“Prince Harry hilariously shows off his dance skills in Jamaica” links

This video of Prince Harry dancing is one of the best things ever. [LaineyGossip]
Blind items! I don‘t think the first one is Kate Gosselin. [Dlisted]
Ben Affleck looks like a hobo with a good coat. [Pop Sugar]
Elizabeth Olsen really looks like her sisters here. [Celebuzz]
Kesha still gives a crap about baby seals. [Evil Beet]
Justified recap! I should really be watching it. [Pajiba]
I don‘t get why this Ben Affleck story is a story. [I’m Not Obsessed]
Why can‘t Kristen Wiig find a decent stylist?!? [Go Fug Yourself]
Dianna Agron looks boring at the Louis Vuitton show. [A Socialite Life]
Selena Gomez tweeted a bikini photo of herself. Of course. [The Blemish]
Todd sums up Halle Berry really, really well. [IDLITW]
Lana Del Rey‘s ridiculous mouth models for Versace. [Yeeeah]
Sarah Palin doesn‘t think Rush Limbaugh should have “apologized” to Sandra Fluke. I love how Jezebel details Palin‘s history too. [Jezebel]
Miley Cyrus talks about religion, y‘all. [CDAN]
Rush Limbaugh‘s latest defense makes no sense. [Bossip]
Acrobat baby defies crib. Also: is the crib made out of shoddy metal? [Videogum]
Melanie Griffith does not look good here. [Celebslam]

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  1. hunter says:

    Hot Harry – nice, they really gave the princes both jobs they could excel at as cultural ambassadors.

    Harry is so much better at this than Wills would be and vice-versa on the Royal Charities circuit.

    Round of applause for the Queen.

  2. HoustonGrl says:

    Harry exudes warmth. And hotness.

  3. Tierra says:

    Awww…Harry’s got moves!

  4. April says:

    Harry is definitely emulating his mom’s kindness and ability to be more approachable. He can easily have a conversation with random strangers, and is able to be himself. Party Prince or not, he’s a great person who just so happens to be incredibly sexy.

  5. Aiobhan says:

    I have to say that I finally saw why people think Harry is hot with that video of him dancing. Boy got moves.

    Elizabeth Olson looks like she got all the happy genes in comparison to her sisters. I adore her hobo dressing older sisters but they can be ridiculously maudlin at times. And the other times they look like they could have been the older versions of the twins from the shining.

    I will allow Ben Affleck the hobo look because his wife just had a baby and he is probably not getting much sleep with the baby and his two older girls.

    I think it is Kate because Angie was seen with the kids at McDs and Brad has admitted to giving the kids coke before school. Madonna maybe because I never see her son or other daughter. I don’t follow her that often so don’t kill me of I am wrong. The Travolta’s are another one that I would choose.

    • tifygodess24 says:

      LMAO @the happy genes, sadly it is so true!! For living such priviledged lives Mary Kate and Ashly seem miserable.

    • demian bichir says:

      Aiobhan it’s either MDNA,Heidi or Kate Winslet.I think it’s more a Hyperactivity problem with the kid in question.

      tifigodess24 I think it’s definitely more easy for EO than her sisters to be happy.She wasn’t the Baby breadwinner of the Olsen family.Money doesn’t make you happy,those girls were pimped before they could even start to walk.No happy gene here, she’s rich, privileged, she has all the good connections because of her sisters.She should be happy!She wasn’t the one sacrificed.

      • Aiobhan says:

        May be. I, for some reason, cannot see Kate ignoring her kids like that. I may be biased because I like her but I just cannot see her ignoring the issue-especially with her work with kids with Autism. Or I might be thinking or someone else. Madonna I would buy though. Where are her other kids?

  6. original sandy says:

    very smooth, i like harry, so cool. he enjoys life.

  7. spinner says:

    I love Harry!!

    I want to…

    He’s so…

    I’m gonna…


  8. kristipistol says:

    How can you not love the guy. He’s taller than I thought, yum

  9. FOREVER says:

    Boy can the prince move lol, this is so sweet😂

  10. lucy2 says:

    OMG Kaiser! You MUST watch Justified. It’s so awesome.

    I can’t figure out any of those blinds.
    I wish Palin and Rush would run away together…never to be heard from again.

