Brandi Glanville “models” for a spray tan place: budget or no judgment?

Here are some new photos of Brandi Glanville, “going for a spray tan at The Infinity Sun Office West Hollywood, California.” I’m guessing that this was a paid appearance, correct? I’m not judging Brandi – she does these paid gigs often enough, and I can’t imagine they pay that much, but at least she’s bringing in an income as a “model/celebrity”. I feel like just a glance of these photos will send LeAnn Rimes into a fit of extreme dieting, though. Brandi is just so, so skinny. I think most of it is probably genetics on Brandi’s part – she’s just got that naturally long, lean, model-y type of figure. I bet she never gains weight in her legs. LeAnn would be so much better off if she just aimed to have a fit, athletic figure instead of trying to Single White Female Brandi’s model-body. My guess/assumption is that Eddie Cibrian likes his women really slender, though. But I’d still like to see both LeAnn and Brandi (both!) put on a little weight.

There isn’t much Brandi Glanville news these days – she’s been suspiciously quiet for a few weeks. God knows what she’s up to. Taylor Armstrong has been talking about Brandi, though, as Taylor promotes her new book. In a recent interview, Armstrong talked about how Brandi “called her out” for signing a book deal just a few weeks after Taylor’s husband killed himself – Armstrong said, “I don’t really have much of a relationship with her. I don’t really know her and she doesn’t know me.” When asked to describe Brandi in one word, Taylor said, “Good grief. I’m trying to think. Filterless.”

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. dorothy says:

    I like her openness, but she doesn’t seem to have very good judgement.

  2. Asli says:

    At least she brings home the money instead of relying on some delusional rich dude to take care of her and her kids. Good for her.

  3. mel says:

    I like her for the most part. She is kind of a big mouth but at least she works. Kind of.

  4. Marjalane says:

    Even with all her faults, I’d rather be friends with Brandi than Taylor ANY day of the week.

  5. Tierra says:

    No judgment here. she’s earning a paycheck which is more than her ex is doing. Can’t blame a girl for taking these opportunities as they come. She’s smart enough to know that those offers wont always be there.

  6. Sammi says:

    geez she cant win can she? if she doesn’t work then media outlets say she’s just living off Eddie’s child support (from Bank of Leann) and if she does work you guys make fun of her for what she does to earn that money as a model. What more do you want? At least she’s employed

  7. Jezi says:

    She needs these deals for a paycheck to support herself and the boys. She has a lot of these gigs lined up and she’s working on getting her book published. Hopefully she will be asked back to RHOBH as a full time HW.

    • brin says:

      That’s one book I am going to read!
      I hope she returns to RHOBH too, she’s the reason I watched.

    • Alejandro says:

      I hope she’s asked back as well. She just has to be careful with the second season Bitch edit as the producers are surely going to target her next season.

    • whatevs says:

      Yeah, she needs these gigs sooo bad to “support the boys” but yet she tweets about being on 3 wait lists for a handbag. That is not someone who is thinking of her boys and trying to make money to support them. Are you for real or just so way far up B’s ass that you can’t see straight? The more I follow her, the more I see that B is just after money, wants a rich man & isn’t as bad off as she tries to make herself out to be. I supported her and still like her somewhat, but she is digging her own grave. Stop being so blind to the things that she does and make it seem like Eddie is at fault financially. Yes, she is trying to make her own money, but it’s to buy herself toys, not to support those boys.

      • Jezi says:

        Well perhaps I just know that she takes care of herself AFTER she does her boys. So what if she wants a handbag. It doesn’t mean I’m “up her ass”. It means I actually know wtf I’m talking about. She jokes about wanting a rich man but she doesn’t want to have to carry a man either. She isn’t Leann. She wants a man who is going to be financially secure. Obviously, a man is not her #1 priority, since she has been without a man for 3 years. No one is gonna buy shit for her, she’s gonna buy it for herself. And omg she gets a handbag. Not the same as her ex husband getting bought a porsche.

