Is Jennifer Aniston ignoring Courteney Cox now that Jen has a boyfriend?

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox have barely spent any time together over the past year or so. It may even be longer than that. Some people claim that Aniston wasn’t okay with whatever went down with Courteney and David Marquette – meaning that Cox might have screwed around, and Aniston didn’t approve. Another theory involves Aniston being the “third person” in Cox and Arquette’s marriage – for years, Aniston went on all of their family vacations, and she and Courtney seemed joined at the hip, at the expense of Courteney spending time with her husband. David seemed to “joke” about that theory shortly after he and Cox split, saying that as his marriage was falling apart, he went to work in Anniston, Alabama and he “should have known that was an omen.”

Of course, there are other theories too. One of my favorites, and the one that I believe the most is the one involving Chelsea Handler. According to tabloid reports last year, Courteney kind of hates Cheslea Handler, and Cox doesn’t think Aniston should even waste her time being friends with Chelsea’s “trailer trash” ass. And now there’s a new theory, via The Mail – Aniston is the kind of girl who ignores her girlfriends whenever she gets a new man?

It’s an issue many of us have faced before – our best friend going ‘missing’ when she falls in love. And it appears Courteney Cox has been feeling ‘forgotten’ after best friend Jennifer Aniston started dating Justin Theroux last year.

Cox was noticeably absent when Aniston’s star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame was unveiled two weeks ago, a major career landmark for any actress. Sources close to the pair said they have been spending increasing amounts of time apart since Aniston fell for her Wanderlust co-star.

Aniston, 43, and Theroux, 40, have been inseparable since they started dating last May and are now living together. Cougar Town star Cox was apparently upset last month when Aniston cancelled a girls’ night out at the last minute to spend the evening with Theroux.

Before splitting from ex-husband David Arquette in October 2010, the couple were always very supportive of Aniston and regularly holidayed with her. Having been close friends since meeting at the Friends audition in 1994, Aniston is godmother to their daughter Coco, now seven.

A source told this week’s Grazia magazine: ‘Jennifer’s priorities have obviously changed since meeting Justin. But Courteney must feel that Jen has completely forgotten what it’s like to be the single girl and that will hurt given how supportive she and David were to Jen over the years.’

In a recent interview with Anderson Cooper on his Warner Bros chat show, she admitted she was finding it hard to meet men.

She said: ‘ It’s hard. ‘I’m a homebody- I don’t really like to go out. I love restaurants, I love to have people over to my house. But I’m not really one to do a lot of stuff – so I don’t know how that all that happens… that part’s a little difficult.’

Cox has also been at pains to insist that she’s still good friends with Arquette, adding that she is more than happy that he has moved on in his life with new girlfriend Christina McLarty.

She said: ‘I probably caught up to this whole situation later than he did. And, I am really happy for him and he’s got a girlfriend. Everything’s great, I know it seems so weird, it’s even weird for me to say that.’

[From The Mail]

So for YEARS Courteney had to listen to Aniston’s pity party, and when Courteney comes to a point in her life when SHE needs a shoulder to cry on, Aniston isn’t around? Granted, we don’t know if this is really the situation. But when is the last time you even heard a random report of Courteney and Jennifer even hanging out together? Aniston is too busy with her bangs-trauma boyfriend and Chelsea Handler. Poor CC.

Look, one of Aniston’s old noses!

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. spitfire says:

    Uhhhmmmm, Kaiser, never mind the nose, it’s the chin. The Chin! Is it just me or is it as big as a spade?

    • MS says:

      So sick of hearing about Jen’s chin from all who loathe her! Her chin is not nearly as large or prominent as Jolie’s mouth.

      Come on! Time to come up with some new material.

    • MS says:

      Jolie’s mouth is that of a “large mouth bass” and there is nothing feminine about it. Nada! I was not speaking about her lips… She could probably catch a beer can inside that cavern.

      Damn SUP! So happy you receive a report monthly, from ever Plastic Surgeon! I mean, how else could you possibly know what people are requesting to have done? Pffttt!

      Hungryhippo (wow, that speaks volumes), I could give a rats patootie about either one of these women. But I do feel you loons need to get some new material when it comes to Aniston…. the chin material is old and really irrelevant!

      One more time, I was NOT speaking about Jolie’s fish lips. I was speaking as to the size of her mouth. Huge!!

