Jennifer Aniston thinks you’re “very narrow-minded” to assume she wants babies

The state of Jennifer Aniston’s womb is a matter of constant discussion. I think people began focusing on it when she married Brad Pitt, because he was always so vocal about wanting kids (to the point of tearing up on Oprah’s couch), and because Jennifer’s reputation back in those days was as the nice, sweet girl-next-door. Of course the nice, sweet girl-next-door wants to be a mother, especially when she’s married to Brad Pitt, right? Well, as we know, babies never happened with Brad and Jennifer. They split in January 2005, and for months, the rumor mill spun the tale of Jennifer denying Brad’s dreams of fatherhood, which led to Brad falling for single mother Angelina Jolie. Then came Aniston’s now-infamous Vanity Fair interview in the September 2005 issue. I want to put a decent-sized excerpt from the piece, just because I’m still in disbelief that VF printed such a sycophantic piece of Aniston propaganda:

[Brad and Jennifer] seemed the most fortunate couple imaginable—two beautiful superstars who had hit the jackpot, earning not only fame and riches but also an enduring love. Their fans had long been captivated by the romance of America’s Sweetheart and the Sexiest Man in the World, and now they were ready to begin a thrilling new chapter. Aniston’s 10-year run on Friends was ending, and she and Pitt had vowed to start a family when her stupendously successful television series was finished…. But the ensuing months brought an onslaught of rumors that he had gotten involved with Angelina Jolie while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Instead of the joyful announcement many had anticipated from the Pitts, there was only silence.

…And then came the oh-so-civilized announcement, on January 7, that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were separating—that their parting was “the result of much thoughtful consideration,” that it was not caused by “any of the speculation reported by the tabloid media,” and that they would remain “committed and caring friends with great love and admiration for one another.”

If Pitt had kept a low profile in the months to come, that might even have turned out to be true. Instead, the ominous drumroll of gossip began to crescendo as he and Jolie rendezvoused in exotic locales, still denying that they were an item. With the paparazzi snapping away, Pitt stepped into what looked suspiciously like a paternal role with Jolie’s adopted Cambodian son, Maddox.

“It was extremely hurtful to Jen that he was seen with another woman so quickly after they were separated,” says Andrea Bendewald, an actress who has been one of Aniston’s closest friends since they were teenagers.

Instead of being reviled as The Other Woman, Jolie posed for pictures on an energetic round of appearances as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations—and then trumped even that public-relations bonanza by adopting another orphan, an African girl whose parents had died of AIDS. In the blink of an eye, the twice-divorced Jolie—previously known as a tattooed vixen with a taste for bisexuality, heroin, brotherly incest, mental institutions, and wearing her husbands’ blood—had morphed into a globe-trotting humanitarian who seemed to be channeling Audrey Hepburn.

For the 36-year-old Aniston, who had expected to spend the past year being pregnant, the pain of watching this spectacle unfold was compounded by vicious rumors about herself. As misogynist as they were false, sensationalistic stories claimed the real reason the marriage ended was that Aniston refused to have Pitt’s baby because she was so ambitious she cared only about her career.

Even now, that sexist slur makes her face darken. “A man divorcing would never be accused of choosing career over children,” she says. “That really pissed me off. I’ve never in my life said I didn’t want to have children. I did and I do and I will! The women that inspire me are the ones who have careers and children; why would I want to limit myself? I’ve always wanted to have children, and I would never give up that experience for a career. I want to have it all.”

Aniston’s intimates note acidly that Pitt could have done more to refute the mean-spirited rumor that his wife wouldn’t bear his child, which reinforced the impression that he had good cause to leave her for Earth Mother Jolie. To some, this looks like sheer hypocrisy.

“When Brad and Jen were in the marriage, having a baby was not his priority—ever,” says one mutual friend. “It was an abstract desire for him, whereas for Jen it was much more immediate. So is there a part of Brad that’s diabolical? Did he think, I need to get out of this marriage, but I want to come out smelling like a rose, so I’m going to let Jen be cast as the ultra-feminist and I’m going to get cast as the poor husband who couldn’t get a baby and so had to move on?”

[From Vanity Fair, September 2005]

Hit piece. Pity party. And as it turns out, Aniston had shackled herself to that version of story for years and years to come. In the years that followed, Aniston has pulled out the “I want babies, for real” card whenever she promoted a movie, gleefully joking about “the rumors” while selling her wholesome, baby-desiring brand repeatedly in magazines. One year ago – for her 42nd birthday – Aniston scored the cover of People Magazine – a cover story that her publicist surely green-lit the entire way, a cover story which included “babies!” in the headline. In that piece, Aniston told the magazine, “I think people honestly just want to see me as a mom and married and barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. And I just want to say, ‘Everybody, relax! It’s going to happen.’”

So imagine my eye roll when I saw that Aniston is once again talking about her womb in the public sphere. She did an interview with Gayle King of CBS a few days ago to promote Wanderlust, and of course, Aniston and Gayle had to joke around about Aniston’s latest tabloid pregnancy. Aniston takes her denial one step further, though. She says we’re all “very narrow-minded” to “assume” that she can’t be happy without a baby. She tells Gayle, “That doesn’t measure the level of my happiness or my success in my life, in my achievements, in any of that.” Yes, after playing the baby card for years, Aniston is truly upset that we would take her at her word, that we would believe her public statements. Is it okay if I say that I find it “very narrow-minded” that she thinks her fans will abandon her if she admits she never really gave a crap about having kids? Will a pity party commence if I say that I find it “very narrow-minded” that she only talks about wanting to have kids when she’s selling us a movie?

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  1. Bite me says:

    Fireworks… Oh Jenny no wants kids. No shit Sherlock

    • Jackie says:

      yes, exactly.

      too bad she doesn’t have the courage to come out and say she doesn’t want them….cause she knows then she can’t play the victim card all the time.

      • Wendy says:

        The only thing she’s saying is that she doesn’t like people assuming she’s unhappy because she doesn’t have a baby.

      • gg says:

        Who says she has to even KNOW at this point in her life? Maybe she’s leaning towards not having them, or maybe she’s of the mind that being a single mom is not what she wants, and since she’s not fully hitched at this point, it’s not an option until she is, and then she’ll decide.

        Speculating on other people’s reproductive instincts is, either way, silly and never will get you inside their head, if that’s what you’re aiming for (I mean the general “you all”, not specific posters).

        Why should she be required to declare her preference (especially prematurely) to the general public? I find it offensive to judge her for this. The woman deserves to have some private things in her life after all.

        It’s okay to just work on yourself and not feel incomplete about babies. It’s 2012, not 1965, for pete’s sake.

      • Molly says:

        I can picture her having weekly talking points all the time—meeting with her agent and PR people and just rehashing a new spin on the same old stuff.

        I honestly think she just milks all of it now. She’s not an open person. She really sticks to talking points.There’s no spontaneity.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        They look at you less funny when you say you don’t want kids and you have turned 40. I know from years of experience.

    • Liz says:

      Stop it and leave her alone. It’s only her business if she wants to have kids or not. She can say what she wants about it as well. At lest she is not child hoarder like the other one with skinny leg who is desperate and hungry for attention.

      • Jackie says:

        i don’t give a rat’s ass if she has children or not.

        however, i do take offense in the way she manipulates her female fans. she does it constantly by playing up issues of adultery and motherhood.

        if you are seen as a victim in either of these areas, most other women will come running and support your victim status. she knows this and takes advantage of it to remain a celebrity. it’s unfortunate.

      • WillyNilly says:

        Liz – I’m with Jackie. I don’t think ANY of us give a rats patoot whether she has kids or not. We just don’t like her PR campaigns. They’re beneath our intelligence and then she comes out and attacks the folks that have been rolling their eyes for years? Come ON.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        I don’t care about any of them, Brange or Jen.

        Have babies, don’t have babies, ALL parties involved have PR Teams, and all their images are calculated to sell movies and merchandise. *clutches pearls*

    • Maguita says:

      You know, most of us women were raised to want a family and kids. No matter how hard our parents tried to balance that out with wanting a career, it always got pushed aside by media, books, and what most want to be perceived as a “completed woman”, by getting married and having kids.

      When I was younger, I wanted to have children. I got married young, I planned with my husband how many kids, what schools, what colleges, what religious beliefs, how to raise them, and then how to retire.

      Then life happened. Got divorced. And then, the battle to finding my true self began. In my late twenties, I got jobs that were going no where. Why? For me, because obviously, I was still in that mode where looking for a man to complete me, was still important. Than I started wanting more for myself. Than started seeing myself as pretty much complete on my own. Than, well, late thirties, and a thriving career.

      To tell you the truth, I don’t understand the “Maguita” of my twenties, as well as the one in her early thirties. What were those girls thinking??

      I am my own, if I’ll get a hankering for immeasurable love to change diapers, and pick up poop, no worries, I’ll adopt. I have the means, and I have now the true maturity to take care of a baby. But quite honestly, I’d rather be a great aunt to my nieces and nephews, and my friends’ children. And even more honestly, I despise women who look down on me, because I’m not thinking babies. I find it bizarre that in 2012, another woman looking at me like I’ve grown 4 foreheads when I state that my life is very much complete. I AM grateful for my life. I AM lucky, and feel very thankful for the woman I had become.

      And I am most lucky that I didn’t have a frigging camera in my face, marking every mile stone in my woman’s life, as well as the changes in my body. For as you can see, I am quite vocal, and if you ask my opinion, I would gladly give it to you, in great detail, with great conviction. But looking at the past “Me”, I shake my head at my shortsightedness, and I am blunt enough to look you straight in the eye and tell you “keep your narrow-minded views on what I, AS A WOMAN, should, or should not do with my life to your damn self”. And I as a woman, have the right to change my mind, and ASSUME, that it is alright that if by now I am not pregnant, that really, the Universe had better things planned for me.

      And as we say in 2012, do NOT Santorum your damn views onto MY life.

      • Birdix says:

        That makes a lot of sense. I admire how self-aware and clear-headed you are.

      • Jaded says:

        Well stated. I too chose deliberately not to have children. My twenties were also a nightmare for many reasons I won’t get into, so I was not in a good place emotionally, mentally or financially to procreate. Once I got into my thirties and my life stabilized I discovered that I enjoyed my life without the pressure of having to marry and have babies. I have never regretted my decision and have enjoyed my friends’ children as an “auntie”. Nobody should feel pressured to have children and it is a narrow-minded attitude that a woman can’t live a happy or fulfilled life without them.

      • Minime says:

        Your story is interesting and I agree with your point…Apart from that, I think that you should work this issue within yourself because it mostly sounds that you are not happy and therefore come to share this issue in an angry poster in a celebrity gossip website.
        The problem with JA is that she is the one feeding her interviews with this topic over and over again. Maybe if she was more like you she could sound nicer and instead of insulting her fans as “narrow minded” she could simply say “I don’t know” or “I changed my mind”. Are these sentences so difficult to say?

      • Zee says:

        What a thoughtful post. Thank you for sharing you story, which is one that many can relate to. For the record, you don’t sound angry at all. You sound like someone who has evolved as they’ve gotten older, which is what we should all hope for.

      • Jaxx says:

        @Minime–Did you actually read Maquita’s post? Why would you say she’s not happy when she clearly stated she IS happy with her life, her only complaint being women who judge her for not having children?

        I completely admire women who decide that child rearing is not for them. After having one child myself I can tell you that it is the hardest job in the world. Though I adore my daughter and have no regrets in having her I can also say that it is not a job for someone who isn’t completely committed to giving 20 years of their life to having another person’s development come first. Too many people have kids because it is expected of them and make everyone involved miserable.

        I’ve always believed that JA does not want kids and I don’t judge her for that. It’s the lying about it that bugs me. She might lose a fan or two for admitting it but she would gain a lot more fans for standing up for a woman’s right to choose to remain childless, happily. And be a role model that a woman can be completely fulfilled without procreating.

      • Linda says:

        Went through the same thing – back and forth – at one time I thought I’d be incomplete without having a kid…now I know better…every person grows and changes – what once was important and something you desired no longer is… Going through a divorce really changes a woman…and once you are completely healed from it – changes the wants/must haves/and where you ultimately want to be in life.

      • Maguita says:


        First, thank you for your kind words and support. And @Minime, no hard feelings. We all grow-up differently, and maturity, as well as acceptance of others, comes more with experience rather than age.

        My point is, I have gone through a lot of personal changes, as A WOMAN, WITHOUT the camera on me asking me every time what I wanted. Because I too, am very vocal, and tend to share with much conviction. And if the public eye had documented every word I’ve stated, no matter my story, which I’ve told VERY honestly up above, I too, would have been deemed a liar.

      • Hypatia says:

        ^^Well said.

        Most married couples with kids seem MISERABLE. ‘Just saying. You can focus more on your hobbies and your own life minus reproducing.

        Besides, there’s too many people on the planet anyway. No need to make more.

      • anytime says:

        i think you’re missing the point. i am certainly not at all opposed to a woman who chooses to be single/childless and i have always seen the other side of the fence to be of the same opinion. j.a. gets criticism here for having acted like she wanted babies for the most part, then turned around and said stuff like this all the time. she would say “i did and i do and i will” “i’ll be barefoot and preggers” etc. and then go “i never wanted that family life with kids” “kids are messy” etc. it’s ok not to have made up your mind about such an important issue, but if you haven’t, then stop talking about it, stop discussing it, after all you claim to be oh so private about your private life! lol what a joke… she’s been talking about it ever since she first got married, there’s even a howard stern bit you can find on the youtube. it’s back from the year that brad left, what was it, 2004? and there they were mocking everything she said which is interchangeable with all she says now. and one of those things is “yes i want kids,no i don’t want kids,yes i want kids” thus they mocked her about constantly changing her oh so important statement on the issue. because, you know, the world is dying to see her get pregnant or have kids. from what i can tell, only her fans are.

      • Minime says:

        @ Maguita
        I’m sorry if my post sounded obnoxious. That is far from what was my intention, but I can see that my words might have sounded not so nice.
        It is great to hear from a successful woman that has no will of having kids or a family, since there are so many other things in life. Specially since this thoughts are since ever accepted from men but not from women. Life is made of so many things and it’s such a preconceived idea that all women want the same.
        That being said, and since I believe in acceptance, I don’t like that to defend one point we have to attack another (like some comment of “Most married couples with kids seem miserable”). I know many couples with kids that are admirable, a lot of couples without kids that struggle to have some because it’s their biggest dream, couples without kids that don’t want to have any because they have a lot other things to focus that make them happy, single friends that desperately look for a relation and (fortunately) single people who live in full happiness. Maybe it’s more difficult for me to understand why the harsh words since I never had to justify myself for not having children, but I can imagine how annoying it is to have to do so. If people look down on you…well, why care? I hope they are at least happy with their life. Anyway, my point is different things can make different people happy, for some people kids bring happiness for some others not. Back to JA, I just wish she could be a better role model and for once admit that she’s happy without kids and do not give a crap to judgment. This way, people will still be asking her for babies when she’s 70!! That is boring! :)

      • Emma - the JP lover says:

        I understand completely how you feel, and I respect you for not caving in to the demands of others. Not every woman was meant to be a mother … and there’s nothing at all wrong with that.

        Now, as far as Jennifer Aniston is concerned? I don’t think she would be scrutinized so much about motherhood if she hadn’t stressed how very much she wanted kids in 2005 during her round of ‘mid divorce process’ interviews (especially the televised ones with Diane Sawyer and Oprah). And she turned 43 in February, so she wasn’t in her ‘twenties’ 7 years ago.

        Problems in the Aniston-Pitt marriage were a source of speculation on gossip sites two years after their wedding. One of the biggest ‘rumored’ problems speculated to have led to the divorce was Jennifer’s refusal to have kids, which Brad very much wanted and hopefully discussed with Jen before slipping an engagement ring on her finger.

        So in those 2005 interviews when Jen was asked “Do you want to have kids?” she passionately answered “I did, I do, I will!” That’s why Jen’s fans want her to have a baby so badly and find the happiness she was ‘denied when Angie stole Brad’ from her. And I believe that’s why there were so many angry comments about Angie ‘rubbing Jen’s nose in it’ when the world learned she was pregnant with Shiloh, and again two years later when Angie was pregnant with the twins. With each relationship Jen had after the divorce her fans wanted ‘him’ to be the one to finally give Jen the happiness and children she wanted and deserved.

        If Jen never wanted kids–which seems more and more likely, and is perfectly okay–then perhaps she should have said “You know, I just don’t think that motherhood is for me” during her 2005 ‘victim’ tour. But then she wouldn’t have seemed like much of a victim to the soccer moms who loved her on “Friends” and were emotionally invested in Rachel Green’s marriage to Brad Pitt.

        To (finally) cut to the chase here, I think that Jennifer Aniston has only herself to blame for the intense scrutiny of her womb.

      • P.J. says:

        It sounds like you’re among the many women who didn’t have kids young for a variety of reasons, and as the years went by, your desire to have a family waned and you’re now happy with your life as it is. Bravo to you!

        There is an awful lot of pressure in our culture to have kids, even though it is a personal decision that’s subject to change over time depending on an individual’s life circumstances, health, and preferences.

      • Maguita says:

        @Minime – Thank you for your wonderful last comment, I completely agree with most of it, however, for the JA situation, I will answer you at the same time as @Emma

        @Emma – The JP Lover
        You said “If Jen never wanted kids–which seems more and more likely, and is perfectly okay–then perhaps she should have said “You know, I just don’t think that motherhood is for me”…

        That is what my whole first and second comments were about: I WANTED, really wanted children in my 20′s, and early 30′s. When I married, I planned for children, when I divorced, I hoped to find someone and have children. And I had told that to many-many people, that I now regret. Because I’ve stopped wanting children, when I fulfilled myself, by being myself at my best. And my best, is surprisingly very fulfilled without children.

        So my point was, in relation to Jen Aniston stating that 1- You shouldn’t assume that she is unhappy childless, that it’s narrow-minded (if you watch the whole thing, that is truly what she said, in the exact order, so not to be unfair and misquote her, yet again), and 2nd – She did not mislead anyone by stating over, and over again, in her 20′s, and 30′s, that she DOES want to have children.

