Justin Theroux’s Shane Warne-like makeover is disturbing everybody

For months, the most recent photos we had of Justin Theroux were from last September and October. It was obvious at that point that he was getting a makeover from his girlfriend – gone was the burly, unkempt beard, gone was decade-old hipster uniform. I do think the change was gradual – Jennifer encouraged him to dress better, while still holding on to his leather jacket, his motorcycle boots and his skinny jeans. And then when it came time for the Wanderlust promotional tour, suddenly Justin was barely recognizable – suddenly he was Shane Warne’d. He was hyper-groomed, fake-tanned, teeth-whitened and curiously bangs’d. Jennifer remade him like Justin was her personal Ken doll. And he seemed happy with the transformation too, judging from his appearance on Ellen – he played it all up, and he seems genuinely game for “The Jen and Justin Show”. So what does it all mean?

He was at the Hollywood Walk of Fame to watch his girlfriend get her star, but as a clean-shaven, suit-wearing Justin Theroux beamed alongside Jennifer Aniston’s father, it was his shocking transformation that took center stage.

“He even looked glowy – like he’d just had a facial,” marvels an onlooker of the onetime bearded hipster, who only months ago was known for avoiding the spotlight like the plague.

After moping about the attention at first, Justin has clearly embraced Jen’s Hollywood liftstyle. Plugging their film Wanderlust, the actor – who’d never been on a talk show before – has laughed it up with Jimmy Kimmel and even break-danced on Ellen.

“He seemed happy to be there,” shares a witness.

But while Jen is no doubt happy too, she should know that Justin may have ulterior motives. Since they hooked up, Theroux has been signed by Jen’s agents at CAA, and his asking price has gone up from $10 million per movie. Hope it’s not fame – instead of Jen – that is his true love.

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

I love how In Touch Weekly is like, “Jennifer probably doesn’t know this, but Justin totally signed on to CAA and now his asking price has gone up!” Please. THAT was part of their deal. That’s part of the deal when you sign on to be Aniston’s boyfriend – you’re signing on to be managed (and micro-managed) by CAA. As for the asking price – while that’s been wildly reported before, I doubt it still holds. Not after his bangsy, orange appearance during the Wanderlust promotion, and not after Wanderlust opened with… $6.6 million. Your asking price can’t be more than opening weekend. Rough.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Dibba says:

    I think he’s wearing mascara.

  2. Eve says:

    The first picture always makes me giggle :) .

  3. Sisi says:

    He looks like the strange nerdy guy from Legally Blonde now

  4. brin says:

    I hope Heidi is having a good laugh over this.

    • MW says:

      I wonder if Heidi is now questioning if she really even knew the guy she was with all those years, or whether it was all just an act? Looks like JA thought the makeover would make Justin look like Eddie Cibrian, and it failed. I don’t really like to use the word “disturbing”‘ but it is!

  5. Ravensdaughter says:

    Ouch-the glare of his tan is hurting me! How short is this man’s leash?

  6. Jaded says:

    He has the cheeziest grin, he just looks like a total cheezball now with the metrosexual haircut, spray tan, fluorescent teeth….she’s certainly got this one by the gonads.

  7. magda says:

    I watched yesterday iron man 2 /yeah, I’m sick in my bed/ and he is the author of the script! I sooooo cannot understand why he does it to himself, he was hot guy with career and now.. ok, he is in love with Jen, but after looking at his new face… it’s so destructive

  8. marlee says:

    All I can see when I look at him is Adam Lambert. Especially in that first pic.

  9. nikzilla37 says:

    He looks like he could be George Hamilton’s son. Those eyebrows, wtf

  10. chloew says:

    i see nothing attractive about this guy – he is really freaky looking
    WTF is she doing with him? it just shows how weird she is

  11. Sapphire says:

    Brushed eye brows, mascara on the lashes. Fake tan. Puh-leese. I do think the intermediate version was the best of the lot.

    • MS says:

      Has it ever occurred to you (obviously not) that some human beings (usually males) are born with thick, full, dark eyelashes? There is not a trace of mascara, or eyeliner for that matter, on his lashes. Nada!

      • Wendy says:

        My husband for one. Super long, black and really thickly implanted. My girls were both lucky enough to get them, but I was told that it’s actually usually a male genetic thing. No idea if that’s true or not.

      • Molly says:

        Nah. I just figure the grease from his head got onto his eyebrows and eyelashes. That’s why it’s all clumpy for him.

      • Katherine says:

        Yes some people naturally have dark, thick lashes. I have them. But they do not curl naturally like his do in the picture. That takes effort and an eyelash curler. They are also perfectly separated. Yea, he has some kind of mascara on.

      • MS says:

        Molly, grease? Please! If that were the case, don’t you think Jens ex would also appear to be wearing mascara? I mean come on, Brad’s hygiene is certainly lacking! At least Justin gives a flying frig what he looks like when he leaves the house. At least Justin takes time to bathe, comb his hair and throw some jeans on. No onesies for this guy… Thank God!

      • Jesse says:

        Why is everyone trashing what Brad’s wearing and calling it a “onesie”. That’s the uniform of working men, service men, etc. Yes, usually some of them are garbage men, but so what?