      • sup says:

        reports from the plastic surgeon? if you compare all her pics from past to present, some of the work she’s had done is evident. people make similar remarks of nicole kidman, and any other celebs who claim to be 100% natural. i don’t see the point in denying it.

      • HungryHippo says:

        You keep saying you couldn’t care less about either woman yet you’re ALWAYS defending Jen and posting horrible things about Angelina so how can anyone believe you especially since you keep dragging Angelina into posts about Jen? No ones buying it. You’re psycho like most of the other loonistons. So stop your lying and have the guts to be the real you. Clearly you and your fellow loonistons are way too invested in Jen no matter what you say and you need to get new material and a new obsession. Btw, how old are you, picking at a nic? 9 years old? Not that it matters “MS” (is that Multiple Sclerosis?) but its based on an old game a niece has become fond of. But since you are so small-minded, I’m not surprised you read more into it.

      • MS says:

        Hippo, bless your little heart!

        “you’re ALWAYS defending Jen and posting horrible things about Angelina”. Seriously?! I am new to CeleBitchy and have maybe posted 10 – 12 times so, how could I possibly be ALWAYS defending Jen and saying horrible things about Angelina? I think the worst thing I have ever said about Jolie is, that her mouth is the size of a large mouth bass, which, I said earlier today.

        Since you asked, “MS” stands for my name. They are my initials!

        Sup, the plastic surgery comments were meant for Spitfire, since she claims to know exactly what everyone is requesting to have done, at the plastic surgery centers across America! Please!

        Hippo, I obviously hit a nerve with you!

      • micha says:

        any man I have talked to said they love Angie’mouth, Jen’s chin not so much, baaaaahhh! As my husband says, Jen with her joker chin has already been played out, in and over-done. I took a poll at the bar tonight and 1 out of the 25 or 30 said they would take Jen over Angie and he only said if she would not open her mouth.

      • HungryHippo says:

        I’ve read your posts on the JA and the AJ posts and its *more* than obvious where you stand, you are not fooling anyone. I obviously hit a nerve. :D

  2. sup says:

    i heard their friendship ‘cooled off’ because courteney dated the same guy on the set of “dirt” who called jeniston a sport fuck. they have dated each other’s exes before but apparently jen was really into this dude because he’s a looker but he didn’t take her seriously at all and was all lovey-dovey wih her best friend so that was too much for jen’s already wounded ego to handle. ouch.

    • autumndaze says:

      Wasn’t there an event some time after the divorce when Courtney and David saw Brad Pitt and warmly responded to him?
      I thought Jennifer was unhappy with their friendship after that…..

      • sup says:

        yeah and they also said jen wasn’t too happy with cox’s comments where she said that brad really didn’t cheat on jen and that it wasn’t true that jen didn’t know that brad and angie had a crush on each other. she wanted them to get it out of their systems, those were more or less courteney’s words, if my memory serves me right. but that was a little earlier before cox-jen stopped hanging out constantly. so maybe little things added up? idek. but when it first happened, some blogs said the dirt dude and his feelings for courteney caused a rift between them.

  3. samira677 says:

    Chelsea is the issue not Justin. Ever since they’ve been friends you never see Jennifer and Courtney together.

    • Hypocricy says:

      No, it has been longer than that. Since David opened his mouth saying Aniston was the third wheel and he thought he didn’t have his wife for himself alone all the time they were mùarrierd…hell before that he even joked cynically saying that it was like he was married to two wives.

      Since he cried about the demise about his marriage, bringing Aniston’s relentless presence that reduce him having more privacy with his family, no Aniston was never, ever seen around Cox nor has she never talked or counteract David’s allegations.

      It was around the same time where there were those pictures of her in a car trying to hide her face because she was with her australian friend’s soon to be ex husband on a date.

      i remembered pretty well that David’s whining allegations about Aniston !

  4. lisa says:

    A lot of people have brought that up. I have never seen a picture of Jennifer, Courteney and Handler. I hear Jennifer talking about hanging out with Handler and Handler talking about hanging with Aniston but not Courteney. I saw a comment that said that Jennifer and Courteney have not been physically seen or photographed together in 2 years. Right around the time Court and David were splitting. Jennifer was with them all the time during and after her marriage. But nothing since then. And we are talking about her saying she spent every weekend with them To nothing now. we saw pics of them with Mayer but not now. I don’t think it is Justin. Something happened. And I found David’s comments at the beginning tellin. that he never got to be alone with his family.

    well I think there is something there. maybe not major, but something.

