Prince Harry’s royal tour is full of rum, costumes and pretty dancing girls

When I was at the gym on Saturday, the morning news was on, and I watched a hilarious video of Prince Harry on an official royal tour which looked more like a tropical, rum-soaked vacation. I ended up laughing out loud and everyone thought I was a crackhead. Harry has been sent – as a representative of the Queen – to Central America and the Caribbean. It’s a week-long tour that has Harry doing lots of photo-ops, speeches and appearances as a way to promote the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. These are photos from Harry’s stop in the Bahamas. Anyway, I brought up the video I saw, because it perfectly encapsulated “The Party Prince”. Here are some of the videos:

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So, basically, a lot of island girls are going to be giving birth to redheads in nine months. God, how much do you love Harry? I expected him to be a better dancer, but I find it adorable that he was game to dance with that pretty girl. Apparently, Harry has been trying the local rums too – and he’s even been drinking with members of the press corps, it seems, because there’s plenty of video of him trying the local drinks too.

Sigh… Party Prince. I will say this, though: Harry is very, very accessible. He gets it from his mother. William is accessible and engaged as well, but I find that Harry is the one who really got his mother’s ability to simply connect with anyone. I love the photos of Harry talking to children – like Diana, he seems most at home when he’s around kids.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. islandwalker says:

    He’s here in the Bahamas right now. A bunch of kids from our island went to Nassau over the weekend and got to shake his hand and perform for him (choir.) Thrill of their young lives. He was super nice to them.

  2. The Truth Fairy says:

    What would Prince Philip say?!

  3. Nessa says:

    Omfg. The things I would do to this man……..

  4. Jacq says:

    I seriously thought that was Phaedra Parks in the first pic! Lol

  5. Happymom says:

    He’s adorable. But he needs some wardrobe help. It looks like he threw a few things in his bag-and only brought one pair of shoes.

  6. The Original Mia says:

    Harry definitely inherited Diana’s charm. He’s having a great time on this tour. Good for him.

    It’s been mentioned in Waity’s threads how Harry does more work for the Crown than heir-apparent William. I believe it. He may party hard, but he also seems to do a bit more touring.

    • Sunny says:

      Harry does not do more engagements per year nor does he do more tours than William. This is only Harry’s first solo tour. You may want to check your info before making false claims.

    • molly says:

      This is his first offical trip ON BEHALF OF THE QUEEN. He has done many more trips that William on his own time though. Harry also has his own charity along with his and Williams. Harry is a full time miliray man and a Captain of the Blues and Royal, and William is not a captain. Harry has a higher rank than William. Harry seems like a harder worker than his brother who seems to be using his career as a FAF pilot to keep from doing royal duties. Frankly, Prince Henry seems like he actually enjoys his job as where his brother is always rolling his eyes(look it up). Harry works hard and he earns the right to play hard. I dont think he is the party prince that the press wants him to be. The press has always painted the spare to be an ass as where the heir could pratically get away with murder without a problem. They have always done this even with Prince Charles and Prince Andrew. To take it back a generation, Princess (now Queen) Elizabeth and Princess Margaret. I just wish more people would see what a wonderful man Harry is.

  7. cmc says:

    Wow, he looks a *lot* like Charles in that last picture. Maybe it’s the posture. Must unsee!!

  8. Ravensdaughter says:

    @ CMC-OMG-I think I see his hair thinning just a bit up top. Please, noooooooooo!

  9. HoustonGrl says:

    Third photo down…HOT DAMN!!!

  10. JJ says:

    Is there any truth to the rumor that Harry is down with the swirl but has to hide it from the queen? It wouldn’t be surprising actually but it would nice to see these guys hangout with outside of their circle.

  11. Ravensdaughter says:

    PS: I miss Diana so much, even now. I was looking at photos from the funeral over the weekend and Harry’s sweet little face was practically caved in when he was marching behind the gun carriage. Lord Althorp’s eulogy (Di’s younger brother) was not the least bit subtle. It offended the Windsors deeply but I think the message got thru. Prince Charles has done a pretty good job as a single parent, and the boys have been allowed to be themselves and to freely express their continued love and reverence for Diana.
    I am thankful that they carry their mum within them; then she can be with them always.

