it was a serious question “Do you want to kill your spouse”. Other than saying she’d never properly met Jen, but that they’d said “Hi”, AJ never publicly had Jen’s name in her mouth.

        Additionally, the tabs had been saying that Brad wanted kids, and that Jen didn’t since 2002.

      • Wendy says:

        @likeAprayer: yes, she did say that. The exact quote was, and you can Google it:

        “I was just a shoulder to cry on. The truth is I was there to help him through the pain. He longs to be a father and he has been in emotional turmoil for a long time because that hasn’t happened”.

      • Wendy says:

        @Chloe: I would consider someone who doesn’t throw the Ex under the bus marginally better than someone who does. It’s bad enough to have inserted yourself between a couple, it’s spectacularly sh*tty to blame the cheated on person in order to whitewash yourself.

        Especially since some here seem to think that Aniston paid off Bivens ie: paid for a non-disclosure agreement. Because that, much like a negotiated divorce settlement where both sides agree to not slag off the other, effectively muzzles the signing party or parties. I’ve long thought that Aniston and Pitt had this sort of agreement in their divorce. Unfortunately for Aniston, she forgot to include Jolie in the “STFU clause”. If Aniston did indeed pay off Bivens to keep quiet, don’t you think she could use that silence (that she bought and paid for) to say whatever she liked about why Bivens “deserved” to lose her man? You surely don’t think that Aniston, she who was forking over the cash, would have signed anything preventing her from saying whatever she liked, do you? With the “mighty Huvane” watching her back? Lol

      • cameron says:

        Angie’s last comment on the matter was 7 years old. However, JA has constantly mentioned the JP’s and their children as well. I don’t remember a time that she didn’t mention Brad when promoting a film. So, she’s the one that need to STFU.
        I doubt Angie thinks about JA or ever did for that matter. She has so many other things of substance on her plate. Obviously Brad didn’t cuz he never looked back.
        I totally see her paying off Heidi.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        This is from Vanity Fair: “One report quoted her saying that she had been merely “a shoulder for Brad to cry on.” “If you track that, it was printed from a British journalist who says that a friend said that Angie said that she was a shoulder to cry on.” She said she had her lawyers “send word to” Aniston and Pitt that she never said anything like that.”

        I’ll take Vanity Fair, and Angie’s lawyers over the British tabloids. That rumor was a proven lie. It doesn’t even sound like something Angie would say, it’s so lame. lol

        Also, it was the tabloid PRESS who threw BOTH women under the bus with their “takes” in the situation.

      • Kate says:

        Wendy, that quote is not attributed to a reliable source. It cropped up in India and it’s written like an Indian might say it rather than how AJ might say it. Possibly she did say something along those lines, but I’m more inclined to believe that it’s totally made up.

      • Wendy says:

        Has it never occured to anyone to wonder why “book at hotel room”? Sure, she didn’t want to take them/him home to Maddox, but how about the guy? If he was single and not living in his Mom’s basement, why go to a hotel room? Was there a reason they couldn’t go to his place?

      • lisa says:


        going to someone’s place creates an intimacy that she didn’t want. If you go to “his place” it speaks of a boyfriend. something different then she wanted. She said she wanted to enjoy someone’s company so to speak. that being the case you go to a neutral place. Not his..not yours. Nothing wrong with that. She was single and still a woman.

        I have friends that don’t let guys come to their homes until it is serious. So she laid down the conditions. She also said it ended because the person kept asking about her son and wanting to meet him. Something she told him would not happen.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        Any person can go to a Hotel for any number of reasons such as meetings, meals, or just to stay.

        If any celeb who is THAT famous were to go to a persons’ home then the press would try to couple them up with that person. They did this to Jen for YEARS, every time she took a man to her home, or went out to dinner with a man, even when the man was her friends estranged husband who she was still friends with, you know that.

        If a person is having liaisons, they don’t want a relationship with anyone, and certainly don’t want to be publicly linked to anyone just because they are sleeping with them.

      • Wendy says:

        @aprayer: is there a source for what you are remembering about the friend and the lawyer? I don’t recall having ever seen anything saying that, but I do recall seeing the AJ quote plastered all over the place at one point.

        Did AJ sue the people who put those words in her mouth, or did she only threaten to and then let it ride? Because honestly… You ( goth girl weirdo ) have snagged Brad Pitt whose wife happens to be a beloved TV actress. Your career is important to you and you can see how stealing America’s sweetheart’s husband is going to backlash on you, because at this point, the public likes her more than they like you. You’re no idiot and you are probably pretty ruthless and have already displayed a lack of “girl code”. What do you need to do in order to not find yourself blackballed by the public? Why… You leak “false” quotes (that you later deny, once the damage is done) about how you yourself were being nothing but a selfless understanding ear to this poor tortured man who desperately wanted children (your trump card, because yo adopted one) while America’s sweetheart, that selfish b*tch, wouldn’t give him what he so desperately wanted. And then you play the “oh no, I have no idea where they got that from, bad tabloids, bad!” while not actually taking any action against them. You tell me that anyone in AJ’s situation with half a brain and more ambition than scruples wouldn’t have tried exactly the same thing.

        Seriously, you ladies read the tabs… Have you not figured out how it works yet after all of this time? Deniable rumours, mean girling, distracting the attention from the real issue to a fake one…throwing your rivals to the wolves to help yourself?

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        The lawyer thing was about AJ sending word to Jen and Brad’s lawyers that she didn’t say the “shoulder to cry on” so-called “quote”. It’s in the article from VF, the interview was done in March 2005, published in June 2005. I made it clear the guy was Jen’s friend only, nothing more, he was also a mutual friend of Courtney Cox. They were just friends that was my point.

        Edit: Okay, I’m not attacking you, I’m done.

      • Wendy says:

        @lisa: possibly on the intimacy issue. More logically, it was because neither of them could take the other home for whatever the reason may have been.
        @prayer: Jolie was not a tabloid target until she got with Pitt, so the only need to avoid the paps back then would have been because her lover was in the paparrazzi zone of interest or that it was someone she shouldn’t have been seen with. She wasn’t exactly shy about shocking people with BBT, brother smooching at the Oscars, wearing blood while getting married or afterwards, having a lesbain lover…I have a hard time believing that she’d be particularly worried about pap shots at a hotel, unless her lover had a reason not to be seen with her. She herself never really seemed to give a rat’s patooty.

        Personally, I’d like a show of hands from people who never went to their lover’s home and who didn’t find out later on it was because of a girlfriend or wife being in the picture. I doubt that many, people are like water and generally take the path of least resistance. Hotel usually means there is some form of resistance at your place and my place…

      • Candi says:

        “At least she’s not making statements to the press that imply that Bivens deserved to lose her man because of not catering to his wishes when he snapped his fingers and said “Reproduce”.”
        When did AJ do that? Or is that simply another lie to excuse Aniston’s actions.
        And Wendy, please put down the tabloids. Your whole spiel above about reading the tabs and figuring out how it works shows where the loonistons get their idea of the ‘truth’ from. Tabloids are precisely your problem.

    • Molly says:

      Well, whatever happened happened, and nothing bad really came of it. Aniston’s rich and happy, the Pitt-Jolie clan is happy and rich. Alls well that ends well.

  2. birdie says:

    She always knows what the rumors are..always! She is so aware of all the rumors and gossip, I bet she reads Celebitchy ;)

  3. The Original Mia says:

    Can’t get over how Shane Warne’d he is.

    Don’t believe her. Don’t believe her at all. I’m not sure why she even addressed a timeline when people are going to believe what they want to believe (or what Heidi’s mom told them).

  4. Camille (The original) says:

    This is going to be a fun thread. *runs off to get popcorn* lol

  5. Original Bee says:

    I wonder if Jennifer Aniston has any sympathy for Angelina Jolie now that she’s being accused of being the other woman. Angelina denied being with Brad on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, yet so many people still refuse to believe her. If Jen’s telling the truth maybe she now knows how Angelina has felt all these years being accused of something she says she didn’t do. And before anyone says it’s different because Brad & Jen were married and Justin wasn’t. Justin & his girlfried were together for 14 years.

    • islandgirl says:

      Well that is they excuse for her homewrecking, is that Justin and his girlfriend wasn’t marriage, so in their eyes it is okay lol. She is America’s Sweetheart and can do no wrong (((rolling my eyes)))

    • Kate says:

      I’m not excusing it if Aniston did the same – it’s the same, full stop. But haven’t Jolie and Pitt said openly that they fell in love on the set of that movie? I don’t think it’s crime of the century by the women in the equations, either, tbh. I mean, to my mind the person who owes the spouse is the one who took the vows. That means the men here are in the frame – why it’s the women getting hammered hardest I don’t comprehend.

      • Runs with Scissors says:

        from People: Brad Pitt:

        As for his take on what took place with Jolie off-camera during the 2004 Mr. & Mrs. Smith shoot, he says, “What people don’t understand is that we filmed for a year. We were still filming after Jen and I split up. Even then it doesn’t mean that there was some kind of dastardly affair. There wasn’t.”

        He adds, “I’m very proud of the way that it was handled. It was respectful. [The film] will mean something to our kids. It will, that’s all.”

      • mln76 says:

        He said they fell in love DURING RESHOOTS that took place after Brad and Jen had filed for divorce.

      • Wendy says:

        And do you think that if they had been doing each other from the first week of filming, he would have said anything different? Of course not. Do you really think that ANYBODY is going to issue a press release stating that they homewrecked or cheated on their spouse, unless they are absolutely forced to?