    • Floridaseaturtle says:

      I agree. Imagine having your, or your spouse’s bff over every weekend. Few personal family memories without the extra person. Moments that might have been ‘stolen intimate moments, personal inside jokes or glances between you and your spouse’, that are instead filtered or non existant due to the never ceasing presence of the friend. I think to some, that might turn major over time. Could definitely happen.

      • Kara Ann says:

        I agree that could be a major turn off. For me though it is up to whichever spouse’s friend it is to put a stop to the constant visiting. I’ve seen this before, personally, and I could never understand not putting your marital relationship first. That really is up to the spouses to do. In the situation I’m thinking of, the couple divorced but the ex-wife continues to have the super close relationship with, actually, her mother and sister. New hubby seems okay with it. I don’t get it.

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      I really do think that Jennifer Aniston is bisexual, but she prefers the company of girls more than guys. I’ve always thought it strange the way she aggressively hugs her female friends, grasping them with both arms and holding them possessively against her bosom (for example, see the top headline photo above). Jen didn’t just spend the weekends with he Arquettes, she spent every Holiday with them as well. Marrying Brad didn’t seem to change things much either.

  5. Zelda says:

    How can anyone look at the second picture and deny that Aniston looks mannish?

    • di elepha beth says:

      I have this bad habit of scrolling down really quickly and mistaking people for other people and getting really surprised by it, before sobering up and looking really carefully. (see examples of mistaking Justin Theoroux as Jude Law in the ‘fishbowl’ thread, and Katy Perry as Winehouse in the ‘interview’ thread).

      The second picture made me go WHAT THE… and then scroll up and went… oh okay. nevermind.

      I thought it was a blast to the past, long-haired David Bowie, although the thing that made me go “what the” was: “when was it when young DB put straightening iron to his hair?”

      The yogurt must’ve been messing with my head again.

    • Hypocricy says:

      When she is pictured with most women, her masculine, harsher features are pretty obvious.

      People keep on raving on her body, but for me, especially when she is sleevless, she oozes even more masculinity a la Madonna.

      She is big boned woman and looks more womanly with more meat on her face. Her keeping her weight artificially down add some athleticism that add some mannishness.

    • sup says:

      her legs look like upside down triangles in the last pic… her thighs are so weird and i don’t get why she would pay for a hairline removal, 3 nosejobs, a boob job, a chin trimming and an arm lipo not to mention fake hair, fake eyes and all and yet she never gets a lipo on the fat inner thighs. i’m not even trying to be mean i think it’s unfortunate but at the same time, i’ve seen this in her past photos when she was super thin, and i never got how she could have such fat inner thighs even back when she had washboard abs and was working out and doing yoga constantly for years… i have seen many big thighs but i honestly never saw anything as weird as this and i honestly mean it

      • Cut the Cheese says:

        wow! You’ve obviously given this alot of thought. At least Jen has a SOUL. Your idol does not, and nothing can change that!

      • sup says:

        wow, the reply i wrote to @cut the cheese (lol) disappeared instantly, even though there was nothing negative in it. yawn… can’t be bothered to again/doesn’t really deserve my time anyways

      • Hypocricy says:

        @ Cut the Cheese

        Cut the crap will you!

        I dare you to find a universal tool that measure people’s soul…but i am sure ojectively and intrinsecally that someone who is more into herself, who has several questionable abusive individuals in her entourage is less giving than someone who is into humanitarian deeds and who evolves in that type of environments with equally giviong persons…Birds of a feather….just saying

        Aniston has a mannish face for a woman just like your likes like to talk about Jolie’s skelletic/anorexic/little boy’s body day in day out.

        She is mannish looking with a thunder neck wich is another masculine feature of hers that is so obvious everytime she is pictured with other women.

        Cut the hair and the one graced the biggest US beauty of all time in a poll could pass for a man.

        I don’t know why this woman should get a pass when talking about her features, body wise or face wise and why her fans always freak out for words like ‘mannish’,'cute’ when they use much more derogative and insulting characteristics to describe other females’ physique..

      • HungryHippo says:

        Cut the cheese, I doubt very much that JA has a soul, or a conscience.

