Rihanna to Miranda Lambert: stop talking smack about Chris Brown

After the Grammy Awards, country singer Miranda Lambert tweeted some anti-Chris Brown messages meant to bring attention to the fact that he’s an abuser and shouldn’t have been give two chances to perform at their industry’s most prestigious awards event. Miranda later brought up Chris’ name again in a concert before she sang a song about a woman shooting her abuser. She held up a sign that said “Take Notes Chris Brown.” Well none of this supposedly sat well with Chris’ sort-of on-again ex, Rihanna, the abuse victim. Rihanna allegedly got Miranda’s phone number, called her up and told her to mind her own business.

The claws are out between country music cutie Miranda Lambert and R&B sensation Rihanna!…

Sources say Rihanna, 24, flew into a rage when she heard about Miranda’s tweets attacking [Chris].

“Rihanna got Miranda’s phone number from a mutual acquaintance,” an insider revealed. “She told Rihanna to worry about her own relationship because her husband is known for his wandering eye.”

“Rihanna has moved on since her relationship with Chris,” added the insider. “She believes that if she can let it go, considering she was the victim, others need to move forward also.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, March 12, 2012]

This could just be a clever way for The Enquirer to squeeze a new angle out of this story, but the fact that they add the detail that Rihanna actually called Miranda makes me think it’s true. You can imagine Rihanna telling another woman to mind her own business, especially since she’s probably sleeping with Chris again. But does Rihanna even know that Blake Shelton is supposedly a cheater? The Enquirer has been running stories about him for a while, but they’re not getting a lot of press so who knows if this is true.

That last line in the story about how people should forgive the perp because the victim does doesn’t sit well with me. That’s not how the justice system works, and it wouldn’t be fair to anyone, particularly future victims, if it did. Just because someone forgives an abuser (or a rapist, etc.) doesn’t mean that they’ve changed their ways, or that they shouldn’t face the consequences for their crime. That includes having people talk smack about them, which seems an incredibly minor thing compared to what Chris did. It’s a shame Rihanna can’t see that.

Here’s Rihanna’s latest outfit in London yesterday. Leather mid-thigh boots, studded white shorts, a denim shirt and another denim shirt wrapped around her waist and tucked under her shorts. At least she’s consistent.

Photo credit: WENN.com

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  1. Bite me says:

    The national enquirer needs to stop reading blogs

  2. Agnes says:

    i’m clearly not an expert on domestic abuse, but it appears that rhianna could use some professional help. maybe that would help her finally break this awful cycle with this terrible guy.

  3. Nev says:


    (men suck though.)

  4. Assistantrachel says:

    Well Rhi-Rhi, if this is true it’s official. If you get your ass beat again, you get no sympathy from me. Wrong way to feel, I know, yet I just can’t help it.

  5. Rachel says:

    What sort of dressing is this?

  6. Da Original Me! ;-) says:

    It’s truely her business who she chooses to be with. Not anyone elses. I hope ppl come to realise this.

    • Maripily says:

      It’s my business when she uses my tax dollars to call the cops on her abuser, my tax dollars that pay for her abusers jail time/court proceedings/etc.

      • Kimbob says:

        Very true. You’ve made a good point. Let’s see…the police are called. She cooperates w/them. Follows up on charges and cooperates & goes to court & Chris Brown gets charged. Ri does an interview w/Diane Sawyer where she says something about how his eyes have no emotion when he’s raging on her…..

        Fast forward three years later…and OF COURSE we’re all just supposed to be like, forgive and forget…ESPECIALLY IN LIEU of the latest PUBLIC TANTRUMS of Chris Brown. Add to the fact he goes around still like the twerp he is, tweeting about his Grammy wins, any person that brings up his ragings, ad nauseum. Oh, but we’re all supposed to FEEL THE SAME AS RIHANNA, & forgive & forget despite the fact this twerp is still as obnoxious as ever. I think not!

    • Floridaseaturtle says:

      No, ppl will not come to realise it. Just as the other poster said, our tax dollars were spent on this. And, people genuinely felt for Rhianna. This was not simple ‘gossip’. This was a crime, which makes this NEWS. No one has the right to go up and punch CB, but ANYONE has the right to talk about it. Although I do understand some reasons why a victim returns to her abuser, people will still judge Rhianna more harshly than most for doing so. This is because she is a not married to him, a mother of his child, therefore there would be zero reason to return, other than she personally forgives, and chooses to put herself in harms way again. There are many very good men that no doubt would love to treat Rhianna with love and respect and undoutedly make her happy. I am guessing that CB was her ‘first love’ emotionally speaking. Well everyone has one, but many of us find out later that our ‘first love’ is always powerful, but not always our ‘greatest love’. We often meet that person sometime after our ‘first love’. Anyway, still..back to the point. Miranda, me, Joe Schmo in Brazil or China, anyone can talk about it. It’s news…BAD news. I hope SHE wakes up.

  7. Tapioca says:

    Didn’t Blake Shelton cheat on his ex-wife with Miranda? The ex certainly accused him of as much in their divorce proceedings. Miranda probably thinks she’s a super special snowflake and he’ll never do the same to her, but Rihanna (and we) know better!

    It’s funny how we can see the huge flaws in other peoples’ relationships, but never our own. Anyone care to take a bet on which happens first – Blake cheats on Miranda or Chris punches Rihanna for reading his texts?

    • Marjalane says:

      It’s a small one, but there is a distinction between a cheater and a beater, and if Blake Shelton cheats on Miranda Lambert, she doesn’t strike me as the type to go on stage singing, “Stand by your man”. Rihanna on the other hand, seems to think that’s a great song.

      You’ve got to be pretty attached to your abuser if you’re going to go out and get the phone number of someone who “said mean things” about a dirtbag like Chris Brown.

      • Shazza says:

        And yet Miranda’s hubby (and others) happily paid tribute to Glen Campbell, who knocked out Tanya Tucker’s teeth years ago. But I guess talking about that wouldn’t earn her any points.

      • Riana says:

        Following that logic Miranda probably shouldn’t say anything about the couples who deny their husband’s molesting of children or rapists either, after all what position is she in to talk if her relationship isn’t perfect?

        A relationship breaking up nonviolently between two adults is quite different from a man bashing a woman’s head in.

        Even if Blake cheats on her or they break up she still as the dignity of knowing she defended a woman’s right not to get punched in the face repeatedly.

