Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux do the ‘Wanderlust’ red carpet separately

Here are some photos from last night’s LA premiere of Wanderlust. Jennifer Aniston was unquestionably the star of the red carpet and praise Jesus, she didn’t wear a miniskirt or a boring LBD. She wore this head-to-toe Tom Ford ensemble that… well, it’s more interesting then most of her red carpet looks. I like the idea of Aniston is a pencil skirt and bustier, and the herringbone fabric is pretty cool. Is the bustier supposed to fit like this, though? It seems too tight at the bust and too big at the waist. I’m also including a profile pic of Aniston so all of you bump-watchers can analyze. Oh, and there are dozens of photos of Aniston playing with her hair on the red carpet, so you know… discuss her hair too. I think it looks messy and unkempt, which is the look she was going for – “beachy”. Meh.

Aniston and her boyfriend, Justin Theroux, made sure to walk the red carpet separately. One look at Theroux’s hair and you know why. WTF?!?!?! OMG. Dude, you’re balding. Just accept it. Don’t try to “mask” your hairline by giving yourself itty-bitty DUDE BANGS TRAUMA. Not a good red carpet debut as “Aniston’s latest boyfriend.” Sure, she cleaned him up. But now he’s TOO cleaned up. And this photo makes him look like Steve Carell on the poster for The 40 Year Old Virgin.

I just thought I’d throw this photo of Malin Akerman in because I absolutely hate her Sonia Rykiel dress. Malin is such a pretty girl – why did she do this?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. flourpot says:

    Nice dress! Woulda looked better had they designed it with spaghetti straps. As for her man – his clothes are far too tight and the 80′s called – they want their tie back.

    • Floridaseaturtle says:

      ITA with all this ^. Spaghetti straps would have solved the bust-gap problem. And the almost-too-small clothing style he loves so much is dated, makes him look like a weasel, and smaller than he probably is. I thought he was a grown-up director? IMO, he should wear good fitting suits, but maybe some fun pattern, stripes, or unique tie to stand out instead.

      • Cha-Cha says:

        Totally agree with you about Justin. He wants to have ‘an edge’ as he calls it, but his edge is somewhat dated and static, lacks innovative creativity. He needs to ‘mix it up’ a bit, like you say.

        And those eye-brows, and hair, need to be toned down. Very distracting. The jet black dye isn’t working. He should go for a softer, medium or light ash brown instead. :)

        That said, I wish them both well, as a couple. We all deserve happiness.

      • Tara says:

        Whoah! For the first time in long time I love her dress and shoes. Hair is ok. Actually like Justin’s bangs… But then I’m a bang girl.

      • cameron says:

        Tara, it’s the first time for me too. The dress is a little too tight and the hair doesn’t really go with the outfit. But I like the look. Maybe now she realizes she doesn’t have to wear a dress up to her a** and still look sexy and appropiate for her age.
        He other the hand looks a mess. He looks like he used her mascara. I can see why they posed separately, they don’t match as a couple. Something is off with him.

  2. brin says:

    Guess those rumors of her separation anxiety are false. lol

  3. Shruti says:


    He looks like he chopped those off in the car on the way to the venue.

  4. Marjalane says:

    He looks ridiculous; The hair, the bronzer, the mascara, the overly groomed brows, sparkling teeth. Almost Adam Lambert-ish.

  5. Aiobhan says:

    She looks good but they should have done something about the fit. I love this dress but the shoes are bad. Justin’s spray tan or whatever that grease is on his face is just disgusting. Paul Rudd looks predictable cute. Malin is just all wrong.

    This movie is going to bomb. Not as hard as This Means War but it looks bad. Hopefully I am wrong because I love Paul and generally find Justin hilarious- Your Highness was one of my favorite films last year.

    • autumndaze says:

      With all of those members of “The State” in this movie I so was looking forward to seeing it.
      But the tired “Rachel” of Jennifer Aniston brings down the entire film.
      If only they had cast Kristen Bell or Rachel McAdams, now THAT would be a movie to see…

  6. Roma says:

    My Paul Rudd love will never die! I blame Clueless. Sigh.

    Sorry Jennifer what?

  7. buell says:

    If you stare at Jennifer’s dress pattern long enough it starts to move.

  8. Cathy says:

    I don’t really care for Jens dress, her girls look all squished in it. As for that other ladies dress, ewwwwww.

  9. du schon wieder says:

    The Tom Ford Dress is cool but not on HER. The Dress is wearing her not the opposite!
    I totaly agree with you and the hair. This outfit is not for beachy hair!!!!
    I dont think that TOM FORD made this Dress for woman like her….

    She looks a bit out of place. And she starts to look her age which i totaly like! cause shes a human right! even though her nose and chin are plastic, her forehead looks natural, well and thats it for her naturalness.

    So do we start the bettin how bad this/her movie will bomb again?

  10. du schon wieder says:

    WOW in the last Pic Jen looks realy like a Man ! poor woman….her greek genes, sorry for her.

  11. Cordelia says:

    More importantly, why is he orange?

  12. Lisa says:

    I like the dress, her hair ruins the whole look, however. Justin looks ridiculous. Paul Rudd looks great.

  13. HoustonGrl says:

    It’s just so strange how with all their stylists/publicists/PAs/etc…that these actors and actresses still show up looking so busted. Jen looks OK, but Justin? He looks like an orange post-it.

  14. sassenach says:

    Justin looks like a deranged jackal. What’s with the spray tan, mascara and hair dye? I thought he was all anti establishment and hipster….what a joke. He also looks VERY happy to be in the spotlight.

  15. LadyAnne says:

    That dress is one size too small. She should know her right size by now.

    • NC native says:

      I think the dress looks one size too small because she has gained weight and still thinks she is a size 4. I also think the pattern was probably picked so that we were all focused on that than the fact that she has put on about 10 pounds. I still thank her body looks fantastic for her age though.

      • jermsmom says:

        agree. i also think the style of the dress was picked to put the focus on the fact that she has a tiny waist. Her figure is definitely more hourglass now. She is showing her age, which I think is ok (since i am old!) and showing her weight gain, which is also ok…but i think it is time to retire the bustier look – it isn’t doing her arms any favors.

  16. LadyAnne says:

    That dress is one size too small.

  17. Aria says:

    I like the dress. She looks good.

  18. Calli P says:

    Looks like a normal sort of tummy to me. I see she has that large (diamond?) ring on her right hand again. She looks pretty good- def meh hair, though.

    He is pretty damn cute- who cares about the hair… but the spray tan is bad, as are the skinny -leg suit pants. Yuck. Such pretty eyes he has, though.

  19. Lisa says:

    If Rob Lowe and Steve Carell had an overly spray tanned baby…you got Justin

  20. Toot says:

    Justin looks bad. He looks orange, hair is terrible, and he looks old for only being 40.

    Guys are supposed to age better than women, but he sure isn’t.

  21. spinner says:

    I like Jen’s dress. I am a big fan of a well-executed 40′s look but her hair should have been done sleek…not tousled.
    She really has put on a little weight. Looks good & healthy. Justin is a sexy beast but his hair ain’t looking good here.