    • Kate says:

      That’s really low. Sorry that every woman can’t live up to the feminine ideal. There is so much you can rag on her for, why choose that? Bone structure is one of the few things people can’t change. I think most men would disagree that she looks like a man anyway, but thanks for making women who don’t have the perfect feminine face and body feel even worse about themselves.

    • Jill says:

      Oh for pete’s sake! I don’t like the woman but NO, she doesn’t look mannish. She looks like a moderately attractive woman whose best years are way behind her. She needs to cut out the smoking and tanning immediately or she is going to start looking like Donatella Versace, and that is not a compliment. Her skin is starting to look leathery and you can see the smoking lines around her mouth already.

  6. Jackie says:

    that nose! wow. she looks like a different person.

    cox has always been so much prettier.

    • Swebs says:

      I was going to say, I have always thought Courtney Cox was gorgeous!! And even though you can tell she’s done some tweaking (esp the lips) I still think she is just so pretty.

      • sup says:

        i still don’t get it, courteney was supposed to be ‘rachel-the popular it girl’ in friends. actually they offered the role of monica, the neurotic homebody to aniston but her ego was so wounded by that. she just had to have that popular-pretty girl role. why? monica was far more interesting anyway and got even more interesting because the actress who became monica was far more talented and beautiful! not to mention c. cox didn’t show off her body nearly as much as jeniston, i was taken aback by how good she looked in that movie “3000 miles to graceland”

    • mln76 says:

      Courtney has always been prettier but Aniston has been smarter about the subtlety of her surgery/fillers/botox ;)

  7. Bite me says:

    Maybe Courtney just needs her space after mothering David and Jennifer all these years

  8. bea says:

    I thought CC split with her husb bc they were getting close to the ten year mark, which means 50/50 split in California…

    @sup – that sounds like the most plausible reason yet!

  9. Skinnybetch says:

    She seems like the type of girl who would do that to her girlfriends. The needy low self esteem type whose entire world revolves around her man once shes in a relationship.

    • Wendi says:

      Except of course, she didn’t do it during any of her other relationships nor during her marriage. From all accounts she’s a social person who is far more likely to invite all of her friends for lunch every weekend (whether her man likes it or not) than ignore them for the guy.

      From the lips of both of them they still see each other regularly, but don’t let that stop you from making sh*t up.

  10. Agnes says:

    i’m surprised that CC put up with aniston as long as she did – i can totally see aniston as the type of friend who makes absolutely everything about her and doesn’t even care to listen to the problems of others. :)

  11. Mac says:

    Jennifer spent time with Cox and her family around Christmas and Courteney attended Aniston’s 43rd birthday bash in February.

    Jenn and Chelsea aren’t exactly joined at the hip, so I’d be more inclined to believe that if there is friction between the two that it’s most likely being caused by Theroux and/or some other factors.

    • tracking says:

      CC also tweeted from the Wanderlust premiere and recently stated that she and JA remain dear friends (also on Stern). This site is wack when it comes to Aniston hating.

      • Guest says:

        CC wasn’t at the Wanderlust premiere nor was she at Jens walk of fame ceremony. They haven’t been pictured together in years. I think somethings up

      • sup says:

        of course she would say that-remember, celebs are most diplomatic when it comes to stuff like this and they even forgave/stood up for really horrible people like mel gibson, chris brown or lindsay lohan… besides i don’t think anybody here claims that courteney and jen “omg effing hate each other” it’s just their friendship has cooled off, they’re still acquaintances they wouldn’t walk off the building if they saw one another at an event, but they’re obviously not bffs anymore, they used to be so joined at the hip. or maybe cox got sick of jen’s whining about brangie for 7 years lol

      • Wendi says:

        Oh Guest, bummer that someone downthread posted a link to a video that shows CC leaving the premiere.


    • Kara Ann says:

      I thought that Courtney attended Jen’s 43rd b-day party. Is that wrong?
      I don’t think that there is a falling out.

  12. LeeLoo says:

    I think it’s all the above reasons, honestly. Courtney hates Chelsea Handler, the whole 3rd wheel thing and the fact Courtney was screwing around on David. Also Kaiser, lot of spelling mistakes in the article (Marquette?) I’m just trying to be helpful. :-)

  13. Maya says:

    Yeah, I could kind of see her being That Girl.

  14. k says:

    Situations change, people change.