      • autumndaze says:


        That is right! I totally forgot about that!
        Hollywood and the music industry is full of hypocrisy,(and really messed up people) isn’t it?

      • Sarah says:

        Not to defend Glenn Campbell, but the truth of the matter is that him hitting Tanya Tucker and knocking out her teeth was an alleged incident and something they both deny. And from what I remember, Tanya gave as good as she got.

      • maddie says:

        Cheating on your spouse is abusive because it’s emotional and mental abuse.

        Most cheaters lie and turn it around and gaslight their spouses into that spouse questions everything around them.

        Just because you don’t put your hands on them doesn’t make it any less abusive.

    • gg says:

      Changing topics to obfuscate the point? Suuuuuure, why not?

      Nothing changes the facts of what happened in this case. Not what anybody ELSE does.

      • Marjalane says:

        Glen Campbell and Tanya Tucker?? Wasn’t that like 30-35 years ago, when they were both full blown alcoholics? None of the people being discussed here were even BORN yet!

      • gg says:

        Yes, it was ages ago, it was alcohol and drug related, they have both dealt with it in healthy ways, and, since there have been decades go by since the alleged fighting, there has been time to heal for all. At this point, Glen is going downhill from Alzheimers and yes, since he has obviously changed dramatically into a sober, giving individual, people have forgiven him for his drunken problems so long ago.

        Neither Chris nor Rihanna have, as far as I have seen, dealt with this in a healthy way at all, and are clearly stuck back into the same dynamic that started this mess. Has there even been any therapy? If so, it obviously hasn’t worked. It’s a sad situation.

        Picking on other relationships trying to tie in to this mess, is designed only to take the attention away from the instant case, and is transparent. Nobody mentally healthy is buying it.

    • Sarah says:

      Maddie, emotional and physical abuse are the same? Are you kidding me? Here are two ways they are different:

      Physical abuse is illegal.
      Physical abuse can lead to death.

      • gg says:

        I must point out that the ONLY reason he stopped pummelling and biting on her was that she passed out. So he ran away. Like a punk coward. As far as he knew, he was leaving her for dead.

        I personally find that completely reprehensible. He needs major therapy. And if Rihanna is caught up with him, and it sure looks like she is, she also needs major therapy and to stay away from him.

        But at this point, It’s all been said above and I’m only repeating myself. Sorry.

  8. TheOriginalKitten says:

    OT but that might be the worst oufit I have ever seen. EVER.

  9. Jezi says:

    Miranda has every right to speak about it. As do all of us. It went public, it was horrid, and just because Rihanna chooses to forgive her abuser, doesn’t mean the rest of us will. ITA with you CB with that. It is sad that Rihanna can’t see what we all do.

  10. Jules says:

    Typical, the abused defending the abuser. The next time he beats her it will be worse.

  11. Julie says:

    Rhianna is an emotionally damaged, needy girl who needs professional help. She’s lost, poor thing.

  12. mia girl says:

    Rhianna, I hope you have an unlitmited calling plan because that’s one down, millions more to go if you are going to shout at all of us who think Chris Brown is an unrepentant, self-absorbed ass who is getting an easy ride.

    He doesnt deserve your loyalty. Please get some help so you can get past this guy.

    • flan says:

      I think he lost the loyalty of more people. Chris Brown’s single is already sinking after spending one week at #8 in the Billboard charts.

      Am loving it that the top are all occupied by women. He probably would love to beat them too for stealing his ‘awesome’.

  13. Lis says:

    I always spat nails when people said that Brown and Riri “clearly” had a mutually abusive relationship, but I’m starting to reconsider.

    It’s one thing to let it go, never see him again and get on with her life. When she had the restraining order relaxed and said that that was her plan, I applauded.

    But this looks increasingly like a relationship where they abuse each other.

    • Figleaf says:

      I’m a little confused as to how Rihanna is being abusive towards Chris Brown at this point.

      • gg says:

        I think Lis is trying to point out that abused women frequently have Stockholm Syndrome, where they keep going back to their abuser, partly out of having no respect for themselves, partly from thinking that nobody else wants them the same way the abuser does, who sucks up to his victim in such a huge way, which flatters her, and she comes back again, and frequently because of the emotional abuse and mind-4ucking that the abuser uses to control their victim. It’s all been done before, darlin, over, and over and over and over.

    • Riana says:

      The reality is Rihanna could not do anywhere near damage to Chris as he could do to her.

      I’ve seen women smack, punch, and fight men and when a man WANTED them to stop. Not playing, not toying, when he was pissed and he was DONE he immobilized her in a few seconds.

      The only woman I can believe of abusing a man is 1. A man who is choosing to be abused and does not want to hurt her 2. A woman who is trained in combat or fighting and has been taught to fight and hurt a man.

      A normal angry woman simply can’t pose the same threat.

      • Floridaseaturtle says:

        Very well stated.

      • legofdoom says:

        Some women are in relationships where they are the biggest/strongest partner. Female abusers also tend to use “weapons” (knives, pans, whatever will cause damage) to threaten or actually attack with, and can be VERY violent when in a rage (perhaps a part of this is because of the false idea that a woman can’t really hurt a man, so there is no holding back).

        When the male doesn’t want to fight (and has been brought up believing men NEVER hit women), is perhaps physically smaller, and suffers the same psychological abuse that female victims do, it isn’t down to them “wanting to be abused”.
        So many men don’t speak up about domestic violence AGAINST THEM because of this kind of attitude, or the thought that they aren’t a real man if they ‘can’t control their woman’.

        This is a good website if you wish to find out more:

      • MyCatLoves TV says:

        My boss (successful executive) complained that his wife used to attack him. When he was lucky. He said the verbal abuse was worse. I always wondered why he stayed. And this Christmas I found out she left him. His words were “I never wanted that to happen.” In my heart I thought “you are lucky she didn’t kill you” but I didn’t say anything. Goes both ways, sadly.

  14. LL says:

    She’s consistent all right. Consistently trash.

  15. ladybert62 says:

    She dresses like a tramp.

    Wonder what she will do the next time he gets annoyed with her and beats her up? I am waiting for that one as it is inevitable.

  16. Melanie says:

    Miranda lambert is a stuck up bitch …. I live in Nashville and have seen her in concert. She is condescending and annoying. She needs to mind her own business even if what she says is true.

    • jano1981 says:

      Wow. Why did u go to a Miranda concert? You are so clearly a Brown fan! How can someone look stuck up in concert????