      • Sunlily says:

        ^ This. No one is saying that she can’t have nice things or treat herself, but people need to cut the bullshit and stop acting like every little thing that she does is for those boys.

      • Jezi says:

        What else does she do it for? Yes she likes to dress in nice clothes and likes to be able to live the lifestyle she had when she was married. But her boys ARE the reason she does this. Read Baylor’s comments and you will see why. She has a better chance of fighting crazy with money behind her.

      • whatevs says:

        Jezi, do you realize that one of those “handbags” that you have to get on a waiting list for cost thousands of dollars? She can buy herself something nice at Bloomies for under $200, that is a fun gift for herself that I wouldn’t comment on her buying. But a thousands of dollars for a handbag is ridiculous. And the lifestyle you talk of her having when she was with Eddie was BECAUSE of Eddie and the $$ he made on his TV shows. TV pays very well. Don’t forget, it was his salary, his lifestyle that let her have those things, not because she earned it. There is a difference.

      • whatevs says:

        and in regards to LeAnn buying Eddie a Porsche, she can afford it and whatever else, so it doesn’t matter.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        But if Brandi works and can afford it, she shouldn’t buy what she wants? Where is the logic? Whatever you think of her career, she has one. She works. What are her options, exactly? She’s making money in a way she wants to, an honest way, and keeps up her end of things. Her kids are well taken care of and since Eddie is without a job, I’m pretty sure Brandi is doing most of it. I don’t agree with every single thing Brandi does, but this kind of criticism is unfounded and silly.

  8. Samigirl says:

    I know how hard it is to be a single mom, and add to the difficulty of your child’s father not paying child support (or paying much, much lower than you need), so I respect a woman who is working to earn money. Maybe spray tan and chicken nuggets aren’t the most glamorous things she could be doing, but if it brings her a paycheck, then why not?

  9. eileen says:

    She looks fab as always and she earning her paycheck for her boys because thier father won’t work. Good for her.

  10. bruno says:

    Absolutely love her. Beautiful face & killer bod.

  11. sean says:

    Why not. The Kardashians would pose with road kill to make a buck. She looks great & has two boys to support. Not getting much from Ediot now that he can’t even land roles on cheesy Lifetime Movies & Uglean is performing at empty casinos..

  12. BW says:

    Um, I can see her vag in one of those photos. Please tell me those are undies.

    • Jezi says:

      Yes, those are undies or a bathing suit bottom…lol.

    • sian says:

      Oh please. Why do people call the external parts, the vulva, a vagina? The vagina is INTERNAL, you can’t see it from the OUTSIDE. Unless you mean the *entrance* to her vagina. In which case the labia would have to be parted for you to be able to see the entrance of the vagina. Its not a vagina, people! The vagina is INTERNAL. It can’t be seen from the outside. A woman’s private parts is called the vulva. At least get basic elementary school level anatomy correct. Stop calling it a vagina, when it is not.
      Here endeth grade 4 elementary school anatomy lesson.

  13. lil ole me says:

    They say when you are an “up and comer” in the industry to NEVER turn down any publicity job offer. I remember Kim K going to the opening of a Charmin Toilet paper bathroom in NY in 2007. Well Kim does have an amazing net worth now so it worked. Brandi looks like she’s having fun.
    BTW- this chick has a wing span of a Pro Baller!

  14. Sumodo1 says:

    I see London, I see…you know where I’m going with this.

  15. Risa says:

    Good god what was EC thinking when he cheated on her? She is gorgeous & funny. He’s stuck with an ugly lunatic….. for the time being.

  16. Heidi says:

    It’s the book I’m most looking forward to and the thing Leann must be dreading~though we should expect Leann to be ready with a preplanned retort.

  17. someone says:

    Would someone please tell Brandi to stop making the duckface when she is attempting to act sexy. Also, the picture showing her girl parts is tacky.