        The thing I detest more, and I’ve covered this injustice a bit further down in nbr 9: Is the unfairness that the husband gets to change his path for a career, but the wife can’t put having babies on hold because her career is taking off?

        Brad Pitt was at a time, back then, where he was very ready, even beyond, to have kids. Jen A., was not, and she was 7 years younger. And at that time, she still had time for getting pregnant. And just like Brad Pitt had the chance, and years, to make a movie career for himself, she should have been given also the chance to get her movie career going, without condition on “For Better or Worse”. But Brad Pitt wanted right now, and his “For Better or Worse” was for his better, not hers. He wasn’t putting his needs on hold for no woman.

        No matter if he would have married Angie later on, or not. This discussion is really about understanding that a woman, even named Jen Aniston, has every RIGHT to change her mind about having children during her lifetime, many times over, because it is her right to do so, as a modernized woman, in comparison to other women, where some have children and not take care of them. Or they have children, and still lead an empty life without finding fullfilment. The only difference is, her words are documented for the public, and like certain members of my family and old friends, she gets to be judge for her change of mind, but very publicly.

      • anytime says:

        @maguita “2nd – She did not mislead anyone by stating over, and over again, in her 20′s, and 30′s, that she DOES want to have children.” yes she did.

    • By Gones says:

      I’m still wondering why Jolie was given the right to adopt with all her stories of the wild life…drug use, cutting, sexcapades with anyone and everyone.

      • Wendy says:

        Chances are that’s why she adopted from third world countries. They never would have given her a baby in the US with the sort of history she has.

      • pamela says:

        Give it a rest. And this has nothing to do with Angie and her children.

      • Jaxx says:

        Oh could it be that most of that stuff was tabloid lies and there is nothing physical to match to it for the adoption people to find? Believe me, I have a friend who adopted overseas and they went over her life with a fine tooth comb. The adoption people hired another agency in her area to do the home study and they compiled all the normal reports on her and her husband and their little pets. It was brutal.

      • Wendy says:

        Jaxx, there is at least one video online where she is stoned as all get out in a heroin den. She’s openly admitted that she’s done drugs, cut herself, she’s been on TV with BBT where he states they just screwed in the limo on the way there. I don’t know what the standards are to adopt these days, but the cutting and drug use should have disqualified her.

        Also, the lady who ran the agency she adopted Maddox through was later arrested for some shady goings on.

      • MissM says:

        I thought this story was about Jen… U people are obcessed with trashing Jolie… As i see it Jen’s happy, Jolie’s happy and so are her children…just let them be!

      • Jaxx says:

        One picture of her making a bad choice when she was young and stupid does not make her a user for the rest of her life. I am amazed that this rumor hangs on as if the UN would EVER allow a user to represent them. The PR nightmare would be horrible and they would never allow it. And yet the rumor persists….

      • Wendy says:

        Jaxx, contrary to popular Loon lore, the UN do not drug test their people. And I can tell you that from direct personal experience as I have a friend who has spent his entire career with them.

      • Katherine says:

        “where she is stoned as all get out in a heroin den”

        LOL! Drama queen much? It wasn’t a HEROIN DEN. It was a party at a friend’s apartment in the Chelsea Hotel where drugs seemed to have been present. Though she herself is not seen doing drugs. Where do you people get these wild ideas?

        Anyone who thinks that US adoptive parents in foreign adoptions are not as scrutinized as adoptive parents in the US know little about these things. In fact, it can be easier to adopt in the US than for a foreigner to adopt outside the US and get permission to bring that child into the US. The difficulty in the US is getting the child you request (i.e., healthy caucasian infants) or age of the parents.

        Once again lies are being told about Jolie’s adoptions. Maddox’s adoption had nothing to do with the offenses the adoption agency head pled guilty to. Maddox’s adoption was cleared after 2 investigations by both the Cambodian and US governments. That’s why she couldn’t bring Maddox into the US until May or June 2002.

        I may have said this but it isn’t that Jennifer doesn’t want kids or feels happy with or without them, it is her continual public discussion of the topic for going on 13 or 14 years now.

        You can almost always tell what people really are by what they do. Not by what they say. Simple fact is she doesn’t have kids and she’s not seen with any. I think they just don’t interest her.

      • Maria_Spain says:

        I never had any kind of problem nor on my life or my marriage,but i have a kid with autism ,im not longer able to adopt here,there, anywhere.
        Angie has money, she could adopt few martians froms rosweld if she wants :@

      • Jaxx says:

        @Wendy–I know they can’t legally drug test as you are a volunteer, but in such a public position with their reputation on the line don’t you think those in charge would keep an eye on Jolie-given all the rumors–and if she even walked funny they’d give her the heave ho? I just don’t think they would continue to allow her into foreign countries if she had a raging drug problem.

      • Wendy says:

        @Jaxx: Really, no. My friend, and this is a real honest to goodness UN “lives in the miserable sh*thole countries where either people or nature reduced the population to misery” high muckity muck, has NEVER been tested. He deals with high govt officials all the time, is on local TV etc. If she was staggering around or just sitting there uselessly looking stoned, they wouldn’t publicize the visits or they would highly edit what is being shown. But so long as they think her visits bring in more donor money than it costs them to get her there, they wouldn’t boot her.

        Think about it. You have someone from say… Holland where pretty much everything is legal. He’s working in a country like The Congo where he has diplomatic immunity. He does drugs that are legal in his country and the country he’s working in. What are they going to fire him for? Do you know how often the UN would get their *sses sued off if they were applying any one country’s drug laws to all of their International staff? Half of their funding would go to paying off or defending court cases.

      • Jill says:

        @Wendy: That is one of the stupidest comments I have ever read on this blog and shows you know absolutely nothing about the adoptive process. Having worked in the field for years I can state for a fact, that barring a conviction for a major felony, no agency will hold an applicant’s past against them if the applicant can demonstrate during the home study that he or she is willing and able to provide a stable and loving home for a child.

      • Wendy says:


        Ah. And you consider the lifestyle they have, however privileged it may be as “stable”? That’s a bit of a stretch, those kids have never done a whole school year in the same place. Also don’t forget that when she adopted Maddox, she was wearing a vial of blood around her neck, screwing in limos and had only been married to BBT for 2 years. Hardly a shining example of “stable”.

      • nikko says:

        @ Wendy,

        What’s wrong w/ screwing in a limo? As long as the baby/child is not in there w/ you, how does that determine if you’re a good mother or not. Stop trying to act like you have to be a saint to be a mother. And Angie’s kids are home school.

      • JustThinkin' says:

        Quit lying Wendy!! I swear on this thread alone your lies and ignorance are just astounding. I get you hate Angie but there are other people in the world who know what she experienced. Did you really not think of that? We have adopted in the third world and once from Ethiopia. We also have many friends who have too. You are investigated in EXACTLY the same way anyone adopting here would be. AJ and Billy Bob passed that BEFORE Angie was allowed to meet the babies in Cambodia.

        You also have follow-up visits. There is international law that covers this.

        Also Angie is no more responsible for the problems of the agency she & Billy used to adopt Maddox than any of the other hundreds of US citizens who adopted through Laurie’s auspices and you are truly vile to suggest that.

    • Kelly says:

      Why is it any of our business? JESUS. This website just can’t wait to find a moment to bash Jennifer Aniston. You people just won’t be happy. If she talks about kids, she’s desperate. If she doesn’t talk about kids, she’s a kid-hater. You ARE narrow-minded.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I don’t like JA because she is a talentless whiny idiot who keeps being shoved down our throats.

      I thought her not wanting kids obvious in 2005 but as a woman her age who was born not wanting kids, I know the looks I got in my 20s and 30s. I thought that it’s almost unAmerican to admit you don’t want kids so she had to pretend to keep her fanbase.

      I never really saw that as part of her victimhood. It was her always talking about BP years and years later.

      • Desidarius says:

        “talentless whiny hack” – Yes. Thank you! This woman can’t bring anything of interest in an interview which is why she resorts to old chestnuts when she’s doing PR for her latest crap film. I keep expecting something, but…jeez.

      • anytime says:

        Yes, I agree with both of you (zen b!tch and desidarius) on everything you pointed out, from her untalented and unnecessary presence in film, and her nasty p.r. ticks that has been shoved down our throats for all these years like groundhog day. i can’t wait to see her vanish from the public eye completely. already a has-been, even though she never really “has been”.

      • Molly says:

        Totally. If she was honest and said she didn’t want kids, she would have alienated all those women who were pissed at Brad Pitt and wanted her to have kids so they could relate to whatever persona they projected onto her.

        In a bunch of interviews I read about her, she’s suffered from extremely low self-esteem because her mother was a model and a pretty awful person who told her she wasn’t pretty, and wasn’t an emotionally supportive mom. I think Aniston most likely is pretty scared that if she had a son or daughter, she wouldn’t be able to be the kind of parent she wished she could be.

        She has problems that can’t really be solved by having a kid.

    • Micki says:

      NOW my day is ruined!
      After YEARS of stuffing the word “babies” in every piece of sh..I mean interview to learn it’s narrow-mindness to have expectations…ah, I’m getting toothache from this stress….

  2. Lis says:


    I find her annoying, and have never voluntarily watched any of her films. So I’ve never really listened to her schtick when she’s trying to promote a film.

    But I assume that, if she really wanted babies, it would’ve happened by now. Having children is not for everyone.

    • Marjalane says:

      I didn’t use to mind her- I liked her as Rachel, but now she’s becoming kind of pathetic. It’s so eyerolling when you hear celebrities come out and act like the whole world is breathlessly awaiting their reproduction. Maybe she’s feeling more confident about admitting that she doesn’t want kids and really never has- just like her BFF Chelsea Handler.

    • Carrie says:

      I really want babies, and I’m almost 38. I don’t have any. This doesn’t mean I don’t want them – it just means I haven’t found the right moment to have one. So what if Jennifer Aniston doesn’t want to have a baby right now? It’s HER decision. And if the time comes when she does want a baby, and is no longer physically able, that’s when adoption would be an amazing option.

      • Katherine says:

        Unfortunately and probably unfairly, age is an obstacle to adoption particularly in the US. She’s not that far away from not being able to adopt anywhere unless she arranges a private adoption – which I really consider buying a baby to order.

      • Jill says:

        @Katherine: Like just about everything else, adoption is subject to the facts of supply and demand. The hardest thing to adopt in the US is a healthy caucasian infant, simply because there are so many white infertile couples who are desperate to adopt and so few healthy white infants available. If the couple is willing to take a child with medical problems, then their chances are better. Black couples wanting to adopt a healthy black infant also face a long waiting period, although not as long as white couples wanting a white infant. The agencies give preference to couples who are willing to take a hard-to-place child, which they usually define as a child over seven, or a child of any age who has moderate to severe handicaps.

        This is why so many white families try to adopt internationally, because for every healthy white American infant who is legally free for adoption, there are 100 white families who are desperate to adopt it.

  3. Dana M says:

    Good post Kaiser; very valid Points.

    • Rhiley says:

      I totally agree. Very good post. I would just add that Jennifer’s perception that we are very narrow minded if we think she can’t be happy without children is probably said because her best friend is now Chelsea Handler, someone I imagine who probably kind of puts down motherhood and who will likely never have children herself, while her boyfriend is some break dancing hipster who likely has made it clear that dogs are fine while children not so much. Plus, Anniston is probably just being honest with herself for once and the facts are her womb is getting old while her desire to party and make stupid frat boy movies is as fresh as she was when she cut her hair in a Carol Brady like shag and hung out at our favorite coffee shop, Central Perk.

  4. Heh says:

    Personally, I have and always have found her way more appealing than Jolie. In any case, I’m not a fan of blatant adultery and I think both Pitt and Jolie got a pass because she was all mother AIDS and he was Brad Pitt. I also find Jolie’s past to be quite odd and I find her look to be aging. If I put Aniston next to Jolie, I’d think Jolie was older. Maybe it’s because she’s had kids. But I definitely find Aniston more down to earth and someone I’d much rather hang out with.

    With that being said, meh, I don’t blame her for doing the single parent thing. Some women don’t want to do it. But I think she milks the topic to mags because it sells.

    I’m not a huge fan of any of her movies, because she basically plays the same character over and over, but I did love her in friends. I think she kind of got a raw end of a shitty deal with that divorce and people hyped it up to be more than it was and I think she dealt with it far better than most would. I just do NOT like Jolie at all, so maybe I’m bias.

    • Emma says:

      I kind of agree with you that Aniston did not get as good a deal as ppl like to believe, but tabloid magazines and public sentiment have been on her side and she’s definitely played it up.

      Also, Jolie actually is aging better than Aniston, it’s just that people don’t hate Aniston as much as they hate Jolie…so you see plenty of pictures of Jolie looking worn/haggard and ppl only post the best looking pictures of Aniston.

      I actually thought Jen only had forehead wrinkles, but she has terrible wrinkles, compared to Jolie’s crow’s feet.

    • pamela says:

      Why oh why did you have to mention the “supposed” adultery in your comments? Brad and Angie have nothing to do with this woman’s desire to have kids or not.

    • ginger says:

      Isn’t Jen an adulterer too? I seem to remember that her current squeeze was most definitely in a long term committed relationship when she started seeing him. Perhaps you think real commitment starts and ends with a wedding ring. To be honest I never really understand why it’s the women who get the blame anyway when a man cheats on his partner. However, if you are going to use adultery as a criterion for liking or disliking a celebrity I really see nothing between Jen and Ange in that respect.

      • MS says:

        Adulterer? Seriously! No sweetie! An adulterer is one that has committed adultery, and to commit adultery, one must be married! Justin was not married to to Heidi, however, Brad WAS still married to Jennifer. Now, that is the definition of adulterer… Brad Pitt!

      • Jaxx says:

        You know, it never ceases to amaze me that Brad has been branded an adulterer when Angelina and Brad both deny the affair started when he was married. Even JENNIFER herself says she was not cheated on. You’d think she would be the first to claim that if it was true. But she has always denied that he cheated on her. AND YET, the public refuses to believe any of them. I would think they would know better than the american public.

      • kira says:

        Regardless, Aniston is still a liar and a cheater. Last time I looked, those were pretty reprehensible qualities. They both went to work with people who had significant others at home, and then, lied/cheated. In fact, Justin’s relationship with Heidi was twice as long than Aniston’s relationship with Pitt. But I guess it doesn’t count because Justin’s ex is not playing the pity party routine? She’s not famous, nor married. So who cares, right? It’s funny how people are so willing to excuse Jen’s actions but nail Brad to the wall. Talk about selective morals.

  5. cj says:

    I’m not an Aniston fan. But I do think there’s a double standard, and an entire culture that can’t accept non-lesbian women who don’t have a family. Regardless of whether she wants kids or not, she’s been dealt a hand in life and perhaps has changed her mind from time to time. Let her. Leave her alone. Why are we still talking about the Brad divorce?

    • Flan says:


      I’m usually more of an Angie than Ani woman, but agree that they should leave her alone on this.

      She doesn’t want kids; her choice. There are already way too many people on this world, so she’s doing us all a service.

    • pamela says:

      IF she hadn’t gone on record with her VF article, saying she would have kids within 5 years, and making numerous other kid related comments over the years, no one would be still asking her about this. She encouraged it. No one continuously asks Cameron Diaz these questions because she has been very clear about her feelings re kids. Also, Aniston didn’t only allude to having after the divorce, she made similar claims DURING the marriage, always hinting, which is why the media were always speculating about when the kids would come.

      So now she is insulting the public calling them narrow-minded. Why am I not surprised? This is just Aniston doing what she does best…putting the blame on anyone else other than herself for her actions/words. No wonder she always looks constipated, it must be hell living a life so micro-managed, based on others perception of you

    • Karma says:

      And there she goes again, throwing fans/women under the bus for her words and actions. Normally, she is bashing women over famous hair. The Rachel, and then The Bob (Deconstructed Rachel) vs Housewives Hairdo, which is slowly returning.

      Now it’s those evil breeders are narrow minded bigots for believing me, when I said repeatedly that I wanted kids.

      At least she’s consistent in her fan bashing…LOL

      Oh and by the way, we don’t have kids, by choice, and we don’t flak from people with kids…AT ALL. It is a load of bs that she is trying to sell, because she is the one that floated the lie in the first place.

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      @CJ, who wrote: “Why are we still talking about the Brad divorce?”

      Because Jennifer Aniston is, every time she agrees to do an interview/article titled “Five years (Six years, Seven years) after Brad.”

  6. Ogechi says:

    Truthfully, happiness is not measured by how many children one has! Jen is happy and fulfilled in my opinion. I love her so much.

    • Tapioca says:

      Exactly. There’s a HUGE difference between saying you would like to one day have children and being totally unfulfilled if you find yourself in your forties and it hasn’t happenned.

      Is she supposed to realise that her life is completely worthless without a child and end it all, or find happiness and fulfilment in other things (as a lot of infertile couples have to do)?

      • Kara Ann says:


        I agree wholeheartedly with your response. I don’t know why Jen’s childless state is proof of what a horrible partner she was for Brad. Obviously, whatever their problems were having children wouldn’t have helped so why the hell does it matter if they didn’t? I personally don’t think that a child would’ve kept Brad around, although, he may have stayed longer.

  7. blonde on the dock says:

    Is this article meant to be a distraction from *The Leg* which everyone is still laughing about and the AJ fanatics wish would go away?

    • bite me says:

      no its the distract everyone that wandebust flop last weekend

      • anonymous says:

        BITE ME: I totally agree with you,The leg issue is so silly, web sites have shown Jolie in several different hip high gowns with splits, so what’s the diffrence with this one? But the Jen hens want to use it as a distraction because Jennifer Aniston’s movie Wunderlust stank to holy heaven and bombed, JA advertised her nudity thinking people was going to come to see her nude she has exposed her self so much no one cared to see her droopy breast.

      • sullivan says:

        Yep. Wanderlust is a bomb so… Hey everybody, look over here! Blah, blah, BABIES!

    • Kara Ann says:

      Yes it is. I believe that attacks on Jen will increase simply b/c AJ’s press ain’t all that great at the moment. Never will understand why that happens.

      • Ell says:

        Absolutely agree, Jen’s every word will be dissected even more than usual, anything that can be spun in a negative light will be highlighted to try and take the heat off leggate. No matter, the leg will NEVER go away, it’s down in Oscar history now…lol.

