Jessica Simpson and fiance fight over whether she’ll have a c-section or a natural birth

Last month, In Touch reported that Jessica Simpson had dropped out of Lamaze pregnancy preparation classes and had scheduled a c-section with her obstetrician. According to In Touch, Jessica realized during Lamaze that natural childbirth wasn’t for her at all. Plus her sister Ashlee had three days of labor when she gave birth to her son, and Jessica wanted to avoid all that. Well apparently Jessica’s childbirth decision isn’t sitting well with her fiance, Eric Johnson, who wants her to have medication-free water birth. Johnson is a committed vegan and I would bet this story is true.

As Jessica Simpson’s due date approaches [she] is butting heads with fiance Eric Johnson over how she should give birth.

The 31 year-old… wants a C-Section but her… beau thinks she should deliver naturally, says sources…

“Jessica initially wanted a natural birth but changed her mind,” a source close to the star told The Enquirer. “And now she’s fighting with Eric about the delivery.

“He thinks the baby should have a natural water birth, while she wants to have a C-section so she doesn’t have to deal with a prolonged labor or pain.

“She’s tired of carrying the baby, feeling boated and experiencing the usual inconveniences of being pregnant.

“And with the hormones really kicking in, Jessica put her foot down. If she wants a C-section, I am sure she’ll get one.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, March 5, 2012]

Late last year, The Enquirer reported that Jessica was planning for a home birth and a vegan upbringing for her baby. Thankfully she reporedly gave up the idea of raising the child vegan, if this story is accurate. I buy that she also changed her mind on childbirth and was like “hell no” and that Eric is pushing back. Jessica is having the damn baby, not Eric. He can give his input but he better respect her position when it comes to a decision as personal as childbirth.

The Enquirer also adds the detail that Jessica is due on March 27. All she’s said about it is that she’s having “a spring baby.” (That’s at the end of this video.) There’s also news that Jessica is having a girl! She told Billy Bush that she didn’t know the sex of the baby, but People reports that she was shopping for pink baby items a few days ago.

Jessica is shown out with Eric and his mom on 1-28-12. Credit: Bruja,

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  1. Maya says:

    It’s as though this pregnancy has been going on forever.

    • Petunia says:

      I’ll bet she feels that way too. I wonder how she’s going to feel by next month? Will she even be able to walk at that point? I’m a little bit shocked at the weight she’s put on for one child. It’s her business but man, oh man, I don’t envy her trying to get around being that large, or trying to lose it all.

  2. BK says:

    She looks unhealthely big. Huge. Diabetes could be incoming, if it has not happened already.

    I hope she comes out of it all ok.

  3. jc126 says:

    I don’t think she looks huge. Look at her arms. She is very short and busty.
    I don’t like the nails and dark clothes, but she is what a normal pregnant women looks like.

  4. TrollyDolly says:

    And they say some men marry their Mother – looking at Jessica and Eric’s Mom it’s hard to tell the difference!

  5. Overrated says:

    Is than a breast implant edge I can see?

    • Leelee says:

      Ugh, no, Overrated it’s not a breast implant outline you see…what you’re looking at are the pregnant, swollen boobs of an already naturally busty woman. Not every well endowed female got that way via a surgeon’s scapel. Jessica’s had a prominent rack since she was a teenager, so leave her titties alone!

  6. The Truth Fairy says:

    She might not have a choice! If the baby is too big it won’t be able to fit through the birth canal and the doctor will order an emergency c-section whether she wants it or not. Especially since she is a small girl and that baby looks HUGE!

    She’s been eating so much, I’m surprised her ob/gyn hasn’t told her to cool it on the junk food. Usually the heavier you are the less stamina you have during birth and the more you increase your risk of having complications.

    • Jessica says:

      You are so right!! I had c-sections with both of mine, not by choice. My first (son) was 10 pounds 8 ounces and my daughter was 9 pounds 2 ounces… I dont think anyone would want something that big coming out, if you know what I mean..