  18. Mirella says:

    I like her lack of verbal filter, it’s refreshing.

  19. Baylor says:

    Watch LeAnn talk about spray tanning and/or have the paps take pictures of her “spray tanning.” LOL!

    I think the reason that LeAnn so badly wanted to have Brandi sign a confidentiality agreement is to prevent her from writing this book/ a book. You know she will now make Tori Spelling-like comments about it. LeAnn is probably trying to do all in her power to stop it from coming out. I can’t wait to 1 ) Read the book and 2)See LeAnn’s crazy that will result from it’s release.

    • laQ says:

      I used to think she was decent looking, not anymore, she’s starting to look like the Joker. She should stop messing with her face. And her legs look like a scarecrows, she could do with a couple pounds on her frame.

      • sian says:

        Um, maybe you don’t realize this, but Brandi hasn’t done anything to her face.
        Why do people, when confronted with a truly beautiful woman, have to assume that its plastic surgery, as if no one can be that naturally beautiful? Is it to placate themselves that beautiful women aren’t natural? Why do people do this?

  20. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    She may be a moron-dude I finally broke down and watched the Party Episode in which she said Winston Churchill was black…DAMN even chicks in the hood know who Winston Churchhill is-but at least a bitch goes out and tries to earn money for her kids.

    What the f-ck is wrong with Deady Hangeron that he can’t support his kids by getting a job. Brandi is out there wh-ring herself for McBites while he mooches off of his evil wife.

  21. Diana says:

    Hat’s off to her for supporting her family. Here’s to Brandi and all the other strong single moms who do what it takes to pay the bills when the daddy drops the ball to pick up a glass of tequila.

  22. Nessa says:

    She is way less annoying than LeAnn. And way better looking. LeAnn looks creepy to me. She had crazy eyes, too. Totally fug.

  23. John Wayne Lives says:

    Always budget. Always embarrassing. I wonder if she got paid for her “wedding” too or if she just wh@red herself for free on that one.

  24. Rita says:

    Brandi’s on her own providing for her children. She’s making her way, good for her. If she can stay in the buzz, she’ll be fine. Women seem to respond to her. I know I do.

    As for Spray-Tan, brace yourself. The next time we see LeAnn she’ll look like Louis Gossett Jr. with broader shoulders. Sorry Lou baby, but its true.

  25. Heather says:

    I remember her being really pretty but now her face looks weird. Fillers?

  26. Peg says:

    I’m a fan. Glad she’s on the show and I wish her well.

  27. Heather M (Heather) says:

    I think Brandi looks a million times better on moving film than she does in still photos. She is gorgeous, but in photos something gets lost. I bet in person she is even more beautiful than TV.

    I appreciate her need to make money, but I think she should shoot way higher. She’d be great at a TV hosting gig of some sort, for example.

  28. MissyA says:


    Look, I know she’s a “friend” of the site, but she doesn’t have to have this lifestyle. She just wants to have it.

    Plenty of single mamas have deadbeat daddies for co-parents. And plenty of single mamas have legit jobs to pay the bills – jobs that don’t entail telling the world who you’re sleeping with, or posing like a porn star before a spray tan nozzle.

    This woman equates wealth with happiness, and to me, that will always, always make her budget.

    • the cheetah says:

      If you made 100k a year, got divorced, then had a choice of selling/modeling spray tans and being on a reality show and network to make that 100k again or be a makeup artist and bring home 30k what would ypu do? I bet she’s saving up cuz Eddies child support isn’t gonna last forever.

    • Jezi says:

      Hmmm let’s see she was a model for years before she met Eddie and then for 10 years she was a stay at home mom. She lived wealthy because her husband at the time was actually working and making a good living. Then he cheats on her, they split up and now when she’s close to 40 she has to find a way to make money to support herself. She wants to keep the boys and herself in the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to all those years and so she does what she can to bring in that type of money. Basically doing it on her own since her ex husband isn’t working and had the support cut. She can’t exactly do the same type of modeling she used to since she isn’t the age in which most agencies are looking to send her out on modeling gigs. She was going for her Real Estate license but took this opportunity instead. There really isn’t anything wrong with what she is doing.

