Duchess Kate: “I love chocolate. I think all girls like chocolate.”

Yesterday, I covered the photos of Duchess Kate, the Queen and Camilla (the Duchess of Cornwall) during their photo op in London. When I wrote about their trip, I’ll admit, I only read The Mail’s coverage, and it wasn’t until hours later that I picked up on some quotes that came out of the outing. Duchess Kate spoke! In the Queen’s presence! Duchess, please. No, what’s even more interesting than the whole “Kate is allowed to speak in the Queen’s presence” thing is the whole “Kate isn’t the best conversationalist” thing. I mean, bless her heart. I give her credit for trying. There is a learning curve to becoming a public figure, truly, and even if William had married a Nobel-prize-winning physicist, she would still have public blunders. But William didn’t marry a challenging girl. He married a girl who finds “making a pot of tea” to be an epic skill that she has yet to master. For real.

Thursday morning brought a very rare tea party to London’s swankiest food store. In attendance, a royal trifecta: The Queen, Camilla and the Duchess of Cambridge (who wore a blue M Missoni coat with a daffodil for St. David’s Day) – with all three receiving special Jubilee picnic hampers that included dog treats.

“One thing in common with all the ladies is their love of a hound,” says Kate Hobhouse, chairman of the Fortnum & Mason food store, on why the baskets included the venison-flavored dog biscuits, called Hearty Treats for Happy Hounds. “It was a little bit of fun.”

The gifts were very well received by the Queen and two future queens. “There was lots of joy, especially over the biscuits,” says a royal source, adding, “The [Queen's] Corgis are going to be lucky tonight. They’ll be in doggie heaven.”

Kate’s cocker spaniel puppy Lupo was bound to be happy, too.

The three royals were at the Piccadilly store to mark the regeneration of the central London business district, and while they were at Fortnum’s they were shown many of the store’s posh products.

Taking a whiff of some tea (the store’s specialty), Kate said, “It is quite acidic, isn’t it?” before asking Fortnum’s staff, “So how do you go about choosing which tea to sell when there are so many out there?

Perfect Cup of Tea
As for her personal tastes, she said, “‘I like a cup of tea but it is my brother who really likes his tea as well. I will definitely tell my brother to come down here. He really does love his tea. This is so interesting.”

She apparently likes it, too. “I would really like to learn to make the perfect cup of tea, as when I last made a pot of tea with dried tea leaves I got it very wrong,” Kate admitted.

The focus for Kate and Camilla was the sweet section. They were talked through a huge array of chocolates and sweets by chocolatier Itesh Patel.

Camilla asked if she could have a jelly bean. Kate remarked it was “definitely the naughty counter”.

At the confectionery stand piled high with chocolates, Kate chose a small, crystallized rose petal, which retails for about $10 per 3.5 oz.

Mr Patel told Sky News: “The Duchess of Cambridge had a rose petal which she tasted and said was really delightful.”

“Gosh, it is very sweet,” she said as a staffer suggested placing it in a glass of champagne. “I will definitely try that.”

She added, “I love chocolate. I think all girls like chocolate.”

Thursday’s event was the first of two outings the Duchess is having with her grandmother-in-law while husband William is stationed in the Falkland Islands. Next week, she’ll be in Leicester for a series of engagements with Her Majesty.

[From People Magazine, Sky News]

The tea thing… well, we can argue about it. I’m sure tea aficionados will tell me that it’s quite difficult to make a “perfect” cup of tea and that when you’re using loose tea leaves, the process becomes even harder, and I shouldn‘t yell at Kate for this admission. But I’d still argue that Kate is so useless that she doesn’t know how to make a decent pot of tea. Here’s an example – I don’t drink coffee, but I still know how to make a good French press cup of Joe. You know why? Because it’s just a simple skill that one picks up throughout the course of one’s life.

As for the chocolate thing – I like her a little bit more for saying “I think all girls like chocolate.” But I still don’t believe that Kate ever has a bad day and decides to treat herself with a candy bar. Never.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Asli says:

    My cousin hates, hates, hates chocolate and my sister throws up whenever she has some. I know tons of people who don’t like chocolate so I guess it depends on the person. I only really like dark chocolate.

  2. Suz says:

    She has great taste in coats. And again, she can wear any color.

    I think that mindless public banter is hard to do – you can’t say anything that might remotely offend anyone.

  3. gee_gee says:

    Pure idiocy.

    “I like chocolate. I think all girls like chocolate”. She sounds like a wind-up doll. I wonder what other dumb things you can make her say.

    Or just imagine one of the princes ( I refuse to remember their names) saying ” I like beer. I think all boys like beer”

    See how dumb that sounds?