        You guys feel the need to trash this type of outfit and be all snobby. I understand that this is called CeleBITCHY, but who the hell do you b@tches think you are? My dad is a garbage man and other members of my family wear this type of uniform because they’re mechanics or truck drivers.

        There is not one person that I know that would put them down because of what they wear! We’re all hella proud of them that they work hard and take care of there families.

        So, you people out there, you can go and make fun of Brad, but don’t be demeaning to good, honest working men by trying to insult someone by saying that they’re just a garbage man, plumber, or whatever because Brad is wearing what you ignorant and entitled people call a “onesie”.

      • Rainbow says:

        GOOD ON YOU Jesse, I felt like saying something too about the nasty bigoted attacks on ‘onesies’. Quite frankly, I don’t like men in jeans and I think there is nothing hotter than a guy in coveralls. Don’t get the hate for it. Oh and the irony is that Justin is the one who looks like he has bad hygiene and needs a good wash.

  12. Gia says:

    LOL! That first picture is amazing! What a dork.

  13. Dibba says:

    Next stop, juvederm injections to rid himself of crowfeet.

  14. Kara Ann says:

    I don’t think that it’s unusual for partners to influence one another’s style but that’s just me.

    Carry on with the bashing. Not much new info to use here though.

  15. maggiegrace says:

    He is a little man. I think that says it all.

  16. lucy2 says:

    That first photo is weird.

    But he was all cleaned up and super groomed back when he was on Parks & Rec a few years ago too, not like it’s some new thing.

  17. Rhiley says:

    Looking at his pictures here I am reminded of that great line Mena Suvari has in American Beauty: “What a freak! And why does he look like a Bible salesman?”

  18. Photo lab says:

    So, he dresses up in a suit for public appearances like thr premiere & star presentation. Shocker. He still wears the same clothes he did before day to day. He was just papped this weekend in his leather jacket/tshirt/hat/skinny jeans uniform.

  19. Incredulous says:

    Jennifer Aniston wants to date live action Woody from Toy Story?

  20. Emme Su says:

    Seriously, I getting tired of the constant Aniston hate from this site. A few months ago, it was all about how Jennifer was changing her looks to fit in with Justin. Now, it’s the opposite.

    I’m pretty sure he’s an adult and can make his own decisions about what he looks likes. And we all know he’s not the first actor to succumb to the dreaded “Cheetoh” tan.

    And IF he is changing his looks for Aniston, then that’s on him.

  21. Folly says:

    He’s beginning to look like her

  22. TheOriginalKitten says:

    The new look is pretty bad but why does Jen Aniston have to be responsible for him switching it up? Maybe he just decided he wanted a new style? I do that all the time, myself-without any influence from boyfriends or friends.

  23. heyhey says:

    what makeover??? he looks like he has always before aniston

    the beard was only for the movie he said he hated and couldnt wait to be rid of it, and
    he still ways his hipster look off the redcarpet and keeps his suit look for redcarpet or event…

    go look at old pics of his and its there…nothing different now

    and his hair colour and eyebrow has always been the same(all the theroux men have that eyebrown)

    one of his closest friend is mary louise parker and i remember a interview they did together years ago she mentioned his long lashes; her words were ‘he could wash my windows with his eyelashes’lol

    infact the only difference i can see is that he looks somwhat too tanned in recent pics

    some people act like the dude didnt know what a white shirt and tie was before aniston came along lol

  24. angel says:

    I have no problem with his wardrobe but he looks like he has lost weight. He could gain 5 pounds and it would look better on him. That and grow out the hair cut that looks like it was cut with dull scissors.

  25. mln76 says:

    I think the best he gets from this is a TV show and some writing opportunities (which he already has) -heaven forbid he cheats like he did with her. The hens and the media will burn him at the stake and his career in front of the camera will be nil.

  26. Toot says:

    Justin looks OLD. He’s only 40 but looks older. I thought men were supposed to age better.

    • truthSF says:

      He looks like a 50 year old tanorexic a-wipe with that goofy fake grin.

      • pamela says:

        LOL, this is the guy the loonies were saying looked better than her ex husband. Let me see, her ex is 48 years old, and Justin is 40…let’s see what he looks like in two years time.

      • Hypocricy says:

        @ Pamela

        Like i said in the other thread, wanna see Pitt at the same age to have a valid comparison ? look no other than TROY…

        Body, the whole body, face, state of the skin, hair.

        If that little man with the weirdest body proportions and the super short super skinny legs looks like that at 40, i don’t know how he will look with all the sun worshipping at Pitt’s current age. I am not even sure he will have his hair and i don’t think he has a head to be bald.

        Enough said

    • Hypocricy says:

      bingo !!!!

      He has the most skeletic, flabby, old neck i have ever seen on a 40 and even on a 50 something year old ! He has the neck of an old man who is approaching 70 !

      Want to see how premature age works, look at hands or better yet, neck. You can’t botox them and hide them.

      Neck reveals the state and real age of your skin. This guy skin is in the worst taste ever at barely 40 !

    • Mac says:

      Justin’s past is catching up with him, fast.

      He used to be a hardcore heroin and cocaine addict. Probably been smoking cigarettes since he was 12 years old.

      The flabby red neck can be caused by prolonged alcohol-flush, a condition where the blood vessels expand but stop contracting.