      • mel says:

        I was given free tickets…she was bitching to the audience about some plastic ball being bounced around. She was just really condescending – I guess you had to be there. I didn’t have an opinion about her one way or the other prior to that…I really don’t like country music. Taylor Swift was playing so I took my daughter. That being said…because I guess you can’t READ well…so I will reiterate…even though what she said was TRUE – its still not her business. I grew up in a battered family so you can f off.

      • Riana says:

        Someone being stuck up does not eliminate them from knowing wrong when they see it, but yes her emotions over a ball in concert are quite relevant to her thoughts on violence towards women.

      • whatthehell456 says:

        @mel : You grew up in a battered home? So did I, and you know what? I prayed EVERY day for someone to MAKE it their business. It wasn’t until an outside family member fnally decided to intervene and “get in our business” that it finally stopped. People with the mindset that “it’s none of our business” only allow the violence to continue.

        And please don’t tell people to f off on this website, it’s considered trashy.

  17. lucy2 says:

    If she chooses to go back with and/or defend the guy who beat her to a pulp, she’d better get used to people not speaking wonderfully of him.

  18. Leticia says:

    I mean no disrespect to her, but I am starting to wonder if Rihanna has mental stability issues.

  19. birdie says:

    Rihanna has no class, she is honestly pure trash. Defending her abuser? She is no role model at all! Hope her career is over soon!

  20. Maria says:

    I am reminded of an interview she did with Diane Sawyer, I think it was…maybe Barbara Walters?.. anyways, she had mentioned that Chris, when he got into a rage, she barely recognized him..that his eyes would become dead…other horrible things. Rihanna said all of this. What will trigger that rage again?..she’ll ask him something or wear something?…if he becomes trance-like when he flies off the handle, he won’t even think of the consequences and SHE will end up battered again. it is ridiculously tragic and we can all see what is going to happen eventually.

    • Riana says:

      If merely being asked about the abuse incident during an interview can make him so furious he slams a chair into a window he has a hair trigger and WILL hit another woman soon, if not Rihanna than Karouche (or however you spell her name).

  21. Lithe says:

    I wonder if one of the things that draws Rihanna to Chris is knowing that so many people disapprove of this relationship?

  22. vic says:

    He might be a woman beating, biting a**hole, but he’s her woman beating, biting a**shole.

  23. Melissa says:

    I think Rhianna is entitled to her opinion…but so is Miranda. If she doesn’t like Chris Brown she doesn’t have to hide it.

    I don’t think this story is true, though. It is the National Enquirer.

  24. AfroSappho says:

    Didn’t Blake Sheldon do a tribute to Glen Campbell, well documented lady beater?

    I understand your position, Miranda, but check your boo before you check Rihanna’s.

    I HAVE to ask…why is it okay for sexual abusers Roman Polanski and Terry Richardson to have careers, but not Chris Brown? I don’t support any of them, but it bothers me that everyone treats CB as if he is the only person with blood on his hands.

    Charlie Sheen received a star on the Walk of Fame after he SHOT Kelly Preston. Just saying.

    • JM says:

      It’s not ok in any of those circumstances. I’d also like to add Woody Allen to the list of pieces of sh!t who should be blacklisted from Hollyweird.

    • Suz says:

      Lots of people have spoken out about Polanski and Richardson. And about Glen Campbell back in the day – I’m old enough to remember that drama.

      Chris Brown is *not* being persecuted.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      @afrosappho, Clever name!

      As female consumers, we should let our wallets do the talking and avoid spending our hard earned money on mysoginists like Gibson, Polanski, Sheen, Richardson AND Brown. They should ALL be held “accountable” for their misdeeds.

    • eileen says:

      Keeping their names in the media is what its all about. Hollywood and the consumer in general have very short memories. No one is giving any of them a pass and if there was a post about them-I can garuntee we’d all be making the same remarks. Every time there’s a post about one of them or CB, we get comments like yours. So when I comment on a Chris Brown post that I think he’s garbage do i need to add a disclaimer and list everyone else I think is garbage too for the same behavior? Its feels like you’re justifying his recent success by saying because THOSE people did it and still are in the game, than CB should. How can we put a stop to this kind of thing happening if every time we call it out-people bring up the past instances people overlooked it? I can’t speak for whoever let those people slide-but I can certainly change the future.

    • Thia says:

      Absolutely correct! I despise all of them and it does seem that the public overlooks the white guys transgressions. Call them all out equally.

  25. Me says:

    Rihanna is allowed to forgive whoever she wants to forgive. Its called emotional maturity.

    • gg says:

      It’s called emotionally bankrupt, honey. Come on. the girl is very very messed up in the head. She’s not “forgiven” him, she’s gone right back into his arms, ready for more pummelling. That does not demonstrate forgiveness.

      Forgiveness does not include going right back into the same situation that got you beaten to a pulp. It means forgiving and staying away from the dangerous person.

    • sauvage says:

      I don’t believe in ‘forgiving’. I know it’s just a question of wording, but to me, the term sounds more religiously motivated than practicable in real life. Accepting, on the other hand – accepting that certain things happened, learning to live with them, taking responsibility for your part in it, if there is such, and then moving on – that’s something I find practicable.

      I will never, ever FORGIVE my abusive ex-boyfriend for hitting me. It was wrong, it will always be wrong. But I accept that it happened, I can see the place I was in at that time in my life, I can live with it. And I stay the f**k away from him.

      I know it’s just a word and maybe I read more into it then there is actually into it, BUT every time I hear the term ‘forgiving’, it makes me think of going to church, going to confeession, praying my rosary and then everything is supposed to be ‘forgiven’. Which does not exactly mean that it’s okay. Can I accept that it’s not okay? Certainly. But forgive? Certainly not.

  26. JM says:

    I’m sorry that “Rhi Rhi” cannot see the forest through the trees. I lost a dear friend 20 years ago to domestic violence. After years of abuse, she finally left & filed a restraining order. Didn’t stop him from following her to & from work (she moved back with her parents as a safety precaution), making numerous threatning calls to her while at work (BTW, she was a legal secretary) and on the morning she was to file stalking charges against him, slit her throat & shot her in the head with the gun she’d bought for protection. He is now serving 25 years to life but she is dead.

    So no. Chris Brown does not get a pass. To many women fall into this vicious cycle and don’t have the resources to break free. Rhianna does yet it appears she is so psychologically damaged, she believes he’ll never hit her again. How long til we read about her death?