      • Scarlet Vixen says:

        Haha, it can be done, but it isn’t fun! Both my babies were over 9lbs and I had them both natural. My daughter shot out–I never even pushed and the OB was only in the room for 7min before she ‘delivered’ my baby, and I had over 2 dozen stitches. But, my brother was 11 lbs, my mum had him in and hour at home, and was back up making lunches for her first 4 kids in no time. Everyone’s different, tho.

      • beanie says:

        Absolutely better for her and for the baby to have vaginally, unless there is some medical reason not to. That looks like a pretty big baby, but it could also be water weight. Speaking from experience with 1 vaginal 1 c-section, I would go with the vaginal even though it involved labor. Ten years later I am still having pain at my c-section site.

      • Jeneral says:

        I can only say that I was a HUGE baby, almost 11 pounds, and 28 inches long, and my mother had me naturally almost 30 years ago… the doctor kept pressuring her to let him do a c-section and she adamantly refused. Same thing with my younger brother, who wasn’t quite as big, the doc was telling her to have a c-section and she just said “no”. There wasn’t any immediate threat, it would just have been easier for all involved, so she refused.

        I was also the first baby in Canada (Toronto) born with the help of the brand-new vacuum-extraction device. Ha!

    • TQB says:

      BS! All of it. It’s extremely unusual for a woman to grow a baby that’s too big to fit through her pelvis. If it happens it’s usually because of gestational diabetes, but that’s why if you have GD doctors monitor you obsessively and often deliver the baby early, before it gets too big.

      A baby can get into a bad head position that makes it impossible to deliver, but that doesn’t mean the baby was on its own too big or mom’s pelvis was too small.

      (As to what you may WANT to push out, well, that’s a different story.)

      Moreover, you can’t tell by looking that the BABY is huge. Jess has probably been eating crap, and SHE is unquestionably huge (everyone keeps noting the boobs, but look at her butt!) but that doesn’t mean the baby is. I am also a very small person and i was enormous by the end – I stopped paying attention to my weight after I’d gained 50 lbs. I gave birth to a perfectly average 7lb 12 oz baby.

      • Good grief says:

        Unusual, but not unheard of.
        My five-foot-nothing mother grew me to 10 pounds TWO WEEKS PREMI (not one single item of junk food and no gestational diabetes) and was trying to deliver me naturally when my big old head got stuck. She quickly discovered that emergency C-sections are not much fun, so if Jessica’s doctors have the foresight to book a C-section ahead of time and save both her and her baby distress, good for them.

  7. Lis says:

    Unless her fiance wants to give birth himself, he needs to: Stop. Talking. Now.

    He makes me sick. He wants someone else to go through great pain to live up to his ideals.

    So, yeah, unless I get to personally kick him in the crotch with my steel toe capped boots while Jessica is in labour (so he can join in the beautiful, life giving agony), he doesn’t get a say.

  8. Pizzazz says:

    That baby looks very big so even if she wants natural I think her doctor will say she needs a c-section when the time comes.

  9. Buffy says:

    I think she looks like a gorgeous pregnant woman. That said, what is up with the top of her left boob? I think that is a telling sign if ever there was one. ;-)

  10. Sisi says:

    Well I think its good that he shows Interest. But it’s 100% her call and no one should sway her from her preference. SHE is the one giving birth, its her body, her decision.

  11. Siren6 says:

    Beyonce, take note: this is what pregnant looks like.

    • Sunlily says:

      No. It’s really not. This is what pregnant Jessica Simpson looks like. I didn’t look like this while pregnant and neither did anyone in my family. No two pregnancies are the same. No two women will gain baby weight exactly the same way. I wish the internet Obstetrician’s would stop with this shit.

  12. brin says:

    Wonder if he’s smiling cause they just passed the ATM.

  13. paola says:

    I don’t know why men are entitled to their opinion when it comes to things like this: men grow a womb and then you can talk!!!
    I see Jessica being in a lot of pain to get rid of that extra weight after the birth of the baby, it won’t be easy..

  14. TQB says:

    Can we please stop with the armchair obstetrics? You cannot tell from the outside how big a baby is. For pete’s sake, sonograms are even known to be off by a pound or two. She could have excess amniotic fluid. She could have 2 inches of fat on her belly that’s making it look bigger. Or she could just be carrying big because she’s a small-framed person.