        Let’s get a little bit realistic here.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        AJ/BP started prep for MAMS in early Jan 2004, costume fittings, and early scene rehearsals, that’s where the tabs got those pics of them holding hands in Jan ’04, early rehearsals. Filming on MAMS went on for MORE than a year. It was was interrupted by Pitt promoting Troy, and finishing the Oceans Twelve shoot. Shooting on MAMS resumed, and ran from Nov through Dec ’04. The director called for re-shoots, which were done in March 2005.

        Meanwhile, JA/BP officially separated January 7th, and Jen filed for divorce March 25 2005, I remember.

        Brad is not known to be a cheater, never was, and you know someone would’ve said something by now. He is known to have fallen for a couple of co-stars, but ends his relationships before starting another. Juliette Lewis said that she knew when he met Goop, that he was going to dump her. BP was also very angry at Goop for years after their split because she cheated on him. And, considering it was Brad who was married then the onus is upon him to conduct himself accordingly, so even if one wants to hate on Jolie, it was Brad’s responsibility, and IMO Brad’s not a cheater.

      • mln76 says:

        small correction Juliette Lewis actually said when she saw GOOP in a movie after her and Brad had broken up she knew he would fall for her if him and Goop ever met there was no overlap at all between those two relationships.

      • Kate says:

        I should probably say here that I don’t really believe any of the press releases from any side, because they’re just PR. I don’t care what anyone has or hasn’t said. The reality is, while that movie was being made the word was they were together and very passionately in love. Six kids and several years later I’d be inclined to think that was the case.

        I dunno. I’m not a big believer in black and white answers. Human beings are complicated and messy and if a marriage is childless, I think people have a right to focus on their own long-term happiness in a way that changes when a small person is dependant upon their parents for stability. I think he probably cheated emotionally and yeah, I think probably physically too. And that may not be something people like to hear, and it may not fit with a fairy tale. But I also think he and Jolie seem genuinely devoted, and his marriage wasn’t working, so it was the right call. Who’d want to be their husband’s May Welland, if anyone’s read the Age of Innocence? Not me. I’d far rather have the opportunity to meet someone who shared my values and thought I was right for them – hell, I’d rather be alone than someone’s human straitjacket.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        That’s cool point being it’s not Brad’s thing to start a new relationship before he ends the one he’s in, so no overlap. People have always said he was a really stand-up guy, and it was Brad who was married so…just saying :)

      • Wendy says:

        In the biography of the guy who produced MAMS, (and buddy got to read over the manuscript and correct before it was published), he said quite clearly that Pitt and Jolie were having an affair during the filming of MAMS and while Pitt was still married to Aniston and before they split. That’s rotten for Aniston, but ultimately rather banal, how many affairs happen at work? Lots, people spend most of their waking hours at work and if they are open to it for whatever the reason, you are surrounded by people with the same interests as you and a fair percentage of those will have the same general values too. There probably aren’t many over the age of 40 who can’t identify with the friend you have or have had at work where the thought didn’t cross your mind or theirs of “if only you / I / we / weren’t married” because the potential is there. Happens. People are weak.

        What’s less banal is the one who was cheated on finding herself demonized in the public for “failing” reproduce when hubby wanted and therefore being cast in the position of somehow “deserving” to lose the guy. And this by the alleged Mistress.

      • Ally says:

        However, shortly before the whole triangle/divorce began, I remember Jolie describing in an interview (Vanity Fair? Vogue?) how she recently sat in a hotel dining room negotiating with high-profile man the terms of their affair. So it’s a little tricky to come on all chaste re: the timeline after that.

        There is something to the notion that her refusing to give in until he broke it off with JA might have made him more motivated to do so.

      • cameron says:

        There you go again. Are you referring to the UNAUTHORIZED biography of
        Arnon Milchan. One of the producers of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. You do know that unauthorized means it is written by someone who does not have permission and/or cooperation from the subject to write it. BTW he denied this story.

      • Wendy says:

        That would be why, in the forward, the authors thanked the guy for “agreeing to respond to the many asserations in this book” right? Because despite his not having been an active collaborator in putting the book together, he was given the chance to correct any misinformation that was in it before it was published. Funny how he “forgot” to correct that one, isn’t it?

      • Katherine says:

        Kate said: “The reality is, while that movie was being made the word was they were together and very passionately in love.”

        Are you talking about MAMS? If so then you are way off. There was no “word” at all like you suggest. In fact, despite some teaser tabloid headlines about Jolie and Pitt shooting MAMS together, the articles inside the mags always, always said Brad and Jennifer were happy and nothing was going on with Jolie.

        The proponents of this revisionist history are amusing at best. They have nothing to support their theories and offer lame “proof” such as photos from the actual filming to suggest a relationship that just didn’t exist at the time.

      • Katherine says:

        “Wendy said: . . . he said quite clearly that Pitt and Jolie were having an affair during the filming of MAMS and while Pitt was still married to Aniston and before they split”

        Arnon Milchan NEVER said that at all. His quote is only about Pitt staying with him for some period of time following his separation from Aniston and that when Pitt came to the set for reshoots he was followed by a pap swarm and those on the set could tell when he was coming before he got there because of the noisy paps.

        The BS about Pitt being thrown out, etc was added by the authors and not a quote by Milchan at all. The 2 guys who wrote Arnon’s bio were trying to sell their book and they issued statements and included in those statements was their interpretation of the Pitt-Aniston split.

        The authors quite cleverly don’t put their interpretation in quotes as they did the rest of Milchan’s statements. So they’ve covered their butts. They don’t say it’s a Milchan quote but they want people who can’t read properly nor discern a quote from a nonquote to think they’ve got sensational news but they don’t.

        So just stop repeating this total BS – Michan never said that and no matter how many times you post that Milchan said it that will never be the truth.

  6. CG says:

    Looks like Jennifer really did pay off Heidi, since Heidi said she’d tell all if JA talked and now JA’s denying all the homewrecking allegations.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      Maybe that’s why she hasn’t been on her usual frequent trips to Cabo lately. She can’t afford them after meeting Heidi’s price.

      • spinner says:

        …And silliness ensues. I’m sure that super powerful Heidi is throwing her weight around & making all sorts of demands. ha ha ha!!!

      • Wendy says:

        Yeah, as if Aniston couldn’t offer “exclusives” on future marriage/baby/breakup/why I really got divorced and keep pretty much anybody out of the press by doing so. There isn’t a newspaper on the planet that wouldn’t bump WWIII off the front page if Aniston decided to give her side of the divorce story in full. And isn’t Huvane pretty much “God” considering according to some? Surely a man who can manipulate everyone, as some seem to think, could keep a lowly stylist out of the tabloids if push came to shove… /sarc

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        “as if Aniston couldn’t offer “exclusives” on future marriage/baby/breakup/why I really got divorced”

        JA has been doing her version of what you just described, for seven years now. Why did her marriage end, people grow apart, I’ll always love Brad, we still talk, does anyone really believe that? Playing coy when she’s in a new relationship, waiting just enough time for speculation to reach a fevered pitch then “confessing” that it’s actually true. Plans on having a baby “someday”, and is now it’s meh…if it happens it happens.

        I’m not saying she should have kids if she doesn’t want to but the coy, act is getting a bit stale, and unbelievable at this point considering her age and REALITY.

        People don’t give her enough credit, she always keeps ‘em guessing, it’s helped keeps her relevant. JA is very PR savvy, why should the tabs be the only ones who benefit from the scrutiny over her life? I can’t hate, as long as she keeps it focused on herself, not as Brad Pitts ex-wife, not as the “victim” in the beaten to death, Triumvirate of Get-Over-It-Already.

        I think it’s time for Jen to focus on herself, her career, and her current man, especially now that she seems happy. She deserves to be happy just as much as anyone else.

  7. Jayna says:

    Right, no sex, Jen, just like Brad and Angie. But an emotional closeness/emotional affair is far more damaging. You were raving about your new home but put it on the market in February wanting out of the blue to move to NY. Justin didn’t leave Heidi until May. Hmmmmmm.

    After the movie wrapped he was living and vacationing with Heidi for quite a while. Heidi’s mom even denies the rumours because she believed Justin’s lies. But in May Justin ends it, and Heidi moves ou. And shortly after you and Justin announce you’re together by a staged photo. You were a couple by then, not just dating. I guess the sex came technically after the movie wrapped (you did say nothing on the set of the movie) but months before he moved out from Heidi.

    Not judging, just not buying this nothing happened at all.

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      Thank you! And in that article on Justin Theroux (the one with that pube-visible photo of him), didn’t it state that Justin and Jen have been together for a year? A year ago means ‘February’ 2011, around the time Jen-Jen bought property in NYC. That was two months before Justin and Heidi were last seen out together as a couple. Heidi was SO blind sided.

    • mln76 says:

      That’s what I believe also Jayna, I never necessarily thought there was an on-set affair but I do think there was an overlap in the spring which Aniston may or may not have been aware of. I honestly wouldn’t care that much if she hadn’t marketed herself as a victim for most of the past decade.

    • ann says:

      I’d like to know when she started wearing her “ring” and I think Justin wore his after she started but clearly the same design. I think it was before Heidi moved out. I’m sure she feels it’s not her fault for Justin and Heidi breaking up, because how could she, a person that was only 2% responsible for her divorce be considered a homewrecker. They’re probably clinking their glasses together celebrating their first year anniversary giggling how they “fooled ” everybody.

  8. Kate says:

    I don’t mean to have a go, because that whole triangle thing must have been horrible and so on, but seriously, I don’t get why this woman is so famous. I can’t name a single movie she’s been in and Friends ended almost a decade ago and her marriage almost as far back. None of the others are really big names. Like I say, I don’t loathe her or anything, and I have no reason to think she’s not perfectly pleasant. I just don’t get why she is still so mega-famous?