      • Jen says:

        What is so bad about modeling for a spray tan. On twitter she talks about the products she uses & I buy them because she is honest & looks so damn good. Go Brandi. She’s making money for her family because her ex is an unemployed pig married to a has been singing reptile.

      • MissyA says:

        There’s nothing wrong with living simply and modestly.

        My SIL went from living in a million dollar McMansion to government subsidized housing after her divorce. Her kids were pulled from the expensive private schools and after-school programs, and *forced* to attend *gasp* public school. And you know what? I’ve known the little spoiled brats since they were in diapers, and they’re much better off for it. They’re making such strides emotionally, and I’m very proud of them as fine young adults. They have a roof over their heads, lots of friends to play with, and a proud, hardworking role model that loves and supports them very much. (While daddy puts their child support up his nose.)

        Personally, I’ve been the daughter of a single parent for longer than my parents were a family unit. I lived out of our family car for a month before moving into a scary, unfinished basement in Detroit. Later, we qualified for the dole, and my mother moved my sisters and I to government subsidized housing (in Detroit!). After her death, my father became the sole provider – and he did *everything* he could for us. . . despite losing his cushy job of 15 years during the divorce proceedings. We had roommates – sometimes there were as many as 5 adults and 7 kids living in my house on the weekends. Later, my dad took 3 jobs to support our family. We were poor, but happy. Because we knew we were loved. My father always made us a priority.

        I can’t say the same for Brandi. I’m sure she’ll say this is all for her children, but I sincerely doubt it. This is all for her. She won the freaking lottery – she has her dream job! She gets the role of a lifetime, the chance to play “the wronged woman” to a national audience. People relate to that, and I accept that. Hundreds of thousands of strong, beautiful woman get screwed over by their partners everyday, and my heart breaks for them. But I think she’s playing my wronged sisters for a paycheck, and I find that deplorable.

        The fame, the money, the recognition. . . none of these things can give her kids happiness or emotional support. They’re just an excuse. A canned response.

        I don’t know. I find her incredibly disingenuous. Maybe it’s because I’m “jelly” or a “hater”, but the majority of single parents I’ve known don’t try to garner sympathy for a twitter following.

        Wonder if child support pays for her nannies. . .

      • Jezi says:

        Missy I’m sorry you experienced what you did but you do not know this woman and believe me, she was quite fine being a stay at home mom. She had her world turned upside down and basically just played the hand that was dealt to her. To think that she doesn’t want what’s best for her kids is ridiculous. I’m sure if she had her choice, she would have her family back in tact and have the life she was comfortable living for the past 13 years. If we all were given the opportunity to do what she’s doing, most of us would. I would take what she’s doing over flipping burgers any day of the week.

      • Brigitte says:

        I just have to smirk when people trot out the ‘keep the lifestyle he/she is accustomed to’ explanation for plain and simple greed and the desire for ultra pampered living. NO ONE has to have 10K to 50K a month to raise children (what a lot of ‘celeb’ exes get for child support), whether you make it on your own shilling every cheesy product that comes your way or get it from your ex. I raised 3 kids as a single parent with a heck of a lot less than that. Give me a break.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        Ambition is a good thing, how is a person working a job perceived as greedy? When you’re a parent, the things you do have an impact on your kids by default.

        Who cares if Brandi wants nice things, she’s not on welfare, she’s not living on my dime. She’s a mom, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a person. There’s college to save up for, and retirement too, life is short. It’s good she isn’t sitting around waiting for Prince Charming.