    • sm255 says:

      If it still ‘boggles’ your mind, then you really need to get a clue. Goodness.

      Some women stick to their abusers if the said abuser repeats more than enough that they are ‘sorry’ and that ‘they will never harm them again’ and ‘in was done in the heat of the moment, it wasn’t serious.’ In some women’s cases, they’ll forgive them bouquets of flowers and candy boxes and make-up sex later, and then the cycle of abuse happens again. It’s not that their STUPID, but at least a small part of them wants to be loved and wanted. Plus, they get attention. And that’s what the abusers provided the abused.

      • Riana says:

        She doesn’t need to get a clue. I understand it and it still boggles my mind. There are some things humans do that we should never understand perfectly but merely comprehend and still be troubled internally by.

      • JM says:

        Forgive my lack of communication skills. I was writing in an emotional state as this subject still upsets me. What I was referring to was NOT the victims but the hoards of women who defend CELEBRITIES who are known abusers ala Chris Brown, OJ, Charlie Sheen etc…

    • sm255 says:


      OH! My apologies then, for the misunderstanding.

    • gg says:

      Oh, I am so sorry to hear that, JM. it made my heart stop for a second. I was in that same situation at age 19. He would camp out in his van in my parking lot for months after I broke up with him for ambushing me at my home one night, picking me up and slamming me down on the concrete multiple times, blacking both eyes, bruising my entire body and breaking my toe, because I told him I was quitting seeing him, to get away from the (then) emotional abuse, which turned physical. I moved four times in 6 months, trying to escape him. I finally did escape him, by the grace of God. I found out he did this to every other girl he was with afterwards. It could have been much worse in my case.

      • JM says:

        That is horrible gg! I’m glad you had the strength to get out when you did and hope the b@stard who beat you ended up either in prison or underneath it.

      • gg says:

        jm & asli – Thank you very much for the concern, I greatly appeciate it.

        He’s actually still at it. Tried to contact me many times on myspace and facebook and I ignored it. Then the last time, since I wasn’t giving him the attention he craved and demanded, he started insulting me and using the same denigrating tactics he’d always used before, first begging, then saying he should be forgiven, and then demanding I respond, and then insulting me. This also happened during a time where a family member died and I just was not going to put up with him at that time.

        At that point I felt I had to respond. I’d mulled over in my head the most mature way to deal with the message I was going to send him; no cussing, no insults from me, only healthy removal and nonreaction. Then before I had a chance to do that, I got the snotty, awful message from him. I blew up – absolutely furious and freaked out that this scab on my life was being broken open after 30-plus years because of his vanity, and during a day I was attending a family funeral. He just would not stop trying to contact me. I had to put an end to it.

        Abusers usually can’t stand being ignored or people staying away from them. He could not just leave it alone and allow me to move on.

        Even though I am very scared of what he is capable of, I finally sent him a private message. I told I was NOT going to respond to him, ever, and in no uncertain terms that I would not tolerate any more of his attempts to contact me (we live in neighboring states, thank God), to get the hint that I wanted zero contact, and that if I ever heard from him again, my husband was going to take care of it (of course I blocked him and reported him to facebook at that point). He found out who some of my facebook friends were, and got them to friend him, and started writing various of my facebook friends, stalking them, and demanding from total strangers what I’d said about him. Okay, this person is in their 50s. He’s old enough to not be doing this high school $hit. And the violence to me happened in the damn 70s! and he still can’t move on and leave me alone! I wanted to say my husband would come down there and kick his abusive ass but I don’t condone violence. So far, that has worked.

        But while this last attempt at communication was happening, I was a nervous wreck, having to revisit this horrible creep’s presence and his pox on my life.


        Sorry for the all caps and the personal drama. I know this isn’t a “Dear Jane” site, but I felt it important for people to take this kind of $hit seriously. I just want people to see it’s not anything to play around with like Rihanna is doing.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      JM, I wonder this too. I do think that Chris Brown will eventually kill a woman or at the very least inflict injuries that cause severe and permanent damage. I see zero likelihood of his gaining any insight into his behavior or understanding that it is morally reprehensible. He is a raging child who makes himself feel powerful by venting his anger on others, as he saw done to his own mother. He believes that he is untouchable, and that no one should dare to criticize him. All the elements are there for an escalating abusive relationship with Rihanna, and it’s easy for me to believe this will end in absolute tragedy. It’s very, very sad.

  27. The Original Mia says:

    Rihanna, I’m pretty sure Miranda knows her husband is a cheat, but that doesn’t stop the fact that Chris Brown beat/bit/strangled/punched you to almost unconsciousness. But you keep on thinking it’s you & him against the world. Hope you have 911 on speed dial.

  28. Marna says:

    Please. Rihanna needs to stop concerning herself with what Miranda’s tweeting and start concerning herself with her own lack of talent. When she can sing as well as Miranda WITHOUT AUTO TUNE then maybe I’ll start paying her attention. And in the mean time, am I the only one who thinks Rihanna is on the verge of a Britney-like breakdown?

  29. sm255 says:

    You know, for all the ‘stories’ of abuse you people tell here in comparison to Rhianna and Chris brown’s situation, I can just say that not all people can immediately break away from an abusive relationship. It’s a vicious cycle that can repeat itself until the abused can get the message or until the abuser is jailed for a very long time.

    In these people’s (Rhianna and CB’s) case, whatever they work out between themselves is their business. And if they’re happy with each other, good – not my conundrum to get a heart attack over.

    • gg says:

      And I truly hope this never happens to you, because at that point? You would care quite a bit about others going through this same situation.

      • sm255 says:

        Oh trust me, I’ve seen enough, so far, in my lifetime to care more than YOU would think.

      • gg says:

        I truly am sorry to hear that. Perhaps you’re making yourself numb to it because it is painful and a bit overwhelming if you let yourself care more?

      • gg says:

        And one more thing – you say you’ve “seen” a lot of it and it looks like you don’t really care. If it had happened to you, you’d have a lot better understanding of domestic violence and I guarantee you would feel differently and try to help others instead of ignoring it.

      • sm255 says:


        No, but thank you for touching on a personal level that only an ignorant person on the goddamned internet would venture forth to.

        What I can see from your blatant ignorance is that you think I’m supposed to ‘care’ about other peoples’ problems just because I’ve went through a variation of the same thing. Guess what? I’m not obliged to, especially not to a situation where it appears that it’s none of my business anyway because I don’t even know the circumstances and feelings of their renewed friendship (Rhianna and Chris Brown).