    • Freya says:

      The only reason I can think of is that she was once married to Pitt.

    • Candi says:

      Shes famous because she threw Brad under a bus and made him out to be the bad guy so she could escape scrutiny of her marriage unscathed, and mean-girled Jolie as well. She with the help of the tabloids, created the ‘affair’ fiction so she could remain American ‘Sweetheart’ (coughspew) and escape scrutiny. Foolish brainwashed and starry-eyed Friends fans fell for it and blamed Jolie and Pitt, just as Aniston planned it. They felt sorry for her because she was ‘cheated on’ (coughlaugh) and they became quasi-supporters of her by default in sympathy. Its the biggest fraud anyone has pulled, and she did it all because she didn’t want scrutiny of her part in the marriage. Now its all coming back to haunt her because of her homewrecking. And this proves that the ‘affair’ was her invention because lets be honest, if she truly was cheated on by Brad and that hurt as she went all out to pose as, she wouldn’t have turned around and done it to another woman, married or defacto. It proves, it absolutely proves, that she wasn’t cheated on. That, is the biggest thing to come out of it. That her actions to another woman prove that she was never cheated on.

  9. spinner says:

    Yep…I believe her & I also believe Brad & Angelina. They are all pillars of truth & virtue.

  10. Gossip PHD says:

    Kaiser: Can you post a “before” photo of Justin side we can compare side by side?

  11. TheWayItGoes says:

    The real headline should be this minimally talented woman with spotty box office success continues to make stupid ass flops and generate undeserved attention from all her relationships.

    How does this work???

  12. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    I hate to “blame” JA for what Justin looked like at their premiere. Even if it was what she wanted, at the end of the day he’s a grown a$$ man who needs to take responsibility for himself.

    IDK if Jen pursued JT, but if that’s true then, again, it was Justin’s responsibility to clue her in on his relationship situation. In the latest People mag, there was a section about her birthday on Feb 11. JT was described as “her boyfriend of 11 months”.

    Anyway, I’m totally willing to believe nothing happened on-set. To give somebody the benefit of the doubt is fine by me, as long as it applies to everyone equally. It’s nobody’s business, but now that it’s been addressed, there will be dialogue about it. I’m thinking this is going to be a long thread…

    • Wendy says:

      I don’t think he looks that different from his other RC showings, aside from the nod to having a “California” tan. His suit is better than the one he had in those awful “wearing a hat and my jacket hardly buttons” pix, his shoes are both the same colour (Iron Man 2 premiere), and his hair is the same colour as it always is. Dude has never had a unibrow, so if he plucks them it’s not new. The suit he’s wearing is perfectly stylish in Europe (can’t speak for the US), but if you dress in Dior Homme, Armani, Boss, YSL etc in Europe, this is the style you get and have gotten for years.

  13. Amanda says:

    Reminds me of this old Onion article… I think the headline was “Girlfriend Changes Man Into Someone She’s Not Interested In”

  14. lisa says:

    This is what Justin said

    When Bargh pointed out to Theroux that he not only made a funny movie, but also got a hot girlfriend out of it, the actor answered, “I didn’t get her out of the film. I got her after the film.” Renee said, “I thought that this was when [the romance] was kindled.” Justin set the record straight, explaining, “That’s what everyone loves to think, but no. You are getting the scoop. No, we were friends before and during the filming of the movie.”

    Pretty close to what Brad said about he and Angie.. Brad also said they fell in love on the set. The set had 2 start and end dates. 2005 the movie was still being filmed. Was there an attraction. YES Brad told Jen he was attracted to Jolie. So there may have been an attraction with Jen/Justin. I mean he either called her or she called him. If she “knew’ him for 5 years then she knew he had a long term relationship. People on sets talk about that if they are working together for long periods of time. Attractions happen. It is human. But for the Jennifer fans to say that nobody on the set have said anything happened.. that is the same as Brad/Angie on the set of their film. There has never been anyone that said they saw them behave inappropriately. And please no tabloid stories. Seriously if a tabloid had that kind of factual account it would be splashed full on and not some anon source. Which is all they claim for years.

    LOOK if Jennifer is happy good. but her fans need to get off that moral high ground they have been walking on for almost 8 years. The funny thing about life is it will throw shit your way to show you that maybe you high stance is not so righteous as you want it to be. There is always this nasty claim that Angie is a saint. Her fans never call her that. She has been honest about who she is and her mistakes. Thing is the Jen fans have always thrown up how Jen is so good so good that she has never done a wrong thing in her perfect girl next door life. She loves to say how she fights dirty. that IS not GND..but the point is lets see where they are in 8 years. Lets see if this is it. if it works.

    Brad and Angie have had and still have so much shit thrown at their relationship. Jennifer won’t get that because it is a double standard world. But she has shown side of herself that go against the image her fans say she is. Time will tell. I am a fan of Brad and Angie and believe them. regardless of the attacks they are solid. Together.

    I hope that Jen and Justin will have their fans saying the same 8 years from now.

  15. aquarius64 says:

    JA still trying to beat back the man-stealing allegations? Now she has something else in common with Jolie.

  16. sam says:

    I just did a google images search, and Justin appears to have always been well groomed. I wouldnt call him a ‘monstrosity’ Perhaps its only when compared to his look for Wanderlust?

  17. Penguin says:

    I really hate the black piping on that dress and his obvious mascara.

  18. Original Chloe says:

    Side note: The whole Theroux-Aniston-Bivens discussion (and the comparisons to Jolie/Pitt) will probably completely overshadow the blandness of those interviews. Seriously Paul, you’re a sweetheart and probably not into those newfangled internet things but it’s mostly your fan base watching, at least pretend to give a s*it, or don’t do them.

    As for JA’s hair touching and twitching – it’s Popsugar for crying out loud, not Washington Post. Relax, woman. It seems that showing your boobs in a photo shoot makes you less tense.

    • lisa says:

      I was wondering if anyone was going to comment on the boring interviews. they don’t seem the least bit happy or excited by the film. I like Paul. Still get the girly love from Clueless. I just find it sad that he is so talented but still doing the same roles all these years.

      Don’t get it. He needs to network outside his friend base. He could be doing some great dramatic work or better comedies. I know he has at least 4 films in post production, but they all seem in the same vein.

  19. Mac says:

    According to sources on location during the filming of “Wanderlust”.

    Jennifer began hosting parties on a regular basis, in a house she had rented by the lake, which everyone attended.

    Before long the only person traveling out to the lake house was Justin Theroux.

  20. Penguin says:

    @ Lisa – I know what u mean. Paul rudd’s always doing these crappy romantic comedies or judd apatow movies. It’s not much of a stretch, I think he’s capable of a lot more.

  21. CornQueen says:

    Wow. What a hypocrit liar!!!!!

  22. Ducky La Rue says:

    LOL! Too funny. I guess “irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.” :-D

  23. Hypocricy says:

    Uncool Aniston, 43 still talk like a bimbo and The New Theroux looks like a punk hired for a toothpaste ad !

    Who ever bragged about the fact that she got herself a young looking guy should consider looking twice this guy’s neck ! That’s a 60 years old neck on a so called 40 years old unable to embrace his receding line, using stupid hair plugs for a cheap looking bang.

  24. pwal says:

    It seems to me that the press are working at cross purposes. We have Lara Spencer pitching softball questions about the genesis of JustJen, while reminding the world that Aniston is the ultimate girl’s girl (although that former friend who was betrayed by Aniston when she dated her soon to be ex-husband may have an objection to that characterization). Then we had a magazine stating that JustJen is one year old, which was intended to show that Aniston can hold on to a man for the long term, while ignoring that there is a definite overlap that happened.

    Now, I am of the school that no one can be stolen, but (one of) my beef is that Aniston worked so hard to state that a grace period should’ve been observed when she and Brad split and yet, she didn’t observe that when it came to her ex-friend and Heidi.

    • Original Chloe says:

      That’s what I’ve been thinking too. I don’t feel the need to burn Aniston at the stake but.. yeah, basically what you’ve just said.

    • Wendy says:

      Who is the former friend who was betrayed by Aniston dating her soon to ne ex-husband?

      • Emma says:

        Joanne Gartin. No homewrecking went on, so calm yourself down Wendy..Jen just dated her friend’s soon to be ex a bit too quickly…and Joanne felt really weird out by it cause of what Jen herself supposedly went through (ie: being homewrecked by AJ).

        Just calm yourself Wendy…you’ve been going overtime…Jen has lots of fans who will defend her.

        P.S. get over your double standard of Jen vs. Angelina

      • Wendy says:

        Emma, I’m perfectly calm, killing time waiting for a late night flight.

        As for the friend… I have a couple of long term close friends who divorced. I like them both and I refuse to take sides since I consider that the only people who really knew what was going on in their marriage was them. When they split, the husband brought their child to our summer home, something they had done as a family for years. Should I have stopped being his friend because he divorced even though he needed some “normal”? Should I have stopped being hers? Since we’re onto denials today, didn’t Aniston deny it was a date and just said she was out for lunch with an old friend? Did the friend/wife expect Aniston to take sides, as is sadly often the case, and take offense that she didn’t? People aren’t usually standing on very firm emotional ground in the aftermath of this sort of thing.

        P.S. maybe once the AJ can do no wrong and JA can do more right bias that is so common amongst posters here disappears, people might feel less the urge to defend the woman…

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        I thought it was made clear that he and Jen were just friends, and that the wife had wanted Jen to take sides, and that’s why she was a bit miffed. I always heard he and Jen were just friends. Maybe I heard wrong IDK.