  27. PJ46 says:

    I can’t wait until after the break up when he returns to his scruffy, bad boy looks. All his guy friends are going to be happy for the return of the old Justin. They’re going to be the first ones to tell him what a p*ssy Jen turned him into.

    I bet anything that he will find a girl half his age and squire her to all the big important events that he will be able to get into thanks to his social climbing on Jen’s back.

    This stuff just writes itself.

    Besides, if you really love someone do you really want to change the things you fell in love with in the first place.

  28. heyhey says:

    btw i was wonder how he still manages to be tight friends with Billy Crudup and mary louise paker after the shit that went down between them.

    theroux is tight with paker, was her date at the golden globe in 2004. he also very chummy with billy pictured at events together and even directed billy in an indie film in 2005

    Interesting justin theroux fun fact; his closest friends in the industry seem to be ben stiller, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Sam Rockwell and Billy Crudup

    • mln76 says:

      Mary Louise Parker isn’t some simpering victim. Her situation was a thousand times worse then Aniston’s and she never exploited it. I doubt very much she would send down edicts about who can talk to who.

      • proth says:

        oh please. they ALL exploit it. The only difference between the parker situation and this is Pitt/Aniston and then Jolie were uber-famous figures and thus already had the attention of the main stream and public.

        I love how the volume of comments and magazine covers and people buying this stuff up no matter HOW untrue is all somehow Aniston’s fault. She sure has some supernatural powers.

      • Dede says:

        @proth really i dont remember Mary giving a full blown article to a popular magazine where she discussed what Billy did to her and how she was upset and she cried and all that jazz. If you can bring me the article I would LOVE to read it.

      • mln76 says:

        Yes proth if you can find an interview where MLP references Cudrup or Danes you’d deserve a medal. As far as I’ve seen Parker did her best to keep that scandal out of the tabs and instead concentrated on her children and her career. I applaud her she could have garnered sympathy and played the wronged woman card but with her talent and smarts why bother???

      • Mari says:

        Oh, mIn, Mary L P was not married to Cudrup, so he was a free agent to go… JT had no atrings attached, he was just spending time waiting for his princess charming to arrive.
        Oh, the double standard.

    • Katherine says:

      I think there was more to that break up than the public knew – of course it goes without saying that is usually the case. Reportedly Parker has serious issues and Crudup was not the villain he was made out to be but that doesn’t mean you abandon your friends. Anyway, friends don’t judge their friends over failed relationships.

  29. birdie says:

    This is not a good look for him at all!

  30. Darlene says:

    He was SO much sexier before.

  31. Shelly says:

    He looks weird now. He was kind of hot before. Now he looks like a metrosexual.

  32. lisa says:

    In the third picture with Jen. His face looks like it literally hurts.

    Come to think about it, it looks that way in all pics…

  33. Wendy says:

    Who is this “everybody” that is being referred to in the post title?

    • Heine says:

      Everybody who hates Aniston ;)

    • Dede says:

      interesting you say this Wendy because you are ALWAYS parked on the Brad and Angie threads so despite you hating them you make them more popular as well

      • Wendy says:

        Actually, unless one of the Brange has done something particularly stupid, you’ll find I’m more often than not on the Aniston threads. The same ones where you all make 300 comments each time, bashing the woman and arguing with people like me. :smirk:

      • Dede says:

        lol..really wendy..i can go to any given brange thread in the past two weeks and your name is posted everywhere..without even checking I already know you are on that Brad Maddox thread

        Edit: just checked and yes Wendy you said “Do you usually date garbage men?” in regards to brad yet have the nerve to get upset when ppl are talking about Justin. lol

      • Wendy says:

        Well yes, wearing a onesie is stupid. And you look like the garbage man when you wear one. And what’s more the comment was to someone who finds Brad with greasy hair dressed in a onesie “hot”. It’s a fair question.

        OMG! Angelina must have made him over in her image! Is this Brad’s version of the “sack dress”? OMG, she totally did!


      • Anonymous says:

        Some people think wearing masacra is stupid. shrugs

      • Wendy says:

        Shame he’s not wearing any then.

      • Wendy says:

        Ooooooh, what no more comments? Lolol

      • Jill says:

        Get your trifocals checked, Wendy. If he jumped in the water wearing all that gunk on his eyelashes he’d come out looking like a raccoon.

      • Emma says:


        Lol, great comment! Even I don’t wear as much makeup as Justin when I went out partying in college.


        So I replied to your latest post on the last thread, but yeah I’m done arguing with you over that, so whatever. Believe what you want to believe and so will I about you and your friend. I also “kind of apologized”…but not really… in that I was attacking you personally instead of your statements but I stated why in my post (feel free not to go back to that old thread and read it).

        You’re always on every Brange thread and bring up Brange (usually Jolie) on Aniston threads…so according to you, whatever..they’re getting press/hits.

      • Wendy says:

        I have to laugh at the “clumps = mascara” comments. You ladies are using the wrong stuff if that’s what you associate mascara with. I pretty sure that makeup artists make a point of not giving their clients “clumpy eyes”.

        Honestly, died lashes I could believe. Lash extentions wouldn’t be impossible. Mascara? No.