        It’s like people think she should know her place, and that she, and her kids don’t deserve the best she can provide. When her C/S was cut 95% of the comments were “Get a job!”, but not too good of a job? And, please let us not forget that C/S is for the kids, not the parent. California just plugs the income from both parents into a computer program, and it spits out a number. The only reason LeAnn HAS to pay EC’s C/S is because he refuses to work.

    • brin says:

      She’s making an honest living for her two sons since her cheating ex can’t/won’t get a job. Shame on him, not her.

    • MissyA says:

      Ladies, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

      It’s not that I don’t respect hardworking single parents, I just don’t respect Brandi Glanville.

      Peace and love!

    • Snowflake says:

      She enjoys the attention, she doesn’t have to be in the public eye to make money for her kids. It worked out well for her, being cheated on, otherwise nobody would know who she is.

  29. Jayna says:

    She’s a pretty woman and usually photographs nicely, but these photos aren’t flattering in the least. And her legs look beige, not a sun-kissed tan. It doesn’t help for sales. They need to give her a golden tan.

  30. skuddles says:

    Okay what’s going on with her hiking her dress way up like that – do we really need to see her gotch?? Her desperation makes me cringe.

  31. Baylor says:

    Missy A,
    You realize that if Brandi lived in subsidized housing and sent the kids to public school that LeAnn&Eddie would fight to get full custody and probably get it right? They would use that fact to make Brandi’s life hell. LeAnn’s fans would use that to taunt Brandi even more. So, it’s only smart of Brandi to provide the best life she can for her kids and herself. Doing so is one less weapon that LE&ED can use against her.
    The reason most single moms don’t do what she does, is because they can’t/don’t have those opportunities. I have a hard time believing that your SIL wouldn’t have been willing to model/advertise for spray tan or chicken nuggets if given the chance. Living on the dole/government isn’t something to aim for or be proud of. I’m just happy Brandi doesn’t have to be on it.

  32. whatevs says:

    Ew, nice leopard panties vag shot.

  33. gag says:

    Leann Lamb Chop must already be yaving a fit about these pics. She posted on Tweeter this morning that she was on the beach for the day. Get ready for some sessy bikini pics! She just xant get over the fact that Brandi’s body is built for that look amd heres isnt. She did herself a disservice by getting implants, too. They point opposite ways and they make her look, in certain pics, like she has a apple shape – heavy upper body and little stick legs. Again, whaf a moron to squeeze and pry and bend herself into a look that just isnt her.

  34. Baylor says:

    Btw, Brandi having an audience/fame/fans IS some sort of protection from LeAnn and Eddie. Her being a public figure and the money that comes with it, makes it less likely that Le&Ed will try some of their shady stunts. If/when they do, Brandi can make it known and they are more likely to “change their minds.” If not, then that “not needed” money will go towards paying lawyers to defend her rights. Because yes, she would need a big name expensive lawyer in order to fight the ones LeAnn & Eddie have.
    Once again, if Brandi was living in subsidized housing and completely out of the public eye, hell, I don’t even want to know what kind of evil Le&Ed would be doing right now.

    • Heidi says:

      I soooo agree with that. It has stopped them dead in their tracks, stymied their diabolical plans…like going for full custody and other bull.

    • suburbanblisful says:

      Public housing and public schools are not grounds for losing custody. Public opinion is not a factor in custody suits. But, substance abuse, addict roommates, and sex in a kid’s bed might be something the judge would look at.

      • Baylor says:

        Sure, that isn’t grounds in most cases. However, this is LeAnn and Eddie we are talking about. They would go on and on comparing a public housing scenario to their home. Constantly saying that Brandi can’t provide for their kids and look what they can, etc.

        Trust me, if Brandi had a real substance abuse problem Le and Ed would have gone for custody by now.

        Also, it’s may not always be the case, but many times there can be/ is shady dealings in gov. Housing. Not the best environment for kids. You can bet L&R know that and would use it against her.