  11. Amanda G says:

    Oohhhh…the things I would do to that man!

  12. tifygodess24 says:

    I am a sucker for a Ginger! haha. I have always said to my friends , even if its only once everyone needs to have a little Ging!!! ;-)

  13. Jackie says:

    this boy is so damn fine.

  14. Cerulean says:

    I can’t resist Harry. He is one charming bastard. Much much better than that sibling of his. I don’t even like the royal family and yet Harry…

  15. Kate #2 says:

    I love Harry, but it’s undeniable: he looks more like Hewitt with every day that passes. The jawline, mouth, chin and ski-jump nose are like a direct DNA transfer.

    Given what happens when Windsor men age, this is a lucky escape.

    • LAK says:

      Q: Are you aware that Harry was born in 1984?

      Q: Do you know that *everyone agrees that they met for the first time in 1986 which is also when they started their affair?

      Q: Did you know that the Spencers generally have red hair?

      Q: How can you not see Charles/Philip nose, eyes and eyebrows?

      Q: If you discount the facial resemblance to Charles with Harry, then by the same token shouldn’t you also discount William because He looks just like Diana and nothing like his father?

      * everyone = diana, hewitt,his Army comrades, her bodyguards, official and unofficial biographers and records, gossips, the footmen, hell i’ll even throw in Paul Burrell

      • jamie says:

        I agree. To me Harry clearly resembles Charles, especially the eyes and nose.

      • LAK says:

        @Jamie – also another thing which i only noticed in pictures of Harry from this tour, he has sausage fingers, just like Charles and prince Philip.

        It’s a wierd detail that always freaks me out because Charles is always fiddling with his cuffs and fingers.

      • Kate #2 says:

        Yeah, I’m fully aware of when he was born, and the gossip. I’m English myself too. And I used to roll my eyes and think it was just nonsense, because Diana was so young at the time. But as he’s got older, I think the visual evidence is stronger and stronger. At this point I think William looks very much a Windsor (unfortunately for him – he was much, much better looking when he looked so like his mother in his late teens – now, he looks more like Edward than anyone else) and Harry a blend of Diana and Hewitt. I don’t see a resemblance to Philip or Charles in Harry, no. You see one there, but I don’t think it’s easily deniable that the resemblance to Hewitt is great. You’ll note I never even mentioned the red hair, because Diana seems the only one of her Spencer generation without it. But his facial structure is just so like Hewitt’s.

        I hardly think it matters. He’s not the heir, he seems to have matured into a great guy who does us proud, and everyone knows that neither of his parents were faithful. But I think the belief that he’s Hewitt’s biological son is extremely understandable, because the resemblance is striking.

      • LAK says:

        @kate#2 – the timeline with hewitt doesn’t add up.

        I mentioned the red hair because many people use that as ‘proof’

        I always thought he looked more spencer than windsor – google the MacCorquodale boys (Diana’s sister sarah’s kids). Harry has similar head shape, hair,jaw and of course the red hair.

        Lately though his nose, eyes and eyebrows are morphing in to Charles/philip. And those sausage fingers.

        Hewitt has wide set eyes and different nose and eyebrows.

        The timeline is very close but consider this, she had a year long affair with her bodyguard before she met Hewitt, and that affair was in ’85. And yet no one accuses HIM of being Harry’s father even though there is a very real possibility that he could be based on that timeline. The hewitt thing is an urban myth that people really believe mainly because of the red hair.

      • Kate #2 says:

        But nobody has claimed Harry is the bodyguard’s because he looks nothing like him, whereas he does look like Hewitt. I don’t think the hair colour is why; everyone knows Charles Spencer had the same colour when younger. It’s bone structure all the way, to me. I used to write it off too; I thought it was as weirdly misguided as the claim that Anna Anderson was Anastasia. Now… I think it’s suspicion based on the fact they really do look very similar. Founded or unfounded? We’ll never know – genes are funny things – and I don’t really care. He’s doing a good job in his position and that’s all that matters, what his parents may or may not have done shouldn’t define who he is now.