        Of course, none of you have bothered to address the fact that his lashes were EXACTLY the same 10 years ago. And of course it’s genetic, take a look at his uncle Paul. Or his he wearing mascara too?

        Also Emma? One can wonder how an altruistic person like your UN dad managed to raise a daughter who spends her time making nasty comments about someone she doesn’t even know. Strange world, isn’t it?

    • Rainbow says:

      “spends her time making nasty comments about someone she doesn’t even know. Strange world, isn’t it? ”
      Pot, kettle, black coming from you Wendy.

  34. keri says:

    He played a caricature of himself in Broken English and after that, he has some actor cred. Nice movie with Parker Posey (yay!)

  35. mimsy says:

    OK – I am totally lost? I dont see whats wrong with him? Hes definately alot hotter of a guy than what I go home to every night?!?! You all must be lucky, lucky women cause apparently you are all married to super models (lucky bitches)…

    • crtb says:

      I was thinking the same thing. He looks great to me. great smile, pearly white teeth, beautiful eyes. I don’t see any make-up. I see a guy with “to die for” long thick natural dark lashes like Liz Taylor.

      People here can’t make up their minds. First, Jen was his carbon copy of him. Now she is dressing him in her image. Even if this is true, SO WHAT? I love when my boyfriend and I dress similar and adopt each other styles. Brad Pitt did this with every single woman that he has ever dated. He changed his hair color, clothing style and interest. And this isn’t just my opinion but has been written about in my articles.

  36. dena says:

    Why am I getting Steve Carell vibes from the top photo?

  37. spinner says:

    I think Justin is very hot. I love his sense of humor & handsome face. I have kept a watch on him ever since American Psycho. His hair is a bit botched at this point but hair grows.

    • Kimbob says:

      Actually, me too. I think he’s good looking…I have to be honest.

      Now, am I a fan? No…definitely not. But I have to say, methinks he looks hawt!

    • Nicole says:

      Zoolander and Six Feet Under did it for me…well maybe not his look in Zoolander. He’s a pretty good writer as well.
      I don’t know why everyone feels the need to rip him to shreds because he is dating someone who used to be married to someone they worship…

      • Wendy says:

        That’s easy… she’s not ever supposed to be happy after losing a “prize” such as Pitt because she didn’t do her womanly duty and pop out a half a dozen babies when he said “jump”.

        So now, she’s only allowed to date “losers” and god forbid the guy not actually be one.

      • Anonymous says:

        Negative..most JP fans dont like her because of that Vanity Fair interview where she and her friends ripped Brad and Angelina..before VF I was indifferent to her and actually felt sorry for her..she never took the high road like Sandra Bullock, Ellen Woods, etc, those women never bashed their ex and were so classy(maybe they saw what JA did in VF and decided not be bitter).The icing on the cake was when she got on Angie in Vogue and GQ in 2008 INSTEAD of chastising her husband. Always blame the woman. Angie is bad but i still love Brad and Im happy for him. that is why i cant stand her. Nothing to do with having babies

      • Wendy says:

        The question was why do people feel the need to rip Theroux apart just because he’s dating someone who used to be married to someone they like.

        Unless I’m mistaken, the man had no part of the VF interview that you’re speaking about.

      • Jill says:

        I’m getting some serious user vibes from this guy. Besides her looks and her money, she has nothing to attract him or keep him interested. He was a bit player in Hollywood and now he is famous not for being a screenwriter or an actor but because he is Jennifer’s Man.

      • Anonymous says:

        Before jen most people including the ppl that are defending him now did not know who he was and im sure had to google him when they found out he was dating Jen. In fact that was the first time he was on Ellen or that other late night show he did last week, it was also the first time he was one of peoples sexiest men alive issue. Dating Brad pitt’s ex-wife comes with some great perks. and before the Jen fans get on my comment you really think the media cares about Lisa Kudrow or Courtney Coxs new bf. nope they dont, because these ladies were not married to a popular actor

      • Wendy says:

        Maybe people are defending the guy because they feel he’s being attacked for non-issues for no reason other than he’s dating the part of the triangle some people don’t like.

      • Rhea says:

        Maybe people are shredding the guy because some people feel the need to shredding the ex-husband and his new partner in order to praising the new boyfriend of the ex-wife even though the start of Jen & Justin’s relationship also quite raising questions. It’s part of the vicious cycle from the Holy triangle. ;)

      • Emma says:

        this thread is about Justin…it’s to comment on him whether positively or negatively.

        You bring up Jolie and insult her on most Aniston threads…so I don’t see how your logic holds up. Did Jolie’s leg hijack Aniston’s thread so that makes it relevant to attack her in an Aniston thread?

        Most people (JP fans and general haters (of both Jolie and Aniston)) hate Aniston cause Aniston fans/media/Aniston talk about how classy she is, when she was horribly unclassy in the divorce, but of course she MUST be classy because the allegedly homewrecked woman is never in the wrong…it’s all due to the nasty skeletor homewrecker Jolie, right?

        Aniston whines about Jolie in VF, calls her “uncool” and implies things about Jolie and Pitt in many interviews. Jolie never once commented on Aniston EXCEPT to say something like “if she wants to meet with me, I would welcome it.” Aniston never did meet with her. Obviously she was scared if she did, her lies would unravel.