  22. Stellax2 says:

    I actually like Tom Ford’s dress. It’s different than some of her more boring ensembles. The fit needed adjustment when you look at the one pic. Her hair should definitely styled differently.
    Theroux looks spray tanned within an inch of his life.
    I’ve always loved Paul Rudd.
    Malin’s dress does her a disservice.

  23. Kristen says:

    I might actually go see this movie if the casting were the other way around – Malin should really be the star of the film. She and Paul Rudd are absolutely charming.

  24. islandgirl says:

    the dress is making me dizzy and she is starting to look her age and he is orange and the hair is all kind of bad. Please they live together but won’t walk the red carpet together that is just silly to me

  25. islandgirl says:

    Justin is not a sexy beast lol

  26. Dusty says:

    Justin is having the same problem as Jennifer – they are smoker and sun worshippers and as noted in my earlier comments the combination of the two elements will speed up the aging process big time.
    Former smoker and sunworshipper now aging lady.

  27. ladybert62 says:

    Sorry but those pop up ads – are REALLY ANNOYING!!!

    Anyway, hate both dresses; hate both hairdos.

  28. Jackie says:

    i had to post for a second time…this is just too delicious. is she really wearing blue eyeshadow? and it’s frosted? seriously.

  29. Esmom says:

    Never mind the hipster bangs, he is orange! Eek.

    Love her dress, although I am not a fan of the super-stiff bodice, reminds me of some of Julianne Margulies’ recent red carpet gowns. Too severe.

    She looks good although I think sleeker hair would have complemented the dress better.

  30. Maria says:

    not sure why they keep putting her in movies since don’t they usually bomb?… she doesn’t seem bankable…but I could be wrong since she keeps getting work, so obviously, there must be a reason.
    the hair is too beachy, and touseld for the look. Nice hair, just NOT with this outfit. sleeker, maybe a low pony?… she just isn’t that attractive or interesting to me to be so famous, but, that’s just mel

    • Shoes says:

      The last two movies she was in made over $100m domestically, and over $200m total.

      Even the less successful ones like the The Bount Hunter made a profit. Romcoms are usually cheap to make.

      • Elle says:

        One of those films had Adam Sandler, a proven Box office star. The other film was an ensemble and the 3 male actors were the selling pt. Marley & Me had the dog etc.

        The movies she headlines never make much money….The Swich, Love Happens, Management, Derailed…shall I go on. If those films made back their budget it is only b/c no one in their right mind would ever ever ever give her a 100+ budget film.

        Also Wanderlust is looking to bomb. Poor tracking and zero buzz.

      • LAK says:

        @ Elle – exactly. Her recent movies have her in support, not the main draw. BTW MARLEY & ME also has Owen Wilson who was still a huge draw at that point.

      • Dredz says:

        Yes, I saw Just Go with It and Marley & Me for Adam and Owen. I really don’t care about Aniston, those movies actually can do without her, but not without Sandler or Wilson.

      • patw says:

        I’m so tired of this rhetoric. management is an indie, so not sure how well it was supposed to do. Bounty Hunter, Derailed,rumour has it, etc all made decent money for their genres. What exactly are you comparing these movies to? And how is it suddenly Aniston’s fault that they did badly – was she in those movies by herself?

    • Wendy says:

      The reason is that her films make money. The Bounty Hunter, 40 million to make, 136 million in receipts, excluding DVDs. And due to her 10 years of Friends, people like seeing her on the TV screen, so her DVDs sell well. Plus they are usually family friendly which enlarges the potential audience.

      The whole “her films bomb” thing is laughable. Sure, maybe they don’t do 500 million, but they also don’t cost 120 million to make either. She delivers good return on money invested, it’s not rocket science.

      • cameron says:

        Wendy, if she delivers why has her salary remained the same over the years. We’ve seen Jolie become the highest paid actress in HW. Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, and even Demi Moore at one time were the Highest paid actresses. Demi Moore’s box office was really based on being in movies with big name male stars. I remember it was big news when she was paid $12mil for that BO bomb Striptease. But not JA, her salary seems to stay stagnant. Quite Honestly, I don’t think she can command $8mil anymore with this new crop of female Rom com actresses.
        Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum’s movie the “Vow” is doing extremely well at the BO. You have the Bridesmaids, anyone of those actresses can replace JA in a Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler movie.

      • Wendy says:

        If she wasn’t delivering, her salary would have gone down, don’t you think? Btw, she was paid 10 million for JGWI, not her usual 8. And although you seem to think that “just anybody” could have played her roles, that’s obviously not the case or they wouldn’t have bothered spending millions on Aniston instead of scale on some unknown actress.

  31. NotaBitterBetty says:

    I like her outfit. But the hair, why oh why? An elegant dress with such messy hair just spoils the entire look. Pity. As for Justin, wow dude went overboard with the fake tan. He’s so perfectly coiffed and fitted, any personality he might have once had has been totally eradicated it seems. A Jen-boy-bot from head to toe. Not appealing.

  32. The Original Mia says:

    That pattern started to make me ill after awhile. Still don’t think there’s a baby in that belly. Girl has been drinking and smoking. I do applaud her for doing something different. I bet that was traumatizing for her.

  33. Sara says:

    I think she looks great here. I don’t think she looks old at all, she looks very good for her age imo.

  34. skuddles says:

    Jen looks rough. Her hair looks greasy and ungroomed, her eye makeup is tacky and over-applied, and I don’t like the dress at all, at least not on her. She has to start avoiding this style despite the fact it’s been her standby look for so many years. Her body has changed and a strapless, nude-upper no longer flatters her thicker upper body and meatier arms, and the too tight waistline and hips make her appear “gutty”. No way that’s a baby bump, she’s just heavier now. You could do SO much better Jen!

  35. mia girl says:

    I really like the dress.

    She must be in love and distracted because you can tell she is spending less time at the gym (aka church of Anniston). Her arms are much less toned than a year ago. That said, I still think she looks good.

  36. kristipistol says:

    Malin reminds me of a clown

  37. greenraygirl says:

    I bet most of these rumoured ‘bumps’are just women who need a pee.

  38. Ava says:

    I just can never get past her busted face! She is just so plain looking.

    There are so many women in Hollywood with beautiful face, Jen just is not one of them.

    The muppet nose, the bad skin, the thin lips, the chin…..all wrong.

    • Becky1 says:

      She’s not beautiful-so what? Not all celebrities have to be beautiful or handsome. She’s an attractive woman who looks good for 43. I like that she’s not botoxing her forehead. People are so hard on JA-I don’t get it. For whatever reason she seems to engender a lot of catty comments.

      • JulieM says:

        I completely agree with you, Becky1. The Jen Derangement Syndrome around here is so pathetic that it’s borderline funny. There is nothing wrong with how Jen looks here; very nice and put together. They hate her because they hate her.

      • Kathy says:

        I think Jen generates lots of catty comments in part because she tries too hard to convince us she’s super gorgeous, so that then becomes the prism through which she’s assessed. Sexiest woman of all time anyone?! Some of these obviously planted worked and polls trying to make her hotter than she is irritates the h*ll out of people… Myself included.