    • Blue says:

      Thank you! I guess all these people have x-ray vision. I really wish we could also stop commenting on other peoples weight, it’s making me stabby.

    • Kimble says:

      Phew! Sense at last … Being able to “order” a c-section is like being able to “order” a hysterectomy or gall bladder removal! It is, and should be, a medical decision …

      You most certainly can’t tell how big a baby is – even with weekly sonograms – my 7lb baby turned out to be 9lb 12oz and I had him naturally!

      Just to get rid of the other myth – having a large baby doesn’t mean your vagina flaps in the breeze either ;-)

    • Kit says:

      Agree! I gained 50 lbs when I was pregnant 9it piled on once I had to stop playing sports!)- but both the baby and I were perfectly healthy. And your point about ultrasounds is dead on too- I was monitored pretty closely since I was a high risk pregnancy and based on everything available my dr estimated that I would have a 10lbs + baby, and we ended up inducing. Much to our surprise she was only 7lbs, 6oz! So yeah- you can’t really know until their born… maybe Jessica is eating a lot, maybe she’s having a huge baby, or maybe that’s just the way her body looks pregnant regardless of what she does.

  15. Samigirl says:

    I really don’t understand why/how people can say “the baby looks big.” Umm…no. Jessica looks big. The size of the mother has absolutely nothing to do with the size of the baby. And u/s are wrong allllll the time. 5 days before I induced with my son (at 40 weeks), they told me that he weighed 6lbs 7oz. I was 40 weeks pregnant and had gained 50 pounds. Imagine my surprise when I delivered a 5lb 4 oz baby. He FELT bigger, but he was just a scrawny little thing. Regardless, I’d pick a vaginal delivery over a c-section any day. That’s major surgery. I don’t see why anyone would WANT to have a c-section, but that’s just me.

    • jc126 says:

      I agree to all of the above. C sections are harder to recover from, a vaginal birth is better for the baby’s respiratory system initially, etc.
      I wouldn’t want an unnecessary C section. No way. I’ve heard of a case where a woman’s uterine wall was so thin after a couple, the doctors informed her she would likely rupture if she got pregnant again, and the last baby was VISIBLE through the wall of the uterus (they told her not to have any more immediately post-partum).

      • Feebee says:

        I agree that u/s is not effective when estimating baby’s weight so all estimates are really guestimates.

        However I’ve had 3 c’s, only the 2nd was “optional” and while certain things take longer to recover, other areas are umm…. undamaged…. so there’s some pros and cons. After my second I was back at the gym in bootcamp class after six weeks so it’s not a universally long recovery time.

  16. Diane says:

    Oh good, another post where everyone can ridicule Jessica’s weight! Can’t get enough of those.

    Don’t say anything about Adele’s weight though, that’s bad and mean! Jessica’s pregnancy weight though, have it girls!

  17. JessSaysNo says:

    C-Sec or “med free water birth” as if there is no middle ground… What about a vaginal birth with an epidural?

  18. Jessica says:

    WTF does Jessica see in this guy??? He’s ONLY with her because of who she is and how much money she has.

    She paid for her own ring and she pays him a monthly allowance of $10,000 and the loser will STILL not get a job.

    I doubt very seriously they will get married and I bet they eventually will break up at some point and the cycle will repeat for Jessica.

    • fancyamazon says:

      Wy should he have to work? I think that is their choice. If we are going to be all “equal rights” and etc and etc (which I actually think has undermined women’s power in the long run…power we disregarded and let slip through our fingers in the name of “equal rights”….but that’s a whole other discussion) then we have to be willing to allow couples to work out their working arrangements in their own way. Maybe Jessica is fine with him not working. It’s not like his not working is taking them into bankruptcy.

  19. iloveretro says:

    Her body, her choice. Eric needs to STFU.

  20. Tweakspotter says:

    BS! Like he has a say in how it’s delivered. The doctor will determine her options. I’m sure she is able to deliver naturally if she so chooses or can schedule a c-section since it’s obviously a big baby.