        And before you say “Jolie probably made up excuses to not speak with ANiston after Jen tried to take her up on the offer”…do you really think Jen wouldn’t have blabbed to media outlets “I tried to speak with her (Jolie) after she said she was open to meeting with me, but I kept getting excuses”

  38. anne_000 says:

    I too seriously doubt his asking price is $10million. There’s no way in hell his presence in a movie helps sell a million tickets to cover the cost of his salary.

  39. lisa says:

    They are probably very happy together.

    Maybe she has finally found the man that is perfect for her. Most of other exs have gone on to have very successful and happy lives. Tate, Brad, Vince.. so

    Happy all around.

  40. G says:

    His asking price is not $10 million a movie. No way.

  41. anonymous says:

    Poor guy I really feel sorry for him he really did not know what he was getting himself into. Jennifer Aniston is the fraud in this one, and I think we are seeing the reason all of her male friends drop her, she is a control freak plays like little ms sunshine then she whacks you on the head with the control crap, the men run away fast, but this guy is going to stay he needs her,as young as he is,notice he has started to do the comb over and his balding was not that bad, I thought JA was attracted to him irregardless of how he looked, apparently she did not I can bet you she is the one who made him do that comb over.

    • proth says:

      you have the inside scoop do you?
      Considering pretty much everyone who knows her have publicly said great things about her, and the fact that she has maintained friends for decades (famous or non-famous), I think you are off base on this one. I mean – do I believe crap gossip or people who have actually met her and know her?

    • Dede says:

      @proth i believe anonymous was saying why the MEN in her life drop her not her longtime girlfriends..Tate, Brad, Vince, Paul, John, etc all dumped her. Brad has had the best career of his life after dumping her and Vince is happily married with a beautiful child. Didn’t Tate also call her out for being high maintenance

  42. Cinesnatch says:

    Don’t you have to be able to open a movie to get a $10M salary?

  43. toto says:

    the most weird picture is the one when Jennifer kissed him he seemed like glued balarina ..his hand on his crotch like princess cutie and did not even hugged her or stands for her.. lol soooo girlish

  44. nan says:

    No amount of comb-overs will cover up that enormous forehead. Nice try though.

  45. Luls says:

    The ONLY thing that REALLY bothers me (or looks really different) is his HAIR! WTF is that!!?
    It looks like a baby found a pair of sissors laying around and hacked at Justin’s hair in his sleep!

    I used to like his slicked back macho hair! Yeesh, This had better not be Jen’s advice!

  46. Erandyn says:

    I think he looks like a young Sean Connery.

    • spinner says:

      OMG!! You are spot-on. I never noticed that before. I kept trying to put my finger on whom he resembled. The young Sean Connery was crazy hot & sexy & Justin has that same look about him.

    • pamela says:

      LOL, now he looks like a young Sean Connery? In which Universe? You people are seriously deluisional. LOL

      • Freya says:

        My cousin saw Sean Connery at Amsterdam airport years ago. She said he is tall, was very well-dressed, and looked like a distinguished company executive.

        Theroux is a little 40-year old guy in tight and too short pants. Who knows, he’ll probably still dress the same way when he is SC’s age.

    • Emma says:

      Justin looks like a wimp and a girly man, not some man’s man.

      I bet even Jolie with her “skeletor body” could take him on and make him run crying back to Jennifer.

    • Josephina says:

      Sean Connery is somewhere between 6’2″ and 6’4″ with brould shoulders, nice thighs, beautiful legs, exquisite bone structure, sexy lips, sexy accent, very good actor.

      Justin is at best 5’8″, and 5’10″ with shoes on, and very skinny legs. He seems to have talent but ALL of his recent attention in the media is DUE to being Aniston’s b*tch. And he seems to be OK with it.

      If he wore a leash it would be more obvious.

      • Hypocricy says:

        Sean Connery is the epitome of MASCULINITY both physically and personality wise cause he is a macho with very machistic ideas about women.

        He is 6’3″ and the tallest James Bond, Roger Moore being 6’2″, the others usually around 6’1″.

        He has been into body building for decades and was number 3 in the international competition of Miss Universe in 1950…you know that competition where Shwarzzenegger won decades later.

        He is an ATHLETE before being an actor : long muscular and solid legs, long muscular arms, broad chest and broad neck.

        Don’t bring 5’9″ Justin into this. It’s a blasphemy ! He looks like a malnourished worm with his very short, very skinny and hypotrophied legs in comparison

  47. Tazina says:

    He looks just fine. No makeup here. My husband has dark brows and eyebrows and he certainly isn’t wearing any makeup. People can be born like that you know.

    • Wendy says:

      Especially the French, Italians and Spanish. Look at Dujardin, Alain Delon or the “naked neighbor” guy Gilles Marini.

      • Freya says:

        Dujardin’s nose is crooked, though not as bad as Stephen Fry’s. Alain Delon is now unrecognizable because of all the plastic surgery he has had.
        (I used to watch him in a lot of movies when I lived in French Africa).

        All three men dress like men, unlike Theroux.

      • Wendy says:

        We were talking about naturally dark eyebrows and eyelashes. I’m not sure what Dujardin’s nose or Delon’s plastic surgery have to do with that, or how any of them dress.