    • mln76 says:

      Yes it’s true Jen did an interview to help distract from Angie’s right leg it’s part of a peace treaty with Maddox *eyeroll*

    • Wendy says:

      You mean that semi-squat pose wasn’t an attempt to remind everyone that she’d gone through childbirth? I thought she was having labour flashbacks. You almost felt like yelling “push, push!”.

    • dede says:

      bawhaha the leg hapened 4 days ago in case you didnt know how things work people move on to the really think ppl are going to talk about the leg every single haters wish it was brought up everyday..if you notice the tabs who always get on Jolie didnt even put the leg controversy on their covers and that usually eat that ish up..I think its hilarious that you all want us to discuss the leg everyday..really?

      • The media still hasn’t let the stupid leg thing go. It’s not just here, it’s everywhere. *shrugs*

      • xploxite says:

        Yes it is going to be in our minds specially everytime we see Angie’s Picture or when her name is mentioned NO ONE can forget it EVER, TRUST ME, the way we can not forget what she did in the past, brother, or BBT story and so on this is even worse.
        believe me i didn’t hate her i was indifferent about her.
        now we know her Humanitarian work was a pr game too.

      • Jill says:

        @xploxite: That is one of the funniest/silliest comments I’ve ever read. Believe me, dear, nobody but dedicated Loonifers are obsessed with anything Jolie may have done in her past. It’s over. Gone. Done with. She’s moved on. Everybody’s moved on. I suggest you do the same.

        BTW, not even the pro-Aniston tabloids have brought up leg-gate. They recognize it as a non-issue which has nothing to do with anything.

      • Jaxx says:

        Sorry I put that earlier comment in the wrong place.

        To repeat: I would really like to know how her sticking her leg out at the Oscars means her humanitarian work is just PR.

    • Desidarius says:

      Someone tell me, what’s wrong with The Leg? I didn’t think it was an outrageous gesture. Plus she has a great smile so maybe blazing up before an event is the way to go for her.

      Having said that, and not knowing the girl, I can only judge her by her actions. She’s done much marvelous humanitarian work. And she is being woefully used by political players (advocating US military “intervention” – read invasion – in Syria). She’s not as smart and aware as I hoped.

      Aniston? Jesus, what an old bore. I heard a tale from somewhere about a girl who had roomed with JA when they were starting out in HWood and JA was a total back-stabbing see-you-next-tuesday. Just thought I’d float that balloon in case anyone else heard about that. I broke with tradition last week and watched a Chelsey Handler interview of JA thinking, well maybe she’s funny or relatable. No and no. Just boring. Maybe she’s better company if it were me, her and a bottle of Jack, but I don’t want to waste my time finding out I was wrong.

  8. gloaming says:

    I think she comes across quite well here. Better than most interviews she’s been doing recently.

    She said at the end she’s happier than she’s ever been…..Are we not going to be treated to a ‘Jen disses Brad’ headline?

  9. nobodystan says:

    As a childfree person, I agree with her. I tire of our society’s obsession with pregnancy and childbirth and the idea that every single woman wants kids. I also understand why someone who doesn’t want kids lies and says they do. About the 200th time someone asks you why you don’t have kids, you kind of get tired of it. I personally had to resort to asking people WHY they have them when they ask me why I don’t. (Shuts them up usually)

    Anyway, let the bashing continue! She’s an evil baby hating shrew! Booo!

    • gloaming says:

      Great post!
      Your last sentence gave me the giggles.

    • ab says:

      agreed. I’ve always thought she never wanted kids and has just been playing the “maybe one day, we’ll see!” card to shut people up. or she may have just changed her mind, she might have thought she wanted kids at some point and has decided she’s good without them. whatever. she seems content with her life and that’s what’s important.

    • toto says:

      so if your husband wanted kids and you don’t ..he is free to go?

      • Iggles says:

        Kids are a dealbreaker when it comes to marriage! There is no compromise — either you have them or you don’t. One party has to give into the other or it will cause divorce. File that one under irreccoable

      • Iggles says:

        Kids are a dealbreaker when it comes to marriage! There is no compromise — either you have them or you don’t. One party has to give into the other or it will cause divorce.

      • nobodystan says:

        In my opinion, YES! It’s smart to discuss it before marriage, but if a couple doesn’t or one person changes his/her mind, get out! Just do it before you find someone else.

      • fabgrrl says:

        Um, I’d have to say yes. Sure, there are always going to be circumstances, but in general, yes, I think one spouse wanting children and the other not {assuming they are capable of it} is solid grounds for ending the marriage. Now, ideally a couple would have this worked out before they got married, or even engaged. I sure did — we quibbled over having 2 or 3, but established that we both wanted children and wanted to have them in our early to mid 30s.

      • Maguita says:

        In my opinion, No, Not at all.

        See, if a man wants to marry you, and wants to build a life with you, all of a sudden gets a promotion overseas, let’s say for example, and overseas you will not get a chance to have children. Or overseas, if you have children, he will NOT be able to be by your side to help you raise the kids. What happens in real life?

        The woman puts aside her own needs, moves to a new country, raises the children on her own.

        Reverse positions. If all of a sudden THE WIFE gets the wonderfully unexpected promotion, that throws her into a great career path, while the husband is hankering for children. What happens?

        Let us be honest,

        Chances are, he will dump your ass, break his vows, and find someone who wants to have children right now. And those are proven facts. Just look around you in your office space. Get to know your career-oriented female colleagues.

        So, the true question remains: IS IT FAIR that the husband gets to change his path for a career, but the wife can’t put having babies on hold because her career is taking off?

        Got any easy answer for this one..?

      • Ducky La Rue says:

        @Maguita – Fair or not fair, women carry children. There is no option for men to gestate a pregnancy. That may not be fair, but it’s life.

        As for your question, it has more to do with careers than it does having children. In both your examples, the spouse has the choice of whether to move or not. Certainly, moving overseas does not preclude having children! Having a busy partner does not preclude having children.

        If the woman wants to forgo having children in order to pursue a career, that’s fine – good for her! But if her husband isn’t okay with that, well, then it’s time to move on.

        I do agree with the earlier posters that having children is a dealbreaker. If you can’t agree on that, then your relationship is in very serious trouble. Yes, you can change your mind. No, no one is obligated to have a child.

        But you aren’t likely to stay a couple if one partner wants a child and the other doesn’t.

      • Cerulean says:

        Yes and visa versa. If a person enters into a marriage with the expectation of having children and the spouse changes their mind then they have a right to fulfill that desire elsewhere. It’s most definitely a deal breaker.

  10. Kristin says:

    Personally, I’ve never thought she wanted kids. The Vanity Fair article was the first salvo in the PR war the three of them will forever be tangled up in. She’s not a great actress (at least in film; she was okay in Friends). If she doesn’t want kids, who cares? The fact she always talking about wanting children is what painted her into a corner. That should be a lesson to all up and comers – keep your mouth shut. We all rag on KStew and Robert Pattinson, but at least they keep it private.

  11. Kara Ann says:

    I liked Jen’s answers. I don’t know anyone besides Loons that would try to link everything Jen did/does now with what she did/didn’t do with Brad. That whole thing is dead, let it go.

    It is good to see that Jen is happy with her life as it is now. Her life certainly seems to have improved as she ages. As far as her career, it is what it is and if she doesn’t want, she never has to work again. Her love life seems on track but, honestly, I think she’s been single for most of her life and she knows if that happens again then she can be happy that way too. She just has found fulfillment in herself it seems. Good for her and may we all do that same.

  12. hk says:

    She really could be wanting kids but it’s just haven’t happened yet.. Many women say the same things than her because it’s easier than admitting that it doesn’t happen that easily…

    • Sarko says:

      This is EXACTLY what I think.
      I dunno why people here dismiss the painful and possible angle that she has been trying and it has not happened for her.

      What better way to rationalise the never ending question of a possibly painful truth than saying, ‘people don’t worry, its not that important yada-yada-yada’.

      It beats having to discuss the painful reality with the whole world that feel they have the measure of your womb/pregnancy if you happen to have a cheeseburger.

      • Asiyah says:

        “This is EXACTLY what I think.
        I dunno why people here dismiss the painful and possible angle that she has been trying and it has not happened for her.”

        Yes it is painful, but instead of saying something like that, she calls others “narrow minded” for speculation she has been causing for years. I know how she feels. All the pressure and getting older and then realizing “it might not happen” but I don’t go around calling others “narrow minded” because I’m making this realization. I say what it is and that’s it.

  13. Jeneral says:

    I don’t even really like Aniston that much, but this makes me want to stick up for her in a way.

    Yes, she’s said many times before “of course I want babies… it will happen when it happens!” and that kind of thing, because can you imagine the uproar from all her fans? What?! You don’t want children? What’s wrong with you?? Why would she purposely throw a monkey wrench into her brand and public persona?

    This social stigma attached to childless women being either gay, barren, or a shrew is just ridiculous. Some of us just don’t WANT them, it’s that simple! I know Lainey has mentioned several times before the dumb shit people say to her about being “selfish” for not wanting to “give her husband babies”. Isn’t it much more selfish to purposely bring children into the world who aren’t 100% wanted?

    I know people aren’t going to “leave her alone”, but at least get the damn hint that bitch don’t want babies! It’s her right as a human being to reproduce if and when she decides. Obviously, she likes her recreational activities, hot body, and freewheeling lifestyle more than she wants to be a mother… big whoop.

    • Maripily says:

      I’m not an Aniston fan at all…I’m a total Angelina fan…but I do think that people need to stop attacking her for not having babies. And stop pointing out that she keeps giving different answers when asked. One day she might feel like, ” Yes, I want to have tons of babies!” and five minutes later, she might feel like, ” Kids or non-stop margaritas? Pass me the margaritas!” It’s natural and normal for people…men too…to be undecided about becoming a parent. I have three kids, and you know what? I still have days where I wonder what the hell I was thinking, lol. Not often, but I do…and my kids are already here. So, I respect Jen, and whatever decision she makes, or has made, regarding children.

      • Jeneral says:

        I agree with your point of flip flopping between wanting babies sometimes and sometimes not… don’t know if it’s true in Jen’s case, but like I said, big deal. I’m 28, happily married, and we’re childless. I’m surrounded by people with babies, everyone either got knocked up as a teen or is married and having BABIES all over the place. One day I’ll wake up and have this longing for children, and the next I thank my damn lucky stars I only have my dogs bc kids generally bite my ass (I know it’s different when they’re your own, but still).

  14. Agnes says:

    i wish she would stop talking about anything and everything. period.

  15. Jaschintaz says:

    I can’t stand her. Never could since the days she played the airhead bimbo Rachel on Friends. Never thought her hair was ever the style to get. Always wondered how on earth someone as gorgeous as Brad Pitt could be with her. I just hope she’ll go away. Go get pregnant or something, who the eff cares.

  16. Cathy says:

    It’s her womb. If she has a child, she has a child. If she doesn’t oh well. It’s her choice, and I wish people would get off her case about it.

  17. PDog says:

    Truly, I do find it narrow minded when people expected others to be consistent in their desire or feelings about something as momentous as children.

    Its a huge decision. I know personally that my feelings about whether I want to have children changes constantly. Can we not allow a woman that?

    Perhaps she wanted children when she was with Brad, and the right time never came, and then they ended before they had the chance. And having not had a significant, long term relationship with someone since then she pit it on hold.

    She has now put it on hold until 42 and is at the stage where children may not be on the cards for her anymore and she’s trying to come to terms with that.

    I just think its totally unfair to suggest that she has intentionally been selling herself as the maternal type whilst having absolutely no desire to have children, when honestly – her back and forth on it is most probably and most easily explained by changes in her situation.

    And before anyone says to me, ‘then why does she bring it up all the time’ she probably doesn’t. She gets asked, and she answers, with what is honest at the time.

    I’m not an Aniston fanatic, but I’m really sympathetic to this whole mother thing, because people treat it like something that we are just supposed to ‘know’, but its a freakin huge decision

    • bite me says:

      agree, excellent points made…she 43 not 42… however this is hollywoood where everything these people put out is about pr.

      i like this new apporach shes taking… independent, content with her life and fuck what the minivan majority thinks

      • Kara Ann says:

        I agree with you 100%!!!

        I think she should answer those questions by using your posting name.

        That’s right, she should just say “bite me, it’s no one’s business”. I think her fans would be with her all the way. And I don’t think she is ever going to do anything the Loons like anyway.

    • LAK says:

      I agree with you completely in everything you say, except for this paragraph…

      ….And before anyone says to me, ‘then why does she bring it up all the time’ she probably doesn’t. She gets asked, and she answers, with what is honest at the time…..

      I will say it untill y’all are sick of me saying it. Celebrities veto all topics of discussion before they sit down for any interviews. They also know what questions will be asked in the context of the topics so that they are prepared. It’s never as spontaneous as it looks. Everything they talk about in interviews has been discussed, dissected and polished to give a particular impression. It is within her power to stop the question being asked but she doesn’t which means both her and her agents realise that it is a selling point in her career. Same goes for Brangelina and all other celebrities.

      • Zelda says:

        Yes. Thank you. Celeb interviews are not investigative journalism they are calculated PR decisions.

        I especially like when the interviewer asks a question and the celeb “demurs” or “declines to talk about the topic”. They allowed the question and they specifically want to make a point of proving that they won’t talk about it. That one is the MOST annoying.

      • buell says:

        My brother has interviewed celebrities, singers, authors, presidents… etc. and he has NEVER had to tell the person he was going to interview what questions were going to be asked.

        And the stories he tells of how many of them are really buttholes is priceless.

      • LAK says:

        @buell – do you or your brother really think that his questions/publication/slant on a subject was just randomly selected by a celebrity [whatever calibre]‘s pr??

        Everything is carefully dissected, journalists and publications are chosen with a particular goal in mind.

        There is always a negotiation which the journalist may or may not be party to, but it is there.

        The majority of celebrities, especially the big ones always have the negotiation generally before and most definitely afterwards.

        here is a question for you: if his questions aren’t subject to editing, why does he only tell you IN PRIVATE about their atrociousness?

        That negotiation is the reason we didn’t know how nutty TOM Cruise was. or even knew for sure about his scientology. As soon as he fired His scary publicist Pat Kingsley for his sister, who clearly didn’t understand the game, all that stuff about him was suddenly in the public arena. He rehired a competent publicist and the scientology as well as the nutty behaviour has disappeared from the public arena. It isn’t that he came to his senses etc, it is because his publicist has banned those questions from being asked, and will also not allow their client to talk to any publication that will reference it. They’ve changed the conversation to Tom the family man and his darling daughter Suri…..

    • Nina says:

      YeS to pdog’s comment. Finally a voice of reason on these posts.

      Not at all inconceivable for her to have wanted kids, not been in a situation where it was right to have the, and now it may be too late.

      Many of my friends and I are in that same situation.

    • mln76 says:

      Here’s the thing WAY,WAY before Angie had even split from BBT the ‘Brad wants a baby Jen doesn’t’ story was out there. Jen made a point of adressing those rumors even during the marriage (as LAK pointed out she really didn’t have to) when the divorce and triangle ensued she then painted herself as a victim of a false story possibly planted by the evil Jolie even feigning shock when she’d been well aware of the story and addressed it many times during the marraige. Personally I have never ever believed she owed it to Brad, or her fans to have children. What I have found despicable is the way she used PR to paint herself as a victim in this when she repeatedly encouraged this story up to her People cover last year where she promised fans she’d be barefoot and pregnant.

  18. Effy says:

    so what’s she saying? wanna have ‘em or not?
    these folks really love to play games with our minds.
    Nobody has the right to judge you based on whatever decision you take Jen.
    so just be straight already!

  19. lilred says:

    I think it has to do with her being in a different stage of her life,Personally I wanted ,really wanted children in my late 20′s early 30′s now that 40 is literally around the corner,I’ve changed my mind to what the heck would I do with a child now.

    • orion70 says:

      Very true. I think many women go through a (sometimes rough) transition in their 30′s if children aren’t in the picture. Maybe more so for women who didn’t make it their #1 goal to begin with. And then when you’ve dealt with all that, no matter how much you may have wanted it in the past, it’s done and dealt with and probably not what you want any more.

      Just because someone very much wanted children in their 20′s (another big transition time) or 30′s doesn’t mean they want them now.

      And yes, it is narrow minded to assume that this is the primary goal of all women.

  20. Jan says:

    as someone who underwent numerous, painful and expensive fertility treatments in my early 40′s – perhaps she is trying to prepare herself and us all that having babies might not be in the cards for her… so… is she supposed to roll over and die or admit her life is useless if she doesn’t have kids? I think Jen is evolving. Let her be… and for god sake let the triangle go!

  21. Zelda says:

    Maybe she did want kids, but circumstances have come around to her not having them, for whatever reason.

    People are allowed to change their mind on the topic.

    Women don’t all have to be precious mothers or self-absorbed baby-eschewers.

    There can be a grey area.

    I am very much of the feeling that if circumstances come together for me to have a family, great. I like that idea. If they don’t I can be happy then too. Motherhood isn’t the whole of life, despite what mommy bloggers would have you believe.

    That said, I really dislike Aniston the more I see of her.

  22. mln76 says:

    Very typical of her but I’ve got to give her credit her B.S. always works. She put out the I want a baby press for years during and after her marriage. I never thought she owed it to Brad or anyone else to have a baby. But I do think she manipulated the press and lied about her desire for kids to garner sympathy. In a marriage if one person has a desire for babies and the other doesn’t there will be huge problems.

    • Jackie says:

      yes, and even more problematic if it’s the woman who doesn’t want children. the woman is usually seen as selfish and shallow by other woman. jen knows this and has not wanted to alienate her major fan base, females. instead, she decided to play the victim card so her fans could relate to her more.

    • The Original Mia says:

      Totally agree with everything you’ve said. I personally don’t care if she ever has children, but can she stopped pretending it’s our interest in her womb that has fueled this story for years. That would be her PR strategy and not ours.

    • Indra says:

      If you consider what @pamela said, (a fellow Angie fan), down the thread that

      ‘…. Brad said after the break-up that NOT having children was NOT the reason for the break-up.’