        What I’ve learned is that what I have seen, with my own eyes, is my own damned business to deal with and nobody else’s for that matter except for the family involved and close friends. It’s not on your right to say whether I actually ‘cared’ or not. Did you ever live in my damned house? NO. Tend to your own goddamned business, I tend to my issues and we’re all happy. I’m happy enough not sharing sob stories to total strangers, trying to relate – why aren’t you? I can ‘feel’ however I want to with no regrets.

        I have faith in the fact that Rhianna may have a very low self esteem, but she certainly isn’t stupid. Abusive relationships tend to end in varying ways – that’s why I’m backing off of this one. Not my business, let them handle it.

        So take your ‘pity’ and self-absorbed concern and pack it.

      • gg says:

        sma255: Wow you sure gleaned an entire grocery store’s worth of ire based on some very basic comments to you. I never insinuated anything personal on you and I only wish you empathy for your fellow man/woman.

        If I deign to tell my story to like-minded people on any topic, that’s my right and you can’t condemn me. And you certainly don’t have to read it and then insult me for it. wow. That is really dark. Or maybe you just hate Mondays.

        You know what – that anger you are retaining towards strangers on the internet? – that’s your choice, and I have my choice, which I am passionate about.

        Insulting random people with a purpose on the internet is only going to make you more shut off from humanity and good. Hope you get better.

        Have a lovely week and stop attacking people?

  30. T says:

    Rihanna has a responsability to the young women that look up to her. I cant believe more celebrities arent speaking out about this. Abusers arent evil, theyre sick. They both need help.

  31. Sammi says:

    Chris Brown is still a violent, angry, temper tantrum throwing person who now takes his anger out on twitter and windows in dressing rooms when he doesn’t get what he wants. NO sympathy from me. I’d rather a man cheat on me than try to take my life with his fists. At least he respects me enough as a person not to try to kill me as all it takes is one wrong punch.

    • Maripily says:

      I think cheating can also be a form of emotional abuse. Also, an irresponsible cheater can bring home a disease that will kill you or leave you chronically ill. Both behaviors are unacceptable in my eyes. If a person feels the urge to cheat, they should be honest with their partner that they want to see other people. It’s unfair to take another person’s choice as to whether they want to share their partner with others. I don’t want a man who beats or cheats. From what I recall, Rihanna confronted Chris Brown about his alleged cheating on her, and that’s what prompted the argument that led to his hurting her. He is such a jerk, in every sense of the word.

  32. Reece says:

    I see these pics and think Canadian hooker.

  33. SoSickOfHer says:

    Rhianna needs to go away. Her music is trash, she dresses like trash, she does this to herself. and it makes me sick that girls idolize her.

  34. anya says:

    No she doesn’t need to ‘go away’. Poor love does need to eat something though- she looks so thin! I miss the old RiRi

  35. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    It’s funny how much it bothers CB and Rhianna when other people talk about what CB did. People aren’t making this up. They are talking about facts. He beat a woman. That is a fact. Yet he gets angry or she gets angry when people point it out and call it what it is. But then that’s been the whole problem with CB…he has never been able to accept real responsibility for what he did. He refuses to see what he did wrong and really understand how horrible it was and feel remorse for it. If he felt that way he’d be agreeing with people and saying how horrible what he did was and that he is getting help to never do it again. Instead he’s defensive and making excuses and attacking anyone who even raises the issue. Clearly he has learned nothing and clearly neither has she.

    He’ll attack her again one day. I just hope it’s out in the open again so that they can’t hide it and sweep it under the rug. If it happens behind closed doors Rhianna probably won’t want to admit it because then she’d have to admit how she’s been a fool going back to him and defending him, etc. and he sure won’t want anyone else to know. But it’ll happen. He’s shown over and over by his violent and defensive reactions that he hasn’t grown at all through this event. Instead it’s all about him having a pity party for himself. He’s pathetic and so is she.

  36. SoWhat says:

    Some women(and some men)enjoy abuse. Its like a fetish such as S&M my cousin totally gets off on it and maybe Rhi is the same way. We can sit and judge all day but it is what it is right or wrong.

    • Maripily says:

      Then why’d she call the cops? Why file a police report against him? Why was she trying to escape him? This wasn’t S and M, where both parties are willing participants, and the pain inflicted is in a structured setting. It was domestic violence.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Please, please do not equate S&M practices with domestic abuse. S&M is carried out by two consenting adults who know their tolerance level for pain and there’s usually what’s called a safe word so that the submissive can call quits to the actions taking place at any time.

      An abuser punching you in the face is not going to stop because you scream no or stop. Nor does the victim consent in advance to being hit.

      Edit: Didn’t see that Laura has already replied.

  37. Ell says:

    A wandering eye won’t kill you, someone tightening their hands around your neck will.

  38. Marla says:

    I was in an abusive relationship when I was 17…
    at first it was beatings.I didn’t think I could leave as I was a runaway and had nowhere to go.After a year he finally put a gun to my head and told me that it was my fault for ruining his life and therefor was ending mine. A knock on the door is the only thing that saved my life.Long story short, police were called , we both went to jail. When I was released I never saw him again..and I have never let a man hit me again. Chris Brown is a animal and he will abuse again…it’s just a matter of time.

    • eileen says:

      Wow-you’re story brought tears to my eyes. I can’t even fathom being where you were at 17. No home, no family and being abused. So glad you got out!
      I agree about Chris Brown-he’s not even CLOSE to being done with his abusive behavior.

  39. iwannarock says:

    i cant stand her anymore. she made her bed, time 4 her to sleep in it.

  40. Laura says:


    There’s a difference between enjoying rough sex or choking and abuse. It’s called abuse because the victim didn’t want, enjoy, or have control over it. I enjoy a bit of the “unusual” shall we say, but it’s within a controlled environment, and if my bf ever raised a hand to me it would be a completely different story

  41. kim says:

    I’m going to get put through the ringer for this but here we go. I think people need to stop talking about it. Now I was completely on the CB hate train until , I stopped and put myself in Ri’s shoes.

    What happened three years ago must have been the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to her. In a matter of minuets her entire identity changed. Instead of being able to take time time off and figure out how this affected her mentally and emotionally, she had to keep working. A decision I’m sure her PR people and her label pushed her to make.