      • patw says:

        And it has nothing to do with the media? Suddenly it’s HER trying to convince us that she’s the most gorgeous, etc etc. I thnk she’s very candid in her interviews on what she thinks of her image and how it’s not who she really is. Media plays a big role in the image making. Look how successful they were in creating the ‘poor Jen’ thing. Regardless, beauty is subjective. But there must have been enough people to think of her that way that got her on the list.

  39. Kara Ann says:

    I don’t think the hair matches the dress but,overall, Jen looks good. I do think she looks less toned then usual but I actually think she still look fantastic. The woman was so toned before that she has given herself quite a cushion as far as slacking off on the work outs.

    Theroux. I don’t understand why he wuould choose to debut this hairstyle at the red carpet…or, at all, honestly. He’s a good looking guy and a receding hairline doesn’t change that fact for me at all. He does have lovely eyes.

  40. jen says:

    I thought she was going to dye her hair Heidi Bivens brown.

  41. Julie says:

    I just love JA’s dress. Her man looks ridiculous….agree with you on that one!

  42. rosa says:

    another one dress that makes her boobs look so small. Yet her bump is pretty obvious. Pregnant

    • Elle says:

      She is not pregnant, nor will she ever be! You can’t have a wait & see approach when you get in your 40′s, it is now or never because fertility is dropping fast.

      Her fans did to accept that fact. She is 43 years old. It seems she will be filming this year, so next year she will be 44.

      She is also too self centered to ever be a mother. I sure would feel bad for that kid having C. Handler as a part of its life.

      • Wendy says:

        Too self centered to have kids? That’s a laugh. With all of the womb watch pressure that’s been put on this woman over the years, if she was so “self centered” she’d have had an “ego child” for her image long ago.

        For all we know, she’s frightened of being the kind of mother her own was and doesn’t want to inflict that on a child. There’s nothing “self-centered” in that. Although I have children, there were a number of years when I knew I wasn’t ready for a child and I think I’m no different from most. Is waiting until you’re ready for it “self-centered”?

        Your comment is more than a little ignorant toward the women who choose not to have children, not because they are selfish, but because they may not feel up to the job for whatever the reason may be and have no intention of “experimenting” on another human being to see if they get it right or not. Shame on you.

      • Josephina says:

        @ Wendy–

        Let’s say I tell everyone I want to be a doctor. My grades are low, I don’t like to study and I have failed the MCATS 3 times. Would you take me seriously after that?

        Having a baby is a choice not a destiny. You are implying that she was derailed from her intended path. Everything you see with Aniston is exactly the way it is supposed to be. Aniston is a product of her efforts.

        You say Aniston is “frightened” to become the mother like the one that raised her? The woman is freaking 43 years old! Again, here we go with that victim card. Apparently 20 years of therapy has not done Aniston any good.

        The woman has had a nonchalant view of pregnancy at age 43, 42, 41, 40, 39, 38, 37- and probably before that as well. She is nonchalant about the subject, yet the Jenhens are rabid about it. You are driving your idol nuts!

        She just confirmed in a recent interview (GQ or InStyle) that SHE IS NOT PREGNANT and to get off her back about it. But none of you will listen! Pay closer attention to what she does rather than what she says.

        She said she wanted children in 2005 and then proceeds to date clowns and douchebags over the last 7 years…and she CHOSE those fools. Accept Aniston for who she is…as she is…

        Having a child will not make her feel complete. If that was the case she could have adopted, gotten involved with a man who was a father, or date someone was ready to settle ddown.

        Instead, she has dated one joker after the next. Rich Aniston is interested in having fun and that’s what she does. Bottle bleach blond having fun in the sun, taking trips to Mexico, tanning, smoking and drinking, wearing above the knee dresses, twirling her hair, preferring to be in a bikini. That is who she is.

        She has horrible taste in men. She picks men that are not suitable for her. And she is OK with it.

      • HadleyB says:

        I didn’t know there were people on here who actually knew Jen A and chatted with her about her fertility or children she may or may not want OR maybe she can’t have..and it’s no business of ours if she has problems in that area… it’s a very private topic.

        Some people I know who would die to have a baby, act “nonchalant ” or even say they never wanted kids because it’s heartbreaking to say over and over you can’t and we tried this or that or you are going to try this drug or procedure and people are so fucking nosey they ask ALL THE TIME what is going on with ___… and how is it going? no luck huh?

        So no matter what people may SAY or ACT you never know what is really going on in their lives..haven’t we all learned this by now? I mean really…

      • Wendy says:

        Josephina: who put Aniston in the position of having to talk (or be defensive about) her womb in the first place? Let’s see… “I was just a shoulder to cry on because Brad wanted children so badly and it wasn’t happening for him” (sic).

        That was a REALLY c-word-y move on the part of AJ. She had NO business talking to a magazine or whoever it was about what was or was not going on in Pitt and Aniston’s marriage. And THAT, my friend, is the whole reason that Aniston has been on womb-watch by both sides for the past 7 years.

        As for the “you state this” and “you state that” nature of your post, no I didn’t… I’ve speculated on possibilities, not “stated” anything. However, it’s just incredibly mean-spirited for anyone to assert that choosing to not have children is born out of extreme self-centeredness.

      • Runs with Scissors says:

        Wendy, you can’t just make up quotes and expect people to buy your obvious bullsh*t, Jolie never mentioned Aniston’s refusal to give Brad kids and you know it.

      • Wendy says:

        @runs: you must be the only person in the world who doesn’t know she said that. The full quote was:

        “I was just a shoulder to cry on. The truth is I was there to help him through the pain. He longs to be a father and he has been in emotional turmoil for a long time because that hasn’t happened”.”

        Google it.

  43. bella says:

    Malin’s dress is funky and lovely. I like that it’s not the conventional boring dress. Doesn’t anyone else like it?

    • HadleyB says:

      I love it. I am a fan of pink and red together though but I like the dress in all ways… and I like Jen’s dress too..and I would hate it if it were loose or not as tight fitting .. it’s suppose to be tight.

      Who cares she’s not stick thin anymore? it’s not like she is obese.. far far from it, and is able to wear most things ..

  44. Sue L. says:

    I can’t look at the dress long enough to analyze the sizing – it’s making me dizzy – I can’t handle that pattern – I hope that she didn’t pay a lot to get that hairdo and he looks just bad.

  45. Dredz says:

    The 5th picture… Is Justin wearing mascara? He looks so girly *yuck

  46. skuddles says:

    Oops, forgot about Justin. He appears to have had his eyebrows…groomed? And clearly he’s trying to cover up the balding hairline. His smile looks genuine and he appears to be enjoying himself. Jen’s smile, on the other hand, looks pained and forced.

    Why aren’t they walking the red carpet together?? Seems rather silly to pretend they’re not a couple at this point. Or were they just not willing to share the limelight with each other?

  47. Stubbylove says:

    Hand-to-God Theroux is wearing foundation, blush and mascara. 40 yr old virgin reference – right on. Beyond that, I’m not a Jen Aniston hater – I think she’s great – not fabulous/amazing – she’s entertaining and seems like a good person. I thought she was gorgeous and funny as hell in Horrible Bosses – brunette works for her.