    These. People. Are. Not. Interesting.

    The U.S. should have a month long boycott of all British Royal family “news”, because it’s never real news.

  4. Lithe says:

    Looks like I’m in the minuscule minority of girls who don’t like chocolate.

    • Emily says:

      We do exist though! Perosnally, I only eat chocolate if I’ve got PMS, or I’m stoned. I have no desire for it any other time. Now, cheese on the other hand… I have lactose intolerant friends who won’t give up their cheese.

  5. shannon says:

    Meh. I graduated college with a 3.8, have raised kids, had several jobs, been married twice … can’t make a decent cup of coffee to save my life (or tea for that matter). It just never came up, and I don’t care for tea or coffee. It happens.

  6. constant says:

    “Making a pot of tea”: Hey, brewing green tea is an art! I’ve been drinking the same kind of tea for years now, and I still haven’t figured out fully the effects of water quality, amount of leaves, temperature, time..!

  7. Momo says:

    Lol I concur with the uninteresting conversationalist assessment. But really, they aren’t allowed to say anything that could be remotely construed as offensive. She’s probably also still nervous and jittery- she got the hair tugging under control, so it’s coming out in other ways.

  8. l says:

    I’ll give her a pass as she was in a tea shop. Yea, making a perfect cup is still hard and I’ve been making it my whole life. Green, chai, black, and all the crazy herbal all require a different seep time, water temp, etc. I’ve messed up plenty a pot.

    Plus these are just snippets of a conversation. I’m sure anyone could take one or two of my sentences when making brainless banter and it would sound similar.

  9. Momo says:

    And by ‘other ways’ I mean sort of ridiculous sounding remarks.

  10. spinner says:

    Chocolate?? I can take it or leave it. Give me Popeyes Fried chicken. There. Much better.

  11. Ell says:

    Personally I think the royal family aren’t fair game for the gossip sites, they are not celebrities.

    As a Brit it I get pissed off with all these negative stories about Kate. Kate makes William happy, we want our future King to be happy not ‘challenged’. We’ve seen where ‘challenged’ ends up with Charles and Diana.

  12. Anne says:

    God but she sounds utterly insipid.

  13. Jessica says:

    She may do Godiva chocolate.. hell I would every day if I was a dutchess!! lol

  14. LadyJane says:

    She probably also loves bunny rabbits, puppies and horses. All girls love those things too! And cuddly-wuddly babies! (Barf).

  15. Talie says:

    Have you ever watched a video with the royals at one of these events…they all ask the most banal questions and make the dumbest observations, coming off like they’re interacting with some strange new species. It’s hilarious. Prince Charles is probably the worst at it.

  16. madpoe says:

    Nope! I don’t care for chocolate myself. Will flirt with murder for gummi bears and skittles tho’.

  17. Cathy says:

    UMMMMMM Chocolate. Love it, as long as it’s not dark chocolate. Cannot stand dark chocolate.

  18. Elizabeth says:

    I like Kate and like to read stuff on her but I’m beginning to think she was given the “thumbs up” as a royal bride due to her complete lack of … controversy/ individuality/ possessing any personality character that anything could really stick to. The Royals seem to have picked someone who is guaranteed never to outshine them, who understands that she is there to be the perfect supporting character to their star roles. They seemed to have looked for/ developed her to be the perfect anti-Diana. “We will be the stars, you will just have babies and dress well – but not too well”.

    • Suz says:

      I think this is spot on.

      I like Kate, too, I think she’s pretty without being superglam and I like her demure dressing.

      But I do think the reason she was enthusiastically accepted in the Royal Family because she will not outshine anyone.

      Someone like Pippa would have been a problem. And Chelsy Davy would have made the Royals heads explode. Please let her marry Harry for this reason alone!

    • Jenna says:

      I, too, think you may have a point with your comment. And after a decade to evaluate Kate (honestly, who waits that long for a man to rescue her from the “working world”?), there is unlikely to be any surprises. I can’t say if the Queen had any problems with Diana’s star power, but Charles sure seems to have. Diana’s appeal renewed interest in the monarchy. Injecting more boredom into the mix seems counterproductive to me. I used to be interested in Kate, but now, I find her boring to a degree that her loveliness just doesn’t overcome…

  19. Jacq says:

    I like chocolate, just like all of you! See, I’m a totally relatable royal! I can’t make tea. I am so “normal!”
    Poor girl, she IS still trying to figure out her place and her image. I think the public image isn’t necessarily in line with the behind the scenes. If the Queen doesn’t like Camilla & Kate gets along better with Camilla…. I’m just saying that maybe she’s all nerves when Her Majesty is around.
    I’ll also agree that Kate probably can’t even remember what chocolate, or any food, tastes like.