    Now imagine you’re her. You get up in the morning and you go to check your email and on the home page front and center there is another story about the time in your life where you felt lower than low and completely powerless. Then you go to the market and you see it again on a magazine. Then you go shopping and the salesperson is talking about it. And everyone has an opinion.

    I guess what I am saying is, however she chooses to make things right in her mind is what you should support. How she supposed to sort out her true feelings and thoughts, when the world is telling her how she is supposed to feel and think. Is it healthy? Is it right? Probably not. But shaming her isn’t the answer, and shaming him isn’t the answer either.

    The answer is making her see that she is a person worthy of being loved, and treated with respect.

    • eileen says:

      If we want to get down to what was inside both of their heads and their feelings on this situation I’m sure they BOTH want this to go away and for us to stop talking about it. And for a while, we did. Now we see Chris Brown is being rewarded for acting like a spoiled punk-beating and abuse aside. This is very dangerous. Their demographic is children who now are plugged into every single thing a celeb says and does. So they idolize her and see she got the living sh!t beat out of her and now is going back to it. Not ok when I have 2 small children who LOVE her.

      • flan says:

        I hope your kids are still young enough that you can introduce some other artists to them to like (it won’t work with teenagers, who 98% of the time will only like someone more if parents hate them).

        It’s seriously unhealthy for young kids to like the both of them now.

    • gg says:

      No. I’m not going to stop talking about it. No one needs to stop talking about it. We all need to raise awareness so that every child knows it when he or she sees it and can call it like it is, and protect themselves from this happening to them and their children after tham.

  42. Psyren says:

    I know I’m in the minority here but I’m team Rihanna on this one. If Ri Ri is dumb enough to involve herself with that POS again then it’s her business and no one else’s. Rihanna is a grown ass woman. A young dumb one but still a grown one. If she wants to defend him then so be it. You can’t help someone who refuses to even admit she has a problem. She’ll just have to learn the hard way. Miranda’s constant bashing isn’t going to change anything.

  43. dahlia noir says:

    Where’s Jay Z ? I thought he wanted chris brown down. I know he is no role model himself but I thought he’d do anything to protect his protegé.

  44. Meh says:

    Regardless of how any of you feel. Chris Brown has either changed or he hasn’t. Rihanna is right…It is none of your business.

    It’s her mistake to make. I’m sure if anyone were interested enough to hold a mirror up to your lives we’d find a few mistakes as well.

    • gg says:

      You haven’t read any of the above comments have you. Your type of thinking is getting shot down at every single volley.

      A healthy person LEARNS from their mistakes, don’t they? And she still hasn’t. I hope and pray she does one day.

      And as far as Chris’ mistakes – if nobody cares or gets involved in his issues with violence, he will just continue on and spread to more women. It takes other people to get involved to stop criminal behavior. Which is why we are personally concerned.

    • The Original Mia says:

      I’ll bite. (Not like Chris did, of course, but you get my meaning.)

      None of my exes were abusive. None ever called me out my name. None of them were perfect, but I’ll hold them up as examples of good men any day versus Chris Brown.

      Rihanna could be with any man she wants to. There is something psychological wrong with her that thinks being with Chris again is right. He could say sorry until he was blue in the face & it wouldn’t matter to me. I have too much self-respect to ever accept his type of loving.

  45. skuddles says:

    Nice, she’s gone from forgiving the POS to actually defending him. She’s going be a very busy girl if she tries to take on all his detractors…. I think I can see exactly where this is going.

  46. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    I can’t see Ri actually calling Lambert. The way the “article” is written reminds me of all the Team Breezy comments of how Ri forgave him so everyone should shut up about it. Forgiveness is psych 101, and is for the victim to move forward with their lives. Not that I personally agree with that, I don’t have to forgive a damn thing, but whatever.

    If Ri doesn’t want to be the poster girl for domestic violence I get it. No normal person wants the title of victim, it’s insulting and degrading to a person who’s come out the other side, but considering her abuser is still in her life, and they just did two songs together, she’s still in the roll of the victim. IMO Ri’s not a survivor as long as CB’s still in her life, and that’s on her.

  47. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    Meh says:
    Regardless of how any of you feel. Chris Brown has either changed or he hasn’t. Rihanna is right…It is none of your business.

    If everyone felt like you there would be no womens shelters or homeless shelters or counselling for victims. Those things exist because people didn’t just turn away from things they saw that were wrong and said to themselves: too bad that husband is beating his wife and kids, but it’s not my business to do or say anything.

    Many victims have such low self-esteem that they stay with abusers and go back to them when they shouldn’t. Clearly Rhianna has very low self-esteem. That’s obvious with the way she chooses to dress and act…looking for sexual attention, thinking that acting very sexualized, especially violent-sexual imagery, makes her look mature and interesting. It doesn’t. It gets her attention, but in the end that attention isn’t giving her the self-worth she needs. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was early sexual abuse in her past just based on the way she acts out sexually, which is very common when girls have been sexually abused early on. They think their only worth is as a sexual thing and the only attention they deserve is sexual attention. I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    She’s a beautiful woman who has accomplished a lot but she isn’t very emotionally mature. Personally I think she needs some good counselling but probably is surrounded by people who run to give her anything but the real help she needs. I just hope that she doesn’t get pregnant with a jerk like CB and brings a innocent child into the mix.

    So yeah, it’s her life and her choices and her business, but when we see people who are doing the wrong thing it’s good to discuss it and like Reese W. to discuss it with our kids, especially if they are fans of these two. Decades ago (in the 1950′s for example) people were so scared that someone outside the family would learn about their “dirty laundry” that many victims had no one and nowhere to turn to when they were finally ready to get out. I don’t want it to go back to that. The message that it’s wrong to beat a woman no matter what she says or does to you (and vice versa) should be loud and clear in society, as well as places where people can go for help, info. and counselling.

    • Floridaseaturtle says:

      Our society is not the same as 50 years ago, and there is no chance of it going back, ever. Our laws are not the same, and MUST change, to attempt to keep up with our changing society. IMO, your speech was long, wrong, and a dangerously naive way of thinking. Wrong. And, less importantly, but nonetheless true….our US tax dollars that were spent…making it our business entirely. If he just screamed “B*tch” in her face, I wouldn’t bother caring.