  48. Lee says:

    at least its not a mini but that dress is too youthful (and one size too small as others have also pointed out) for her and ages her terribly. as for her man-toy please stay away from the bronzer

  49. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    I’m guessing Jen’s mad she didn’t get an engagement ring for Valentine’s Day…

    • Jayna says:

      Jen is mega-wealthy. I kind of think she is in no rush to be married and worry about a divorce with him making money off her, like Madonna paying out about 30 million to Guy. Jen has been married before and knows the marriage license doesn’t keep a couple together. Plus, it would make him Mr. Aniston and wouldn’t be good for the relationship.

  50. BK says:

    Did he get some plastic surgery near his eyes?

    As for the relationship, maybe they have just gotten past that “Hot and Lusty” period and are realizing that being together is more mundane and less special than they had hoped?

  51. izzyvalentine says:

    Okay, WTF is up with having “beachy” hair and a pencil skirt. Just NO. And JT needs to realize he’s FORTY years old. Damn. It’s like all those Hollywood women desperate to be young again- but when it’s a man, it’s even more pathetic. IMO.

  52. ann says:

    The dress is interesting and I like it on her. She’s dressing accordingly and not like a hooker for once. I agree with the people about spaghetti straps would be an improvement. She needs a more elegant hairstyle and I just belly laugh when I look st Justin’s little suit. He can barely do up the button and the spray tan looks ridiculous.

  53. Newtsgal says:

    Time is certainly marchin’ across her face…
    BTW….Who is the oompa loompa next to Paul Rudd?

  54. blonde on the dock says:

    Love the dress on her. Spagetti straps….no. She looks great unlike most of the skinny anorexic sexless sticks we see on the red carpet.
    Her boyfriend however…….such a good looking guy minus the bronzer.

  55. Hypocricy says:

    That dress is a major improvement from the mini weeny teeny minis she usually wears…Though it wears skinnier bodies better. But kudos for wxearing it.

    The hairstyle isn’t in par with the sophistication of the dress though. A loose chignon or loose pony tail would have been better.

    No comment on Justin and on his complexes about him being nearly a bald man. He should embrace his hairline and stop with those stupid front hair.

  56. Bellebeesting says:

    Unless Justin just came back from Hawaii, he def needs to back off the bronze. I don’t get the hair hate tho…changing it up now and again is good for everyone.

  57. storyteller says:

    So after posing for Terry Richardson and having those shots of them splashed around, they’re suddenly too ‘private’ to walk the carpet together? Lame.

  58. Eener says:

    Dress too big on top, and come on do your hair for f sake, I don’t like hair that doesn’t match the dress or the occasion. And the less said about Jus-tangoed the better.

  59. Minxx says:

    Wow.. he colors not only his hair but also his EYEBROWS! With the spray on tan (or is it foundation?), overly bleached teeth and expertly applied mascara, he looks soo.. cool and hip ;)

  60. Mac says:

    Justin’s head and feet appear disproportionately large for his body.

    Without the bulky leather jacket, combat boots and fedora he looks to be a slight 5’5″ with size 12 shoes.

  61. Jezi says:

    I LOL’d about the itty bitty bangs trauma comment. Holy shit! He looks horrible. That’s his karma. I wish she would do something different with her hair. Go darker. Wear it differently. It’s always the same.

  62. Camille (The original) says:

    Anistons BF looks like he plays for his own team if you know what I’m saying. My gaydar is tingling (and to the best of my knowledge he is straight). He needs to lose the overly groomed/arched eyebrows and that hair style is fugging hideous, not to mention the awful orange skin colour.
    I don’t find him attractive in the slightest and standing next to Paul Rudd makes him look even worse (Paul is adorable).

    Aniston – finally a pencil skirt! So much more flattering on her figure than a minidress IMO. This look is much improved and also more age appropriate, it still shows off her legs but its a more classy look.

  63. LAK says:

    oh Justin! Fake tan??!!! Dude looks orange.

  64. shontay says:

    Bangs trauma indeed. He’s pushing into Jude Law territory with that hairline. He’s a good looking dude, though.

    I’m shocked and glad Aniston changed it up for this red carpet. I am so over her damn hair and fake tan, though.

  65. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    She looks lovely in the face. I’ll say that much. That dress. She can’t pull that off. She doesn’t have the body type for it. I think someone like Sofia Vergara could really make that look work.

    Malin…OMG what the hell is she wearing? Is she trying out for an apprenticeship as a court jester or something? I feel like she got her costume from the Disney’s version of the Hunchback.

    Douchtin…smarmy and gross looking. BUT his teeth…now that’s someone with normal looking teeth. Tis all.

  66. Dibba says:

    Looks like Justin has been hitting the spray tan too hard.

  67. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    Buahahahaa! Justin AKA Steve Carell, “itty-bitty DUDE BANGS”, and Orange Julius…ugh

    I love that dress it’s stylish, and looks good on her, but I just can’t with her hair anymore, please do something different.

  68. seattlegirl says:

    It’s just a publicity stunt to make it seem like they’re “fighting”, and don’t want to be together…they’ll get headlines on the tabloids about they’re big “blow-out”…

  69. Alexis says:

    Aniston looks good for her as usual. I don’t like the hip-creating darts. I feel those are for people who are bags of bones. Aniston is small enough that they doesn’t make her look big, but they just look unnecessary and random just sitting there.

    She plays aging incredibly smart. You can tell she’s been planning this whole time. Counterexample is her BF there. Ugh. *shakes head*

  70. NM6804 says:

    Wow, that dress is truly exquisite! And she got the shoes right too! Frankly, she looks a-ma-zing!

    Theroux however: hahahahaha! What the hell dude, a hipster with a face full of make-up or Tan Disaster? Can you imagine him looking at himself with that horrible arched eyebrow and approving this cr*?
    *looking dandy Theroux *wink*

    Either way, he looks like hell and yes he does does look a bit like Steve Carrell there! And those ridiculous expressions, he sure sold his soul BAD, hopefully it’s worth it and he’ll get more job offers.

  71. fd says:

    I have never seen Jennifer Aniston with a belly. I agree she might be pregnant and I am not one to jump on the pregnancy bandwagon. She claims she gained some weight because she quit smoking recently but doesn’t that just beg the question of WHY she quit smoking?? She looks pregnant to me.

  72. Maritza says:

    Paul Rudd is so much cuter, love him! Justin needs to stop the fake tan.

  73. Ginger says:

    I’m so suprised that I actually love her outfit and I think she looks really, really good! Thank goodness she did something different. I agree about her hair however, too messy. As for Justin…I’m really NOT digging the weird hair. And then he stands next to Paul Rudd who totally outshines him…he is HOT!

  74. xploxite says:

    I like the Dress It’s Beautifully Unique & the shoes goes Perfectly with it but the hair should’ve been Sleek, Still she is gorgeous, I’m going to See the Movie. did Justin write The script for the Movie?

  75. patw says:

    i have to say – this dress is pretty, structured and looks great on her. I think different shoes would have dressed it up more, and definitely the hair could be sleaker. It’s TOO casual and mussed in a way that doesn’t look intentional. Did they mess around in the car??? hmm. Jen has a way of making whatever she wears look comfortable and casual really.

    Also I don’t think it’s a belly indicating pregnacy, I think that dress is tight and unforgiving. This women has a flat stomach. GQ pretty much proved it.