      You might have to re think your assumptions as to whether Jenn was lying about her desire to have children in the past.

  23. whatthehell456 says:

    I have two kids. Did I intend to get pregnant? Nope. Both my kids were Pill babies. Do I love them now that they’re here. Uh, duh lol. But could I have lived the whole of my life being perfectly fulfilled without having kids? Absolutely. I can see where she’s coming from.

  24. toto says:

    “I am not a Jennifer fan” it seems many start with this phrase in here but they are the first who comment on her threads only to defend her….no matter how lire she is .. but to them she is always “happy in her place, content , evolving , harmless ..etc”

    What about Brad and Angelina? the evils who ruined her life and her dream of having a family? , what about about Heidi who people think Justin left her bcaz she was not enough good for him? or he did not care to marry her..what about her feelings watching them in all papers? ..or shall we let this go bcaz jen is” content , growing , evolving harmless, and at good place” no matter who steps on?

    • pamela says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. I have to laugh at the the comments I am reading, and how so many are tripping over themselves TRYING to excuse this child-woman in her media manipulations. Will this woamn ever be held accountable for her lies and hypocrisy?

  25. Katherine says:

    For someone who usually stumbles over her words and sounds completely vacuous, she sounded fine in this one. Though Gayle leaves a to be desired as an interviewer.

    Of course she doesn’t have to have children. No one except her own fans suggested such a thing. They seemed to be the ones so intent on pretending every shadow or bunched up material on her clothes meant she was pregnant. That whole myth that she had already been pregnant and miscarried (twice! in some delusional minds) has been pushed, again by her own fans, when Jennifer herself said she has never been pregnant.

    I understand that women can and do change their minds about motherhood as they progress through life but if I may indulge my own speculation about her womb, I think this latest statement reinforces my belief that she never really wanted children except maybe in theory. Any woman with her incredible resources and opportunity to have children who doesn’t have them by 43 never really had that as a priority in her life. Perhaps Justin has given her the courage to drop the pretense and give voice to her real desires.

    That article is such a hatchet job on Brad that Jennifer should be ashamed of it. To have her friends spread the rumor that it was really Brad who didn’t really want kids during their marriage is hardly believable given his history and the fact that it wasn’t him who controlled HER fertility.

    As a petty aside – because everyone seems to talk about it – she looks terrible for a 43 year old. Her face looks really rough and 10 years older. She’s wearing too much make-up for a daytime casual look and it’s not a good look. I’ve never considered her good looking but rather pulled together well enough so that she can pull off “attractive.” Let her face be a lesson to those who think they can smoke, drink and suntan without paying the cost pretty early in life. There is no reason why a woman in her 40s, even without all the support Jennifer has to look good, should look like that.

    Or maybe she just has bad genes. Some people just age better than others.

  26. birdie says:

    I think she cannot have biological children.. maybe adoption is not an option for her, so she just says these things. That could have been a reason for the divorce with Pitt. Just speculating here. That could have been also a reason why she hadn’t had so many longterm realtionships..

  27. Jayna says:

    She didn’t say she didn’t want children, just that people are narrow-minded to assume she can’t be happy without them. I have a feelinfbthey are trying, but at her age it might not happen and she loves her life.

  28. Anon says:

    One would think with 20+ years of therapy like Jennifer claims to have had that she would know herself. One would think she would have learned something besides how to manipulate other people for her own selfish reasons. When you manipulate people, you never know when they will turn on you.
    Smart people only had to read that VF article to realize that Jenny is indeed, a master manipulator.

    • Hypocricy says:

      Totally agree.

      I don’t care if a woman wants children or not, it’s her prerogative and in either way none should be put down for their respective desire.

      I care when a woman deliberately lie about it and mislead someone in order to fit in an profile she is not and mislead him into a marriage that would have never be without it.

      I am firmly convinced she lied pre marriage and misled him so that he would marry her on a false promise.

      This is where the fraud and manipulation is. And this is what i accuse her of, not her desire to remain childless.

      It’s the same mindset with golddigging, it involves emotional cheating and deliberate misleadaing in order to enter a marriage on false feeling/false promise that are dealbreakers. Faking wanting a child or even for some faking pregnancy to convince someone you are something you are not, which would lead you to be chosen for the long haul instead of someone else who is a better match is cheating to me and morally reprehensible.

      • Jaxx says:

        And we have a winner!!! That’s exactly what has always turned me away from her. I loved her in Friends. But in the last years of their marriage when Brad began to talk consistently about really wanting to have kids, Jen just kept putting him off. We will, after this, and after that, and on and on. The final countdown was supposed to be when Friends shut down.

        Here’s Brad hanging on to tha promise, but saying that he really wanted to have kids while he was young enough to enjoy them. You have to remember that Brad is what, five or six years older than her? So his clock was really ticking. By the time Friends wound down Jen had booked herself into THREE movies to film in the year after Friends. Where was she going to fit that pregnancy she had promised him? THAT’S the part that sickens me. She had held this man off during his 40′s with false promises. I don’t now and didn’t then believe she EVER planned to get pregnant and ruin her world class figure. Stretch marks on her perfectly tanned flesh? Please.

        Then the Jolie came along and none of it matters now. But you do not marry a man who wants children, then deny him and expect your marriage to last. Does she owe Brad a baby? No. But she owed him the truth instead of just leading him on. Only she knows for sure if she ever really meant to have children, but her actions speak very loudly.

        Even after the divorce when tabloids were screaming I will have children she is dating people like John Mayer? Women who want children don’t waste time on creeps like him. And how many more boy men came after him? Now she is happy with a man who, after 14 years with one woman, never had children. What are the chances he wants one now? They fit together very well.

        So suddenly she is blaming US for thinking she can’t be happy until baby JustJen comes along? Please.

  29. Lem says:

    Pass the popcorn. I’m taking pool numbers on how many comments this ONE new sentence will generate.

  30. di elepha beth says:

    people’s priorities change.
    Maybe she wanted babies then, and not now. Maybe she has problems conceiving that we don’t know of, but she never told. (some people find it hard to talk about “perceived impotency” be it on the woman’s tubes or the man’s swimmers).

    now that she has met Justin, maybe he has brought/given her a different argument, like: don’t think about it honey; get a puppy, dear; i love you anyway, bla bla bla.

    can Bermuda Triangle die now?
    and let bygones be bygones. Yeah, all three of them has made mistakes in the past, but people do learn from them.

    And the poor kids. now Bermuda Triangle is sucking them in to. The recent being Maddox. The three adults, I’ve always thought are free-for-all, but to suck in the kids to make headlines.. please. (so what if the parents flaunt the kids, aren’t we supposed to rise above petty things? apparently tabs are allergic to the Be a Better Man/Woman principle).

  31. kira says:

    I think Aniston will say anything for good PR–she doesn’t have a believeable bone in her body. She just lied about her current relationship. Pics showed Jen w/Justin in May, and his girlfriend didn’t move out until a month later. Aniston then decided it was a great time to put out PDA pics right as her boyfriend’s ex was moving out. What a sweetheart. Never a denial that she cheated or any explanation of all her lies about “just being friends” up until after his girlfriend moves out. Classy.

    And her “pity party” interview is so manipulative. Aniston’s “friend” said Brad didn’t want kids that badly, it wasn’t his “priority,” YET, it was for her? So, let me get this straight. A year earlier, Pitt cried when talking about kids on Oprah–WHY?–because he really didn’t want ‘em? Suuuure. Her interviews have always been so fake. She has as much credibility as Kim Kardashian.

    • toto says:

      everyone was accusing Angelina of starving herself to anorexia ..but no one ever have thought how much hate Angelina took from Jennifer PR team all these years..have anyone of you mocking Angelina sack of bones how much unreasonable hate worn her? but i always admired her showing her head high no matter what names people they call her.

      • taksi says:

        No one needed to do a hatchet job. Angelina and Brad Pitt cheated, that speaks for itself in the court of public opinion. She’s able to hold her high because she doesn’t care. Didn’t care when she ran off with Billy Bob Thornton while he was engaged to Laura Dern; didn’t care with Brad Pitt.

    • pamela says:

      This woman has everything but the kitchen sink keeping that closet door shut tight. God help her if those skeletons come tumbling out.

      • Indra says:

        All celebs have skeletons in their closets.
        I would bet my life that Angies closet is just as full as Jenns, not to mention many other celebs.
        Please dont pretend that Jenn is the only one trying to hide something.

      • Jill says:

        @Indra: What I respect about Angie is that she puts it all out there for all the world to see and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Aniston has been putting on this poor-little-innocent-me victim act for seven years now, and let’s face it, it got old a long time ago. To listen to her, and her fans rhapsodizing about her, you would think she was some kind of snow-globe princess who pees rainbows and poops diamonds and lets out farts that smell like Chanel No. 5. She’s not perfect, and neither is Angie, but Angie’s honest enough not to pretend to be.

      • Wendy says:

        Jill, food for thought… One of the best ways to hide the truth is by giving “the truth”. It’s called hiding in plain sight. Being apparently open about yourself does not guarantee that what that person is saying is the truth, sometimes it’s like a magician who distracts you from what one hand is doing covertly by being obvious with the other.

      • Jill says:

        @Wendy: Well, according to Female First and Ian Undercover, she’s an active heroin addict, she’s the head of an international child prostitution ring, she faked her pregnancy with the twins, she kidnapped one or both twins, and she can’t wait for Maddox to reach adolescence so she can have sex with him. You can believe any or all of the above.

      • Wendy says:

        @Pamela: And according to other websites, she never slept with someone else’s man, has “always” been “naturally thin” despite photos that show the contrary, has never had a nose job and is a great joker who was just being “silly” and having fun while posing like a Z lister on the Oscar stage.

        What’s your point?

      • Jill says:

        @Wendy: If you can’t see the point, which should be as plain to you as the nose on your face, you’ve got some real issues. Cut the BS, will you? Do you really believe maintaining that Jolie never had a nose job (she probably had several, so what if she did?) or is naturally thin, when you think she isn’t, is in the same category as posting vicious rumors that she is guilty of child pornography or kidnapping? Get a grip, for heaven’s sake. It’s not that both sides BS, it’s that one side is making up despicable and slanderous claims they have absolutely no evidence for.

        Oh, and about Jolie not being naturally thin, the only time she has been near normal weight for her height is when she was pregnant and when she had to bulk up for the Lara Croft films. You can check out her 1999 photos if you want. She had a round face then but very thin arms and legs. Like most women, her face lost its roundness as she got older.

        Sometimes I get this feeling that Aniston’s fans think it’s okay to spread the most outrageous slander about Jolie because they think it’s some kind of payback. Payback for what? She didn’t steal Brad Pitt, he left because he was sick and tired of Aniston. If he hadn’t dumped her for Jolie he would have dumped her for somebody else. I wasn’t at all surprised when he dumped her. The only thing that surprised me was it took him five years to do it.

      • Wendy says:

        @Jill: I think that perhaps you didn’t get the point. Being “open and honest” with the press is not a guarantee that what you are saying is the truth. In fact, if you want them to look no further than your words, it’s a very solid strategy. Give them something to believe that satifies their curiosity and you can hide the things you don’t want known behind that so-called honesty.

        Citing things that are said or believed on irrelevant websites where they don’t like Jolie that have nothing to do with this one is pointless. So is citing things that are said or believed on websites that do like Jolie. They have nothing to do with the discussion at hand, which was the point I was trying to make.

        That really shouldn’t be too difficult to grasp, now should it?

      • Jill says:

        @Wendy: You are a trip. You’d believe someone who told you Jolie was a serial murderer. Whatever did she do to you to get you so exercised? Hating like that on someone who has never harmed you goes beyond any definition of rationality. You act like she’s evil personified. You need some serious help.

      • Wendy says:

        Jill, I’m perfectly capable of speaking for myself, I don’t need you to put words in my mouth.

        How exactly do you get “will believe the woman is a serial killer” and “act like she’s evil personified” out of “employs a clever strategy of telling “the truth” to hide things she doesn’t want known”?

        Oh right… if you have no response to what is actually being said, sling mud instead. Pfft

  32. anytime says:

    told ya, henistons. it would come to this, of course. she egged you on for years saying that she does want babies, she did and she will! and relax people, it’ll happen! and after stalling for a long time, if anybody confronts her about fooling her fanistons, she’ll say she wasn’t able to conceive at her age. well played, maniston, well played ;)

  33. islandgirl says:

    Kaiser, how dare you post a story about Aniston? Jenloonies think you are trying to distract them from Angie’s leg by attacking their idol lol.

    Btw : Great Post

  34. Jane says:

    In that first photo, does she look like Ryan Gosling in drag!?

  35. NO SH¡T says:

    It is 2012 why are we still on this woman’s womb and keep bringing Brad and Angie in to every discussion about her and vice versa.

    Name one actor or actress who don’t doesn’t have a movie(s) that’s flopped in their careers!?

    And about leg controversy Angie showed her leg big F’in deal! And you wonder why the media treats the public like idiots because some of you act like one!

    Making a big thing out of nothing!….SMFH

  36. Jill says:

    If she didn’t and doesn’t want children, fine. It’s her body and her business. But in that case she should have come clean with Brad Pitt from the beginning and not left him to stew waiting for a child she never intended to give him. And she should instruct her PR person to stop feeding fake pregnancy rumors to the tabloids every other week. She’s been trying to have it both ways for the past seven years. Her hypocrisy reeks.

  37. right says:

    It IS narrow minded for people to think a woman cant be happy if she has no children.

    She could have wanted children and changed her mind because it didn’t happen for her, is that so hard to understand.

  38. someone says:

    Her comments sound to me like a woman struggling with the fact that having a baby isn’t happening for her and feeling like people are looking down on her for that. When you want a baby but can’t get pregnant, you don’t need the whole world feeling sorry for you or questioning what is wrong with you. It doesn’t make you any less of a person if you can’t get pregnant — but some people sure like to make you FEEL like you are less of a woman. I think that is all she was trying to get across — don’t make her out to be less of a woman because her ovaries aren’t cooperating. And does anyone honestly think adoption is really a choice in her mind? She’d be accused of copying Angelina or worse accused of not picking the right ethnicity if she didn’t choose the perfect third world country. She’d be eaten alive in the media if she choose to follow in Sheryl Crowe’s footsteps and adopt two white American babies.

    • Bite me says:

      Nope… America’s sweetheart adopting an American made baby perfect… Sandra bullock did it

    • legofdoom says:

      Someone – stop projecting what you want to hear. You sound like those loonies who believe she had miscarriages with absolutely no proof (and aniston has recently said she’s never been pregnant).
      She has not said/done a single thing that suggests she has fertility issues. She has, however not had a child during marriage when it would have fitted around her work (rachel’s pregnancy, and again when Friends finished), she has gone on to have short relationships with douchebag playboys who are not father material by any stretch, she has continued to smoke/drink/drug/tan/diet which any sane person would cut out if they were preparing for motherhood (or wanted to), she has kept a party lifestyle and befriended people who are not child-friendly such as rapist Joe & cokewhore Chelsea. She has also not taken a work break when she obviously can afford one.
      Lastly, if a few strangers opinions on the internet (or even a couple of tabloids – if you want to pretend they aren’t in her pocket) are stopping her from adopting, then she sure as hell should not be a mother.

      • Minxx says:

        I don’t believe JA ever wanted kids. There is nothing wrong with not having or wanting kids, btw. The problem with her, however, is that she always PRETENDED she wanted them, even to her own husband. I remember very well how she talked she’ll have a kid “after Friends are over” then it was after the next project etc etc. Pitt finally got the message after she signed up for a string of movies when they were supposed to work on a baby. I think that at that point he finally realized it was not going to happen then or ever. And as we see now, she really didn’t want any kids, ever. But she exploited that angle (“poor me, I was ready to have kids but the cheating bastard left me for another woman”). The way Pitt and particularly Jolie are smeared in that VF article is awful. But it’s all coming back to bite her in her lying ass. Now she thinks it’s “narrow-minded” to expect her to have kids? But that’s what she kept feeding the fans for the past 10 years!
        And if she ever had fertility issues, we would have heard a lot about it for sure. Courtney Cox was very vocal about hers and it would have given Aniston so much more mileage in terms of public sympathy. Much more than her wronged wife persona.
        Let’s face it, Aniston is still in the news because of Pitt and Jolie. Jolie is hated because she’s very beautiful, doesn’t fit the Minivan mold of non-threatening girl next door. Besides, her wild stuff was always carried out in public, she was not hiding it like it is expected. Nobody talks about adulterous affairs of Julia Roberts or Laura Dern or even blames Jen for breaking up Justin and his gf of 14 years! Somehow the same crowd sees this as acceptable whereas Pitt and Jolie just rub them the wrong way.

  39. Samigirl says:

    I get her point and agree with her. Not everyone wants kids…and that’s ok. And, as many others have pointed out, priorities and wants change over the years. She very well may have wanted kids, but now, she doesn’t. I just think that maybe she discusses the (future?) state of her uterus so often, it ends up firing people up. As long as SHE’S happy with her life, that’s all that matters.

    I just don’t understand why people (read: women) get soooooo upset when other women state they don’t want to have kids. Why does it offend them so much? Yes, I love being a mother-more than anything else in the world-but I would never say a woman needs to be a mother to be happy. Ridiculous.

  40. lambchops says:

    It is entirely possible she did want kids or thought she wanted kids and then her marriage split up and she was blindsided by her husband so quickly hooking up and having children. And she quickly figured out that saying she wanted kids in interviews made her look less to blame in the divorce. And then, maybe she realized post divorce, she really didn’t want kids, now what? She’s built herself up as being wronged and people got on her side about it, she can’t let them down, so she’s boxed herself in. A lot of women change their minds about kids, but they’re not quoted in major magazines all the time about their changing opinions. She’s entitled to change her mind, but she would lose major points with folks who thought she was the wronged woman, so again, she has to start changing tact slowly. She’s not a great actress, this woman, she’s likable, she’s innocuous. I’m dumbfounded, though, how this site picks up any story about her and picks it to death like she’s the devil. It’s ridiculous. The attitude is how dare she have given an interview when she was upset after her break up. Maybe she shouldn’t have given any interview about it, but who handles a break up perfectly? When you’ve been hurt, you do things that you think will make you hurt less. Maybe she thought it would be empowering, but I don’t doubt that she was blindsided by her divorce and her ex’s sudden pick-up with a new woman. If you’ve ever been dumped or had your heart broken, why would you judge someone for how they act afterward? Oh sorry, she said her ex’s new partner was uncool for bragging about hooking up on the set of their film. Oh my God, how dare she say that? Well, if that’s what happened, then it was uncool, big deal? If it happened to you, wouldn’t you think the same? I am so done with reading any more JA posts on this site b/c they are always so predictable. I already skip the BP and AJ posts because of the lunacy. The best posts are the funny ones and ones about interesting actors/ famous folks, not the same old rehash about BP and AJ being the most awesomest people in the world and JA being some harpie.