        Theroux would be perfectly at home, clothes wise, in London. The other three dress like Frenchmen, not unsurprisingly, since they are. At least Theroux doesn’t go around town in a onesie.

  48. skuddles says:

    Still getting the bi vibe off this guy….

    • Hypocricy says:

      Don’t know if he is bi but he has a major girlishness in him, even in some of his mannerism.

      • skuddles says:

        Yeah he does seem to be a bit of a girly man… or at least a guy who fusses a lot on his appearance. Funny, before his look was all slouchy hipster street tough, and now he’s kind of verging on the pretty boy…

        My Mom once gave me some great advice (when I was crushing big time on a beautiful flight steward guy) – she said never date a man prettier than you :)

      • Hypocricy says:

        @ skuddles

        i don’t like that type of men. Before you know it they borrow your make up, your shaving cream, your wig, your perfume and wear your stokkings when you are not around…LOL

        Jokking aside, i could barely deal with the mascara but the eye liner makes me shake my head in total puzzlement !

        I hate guys who exaggerate on the pampering attitude which is as bad as total neglect. They venture too deeply into girls therritory with their over the top girlish coketry reminding me those thin girlish men during king Louis XVI era.

        He reminds me of a guy who wanted to date and impress me a few years back. he came on the date with mascara on and probably spilled a whole bottle of very smelly perfume that makes me nearly faint in disgust. i was over it when during the conversatiopn he took his lip gloss…I said to myself WTH ????? lol

      • skuddles says:

        Ha ha I hear you Hypocrisy! I once briefly dated a guy who thought mascara and eyeliner made him look ‘sexy’. I was young and dumb… and turns out he was bi or maybe gay? Never did quite get a handle on that one – I was too busy running for the door :D

  49. akasha says:

    Really..? Come on, the guy looks more clean and refined.. i dont know about u girls, but i rather have a cleaned up guy than a bum esp if i was Jennifer.. come on now.. plus if the guy likes to ‘play along’ – let him.. he’s an adult and clearly knows what he’s doing..

    • Wendy says:

      There’s nothing wrong with being well groomed. Especially if you’re in an industry where looks count.

    • Hypocricy says:

      At the beginning of their relationship he had a beard, wore too short uncleaned boyish t shirts with the same skinny jeans lowering on his ass and even showing his crack in one of the pictures. He was disgusting.

      Now he goes to the other extreme with too much make up on, too much tan, too much pampering, too much “I should hide my receding line” kinda bang.

      He looked like a serial killer beforehand, now he looks like a girlish man who indulge himself in over the top cocketry.

      I for one, prefer a third option made of balance over those two extreme options.

      • Wendy says:

        You do know he had the beard for a part, right? At least he wasn’t walking around with it braided into three little parts with beads in it.

      • Hypocricy says:

        @ Wendy

        What are you talking about ? Where in my post did i say something that would imply the reason for the beard ?

        Why are you trying to distract from the main message which is third option in between the two extrems by picking the least detail of yours and divert from my main message you don’t challenge ?

        I stated every single physical details this guy had when he first hook up with Aniston and long after he hooked up with her saying it was both extreme options for my taste.

        Instead of picking about the beard, why don’t you pick about the nasty unclean too short tshirt and same skinny jeans showing his crack ? Isn’t that falling right in your definition of GARBAGE MEN or is it only a definition you reserve for Brad Pitt ?

      • Wendy says:

        Ass crack is fat plumber, not garbage man. One can hardly accuse Theroux of being fat.

        And yes, you said he looked disgusting and one of the reasons given was the beard. Not very subtle, I’d say. You need to work on that passive aggressivity.

  50. pamela says:

    Dede, what Wendy means to say is that when she is not on the Jolie-Pitts thread, her alter-ego takes over. LOL. They take turns.

    • Wendy says:

      Pamela thank you, but I can speak for myself.

      Dede, what Pamela meant to say is that she is unable to dechiper the difference between writing styles of one person and another. Also, she just admitted to using multiple monikers here.

      • pamela says:

        Oh Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, anyone with a modicum of common sense knows you have an alter-ego who also post on CB. LOL It’s as plain as the nose on your face.

        Bye now.

      • Wendy says:

        Oh Pammy Pammy Pammy, what’s the point of an alter ego when I say exactly what I think under my own identity?

        Oooooh, I know! I’m making stealth positive comments about AJ and Pitt but don’t want anyone to know it’s me, right? And I call myself “Wendi” because I’m sneaky like that.

  51. anytime says:

    oh god he looks more and more like a 1950′s closeted pin up boy. it’s like a joke at this point. even with the extreme mascara and unkempt hair piece. really?

  52. teddyquin says:

    Sad ~the face of a person that sold his very soul to the d____! He is getting everything he deserves and more,lets all look in next year and see what he sold out for.

  53. Penguin says:

    I love these pics. He’s curled his eyelashes and put mascara on. I know some men have naturally thick eyelashes but they don’t look clumpy like that.

  54. Cerulean says:

    He does not look the same for crying out on the beach. He was never orange before. He was not this scrawny. His eyebrows were not this groomed and his eyelashes weren’t oiled. He looks strange and overworked.
    All of the photo examples the hens provide just prove the point.
    And there is entirely too much his and hers Botox going on.