  76. patw says:

    you know what – they could have done the carpet together to milk the publicity, but they don’t. I like that. A lot.

    • Lolie says:

      Oh please. Them not being together on the carper sparks MORE publicity and controversy. It was a good marketingg ploy.

      • patw says:

        o-kay. so damned if you do and damned if you don’t. How should they have done the carpet then? Since you are such an expert on how the publicity machine works…

        They haven’t done a carpet together. Ever. So yes. I think they aren’t playing this game as much as they can because there is a LOT of publicity that could be obtained from walking and talking about it with each other. But they don’t do it.

    • Wendy says:

      Agreed. They could have been hanging all over each other on the RC, talking up their relationship for more press. She could have been on about the “amazing and witty” screenplay he’s working on (whether he is or not) and he could have been on about the “incredible” project that she’s considering producing or acting in or financing etc (whether it’s true or not).

      For me, that rather puts paid to the idea that some have that this is just a PR relationship.

  77. mummy says:

    I think they both looks wonderful. Like his bangs and her very classy dress. Not too many people have the body to wear something like that or could get away with those patterns. Also, nice they didn’t do the red carpet thing and steal the show. They are a neat couple and look like they’d be fun to be with.

  78. e.non says:

    oy … seriously — a fake tan? hell, he’s in l.a. – go sit in the sun. it’s not like he’s got much else to do with his afternoons…

    so lame. but, if they’re happy — good on them.

  79. Isa says:

    I like her dress. It’s an optical illusion! How fun.
    The bust of the dress reminds me of the dresses Kate Beckinsale wears. She’s fond of that neckline. Idk, but it reminds me of a shell.
    Anyway, the shoes are nice! No strappy heels.
    Her stomach was very flat in the photos with Paul Rudd, now she has a pooch.
    I guess they photoshopped her? Or perhaps it is the outfit. Or maybe she’s PREGNANT!

  80. Jayna says:

    I saw Jen on Entertainment Tonight and her hair looked great in the interview on the red carpet and it looked sleek and shiny. Maybe it got windy or something. I find Justin much sexier than Brad.

  81. Violet says:

    Jen has a great body, but that dress makes her belly and hips look enormous. As for Justin, he’s downright orange! He must’ve gotten a spray tan from the same person that does Christina Aguillera.

    Weird that they did the red carpet separately; could be they’re too embarrassed by how awful they both looked at the event, lol.

  82. Ichabod says:

    You know what … this site must get financed by Angelina Jolie and co. because the inconsistencies in how each actress (AJ and JA) are measured is glaring and the photos you CHOOSE to post of Aniston are always the worst of the batch. If you check out a larger cross section of photos and video footage from Wanderlust premiere you may get a different impression of Aniston (and Theroux). She really did look great and they both are relaxed, compelling and do not come across as self indulgent narcissists. You never point out how Angelina Jolie’s perfect features are largely due to plastic surgery, nor do you point out her skeletal and incredibly unhealthy appearance. She comes across as having rehearsed responses and she typically has a sour countenance or forced demeanor of pleasantness. As for Brad Pitt, I can’t even begin to speak of how he comes across as infantile and self indulgent and …. In some of the latest photos he is seen grabbing Angelina’s butt pads (yes she is wearing them … all one needs to do is compare a few photos of events where she is obviously not wearing them … she looks like Nancy Reagan). This move is either passive aggressive on his part because he probably knows she doesn’t want to draw attention to her pads … or she told him to grab her a$$ pads because she wants to make it look all natural. Either way these two come across as phonies and I don’t understand how you can point out Jennifer Aniston’s “profile” without pointing out Angelina’s obvious and glaring plastic surgery, enhancements and skeletal frame. I want to like both women and I will never like Pitt. They are both remarkable women and I do not understand why this site goes out of its way to measure them both so differently. Pitt is the idiot and this site should support, or not support, these women with equal measure.

    • Capella says:

      A lot of us have realized this, it is this specific writer. You simply can choose not to comment on her threads. There are 2 other writers that put out nicely well written gossip. And are a bit more fair to all parties gossiped about.

      Just not worth your getting mad in a place where a certain behavior is reinforced viciously every day. You can simply ignore, and encourage what you find more positive. Cheer up!

    • Emma says:

      Um, when has Kaiser or CB ever posted about Jen’s nose jobs (multiple)…..? It’s the poster who talk about celebrity plastic surgery and plus Kaiser has mentioned how Jolie’s forehead looks botoxed when in interviews it moves all the time (and has wrinkles up close).

      From your opening line “financed by Angelina Jolie”, it’s obvious you’re a hater trying to pretend to be “neutral” and saying crap like “you want to like them both”

      As for Jolie’s plastic surgery….just go over to female first to see her wrinkles. You’re probably an undercover female first hag. If Jolie feels no need to get her wrinkles “fixed”, why would she worry about plastic surgery?

      Lots of fans and posters on CB, who like Jolie, think she’s gotten a nose job…but personally if you look at pictures of her in Cyborg, when she was 15/16, she had the same profile, so only thinning of the nose is possibility, but if you look at some Jolie pictures without makeup, her nose still looks huge, so in my opinion (i’m not forcing it on you), Angelina probably grew into her nose and makeup/lighting helps.

      I think partly why some people think she might have had a nose job strongly is cause some idiots at some forum (i forgot which one) posted a fake picture of another girl and said it was Angelina Jolie when she was young…except pictures of her profile in the movie hackers disprove it (since the fake girl had a pig type nose that wasn’t straight and in hackers, Jolie DOES have her current straight, ski slope nose)
      pics for Jolie’s nose:

      she’s not wearing makeup and her nose looks HUGE

      • Emma says:

        Oops, I just realized…I kept saying Hackers instead of Cyborg.

        Cyborg was made when she was 15/16 and her profile, ski slope nose is the same as it is now.

      • Lolie says:

        Thanks for providing proof, Emma. Unfortunately for the loonistons, Angelina’s beauty HAS to be by plastic surgery as no one could possibly be that beautiful, despite the fact that she hasn’t had any facial surgery. They have to convince themselves she has, because they cannot stomach the thought that she is truly that beautiful. And notice how the loonistons are the ones who keep dragging Angelina up and keeping the triangle alive? Its sad, pathetic and immature and part of the reason I support Jolie now. Loonistons are beyond the pale.

      • cameron says:

        I noticed the same thing. I think they photoshop a thinner nose when she does covers. But, in candids her nose appears larger and it’s the same nose she had in those modeling photos at 15 years old. She hasn’t had any plastice surgery.
        She’s just a beautiful woman. Everyone who meets her in person says photos don’t do her justice. Which is hard to imagine. She’s just drop dead gorgeous. Even the snarky Lainey has commented “how did God create that face”.

      • Wendy says:

        Since she didn’t have ears like Prince Charles as a child and she has never had plastic surgery according to you guys, how do you explain the matching surgical scars she has behind her ears?

        Just wondering…

      • Emma says:

        Like you pointed out, Angelina didn’t have “dumbo” ears as kid, so it wasn’t for otoplasty. Plus she had those marks/scars or whatever they are when she was like aged 33 right? That was when it was noticed.