  41. Ell says:

    I find these stories offensive to women without children. I thought I’d have children but it never happened, then the choice was taken away from me. I’ve lived happily without a family, I’m no less of a person.

    There are so many reasons Jen may have changed her mind or the decision has even been taken away from her….give her a break.

    • sassenach says:

      The decision to have a child was not been taken away from her. She and Brad divorced seven years ago and it’s time for her fans to stop blaming him because Jen doesn’t have the perfect life YOU want for her.

      • someone says:

        The decision was taken away from her in the sense that she CAN’T get pregnant now even though she wants too because her body can’t do it. Not because Brad wouldn’t have kids with her.

      • Wendy says:

        I think the point she was making was that “taken away” can be for health reasons that render you (or your partner) sterile or unable to adopt.

        There were rumours back then of a miscarriage. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it’s not impossible that she may have a physical reason other than age that makes it difficult or impossible to get pregnant or maintain a pregnancy.

      • Ell says:

        Of course the decision could be taken away from her, as it was me….I mean biology.

        Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t have a some pathetic need for a person I don’t even know to have a perfect life, it’s not relevant to MY life. You seem to have read all sorts of nonsense in to my post.

    • mel says:

      I agree with you – its soooo offensive. Women are entitled to change their mind about wanting children…maybe she did at one point and now she doesn’t. As far as I’m concerned she has taken the high road with the pitt/jolie situation and has never once lowered herself to acknowledge all the implied bullshit out there about her until now. Which in my opinion is long over due. I like her and think she is a great role model for women…live life on your terms and children do NOT define you. If they do then you are clearly not happy within yourself. I have two daughters who are a part of my life…they are my whole life but they do not define who I am.

  42. Filterfreejenny says:

    This is what gets me: if she wanted children and changed her mind, (or never wanted them to begin with) why won’t she just say it? Instead of lying to protect the fans of America’s sweetheart, why not be honest that she doesn’t need children to be fulfilled, and be a role model for those women struggling against a baby obsessed culture?

    • kira says:


      And, I don’t get her fans. They always make excuses for her: she changed her mind (many times), and she is always cruelly being asked about this topic (AND, she has NO control over her interviews, even though she’s a huge star with a killer PR team!). It’s pretty disturbing to see grown-ups treat a grown woman as some sort of helpless, victim-child. She has the perfect ability to tell the truth, to cut down any rumors, and to NOT engage in this, just like Cameron Diaz or other stars. It’s her choice NOT to do so. Probably because it might lose her fans, some sympathy, PR, etc. She’s been using this stuff for attention–all those tabloids covers about Jen and babies–are no accident. If she actually told the truth, all that attention might stop. So, on with the parade of fake…

      • Andria says:

        That’s the genius of of her PR: there are women who “see themselves” in the lies and distortions she puts out, and these women will defend her until the end of time because they think they identify with things she is (supposedly) going through. Like being cheated on and left; wanting kids but able to have them; changing your mind about kids as you grow older; ETC ETC.

        Yes, real women go through these things. But the media Aniston is not a real woman. It’s a work of fiction.

        I don’t care about the choices she makes for her life, but the endless pandering and manipulations make me want to gag. Ladies, she’s playing you and you’re buying it.

  43. Kimbob says:

    She should have been honest from the get-go, then she wouldn’t have to be back-pedaling. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.

    As opposed to now, she speaks of the public at large of being ‘narrow minded,’ well….guess what, we’re not! My opinion is that she’s a pandering liar who’s been found out. Now she’s hurling words such as previously-mentioned ‘narrow-minded,’ and now she comes off looking as a capricious, petulant a-hole saying these “narrow-minded words” as she sticks her bottom lip out.

    • right says:

      Why? Maybe she was honest and wanted kids and it didn’t happen for whatever reason.

      And it IS narrow minded for people to think that a woman can’t be happy if she doesn’t have kids.

      • kira says:

        Yeah, right. She’s never been honest a day in her life. All her BS about only being “friends” with Justin. After his girlfriend moves out, that same week, she decides to release kissy PDA photos of them together and wearing tacky matching rings? What a two-faced liar.
        She does a great job of acting off-screen. Too bad she can’t act on-screen-

  44. Ara says:

    I use to like Jen and not Angelina but not any more. Now I have a lot of respect for Brad and Angelina because they moved on and did not look back or throw mudd at Jen. I’m sorry if that make some people mad but life is about moving on. I went through a divorce and my ex and I moved on with our lives and did not look back. The last seven years have been dreadful having to read these pathetic links to this Triangle game. I hate the direction Jen’s pr agent took her and she seem to be unaware that it’s a losing track.
    It’s been 7 years of bad pr moves and she can’t see that. I’m am so sick of this triangle junk and it greatly angers me that she would allow her pr to keep going down this same broke down road.
    Look she can pay her pr team to beat down Angelina and Brad in the media all she want but look-its not helping her movies at all. Flood the blogs with hundreds of post bashing your ex and his family all you want but the thing is it’s not putting people in the theaters to see a Jen movie! Jen movies are bombing big time.
    The bottom line is Jen need to FIRE her pr agent. Hire a fresh team that will move her out of the pity party angle but for heavens sake move on you are beginning to look like a very bitter women that’s too unstable.
    Jen if you can truly listen to the regular people out here, please understand…WE ARE SICK-SO-very sick of this trianlge connection. Leave those people (Jolie/Pitt) alone and move on already! Until then you will not see a large number of fans at your movies.

  45. sassenach says:

    Her nose look completely different on that VF cover. So it now seems as if she has had around three nosejobs.

  46. msshuffleupagus says:

    Thank you for calling her out on this one. I was so worried everybody would go, “Yeah, we have been narrow minded. Why are we all sexist?” and I’d have to trail off with, “But…she…always says…..soon…..babies…”

    Frankly I think she’s fed up with her image and is blaming it on the public that she felt she needed to keep it up so long.

  47. islandgirl says:

    I don’t care if a woman don’t want kids and I would never put down another woman for not wanting kids, after all it is her choice. I have friends that don’t want kids and I say good for them. My problem with Aniston is that she being harping on for 7 years or so about wanting kids, when she knows that she don’t. She uses that when she wants to sell her movies because that is what her fans and some in the public want to hear.

  48. pamela says:

    NO ONE is getting down on “sweet Jen Jen” for NOT having/wanting kids. It’s her body, hence her choice. It’s the lying and hypocrisy and manipulating that pisses me off. She insinuated in her infamous VF interview that SHE was open to kids, and it was her ex-husband who wasn’t. Who does that? She was a vicious and bitter woman then, and I can bet still is today.

    And no, having your husband move on quickly with another woman is no justification for an attempted character assassination. Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman and even her BFF Reese never tried to destroy their husbands in the media, and they had more justification than this fraud.

    • right says:

      Isn’t brad qouted as saying that kids were not the reason for divorce and that he didn’t want kids till angelina came along. So maybe it’s the truth. Why judge her if brad is saying the same thing. And this story has nothing to do with brad by the way, this site included brad in this story as allways.

      • pamela says:

        The BIG difference is Brad said after the break-up that NOT having children was NOT the reason for the break-up. Jen oculd have left well enough alone then, as he made those comments BEFORE the VF article. Instead she made certain to have her friends blame him for not wanting kids during the marriage, while she did. So after that I say good for Brad for saying he never wanted kids until with Angie. The man lived with Aniston, he knows she is a neurotic mess, and he saw how vindictive she was after the divorce. WTH would want someone like that as the mother of their children?

        And Brad was brought into the comments by one of the apologists of this woman-child. And even when he is not mentioned by name, the insinuations are there.

      • Jaxx says:

        Oh no, it’s on record that Brad wanted kids. They were both on Oprah and Brad got a tear in his eyes saying he couldn’t wait to see a bunch of little Jen’s running around. Like maybe six or seven of them. Jennifer looked at him like he was insane and said, “you’ll be lucky if you get one, or maybe two.” On record.

        Then it was said that as soon as Friends ended she would start trying. But funny thing, when Friends ended she lined up not one, not two, but THREE movies to film in the following year. She never intended to have kids then, though that was what she had been telling Brad for several years.

        Yet when they divorced she said The Whole World Was Shocked. Um, not so much.

  49. G says:

    She’s not losing fans because she doesn’t have a baby.

    She’s losing fans because she’s a very limited actress who has never chosen to do any substantial film work.

    In my opinion, the baby talk is a way of implying that she’s younger than she is. Trying to show that she relates to a younger movie going demographic, who don’t have any interest in her. She’s their mother’s age fer cryin’ out loud.

  50. shannon says:

    Here’s a radical thought: she could have just, you know, changed her mind over the years? This is just so dead and tired, the team Jen/team Angie thing is the best example ever of how women can be their own worst enemies.

    That article came out several years ago right after what I’m sure was a pretty painful and humiliating divorce. She addressed rumors that she had refused to have kids; she probably did want kids. But over the years she could have changed her mind, so what? People need to just stop worrying about what she decides to do with her womb, jeezy pete.

    (and for the record, I’m team Jen/Angie/meh whatever)

  51. mememe says:

    This woman has done what most actors haven’t been able to do. Maintain a career in hollywood for decades.

    Get off of her F’ing back already!

    • nan says:

      You really don’t think she survived in Hollywood because of all those crappy rom-coms do you??? She kept that triangle thing alive and playing the “scorned” woman until she stole bobble-head from Heidi!

      • Wendy says:

        Like Jolie stole Pitt from Aniston?

      • Emma says:

        Jolie is known for being one of the only action actresses in Hollywood…Aniston is known as queen of flopped rom coms. Who needs/needed Pitt more?

        Angelina Jolie was internationally famous for Tomb Raider (how I first heard of her) b4 Brad Pitt and she was an oscar winnning actress.

        What did Jen have? She was a famous TV actress for sure, but she was NOT a movie star. Look at the rest of the friends cast…all struggling except Aniston. I wonder why? She was probably the 2nd or 3rd worst of the Friends bunch.

      • Jill says:

        @Wendy and Nan: Both of you, get with the program. You CANNOT, repeat, CANNOT steal a man. A man is not a commodity like a watch or a wallet or a car that can be stolen. If Brad left Aniston for Jolie and Theroux left Bivens for Aniston, it’s because they wanted to leave. They each made their own choice.

      • Wendy says:

        @Jill: of course you can. Relationships, especially long ones, are not a long Mediterranean cruise. You have sunny days with beautiful weather and you have storms. You have moments where you feel like heading to the nearest airport and just disappearing and you have moments where you feel you would die without that person.

        The whole point of making a commitment to someone, pledging to spend your life together “until death do you part” means that when you are in a down period, you deal with it, work your way through it and DON’T go looking for comfort elsewhere. That’s lazy and it’s weak. And lots of people are lazy and weak, more so at some times than others.

        Frankly, a man in mid-life crisis at 40, when faced by a woman who gives him what he feels is missing, be it hot sex, an illusion of regained youth, starry eyed adoration or other, is in the perfect position to be “stolen”. They’re weak, vulnerable and looking for validation outside of what they already have. If Aniston had been on the set of MAMS every day, do you really think we’d be having this discussion? No, of course not.

        Did Aniston want to be with somebody who’s shoulder she needed to be looking over all the time? Probably not, or she would have done so and again, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

      • Jill says:

        @Wendy: Tell the assembled multitude, how does one go about stealing a man? Do you knock him out and drag him back to your cave by the hair? Do you work voodoo on him (as the lunatics at FF claim Angie did to Brad)? How? Inquiring minds want to know.

        Jesus Christ, you act like a man is a robot that is incapable of thought processes. If a man doesn’t want to leave, he will not leave. If he wants to leave, he will leave. No voodoo or knocks upside the head needed.

      • Jill says:

        Wendy: I just re-read your post above and burst out laughing. Mid-life crisis indeed. Most men go through them but it seldom if ever renders a man incapable of all rational thinking.

        Your post was quite revealing, probably more than you realized or intended. You really need to let go of this demonization of Jolie. Whoever your man left you for, it wasn’t her.

      • Josephina says:

        @ Wendy–

        On a repeated basis you have continued to reason that it is possible for a marriage to end based on the Brad, the ex-husband, being weak. There is nothing about Brad’s current personal or professional choices or lifestyle today that demonstrates weakness.

        This was not a happy marriage for Brad. Given all the live interviews of Brad and Aniston where they expressed lackluster praise for one another during their marriage on NATIONAL TV…both Brad and Jen were guilty of not having enough trust, honor, love and respect for another.

        Brad and Aniston BOTH failed their marriage. The difference is Brad owned up to his part being listless when with Aniston.

      • Wendy says:

        Men going through mid-life crisi are thinking rationally? Bwahahahaha! The next time you see some 40 year old bald dude with a comb over driving a Corvette and trying to dress like he’s 15 years younger, ask yourself just how rational the guy has been thinking. Hahahaha! That’s really funny! Thanks for a good laugh this morning. hehehe

    • pamela says:

      She’s not the only one. The only difference is many many others did it with talent.

  52. Wendy says:

    Huh, for all we know, she’s fallen in love with a guy who had “the snip”. Dude was with his former girlfriend for 13 years and never had kids.

  53. Alexis says:

    It would be awesome if Jen came out and said, “Hey, I don’t want kids, and I never really wanted kids.” It would be cool to have a female celeb out there who was honest about that. As a young woman who is open to remaining childless, it would be nice to have some more open examples of that out there.

    Also, even as PR, it’s just stupid at this point. “I don’t have kids because I’m not in a relationship” doesn’t fly in 2012. So many single women in Hollywood have independently conceived (January Jones) or adopted (Sandra Bullock, Charlotte from SITC, etc.) children. If JA really wanted kids, she’d have conceived or adopted already. She should just tell us all the truth and be done with it.

    • Wendy says:

      Not everyone wants to be a single mother. I wouldn’t.

      • Emma says:


        Lol too bad Jennifer Aniston made that comment about how women don’t need men to have children (it was for promoting her lame flop The Switch).

        “Women are realizing more and more that you don’t have to settle, they don’t have to fiddle with a man to have that child,”

        Guess she’s fine with being a single mom. Plus she’s not you. She has over 100 million in the bank – she’ll never be a struggling single mother making ends meet.

        Jen has always been a liar in terms of wanting children, so she can soak up sympathy.

        Plus my DAD (my DAD – not my friend)…someone who I lived with for 18 years….was and IS a programme management officer for economic and social development at the UN Headquarters in NYC. Urine testing and if they deem necessary, other testings are REQUIRED for ALL WORKERS!

        He says he imagines Jolie would have to go through multiple drug testings (anoynymous) a year because it would be hugely embarrassing for the UN to have celebrities (who don’t know crap but are just there be represent) to be drugged out when doing press calls or to have that reputation in general.

        Wendy, stop your lies already. Either you’re a liar or your friend is a liar. But more likely you, as you hate Angelina Jolie who apparently “cannot find work because nobody will insure her” and yet she was the highest paid actress in 2011….while Jennifer is a flopping actress in the Switch.

        If people want to insure Jolie for Bond action films, which Jen has been desperately begging for, wearing nasty mini dresses to formal events (DGA) and still cannot get…well, whatever, your choice to believe what you want.

      • Wendy says:

        @Emma: What Aniston said is true, women don’t need a man in their lives to be a mother these days. That also dovetailed with the film she was promoting.

        It’s a far cry though, from saying she wants to be a single parent in real life. Given that her parents divorced when she was fairly young and she was brought up by her mother, with whom she apparently has a poor relationship, it shouldn’t be too much of a big leap of logic that the woman doesn’t want to repeat the same thing.

        You really need to start separating the woman from the film roles. Never did she indicate she wanted to have a baby by herself.

        Btw, your Dad obviously works in the US on an American contract and is subject to US law while working in NYC as he has no immunity. Tell me, do they drug test the Dutch representative? The Columbian one? The Swiss one? No, they don’t. Is Jolie “working” in the US offices of the UN? No, she’s not.

      • Wendy says:

        Further Emma, since your Dad is so “in the know” that he has to “imagine” how things are done… Answer me a few easy questions then.

        Does Jolie travel on a UN diplomatic passport?
        Does she have diplomatic immunity when she’s on a mission?
        What year did they do away with negative salary coefficients?

      • Emma says:

        Hopefully you realize I don’t live with my dad at the moment, but anyway, he asked me whether you meant NIT, the gini coefficient or what? Angelina Jolie definitely does have a United Nations passport, which is issued to all high commissioners. He has to “imagine” based on his own many years of experience working in the UN and going through the process of hiring people….he’s never met Angelina Jole, obviously.

        What about your friend? how long has she/he worked in the UN? What department? What job post? Has he/she met Angelina Jolie?

        If Aniston made those comments and talks about how she wants children in People Magazine….she obviously is a ready single mother with great economic financial security.

        By the way, my dad laughed when I asked him these questions and why I was asking (laughed at me). He called you one of those “dumb internet trolls that think they’re smarter than they are and spew crap to make themselves seem smart. The more smart they think they are the dumber other people think they are.”

        That’s you Wendy! Perfectly described.

        Haha, go watch Aniston’s crappy rom coms instead of posting about Jolie. I mean, goodness, the woman needs all the viewers she can get….she’s a lying homewrecker who can’t get an audience to watch her dumb movies.

        P.S. Who’s insuring Aniston? Lol, nobody that’s who. Angie, on the other hand, has Luc Besson kissing her hand and Disney putting together Maleficent for her.