      • Floridaseaturtle says:

        @ Suzy. I was reading more comments this morning, and realized that I misunderstood yours. I apologize. You were replying to “Meh”, and I agree with your comments. This subject matter can make people emotional, me included, so I think I read too fast or something. I just wanted to take the time to clear that up. (humble hug)

  48. Tweakspotter says:

    Rihanna seems like she’s suffering from battered wife syndrome and needs help. Although she does dress and act (to me) like she may enjoy getting hit by Chris. And her wig is just tragic…

  49. Leek says:

    AT this point, that situation is so far removed from all of them that it’s silly they even bother to address it. Now it’s in our hands and our responsibility.

    My 8 year old son heard a song on the radio and asked me to turn it up. I did and then he said, “This is Chris Brown. I really like this song.” I jumped at the opportunity to tell him that Chris Brown gave his girlfriend a bruised face by punching it over and over again. My son asked why he did that and I told him there was no reason except Chris Brown is simply a horrible person that doesn’t know how to love a woman.

    We can end his career by appealing to all of the little mama’s boys out there who would be buying iTunes now and in the future.

    So, you can eat my flawlessly waxed junk, Chris Brown. You’re done.

  50. garvels says:

    Rhianna and her autotuned voice are sooo overrated.

  51. Peachy says:

    Headline tweak:

    Miranda Lambert to Chris Brown: Stop smacking Rihanna

  52. Karen says:

    She used to be so kick ass and now she’s just gnarly. The whole protecting the guy who beat her and bit her is incomprehensible. The hair is bad, it makes her forehead look too high, like where are the bolts, and the shirt around her waist, tucked into her chaps?! Shirt/pant- shants, she has invented shants and it’s not a good thing. She is a mess right now, outside and in.

  53. Jordan says:

    I hope Rihanna did talk to Miranda because Miranda’s family used to take in and help abused women, so maybe she gave Rihanna some counseling or told her where to go to get it.

  54. Maxine says:

    The point that was so well articulated in the story is that this is NOT about Rihanna. Criminal cases are different than Civil cases. The Criminal case is not Rihanna vs. Chris Brown but rather the STATE vs. Chris Brown. He is a menace to all of society not just Rihanna so it’s very nice that she forgives and forgets but criminal prosecutions protect the next woman/man/child/Uggie from being assaulted by this criminal and so. . . . Team Miranda! Even if Rihanna can’t think about herself, think about others who could fall victim to Chris Brown.

  55. whateveryouwantittobe says:

    She is a train wreck waiting to happen.

  56. Kim says:

    Miranda is addressing Chris not Rhianna. She hasnt mentioned Rhianna at all so why is Rhianna calling her? Its none of Rhiannas business. Its between Miranda & Chris. Rhianna is a total train wreck & has lost it! Why if she isnt even dating Chris does she care what Miranda says about him? HELLO!!! Miranda is sticking up for you and the fact that Chris beat your ass. Rhianna is obviously not very smart about her own life and who/what is good for her. She is making REALLY bad decisions. She is going to crash & burn.

  57. weslyn says:

    @afrosappho I totally agree..and I hate to say this but the “angry black man” is a popular stereotype to perpetuate…I don’t condone abuse of any kind but they should all be treated like dirtbags, don’t just make an example of one…and for those saying it is their biz because of tax dollars, I disagree..it is public record and that is the only reason u can make it your biz..y shame the victim for reporting the abuse n making a bad decision after the fact?

  58. Sarah says:

    It’s like a forehead battle!

  59. Adrien says:

    Ri-Ri also cyber bullied a twitterer and called her unattractive, after the lady called her out for collaborating with Chris. Ri told her followers (abt. 14M+) she was being cyberbullied by the woman which prompted her followers to send nasty tweets to the poor lady.

    • blah says:

      So disgusting and such a bad example to young girls. I know those Team Breezy mouth breathers are going to see Rhianna and Chris Brown’s braindead antics as gross Romeo and Juliet crap.

      On a catty note, as if Alpaca McForehead is in any position to criticize anyone’s face.

    • Flan says:

      Used to love Rihanna, but it has become clear now what a vicious witch she is.

      Hope Jay Z and others will give the catchy tunes to others. Her voice is not great and I much rather see other up and coming women get a chance. Especially women who can rap and not scream through their nose like she does.

  60. Hootie Hoo says:

    I’m not a fan of either artists but I do think Miranda should stay out of it. First of all, focus on being an artist and not throwing stones at other people’s mistakes. I think what Chris Brown did to Rhianna is vile but to give him any more acknowledgement whether good or bad is not the answer. Furthermore, Miranda is in country. There are plenty of long suffering female artists that stayed with abusing men, for example, Loretta Lynn, who stayed until the end with an alcoholic, cheating wife beater.

    • Flan says:

      I’m glad a few famous people spoke up when the Grammys were mad enough to honor him by letting him perform. Not to mention that douche Ken Ehrlich whining about how the Grammys were the actual victims in all this.

      It’s not okay and rewarding him (or staying quiet like sheep) only tells young people what he did was just a minor thing.

  61. Nikki Girl says:

    Whether this story is true or not, I can’t stand Rihanna, she comes across as a shallow, vapid twit. And you know she recently called Adele’s music “depressing”? No, it’s called soulful, something your music is not Rihanna. Get over it, you can’t compare to Adele in the least.

  62. Francesca says:

    If this is true, then she needs to STFU and go to therapy. Or help out in a women’s shelter. Get real, riri; you were lucky he didn’t finish you off that night cuz he could have.

  63. Winnie says:


    Rihanna is actually the bad person as well, makes you think she deserved what she got, and Chris Brown is bad too, they deserve to keep beating each other up .,

    ok thts harsh but come on she just called Chris’ new gf a rice cake. that’s racist.arghhh

    • lisa says:

      You seem to have some sort of problem seperating the idea of ‘someone who may not be a nice person’ from the idea of ‘someone who deserves to get the crap beaten out of them’. No one deserves to be in a violent relationship (man or woman).

    • NinaG says:

      I don’t believe anyone deserves to get beat on man or women so I disagree with the fact she deserved getting abused. But I do agree with the fact that RiRi is not a very nice person and she has a volatile temper as well.

  64. Bella says:

    I’ve always believed the relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown was all business since Day 1. They got together simply for publicity. They were never in love. When he hit her that night, it wasn’t a fight between a couple but something that SHE did that made him very angry. It was her fault. So this is why she’s back with him because she feels guilty and wants to make it right again and help him with his career.