      • Candi says:

        Wendy, maybe when the ‘Team Aniston’ stuff that ANISTON’S SIDE CREATED, and the slamming of Pitt and Jolie that was created by Aniston’s fans stops from places like dlisted, usweekly, femalefirst, iuc etc etc then JoliePitt fans won’t feel the need to seek the one safe and more balanced site to hit back. Your side started it, so you don’t get to complain about turnabout being fair play. When your side stops spreading lies, hate and vitriol against Jolie, then we won’t need to be here defending Jolie, and then and only then, will we stop calling Aniston to account. Your side started it, so the attacks need to stop from your side. Then, Aniston will be left alone. Pretty simple process. If your side leaves Jolie alone, THEN Aniston will be left alone. Capiche?

      • Wendy says:

        Candi, there were rumours of Pitt and Jolie having an on set romance months before Aniston and he split. I highly doubt that it was Aniston or her PR guy who were responsible for that.

    • islandgirl says:

      ITAWU regarding Lara Spencer. She is a big Aniston’s fan and I bet would love to be one of her close friends lol

    • patw says:

      At the end of the day, Aniston’s ex-husband stated in a June 2005 interview that things not working out had nothing to do with not wanting children, nor the third party, and they really care for each other and respect each other. But in that same month, he was seen with the third party, had a W photoshoot the next month, and made a conscious decision to have biological kids within 3 months – ALL before the quickie divorce finalized. So yeah, he doesn’t score points for sensitivity, or showing a modicum of respect for his ex-wife who he has courted, married and talked about quite publicly while they were together.

      As of now, for this supposed Bivens issue – the problem here is no one knows the exact state of Heidi and Justin’s relationship. Everybody says it’s 14 years,except there are excerpts of JT interviews in early 2000s talking about an ex-girlfriend and a current girlfriend, rumours of on-and-off, who’s apartment was whose, etc etc. But nothing actually confirmed. Given there was no divorce to be finalized, no children in the mix (yet), and relatively low key appearances, I don’t see how anything (if there is anything) is in your face as it was in the earlier saga. I just don’t see it.

      • Candi says:

        Why do people keep blaming Brad for a WORK photoshoot that was ordered by the Director? Do they have a problem with Jen and Vince promoting ‘The Breakup’? Also, more lies and spin. How do you know that he made a “conscious decision” to have children within 3 months? Where is the proof? Or did that come from your imagination as well as all the rest? As for JT and Bivens, the ‘stories’ about them being off and on came from nowhere but the tabloid writer’s imagination and it was proven to be a lie. JT and Bivens were together for 14 years, a large part of that as defacto husband and wife in a house they owned and lived in together. I find the hypocrisy of those decrying Brad moving on *3 months later*, but yet not having a problem with JT moving on BEFORE he even action broke up with Bivens, to be utterly appalling, but par for the course of the moral gymnastics that goes along with being a looniston.

      • Emma - the JP lover says:

        Ths is ‘exactly’ what I was talking about before. Many, MANY Jen supporters are under the misconception that Brad and Jen didn’t divorce until the media storm hit in late Spring/Summer 2005. They just don’t see or hear that Jen filed for divorce in March 2005.

        And they always say that there was only two or three months between Jen filing for divorce and Angie getting pregnant with Shiloh, when in reality there was an eight to nine month gap. Then they say she got pregnant before the divorce was final–which is debatable–but they fail to mention (or perhaps just block it out of their minds) that Jen and Vince Vaughn started dating in June 2005, which was four (4) months before the Aniston-Pitt divorce was final on October 2, 2005.

      • Wendy says:

        Candi, you mean that you’re not aware that Brad conceived the photo shoot, organized it and retained all the rights to it? That’s why he gets blamed for it, it was his idea and he’s the one who made money off of the rights.

    • patw says:

      I think in general – everybody who has met her has said the nicest things about her. I think there’s some merit in the consistency of those comments from people who have worked with her at every level (entertainers, chefs, architects, photographers, etc), rather than what the gossip rags say. Maybe that’s why I have hard time believing a lot of K’s posts because they come mostly from a place of unsubstantiated gossip, and ignores everything others say about her.

      • cameron says:

        Ask comedian Jay Mohr that question? I bet you’re not going get a “she’s nice” response. Also, that reporter who was fired because he deemed to ask her a legitimate question about the charity she was fronting and she couldn’t answer. Her PR people contacted his bosses and he was terminated.

      • patw says:

        jay Mohr, and a journalist. You are right. I’ve changed my mind.

      • cameron says:

        You’re the one who said everybody who has met her has nothing but nice things to say. Well, I named a co-star and a reporter who didn’t. One who happened to lose his employment.

      • Candi says:

        “everybody who has met her has said the nicest things about her.”
        Its the same with Jolie. No one, friend, associate, co-star etc have said anything other than what a lovely, down-to-earth, gracious and friendly person she is. She is even friends with her exes, something Aniston can’t master.

        “Maybe that’s why I have hard time believing a lot of K’s posts because they come mostly from a place of unsubstantiated gossip, and ignores everything others say about her.”
        Right back at you with regard to tabloids and other sites on the net only posting negative invented lies about Jolie, and ignoring what actual people who have met her say about her. Right back at you.

      • JustThinkin' says:


        Jen is a typical ‘mean girl’. she may be a “sweetheart” to her ex-husband and her friends she lavishes with gifts & vacations but don’t ask any of the little people on her sets what she is like. She can’t even be kind to her aging parents.

      • Katherine says:

        “everybody who has met her has said the nicest things about her.”

        That is not what I have read. Long before any split I was reading things that were not complimentary about Aniston. You should have been reading Bitter Waitress back in the day or comments by autograph seekers or below the line crew. Lots of comments and stories that disprove the notion of “Jennifer as Sweetheart” to “little people” or those not quite famous or powerful enough.

        I was particularly turned off by comments she made about her then-husband (Pitt) and her behavior toward him. Granted I have no idea how they were in private but she never came across as the most supportive or loving wife. Maybe that was a cover for her true feelings but I tend to think people often reveal their true feelings without realizing it.

  25. patw says:

    you know K, you make it sound like Theroux didn’t know what a suit was, and has never been clean shaven before until he met Aniston.

  26. Rena says:

    So let me get this right, a 43 year old middle aged woman discusses the origin of her latest relationship and she is to be completely 100% believed, while a 43 year old middle aged male who also discusses the origin of his longest lasting relationship ever is a 100%complete liar? WHOA, LOL. Such Hypocrits some totally are.

    As was once said “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time” Thanks to Abraham Lincoln for that TRUTH.

    And I so agree that the 43 year old middle aged woman reads all the gossip related to her and responds to the most insignificant. What a waste of the precious time alloted to us all.

    While the middle aged male’s wonderful organization is expanding beyond NOLA and building green housing for low income folks and for disabled veterans in Newark, St. Louis and Kansas City.

  27. Divorcee says:

    All I have to say is, “What the F did he do to his hair”! That snip looks horrible.

  28. Coutmeganstein says:

    You can’t blame or get mad at anyone for falling in love. Yeh, sometimes it happens at the wrong time and hurt the other party. But maybe for Brad & Jen meeting AJ & Justin was the push everyone needed. Sometimes people stay in loveless relationships because you become such good friends and respect each other so much that as awful as it is you don’t want to leave for fear of hurting your best friend with rejection. Or sometimes you realise that there is a better fit out there for you. Regardless how any of it happened noone knows what goes on behind closed doors. I find it funny and a tad sad that everyone has to dissect their every move yet I love reading about it. Celebitchy, I can’t quit you.

    • Kate says:

      Yeah, that’s totally how I feel. I think when you have little kids, it’s different – my husband and I know the responsibility has changed since we started a family. But before, and after… life is so short. I’d not want to feel like my husband was only with me from duty. And to think we know what’s gone on from PR trained interviews and such seems a bit unrealistic. I mean, actors at this level of fame are products, so they will have their brand protected very fiercely, I would expect.

      • Katherine says:

        This idea of a “brand” has become tiresome. It does not control everything people do. Some writers got on this theory a while ago and they have taken it to such an extreme that it is as bad as tabloid writers. And, of course, naive people latch on to it and use it to explain what they see but don’t want to believe.

        I have read this enough from those at the anti-Jolie/Pitt sites who want and need to believe that Pitt and Jolie can’t possibly love each other or be together vountarily. They want to believe that they are only together because they think they won’t be as successful or as rich if they split. Their need for this delusion leads them to come up with crazy ideas like Jolie must be blackmailing Pitt into staying with her or similar such nonsense. It is quite silly. Or worse – that they are controlled by some mysterious cabal in Hollywood or Area 51. LOL!

        The fact is that people who have reached certain levels like the Jolie-Pitts, have less need for this than those still struggling to make it. They have freedom to do as they please pretty much. Neither Brad nor Angelina have any history of worrying about what others think of them.

      • Kate #2 says:

        Actually that’s my view because I know someone who works in PR. She says that millions of dollars equal careful coaching, regardless of industry, and the more media-saturated an industry is, the more that’s the case. Doesn’t get more media saturated than the film and television industry. And 20 years ago there was a newspaper rebellion in the UK (this was pre-internet, bear in mind) because publicists refused to allow stars to be interviewed at all if the journalist or paper concerned had ever said anything bad about another star they represented. the net has meant they just can’t exert that kind of authority any more, but it seems perfectly clear they would like to.