      • Wendy says:

        Oh Emma, nice try. Jolie does not have a “UN diplomatic passport”. They don’t have passports, what they have is a “Laissez passer” which does not confer diplomatic status on you unless the visa in it for the country you are visiting is a diplomatic visa.

        As for my friend, he feeds countries. He gets the displaced back home. And he’s been doing it for 30 years. Not surprisingly, he has a hard time sleeping. So you know what he does every night before going to bed rather than getting hooked on sleeping pills? He takes a few tokes off a joint, something perfectly legal where he’s from and where he lives. And he’s been doing that for a couple of decades. Perhaps you’d care to explain to me how it is that he’s had a job, promotions, responsibility all this time, since he quite obviously wouldn’t have passed any drug testing for the past 20 years or so?

      • LAK says:

        @wendy – i was rather enjoying your various points until you said there is no such thing as a UN passport.

        I have 2 friends and a brother with UN passports. I guess they are imaginary.

        you are exactly what @Emma’s dad described you as.

        Emma, just give up. Some people take a position and will not change their minds even when presented with facts that aren’t based on rumour or speculation or conjecture.

      • Wendy says:

        No LAK, you have them send you a photo of their “UN passport” and you will see that it’s a “laissez passer”. They don’t issue passports.

      • Emma says:

        Wow did you really want to get into specifics? The first thing that pops up in google if you search “united nations passport” is the wikipedia link you gave. If my dad or I really gave a crap about being so specific, or based on your tone you think I’m lying about my dad, then I’d have gotten all my answers online, so easily with Google…the first search being the link you posted.

        By the way, people use the phrase “birds of a feather” for a reason…would someone as altruistic and wonderful as your friend really be friends with a bitter psycho like you who hates on people they don’t even know? Assuming he exists….

        *note I see the irony that I’m “hating” on you, but you did imply in your style of writing that I was lying about my dad’s occupation so if you make negative insinuations about that I’m gonna attack you, cause based on your posting you’re a nasty person.

      • Wendy says:

        Well Emma, I suppose that if you’re going to outright call someone a liar or their friend a liar, then you probably shouldn’t be particularly surprised when you get the same treatment back.

        There’s a reason that I asked about “passport”. Because they don’t have them and most people think they do, you constantly hear about how Jolie has a “UN diplomatic passport”. I know she doesn’t. Anyone working for the UN knows that a “Laissez passer” is not a “Diplomatic passport”. I’ll go one further, said friend’s comment on them was they “they were pretty much useless, often the home countries will give their own UN people a service passport instead”.

        Oh, and your Dad would definately know the name of this person.

    • Anne de Vries says:

      I agree. Whoever is doing her PR needs to lay off the crack. It is totally okay to be childfree and just not want that life for yourself. It’s totally okay to think you want it and then change your mind (though ideally you change your mind before you have them..!)

      But she’s been pushing that angle forever for publicity, suddenly saying we shouldn’t assume is stupid.

    • pamela says:

      Cameron Diaz has bravely said she does not know if she will have kids, or if she even wants kids. I have always liked her. She is refreshingly honest, and makes no apologies about how she lives her life.

      • Cerulean says:

        I think it says volumes about her career that these are the topics she chooses to discuss over and over. Her career is a pathetic mix of smoke and mirrors. I don’t see how she is all that different from reality stars since her fame is now based on tabloid headlines. It’s not based on her body of work. Her so called loyal fans don’t seem to be willing to fork over the money to support her movies. Even they know better than that.

        She is 43 in Hollywood and fast turning into box office poison. She should stick to TV. She is not a
        moviestar. She keeps insisting on embarrassing herself in terrible films when it is clear her career would be better served in a well written TV program.

        Also her refusal to play a mother when at 43 she should stop trying to be the ingenue…can’t be helping.

    • pwal says:

      Alexis… her saying that she never wanted kids now would damage her rep because she’s saying it after she married a dude who clearly did want them. Now, if she said that before they got married and he married her anyway, then that’s another thing, which, coincidentally, would’ve been a similar scenario as when Brad got with Angelina, except Angelina indicated her uncertainty about having biological children both privately and publicly, which is not to say that every single actress is obligated to disclose her reproductive plans to the public.

      But sadly, Aniston did disclose her reproductive plans, albeit very vague ones, for the last 10+ years. And yeah, she can change her mind, but no, she doesn’t have the stones to say, flat out, that she doesn’t want children. If anything, if she doesn’t have them, it will, somehow, be spun as being the fault of Brad Pitt, whether it’s because he left her, or fcuked up her head for it, or because she was set adrift in a pool of unworthy or unwilling father candidates. Or worse, Angelina would be blamed for it, despite lacking the equipment to impregnate Aniston.

      • LAK says:

        That is indeed her problem.

        HOw to change her public image without turning off her fans and gaining new ones who will go see her films.

        At this point she is so strongly identified with the rom coms that will be a difficult turn around.

        At this point i would say that she’s Meg Ryan.

  54. lisa says:

    have not read all the comments so.

    I think her past interviews speak to why the baby question comes up. I think IMO the answer is she is with a man that probably doesn’t care about having children. I’m sure that at her age and his age if he was wanting them things would be different. He is 40 and just came out of a relationship of 14 years. That’s a long time. And there were no children, which could have been for many unknown reasons. Heidi is in her mid 30′s she could have wanted to start a family at that point. I mean some women think their bodies work at will. But truth is while many women can and do have children at late ages.. that is not the norm and should not be seen that way.

    I don’t care if she has children or not. I have never wanted them for myself. I love my nieces and nephews and god children and children of my friends. I just never wanted or need to be a Mommy. I think Jennifer was maybe too afraid to acknowledge that she really doesn’t care. And that is in large some of the negative. Reading her interviews which it is obvious many people have not she is the one that maintained that stance for years that she will and does.. even saying that she was tired of all the talk because it was taking away her thunder when she finally announced she was pregnant. Brad and Angie have nothing to do with this. He wanted kids..a big family. Always said so in interview. Jennifer always said a couple. So that in itself showed they were not on the same page.

    But I for one am tired of the baby talk. I think again that she is with a man that is not all over the top needing to be a daddy. So she doesn’t have that pressure. So maybe now she sees that she likes not being a mom.

    Never got why she never just said it. Why care what nameless people think about how you become a parent or if.

  55. mummy says:

    Oh, brother! I guess you purposely misquoted her. She actually says it is narrow-minded to assume “she can’t be happy without a baby”. So true! There are too many people in the world and too many people still buying the spin from AJ and Pitt that she never intended or wanted to have children. People do evolve and sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t.

  56. Amanda says:

    I hate this article. See how it implies that Angelina’s “bisexuality” is some kind of deviant, bad girl behavior that she went through back in her wild phase. F**k you, Vanity Fair. I’m so sick of the stereotypes. Funny how in the same article they rail against sexism.

  57. Sue L. says:

    If she really had wanted kids, she would have the gone the Sheryl Crow route and adopted. Not everyone wants kids. I see noting wrong with that – I have two kids but I have three really good friends who have no intention of having children and that’s fine with me.

  58. Linda says:

    Life and age changes people – there was a time in my 20′s that I never wanted children…late 30′s I thought yea, wouldn’t it be cool – even into my early 40′s – I was like, I could still do it..then one morning I woke up knowing that I really didn’t want to have children…I now had a nephew and that was enough for me…I was in a totally different place and the desire for a child of my own left me completely. We as human beings – Jennifer being one of them – constantly change and evolve and it doesn’t surprise me to see her feelings on this subject change again… What one wants at 36…really changes at 42, 43…44.

    • Onyx XV says:

      That’s pretty much exactly what I was going to say.

      That and people are allowed to change their minds. And no, that’s not narrow-minded.

    • pamela says:

      Then she should be woman enough to be able to say…”Hey I changed my mind”, instead of implying the puclic is “narrow-minded” for buying into the comments she previously made regarding having children.

      • Wendy says:

        She didn’t say that. She said that it’s narrow minded to assume that she (or anyone for that matter) is unhappy because they don’t have a baby to nurture.

        And she’s right.

      • shannon says:

        I think what it might be, and I’m just speculating, is that she’s woman enough to know it’s nobody’s flipping business. She doesn’t owe us any explanation about her family planning decisions.

        Holy crap, I hate it when actors whine about their lack of privacy, but stories like this make me sympathetic. I’m not even famous, but I remember how irritating it was when people commented on my oldest son being an only child (he’s not anymore, but was for a long time). All the “don’t you think that’s kind of selfish?” “He’ll be so lonely.” “What will you do if something happens to him?”

        It’s just continuing the thought process of “hey, the main thing women are here for is to have babies, so let’s get all in their business about it.” Yikes.

  59. ramona says:

    Blabbing about how much you want kids for many years, and then doing a 180 and saying people are narrow-minded for assuming she wants kids makes me think “fertility problem”. Of course, I hope not – I don’t wish that on anyone – but it just sounds like a defensive mechanism to me.

  60. Dee Cee says:

    She can’t adopt now.. Angelina did that first people!!

  61. pamela says:

    @bondbabe Yes I have changed my mind about things over the years. The diffence is I DONT pretend as if I didn’t think differently before, and I sure as hell don’t blame others for my change of heart. I take responsibility for my actions and words.

  62. Meanchick says:

    Whether she can have them or not, if she wanted them, she’d adopt, period. She doesn’t want kids. Just be honest and quit with the Sweetheart bullcrap.

  63. Lauren says:

    I had two Pill Babies as well. So glad i have my two children..had to work hard in my twenties, no partying, had lots of energy. They are teenagers rebelling or horror stories. The problem was i looked 16 when i was 24. People would assume i was on welfare. Worked my a** off, do not regret anything. I cannot imagine having two small children in my forties..I am too damn tired now! Children are the best blessing in the world. Just make sure you want them. Jen obviously does not have baby fever, she has the means and resources to have a baby on her own, has chosen not to. Leave her alone.

  64. puhlease says:

    I think the conclusions that are being drawn here are totally wrong. I watched the interview and she didn’t say “I don’t want kids.” I think she was just saying that if it’s not in the cards for me, I can be happy with what I do have that’s good in my life. She is a glass half full person I think or trying to be. Maybe she doesn’t want to go to a sperm bank or have a baby without being married. Maybe she wants to get to know her BF better before having a baby with him. That’s very responsible of her. Maybe she’s tried to get pregnant and is having trouble conceiving so she’s saying I can be happy anyway. Team Jennifer – I can’t stand Angelina. She looked like a fool at the Oscars.

    • kd sunshine says:

      I agree with Puhlease. She said people are narrow minded if they think she cannot be happy without children.
      Whether she wants children or not is her business. No one elses. Plus,
      possibly she cannot have children.
      Not everyone feels a need to share that info if indeed this were the case.

      • Whatever says:

        you ever wonder why no one pesters Cammy D about kids or other single women JA’s age its because shes been using this I want kids angle her whole career and her fans eat it up..maybe she doesnt want kids and thats fine but dont act as if she herself hasnt been going on about kids..i hope you went out to support Jen at the box office, her movie FLOPPED and she looked like a fool last week focusing on her nudity in the movie so ppl can see least AJ fans support her films in which she is the star

    • Onyx XV says:

      ITA with your assessment and also I suspect you’re the only intelligent life form on this post… :-)

  65. Ashley says:

    Why would a 43 year old woman want children? That’s stupid. At least she knows she can’t stop smoking stuff!!!! And is not having children while smoking weed like some other poeple in the world. Good for her.

  66. Never realized how bitchy the VF article was towards Angelina Jolie. Yikes.

    • truthSF says:

      You can tell that article was writing by a very bitter woman (the interviewer, not Aniston), I can see why Ms. Aniston wanted to disassociated with the some of what was writing, because if you saw the interviewer on E! talking about the article, you’d know alot of it came from her opinions on the matter, not exactly what Aniston said to her. And it doesn’t help that that (interviewer) woman was fat and unattractive (which explains her Angelina envy).

      But that doesn’t excuse J. Aniston for alot of what she insinuated in the article that was proven to not be true in the long run.

    • Camille (The original) says:

      I thought the same, very harsh.

      Now I know where the Loonifers/Aniston super fans/Apologists get their BS spiel from. Well that and the tabloids.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        I can’t believe it was published. The blatant attack on AJ, and Zahara, and the outright lie that Brad didn’t ever want kids. I wonder if JA ever came forward and sought to correct the lies that were put forth. JA said nothing truly negative, nor did her named friends, but the WRITER, and the one unnamed “mutual friend” spewed enough hate to fill hundreds of tabloid headlines for years, and did. Strange, that writer fancies herself a feminist as well, she even wrote a book that was very divisive about working and non-working mothers. I see an agenda in that article, but it’s not feminist, at least not its true meaning.

      • JustThinkin' says:

        I agree that the Vanity Fair piece was vile in the extreme especially the racist statements about a tiny baby but it was ALL Jen’s doing! None of it could have happened without her cooperation and her giving the green light to her “friends” and I bet the “good friend” was Jen herself. I lost all respect for Bennetts and it is painfully obvious that this is what started all the tabloid frenzy. Before Jen went to VF and boo-hooed the divorce was all pretty amicable and quiet. The world wasn’t really shocked and the outrage (if any) was very muted. Jen ginned it all up with that hit piece and has every since.

        Funny though now that she can’t get a VF cover since or Vogue since she threw Anna Wintour under the bus on Oprah! in 2009.

  67. benny says:

    We’re “narrow-minded” because we believed her public relations campaign all this time? Way to sh!t all over your fans, Jen.

  68. ilove6kies says:

    You know…I have never been a JA fan and I understand Kaiser’s view on this post, but speaking from personal experience, she might have tried having kids and hasn’t worked out. My DH and I tried for a baby for 3 years and it is a painful process, and I sure wasn’t going to tell people every time I have been asked “so when are you starting a family?” that I am having difficulties. I always used to just tell people (even my mom) that if it happens it happens…By the way I am finally pregnant now so I am completely thrilled :)

    Sure she might have also changed her mind about having babies, but I really think given her age (I am a lot younger than her and I had trouble) – she might have been trying but had a very difficult time.

  69. KC says:

    Why does it matter? Seriously, she doesn’t want kids, this is a topic every other day, and yet we are all still commenting on it?

    I really think some of Angelina Jolie’s fans need help. I think she’s beautiful but she’s also a drug-addict, blood wearing, self-cutting human being. That’s not exactly great either, and acting like she is the second coming of Christ is insane. I like JA and really just find AJ blah and bland (except of course for her looks), but it’s just fascinating how up in arms people get about these two. NEITHER OF THEM CARE ABOUT ANY OF US.

    • luce says:

      ex drug-addict, ex blood wearing, ex self-cutting human being. HER PAST !
      she’s a survivor.
      we all have sins

      • kc says:

        Do yu know the relapse rate for heroin? There is lessthan single digit success stories after you touch that junk. And after my own experiences with drug addicts, don’t trust one further than I can throw them. And your saviour saint is a junkie, so stop trying to whitewash it. She may not have stuck a needle in her arm fora minute but an addict is an addict is an addict.

    • Rena says:

      @kc, there is no proof that Angelina was ever a drug addict of any kind. She has said that she used drugs like many did at some time in her life, but an addict she was not and has never been. George Clooney just recently said he has used far too many drugs, does that make him an addict? JA is know for her love of the weed, she has spoken of it in the past, her words not tabloid, does that make her an addict?

      Angelina Jolie has been in the public eye for years and years, when was she ever in rehab? When did she miss work due to drug issues like Robert Downey Jr? When was she arrested like drug addicts in the public are? Drug addiction cannot be hidden in a closet.

      You are rediculous to the extreme, you and anyone else who attempts to redirect this thread away from JA’s comments to making some kind of forum about a woman who has not connection to JA, no what so ever.

      Face it JA has lied for years, the most important thing in her life is her career. She never wanted kids and that is a fact because she would had kids by the age of 43 if she had wanted them.

      That is and was her decision to make. Cam Diaz has been honest JA has been a liar.

  70. Violet says:

    Jen has stated over and over and over again that she wants to have children. I’m too lazy to do much Googling, but here’s an interview from just last year where she confirms that motherhood is still a goal of hers.,,20467604,00.html

    Personally, I don’t think Jen has ever wanted kids. She works hard at keeping her body in top shape so she date her share of sexy men and strip off for magazine covers.

    • right says:

      pffffff no she is saying : people are narrow minded who think she is unhappy because she doesn’t have kids.

      So you are a shallow woman if you don’t want kids, go live in 1940

      • Violet says:


        If someone tells you repeatedly that they very much want to have children, it’s not narrow-minded to assume they’re going to be unhappy about not fulfilling that particular dream.

        Because for people who truly do want kids — and I don’t think Jen ever really did, despite her claims to the contrary — not having a family is a big deal, something to grieve over.

  71. Mila says:

    This thread and many other should be called “let’s hate Aniston”.
    What is wrong with you people………

  72. Isa says:

    She has been inviting people to speculate on her womb for years now. She said she will have kids, that’s why we’ve been expecting it. She pulls this pity me crap and that’s why people think she’s not happy without a man or a baby.

    • right says:

      “we are expecting it” CRAZY

      She can change her mind if she wants to, it’s not her fault that you are expecting it because she said before she wants children.

      By the way nowhere in this interview aniston has said that she doensn’t want children, she only said that people are narrow minded if they think that you can’t be happy if you don’t

    • di elepha beth says:

      the “she wants to have kids, she will have kids” premise is still true. it’s a process. it’s not happening yet. but it is still happening, either au naturel or via adoption or whatever.

      what she’s saying here is that even though this wish has not come true yet, she’s not unhappy, because there’s tons of stuff that makes her happy (her career–even though this particular movie bombed, her new love–even though this particular love might cause heartache to another woman, her new puppy–even though she had to say bye-bye to Norman and not adopt the two other puppies).

      Will she be happIER with a kid? maybe.
      but she’s NOT unhappy without one.

      Will she ever have a kid? maybe.
      but has she NEVER wanted a kid actually? she never said that.

      • Isa says:

        Yes, she can change her mind if she wants to, that is true. Don’t you think it’s her fault for allowing this to be a talking point in her interviews? She has enough pull to allow what she’s asked. She doesn’t have to talk about it.
        If her life is so fullfilling, perhaps she should focus on the positives to get rid of this “Poor Jen” crap. Instead of focusing on what she doesn’t have.