      • Jezi says:

        First off, she doesn’t have a substance abuse problem, secondly Jennifer is a former addict, been sober 6 years and is a sober living counselor, and I don’t recall you being in her bedroom that night she tweeted that pic. It was a joke! And there is pictures of Eddie and Leann having a heck of a good time laughing on the beach with alcoholic beverages in hand when they were with the kids. So please stop with the accusations.

      • Dawn says:

        I do not believe all that Leann and Eddie say about the substance abuse. 1. If Eddie was so concerned why did he not take the kids at the beginning if that were the case. Instead he went on to move in with a mistress and going out publicly having fun starting a new relationship instead of focusing on getting his kids to safety. They should come first, before the mistresses don’t you think? 2. If it is as bad as they say by now they would have already taken the kids because they have the the money and the expensive lawyers to do so. They do not have any proof cause it all is not true. Yes her friend HAD a drug problem and battled and now is helping others battle it. This is not a reason to take custody from a mother. As far as the picture, well look at the video of Leann and Eddie skanking around on their spouses. No they have nothing.

  35. Heidi says:

    @jezi You seem to know more about Brandi than most anyone else…can you tell me if she is aware of-or at least suspicious of- Leann’s & Eddie’s underhanded machinations to sideline her or take the boys away? I ask because she seems too trusting and forgiving wanting peace for her children.

  36. Baylor says:

    Hell, I wonder if LeAnn/Eddie have done anything to stop her from getting her book out already. She has been vocal about it so, it’s not like they don’t know, just wondering if they have tried anything yet. If they haven’t, I bet they will soon…

  37. Mich says:

    Yasis, fan girls, I love you but give it a rest with the Saint Brandi Campaign. Lots of us are single moms working like dogs to raise children and keep food on the table. I am largely in her corner despite (and perhaps because of) the fact that she loves to embrace The Tacky. ‘Supporting the children’ really doesn’t need to be brought up every single f’ing time she does something arguably tacky that gets covered on this site. At this point, I think we all get it. Blah, blah, blah, she is just doing what she needs to do to support her children, blah, blah, blah…

  38. Bella Bella says:

    No judgement! The girl has to make money and take care of her boys because her ex husband is such a douche bag. I’m sending Brandi big giant puffy hearts and x’s and o’s.

  39. noyb says:

    What on earth was Gerard Butler thinking?

  40. Jennifer12 says:

    Love or hate Brandi, I am not sure why people are offended by her making money in an honest way. Who cares if she shills for McBites or spray tans? She’s bringing in money. If she lived off the government, then she’d be living off of honest citizens and people would vilify her. Who cares what she works at as long as she HAS A JOB? She is not an actress and her modeling options are limited. Let her take what honest work she can get- what’s the problem with that? She’s buying her own handbags; no one is buying them for her. I work one full time job and two part time jobs and it’s all for my kids, but if I want to buy a pair of Uggs, who is anyone to tell me not to? She isn’t crying poverty, is the point- she is going out and getting work. Her ex-husband can’t be supporting her since his only job in a while is posing in bedsheets. So she’s supporting herself. What is the problem with that?

  41. Miss Lafleur says:

    She is HOT, funny, and down to earth! Love her on RH!

  42. Stephanie says:

    Is shilling spray tans and McDonald’s her dream job? Probably not, but she probably needs the extra money and she needs the exposure.

    Love her or hate her, Brandi has become the breakout star of the RHOBH this season. As such, we viewers expect and dare I say, demand, that she LOOK like a RHOBH. We want to see our housewives in ridiculously expensive clothes. We want them tanned, tucked, fixed and fancy. They better be bikini ready at the drop of the hat. They all wear 6 inch heels and designer labels.

    Brandi went in to this gig with almost NONE of that because K-Ed chose to reduce his support so that he can keep Leann’s money for his vacations and Don Julio. He sure seems to be completely unemployable at this point even if he wanted to get off his kept ass and try to get a real job.

