Jennifer Aniston wears Chanel for her Walk of Fame ceremony: cute or church-y?

I have been properly chastised by the Aniston-loonies! Except not really. You have to understand, in mind, I was complimenting Jennifer Aniston’s animated, sober-ish, “breasticle”-dropping performance on Chelsea Lately two nights ago. I guess it wasn’t taken that way, though. So let’s see if I can be nicer to Jennifer this morning! These are new pics of Aniston at her Walk of Fame ceremony yesterday in Hollywood. I thought she already did this, but that was last year’s Grauman’s Chinese Theater hand-and-footprint ceremony. For this one, she got her star! I’m actually surprised she didn’t already have a star – some really cheesy people got their stars before Aniston.

Aniston wore Chanel for the event – it’s not her usual style, which is nice. The hemline is not grazing her biscuits, which I appreciate. It actually seems rather conservative and church-y to me. I think I’m coming down on… liking it? Sort of. I think the print is kind of tacky, but I like the cut and the vibe.

Adam Sandler was at the event, and he gave a speech about Aniston too. I get that Adam is a “regular guy” and all, but do you think he could have managed to wear a button-down shirt and take the gum out of his mouth? That’s just disrespectful to the event, and to his friend. Aniston’s producing partner Kathryn Hahn was there too, as was Aniston’s latest costar, Malin Akerman. Oh, and Jennifer’s dad was there too, and she happily posed for photos with him. She did not pose for photos with Justin Theroux, though. Justin was wearing his hipster “fancy” uniform – skinny jeans, white button down, skinny black tie. Basically, he wore the same thing to her Grauman’s event last year too. Note that John Aniston and Justin are sitting beside each other! That’s nice. Truly. Also nice? Theroux has given up his itty-bitty dude-bangs trauma. Huzzah!

In her speech, Aniston told the crowd that she was “extremely flattered, humbled, nervous and excited” to be honored and “It feels very surreal to be honest. I was born here and it’s sort of something you went and saw as a kid and got excited about just walking and seeing the names. To imagine that you’re going to be there is really special. It’s fun.”

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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    • CC says:

      I adore her. She is beautiful, smart, and humble. She looked stunning, very fresh and youthful.

    • Maguita says:

      Oh Kaiser, you made me laugh. You sounded like you were sucking on a very sour candy! But I’m sure, like all the other popular bloggers, you’ll get over the criticism. I for one, had often told Enty to stop being a sexist pig. And have told Michael K to ease up on the Rihanna hate. And we are still on very good terms. It’s part of what makes a blog, a great blog: when comments are diverse, and you are thick skinned enough to take the bad with the good. That is how you get the numbers going, by encouraging great comments, for or against.

      That being said, Jennifer looks good! I love her very appropriate dress, the beautiful hair, and the naturally wrinkled forehead!

      But oh, not the shoes. She has to stop wearing those 1990′s shoes. Honest. And for the bf, good for her, but why has he been there for so many important milestones. It is like they had the “talk”, and they are committed.

  1. rosa says:

    she could be pregnant and wear such patterns to hide it , but i like it so much

  2. Maya says:

    Congratulations to her. I think her dress is pretty; like you said, it’s not really her usual style, but it works.

  3. paola says:

    I might be wrong but i detect a gay vibe in Justin, maybe is all the fake tan and the groomed brows but he seems really feminine to me. Jennifer seems really sweet and grounded in that speech

  4. Nessa says:

    LOVe the dress! She always gets the shoes wrong, though. She looks great, though. And congrats to her.

  5. chichi says:

    It’s so refreshing to see a 40-something actress that hasn’t pumped her face full of botulism. The orange tinge is a little off putting, but she still looks great.

  6. spinner says:

    Nice to see pics of Jen with her Dad. I wonder how her Mom is doing…would’ve been nice for her to be there too. Justin is looking his hot self.
    Oh…love this dress & for once her little strappy shoes work!!