        I know you haters like calling her old, haggard, etc….but if you’re being reasonable (a bit too much to hope from haters), it’s ridiculous to think she’s gotten a face lift at that age.

        For plastic surgery, you make incisions at that location for only 2 types of surgeries: face lift/stretching or otoplasty (ear pinning)…..

        Do you really think she had a face lift at 33?

      • Wendy says:

        I’m not a doctor, so I have no idea if those are the only two reasons to have scars like that or not. I do however, have a brother who had his ears “pinned back” surgically and his scars are not like hers. Regardless, she has them. She didn’t have dumbo ears that she had done at a late age, since as you mention they were noticed when she was in her 30′s and the scars still look a bit pink in the photos. Something they wouldn’t do, had they been 25 year old scars.

        I’d also wager that the cosmetic surgery docs in HW, those that the A list people go to, have techniques that you or I wouldn’t even hear about for years, if ever. I don’t know if you’ve ever sat in the waiting room of of a reconstructive surgeon or not, but I have and this was a couple of decades ago. There was a kid sitting there who had been in a car accident and had literally lost his forehead. Imagine a “shelf” that starts just above your eyebrows and goes in about a half to 3/4 inch and goes straight up. 20 years ago, this doctor could fix that. Imagine people born with complete facial assymmetry, in that half their face was very noticeably lower than the other half. This guy could fix that too. Imagine a baby born with the bones of it’s skull inversed (concave rather than convex) and this guy took it apart, flipped the bones and then put it back together (as I understood it at the time). 20 years ago, this stuff was going on. I’d bet their are probably very few people who realize this stuff is even possible now.

        So I am not going to bet that there are only two reasons for scars behind the ears. I am willing to bet that the vast majority of us are woefully underinformed as to what is really possible to do these days. I’ll also add that HW is so age-phobic for women that girls in their early 20′s are getting botoxed. 33 is ancient compared to that. And this is the image our kids see, btw.

    • xploxite says:

      to: Ichabod #86

      Exactly, I’ve Noticed that for While now, Well Said.

      • Bellebeesting says:

        + 1. I like the dress, and with the shoes, but to really appreciate it I had to see it on other sites.
        Aniston’s worst photos are always at this site. Even her hair, which still might have been better up, looked better than in this small sample. Back details on that dress were pretty cool too.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        I personally think Jen looks great in these pics, and I love that dress on her. I think Justin is pretty darn cute, but I hate skinny jeans on a man. More pics would not change my opinion.

        I just don’t get the entitled attitude about this. People come here for entertaining writing on gossip, and to see a few pics for free.

        As for sweeping statements like “Jen’s worst photos are always at this site.” That isn’t a valid statement unless it could be proven, and it can’t because what you think is not what everyone thinks.

      • Bellebeesting says:

        sweeping statement? No. it takes only a small amount of qualitative & quantitative research to confirm that the least flattering photos of aniston will show up on this site. Routinely. Even Lainey posted flattering photos from this appearance and she is usually among the first to invite criticism of aniston. Some things are just too obvious to be called subjective.

      • Bellebeesting says:

        So. Remove always, insert routinely… And I stand by my sweeping statement… I think she looks fine in these photos.. They are still the least flattering I have seen from this event.

      • Capella says:


        I have to agree with Ichabod. If you’ve read her comment completely, you’d understand that mostly her frustration is with the fact that we are promoting a war between 2 women, that she finds absolutely beautiful, the both of them, when we should be giving our snide to Brad Pitt.

        As for the pictures, THEY are the least flattering, combined with comments that do not promote adult conversation, but rather open dislike on the subject at hand.You may be one of the very few that are able to fairly comment on both JA and AJ, but certain threads are allowed to be over-run with obsessive and illogical hatred. There is a huge difference between gossip, and outright hatred towards one person. And when you cannot comment anymore on certain subjects because of characters over-running the show with hatred, you tend to get frustrated, and loose your cool.

        You and I know that some have been banned when others haven’t yet for the same reasons. But then again, we are able to take a step back.

        Ichabod. Just reading your comment I had to answer what I perceived your frustration at the unfairness on this thread…

        Something you should understand: what you consider obsessive hatred, is not being banned, because it is NOT DIRECTED AT YOU. It is directed, yes with hints of psychosis, at the subject at hand. And if you want to comment on said threads, you will have to also attack the fictional gossip subjects, but never the commentator.

        Even if you feel like saying that AJ is a known shooter with bald spots on her head, and has to cover it with different hair pieces to make it look presentable, is beneath you. The t r o l l s have learned it.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        I understand what you’re saying, I just found the presentation of ichabod’s point to be nothing more than an attack on an actress who was not the subject of the article, and I did read it a few times. The overly negative stuff I always ignore, but that OP was IMO unnecessary esp when coupled with the second post. Everyone’s allowed their opinion about the celebs, there’s no reason to get personal with other posters, IMO it’s best to keep a sense of humor about it.

        If that’s your opinion I respect it, I don’t want to be a part of the negativity, and my post was a bit negative. We’re allowed to post links here, you could do that. I have when talking about different pics that I liked that weren’t here. They don’t usually post a ton of pics here.

    • Lolie says:

      And yet another example of a looniston dragging Angelina Jolie into an article about Aniston. Seriously pathetic and sad. 1 site out of thousands is pro Jolie and you want to complain about that? Go back to female first and stop dragging Angelina into Aniston discussions. These 2 women have nothing to do with each other so why do it? Its been 8 years. Grow up and move on.

      • Runs with Scissors says:

        Thanks for posting Emma and Lolie, you nailed it.

      • cameron says:

        Co-sign. They bring Angie and Brad up because they find them more interesting.

      • patw says:

        cameron – you saying Aniston’s name does not come up on their threads?

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        Of course it does, but the majority of posters don’t like it, and it has to stop somewhere. The best way to stop it is to COMPLETELY ignore anyone who brings up any other party related to the dreaded “triangle”. This would effectively stop it in its tracks, period.

      • cameron says:

        I’m not saying that. There are some that do it. But I only mention JA on the JP’s thread when someone is comparing or putting them down to make JA/JT look better. Which never makes sense to me since JA and Angie are two completely different women. with Differenet looks, interests, and lifestyles.
        I Just find the JP’s have more substance. All JA’s fans say is the same thing, she looks healthy, she has a great body,she seems nice. But I wonder if she became as big as Kirstie Alley (before her recent weight loss), and (god-forbid) was diagnosed with cancer from smoking,and never had babies. What would her fans say? What type of Legacy is leaving? I was once married to Brad Pitt and Angelina the she-devil stole him?

    • Josephina says:

      @ Ichabod-

      I think Aniston has:

      1. Coyote-dog, light blue eyes that do not go well with her complexion
      2. A sausage nose that is very prominent on her face
      3. Thin lips that are not well-defined, and in fact, have gotten thinner since she has already started aging
      4. A mannish, square chin, which, depending on the photographer can look
      5. A short torso, which makes evening gowns a tricky adventure
      6. Average limb length– in other words, she does not have long legs, which means runway modeling was never going to be her calling.
      7. This average-looking woman wants to talk about health and beauty in magazines…yet she tans, smokes, drinks…and she is anything but natural if you include her bottle bleach blond, flat-ironed hair. I conclude that her audience are persons such as yourself.