    Unlike Camille, Brandi didn’t get untold millions in her divorce. Unlike, Lisa, Kyle and Adrienne, she doesn’t have family money or a working spouse that can supply her with the lifestyle that TV viewers expect.

    Is spray-tanning gig JUST for the kids? Of course it isn’t. But look at it this way, not only does she get paid for this gig, you know she is getting free tans. She is taking a side-job that benefits what has been her real job as a RHOBH.

    From my point of view, she IS thinking of her kids first as every job she takes like this just shows that she doesn’t spend the money she gets from K-Ed on these things.

  43. GG says:

    OMG, Falcor is tweeting Simon Cowell and EW cause she wants to be a judge on X Factor!!! Words fail me, what an idiot!

  44. Karma says:

    LOL…Taylor, the-sold-my-story-before-hubby-was-cold, said that Brandi was filterless.

    Brandi tells it like it is and made a broken leg look damn sexy. Those ladies can’t stand the fact that she is gorgeous and honest. Both of which scare most of the Housewives.

    Some of these photos of her aren’t so great (photographer’s fault)…but even her bad photos are better than a normal person’s bad pics. The camera loves her.

    And I agree, both could stand to gain a few pounds, but LuAnn is killing herself trying to mimic Brandi’s natural body type. I feel sorry for LuAnn, and her odd looks, trying to compete with such a stunning woman.

  45. Mimi says:

    Eddie went from sugar to sh!t…
    He left THIS for THAT!

  46. Ash says:

    Is Jezi Brandi’s spokesperson?

  47. Ima says:

    She is working for her money, nothing wrong with that!! I do however wish she will be more filtered so that she can get the right type of jobs. As a single mum myself, i love her and i wish her all the best.

  48. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    I’ll take “Filterless” over fake any day, but that’s just me.

    I wont hate on a mother, who’s working to support her family, both LovE-ing parents should be busting ass to support those kids. Brandi’s just exercising her duty to support her kids especially since it seems the other parent Eddie, is on permanent hiatus from REALITY.

    This may explain that whole “bonus” mom thing though, apparently these kids don’t have a father, unless you count that worm floating around the bottom of that bottle of Don Pedro.

  49. Snowflake says:

    Milk it, brandi! you got cheated on how long ago? poor baby, have you considered prostitution? it’s ok w us,you’re just working to raise your babies! Poor baby, cheated on! and a single mom! how ever do you do it? cry me a river, it happens all the time, women get cheated on, it doesn’t change her abrasive fame whore personality . but i guess once you get a taste of the good life, it’s hard to work like us common folk. maybe her and kate gosselin can get a reality show together. sorry she’s trashy, imo.

  50. Stonegoddess says:

    Jezi is a friend of Brandi and sticks up for her against the lies abuse that is hurled at her by Leann, Eddie and all of their hangers on.

    I would expect anyone to stand up for their friend when they see them being abused. We all need people in our corner when the going gets tough.

    Jezi speaks because if Brandi started to stand up for herself it would get worse for her.

    Brandi is luck to have friends like Jezi in her life.

  51. charity says:

    I think she is a beautiful woman inside and out. She is trying to make a living since her ex is unemployed and living off his sugar mama. Who’s fault is it that he is unemployable? Leann and Mr Leann,that is who, tanked their careeras. Now, Eddies JOB is to fetch water and meds for Leann when she is in horrible pain from whatever the heck ails her. In return Leann buys him a new porsche. At least we do know that Eddie bought Brandis rings when he married her and Leann bought her own rings when she trapped him into marrying her. Leann will be here shortly under a new name to make snide, nasty comments. Or, maybe ame jean, at least all Brandis supporters use their own name

  52. the original bellaluna says:

    Brandi is working to support her kids, bottom line.

    She’s not stripping; she’s not hooking; she’s not doing anything that would shame her sons or herself.