  7. Jayna says:

    I love it. Photos don’t do how fresh and pretty she looked in it. A morning show had footage of it and it really was pretty on her.

  8. Esmom says:

    She looks great, I like the more modest hemline. And it makes sense since she had to crouch down to touch her star.

    Adam S is appalling here. Of all her co-star friends, why him? Paul Rudd would have been a much better choice. And he would have dressed appropriately, I’m sure.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Yeah. Adam, what are you doing there in a t shirt? Not cool.

    • Karma says:

      Yeah, Adam is looking a little rough. I think she choose him because he worked up a funny speech.

      Something about the trifecta and her hair being in the punch line. It was a funny line, didn’t see the speech though just read that quote.

      And not that Rudd isn’t funny and couldn’t have risen to the challenge, but Adam has all those great MTV Movie Award acceptance speeches that are always hilarious.

      Anyway, that’s probably why she choose Adam over Paul Rudd. Or maybe Rudd was busy and Adam came instead….who knows.

  9. shruti says:

    Does anybody think Adam Sandler and J.A look pretty cute here together?

  10. Wendy says:

    Looks like there are a couple of ladies behind (to the left) Aniston who look thrilled to be talking to Justin.

  11. Jill says:

    I like both the dress and the shoes; very pretty and appropriate for the occasion. I wish she would do something — anything — different with her hair.

  12. Lisa says:

    No fan, but really LOVE he entire look. Pretty and appropriate.

  13. lover says:

    dress would work a little shorter, it looks like church wear for sure

  14. Shay Kay says:

    I’m not a big fan of prints but I love the length, style, and especially the peek-a-boo back. She’s definitely doing a more conservative look with this dress and the black/white number at the premier. She pulls this off nicely as well although I’d like to see it in a solid color or with color blocking.
    Sandler and her do kind of look cute together, probably because they are actually friends and seem very relaxed and invested in the friendship.
    I hope things do work out with Justin as they seem to be very happy together. Initially I wasn’t much on him but he’s grown on me. I can actually see them staying together and that’s alot more than I’ve thought of her chances with Vince, Paul, or John.Well time will tell.

  15. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I never would have chosen this style for her but she looks really nice! It’s definitely a departure from her usual CK/simple-sexy style. I’m starting to like her and Justin together. They seems happy.

  16. Maya says:

    Jeez, it looks like K-Mart print to me.
    I know and have read that Karl gets his ideas from just about everywhere, but this is taking it too far.

  17. birdie says:

    Her hair looks GREAT! Reminds me of her as Rachel. Love her haircolor,too. She looks so much better with darker hair.

  18. Asli says:

    Dress is maybe an inch too long but it looks fine and fresh. Her dad is Victor! Bah! I wish she would change up her hair and make-up.

    Great job, Kaiser! Nothing the fans should get upset over.

  19. Mac says:

    Jenn makes modest and appropriate look very intriguing.

    Sandler looks like a slob.

  20. vaylont says:

    The dress is pretty but the shoes are horrendous on her. I think her pinkies are trying to escape and for god’s sake someone rip that toe ring off her foot. Wearing Chanel with a toe ring is just wrong.

  21. JulieM says:

    I think she looks terrific, and also very happy.

  22. Jackie says:

    i think she looks like a soccer mom who is dressed to go to a wedding! those shoes are hideous…they look like they are from walmart.

  23. Vicki says:

    That is a very Anna Wintour dress, and in fairness, Jen would kick her ass in any Who Wore It Better, right?

  24. Mara says:

    She looks very appropriate for the event its a very nice dress very young looking woman.

  25. Jackson says:

    I am no JA fan but she looks especially good in these pics. The hair looks fabulous and she looks like maybe she got a little sun – more than usual maybe? The dress is fine, if a little church-y. I like it though.

  26. Maria says:

    she needs extensions. she is average looking and take away her hair and you wouldn’t look at her twice. her hair is what makes her attractive and what she was always known for. remember when her hair was shorter and she became even more plain? while she is still young enough, she best keep it least two more years or so.