  73. skuddles says:

    Translation: Justin doesn’t want children and she knows at her age, the odds aren’t good anyway.

  74. smileyface says:

    i feel bad saying this bc i kinda like her and i thinks hes nice but i just need to let this out i dont get why she is considered attractive. i dont i just i try so hard but i just cant see it for the life of me! she looks like a man on the vanity fair cover im sorry! plase why is she considered beautiful it drives me insane i dont know why.

    • Molly says:

      Well, obviously there are different appraisals of beauty. She’s got a great figure, she has beautiful eyes, and nice hair—she’s attractive enough. She doesn’t have stunning and symmetrical good looks, but she’s very attractive. And most American girls can look up to her because she makes looking good an easier goal to reach, as in instead of having to win the genetic lottery, all you need to do is get attractive clothes with an attractive haircut and work on being physically fit and in shape.

      In short, Aniston’s beauty is an attainable beauty. She has a gorgeous smile and gorgeous eyes, and a certain warmth that make her really But you essentially have to win the genetic lottery to be breathtakingly gorgeous like Angelina Jolie, Thandie Newton, Ashley Greene, Zoe Saldana, or Michelle Pfeiffer.

      So Aniston is beautiful. QED.

    • Mac says:

      Jennifer’s persona contributes to her attractiveness. She also has a wonderful aura and a dignified grace about her.

  75. thetruthhurts says:

    I think it’s incredibly insensitive for anyone to badger a woman over 40 about having babies. It’s VERY rude to ask “are you going to have a baby?” People need to mind their own business.

  76. Hocu te says:

    Great written Kaiser!!

    I absolutley enjoyed it to read this artikel. I think the same about her, shes fake and shes just a image. I dont believe her any word and time will show the truth about her. its ok that she dont want kids but her fans would hate her, shes the slave of her fans! Poor Woman!

  77. Kim says:

    Brad wanted Angelina period. She just happened to come with a kid. Kid or no kid they would have gotten together. I dont think anyone thinks Brad wanted Angelina BECAUSE she had a kid.

  78. Nessie says:

    BTW people: I could not detect any signs of Botox in her face, it looks completely natural.

    Well played Jennifer!!!!

  79. Jeannified says:

    Interesting how at the end of the interview she said, “That doesn’t always work out,” in unsaid reference to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt meeting and supposedly hooking up during Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

  80. Kim says:

    Celebs agents many times tell interviewers questions they absolutely cant ask the celeb/that the celeb will not comment on. Why havent Jens handlers done this with the whole Brad/Angelina thing? Interviewers would not ask Jen this same crap over & over had they been told not to? Very odd i think.

    • di elepha beth says:

      I once watched a segment about gossip journalists or something, and this woman said that in many press interviews (especially during one-on-one interviews for a movie), they were given a sheet of paper to sign. this woman told a story about a celeb, whose handlers actually handed over a THICK sheaf of paper, like a lot of off-limity things to ask.

      or does this happen only for press junkets and not for TV/network interviews?

      i can’t remember the exact program. but I remember her saying “my g-d! I can slap someone straight into hospital with that one”

      • LAK says:

        LAdies, you are absolutely right.

        All interviews are pre-screened, questions and topics vetoed, etc.

        I worked in a publicist’s office it was standard practice.

        The other dirty little secret, is that many if not all print interviews are written/re-written by the PR. If not, they are very heavily edited. Any journalist who won’t sign or asks off topic questions is very quickly blacklisted not just for the client under interview but also any other clients represented by the publicist.

        Of course there are journalist who have a big enough clout that they may not go through that process, so one is very careful in putting the client in front of that journalist unless for a very specific reason, and making deals with the editors/magazine owners so that it will come out favourably for the client.

        Jen is clearly happy to have the baby/brangelina questions otherwise it would have been vetoed already.

  81. pamela says:

    @Indra, my dear all Angie’s skeletons are out, by her own hands/lips,(and no they are NOT surgically enhanced)which is why you all always have something to beat her over the head with. I am pretty sure Angie can sleep well at nights.

  82. mln76 says:

    Mummy the Jen doesn’t want kids story predates the triangle by so many years Angie was married to Billy Bob when it started but blame Angie if it makes you feel better

    • Hypocricy says:

      Jen has been pulling the “I want a baby” card since 1998 !!! It has been 14 whole years !

      She did it right after the Paltrow/Pitt fiasco presenting herslef on a blind date as the perfect alternative to the motherly profile Pitt was looking for at this stage. She even went through a gwynethized phase sheding lots of weight, letting her hair grow being as flat and as platinum blond than her rival to emulate even more gwyneth and perfect her replacement role next to Pitt.

      Previously, the guy had been enganged to Paltrow and was talking about children to have right way, already.

      He accepted a blind date with a woman older than Paltrow who presented herself as the perfect replacement and not just a rebound, ready and willing and even ready to do everything to resemble physically his former girlfriend.

      They waited two long years then married and at this time there were already gossiping and rumors, one of wich even saying that Jen lied about being pregnant to push the marriage ahead, a marriage, her own father said was more of her idea while Brad had already second thoughts.

      Then in 2000 after the marriage, there were rumors of divorce running around because of Jen not wanting a child, because of Jen keeping on smoking majijuana and ingesting male hormones which would not lead to pregnancy.

      Those rumors have been around for more than a decade at a time where Pitt was sent to therapy..

      What could possibly cause a man known for is zen attitude having a breakdown of epîc proportions within months into the marriage that he should go to lengthy therapy and marriage conselling sessions ??? I tell you what : the thought of being misled and getting punked.

      For me it is as clear as water : a case of fraud and misleading through and through !!!

      She is just lucky that she married a nice guy because if it was someone like Tom Cruise he would have revealed every shady moveS she did to trick him already.

      • pamela says:

        Can you imagine if she had married someone like Charlie Sheen? She would have still been lying in a fetal position. Every lie would have been exposed. She knew Brad wouldn’t talk…she even said so in the early days after the separation.

  83. Stef says:

    I see nothing wrong with her not having kids,there is nothing wrong with her as a woman if she doesn’t want children. I also applaud people like Cameron Diaz and Racheal Ray becuz they are truthful with the fact that they don’t want children.They don’t lie to their partners or husbands. She is constantly beating around the bush. And yes I will bring brad pitt into this becuz it finally makes sense to me. He was telling the truth, even though it didn’t give him the right to cheat with Angelina if he did but what person stays married to a person that doesn’t want what they want. Why would brad waste his time without children if he was dying to have one. Look how fast he knocked up Angelina. We can all see Brad adores children and loves a lot of children he wouldn’t have six if he didn’t.He seems to find complete “happiness” in being a father .If it hadn’t been Angelina it would have been someone else. He even said it in an interview about wasting time. The man is 48, then 41 was he suppose to wait forever. I’m not saying she had to be a breeding center but be TRUTHFUL From the beginning. All of her fans are making excuses for her. Give it up she doesn’t want a baby adopted or biologically. She put up the victim “I will have children act” for the media to make brad look bad where are they now 7 years later Jen ? Brad has the children he wanted.

  84. says:

    The point is not whether JA can live a happy, complete life without children. It’s that she constantly plays the “I want and will have babies” card but yet gets offended when people assume that her happiness should be defined by her (finally) having kids.

    Here’s a tip to you JA: move on to other topics of discussion, don’t discuss the state of your uterus, and I bet people won’t be so focused on whether or not you’ll have kids.

  85. Madison says:

    Of course you can be happy without children when you don’t have them like Aniston but if you have kids then you then that’s the thing that makes you happy.

  86. grace says:

    she changes her mind. wow, what a horrible person she is.

  87. LeeLoo says:

    I would never judge a woman for not wanting to have kids but this woman’s brand is based upon boldfaced lies. She has pandered to the scorned divorced women with children (no offense to anyone that may fall under that category but it is true) crowd for so long her only intent was keeping them loyal to her. IMO, she’s a needy spoiled Hollywood brat who just wants to party all of the time.

  88. Mac says:

    The vast majority of Jennifer’s fans have envisioned her as someday having children and will be disappointed if she ultimately does not.

    As such she will continue to be asked about the subject because that’s what people want to know.

    If Jennifer is unwilling or unable to have children she shouldn’t be obligated to disclose that to the world.

  89. Stef says:

    It’s fine for her to change her mind now because she isn’t married or maybe justin doesn’t want children but she should have said she didn’t wanted them in the first place but instead she made vows and told her husband she wanted children You just can’t “change your mind” in the middle of a 4 year marriage.You can but with consequences which will be more than likely lead to a divorce. It just doesn’t work like that. That is just selfish.

  90. Claudia says:

    Here’s the funny thing– people change their minds. If you had asked me a year or two ago whether I viewed my future with children in it, I would have told you “Hell no!”. But now I feel differently. I do want kids.

    I think it’s a difficult thing for women as they get older. She’s already in her forties, I think this is her first serious relationship since her divorce to Pitt. The reality of babies is a little more complex now. Sure, there’s always adoption– but that’s a really personal decision. I think the mistake made on her part is addressing the issue in public. And for everyone else- it’s believing that life and personal beliefs and wishes are static. Clearly, they aren’t. Hell, look at Jolie. Remember interviews where she said she wasn’t interested in having biological kids, that she only wanted to adopt? Things change as events in your life occur, prompting that change. It’s natural. Let it go.

  91. Relli says:

    WOW that is a really terrible picture of her on the cover. I spend a lot of time watching old friends re-runs and she was really cute during that time. This picture is just super unflattering. that is all.

  92. barrio girl says:

    257 comments about whether she wants babies or not…i thought people here says she’s boring,

  93. Maritza says:

    If she really wanted a baby she would have adopted one like Sheryl Crow did. She is perfectly happy living her single luxurious lifestyle with her new boyfriend.

  94. mln76 says:

    Why am I surprised at how well she played this. It’s not now nor has it ever been about the state of her womb which has always been her business….it’s about how she’s managed to play the victim dangling the carrot of her fertility to promote her projects. The numerous times Jen ENCOURAGED the speculation about her womb date back a decade she is not a victim of any one except her very own mouth. Oh and by the way I’m a woman in her mid thirties with no current plans for children.

  95. wicki10023 says:

    Guess what? I loved kids and wanted kids at one point in my life and then…the older I got the more I realized I could be and was fulfilled without them, and didn’t want a baby anymore thanks very much. That happened to me when I was about 40 also. And when women are facing the denial of their basic right to NOT reproduce and CHOOSE, I find it really pathetic and disgusting that anyone would jump on someone for talking about not wanting kids, and being fulfilled without them. We really don’t need to kick other women for their choices about not reproducing when Congress, Santorum, Virginia, Texas, the Catholic Church are already invading our vaginas. And frankly the world would be a lot better off if more women were thoughtful about their choices. There are a lot of unhappy mothers out there, raising a lot of damaged children. So get off her friggin’ case and start supporting women who talk about the CHOICE to have kids or not, whether you think they are hypocrites or not. Damn, we’re being dumped on enough by the old white men of Congress. Let’s not dump on ourselves!

  96. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    That article right there was the turning point for me. I never liked her, but the lies were so f—ing blatant and pathetic, Brangie got ALL my support. Thank you Kaiser for reposting why us Brangie fans don’t give three shits what anyone says. We know what went down publicly. And little miss Cabo is ass.

  97. Nia says:

    You should be complete before having children. Happiness should come from within. If you are unhappy before kids, you probably will be unhappy after kids. I guess that is why so many of us are in therapy…or should be.

  98. cookie says:

    The writer of this article should just title all of her Aniston articles “another I hate Aniston article”. She should also learn to read better. What JA said was that it was narrow minded to think a person cannot be happy unless they have kids. For all anyone knows, she is not able to have kids or preferred to wait until she was in a committed relationship to do so. So she said at one time that she wanted to have kids – so what. Things change. Things happen beyond our control sometimes and we have to accept it and make the best of things.

    • Josephina says:


      Do you really think it takes 43 years to find, capture and develop just one committed relationship?

      With all of her Hollywood “connected” friends, Steven Huvane, Jenhen fans, Goddess Circle of Friends, Chelsea Handler, family members, Jason Bateman, Adam Sandler as…er, um…her center of influence or examples to follow…she could not find a single relationship to work long enough to plant roots?

      Uh-huh. Aaannnd you still wonder why the men don’t stick around?

      Jen reminds me of the GEICO commercial when all the pig does is go “whee…wheee…wheeeeee!” There just isn’t a plan.

  99. be_fair says:

    This is such a mean post. Maybe, back in 2005 — during her child-bearing years — Jennifer Aniston honestly wanted to have kids. She was forced to defend herself about that issue because the media took the “Brad left Jen because she didn’t want kids” story and ran with it.

    But sometimes life gets in the way in the form of a string of unsuccessful relationships and suddenly she’s in her 40s.

    At some point, she probably realized that it’s too late. Biologically, it is harder and starting so late in life means you’d be around 60 when your child graduates from high school. It becomes a less enticing prospect. So you come to terms with the fact that it won’t happen for you. And you have to believe it is okay for your own sanity.

    What do you do when the media just won’t shut up about it? When it throws your past words in your face?

    Perspectives change. Sometimes they are forced to change for biological reasons. Give the girl a break.

  100. TheOGSasha says:

    The Jen fans aren’t going to give a sh!t that she is finally being honest about not wanting kids — they are, as they have proved in this thread:(1) going to re-write history & try to pretend it has been the Angie fans and not them who wanted her to have kids & (2) they are going to dismiss the blatant way she has manipulated them for the last 8 years by turning this into a “feminist” issue that a woman doesn’t need to have kids to be happy — while that is true, and I certainly agree with it — that is NOT the point. The blatant manipulation with interview after interview with her declaring her desire for kids is the point. But, hey, they are actually fans of Jennifer Aniston, so they are easily led.

    • Josephina says:

      Amen to you. You are on point.

      Brad/Angie fans don’t have a dog in this fight. We dont’ give a damn whether she has a child or not. Who cares?

      The issue is not that she does/does not want to have children. The issue is she held back the truth just to keep her fans…her fans. Furthermore, the perception that her “golden couple Life” was “stolen” from her fueled a lot of the disproportionate hate (see IUC site and Female First) towards Angie.

      If Jen had refrained from all of the NON-TABLOID snarky public statements, articles, interviews, and talk show visits over the past 7-8 years where she talked about or referenced Brad/Angie..things could’ve turned out differently and she would not be viewed as a neurotic woman-child who does not own up to her words/actions.

      No other actress that is taken seriously behaves this way.

      No one beats up on Aniston. She is treated with kid gloves because of what she has shared from the Vanity Fair interview…her pain and embarassment.

      But I do chuckle at her fair-weather fans. They don’t mind spending all day attacking her nemesis and useless defending on the internet, but will not cough up at least 2 hours and $8-$15 to support her in a film.

      The verdict? She does not have that many true fans. And so it makes sense that she would be skittish in telling the truth about motherhood. The truth would alienate the minivan majority.

      Jenhags, YOU are the reason why her films bomb one after the next. She wants to be a successful FILM actress and you do not support her films when she is the lead.

  101. sm255 says:

    It’s extremely amazing how there is this striking double standard between criticism towards Jennifer (or Teh Call-Outz of a Lyingz, Manipulating Betch!) and criticism towards Angelina (or Teh Holeh Praizez of Ze Mothur Angelina!) on this site.

    May I count the ways of how?

  102. hmm says:

    Someone referenced Kaiser’s take on this story on Dlisted and all of those people are now writing comments here about how much Kaiser hates Aniston and how regressive it is to criticize a woman for not wanting children. It’s convenient for them to ignore the real issue which isn’t abouth her not having or wanting children but the fact that Aniston has perpetuated the idea that she does want children. The same people who denied that their marriage broke up because he wanted children and who have forcefully repeated her words in that Vanity Fair article as proof that she really, really, wanted to have his baby, are now trying to rewrite history. I have always believed that the narrative employed by Aniston and her relentless PR hacks would come back to bite her on the butt and it is. People have been saying for years that the reason she doesn’t have kids is because she didn’t want them and the Jen hens have always responded with “she would have if AJ hadn’t stolen her man”, now they know that’s not the truth. You have to wonder why her fans are in such a state about her not wanting children or at least being happy without them.

    • proth says:

      see i think there’s a difference between saying ‘not wanting kids’, and saying it’s ‘narrow minded to believe that just because you don’t have them, you are unfulfilled.’

      It’s not any different than saying “I want kids, but I think it’s narrow minded to think that people who don’t have any are not fulfilled or unhappy.”

      My point is – saying one thing (not fulfilled because I don’t have kids) doesn’t mean it automatically implies the other (I don’t want kids)

  103. teri says:

    Jen is always talking about kids, she wants them. It’s her talking about it!!! It would be different is she was honest herself and upfront this would be a non discusion now. She’s such a fake and will lie to her fans.

  104. Original Chloe says:

    Just stop talking about it, JA, and eventually people will do too.

  105. proth says:

    but she didn’t say she DIDN’T want kids? is it because she said she didn’t know?

  106. Jill says:

    So many comments it’s hard to keep track, but did somebody upthread actually bring up Laura Dern as an example of Jolie being a “man-stealer”?

    Let’s put this to rest right now: Billy Bob Thornton was never engaged to Laura Dern, her assertions to the contrary. She wanted him to marry her and he gave her a flat-out no. He wasn’t interested. He dumped her and married Jolie. Dern had no claim on him whatsoever.

    And let’s not forget that this is the same Laura Dern who banged and subsequently got pregnant by Ben Harper, who was still married to, and living with, his pregnant wife. The babies were born four or five months apart.

    • legofdoom says:

      Dern also “homewrecked” BBT and his wife (who had young children, and iirc the wife had a longterm illness), whilst aniston slept with Pitt on the first night they met (and bragged about it in a tv interview) while she was still engaged to Tate.
      The poor guy didn’t hear that he was both dumped and replaced until a pap asked him about Pitt shagging his future Mrs. No wonder aniston and dern are such good friends…
      Oh and there’s the stories about aniston sleeping with her newly separated friends husband, and having flings with Cox’s ex-boyfriends and potential interests.