    • lisa says:

      What the actual hell is wrong with you? That level of violence is NEVER OKAY. NO ONE deserves to get beat up like that, no matter what they do. This is all regardless of the fact that violence in intimate relationships is a lot more common than violence in business relationships. So drop your weird conspiracy theories, you’re sounding crazy.

    • Flan says:

      The dumbness of your statement and your Twilight nickname suggest that you are either

      a) a medium level troll
      b) the dumbest kind of twit around

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      Bella says:”When he hit her that night, it wasn’t a fight between a couple but something that SHE did that made him very angry.”

      Bella, this above quote is the de facto defense abusers use to excuse their actions. You’re only supporting the opinion that Chris Brown CAN’T control his anger to the point that eventually, if someone makes him angry enough, he’ll do the exact same thing, again! And you’re right, it wasn’t a fight between a couple, it was a violent attack that could’ve resulted in the death of the attacked individual.

      One has to wonder at the ignorance spewed on the internet regarding this story. Some people just WANT to believe CB isn’t a criminal, even in the face of readily available information to the contrary. Hello, he’s on probation for committing a FELONY! SMDH…

  65. dahlia1947 says:

    I wouldn’t have called Miranda. I just wouldn’t have defended his pathetic A#S.

  66. samab says:

    who is she to tell somebody to shut up about something?specially when she made it public?After she called the police?we’re entitled to say wathever we want about him .I hate her bossy attitude she thinks she’s edgy but she’s a poor thing.And she dress in such a stupid way but as always money can’t buy taste.

  67. kathy says:

    comments about tanya/glen–true, tanya gave as she got for sure, lol. Miranda Lambert–she’s a ball buster! Love her! Listen to her music, look at her life, she’s not gonna take any BS. Go Miranda speak your mind honey!

    • NinaG says:

      She’s a joke. She sleeps with someone else’s husband and now she’s a strong women who tries and use someone else public/private life as a forum for her own personal advantage. Please, I don’t support CB but I don’t support sluts either.

  68. kathy says:

    I don’t thing any man in their right mind would lay a hand on Miranda! Strong women Rock.

  69. leetruth says:

    So because Tanya fought with Glenn back he should be exonerated? The hypocrisy is too much. As for Miranda, strong women do not steal other women’s husbands and act anyhow and then try to deflect the controversy by attacking other people to gain relevancy. If she thinks she can overtake Taylor Swift by butting into other people’s business, she is sadly mistaken.

  70. Itwillrain says:

    Rihanna might be struggling with jay-z’s shift of attention from her to making Rita Ora the next big thing. Rita even thinks Riri  is copying her…she posted something to that effect on her twitter (“guess everyone wants to be blonde now.”) This would also explain the weird fashion choices…

  71. Meanchick says:

    I don’t believe this crap. She called her? Yeah, right. Besides, we all know CB can handle his biznass with a woman, right? Don’t believe this hype.

  72. NinaG says:

    To be honest, I really don’t care about this entire situation. It’s ongoing. I have dealt with so many female friends who continue to deal or have contact with the person they were abused by. It’s hard to continue to care when what you say to them goes in one ear and out the other. So I’m just indifferent to it now. Shame on him the first time but shame on her now! I guess I just hate to see weak women. I grew up around strong women who never tolerated any level of disrespect or abuse, so it’s hard to understand and even sympathize with it sometimes.

  73. BabaRamBaba says:

    Rhianna is an idiot. I have no respect for her at this point.

    I’m not big into country and I don’t know much about Miranda Lambert but she is right about Brown. And if Rhianna had really moved on she wouldn’t be calling her up. But she is defensive for a reason.

    I hate to think of all the young girls who grow up with Rhianna as a role model.

  74. Bella says:

    I wish Rihanna would dress less sloppy during the day.

  75. Angie says:

    if Rihanna is just letting this abuse thing slide well what is that saying to other women who are being abuse? Rihanna you are the one who dicided to become famous. when you did thatt you put your life infront of the world now you have to be a role model for people. Sinse your letting a man beat you and letting it slide should all other abused or even rapped victiims do that as well?

  76. JM says:

    Thank you for the condolences Asli and I totally agree. He should have fried but his attorney flipped the whole trial as a “he was temporarily insane as a result of an abused childhood.” Nevermind that he called his mother right after doing it & confessed or that he fled from Ft. Lauderdale to North Carolina stopping long enough to throw the gun into the Atlantic somewhere around Jacksonville. Do any of those actions show insanity? Not in my book. It shows he was a calculated killer who knew when his target would be most vulnerable, planned her death and consciously got rid of the evidence. Thank goodness the ex-girlfriend he contacted (in North Carolina)to try & hide from the cops with had the presence of mind to call the police and he was caught.

    It still boggles my mind how women continue to defend known abusers. My friend was only 25 years old and our birthdays were only 1 day apart. Every year I celebrate another year of my life while wondering what she might have accomplished with hers.

  77. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Asli, they’re called visors and they should be banned.

  78. gg says:

    That’s it. I can’t stand the sight of her anymore (besides the stupid outfits). Now she’s bullying people who speak out about abuse (if this is true, which I kind of believe). She knows Chris’ rep is in the toilet, she wants to protect him at the cost of losing everything she has. Sounds familiar.

    Rh — Girl, this is the downside when you go back into the arms of your abuser. Everybody thinks you’re out of your head and nobody will listen to you. You knew this right after you were bloodied, but have now decided to selectively forget. People WILL continue to speak out about this, so better just get used to it. Can’t call everybody on the planet for hating this situation, because for the most part, it’s universal and you would be busy all day long trying to talk dumb into sense. If you’re going to continue your foray into the dangerous, you need to lay low because people are just done with it.

  79. gg says:

    Yep, that’s the way it is. They’d rather think of it as a bad dream that has gone away. But it was real.

  80. ab says:

    ITA gg. Also, chris brown and rhi calling people “haters” is just plain stupid. I’m pretty sure it’s ok to ‘hate’ a felon who beats the living sh*t out of a woman and who hasn’t changed and has no remorse. It renews my faith in humans to read the comments on this site and how many people will not let this slide. I had the daylights beat out of me by my ex husband and it is definitely a serious crime and it changes who you are on the inside and how you deal with life afterward. And this being said, she is making herself look like a moron and he is so utterly disdainful i swear at my tv/comp whenever I see a picture of him. Vile. I rarely comment and I really appreciate the intelligence and compassion on this site, and also the bitchiness ;) <3