  12. Brannie says:

    Hot damn. The things I’d love to do to this man…

    A FINE example of the perfect man, right there.

  13. LadyAnne says:

    He’s such a lovely boy. What a beautiful nice smile.

  14. Reece says:

    He needs to be in a uniform everyday. Should be the law!

    I saw another video @ the Mayan temple, the voice over said “Maybe someone to share these views with is the only thing missing”
    They’re starting to try to marry Harry off now. lol

  15. diana says:

    it’s so much life in this man! love it!

  16. spinner says:

    I like his…

    I want to…

    He is all mine…


  17. Sachi says:

    Harry for King!

    I throw my support behind this boy every time, and I always will. I would support him more if he were in his brother’s place. He has charm, charisma, warmth, and sincerity. Those qualities he inherited from his mother. He’s never shied away from his role and his responsibilities, either.

    He likes to party and drink, he has made gaffes and faux pas, but when it comes to work, he takes it seriously and he works hard for his charities.

    I hate how the media always tries to portray him as the black sheep, and builds his brother up as the “can-do-no-wrong William” while Harry will always be “Harry the Nazi”.

    He’s regularly lambasted in the press, no matter how much work he does for the Crown and country and how well he performs his royal duties. His paternity is questioned up to this day, even though he looks more and more like Charles, Prince Philip, and the Windsors than William does. He is a mix of his great-great grandmother Mary, his great-grandpa George VI, and Charles, especially the close-set eyes. I don’t know why some still love to imply he is Hewitt’s son. Apart from the red hair, they look nothing alike.

    Anyway, his events always seem fun and he always looks like he makes people feel at ease in his company.

    His hair is starting to thin, but oh, how times have changed. I used to think he was the awkward-looking boy and William the good-looking one. But now…oh, how times have changed.

    He looks so good in that white uniform.

    • LAK says:

      re: the red hair – people forget that red hair is a major feature of the Spencers. Many of the Spencer cousins have red hair as do all of Diana’s siblings.

      i used to think he looked more like the MacCorquodale [sp?] cousins. His Aunt Sarah’s kids but lately i’ve noticed the Charles resemblence coming through pretty strongly.

      I really hope people will stop saying that he was fathered by the Major just because they both have red hair.

      Also, Harry is 2 years older than the well documented date of the start of that affair, and yet people still discount that little fact to insist he was fathered by the Major.

    • iseepinkelefants says:

      That annoys me too. I don’t know why William gets all of the praise while Harry gets the ridicule. From what I’ve heard William is a spoiled prat but people excuse it because he’s “shy” and had to deal with ‘Diana dumping her problems on him’. That’s not an excuse.

      And though I loathe Duchess Waity, hearing about their relationship just made me dislike William even more. He treated her like crap. But then again she let it happen so she really is an unlikeable dolt too. Can’t stand women who are doormats (and in Waity’s case shallow to boot).

  18. layla says:

    Whilst Wills may have Diana’s looks … he is more Charles than most people realise.

    Harry on the other hand, may look more like his father, but in all other aspects is all Diana.

  19. Frayed_Edges says:

    Oh glorious Hazzer – how I wish I could molest thee – over and over and over

  20. WattsUp says:

    Well…hellloooooo, Prince Hot Ginge! I think the most impure thoughts about that man. He can be in my rum barrel all.the.time.

  21. Jackie says:

    omg, i would so tap that.

  22. BerMan says:

    He just makes you smile and feel good all over. Bless him and his good nature.

  23. iseepinkelefants says:

    Agh so hot. I want to have his babies. and I despise the monarchy.

    Harry really should be King. Unlike William who seems to loathe and fear his position. He doesn’t have the ease, most of the time he just looks uncomfortable. But Harry? You can tell he has “it”. Everyone is always smiling and laughing in his press pictures. He comes off as warm and engaging. Neither William or Kate have that.