    Show me a single mother who wouldn’t do the same (if the opportunity presented itself) to support her kids.

  53. Ima says:

    Al least she is not living of anyone unlike MR Leann Rimes!!

  54. Baylor says:

    This is what I don’t get:
    So, Leann can spend her money anyways she wants because she “worked for it” but Brandi can’t buy whatever she wants with the money that she has earned? Okay…

    Then Brandi is seen as a moocher because she expects child support.So, when she gets a job on Housewives that is not acceptable. She does paid gigs and that is not acceptable either. She was studying for her real estate license and that wasn’t acceptable for some either.Heaven only knows what will be said once the book comes out.

    Words/Phases like “working at McDonalds,” “dole”,”subsidized housing” are thrown around. It’s like they WANT Brandi to be constantly struggling and to be miserable. Only LeAnn can be happy! And what may I ask has Brandi done to them? NOTHING! Heck, she didn’t invite LeAnn into her life.

    All she has ever done is not made it easy for LeAnn and Eddie to make the public forget their sins.

    I think they just want to justify Leann’s actions soo badly that they would have an easier time of that if Brandi was a miserbale person who lived on the public dime. Then, if Leann and Eddie tried to get full custody, they could also justify that to themselves. They hate it that Brandi doesn’t make things easy for LeAnn and Eddie to do whatever they feel like.

  55. charity says:

    speaking of paid jobs, Eddie could get a job as trainer to the stars, as an interpreter since leann says he speaks Spanish or how about hiring on at Wal-mart, they are always looking for greeters. He coulos stand there shirtless since thats all he does any more and say WELCOME TO WALMART. think he could handle that.

  56. Stephanie says:

    I like Brandi. She is so beautiful. I imagine the pressure in Hollywood is pretty unbelievable, but I wish she would stop messing with her face.

  57. dagneytaggart says:

    I see London, I see France….

  58. Baylor says:

    BWAH, Jenna Jameson tweeted that she LOVES LeAnn.I just lost all respect for Jenna. LOL!

    Also, for those that haven’t seen it:

    Brandi also had a messsage for some people that posted on this thread on twitter.

  59. Jennifer12 says:

    This is surreal. The woman has a paying job, an honest one, and is being judged for WORKING?? Enough already! Why would you want public housing if you didn’t have to? How asinine is this? Why would you take public assistance if you didn’t have to? If you can make a lot of money off your looks, what is the damn issue? You don’t like her job? Don’t watch. You’re not paying her salary. People make dumb movies, model in swimwear- who freaking cares? Making an honest living is not something you should be debating. She is not in porno or posing nude. Why is it offensive if she takes money from McD’s or a spray tan place? Who is she hurting? She shows up, does what she is supposed to, and gets paid. It’s called a job.

  60. Baylor says:

    This is also what I’ve noticed. LeAnn fans call for Brandi to live modestly and to not be greedy. To get a “real job.” However, does anyone ever call for LeAnn to do the same? Does anyone ever say that she needs to get “a real job”? Afterall, LeAnn has tons of money already. Shouldn’t she just do things for free now? Isn’t she just being greedy now? Of course not! No one ever says that.

    I’m a firm believer that anyway you make your money, as long as it’s legal, and doesn’t directly hurt anyone else is your business. I don’t care as long as your not living on my dime. People should also spend their money however they like including on luxeries.

    Brandi IS living off “her looks and ex-marriage.” However, LeAnn is living off her voice, a thing she was born with. Yes, she worked very hard once upon a time. She hasn’t worked nearly that hard in ages though. I always have to giggle at her fans acting like she cured cancer at age 13 or is a brain surgeon saving lives the way they talk about her work ethic.

    Again, let Leann “work” as much as she wants to and spend her money anyway she wants. However, people need to give Brandi the same amount of leeway/respect to Brandi.

  61. becky says:

    soo does brandi really get sprayed at infinity sun or what?
    if not than where?