  15. Sherri says:

    there is never anything favorable posted about Jennifer Aniston on this site . . .you post about her often, but never favorable . . . seems odd -

    • Indra says:

      Its because Jen posts tend to get a crap load of comments.
      The Loons cant help themselves, any chance to trash Jen and they are here. Over and over, sharing their hate.
      Its okay though, apparently it happens to their Queen on a site refered to as FF, so they are just equallying out the internet karma.
      Loonifers do the same on AJ posts.

      • sup says:

        lol @ “equallying the internet karma”

      • HungryHippo says:

        “apparently it happens to their Queen on a site refered to as FF”
        Actually Jolie is trashed repeatedly and with such hate on just about every blog site, this is about the only one she isn’t. There is ONE site on the net that isn’t 100% pro Aniston and they still want to whine about it! They have the rest of the entire internet to bask in the glorification of their idol, and bathe in their hatred of Angelina, yet they want to whinge about this site and take this off us, too. Jezus, leave us alone to enjoy the only site we have!

        “so they are just equallying out the internet karma.”

      • Indra says:


        Yes this site and alot of its Pro AJ posters do ignore the fact that Angie is just a big of fame whore as Jen.

        That doesnt mean that the the Loonifers cant come here and complain about it.

        Freedom of speech does have its down sides especially when you dont agree with said speech.

    • mln76 says:

      except this story has been posted on several other sites both pro and anti Aniston…Kaiser definitely has an opinion on the stories but she isn’t the generator of them she picks them up from tabs and gives her take on them.
      don’t worry Huvane will deny this any minute.

  16. Shay Kay says:

    My best friend and I aren’t seen together half as much as we once were but that aren’t any problems in our relationship. We just live in different cities (only two hours apart though) and have responsibilities in our work, marriages, and other relationships. We still talk daily, several times a day actually, so a lack of pictures of Jen and Court together
    doesn’t necessarily indicate problems in their relationship to me. I do think that both of their circumstances have changed so their lifestyles are different thus time together may be more difficult. Still all relationships go through changes so I’m thinking Jen and Court are just fine. You don’t give up on friendships that stand the test of time but you do have up and downs even in those friendships.

  17. pamela says:

    I have been pointing out since last year that CC and Aniston have not been seen together, but someone here posted that they were still friends. BS on that. CC wasn’t at the Grauman’s (sp)hands and feet ceremony either. What I find telling is that CC recently did an interview where she was saying that she wasn’t as rich as people thought, and made it a point to say she hasn’t made “95 movies like Jen”. Something is not right in BFF land.

    I have another theory that probably CC just got fed-up with Aniston’s continued passive aggressive mention in her interviews regarding her ex-husband and his family. CC supported her in the beginning, as any good friend will, but I believe she knows very well what really happened, and knows that the “attacks” were unwarranted, especially Handler’s vicious attack, that was obviously sanctioned. After all CC has a child, and I am sure she would not want anyone attacking her daughter.

  18. proth says:

    rme. She just said on Stern show that this is untrue and that she was just having dinner with her that night or something. Lord.

    Let’s step back for a second and understand that Aniston also happens to be the godmother to Coco.

  19. mln76 says:

    I have a feeling they are still friends and continue to be in contact but have cooled. It happens with a lot of longterm girlfriends who have been through a lot. They might have a list of unsaid resentments but I doubt they are feuding and I also wouldn’t be surprised if they spend holidays together but the go to girl for Aniston to hang out with is that awful Handler and Cox is more concentrated on her kid and rebuilding her life.

  20. Rhea says:

    I had a friend like that before. We were best friend for more than 7 years. She was also my room mates for 3 years when we decided to moved abroad together. We know each other family very well. I was with her the whole time she’s changing boyfriends. She would get busy with her new boyfriend and forgot about me. I supported her when she came back to me, bowling her eyes out and feeling suicidal. I never left her and do anything to make her feel like a third wheel when I finally met my future hubby.

    Funny thing was, when I started telling her to stop jumping so easy through so many guys just because she can not stand the idea to be alone without lover (because she ended up being hurt&dumped), she started to look for other friends who only saying things that she wants to hear. Friends that perhaps more hip, likes to go party looking for a guy and stuff.

    She started to feel like whatever I did was wrong (she admitted this when I confronted her). I moved out the house after I caught her talking bad about me in the hallway with her new friends behind my back (she didn’t realize I was in the house). I’m not gonna put up with with her attitude anymore. All those years of friendship got thrown out from the window just like that. I guess I am easily replaced for her. :(

    I can’t help to feel there’s something similar from my situation with Aniston and Cox’s situation….