  27. BW says:

    You don’t earn a Star on the Walk of Fame. You BUY one. Anyone can get one. Just pay your $30,000 to the city and they carve up the sidewalk for you. I was very unimpressed with everyone who’s gotten one after I found that out.

  28. Original Chloe says:

    Chanel or not, this print looks like an 80s couch. I like the idea of a summery dress instead of an evening one for the occasion; not crazy about the extensions. But her smile seems genuine and they all look happy.

  29. Stubbylove says:

    Don’t like the dress choice but she looks great and good for her. Victor Kiriakis!

  30. mln76 says:

    I love her Dad. Oh and a star is basically paid for by the recipient when they get one they have to agree to pay for the upkeep even after death. So alot of big names aren’t interested anymore.

  31. ERM says:

    The dress is ok, different from her usual and she does look happy.

    Was Courtney Cox there or have they fallen out?

  32. Aiobhan says:

    I totally forgot that her father was on Days of Our Lives. For some reason I find that hilarious. Anyway it is cute but like some other people the shoes are wrong for this outfit. Not ugly but not best dressed of the week.

  33. Calli P says:

    Ha! She learned from her last ceremony to choose a dress which is more ‘bend-over’ friendly. Good job!

  34. Cathy says:

    I like the shoes and the dress. I could never wear those shoes though, I would fall flat on my face.

  35. Chatcat says:

    The whole outfit screams CLASSY! Nice job Jen.

  36. Heine says:

    I think she looks lovely and happy. I’m not a fan of the pattern on the dress but its appropriate for a daytime event.

    To those muttering about ‘buying’ a star. You have to be nominated, a 20 person committee votes to let you be on the Walk of Fame, and the star doesn’t usually pay for it-it is typically a studio or corporation that is promoting something or the other.

    The Twilight kids don’t have stars, by the way. They left their handprints and footprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

  37. Eagle says:

    I think she looks great, tasteful and appropriate. But I’m really surprised that NO ONE HAS NOTICED THAT SHE AND JUSTIN ARE BOTH WEARING THE EXACT SAME RING ON THIER LEFT HAND. I noticed his ring yesterday on the Ellen clip,you can see a bit of it in the photo of him next to her Dad. Its clear in her photo’s. Hmmmmmmm good for them !!!!!

  38. Isa says:

    Well, at least it isnt’ black or biscuit grazing.
    Ummmm, her eyebrows look nice. Justin has obviously started doing them for her.

  39. Lucky Charm says:

    At least her dress is age and event appropriate this time.

  40. thethinker says:

    JA looks very good. Love this look!

  41. Jaxx says:

    She’s honored? By whom? I always thought you had to purchase the thing yourself? I don’t think anyone “bestows” it on you.

  42. SolitaryAngel says:

    Holy Croggled Toes, Batman! Yikes

  43. JudyK says:

    That dress looks like what my Grandma used to call a “house dress.”

    I HATE the way JA dresses.

  44. marie says:

    It is ugly! It is something a granny would buy from Walmart. Come on people!!!

  45. Agnes says:

    didn’t she do this a few months ago, while wearing some flowery dress? or was that something different?

  46. Katie says:

    Churchy and totally unflattering. It looks horrible on her.

  47. nikzilla37 says:

    I like the dress itself but the print is awful.

  48. Kim says:

    Apparantly they just hand out stars to anyone these days. It used to be for big screen legends/Oscar winner types but now sitcom stars get them? Makes them not so special anymore.

    • shannon says:

      Because you and all your friends have one too, right? I know, I have one and so do most of my friends. Half the kids in my 4-year-old son’s pre-school have one, it’s crazy. They really need to leave those for people who are actually famous and have an actual body of work to back them up, geeze. I mean, I’m not even sure who this girl is, I’ve never heard of her. It’s just sad, really.

      • Katherine says:

        Now why would anyone not in the industry have one. The point which you fail to overlook in your race to rebut reality is that it is not an “honor” but a PR tool. Any studio or decent agency can get one for a star who really wants one. As has been said most of the bigger stars and serious actors nowadays aren’t interested.