        It’s pretty naive, IMO, in an industry so saturated by money and so aware of public opinion when it comes to this stuff, to think that stars aren’t carefully coached on how they present. TBH I also think it’s kind of weird that people have an issue with that. I mean, I pay to watch someone’s performance, and being human, I’m curious about gossip. That doesn’t mean I have any sort of a right to know the truth of their personal lives, just because I like watching them pretend to be someone else. I don’t think I have that right when I pay someone to decorate my house or fix my car. I’m pretty sure they lie to the public on all kinds of issues and frankly I think they have the right to. I only get irritated with people like Winslet because by setting up an unattainable standard of artificially-assisted beauty, she campaigns against that industry and swears she’s all natural. When it comes to who’s slept with who and when, I think they’ve every right to lie to the broad mass of the public. It really is none of our business.

        And as I have repeatedly said, I think Jolie and Pitt seem very well suited and to love one another very deeply. I think he made the right call leaving Aniston for her – and yes, I do think he did, and I think it’s pretty improbable that they didn’t start sleeping together when making Mr & Mrs Smith. Not because they’re bad people, but because they’re human beings who fell very badly in love.

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      I’ve never ended a relationship where I didn’t still love that person, I’ve loved 3 times, left 3 times. Leaving someone doesn’t mean you don’t love them, you’re just not right for each other.

      The worst one was BY FAR my sons dad, I had stayed for my sons sake because I love my son, and I thought that’s what I should do.

      His dad was emotionally abusive to me. A bad partner, but a great dad. It broke my heart to be the one to break it off. Dad never would have done counseling, he just wanted me to stay, and keep doing the cycle. As much as I love my son, I had to stop it, it’s still hard to think about. I feel guilty like I should have been stronger. I started having insomnia, and lost…30lbs in 2 mos, from too much stress. Good thing I had kept a lot of the pregnancy weight! lol My body gave me no choice, I had to work, and I couldn’t let myself get sick.

      Yeah, life goes on no matter what, you just have to do the best you can. I don’t think anyone in either of these situations hurt the person who loved them on purpose. That’s just all a part of life, we’re not talking about criminals here.

      • Kate #2 says:

        I don’t think a destructive relationship is ever good for a kid, tbh, because you are modelling their pattern for their own relationship. So I’d say that was the right call for your child, too. I meant when you have a loving and warm relationship but have just grown apart – I’m lucky and am very happy, but I think we’d probably hang in there until the kids were older if we did stop communicating well, as long as it wasn’t a toxic situation. Without kids, if a relationship gets that way, I don’t think it’s a crime to bail if neither are happy and you can find joy elsewhere.

        I don’t know. I get agitated about Chris Brown because he is a nasty, violent man who did something truly abhorrent. That’s simple and clearcut. But I grew up in England during all the Charles/Diana hysteria. I think the Brangelina thing sounds similar. A lot of people invested in a complex situation between strangers, who feel like they know what went on and see it as simple, when nobody really knows the truth. I dunno. I don’t think these things are ever simple, and the truth of any situation varies depending on perspective, even for the participants, anyway.

        “Yeah, life goes on no matter what, you just have to do the best you can. I don’t think anyone in either of these situations hurt the person who loved them on purpose. That’s just all a part of life, we’re not talking about criminals here.”

        Absolutely. That’s why it puzzles me a bit that people are in “sides”. Breakups are messy, people get angry, people get hurt. Doesn’t make anyone inherently a bad guy.

  29. mssnarnd says:

    Hush little Heidi
    Don’t say a word
    Jenny’s gonna pay you
    For what you suffered

  30. Paloma says:

    Here is what we do know, because we saw it with our own eyes. The second the divorce was filed, Brad not walked, but flew into Angie’s arms. We saw pictures of them at her home in England. I believe Maddox was on a three wheeler and Brad and Angie were watching him. At the very least, there was an enormous attraction between the two. I really don’t think Aniston wants to face the facts.

    • lisa says:

      Those pictures were taken in April of 2005 The marriage was over in 2004.. Announced in January ’05.

      But do people really think they (jenifer and Brad) were together on that vacation. Do you think they woke up one morning and made that decision. Brad had already moved out of their home. He even left the vacation location for a few days to go to a game with his Father and Brother. That doesn’t speak of a romantic gathering.

      Just saying Jan to April is hardly a run.. maybe a decisive walk..

      regarding the W photoshoot. That was planned and done months before Brad and Jen announced their split. People act as if he did it for her. Magazine shoots are done 3 or 4 months before they are published. and that photoshoot made perfect sense in its relationship to the film. Just like her spread in W with Butler or the recent one in GQ with Rudd. If Paul and his wife broke up would people find that intimate photoshoot between Jen and Paul in poor taste or because they are friends it’s ok. Some people would find it wrong for her to pose that way with a married man, even if he was a friend. Some women would not like their husband doing that. I don’t recall other celebrities posing that way with their costars. Brad/Angie’s W shoot was not that overtly sexual. it just showed a married couple on the brink. that what looks perfect is not. I think that is what made Jenniefer and her fans the most upset.. the message in the shoot hit too close to home.

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      Agree with both of you, Paloma/lisa.

      I believe AJ/BP shot that “Domestic Bliss” layout over two days in March, 25-26th, 2005. Jen filed for divorce on March 25th, 2005. The irony is interesting, that’s for sure.

      I think it bugged Jen so much because of the whole tabloid “Jen wouldn’t have Brads babies so he left” crap, but that wasn’t Brad’s fault. The tabloids had been obsessed with JA/BP having babies since they got married. Then out comes a photo spread with Brad, and Angie “playing” parents to a bunch of little Brads OMG…I think someone said something like IDK why there were kids involved, the “Smiths” don’t even have kids in the movie. So much for artistic license…most of the shots were just Brad and Angie AKA Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

      IMO Jen’s reaction shows how concerned she was with how things “appeared” rather than what was true, I mean she knew those little boys weren’t really BP&AJ’s. Jen was always concerned with her image, then after they got married Jen was even more concerned because the tabloid speculation went into overdrive.

      Truth is Jen’s been on bump watch since they got marrried in 2000. They both hated it, Brad hid out, and Jen tried to fix what she could. Even when they split the press was just waiting they wanted the story to be more than two people grew apart. So the press printed stories here and there, speculating just like they always had about babies, and threw in AJ just for good measure.

      When Brad just went screw it, and officially got with Angie, the press absolutely exploded, it was like WE KNEW IT!! They were really cruel about why JA/BP split and blaming either JA, or AJ, but never Brad. I remember, it was surreal. All they wanted was someone to blame, like they needed a good ending for a film, it was all sad.

    • Moira says:

      That was six months after Brad’s marriage ended Paloma.

    • Josephina says:

      The last retake or reshoot of the movie
      MAMS was completed as late as May 2005, which was the last scene of the movie where John Smith (Brad) eagerly spurs the therapist to ask him the sex question. By then, Brad and Angie were dating.

      It is debatable if Aniston knew about that reshoot, but I will bet that she did know that they were still filming.

      Keep in mind though she started dating Vince Vaughn back right around the same time. Then she did the infamous 2005 Vanity Fair article, bursting into tears at the mention of Angelina Jolie’s name.

      Aniston was/is jealous of Angie’s fortune, beauty, fame and accomplishements. Angie is her measuring stick and obsession. Even though she agreed to a divorce, filed the papers in March 2005, she was fascinated (and hurt/embarassed) as well by the Jolie-Pitt magnetic relationship.

      Aniston did not miss an opportunity to comment on Brad’s bleached hair, the W photoshoot, the Oprah show…all of which occured in a matter of 3 months. She played out her feelings…REPEATEDLY…in the media because SHE could not refrain from mentioning Pitt in any way. The truth? Pitt was still on her mind. Vince Vaughn was not enough of a real distraction to stop her from thinking about Pitt.

      “I was shocked…the whole world was shocked!” Aniston stated on Oprah. Who does that? Why even make a statement if you are divorcing? She could have shut down the gossip on national TV right there. Oprah gave her friend Aniston the floor to do whatever she wanted on her show.

      And what does whe do? She fanned the flames of gossip. Now that was uncool and stupid. Aniston displayed her passive-aggressive behavior all on her own.

      Since that thoughtless TV appearance where she drew and sucked in the audience’s attention and sympathy like a vampire, we have seen and heard more of Huvane than any other PR agent.

      The whirlwind romance between Angie and Brad was gaining rapid momentum as well as national/international attention, and it made her look like the unchosen, unwanted door-prize. There was no sign of Brad mourning the loss of Aniston (therefore he must have cheated) for anyone to see. The fact is Brad lamented over his marriage woes WHILE married to her.

      Once the divorce papers were filed, Brad made a “Water for Elephants” move and chased Angie all the way to Africa to convince her that a relationship was possible and could be worked out.

      Time will tell if Justin will stick around.

  31. Maya says:

    With his hair like that, he looks like a middle aged dude with a bad dye job.

  32. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    His appearance, career, and Heidi makes it hard for her fans to get a big push for him/them.

    That does not leave much to root for, so we get the “if they are happy” posture.

    They will however be glad when this romance is over and she can find someone more suitable to compete with that other couple without the homewrecker label attached.

    Red carpet to red carpet matchup would be an absolute disaster on every front.

    And we can forget the other females dress choices, because this man CAN NOT WEAR A SUIT IF HIS LIFE DEPENDED ON IT, when it actually does. He can’t hold his new fame without Jen. He does not look younger than the other male. And the 2 females face to face is a BIG FAIL. So the bragging rights that her fans wanted did not come with this red carpet and will never, regardless of them walking it together or not. Actually, her fans are making like this is preferable, for obvious reasons. That in a coupled up picture blown up for inspection. Please no.

    No, I did not mention the other couple by name and at this point I don’t have to. JustJen GOT OWNED. Sad, sad, sad. What you gonna do? She will have to start over. C. Handler messes up her girls club, so back to the drawing board. What male is left in HW? Oh that’s right this is LOVE, he is the one.