  21. LAK says:

    Those are really bad pictures of Jen Aniston. They emphasise all her bad facial points.

  22. Yiarr says:

    CC attended Aniston’s 43rd birthday pary in february.

  23. Siren6 says:

    Typo: David Marquette -> Arquette. (1st reference)

  24. Photo lab says:

    So, this isnt even the Daily Mail’s story, they picked it up from Grazia? That’s like the National Enquirer citing InTouch. Ugh.

    Anyway, Courteney was just on Andersoon Cooper’s show like a week ago and she mentioned that Coco and Jennifer are very close. There is video of Courteney Cox leaving the Wanderlust premiere (about 3 min in here: CC tweeted about the premiere and, during opening weekend, tweeted that everyone should see Wanderlust (which, yeah, didn’t work out so well). This was all stuff she didn’t have to do if she was pissed at JA.

    Also, CC was interviewed on Howard Stern last month and mentioned that she was having dinner with Jennifer later that night. And Adam Carolla (radio host/podcaster/Celeb Apprentice) podcasted that, in late January, he randomly ran into Jennifer, Courteney and Justin out to dinner at a private club in West Hollywood. Courteney has mentioned in interviews that she doesn’t really like to go out, so I guess they hang out more privately, away from paparazzi or whatever.

    • allenpoe says:

      Thank-you Photo lab for posting actual facts that are easily available on this subject (yet this site turns a blind eye to in order to promote obvious lies), and for pointing out that this story originates from a bottom-feeder foreign tabloid. I will never understand why so many readily believe trashy tabloid stories about certain celebs they take pleasure in hating on, yet dismiss these same tabloids and their stories when they are about their favored celebs.

      There are a couple of videos on youtube of Cox leaving the Wanderlust premiere, she tweeted repeatedly about the film, she spoke about Aniston on Stern and Cooper and Corolla also mentioned seeing them out to dinner together recently. Despite what some think, neither Aniston or Cox are spotted much by paps, compared to other celebs and considering how much of a pap “get” they (especially Aniston) are. They clearly would prefer to spend their time together away from cameras, nothing more.

      Also, Cox said on Stern how much she likes Handler, so I wish people would also stop assuming there’s some problem because of her. I get that many on here think Handler is the devil for her brand of comedy, but the truth is what she says in her comic bits and how she is as a person could be two very different things. She is well liked in the industry for her support of other comics and talent, and if you’ve seen any of her in depth interviews with Rosie or Piers Morgan, it’s obvious she is intelligent and there is much more to her than her comedienne persona. She has enough close friends to make this a more plausible conclusion then what those who hate on her here like to think.

  25. anonymous says:

    When you have a man who maybe is a control freak or an abuser, he separates you from the girl-friend who is going to talk some common sense to you, Justin Theroux is a bum, a parasite leeching on Aniston for all he can get.

  26. lisa says:

    I don’t think talking about her BFF or not is hating. And making note of the lack of contact with two people that Jennifer’s fans have held up for years as the ultimate friendship. How is that hating. And the pictures above are pictures of her and Cox together.

    We have seen pictures of them together for years. Now nothing in over 2 years. Much is made of other female friendships or lack of. It is not being a loon to comment on it. And the people screaming unfair treatment of Aniston are never so vocal when the negative is directed at others.

  27. The Original Mia says:

    As others have said upthread, Courtney celebrated Jen’s birthday & was at the Wunderlust premiere. That was the first time they’d been “seen” in public together. But… I also think there was distance after Courtney’s separation. I believe David when he said Jen was the 3rd person in their marriage. I always thought she was too involved with this family.

    I think Courtney took a step back and took care of herself and Coco. In the meantime, Jen needed someone to commiserate with & since her circle of cackling hens was growing up (Sheryl adopted 2 kids, Courtney was going through a divorce, and Laura Dern was fighting to keep her man), she latched on to Chelsea.

    • Wendi says:

      I think David is a bit of an immature moron and Cox got tired of being the only grown up in their relationship. It’s likely that Arquette’s comments stem from Cox having turned to Aniston as a sounding board and for advice (which is what your friends are for) and after years of having the same issues, the advice given and consensous reached eventually morphed from getting David to grow up and how that would benefit their marriage to finally coming to the conclusion that he wasn’t going to and doing what you need to do for your own (Cox’s) happiness.