  20. Agnes says:

    yes, kate, all girls LOVE chocolate. especially when we menstruate. and all girls do nothing but dream of marrying a prince and uselessly wait around for years for it to happen. and we all want a dozen babies. at least. ALL GIRLS. hahaha!

  21. Cerulean says:

    She loves chocolate as a color for accessories and shoes. Not the edible kind because she can’t remember what it tastes like.

    The tea comment is just bad. We drink loose leaf everyday and in all varieties. Ask the shop clerk there are instructions for all varieties and it’s remarkably easy.

    She comes off as a dolt. No wonder she zips it in public.

  22. JulieM says:

    She looks like a well dressed ironing board. Can’t imagine she eats chocolate. Or much else. What a vacuous woman.

  23. marlee says:

    Trying to imagine Kate on the couch in a pair of sweats, facefirst in a box of Russell Stover. Doubt it.

  24. Esmom says:

    She looks pretty in the blue coat, love the daffodils. But I’m really starting to think her eyeliner is tattooed on. It looks the same every. single. time.

  25. maemay says:

    Making a cup of tea is not the same as microwaving a cup of water and sticking a lipton tea bag in it. Brits are serious about their tea.

    As for the chocolate…i love chocolate especially dark chocoalte….she was making small talk not giving a speech.

    • Suz says:

      It’s still not terribly difficult, particularly if you grew up in Britain and have been around tea drinkers all your life.

      Honestly, I bet she can make a perfectly decent cup of tea. I think it was just a banal throwaway comment, designed not to offend.

      • Raven says:

        I live in the US and drink only tea. The perfect cup isn’t that hard to make, but it sure is hard to find in any restaurant. I haven’t used a bag in years and you can definitely taste the difference.

        My guess is that she prefers coffee to tea, but just doesn’t want to appear impolite. She probably rarely makes it.

  26. MST says:

    @Asli — how nice to hear from another coffee hater! When I tell people I don’t like coffee, at all, ever, they look at me as if I said “I hate kittens and puppies.” It makes me extremely hyper, like I’m about to jump out of my skin, and I think it tastes bitter. Also, back in my secretarial days I used to have to make coffee, wash out coffee cups, etc., which definitely contributed to my java hatred!

    • Asli says:

      That’s so true! Every time I’m at interviews or stuff like that and they ask me if I want coffee I always say I don’t drink it – They seriously look like they’ve just seen a ghost or I told them I ran over somebody on the way there. I’ve had a few sips but the smell alone is enough to put me off. I just can’t. I used to always make coffee for my mom and/or guests when I was a kid and that, as you so nicely put it, contributed to my ‘java hatred’.

      • Day says:

        I hate drinking coffee but I LOVE the smell of it. When I was a kid, my mom use to get up every morning before everybody and make a cup of coffee right before starting breakfast. I use to love waking up to the smell of coffee and bacon. I guess I associate the smell with those memories.

      • Asli says:

        Maybe it’s the wrong brand I’m smelling? (That sounds so weird). The only ones I’ve smelled are Nescafe and Merrild. I don’t like any of them. I don’t think I assosciate it with anything bad I just don’t like the hyper, extremely-awake feeling.

    • Esmom says:

      I prefer tea. I don’t mind coffee…but only if someone else makes it. Too much of a chore for me compared to making tea. But I always love the smell of coffee, it is warm and comforting.

  27. Princess Lizabeth says:

    She might like the concept of chocolate, but I doubt she consumes much, if any.

    Maybe she looks at photos of it…

  28. Maripily says:

    I like tea, but I can’t make it from tea leaves. I’m just a Lipton tea bag kind of girl, and if I want to get fancy, I use the Celestial Seasonings! She should try using tea bags if she can’t master making it from leaves. Sure, it’s the American way, and probably not as tasty, but you really can’t go wrong using tea bags instead.

  29. wunder says:

    Well I guess the public will be in a tizzy over ANYTHING this Kate chick says. . .

  30. Chrissy says:

    Okay, I feel bad for her. Those quotes make her sound totally vapid.

  31. liv says:

    well i’m a girl and i can’t stand chocolate. never have. never will. i also don’t like coffee or soda.

  32. moja31 says:

    I’m sure she loved chocolate, back when she still allowed herself to eat it.

  33. Nakli says:

    Long time lurker, first time commenting. Had to come in for this. I hate chocolates, save perhaps for white chocolate like a once/twice in a year. I don’t know why but eating chocolate makes me dying thirsty than any other sweet product.

  34. Cait says:

    Mastering perfect tea from tea leaves is hard, I’ve tried. Tea making really is an art for many Brits, from what I hear.