    • Hypocricy says:

      You know what ? I personnally think that Aniston’s REAL ex, Mayer the Player, had a better body, better skin, better hair and dresses and looks much better than this guy wheter in suit or in every day clothes.

      Mayer had better style and could actually wear suits and had this manly vibe in spite of his douchiness.

      This guy’s excessive new tan, pathetic attempt to hide his receding line and new sparkling white teeth he likes to expose widely in a joker smile makes him girlish, clowinsh and a parody of himself.

    • lisa says:

      You comment was very interesting. I lurked on a jen team site. And read a few of the comments and what you posted is what some of them are saying. Going against the grain so to speak. But for the people saying this is a fake relationship, I don’t buy that. I think it is real. And Mayer was real. She did the fake thing with Butler to generate buzz for that movie. But many of her fans are disappointed that they are not seeing the “connection”. But then you get the double standard. and the ones that spin saying they are glad she and he are not showing PDA. not sure what they call those pictures released by Richardson. But that they like that Jusjen are keeping it low key. Unlike Brad/Angie (lmao) Brad and Angie were not see touching each other for 9 months into their relationship. NO touching on the beach. not saying they didn’t, but the public never saw it.
      But you also have her fans that still think Jen and justin are faking it until she and Brad can come out as a couple (yes there are still those crazies). Some are upset that Jen is “acting funny” in interviews. Not being able to articulate her responses. (with this I just go WHAT? do they not watch her interviews ever) but it’s interesting. And yes I think there is some disappointment in being able to compare the couples. Just as there would be if Jen/Justin had a child. Some are waiting for that just to have the whose baby is cuter or look what a better mommy Jen is.

      But like I said you comment made some great points.. and I still think Jen/Justin are a real couple. I actually hope it works out for them.

      • Katherine says:

        I don’t know why people think this is a fake relationship. Seems real to me. I have no idea if it will last or if it’s a good relationship or what their individual motives are. But it seems as real as any other.

        I am probably more suspect of Justin’s motives as he sure has a lot to gain from it but lots of people size up a potential mate/partner by what person can add to their life careerwise, financially, etc. I tend to think many, many marriages begin with this seemingly cold hearted assessment. It’s just a fact of life.

  33. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    In that first photo of Justin. I can hear the Doctor snapping on a rubber glove and giving him a prostate exam! What’s with that awful, forced grimace/clenched teeth smile?
    Or, maybe he’s thinking of how many times Jen will ask if she needs botox/fillers/a anal cleanse before bed.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Kate, Wendy, and Ally …

      Here’s the reality check on the ‘Bio’ by the guy who produced “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” This one statement and fact should put all the comments in the book in perspective. He said that Jen threw Brad out of the house when she learned about him and Angelina, and that Brad slept on his couch. Brad owned a house in Malibu (that he sold in 2011, the pictures of the house were posted in an article about the sale of the house here at Celebitchy and other places on the Internet), which was his alone … so why would he need to sleep on anyone’s couch?

      Futhermore, Brad and Jen issued a joint separation announcement on January 7, 2005 without any headlines screaming “Jen Tosses Out Cheating Brad!” More over, a January 29, 2005 issue of “People” magazine ran a cover story about how well Brad and Jen were doing while starting to live separate lives: Brad spend most of his time walking along the beach, and Jen seemed happy and well on the set of a film. In fact, the separation and impending divorce moved so smoothly, a lot of people simply missed it when Jen quietly filed for divorce on March 25, 2005. They thought that Brad was cheating on Jen with evil, man stealing Angie in April 2005 when the first ‘real’ photos of them together was a couple surfaced from Africa. People got even angrier when set photos from the re-shoots of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” from April – May 2005 hit the media.

      Jen encouraged the hate ‘and’ the sympathy by playing the victim, knowing full well that Brad had been honest with her in January 2005 about his feelings for Angie, and why he wanted to end the marriage. She has played the victim card ever since when it suited her.

      But this has absolutely nothing to do with the question of whether or not Jen-Jen and Justin Theroux humped during the filming of “Wanderlust” or afterwards. If nothing else, they lied about when their relationship began, at first saying June 2011, then May 2011, and now it’s being reported that they’ve been together for a year, meaning February 2011. That is ‘still’ two months before Heidi and Justin were last seen out together as a couple.

      *Sorry! My post was for the ‘Original Bee, number 6′ thread. I don’t know how it ended up here??

      • Kate #2 says:

        I’ve only just realised there are 2 Kates on this thread – apologies if I’ve confused anyone. I’m pretty new so will be Kate #2.

      • Wendy says:

        Emma, if you had actually read the biography you would kmow that the reason given for Pitt staying at the guy’s house was because the “paps descended like jackals” after the split. Sure Pitt could have stayed in a house he owned, but all the paps knew he owned it too, he could have stayed in a hotel, but one of the staff would have called in that info and he’d have been dealing with a pap frenzy. That was his reality at the time. Check…

        As for any statements… Do you not realize that the vast majority of the time, these statements are hammered out between PR people and have nothing to do with reality and everything to do with image?

      • Katherine says:

        “Here’s the reality check on the ‘Bio’ by the guy who produced “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” This one statement and fact should put all the comments in the book in perspective. He said that Jen threw Brad out of the house when she learned about him and Angelina”

        Just to make it perfectly clear. Arnon Milchan never said anything about Jen throwing Brad out. Nothing. His quote was only about Brad staying at his house (probably before he bought the Malibu property) and that when Brad had to go to the MAMS set for 2005 additional shoots he was hounded by paps.

        The two guys who wrote the bio on Milchan added to Milchan’s original quote. They were careful not to put the added part – their fabricated part – their lie – in quotes. Other media picking up on the story were not so careful with differentiating between the real Milchan quote and the faked part.

  34. NM6804 says:

    I wonder if 50 years from now the loons (both sides) are still going to crack their fingers and start typing the timelines and quotes from 2005-2006 (!!!) that they dug up quickly (or do they save it in a “BRANGELINA TRUTH Word-document?!) whether they did or didn’t cheat (which is impossible to really know) thinking “Damn those wretched people, all those lies, I won’t stand for it, I have to show them I’m RIGHT”. It’s so desperate and weird it’s not even funny anymore.
    And now the other side can add a “JUSTJEN TRUTH”. This will never stop, people don’t want the Triangle to stop.

    • Jackie says:

      i know. i enjoy this site, but all those posts are just too creepy and weird for me.

    • patw says:

      Personally, my conclusion about the break-up- sh$t happens, and he moved on QUICK because he found some one more suitable and preferable to do his partnering with (rather stick it out in his own marriage and work on it). Which fine, his prerogative.He was an a$$ about how he handled it, but that’s men for you.

      What I disagree about is how it all suddenly fell on JA’s lap. AJ/BP fans blame JA for the break-up of the marriage – SHE tricked him, SHE didn’t want kids, SHE wasn’t good enough for him, SHE perpetuates her victim status, SHE shouldn’t have done the VF interview (but BP can do ALL the interviews and photo shoots he likes – it’s for CHARITY!). No responsibility is assumed for BP because he’s a GOOD man (look at all the charity and fathering he does!) and he was momentarily TRICKED by this shrew of a woman who should have known her place and realized she could never get with BRAD PITT. Look at him, he’s GORGEOUS – WHY wouldn’t she give him babies???!
      It’s misogynistic, and sexist. So I defend her.

      • Candi says:

        “(rather stick it out in his own marriage and work on it)”
        That is YOUR twisted interpretation. By all accounts and evidence Brad stuck it out for far longer than most men would. It was only when Jen’s lie about working on a family the year after Friend’s ended was exposed by Brad learning about one of her 6 movies back to back she had lined up in Variety, that he knew he’d been had. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. After all the years of waiting, putting her first and putting his hopes and dreams on hold, he finally realised he was being used. He put the time and effort in, and got nothing in return. What I see as sexist, is women turning on their own sisterhood and blaming another woman instead of the man. Team looniston has no qualms about throwing one of their own under the bus, and its gender-self-loathing and sexist as well as traitorous to the sisterhood. Hence why Team Jolie came about to counteract the sexism of Team Aniston.

    • Turtle says:

      THANK YOU. A lot of posters here need to take a step back and realize these are not their relationships. Just chill out already.

  35. pamela says:

    @Wendy, Angie NEVER made those comments about being “a shoulder for Brad to cry on”, and she is on record denying them . That was a tablod story. STOP making tabloids your bible, and for heaven’s sake, try being a little objective.

    • Katherine says:

      Pamela said, ” @Wendy, Angie NEVER made those comments about being “a shoulder for Brad to cry on”, and she is on record denying them . That was a tablod story.”

      That’s correct. I remember that Angelina even had her lawyer send both Brad and Jennifer separately (since they were separated by then) a letter that the story was absolutely false and she never said anything like that.

      In fact, what Angelina did say in an interview is that Brad never spoke of his marriage – and he certainly never complained about it – and that she had no idea what the status of his marriage was. Brad’s history was to never badmouth his exes so I certainly believe he never badmouthed his then wife.

      • Wendy says:

        Tell me… A letter from a lawyer (if that ever really happened) is worth what? Absolutely nothing. “Dear Brad, Ms. Jolie would like me to convey to you that the recent quote pertaining to being a shoulder to cry on were not uttered by her to XXX tabloid”. Blah blah blah. Does she have to swear under oath to her lawyer? If the quote was missing a word or two, sentence or two as is common, would that be a loophole because in essence she didn’t say exactly that? If she told a friend who told the tab, her letter is truthful without being the truth.

        So yeah sorry… Show me a copy of the letter, the original notes of the person who wrote the article along with the name of their source and if all of that adds up to Jolie having no connection to this, then maybe I’ll believe you. Otherwise, there is an 8 lane highway’s worth of wiggle room and at the time, two careers at stake.