      He’s a likable guy, but he acts like a frat boy most of the time. I would imagine that might get kind of old after a while.

      • The Original Mia says:

        No need to defend Courtney. I have been in her corner in her separation. I think David’s issues are his & she tried for many years to help him, but in the end she had to do what was best for her & Coco. All which has nothing to do with the fact that I think Jen spent entirely too much time with them. Courtney was her friend, but some self-awareness on Jen’s part would have been nice as well.

      • Wendi says:

        I doubt Aniston was inviting herself on their holidays. If Courtney didn’t want her there, she wouldn’t have invited her along and if David didn’t want her along, he should have manned up. I just think that his comments may stem more from Jen being in Cox’s corner, happiness wise, than in the “stay married to him no matter what” corner.

        Who’s to say that Courtney didn’t invite her along because she needed a buffer?

    • allenpoe says:

      Except the “circle of cackling hens” you talk about is simply her famous friends. Aniston is closer to and longer friends with a bunch of other non-famous women, many of whom are in long-standing relationships and have children, so your theory is bust.

      It’s also incorrect that Arquette made comments against Aniston – this site took his words about something completely unrelated and tried to turn them into him dissing her. This is not the case at all. Long after he and Cox were separated he mentioned that he still talks to Aniston and they text, etc., and that they are still friends. It’s also incorrect to think Aniston was always with Cox and Arquette. Aniston spent significant amounts of time away from LA, both filming and promoting movies, over the last several years. She did vacation with Cox and Arquette on occasion, but these trips also included several of their other friends too. And there were other trips Cox and Arquette took without Aniston, but with other celeb friends, so if they had an issue with traveling with their friends, that wasn’t down to just Aniston. The friend that was involved perhaps too heavily in their relationship (if that is even the case) was Laura Dern, who is on record saying she actually went with them to their marriage counseling sessions. She was also repeatedly photographed with them and their kids, particularly in the last couple of years of their relationship. For some reason, people like to overlook actual pics, statements, and facts in favor of a story they consider more sensational.

  28. Amanda says:

    What the hell was he doing in Anniston? There’s nothing there but crystal meth, the National Guard and stored government weapons.

  29. Jazz says:

    I’m just here to laugh at “her circle of cackling hens”. lol!

  30. Claire says:

    Jennifer and Courteney spent christmas eve together and Courteney was at Wanderlust premiere. Also recently there were sightings of them and Justin having dinner together. If she doesnt like Chelsea, probably Jen cant be all the time with both, but clearly their friendship is intact.

  31. sukienow says:

    they are close but people forget that they aint each others number one best friend…

    its the media that call them that

    i recall courtney saying her best friend is a non celebrity cant recall the lady’s name.

    and from aniston interview over the years her best friend is her producing patner, she is also godmother to the lady’s kid and was apparently her birthing coach as well(from an old interview of hers)
    i remember seeing of both her and another of her closest gf from high school at aniston foot print cermony

    i think the friendship with cc was hyped by the media and i think it something they both approved off… but like i said they are close but best friends is a bit too much .

    • allenpoe says:

      Exactly. They have never been each other’s “bestest” friends. Aniston’s are her producing partner Kristin Hahn (whom she’s known since before Friends), and Andrea Bendewald, who she went to high school with. Both of them were at her hand and foot print ceremony and Aniston even acknowledged them and others in her speech. And at least Hahn can be seen on videos from her WOF ceremony. Similarly, Cox’s bestest friend is Mary Fanaro (founder of Omnipeace), who she’s also known since before Friends.

      As posted above, Aniston and Cox have been spotted out together recently on Twitter, by Adam Corolla, and Cox has talked up Aniston recently on her Twitter, on Anderson Cooper and Howard Stern. She was also caught leaving the Wanderlust premiere, and spoke several times after her marriage split about how great Aniston had been for her during that period. They are obviously still very close friends and there is nothing wrong with their friendship simply because they don’t get photographed together.

      Keep in mind as well that both women are in their 40s with careers, families and busy personal lives, so them not hanging out together as much as in their 20s or 30s wouldn’t be out of place either, but it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with their relationship.

  32. Jill says:

    Could be several things happening:

    1) Aniston was far too involved in the Cox/Arquette marriage after her own marriage broke up. It’s one thing to need a shoulder to cry on; it’s something else again when you have to go on all their family vacations, nights out, etc. No wonder David Arquette was fed up. I imagine it reached a point where Courtney Cox was fed up and needed some distance from Aniston.