      If she’s an American Sweetheart, than America needs to close it’s legs and develop a conscience…

  107. Fefa says:

    Since those rumors of miscarriages she has had in the past, i think she cant have kids on her own.

    • Josephina says:

      Stop making pathetic excuses for a grown ass woman who is an expert at pissing away time.

      Aniston is not a financially poor woman. She is a woman that makes poor choices in men (and in movie scripts.) It’s pretty hard to get pregnant if you keep choosing douches. There are many options that she could exercise if she wanted children. Look at her results and not what could have been.

      For starters, she could have dated men that were serious about having a future with her. She blew 7 years away with Vince Vaughn, the Grip Boy, Gerard Butler, John Mayer, Paul Sculfor, and not to mention other negligible flings. Did any of them strike you as keepers for Aniston?

      Does Justin Theroux, a man who abruptly left a 14-year relationship, strike you as a prime choice for her to start the rest of her life? How is he any better than the past boyfriends?

      • sm255 says:

        I have to ask, why are you (or anybody, not just you) so invested in this woman’s womb? If she does want children, she doesn’t want children, how the f**k should that concern you, or anyone else? People switch on their choices and personal feelings – nothing new.

        Oh wait. You get to call BS on Aniston’s behalf, but nobody else can on Teh Holeh And Mercefulz Mothur Angelina’s case.

        I see how it is.

      • Josephina says:

        @ SM255

        The Jenhags have been focused on her womb, not me. And Aniston is sick of it. Or do you not listen to her interviews, including this one?

        Jolie fans have called it from the very beginning since 2005– she ain’t interested in having a baby.

        Aniston has waffled (her choice), but we have not. Don’t believe us? Look at her results.

        Is she pregnant? Is a surrogate mother carrying a child for her (Nicole Kidman)? Is an adoption underway (Sheryl Crow)? There is no action going on there.

        Who cares whether she has a baby. HER FANS are interested in her having a baby. And now she wants those fans to shut up and leave her alone about it.

        Each time she is papped where her clothes fit her funny all of you claim, “She’s pregnant!” …Gah! Her PR machinations has you Jenhens twisted in a whirlwind FOR YEARS.

        And quit with the fake loyalty to Aniston. She keeps tanking at the BO because “her loyal fans” can’t slurp, scratch their parts, eat potato chips and Cheetos in privacy at the movie theater. They’d rather show their “solidarity” on the internet, defending an untenable PR image rather than the real person that is Jennifer Aniston.

        Only Aniston is to blame, not the media, that her cumulative interviews and talk show appearances over the years are not consistent with who she really is. She and her fans, including IUC and Females First, are not on the same page anymore than she and her ex-husband Pitt were on the same page.

        Go figure. At the end of the day it’s her mess, one way or the other.

  108. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    With regard to Jen speaking her mind, good for her, she should have always felt this free to speak about her own reproductive freedom!

    Regarding that VF article, it takes a lot of effort to be so completely biased, that “writer” has quite the interesting take on journalistic integrity. There was quite a bit of the writer’s own take re: AJ in writing that AJ’s work with the UN, and the adoption of Zahara was a “public-relations bonanza” and then some. And finally “the twice-divorced Jolie—previously known as a tattooed vixen with a taste for bisexuality, heroin” , etc…Nice.

    Let’s cry misogyny because it’s a woman’s right to choose, and control her own reproductive rights. However, let’s also brand, and “revile” another woman as “The Other Woman” because two people are divorcing. Apparently “they” weren’t even involved in their own marriage. The worst part that I saw at that time was that every finger pointed anywhere, everywhere except at the one person who, for sure, knew the whole truth, Brad.

    Let’s just admit that society says “boys will be boys”, and no matter what happens in a relationship between a man and a woman, according to society; it’s always the woman’s fault. Two women? It’s both their faults!

    We, as women perpetuate that myth every time we blame, hate, judge, and seek to tear down other women.

    • mln76 says:

      The 2005 Vanity Fair article is a study in sexism(directed at Angelina and exploited by an ignorant? overly emotional? IMO manipulative and vindictive Jen), homophobia,(directed at Angelina) and racism(directed at Zahara who was then less than a year old).

      The VF article was crafted by Jennifer Aniston’s PR guy Stephen Huvane(carefully worked around the non-disclosure agreement we all know was signed to make sure that Brad and Jen never vilified eachother) to change the script on the divorce which was at the time that the separation occured prior to Angelina entering the picture.

      In this interview Jen and her team created the tabloid bible that has on one hand lauded Jen as a saint and on the other trapped her inside of her beanie baby loving and Brad Pitt pining image.

      Pointing out that she lied in that interview and continues to lie isn’t sexist.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        Huvane, most likely he’s the unidentified “mutual friend” who said the following outright LIE:
        “When Brad and Jen were in the marriage, having a baby was not his priority—ever,” says one mutual friend. “It was an abstract desire for him, whereas for Jen it was much more immediate. So is there a part of Brad that’s diabolical? Did he think, I need to get out of this marriage, but I want to come out smelling like a rose, so I’m going to let Jen be cast as the ultra-feminist and I’m going to get cast as the poor husband who couldn’t get a baby and so had to move on?”

        None of JA’s identified friends attacked Brad, or Angie. That was the writer, and the one mystery “mutual friend”. They sure pulled a fast one on Brad with that, while also vilifying AJ, and making it seem as if they adopted Zahara as a PR move. Disgusting, I could never be okay with that article if it were me, it was filled with nothing but ignorance, hate, sexism, hypocrisy, and cowardice. Who WANTS to be painted a victim, pathetic PR move.

    • proth says:

      really? because ‘sad spook’, and the tabloid editorials is not editorial bias but the TRUTH when it gets printed in AJ or a BP article? or the ‘she hires her boyfriends’ or ‘she pulls out the photo op just at the same time that the other has something to promote’. PLEASE.

      I wish posters would quit it with the ‘sure they’ve all done it, but Aniston is the WORST!’ garbage. That kind of rationalization is utterly hypocritical. People keep bringing up FF as the – ‘yeah sure we say BS, and make damning/rude/obnoxious statements about her, but FF is worse’. Lord. Have you been to JJ? Have you seen the shit they say?

      Poster here say they are so TIRED of this, or over it or whatever, but POSTERS here clearly aren’t. You keep coming back for more. Seven years later. You keep coming back for more. I just don’t get it. and you guys have the nerve to TELL her to not let it go? Why? She’s talking about things that belong to her – her womb, her life, her work, her relationship, HER divorce, HER sadness, her happiness. And then strangers sit on her thread and ream her out for it. PLEASE! It’s an interview about HER. What else do you want her to talk about. I get your venting, but don’t blame her for being responsible for it. That’s just delusional.

      I bet now someone else will say how these threads used to be for gentle ribbing and tongue-in-cheek comments and has turned into something else. Yeah – funny how that happens when there’s an opposing view in the comments section.

      sorry – this was supposed to be a stand alone comment – not a response.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        I never said any of the things you’re talking about, it’s obvious you have an agenda here, I don’t. I was commenting about this one 2005 VF article, partially printed here, and being discussed. I don’t read tabloids; I wasn’t pointing fingers at anyone other than the writer, and her ethics, which I find questionable.

        This particular post is about JA, her comments on her own reproductive views, and the 2005 VF article was brought up. I do not take sides in the “triangle” matter, as no one truly knows what happened, other that the parties involved. I did not like that article, period.

        Furthermore, I have no idea what you are talking about; your entire post is filled with subject matter I’m completely unfamiliar with. Perhaps you should have posted it as your own separate thread, as it’s obvious you either didn’t read, or fully comprehend my post.

      • proth says:

        Last sentence should put your mind at ease.

        But I must say: “I do not take sides in the “triangle” matter, as no one truly knows what happened, other that the parties involved. I did not like that article, period.” and “I don’t read tabloids” is a laugh…

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        Oh! I missed that you edited your post. My mistake. It really wasn’t necessary to add the; “‘I don’t read tabloids” is a laugh…’” part, but if it makes your day, well that’s sad. All one has to do is read a few posts on this site to know enough that thee “is” a triangle. I don’t take sides in the triangle exactly because of posters like you.

  109. Runs with Scissors says:

    Is this idiot actually going to try to play the feminist card now?

    She exploited the Sh*t out of women who actually WERE cheated on and left with a mortgage and kids to raise.

    She played the victim card for YEARS and pandered to the mini-van majority about desperately wanting kids and had cover after cover of “Jen, 5, 6,7 years after Brad!” riding his coattails and milking their very brief marriage to the hilt.

    And now this POS is actually trying to play the feminist card, pandering to all the women out there who don’t want kids and have every right not to want them? To all the people who actually HAVE struggled and agonized over the issue.

    That ISN’T her, people.

    She could have had kids anytime she wanted. She’s loaded, she had a husband who desperately wanted them. She doesn’t want them. She’s been lying her fake a$$ off to get you to like her.

    I can’t believe all the people tripping over themselves to make excuses for her yet again.

    Yes, we get it, women are more than baby machines, trust me, I understand that, but that is not what SHE herself has been selling for a decade.

    Christ, fool me once…

    • anytime says:

      yes! thank you. she relied on her fanclub army of bored housewives or whatever, kept saying she would really love to have kids, and now she makes a hypocritical 180 turn and says “omg how backwards of you why do you expect me to have kids.” “i mean, kids are messy.” i completely support a woman’s choice to be childless and/or single. but she never owned up to it like cameron diaz, or many others before this child-obsessed age. and if she were really undecided on the matter, why did she talk about it over and over again all these years? not to mention she didn’t act like she was undecided at all, she kept pretending to really want them, in all her interviews -eyeroll- was that all really necessary? you don’t want kids, you want freedom, that’s all good for you, i’d have actually supported her if she ever owned up to it. she’s such a fake ass hypocrite and has always been fake (in every way, career-wise, looks-wise, image-wise, anything you can think of, in regards to jeniston is fake)

  110. cameron says:

    So, she finally confirms that she doesn’t want kids. I never believed that’s the reason they she and Brad broke up.. I’ve always believed Brad didn’t want to have children with her whether bio or adopted. She has some deep-seeded issues that we will never know until she’s non-existent. I’m sorry but she dated 6-7 men after her divorce and not one man made a commitment or wanted to continue a relationship after a few months.
    At first, I thought JT was just another PR boyfriend but it seems he is leading her to come clean about how she really feels. I read JT and his girlfriend of 14 years didnt have children because he doesn’t want kids.

    JA may have really found her match..

  111. Rena says:

    Would indeed be a wonderful day if some would stop assigning blame for a marriage ending to anyone other than the people in the marriage. All Relationships fail from WITHIN, what ever is lacking is between the 2 people who for reasons known to them can no longer be successful, so they split. If the relationship is what it should be then the relationship can survive anything.

    Continuously insisting that tabloid lies are some semblance of truth is sad, and it says much about the character of the person who persists in this type behavior no matter what. Just because one is miserable and loveless and forlorn and identifies a stranger’s life as similar to theirs does not make such a delusion reality.

    That said, read actual interviews, read a person’s own words, without spinning and twisting to fit your agenda. Try to be open to the fact that reality is what it is whether you like it or not.

    Some reality that needs to be repeated, JA has never been pregnant other than in tabloids, Angelina has never been an addict other than in tabloids and on a filthy site FF full of the most insane women in the world, neither men nor women can be stolen and they walk away when they want because they make that decision, and that vile and sympathy seeking VF interview JA decided to give has been the basis of this unrelenting faux triangle because until then the hoopla around the breakup was subsiding.

    And most people are actually more than disgusted with this “faux war” now for 7 years that never was which was 100% generated by and fed by tabloids and the bitter and ignorant who incorporate tabloid lies into their alternate version of reality….

    Lastly I don’t care whether JA wants kids or not, as I said before it is her life and decision to make, but no other 43 year old middle aged woman has manipulated her fans on this issue like she has and continues to do.

  112. Bu says:

    Maybe at 42 she can longer have kids or is trying very hard to have kids…She will not tell us her plans…and she never said she didn’t want kids she was talking in general about being a happy person in life….sheesh!

  113. STOPGOOP says:

    Brad was high as F&$*k the whole time they were married – that is why they didn’t have children. He admitted as much, nearly, this last year, describing that time of him life as boring and uninspired…. he left Jen to adopt a new identity and lifestyle and happened to mate with exciting, hyper-fertile Jolie, and the rest is history. I think Jen and Brad COULD have made it work, but Jolie made him change and was a better fit

  114. the original bellaluna says:

    Want kids? Have ‘em. Don’t want kids? Don’t have ‘em. Just STFU about it already, please.

    (This is directed to ALL celebrities, not just JA.)

  115. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    Aww Jen…..nobody really gives a damn.
    This woman changes her mind like the wind. Wasnt she all” Gonna have a baby any day now” when she first got with Justin whats his name???
    So, whats the take away from this? Are things not going well with him??
    Im tired of her assuming were all breathlessly obsessing about her stupid. boring life! Have a baby, dont have a baby but please move on from cocktails in Cabo with your girlfriends. She seems to have the most boring life ever! With all her money youd think shed ever travel or expand her narrow horizons! As for a baby……..she yanks that chain when shes truly bored.

  116. anom says:

    so glad aniston. finally came clean. her stunt-midget man who is the true love her life gave her the courage to reveal her true self. no children (FU narrow-minded minivan women).

  117. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    She is absolutely WRONG.

    If a woman really desperately WANTS children, SHE WILL BE UNHAPPY WITHOUT THEM.

    With a take it or leave it attidude of if and when it happens, or we will wait and see what happens, then sure she can be happy. The indifference is the key.

    That same woman can not be happy with a man that wants kids badly. Guess what happens? THEY don’t have kids and eventually grow apart. One towards a family and one towards her real happiness of not having to put up with the pressure.

    She is trying her best to share that without admission. Brad did not want to force her and had to reconcile that within himself. She did not want to let him down, but it was not that big a deal and her life can be full without kids. I can get this. I can get the divorce. What I can’t get is how Angie got slammed. She is tough and has held her peace. That is some powerful love for her family.

    Why is Gayle rooting for her when she is as happy as she has ever been? The facade seems different from the truth. The pity still flows her way. Why? She is happy according to her. Why can’t they believe her. Again, JT is a non issue. Why is that?

    Time will tell, but her womb is not her problem. That box she is in is closing around her and suffocating her. She can’t break out. Her fans excuses are debilitating. The Right Leg wannabe forced drama, won’t help. The entertainment shows lapped it up. The AA producer loved it. The entire world is NOT laughing at AJ, but people pity JA. That is proving impossible to shake off and JT gives them more reason to feel sorry for her to the point of avoiding their movie and witnessing the lack of chemistry shared like in the video above. Only my opinion, but…

  118. lisa says:

    Just really funny.. I notice lately that any time there is an Aniston Tread here comes the “this site picks on Jennifer and fawns over Angelina”

    I wonder how long some of these people have visited this site. Research is your friend. There are over 1100 threads on Angelina and there are almost 200 on Jennifer Aniston. If you do a tiny bit of research you will see that Jennifer Aniston over the last 7 freaking years has been treated like an innocent baby that go her bottle snatched from her. It has only been in the last few years that some have begun to call her out on her words and her actions. Now considering that for the first 5 or 6 years of her divorce she was considered the wronged woman that was mistreated by her ex husband and the woman he loved. well her getting a few negative comments or questions is nothing NOTHING compared to the hate and filthy comments that have been directed toward Angelina, Brad and their children. I don’t see the words (wh*re or bit@h or druggy, or any manner of words like that used against her. But go check out a Jolie thread and you will see that. So please spare me the Jen is being picked on or Jen has done nothing wrong, the Jen has put up with so much.

    really she is a 43 year old woman. Wealthy and after her divorce she didn’t loose any of that. In fact she gained more than she may have deserved because the public felt sorry for her.

    As one poster pointed out. Why would the JP fans care one way or another if she gets pregnant. It’s not Brad’s child. So why would any JP fan care. Her fans are the ones that have been on baby watch with any man she is with. They were the ones claiming she lost 2 children. Now we see them back tracking again. They are Spinning her words or choosing to ignore them all together. But for some she is the only one allowed to change her mind about something or become someone different then she was years ago.

    I’m not a fan of her. Mainly because I don’t see her as a true person. I see her becoming whatever she needs to be at a particular time. I have seen and read her interviews something her fans don’t seem to do. And while they love to trash Brad/Angie and their work or whatever, they sure find the time to go to see their movies.. but they don’t support her in her films.

    Well Jenifer is not being picked on. Just questioned.. just like her fans do on other celebrity thread.. Why does she have to be treated like a child and handled like a child. She’s not.

  119. Angi says:

    We as a society seem to be OBSESSED with what goes on inside the female species reproductive organs. Look at the amount of television dedicated to babies and people having babies. Look at what is happening in politics this year. It is time to move on to a different subject because our planet is full. Babies should be the last thing we need to worry about making more of.

  120. Anon says:

    PS…I hope those crazy Jen fans at FF realize that NO Brad isn’t going to take just the BIO kids (Jen can steal them from Jolie cause, hey it is only fair according to them, just the BIO kids, mind you) and return to Jennifer. Disgusting manipulation by Jen and her PR Guru over the years have sent those idiots overboard with foolishness, especially their evil towards the Jolie-Pitt children. Enough, stop it! Jennifer Aniston has fed the fire these past 7 years, pathetic.
    Have a baby or not, just move on….Jen.

  121. JudyJudyJudy says:

    sigh women beating on women is a drag. misquoting and misrepresenting what JA said just to get people upset. Clearly she said she doesnt have to have kids to be happy. That doesnt mean she doesnt want them or that she has been lying to anybody. I just hope none of you are school teachers or I fear for the future.

  122. Jenna says:

    Anything related to this so-called actress is a bore. Seriously.

    Including her movies.

  123. Lurker says:

    I think she called her fans very narrow minded. With that I actually agree with Aniston for the first time. However, they will be on belly watch as soon as she wears a tight outfit or stands a certain way to look pregnant in their eyes. It’s pretty funny actually.

  124. Jenfraud says:

    Oh so finally she admits, after so many years of deceiving her fans and lying “I want kids”. Now she calls people whom she deceived “narrow minded”? This is a woman who made her post-TV career out of being dumped, and that is how she will be remembered. Sad and pathetic really.