        It is interesting and probably sad that her mother is left out of all this. I never believed the reconciliation was real anyway. Seemed more for image control. There was too much venom for too long over such a silly thing for that not to be Aniston’s true nature.

      • Heine says:

        Katherine: Do you actually know why Aniston and her mother have issues with each other? It wasnt something silly.

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      There was a time when getting a “star” was more exclusive, but it was always applied for, voted on, and paid for by a studio, or agency representing the celeb. A studio wouldn’t put up money for just anyone, it was huge PR for the celeb they represented. The public just developed a misconception about it, and Hollywood didn’t mind the misconception, it’s a huge part of their tourism just like Grauman’s. It certainly isn’t a bad thing, maybe a bit misleading.

  49. Anguishedcorn says:

    I dislike that dress, extremely. Reminds me of the Laura Ashley dresses so popular when I was in high school.

  50. BELLA says:

    Justin dressed like the FBI,her ?…

  51. Amanda says:

    I love the dress. Where I’m from it would probably be considered too “modern” for church.

  52. Skipper says:

    I’m so effing sick of those hideous shoes! She wears them whenever her outfit calls for a nude shoe – terrible. She desperately needs an updated nude shoe. She also has a black strappy pair that she wears constantly and needs to retire those ones too.

  53. Hypocricy says:

    Her dress, sandals and hair are finE to me. It’s much better than the tiny weeny trashy mini she often sports.

    This looks is elegant and suits her better.

    • zenb!tch says:

      I don’t like her but she wears those minis at night she (embarrassed pause)dresses like most of LA’s Gen X women in the daytime: jeans, shorts, capris the occasional slacks. I’m actually shocked I’ve never seen her in leggings.

      This dress is cringe worthy old lady but Chanel is Chanel. A shorter sundress would be cuter.

  54. Diane says:

    UGLY dress, cute girl. The print is way too matronly.

  55. Máiréad says:

    Yay, for once she’s not inviting the world to be her gynaecologist!

    It’s a lovely, event-appropriate dress. Perhaps it being an inch or two higher to just under the knee would stop it from becoming too mumsy, but it’s still a great upgrade to most of the trash she wears lately.

  56. Amy says:

    Aw, Victor Kiriakis looks so proud!

  57. Runs with Scissors says:

    Yes, you have to pay for this great “honor.”

    They must be very worried about Wanderlust to delay the release, have Justin dancing like a trained orange monkey on Ellen, have Aniston’s people dropping “full-frontal nudity!” rumors, then retracting, and now this…

    Big names missing from the walk: Clint Eastwood, Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, Sean Connery, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Leonard Dicaprio, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, Al Pacino, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Robert Redford, David Lean, Diane Keaton, Denzel Washington and Woody Allen…

    And yet, “well-known lingerie models” have stars, so suck it Robert DeNiro! Lol.

  58. anytime says:

    last year when she was pressing her hands onto the cement she wore a dress which was eerily similar to this. why go and recycle that concept again? i wonder what she’s trying to accomplish with this. you know that all the stuff she’s been doing in the past 2 years were extremely calculated. oh and i dislike everything that karl has been doing lately. it seems like the hand bags are the only thing worth buying from chanel anymore.

  59. thatsh*tcray says:

    She has always had the WORST taste in shoes…

  60. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    Awww, her dad looks so proud, I love that pic. Her dress is cut well, but the fabric reminds me of bed sheets, still looks good on her, hate the shoes.

  61. lisa says:

    I wonder why Courteney was not there. And after over 10 years of friendship why have they not been seen together in 2 years. I get that people are busy. but they were together weekly when Courteney was married, but now that she is not nothing.

    I get that people will say oh people have busy lives. But when did their lives get so busy. They spent every weekend together. YET there is not one picture to my knowledge of Jen/Justin and Courteney. lots with Handler. But not her reported BFF. Now I only say that because that had been the title for years. And I don’t recall seeing any pictures of Courteney with Jen/Handler. NO vacations or dinners out. Courteney was talking about how she has dinners with friends. no mention of Aniston.