        He’s been raised a Windsor, he’s doing well in the military, I think Sentabale is a great initiative and I give him credit for choosing a girlfriend with such obvious intelligence, too. A lot of guys who weren’t academic themselves would have been intimidated, so good for him for appreciating her. Poor William could give Leo DiCaprio a run for his money on the losing-film-star-looks-inside-5-years front, whereas Harry just keeps improving, so whatever genes ended up on top, fair play to them. I like the guy, and he’s genuinely attractive. It was a throwaway comment on the fact that he’s better looking than the rest of that family, not a full frontal attack.

      • LAK says:

        @ kate#2 – If you can’t see the resemblance now, then I am willing to bet that you will see it the older he gets because that windsor strain is coming through, just like it did with William.

        In all other respects, I agree with you.

    • Sachi says:

      Do you honestly think that if there was ever a question of Harry’s paternity, the Windsors would have made sure they have a “spare” with the Windsor gene, not Hewitt’s son?

      I’m sure they’ve already done a DNA test to make sure that Harry is theirs. No way would they just let the media go on and on about speculations without making sure that Harry is a Windsor.

      He looks nothing like Hewitt.

      He looks more and more like Prince Philip, especially the smile. He is Philip’s exact copy when Philip was younger. Harry is more like a handsome version of Charles. He also looks a little like Charles Spencer, Diana’s brother.

      If you look at Queen Mary, her genes are really strong because the Queen looks like her. Zara, Harry, and Eugenie also look like Queen Mary especially the eyes. They are all Windsors.

      In the video of Harry’s christening, the Queen mother, cradling Harry in her arms, remarked, “He’s got Charles’s eyes and smile, doesn’t he?”

      I would trust the Queen Mother to know her great-grandchildren than some gossip mongers.

      Genes work in unpredictable ways. I know 3 sisters who look nothing alike except for the single mole in the exact same spot on their chins.

  16. normades says:

    I think blind #1 is J LO.

    The last one is unquestionably Joe Jones and Vampire Fez. The Patron Tequila reference gives it away. There are a lot of people on Blindgossip that think Rangerone is Joe as he always seems to have some kind of inside info on the Disney gals esp. Demi Lavato.

  17. bagladey says:

    Veeery Niiicce! Diana would be proud of her children and the Queen should be proud of Diana’s children.

  18. Cerulean says:

    Sarah Palin needs to shut up and go back to the woods.

    Elizabeth Olsen is fresher and prettier than her sisters.

  19. Christine P says:

    Well I think I just browsed your website for the last time. Escapism can be smart, but it can also be incredibly stupid, left-winged and DULL. Why can’t you embrace that your audience doesn’t give a s*&t what your liberal, tired and borrowed political views are?? stick to what you know – commenting on celebrities little lives – not current affairs.

  20. Frayed_Edges says:

    Gawwwwd Hazzer ! yumyumyum

  21. Petunia says:

    I DO love Prince Harry and I think he’s all kinds of hotness but I also think it’s time for him to start think about growing up. Yes, he does grown up things too but his partying seems to overshadow everything else. And right now, if anything were to happen to his brother, he’d be next in line. And any rate, it’s not so hot after awhile to see a guy of 30 or so still acting like a 20 year old.

  22. Sam says:

    Harry’s mom really would be very proud were she here today.

  23. NinaG says:

    I’m def. more of a Prince Harry sort of girl, always have been even when people were riding William so hard :-)

  24. Sachi says:

    Oh, Harry. He’s doing so well in this trip. So charming and charismatic and always seems so kind and warm.

    There is a photo of him hugging school children and it was just lovely to see him not being afraid to be so close to the public.

    Reminds me of that video of Charles trying to break dance when some kids asked him to join. He was charming and funny and not stuffy at all.

  25. Lindy says:

    Holy Hot Prince Ginge!!


  26. UKHels says:

    whereas for me, the dad dancing totally kills the hot

    just something about posh boys – why can’t tney dance? hideous shoes too

    and can’t believe the James Hewitt debate is still rumbling on – check out Diana’s sister (Sarah McCorquodale) and tell me who Harry looks like!

  27. Babalon says:

    Not a fan of his but that was pretty cute.

  28. Kim says:

    Love that he grew up to be laid back and cool and not a stuffy royal. Love that he is getting down with his bad self and not acting above it all. He truly looks as if he is enjoying himself. He is a charmer for sure.

  29. Nina says:

    I used to love Harry until he made those racist remarks. Can’t stand him anymore.