    Jess honey if you are reading this…EPIDURAL!! That’s all you need to remember.

  21. Feebee says:

    If she asked for his opinion that’s fine but it’s just his opinion and really has no bearing whatsoever. Just like those judging her size while entitled to their opinions really need to step off. Each woman has a different pregnancy experience and want to experience it their way, leave her alone.

  22. Justaposter says:

    Beleive it or not, some men actually feel like it isn’t a ‘real birth’ if it is a C-section.

    The end result is a healthy baby, does it really mater how it comes out?

    I never had a problem with my preganacies, but they just simply couldn’t get out.

  23. tinypie says:

    I’m happy for her. I loved my elective c section! Good luck Jess, we are the minority. C sections are nothing to be ashamed of. Women should not have to defend their reasons for having one.

  24. apsutter says:

    3 days of labor!!!!! He needs to shut up about her having a natural birth. She’ll be the one in pain and she’ll also be the one raising the kid when they break up. He needs to STFU and just support her.

  25. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    This has got to be a fake story, it’s just too stupid. Her Pop Tart butter isn’t vegan, is it? Debunked. At any rate, I’d think he’d be a bit smarter in his demands where that family is concerned since Papa Joe could toss him into the compost heap if he gives too much sass? His remains could commune with the earth, I suppose. I hadn’t heard about the Lamaze thing before, so clearly I’m not the one to say whether it’s true or not. I think natural childbirth *is* for her, or at least that’s the point whenever possible, so have fun with it . At any rate, nothing’s being ‘untimely ripp’d from me, so it looks like I don’t care.

  26. BELLA says:

    Get the c-section! When he has a baby
    then he can talk!!!!So bigshe isrunning out of amnio-fluid!

  27. the original bellaluna says:

    Her body; her baby; her choice.

    Have a Coke and a smile and STFU, Eric. (Or whatever your name is.)

  28. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Backing out of the room without pulling a ‘Lot’s Wife’ is always the sanest option when a whole house of women start talking about pregnancy and parenting. It will get abusive and smug, so before I jet with my limbs intact, it’s strange how people react to her.

    You can’t track people’s affections with her. When she was on TV, her less-than-staggering intellect was excoriated, suddenly she passes wind in a business meeting and she’s a folk hero. Risible for The Price Of Beauty, beatified for salt, people are all over the place with her.

  29. Darlene says:

    People who are saying her breasts look fake b/c of that little shelf by her armpit in one photo obviously 1) don’t have big boobs themselves 2) have never seen big boobs that weren’t fake and/or photoshopped. It’s fat under skin. It folds, it flops, it mounds up if you hike it with the right bra.

    • Petunia says:

      Yeah, I agree. They don’t have the bloated-balloon round outline that fake boobs have. They’re soft where they meet the torso, as real breasts are. And the size they’ve grown since her pregnancy also suggests real breasts. Would fake ones put on weight? I haven’t a clue. Real ones sure do!

  30. Lucky Charm says:

    Personally, I think there are too many elective c-sections done. That is major surgery and should only be reserved for emergencies. I can understand his wanting a totally natural birth for his child, but at the end of the day it all comes down to what Jessica and her doctor decide to do. But natural childbirth can be wonderful, that I do know. :)

  31. Petunia says:

    I’m sorry but when the daddy gets to carry the fetus and then give birth, that’s the time when he should have the final say in which form of childbirth his S.O. should have. Medication free? Really? Then his head should be right in front of her fists as she pummels him repeatedly from the pain of a medication free first child birth.

    I understand she must be truly spooked, given her sister’s labor situation but in all truth, I think that a natural birth (with meds) is easier for the mama than a c-section. Yes, my labor was long and intense and icky, just like every other labor on earth BUT once I gave birth, I felt pretty darned good after a nap. Could get up, eat, walk around and go home in a few days. Not so for the C-section lady next to me. She was bedbound, couldn’t eat or drink til she had a bowel movement, had to stay in hospital a lot longer and needed help to and from the bathroom. And seemed to be in pain. Plus she had a nasty scar, which I didn’t have.