      • pamela says:

        You know what has always angered me about Aniston? I remember when the split happened, she posted on her myspace account that everything was fine, it was no one’s fault, and they were doing OK. Then she asked her fans not to ask Brad anything, because HE WOULD NOT TALK about it, he would not comment. The break up at that point was amicable, and she KNEW Brad would not say anything publicly. So what does she do, when it was obvious that Brad and Angie were together, she and her PR douchbag set their vendetta in action in their failed attemps to destroy Brad and Angie professionally and personally. And she did because she KNEW Brad would not talk.

        I was never a fan of hers, but I kind of empathised with her when the marriage broke up. because hell, i’ve been there. My sympathies ended with her media shenanigans, and when she basically attacked Angie with her “uncool” and other negative statements, my dislike for her was complete. I don’t hate the woman as she does not have any effect on my livelihood, but I find her to be manipulative and hateful.

      • pamela says:

        Wendy, you are freaking unbelieveable. So now you want a copy of the letter/s Angie’s lawyers wrote? Why don’t you call up her lawyer and ask for the proof? I dare you… I triple dare you. Like I said, you are a pro at bobbing and weaving. Whatever you are getting paid, I hope it’s worth it.

      • patw says:

        wait wait – Aniston has a MySpace page. As in actually run by her (or her team I guess). Serious?

      • Candi says:

        Pamela your summation of Aniston going all out because she knew Pitt would not talk is exactly correct. She knew Pitt was far too much of a gentleman to do that, so she threw him under the bus for the sake of sympathy and a career. At that time she had finished Friends and apart from Leprechaun, really hadn’t done much to speak of prior. She was attempting to make inroads into Hollywood and she wanted it big time. How better to do it than mean-girl an easy target, Jolie, and make people think that your husband cheated on you, for sympathy? She made Brad the bad guy so she could ride that crest into Hollywood. She maliciously had it all planned out, and the gullible fell for it. Meanwhile, an innocent man and woman were witchhunted and character assassinated. All in the name of a Hollywood career and fame.

      • Mari says:

        @ patw
        I read that she used to have one Myspace when it was the big thing.
        Here is what she posted, before sutting down the page, I do not know if the link will go trough.

    • Wendy says:

      Pamela, are you really writing that on a gossip blog that systematically burns Aniston and telling me to be objective? That’s laughably sad really…

  36. zelly says:

    How did SHANE WARNE make it on to this website? How did it become an adjective???


    • Freya says:

      I’m laughing about that too but, yes, Shane Warne, who used to be fat, bloated and unkempt, looks like ‘Ken’ now, so when a man lets the experts change his appearance it’s right and fun to say he has been shanewarned.

    • Bej says:

      Noticed this with some surprise myself. Though the way Warnie looks now, makes this a perfectly apt adjective. Just didn’t realise anyone outside of Australia, NZ or the UK was aware of his existence and ridiculousness. Good on ya Warnie, your makeover has earned you a place in the American lexicon

  37. pamela says:

    Which one of the Goddess Circle is Wendy? LOL. She has bobbing and weaving down to an art form. Anytime a poster punch holes an her argument, she tacks in another direction.

  38. Laurenjen says:


  39. lisa says:

    @wendy. too many comments up thread. But regarding your question of why Angie didn’t sue about the miss statements or lies I don’t recall Jennifer suing either. How many stories were plastered about her. Brad leaves Angie for Jen. Angie I love Jen, Brad and Jen sneaking around behind Angie’s back. I don’t recall Jennifer ever ever making a statement saying those rumors were false. She did make a statement saying she didn’t eat baby food. But she let gossip about her sneaking around with her ex husband and the man that now had children with another woman. She let the public believe for YEARS that she and Brad were in contact. Never correcting them. Even going on Oprah and saying “we don’t not talk” thus her fans latched onto that and for years were saying how Brad and Jen were still in love and talking. Some freak even told some of the fans that she had emails and text from them. And Jennifer let those lies remain in the public. Her fans were saying Brad was wearing a necklace that Jen gave him. That was in the press too. Yet Jennifer never came out and said a word. There were stories every week of secret meetings. Why would she allow stories that painted her as a women sneaking around with a man in a relationship. Why would she not stop those or her PR guy that will refute the most insane rumors. Then her father came out and stopped it all. Stating that Jen and Brad don’t talk and have not been in contact for years. Notice after that the Brad sneaks to see Jen stories all but stop. So why didn’t Jennifer do this herself. Then we find out that Angie had the necklace made for Brad. Not Jen. So if stories about Angie and Brad before his divorce make her look well won’t use your words.. how did these stories make Jennifer look.

    It think her fans were just fine with them. Notice they were never so passionate about those as they are about the ones with Heidi. Why? because many of them didn’t care because they wanted Jen and Brad back together. So those stories of her being a homewrecker in Brad/Angie’s relationship were just fine. But now that it is Justin and Heide. How dare anyone say such a thing about Jennifer. But it was fine when the man was Brad Pitt.

    that is very strange to me.

    • Wendy says:

      @lisa: why on earth would Aniston bother to acknowledge any rumours about the man she divorced? The one who had no qualms about making her look like the bad guy in thier marriage, even though he is almost undoubtably the one who cheated? Does she owe anything to the guy or his new relationshio after that? I don’t think so. Even when he made recent statements about being “boring” and that it had to do with his marriage, she didn’t make a statement. If that had been me, I’d have publicly ripped the guy’s face off.

      • lisa says:

        The same thinking I have regarding your claim Angie should have. She said she sent word to the people involved. Not the media..

        and maybe Aniston would deny rumors of her being involved in the relationship. Just like she is denying them regarding Justin/Heidi.

        You seem to spin anything to suit your opinion. and she made a statement in GQ saying her 30′s sucked. well she was with him. Not to mention how she let her friends do the dirty work for her. Spin all you want. Jennifer plays the game and you can say whatever you want. she just played the victim too long, and she played the good girl too long. Neither of which was who she is or was. Sad that she had never shown the world who she is. But I guess it’t too late. Her fans can’t handle that truth. And Brad saying he was bored is hardly that bad. Mayer said the same thing.

      • cameron says:

        Well she didn’t rip John Mayer apart who said the same thing “She’s Boring”.
        Who publicly humilated her not once but three times.
        Has it occurred to you that’s why she can’t keep a man. She’s been with 6 men since Brad and each one moved on after a few months to a year.
        Let’s pray this one is a keeper.

      • Rena says:

        Really Wendy you know almost 100% that Brad cheated? Really? But Aniston is pure as driven snow, someone who hooked up with John Mayer and his perchant for “golden showers”. Someone who regularly demonstrates passive aggresive behavior and is seemingly all about her career to the detriment of most else in life?

        If Aniston had been all that you are here whining that she is then she would have been straight up and denied all the tabloid lies about a non existant triangle. She would have squashed all the lies years ago and let her well paid PR who is known as a bull dog stomp out the always negative toward Angelina and 6 innocent kids rather than sit by and appear to enjoy the lying fest.

        Many of my friends have been divorced, most with kids, most with a dive in their finances and having to move houses, some who were REALLY abused by their ex, but none have behaved as this weak example of a woman HAS FOR YEARS. They shouldered their share of the reasons for the reasons for their failed relationships, they stood tall and worked out what had to be done for themselves and their kids as best they could. At times they were actually overwhelmed unlike this shallow woman you Wendy voice support for.

        Wendy what do you say to the fact that Aniston said in her own words that the marriage was over in the summer of 2004, and she supported Troy in 2004 because at that time she had a minor interest in Plan B production company? Over in 2004, then the split in January 2005 was no surprise to her right?

        How do you justify complete support for this woman and attack another woman just because of whom an ex loves?

        Why is it beyond your ability to accept the truth that Angelina is loved by Brad way more than he ever loved Aniston? I can accept that maybe Theroux cares more for Aniston than he did for his GF of 14 years, and for his sake I hope she cares for him.

        And by the way that bio you mention along with your other tabloid sources, it was not written by the MAMS producer, it was written by 2 people who were former associates of his which the producer branded as liars out to make a buck. Word on the street was that Brad was bunking with Fincher off and on throughout 2004.

        I don’t care who she is with, just want the lies and linking her to a family who has no ties to her whatsoever to STOP in 2012.

      • Candi says:

        The irony is that while we now know Brad didn’t cheat, it was Jen and her fans with the pro-Jen tabloids that had no qualms about painting Brad as the bad guy, to excuse her part of the marriage breakup. So inventing the lie of an ‘affair’ that never happened, and put all her blame on Brad. Thats where the lie of an affair started.

      • Wendy says:

        @Rena: It really seems to bother you that not everyone believes the “puppies and bunnies” PR spin version of how Pitt and Jolie got together. Maybe I should watch more Disney films so I too can believe in fairy tales.

    • Josephina says:

      @ Wendy,

      MOST of the posters are appropriately criticizing Aniston based on Aniston’s interviews, show appearances and articles that are NOT TABLOID. This is what they are referencing, which is fact. Her speech, mannerisms, and subject of talk are rarely impressive.

      In fact, it has generated a lot of discussion re her hypocrisy. Furthermore, Aniston is not the poster child for confidence.

      I dont know how many times you plan to get smacked down by the various posters on this spread, but can I just say that I have run out of popcorn and wine long ago???


      We are not going by unauthorized autobiographies from unscrupulous writers hoping to make a buck out of claiming to know Angie or Brad. Did you notice however, no one thinks enough to write a book about Aniston, fiction or non-fiction? Because her story would not sell…it’s just not that interesting, that’s why.