      I am amused with her because she keeps trying, …at everything. How are her perfume sales going, by the way?

      As is stands today, what we see in Aniston photos is what we get, surgery enhancements or not. Her body looks better than her face. And that is what she puts out there.

      She is not a natural beauty, her eating and fitness regime is a bit extreme. She looks decent when she dresses up. However, the candid photos of her are never pretty.

      You want to admire Aniston, which is fine. However, you should then be able to handle opinions where a significant population might not see it your way. We do not see Aniston as a natural beauty. We did not see it in 1991, 1998, 2001, 2008, 2011 and even now.

      In the land of Hollywood, where there are many pretty, sexy and talented actresses (and a lot of them look like models), Aniston has her work cut out for her if she wants to be considerd the best.

      Instead of attacking the writers and bloggers, you could ask your idol to step up her game… by a lot.

      • Tara says:

        I love anti aniston snark as much as the next gossblog reader, but your investment in detailing 1001 Reasons to Hate Jennifer Aniston is bizarre.

      • Ichabod says:

        Seriously Josephina … you miss the point, granted I didn’t spend time writing a thesis to substantiate my views on basically supporting both women and their unique beauty. At this point I really do not want to attack Aniston or Jolie … both are remarkable women. Instead I will ask you how you measure up to your standards of beauty?

        1. How is your complexion – ruddy and dour? Does it match your cynical eyes?
        2. How is that nose working for you … can you smell your self righteousness.
        3. Thin lips? Thick lips? Either are beautiful on women who smile with warmth and compassion.
        4. Is your chin perfectly tilted in the air with self importance?
        5. How is your torso? Long, sexy, or constipated?
        6. Are runway models calling you? … (you’ve got to be kidding with this standard).
        7. She tans … really? Gasp! You think all of the tabloid fodder is reality? Let’s write a non-fiction piece on you and see what horrors we come up with.

        I don’t care whether you see Aniston as a natural beauty or not. My problem lies with your standards for beauty and the ridiculousness of claiming you know everything there is to know about these women based on GOSSIP and the Tabloid Industry. Make judgments, I do, but with the knowledge our scope is narrow. It is always more pleasant when a sense of humor about ourselves and what we are doing here tempers our snap judgments (and yes, I am guilty of missing the bigger picture).

        PS. I am so glad you are “amused” because Aniston keeps trying … Thank you “Dahling” … you keep trying as well… because it is amusing, right?

        Any candid shots of yourself you would like to share?

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        You wrote plenty about Jolie’s looks, you just didn’t number them, your post is no shorter than Josepina’s, and no less of a so-called thesis, as you put it.

        She wrote her OPINION on JENNIFER, the subject of THIS article. She did NOT write her opinion about YOU personally, she did not attack you, call you names, or ask you to submit a picture of yourself. Your response to her opinion on Jennifer was nothing BUT a personal attack because she has a different opinion than you.

        This is what you wrote about your opinion on Angelina and Brad, as FACT…on a thread about Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, and their film Wanderlust:

        1-AJ-Jolie’s perfect features are largely due to plastic surgery.
        2-AJ-Skeletal and incredibly unhealthy appearance.
        3-AJ-She comes across as having rehearsed responses.
        4-AJ-typically has a sour countenance or forced demeanor of pleasantness.
        5-AJ-looks like Nancy Reagan.(only nice thing U said IMO)
        6-BP comes across as infantile and self indulgent
        7-BP is seen grabbing Angelina’s butt pads.
        a) passive aggressive on his part because he probably knows she doesn’t want to draw attention to her pads.
        b) or she told him to grab her a$$ pads because she wants to make it look all natural.
        9-Either way these two come across as phonies.

        Further you wrote: “I don’t understand how you can point out Jennifer Aniston’s “profile” without pointing out Angelina’s obvious and glaring plastic surgery, enhancements and skeletal frame.”

        The reason the writer can point things out about Jennifer and Justin is because THIS THREAD IS ABOUT JENNIFER AND JUSTIN.

        This is not a news site, this is a blog, if you don’t like a writer’s style, you find one whose style you do like. Otherwise you make your own site, spend your own money, write your own opinion pieces, and BUY as many photos as Jennifer will pay you to. ;) Oh, I know what a silly thing to say…

      • Josephina says:

        @ Ichabod-

        Now, now…look at who has their panties all scrunched in a bunch?

        What gossip or tabloid fodder? What are you talking about? I do not read gossip or tabloids. I have been disappointed reading and listening to Aniston’s hollow interviews over the years. She can only project what is inside of her. She is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

        Don’t believe me? Go on YouTube and listen to her interview from THIS VERY EVENT. At age 43 she stutters, fumbles, says a bunch of “ums”, plays with her hair, nervously looks around for someone to step in and save her from answering questions. This is not comedic timing,… she is obviously uncomfortable and nervous. She even says she wants to avoid “saying something stupid!”

        That’s right. Your idol, after 20 years in the biz, has the confidence of a high school dropout. Even Huvsy (Steven Huvane) had to pull her away from the interviewer to release her from her misery.

        Spare me your reply, I suppose you will express empathy for her. And I will say now if you would like any cheese with your whine.

        It is expected that she CAN answer questions at her own damn premier! Gee Whiz!

        She looks her age in person, but in magazines the photos are altered. BTW, looking her age is not a knock on Aniston. Many, many women look good in their forties. However, in Hollywood, you BETTER look good, or else, out you go.

        Again, ask your idol to step up her game so she can really compete.

      • Runs with Scissors says:

        @aprayerforthewildatheart: awesome response to Ichabod, thank you

    • Yolanda says:

      Angelina has always been considered to be unusually attractive. There is a reason thatbshe was modeling from her teenage years atva high keffiyehs Jen was not. Houngan try to attribute things to plastic surgery if makes you feel better but Jen has had several surgeries and doesn’t look great without photoshopping. But you don’t hear people who meet her in person saying in awe how beautiful she is ( like they do with Angelina).

      In any event, Angelina could probably care less…she seems to have a lot more substantive things going on. Why would you box Jen in based on looks primarily? Shelf life for that will run out soon.

    • Jackie says:

      i think some people on this site have way too much time on their hands.

      we don’t actually know these celebrities, right? this is just for fun, right?

      i find these ranting, obsessively long posts more than a little disturbing.

  83. Cloudly says:

    J. Aniston’s starting to look old, isn’t she…

  84. Lolie says:

    That dress is ATROCIOUS! It looks like a stretched out diaper stuck on her.

  85. Mia says:

    What is that ring on her hand??

  86. Mia says:

    Oh, and Justin looks scary. Terrible styling.

  87. Zoey says:

    I love the dress, love, love, love. I think she looks great, but a ponytail would have looked better.

    There is a shot of her at this event on and she really looks pregnant. I wouldn’t be surprised, but who knows…time will tell.

    As for Justin, I thought he was so sexy in Charlie’s Angels…this look? No, just no.

  88. Runs with Scissors says:

    oompa loompa drag queen…

    and LOVING the spot light, lol.

  89. Bobby the K says:

    In that second picture it looks like she did something in her pants.