  35. Amy says:

    Maybe I’m a chocolate snob but Hershey’s chocolate is such a pale imitation of what chocolate is supposed to taste lie. I feel like it’s the only major brand of American chocolate I can think of and it’s awful! I eat it with smores but that’s it!

  36. anne_000 says:

    So she’s at Fortnum’s, famous for their teas and yet she doesn’t think to ask them how they make their cuppa tea… Why not? Cuz she has no intellectual curiosity. That’s why.

  37. Polly says:

    I am a lover of tea and, for those who want to try it, but have problems with theine and caffeine, the type Bancha green tea has very low levels and it is delicate in flavor but tasty.

  38. bettyrose says:

    I don’t think Noble-prize-winning physicists are known for their conversational skills. You don’t earn a Noble prize from years of honing your social abilities.

    • GoodCapon says:

      I don’t think that’s a good comparison. Yes, physicists aren’t really known for being social butterflies but they are known for their intelligence and contribution to the world of science.

      Kate is known for…? Yep, this woman has nothing to offer other than being the wife of a royal.

  39. barbie says:

    I love chocolate & it loves me.

  40. khaveman says:

    Who cares about the tea. Don’t they have people to do a lot of things for them, including making tea? As long as Will loves her, that is all that is needed. I mean for Pete’s sake. His mom died very early and he lost that female figure in his life — can’t he simply choose a nice woman who he wants to be with? She’ll learn.

  41. SCREEEE says:

    Ach. So judgey!

    There are blue moons, maybe Kate sometimes eats the posh version of a Twix. I’m 22, and I couldn’t make tea or coffee with a gun to my head. Maybe you’ve had more of / a more educational life than Kate and I?

  42. Joey says:

    Poor girl. I mean, really. Can you imagine how horribly tedious and boring it must be to do all these public appearances putting on a happy face and making stupid polite conversation about dog biscuits and tea. She must be thinking “FML.”

  43. Penguin says:

    Hate chocolate and coffee. Don’t get why people drink so much coffee/ energy drinks they’re so bad for you.

  44. mew says:

    “I like a cup of tea but it is my brother who really likes his tea as well. He really does love his tea. This is so interesting.”

    If she really said that in one breath then no wonder someone might think she’s not exactly bright…..

  45. Me says:

    For those who think she sounds stupid: Im sure nothing but explosions of intelligence comes out of your mouths at all points in time. Give the girl a break.

    For those who don’t like chocolate: So what.

  46. Jamminatorr says:

    Just a late FYI: my grandfather is an ex-pat Brit and in my 25 years I have never made a cup of tea that meets his standards. Tastes good to me but it’s like a mysterious art to him

  47. Jem says:

    God i love tea. It really is an art over here. I make a great brew!

  48. Jem says:

    I love tea. It really is an art over here. Personally I make a great brew!

  49. Sachi says:

    Every time she’s reported to speak about something, all I can imagine is how high school girls talk in movies which make them sound and look like complete idiots, or the way Homer Simpson takes on his simpleton voice and goes, “I like stories…mmmm” with a glazed look on his face.

    These comments from Kate may sound banal and nonsense, but this is not the first time she has been quoted to say things that made people scratch their heads and question her intelligence.

    There have been many stories of Kate doing/saying stupid things that it might become the norm to mock her for being ridiculous at events. When she was in Ireland flipping pancakes or some such, a woman told her not to lose any more weight. Kate’s response: “It’s all part of the plan.” What plan? To look like a skeleton on her wedding day? She got that part right, because she looked awful and so orange in her wedding gown.

    Imagine how she’ll cope when she’s doing more serious events, diplomatic meetings, and other issues that would require more than an empty comment about Faberge eggs, making tea, liking chocolates, her dog’s name, or her favorite TV shows.

    Maybe the reason why she’s rarely heard speaking in public is because of this problem: she doesn’t have anything of merit to say and comes across as an absent-minded, vacant, bumbling idiot most of the time.

    I don’t get why some say, “Give her a break, she’s new at this!” F*ck that. She’s 30 years old, she should know how to make sensible comments. If this was anyone else, they’d be bashed left and right for sounding immature and childish. Anyone at that age should be expected to sound mature and intelligent.

    When can Kate be expected to be more serious and be well-prepared when she does her royal duties? When she’s 50 and there’s no more excuse to be found for a middle-aged woman to still be making inane comments?

  50. mssnarnd says:

    “I carried a watermelon.”


  51. tessa says:

    During the visit, Kate asked staff at the tea counter “can you test the smell by smelling it”. She is just so funny.LoL.

    Check out the video in youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkIy_FC8db0&feature=related