      From Tate Donovan, Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculfor, John Mayer, Gerard Butler, etc… Aniston has created the “unlucky in love” emblem all on her own.

      At this point, I think Aniston should call it a day. Just strip for Penthouse (more on her level than Playboy) and put the kabosh on all future interviews. Ingenius PR move, huh?

  40. Ravensdaughter says:

    God, she is so boring. I think that’s what Brad Pitt thought, too.

  41. skuddles says:

    Oh please, of course they were boffing on the set. How is that even a question? And yeah, what is going on with this guy’s looks? I don’t think this is all Jen’s influence, I think he’s doing this to himself because he’s kind of a neurotic, high maintenance guy who takes his appearance very seriously. Interestingly, the more fancied up he becomes, the more I wonder if he’s playing for more than one team? Is Mr Dark also Mr Bi?

    • CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

      NO, NO, NO, Skuddles,

      You are forgetting how great this clown is supposed to be in Bed and Jen is getting it good. Please remember that he is putting it on her on the regular, right.

      A real man that one is.

      Now, look at him again. You can see that, can’t you. JT is the MR. STUDLY of studly men. Puts BP to shame with his brand of hot dirty sex.

      Even though for the bulk of his adult life he has been with Heidi, so unless he was cheating on her, his experience would be very limited. But Jen is getting worked over by this love making machine according to her fans.

      To funny to me, but I am not underneath him or on top of him or in front of him, so what do I know. I have to go with what I know, and JT ain’t it.

  42. Freya says:

    He can do what he wants, spray himself, spend hours at the spa, etc… Nothing will make him a good-looking guy!

  43. kira says:

    Even if they didn’t boink on-set, it doesn’t matter. There were pics of them having dinner in May/going out in June. Her co-worker on 5 said she introduced Justin as her boyfriend to him even earlier than that. Then, she and Justin vehemently denied the relationship to all the presses, even telling Heidi/her mother that, which she reported to Radar. Fast forward to the middle of June, Heidi is moving out, she releases a pissed statement saying she will tell all if they mention her, and Justin and Jen are releasing lovey-dovey pics of themselves kissing that SAME week. Sorry, there’s a definite overlap. Someone was blind-sided and lied to. That’s called being really uncool, and missing a sensitivity chip, to use Jen speak. I think they’re both cheating cheaters and lying liars.

  44. Sue L. says:

    I don’t understand why she cannot shut the hell up about her relationships!

  45. Sam says:

    My goodness. So much hate…wow. And if she suddenly dies tomorrow.”She didn’t deserve such a short lived life..blah blah blah.”
    While she’s alive “Let’s get her!”

  46. LeeLoo says:

    I don’t like Jen Aniston, I always felt she was never a far cry from her character Rachel on Friends. She comes across as a neurotic, superficial, needy, and emotionally demanding woman. I want to be proven wrong that Jen Aniston is not this person but even in her interviews she comes off this way. That being said, I don’t necessarily believe that there wasn’t stuff going on during the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith between Angelina and Brad, same goes for Jen and Justin during Wanderlust. But I also don’t care. I don’t like Jennifer Aniston but it has very little to do with Brad Pitt and more to do with her being a superficial spoiled woman. But I also hope she has truly found happiness and Justin does seem like a good match. Just like Angie and Brad are a good match.

    Jen would have been better off not acknowledging or trying to answer or deny these rumors. She would have been better off pulling an Angie and diverting the subject or turning it into “so many rumors are spread in the media, etc.” kind of conversation. It would have made her look a little more mature.

  47. toto says:

    whats wrong with her mouth ?..that was very weird interview on pop sugar

    her upper lip simply just don’t move , is she numb ?

  48. Heather says:

    I choose to believe her. And AJ and Pitt.

    Does every freaking post have to turn into a triangle thing? :(

  49. Candi says:

    Gawd those photos show how ugly JT is. Jen has totally downgraded. He is nauseating. As to Aniston and Theroux not boinking during filming, please! He was still with Heidi Bivens and its clear what was going on from the pap shots of Theroux and Aniston out and about together at the same time he and Bivens were still together. Aniston is nothing but a disgusting homewrecker with no morals, scruples or sisterhood respect.

  50. Nan209 says:

    They are all liars. I will never believe that JustJen or Brangelina just happen to wait until everything was perfect before perusing a relationship. Some how, in some way, the message of interest was received through the basics – goo goo eyes were made, and footsies were played…badda bing…hide the pickle was the end game. No mysteries there for either. Even if the physical was delayed emotional foreplay leads down the same road.

  51. Amazing says:

    One of the gossip sites which linked this article is run by an elitist tool who supports the 1% (Hollywood!) vs the rest of us.

  52. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:


    I’ll take it that you have not been on this cite as well as others to read what I wrote in reference to JT. I am describing him exactly as he has been described.

    So be it. I stand firm on what I wrote. And nope, he STILL is not happening.

    And my Christianity is fine. It allows for humor. I do NO violence to the Scriptures, but Thanks for your concern.

  53. Bej says:

    Ick, loathe his tandoori chicken tan. And I find Aniston boring. Doesn’t matter what she has to say on when her relationship started, none of this publicity makes me interested in seeing their film, which sounds just as boring as any other movie she’s been in.

  54. Newtsgal says:

    Sadly JT might of had street cred as a writer in Hollywood before he hooked up with JA. But after being plucked, sucked, whitened, and tanned. He has turned into a joke.
    My god, what do you get if Pee-Wee and Eddie Munster had a spray tanned lovechild……. Answer: Justin!

    • Newtsgal says:

      One more thing!
      *jumpin on soapbox*
      *clearing throat*
      I don’t have a dog in this hunt but,
      need I remind you folks that JA & BP broke up in 04/05, that was 7/8 years ago!
      He has moved on and found a love and has 6 beautiful kids and seems happy to me. JA has (by my count) moved on and move on and moved on and moved on and lastly moved on.
      All of this he said/ she said is crazy, not one of you were there. Only the ones that were there know what truly happened, and then you fall into the her truth/his truth and what the real truth is.
      The only fact here is that relationships end…. sad but true, for the life of me I can’t understnd why ya’ll want to go back and forth insulting each other…..for what?
      Do you think anyone of them even gives two sh*ts about you and your life?
      All of us are dollar signs to them. And the images that they and they’re PR folks put out there are manufactured to keep you buying all the things they can make a buck off of. Every single celebrity I have met or partied with, have turned out to be nothing like the PR images would have you believe.
      In closing, if they are over it and have moved on, don’t you think it’s time that you get over it too?
      Good night ya’ll!
      * steppin down now *

    • disappointed says:

      I must say I’m really disappointed with the fact that whoever wrote this article, didn’t do any groundwork. After reading about JT’s new teeth, tan etc.. I googled the guy and looks to me that he has always been tanned – even back in 2001 when he did Mulholland Drive ( I totally forgot he was in that movie). His teeth also look to same to me. He might have put on weight a little bit and obviously has more wrinkles but other than that the guy doesn’t really look that different to me. It even seems that today he’s wearing the same leather jacket he was back in 2003…and I also think that when his first photos with JA came out he did have a beard but he must have had it for some movie or something and he got rid of it very quickly. So I don’t really see a point in this story!! at all!!! I know that there’s a lot of bitching on this website about only certain people and I know some people are praised over and over again and all the time – I suppose that whoever creates the story can write about anything they want and anybody they like or dislike, however I feel that if you create a story about some random boyfriend of a romcom star you really should prepare yourself a little bit more…after reading this post I think that you’re really nothing more than another tabloid that creates total and complete bs only to attract more sales and I always thought (I know silly me) that websites like yours try to be real….I think you should go back to writing funny pieces about Lohan as this is what you are the best at.

  55. Ell says:

    Who cares, if they stay together eventually the triangle may die. Good luck to them.

  56. barbie says:

    didn’t BP personally want AJ for the part of Mrs. Smith? He knew she was the total package for the role-the rest is history.
    JA is Rachel over & over again & again which is why I don’t like the movies she has a role in.
    I don’t care for her victim real life role either I see her doing to Heidi WHAT she claims was done to her.
    Sometimes that “girl next door” persona is just that. The energy it takes to be JA must suck the lust right out of her men past & shall I venture present. After Wanderlust hype slows JT will wander back to his life b4 Jen minus Heidi & that horrible excuse of a tan.
    If my boyfriend of 14 years left me & had pix of himself looking that foolish it would help get me through those sad song moments.

  57. Hugo a go go says:

    Sadly Jennifer Aniston is just all red carpet, hair do’s and gossip.

    I don’t even consider her an actress, she’s more like a reality tv person.

  58. Oh Please says:

    You clearly don’t like Jen, never have anything nice to say about her.

  59. Sara says:

    She hasn’t had a good movie in ages. I remember her being pretty funny in ‘Along came Polly’ and ‘Office Space’ but those were what, over ten years ago?

    She’s just a washed up tv actress who is only still relevant because she married Brad Pitt.

    I wish she’d either make a movie worth watching or go away.

  60. StaceyP says:

    I don’t care either way, I don’t ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ any of them to really care.

    However I really must say, some of you people take this way too seriously. Way!

  61. Hot dogs says:

    Okay, do any of you really think neither of those women refrained from their immediate attraction to both of those men? Angie was banging Brad on Mr. and Mrs. Smith, then Jen banged Justin while he was probably somehow still tied to the other blonde. That’s called being human, and putting self interest before morality. Most people do this often and worse, but when a celebrity does it OMG… end of the world. I might also add that Brad and Justin chose to leave their women, neither Angie or Jen forced them into breaking vows. It was a CHOICE. Women aren’t just heinous evil creatures who take away a man’s ability to make decisions.