    2) Now that Aniston has Theroux to cling to, she doesn’t need to cling to Cox any more. But if/when Theroux dumps her, she’ll attach herself to Cox or another lady friend like a barnacle.

    3) Chelsea Handler. Enough said about that POS. I can understand why neither Cox nor anyone would want to associated with Handler or anyone calling her their friend. People tend to judge you by the company you keep.

  33. Dee Cee says:

    Mission accomplished.. Courtney suffered more in her split.. so Jen is happy to dump her and hang with Chelsea Handler whose snark-drunky personality suits her more..

  34. gloaming says:

    @ post 1 and the responses!

    Guys chill……..
    Does someone’s chin really warrant this much discussion?

  35. sullivan says:

    Aniston seems to be all about Aniston. Her friendships seem to be about what her friends can do for her (i.e.: supporting, protecting, propping-up,speaking to the press on her behalf…). Aniston needed Cox and Cox was obviously there for her. It doesn’t look as though Aniston needs her anymore. That’s where Handler comes in. Handler seems willing to make the friendship all about Aniston, booze, and ‘the happy.’

    • pamela says:

      Don’t forget promoting her. Apparently Handler offered her twitter followers VIP seating at her show IF they go to the movies to see Aniston’s Wanderbust, and provide the ticket stubs for proof. Much good that did, because the movie is a major bomb. LOL

      The funny thing is Handler used to make fun of Aniston on her show, BEFORE she was invited to her 40th birthday party, and she became a client of CAA. She is bought and paid for. It will be hilarious to see what will happen if the BFFs go kaput.

  36. skuddles says:

    I’m sure she’ll go running back to Cox once her relationship with JT hits the skids.

  37. HadleyB says:

    It’s amazing how pap photos can make people assume what is going on in people’s lives.

    Or lack of photos in this case.

    • lisa says:

      Well the lack of photo evidence is used a lot with other celebs. If they don’t see it then it can’t be. So I guess that theory is being used here with Jennifer and Courteney.

      But funny how the same people will go on other thread and make very broad assumptions regarding any number of celebrities. But when assumptions are made about Aniston the outrage starts.

      Now that is something to think about.

  38. Cerulean says:

    Friends grow apart and this what it looks like to me. They are in very different places in their lives. I also get the feeling that Jen is a high maintenance friend who relies on her girlfriends quite heavily. Sometimes you need breaks.

    I don’t believe there is dislike there, just a cooling off.

  39. Jayna says:

    When you are in a brand new relationship, you kind of drop away from your friends for a bit but it comes back later. Maybe Courtney was on set the day of the sidewalk thing.

  40. Dr.D says:

    WOW, she had work done on her nose, her chin, her lips, her cheeks, she never had cheeks, now she have and still there are people who call her soooo natural and down to earth haha LoL

  41. Narci says:

    If you look at the photo of beach with Arquette can realize how ugly she is Aniston, if you see old photos of it, just because Botox has been that things will have been done is that has improved little else besides filled lips and nose surgery.

  42. Julie says:

    I think maybe Jennifer has found a bit of a soul mate in Chelsey Handler–in that she found a successful and fun friend in her own age group that doesn’t have or want marriage or kids. It’s a big decision not to mother, and women are judged harshly for it. Maybe it’s easier for Jen to be around Chelsea right now? Just my two cents!

  43. Petunia says:

    How about their friendship is just at a different place for now. Can’t friendships be flexible enough to allow people space and then the ability to come together again when the need arises?

  44. Kim says:

    Im sure the fact that Justin is a fame whore, douchebag and Courtney knows it and doesnt want to be around him doesnt help the friendship.

  45. runswithscissors says:

    how come Jen’s new boyfriend looks like Courtney Cox?

  46. Str8Shooter says:

    Man, that picture scares the fuck out of me!

    Those faces…ugh! Talk about bad plastic surgery.

    Hey Courtney…The Joker called and he wants his face back!!!

  47. beanie baby says:

    Apart from the Jennifer’s fans verses Angelina’s fans cat fight, I must say, Angelina’s lips have always creeped me out a bit. Every time I see her it freaks me out, especially when she doesn’t have makeup on. I’ve tried to get over it, but I can’t focus on anything else.