    Her dress looks like a fabric covered back brace worn backwards.

    Yes, she looks good for her age, so what? Lots of people do.
    And a lot of other people would if they invested the same amount of time and money in themselves.

    So what’s so special about her again? Her fans should put up some relevant reasons.

  90. Mac says:

    Jennifer Aniston had her naked breasts pulled from her new movie “Wanderlust,” putting a last-minute kibosh on a frontal topless scene out of consideration for her boyfriend and “Wanderlust” co-star, Justin Theroux.

    The former “Friends” star demanded that the topless scene from the Judd Apatow-produced film, which hits theaters Feb. 24, be replaced with a tamer version, said an individual with knowledge of the movie.

    A spokeswoman for Universal, which is releasing the movie, said: “The scene was shot a bunch of different ways, and we have the best possible version.”

    The scene in question features Aniston going topless in front of TV news cameras. In the version that will now be included in the film, Aniston will be seen topless from behind, with her bare breasts shown pixelated on TV screens, as they would appear on a TV news broadcast.

    The 43-year-old actress, it seems, decided it just wouldn’t be right to share her naked breasts with anyone except her new beau.

  91. teri says:

    She looks bloated and I swear she is trying to cover up how far pregnant she is. Her hair looks of straw and for the life of me I’m shocked your not calling her out on it. I know baby steps, baby steps since she’s still the victim.

    • Thelma says:

      And I was just about to congratulate us all for avoiding any mention of exes or the triangle. WTF does Brad have to do with whether you like Justin or not? STOP perpetuating the triangle!

      • teri says:

        Who are you talking to Thelma because I didn’t mention Brad at all YOU DID. Treating a grown woman of 43 with kid gloves is silly. If you recall she played it up with the four dudes after Brad also. Thelma you shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        I SO have to agree regarding the triangle stuff. Although, I don’t think teri mentioned the B word or the triangle, unless she changed something. Check out the “crazy” going on at #86…That’s what needs to stop…IDK why I even got involved, but there was such a personal attack going on, it makes NO SENSE. The poster said they couldn’t understand how the blogger could look at the profile of Jen without bringing up AJ, and all her supposed plastic surgery, it was insane! Everything before that was all about JA/JT, or paul Rudd…gah!

    • Thelma says:

      Teri: my apologies. The response should have gone to another poster who raised Brad in a comment on Justin. I’m not sure what happened. Sorry about that.

      But my comment about the triangle stands.

  92. JudyJudyJudy says:

    the two of them look like they gained happy relationship weight. :-) JenA looks really good to me here. Very relaxed and natural.

  93. Ell says:

    She looks stunning as always. Her success is down to her appeal to the general public. People can say disgusting things about her but at the end of the day she’s popular, got a wad of cash and appears to be very happy. The negative comments are more a reflective of what’s going on with the author of the post rather than Jennifer Aniston.

  94. Jenny Kellstedt says:

    This guy looks SO BAD that he should head to Provincetown for a quick fix, as the guys there do better make-up. God, if this is what this dumb girl does to men, is it worth it? Brad Pitt apparently was bored stupid with her, and no wonder. Is the $ worth becoming a rather ugly transvestite? I thought Justin was cool before he dyed his hair and eyebrows black, used mascara, and dyed his face with that awful gold highlighter. Now I think he is a fool.

  95. barbie says:

    I think the plan of action to keep J&J apart from eachother on the carpet had to do with something as superficial a Justins spray tan disaster if he looked that bad next to the adorable Paul Rudd imagine the contrast between Mr. Hipster next to Miss So-Cal.*please do not adjust your set he really is that orange & her dress is that dizzy*

  96. Lola6 says:

    Sick and fed up of her hair style. Do something different ffs!

  97. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    Anyone have any comments on the matching (in style) rings? They were wearing their own names – a further statement of independence? rather than doing a swap, which may have been perceived more as a statement of unity/commitment?

  98. mk says:

    HAHAHAHA @ his hair. And boo, hiss @ Aniston. You can’t pull off that tousled shit anymore.

  99. metatrix says:

    Oh shit…I LOVE her dress.

    It’s really rare that I see a dress on a celebrity and think I HAVE TO HAVE THAT. But oh my god, I have to have that dress.

  100. elated2Bhere says:

    not a fan of the dress or the person, wish she would make just one good movie

  101. Moira says:

    After Ichabod explains the “surgical scars” behind AJ’s ears perhaps he can explain WTF procedure causes scars “BEHIND” someone’s ears and then why AJ’s facial moles are in the exact same place they were when she was 14 years old?

    • Wendy says:

      It was I who brought up the scars, not Ichabod. I like how you put quotes around “surgical scars” as if they somehow haven’t been photographed and don’t actually exist. Unfortunately for your disbelief, photos are easily found on the internet that show them. So again, she’s obviously had something done, and it wasn’t pinning back her ears because she never had ears that needed it.

  102. Ichabod says:

    what … whoa … okay. @ Capella, and others THANK YOU!! You understood what I was trying to say and also pointed out the wisdom in not responding! And I should probably leave it at that. But … I can’t help but respond even though there are way too many points to cover based on all the responses here to what I said. @aprayerforthewildatheart – the thesis statement wasn’t in reference to Josephina but to myself and why my original opinion would have been misunderstood. Moira, I never mentioned surgical scars?? And also to aprayerforthewildatheart who thinks that by referencing AJ’s facial surgery and enhancements I was slamming her beauty … you were missing the point. JA has also had surgery … and I think she is beautiful as well. I was trying to substantiate my original statement by pointing out the things that are overlooked in AJ but not JA. My response to Josephina was completely directed to her “list” and measurements for beauty. Again, Capella utterly clarifies my points above and I will try to refrain from commenting on these threads and look forward to reading her comments as well as “good natured” snark from other posters in the future.

    • Emma says:

      Please DO refrain from posting about AJ in a jennifer aniston thread. You made personal attacks against other posters like Josephina and attacks against Angelina as well.

      By the way…capella (based on her other postings) is “not a fan” of Jolie, so no duh she would agree with you.

  103. Runs with Scissors says:

    @Moira, I know it’s easy to get them mixed up because they sound a LOT alike, but it was actually Wendy who went on the nutty tirade about Jolie’s supposed “surgical scars” (that any idiot with photoshop could conjure.)

    Ichabod, nice try, lol. Didn’t think you’d get called out on your bullsh*t, but you did, and now you’re pretending to be all misunderstood.

  104. Shay Kay says:

    I loved the dress and I’m glad she changed up from the strapless, short LBD’s. Her hair is always healthy, shiny, and beautiful but I would have loved to see an up do.
    I absolutely HATE the chunky, clunky rings with the “Jennifer” and “Justin” name tags. I’m a Jen fan but just no with the rings. I don’t mind that they want something that matches at all and in fact it’s rather sweet but the style is just all wrong IMO and wearing their own names instead of each others seems to negate some of the meaning.

  105. Diana says:

    How did this turn into a Angelina Jolie thread? Why does that always happen? Jennifers new movie came out, number 8 and got bad reviews thats why I made the comment I wish she’d make just one good movie. Note Justin will be begging off any moment now.. all together now – poor Jen.