    I was almost rooting for them. Almost. I hoped je would spice up her
    Ife and make her more interesting. But then he got Shaned and it never took root.

  55. ZenB!tch says:

    He looks like the Mad Men style mug shot of Scar-Jo’s BF… Not sure what Morrissey looked like in his prime but I don’t think it was orange.

  56. original sandy says:

    i must admit, i kinda liked him at first, for her any way, i thought what was he doing with her? he is too smart, it won’t last, well…i still think he is too smart for her, this man has a plan, hang in there Justin, milk that cow for all she’s worth,i think Justin is gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that, also, i liked the break dancing, cool.

  57. Donna says:

    He looks like Ben Affleck did in the “Bennifer” days.

  58. mummy says:

    He looks perfectly fine … and has a slightly different hairstyle. Wow. Crushing. The only ones disturbed by it is the OP and the b*tches that love to hate on the ex wife of you know who. Get over it people!!! You don’t have a leg to stand on. :)

  59. Beatriz says:

    I remember seeing him as an Irish villain in Charlies Angels 2…seems like such a long time ago lol

  60. bgirl says:

    He’s adorable either way though I love the grubby hipster version better. Either way, yes, 5-7 lbs could do him some good.

  61. nikko says:

    Why would she want to change him, when she was attracted to the way he looked/behaved before? I thought he was too sexy being having the tough/rugged look. Now, ump

  62. Shy says:

    He should look at Blake Lively. Another idiot that thought that famous movie star boyfriend will help her land roles. And she failed on all accounts.

    And this is really stupid/ Look at his IMDB page. http://akas.imdb.com/name/nm0857620/ He doesn’t have ANY movie in productions. How long he is with Aniston? More then half year? And not a single role. And from the way he behaves, how he dumped his girlfriend once big hollywood star liked him – I totally believe that he is dating her because of her fame and because he thought that it will help him to become at leas solid B-lister.

    The way he looked for Wanderlust promotion is just ridiculous. That fake tan, that hair, the way he was fooling at Ellen. Anything to be noticed. And still here he is. Nobody. Not even C-lister. He is not making any movies. And can only land some small supporting role. And probably if Aniston will “ask” for him. And when she will dump him – he will just disappear. When will they learn? People like Blake Lively and Justin. You can’t become famous actor through the bed of celebrity.

    • Josephina says:

      Er…uh, I beg to differ.

      Aniston is relevant BECAUSE of the Pitt divorce and not beccause of her great acting chops. This is partly why she still she still mentions them (Brad/Anige/the triangle) even today.

      Dont’ believe me? TheAnis are both in Wanderbusted. As much as the fans declare how hot and sexy these two are…AND with the knowledge that these two came together as a result of this movie, where is the interest to see these two actors in a movie together? Wanderbusted did not clear 9 Million within 7 days from its opening date. It ranked #8 on its opening weekend.

      So, no one is going to see this movie? And why not? Don’t you wanna see this hot, sexy, rugged man on the big screen?

    • blah says:

      Haha. Poor Blake, though I give her credit for at least knowing her limitations and being upfront about her opportunism.

  63. alexandra says:

    Another anoying woman trying to change a man.

  64. sam says:

    A simply google image search will show you hundreds of photos of Justin showing that he has always been ‘well groomed’. It takes all of 5 seconds to check that this story has no basis. Thanks to heyhey for calling this story out.

    This whole ‘story’ is based soley on him losing the look he had for a movie now that filming has finished.

    • tina says:

      exactly. Can’t believe someone made a story out of nothing. He shaved a beard he hated and cleaned up for a public appearance. Oh the horror. I, myself like well groomed men whose hair isn’t greasy and look like they smell horribly.

  65. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    This guy is STILL a non issue. This is NOT happening and won’t. Is he even into to her? I sure can’t tell, but whatever.

    The movie drew no interest because as a couple they draw no interest. Why pay to see a couple with a lack of chemistry? And people did not pay to see it. It was DOA.

    Their relationship took a massive hit when it could not drum up the fans support, now they will have to rethink this. No hope for international movie fans showing up either, so they may just pull the plug on the whole thing. Everything Just/Jen hit the wall. No new home or style will change that. People don’t care to spend $$$ on this, whatever it is.

    Huvane, Jen and JT did not know that her fans want a BIG NAME for her, not a 20yr career that has to be dug up. Sad really and is not giving her a good look. So, she keeps pushing that she knew him for over 5 years, so when they part ways, it will be as friends as it always was. That’s sad too. To know someone that long and then finally realize it’s more, makes me think it’s nothing. She was single in the past 5 years and her fans think he was available, what stopped them before? Right, no movie together. The movie pointed out that they could be more and attracted to each other and should pursue it, not unlike others before them, but something is missing and it’s not a baby. Sizzle maybe. We can wait and see, but they can’t turn this around quick enough to draw folks in. Brace yourself fans, and JT better get a suit of armour for what’s coming his way.

  66. Ha nice try says:

    The first pic he looks like “Todd” from the movie The Wedding Crashers.