    • Ruby Red Lips says:

      Agree totally that it should be up to Jessica to decide how she has her baby & yes a natural problem free birth is def easier than a c-sect, but I had a c-sect & yes it was painful afterwards but I was up the day after and eating on the day. I think it depends on whether it was an emergency or not on how fast u recover, plus the individual’s body. This woman’s recovery sounds like the worst case senario after a sect.

    • nina grove says:

      that´s why i so envy´d the other ladies in the hospital,they were walking normally,i had a catether for 3days because i could´nt get to the bathroom.had to have strong paikillers every 2 hours.would have cried from the pain but i could´nt since well,that propably would torn my stiches.

  32. Steph says:

    I don’t care how big she is or how she decides to have the kid; I just wish she’d stop wearing 5 inch platform heels. I am waiting for her to bust her shit. So selfish. And vein.

  33. Jdao says:

    He just needs to stfu and support her.

  34. skuddles says:

    Uh, dude, when it’s your labor and your vagina then you can make the call. Otherwise, shut it!

  35. It is ME!!! says:

    Damn, that dress looks like its straight outta the House of Dereon maternity line.

  36. molly says:

    Ummmm is her body even capable of having a natural birth? She is massive and that kid is going to do some damage if she tries it naturally.

    • dean travers says:

      Sooooo agree! Just looking at this monstrosity makes me wanna puke! I bet you’re super hot Molly, and I would ADORE to have my health and figure assessed by you. Better yet, I would love to be a daughter of yours. You are clearly not only kind hearted, but a medical expert to boot! Better contact Camp Simpson with your insights!!

  37. Ally says:

    And one day, when he gets a kidney stone, he can pass it through his Eric Johnson with no painkillers to set the example.

  38. girlygirl410 says:

    She was wearing really cute clothes at the beginning of her pregancy (remember, right after Halloween when she announced it). The clothes were kind of tighter fitting and I thought she looked great! I know this mumu is probably comfy but I think it makes her look bigger than she really is. I think she is trying to still be fashionable but comfy…honestly, it is not working for her. Sometimes I think she forgets how to dress for her shape, even when she is not pregnant. She is a cute woman and I wish her nothing but happiness and a stylist as a push present.

  39. Jaxx says:

    If she gets any bigger they are going to need the jaws of life to get it out!

  40. Meecey says:

    As a former labor & delivery registered nurse it pisses me off that these lazy ass celebs(and their docs who allow it) choose risky c-section surgery over trying to let nature take its course! IF labor fails then you opt for sgy but that is NOT the first choice cause you don’t want pain or to push!!!!! Stupid lazy sorry SOB’s.

  41. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    …OMG, I just cant stand this guy. I have no clue what she sees in his creepy blond spencer pratt beard. Its a real testament to her intellect that she chose this winner to make a baby with. If she actually marries this loser Ill choke. Didnt she lose her hairdresser best friend because he hated him too?

  42. Sunny says:

    Her boob are enormous and they are only going to get bigger… I thought mine were big when I was breastfeeding, phew nothing like that…

  43. MK Martin says:

    Having a ‘scheduled’ c-section is just another McDonald’s sign of our times. She could at least wait to go into labor, or, DON’T HAVE A FUCKING BABY.

  44. Spooky says:

    “Thankfully she gave up on the idea of raising the child vegan.” *spectacular eyeroll* yes, parish forbid a child be raised on anything other than the standard mammal excretions and dead animal consuming American diet. Honey, stick to writing gossip and stay away from nutritional advice, it’s clearly beyond your scope of knowledge.

  45. normades says:

    He may be a Vegan, but I can see a bag of Cheetos in that first pic. Real healthy.

  46. Her boyfriend is probably a republican who idolizes Rick Santorum

  47. paola says:

    Oh Asli, i wrote my comment then i read yours… we are good friends aren’t we?! :D

  48. fancyamazon says:

    lol, I was just going to comment that when he is pregnant (complete with all the ladies parts, not just like that pregnant man) that he can then decide for himself about medications and so on.