    Funny how no one comments on this.. I find it funny and I don’t care what anyone says. Something is up.

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      The thought has crossed my mind, maybe CC can’t stand Chelsea, and who could blame her? :D

    • Hypocricy says:

      I beleive David taking a public swipe at Aniston for her constant presence in their marriage and the pressure it involved impliying her partial responsability in its demsise has cooled off their once close relationship.

      Nor Aniston nor her PR answered those accusations and after that we never saw CC and Aniston together in public. Maybe Aniston didn’t appreciate it, maybe there were some heating discussion in private between those three but neither Aniston, nor CC did say anything about David’s accusations.

      I don’t think they are not friends anymore. I beleive they are not BFF anymore while maybe Aniston has learned her lesson and feel more at ease being more present in single girlfriends’ life than those who have families and need more privacy.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        Oh, I never heard about that. In my opinion only the two involved in the marriage can break it up. How childish of David to blame anyone else.

        I think that JA probably had fun with Chelsea, since they were both single when they met. That’s sad if Jen’s not friends with CC anymore.

  62. Runs with Scissors says:

    Frosted Blue eyeliner + toe ring + Chanel= Klassy.

    Ok, but honestly, she looks very nice in that dress, it’s not cut up to her hooch or down to her knobs, she looks very nice.

  63. zenb!tch says:

    Chanel has always been very old lady to me. My mom who is 79 would rock this.

  64. zenb!tch says:

    Does the BF dye his hair and brows black? It looks less natural than Motley Manson

  65. Karma says:

    Those rings….lol…they still make me laugh. It’s just so Jr high school…but worse…needy and insecure jr high.

    Anyway, I followed Kaiser’s link back to the story on Jennifer’s previous honor at the Chinese Theater. And there’s Justin with his ring finger hand, placed almost vertically on top of his other hand….posing for the cameras.

    What dude does that? They were clearly fishing for buzz with those embarrassing rings. He’s like the newly engaged starlet, showing off his rock, but executed with all the subtly of a sledgehammer.

  66. Huh says:

    That RAG is Chanel?! Looks like a clearance item at Fashion Bug. Yuck.

  67. Dredz says:

    “Hottest woman of all time” title, Graumann’s print, and now Walk of Fame star… Ahhh if only an Oscar/Bafta/Palm d’Or could be paid for

  68. kira says:

    She’s so “flattered, humbled and honored”? Oh, please, dearie. Like she and her PR team didn’t plan this out? She did the same thing with the handprint ceremony right before her last movie. Her PR tactics are so predictable: semi-nude photos, talking about her private life, and some attention-getting stunt. CNN called her on it. So fake.

  69. Ogechi says:

    Jennifer Aniston is my idol, my inspiration, an icon. I adore her, I smile whenever I see her picture or on TV. She is beautiful & I’m so glad that she is wearing this dress. To show that anything fits her. God bleSs her.

  70. ASFan says:

    Regarding Sandler’s attire and gum, if you had watched his speech which I’m guessing you didn’t, he put his gum on the podium before he started his speech and made a crack that he wore his “best t-shirt” for the event.

  71. blonde on the dock says:

    The dress is really quite pretty. The photos don’t do it justice. Cant say I really like the shoes. As usual the worst pictures are on this site. I have seen other photos that are much more flattering. She looks really pretty. The only thing I find boring about her is the same old posters on here hating away trying to convince themselves and the rest of the world she is the spawn of satan.

  72. sullivan says:

    Her face is quite orange. Like her little man friend’s face was the other night. Despite all the work, her face is catching up with her voice. Her boozy, nicotine damaged voice is ugly. She actually cackles when she laughs. When she and Handler chat it’s like listening to two old crones discuss their evil spells.

  73. Em says:

    She looks much like she did at the Grauman’s ceremony. Good for her I guess.