  67. tina says:

    The eyelashes look totally normal to me. My sons get clumpy all of the time. He has very long, thick eyelashes and especially when he washes his face, they stick together and look spiky. These look totally normal to me and there is no guyliner. Don’t know what people here are seeing. I’m a photo retoucher and am very good at seeing these types of things as I’m usually the one who tries to enhance them. His look natural. Now the tan doesn’t. His teeth also have not been recently whitened so whoever said that isn’t accurate.
    He looks fine to me and I like how he cleaned up for a public appearance. Most people do.

    • Cirque28 says:

      Agreed. He obviously has the crazy long eyelashes gene, which typically goes along with bushy eyebrows, a la Brooke Shields. I have 2 ex-boyfriends who have the exact same lashes and they do not wear mascara.

      Also agree that his tan looks unnatural. Sooo orange! And while I’m fixing Justin (LOL), he is going to look wizened and raisin-esque in a few years if he doesn’t put on a little weight.

  68. barbie says:

    Sirpico where’d u go? I like NY Justin way better then LA Justin

  69. Chrissy says:

    This dude looks weird in these pictures. He looks like a politician.

  70. kibbles says:

    I’m LOL at all of these comments. Co-sign 100%. He looks like a super creepy metrosexual now.

  71. Jules says:

    Who the hell is Shane Warne??

  72. meme says:

    $10 million per film? I hardly think so. Most people don’t even know who he is. i love the way jennifer went from I WANT BABIES AND I WILL HAVE BABIES to PEOPLE ARE NARROW MINDED ABOUT ME HAVING BABIES. I’m done with her; she’s boring, lame and plays herself over and over and over again.

  73. hatekyle says:

    that’s what he get for dating jen, he’s looking boobtubey

    • barbie says:

      @hatekyle that word “boobtubey” made me think of some kind of beauty cream JA has in her arsenal of stuff in her vanity drawer/cabinet/walk in closet. JT is like “I can’t do a thing w/my hair & just look @ my face-I can’t go to our premier like this…” she’s like “honey I’ve got just what you need” as she finds the tube “ah here it is now just a little dab’ll do ya” 30 mins later “dammit Justin u used too much-DO not even think of standing next to me tonight”

  74. proth says:

    of course – why would i expect anything different from the comments section for a a total non-article.

  75. sabine says:

    he looks good. whats wrong with that

  76. sullivan says:

    Maybe Aniston did his makeup. They both look like they rolled around in a bag of Cheetos. He may very well be as high maintenance as Aniston. Ma was right – there’s someone for everyone.

  77. blah says:

    Some of you guys are hella weird with your hate-on. He looks no different than any other over-groomed girly man in Hollywood. That gross pubic hair beard hipster look he used to have seems every bit as much as a douchey affectation as tanorexia and hair that looks like someone jizzed on it. It’s stupid to rip his appearance to shreds just because he’s dating one of the Holy Triumvirate of Overexposed Tabloid Fodder. It blows my mind how such bland people instigate such insane adoration and hate, even towards people who are just guilty by association.

    Yeah it’s dumb and pathetic he’s using Maniston for a meal ticket and to bankroll his George Hamilton glow. But he really doesn’t seem any better or worse than Skeletor Jolie’s gimp or as I said, any other guy in Hollywood.

  78. salamanca says:

    He looks old now. And strange. Not good.

  79. Denise says:

    Wow, a lesson in how to lose your cool fully and completely.

  80. lisa says:

    I just saw this on People..

    “We tried New York,” the Wanderlust star, referring to herself and Justin Theroux, said Friday on Australian radio’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show in Sydney, but “it felt like I was [living] in a fishbowl.”

    And while, “Justin still has an apartment there … It was a little rough with the paparazzi. It didn’t feel like the New York I grew up in and knew,” notes Aniston, 43, who now calls L.A. home.
    Now she bought how many homes in NYC to now say it is not for her. She was saying before how free it was for her in NYC.

    So now they will mainly live in LA. He has lived in NYC for the majority of his life. Now he is going LA. I think Jennifer has a history of trying to change the men in her life to fit her life. I think people have to be who they are. True to that to make relationships work.

    and I do think this is his style for years. I just don’t think he is the hot piece some claim.

    OT: I think he and Jennifer would rather have their fans in the theater seeing the film then defending them online. I don’t get all the passionate support, but not go to see the film and support it. In all the comments on this thread and others I don’t recall one about his performance in the film or hers. NOT ONE COMMENT AT ALL… now why is that.

    • Camille (The original) says:

      I agree with this comment 100%:

      “I think he and Jennifer would rather have their fans in the theater seeing the film then defending them online. I don’t get all the passionate support, but not go to see the film and support it. In all the comments on this thread and others I don’t recall one about his performance in the film or hers. NOT ONE COMMENT AT ALL… now why is that.”

      It is truly bizarre how her apologists will defend her to the death, yet they don’t go out and see her movies. Weird. And funnily enough Wanderlust is out of the Top 10 at the Box Office already!

    • Josephina says:

      Obviously, TheAnis( Jennifer and Justin) want to be known for their craft.

      However, Aniston is best known as Rachel and her life post-divorce. Her fans will not support her if she is the leading actress in ANY movie.

      She is better known as a celebrity, like Kim Kardashian, rather than as a film actress.

      It is what it is.

  81. francesca says:

    I think Jen is turning him into Courtney Cox.