US: Demi Moore is ‘obsessing over’ ex Ashton, like she’s ‘in middle school’

This story in US Weekly irked me. I don’t know if I’m more annoyed at how rude the story is, or if it’s the fact that I’m defending Demi Moore. As you may know, Ashton Kutcher showed up with his new girlfriend at the Oscar after party thrown by Madonna and Guy Oseary. This was the same party that Ashton’s estranged wife, Demi Moore, co-hosted for the last two years. Except Demi was away at rehab at the time and Ashton knew he wouldn’t run into her. By going there with his new piece, Ashton was ensuring that Demi knew about his new girlfriend directly from her friends. It was a cheap move, and he could have easily gone to a different party that wasn’t sure to have so many of his and Demi’s mutual friends. Anyway here’s the story, which makes Demi out to be the desperate one. She may well be, but it’s not her fault for asking about Ashton after he did this.

“She spiraled after her split with Ashton and knew she needed help to get back on track,” says an insider of Moore, who was rushed to the ER January 23 for convulsing after doing whip-its at her Beverly Hills home. “Rehab was the only thing she could do.”

Yet for all her recent progress, a source says Moore… is still obsessing over her estranged hubby. After [Ashton] was spotted at a party in L.A. February 25, Moore demanded details about his date, screenwriter Lorene Scarfaria, 33. “She had a friend ask a party guest, ‘Was he with that girl Lorene?’” says the source. “She was asking about it like we were in middle school.

[From Us Weekly, print edition, March 19, 2012]

Demi and Ashton first started dating in 2003 and they were married in September, 2005. So Ashton has been Demi’s partner for about nine years, and they were trying to work things out up until October of last year. Technically they’ve only been separated for about four months. Yet somehow when Demi asks for details of a date that Ashton brought around her friends, Demi is the one who is being immature. In no way do I find Demi mature by any stretch, but it’s really normal to ask for details of your ex husband’s new girlfriend, even years after a divorce. A good friend would have told Demi and not cut her down for it behind her back. I don’t think any “friend” told US this story thought, I think it comes straight from Ashton’s camp. Ashton is the one behaving like a douche here and yet Demi is the one getting blamed. I only hope she sees how much better off she is without him and is able to move on.

Demi returned to L.A. over the weekend after successfully completing rehab at an undisclosed location. She also took a few days to unwind with a tropical vacation at Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos. Ashton is said to have visited Demi in rehab, and I’m sure he did it out of the goodness of his heart and not because his image was taking a hit because he was partying so much while she was in crisis. I don’t like either of these people, and I don’t think Ashton owed it to Demi to see her, or that he’s helping her by giving her any hope that they might reconcile. It’s just that his article is not sitting right with me and sounds like negative spin.

Demi is shown in September and October. Ashton is shown in December. Credit: WENN and Fame

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  1. Fyofeelings says:

    She is obesssed with being young not sir-douche-alot.

  2. Zelda says:

    “Like she’s in middle school”?
    Or like she is a human being with pain and a broken heart?
    I’d wager that most of us have been in “middle-school” over an ex.

  3. tuppiv says:

    I don’t really see how he’s acting like a “massive douche”? He took a date to a party that Demi had previously hosted, and that makes him a bad guy? I am no Ashton fan, I have actively HATED (maybe strongly disliked) the guy since That 70s Show, but I fail to understand where you’re coming from here. Don’t you think it’s possible -and extremely likely- that most of *his* friends were also at this party? You said it yourself, they were together 9 years. In 9 years, is it not plausible that they wound up having the same friends??

  4. Meganb says:

    He just looks….sticky. And I hate the whole “I’m a good guy” routine. Dude-nobody thinks your a good guy if you bring your trollip onto your ex’s territory, especially so soon after the split. What, where there no other parties to attend?

  5. nikzilla37 says:

    Why do I feel like Ashton’s decision to “marry” Demi (I don’t think they were actually married, to be honest), was more of a career move for him?

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Because he did. He finally realised he couldn’t keep being the dufus in sit-coms and lame movies, and she was his ticket to “respectability.”

      Unfortunately, people who aren’t respectable don’t do well once they’ve achieved (in their minds, at least) “respectability.” (Asston’s not the only example, but he’s certainly a recent & good one.)

  6. samanthalous says:

    I think she has the “forever young” curse and is like the evil queen in snow white.

  7. TheOriginalKitten says:

    *sigh* Why does there always have to be a villain? Ashton going out and partying after a break-up does not automatically make him a douche (although some of his other behavior might). I’ve done the same thing when I’ve felt hurt/burned post-break-up just for the distraction. Other times I’ve just sat at home, watched movies and cried. People break up, get divorced, move on and date new people etc. Everyone handles things differently and life doesn’t automatically end after a break-up or divorce. Yeah there are a lot of mixed emotions and hurt feelngs involved in that but it doesn’t mean that one party is to blame. You know what they say-the quickest way to get over someone is to get under someone else :)

  8. Jackie says:

    i get the feeling she is all kinds of crazy and a short stint in rehab is not going to fix that.

    i think he will be the focus of her unhinged behaviour until she finds another guy to cling to.

  9. Cerulean says:

    I have a feeling the split happened long before it was official. He really doesn’t owe Demi anything and I have a feeling he doesn’t give a damn anymore. I think he hasn’t cared for a long time. I don’t believe he went to the party with his new lady to get at her. I think he is insensitive to Demi’s feelings as a whole because he is over it and because he’s self absorbed.

  10. The Truth Fairy says:

    I feel sorry for her.

  11. Bobby sue says:

    I pray AK’s career ends up in the gutter. Demi’s acting like she’s in middle school because she’s devastated her marriage is over and she obviously still loves her husband???? I was depressed and ruined for 3 years after my marriage ended and I initiated it. Please, for the love of God, have some compassion!!!

  12. ccoop says:

    Oh baloney. He’s not behaving like a douche. Their relationship is over and Ashton’s entitled to go whenever with whomever he pleases. And Demi is going to have to pull up her big-girl panties (if she wears any) and deal with it at some point, so why not now? Stop feeling sorry for HER and start feeling sorry for her children.

    • bondbabe says:

      I agree. The relationship probably was on the skids long before the “official” break-up. Perhaps he got tired of her youth-obsessiveness. (“Honey, do I look as good as a 25-year old?” “I need to get to the spa for these wrinkles before you decide to kick me to the curb.” etc.) Who knows? But I don’t lay the villian title just on him.

      I’m glad she’s seeking treatment—but really, what KIND of treatment? I don’t think she’s at the healthy mind-set (and body) she should be. But I do hope she gets there.

  13. the original bellaluna says:

    Demi, honey, I’ve never really cared for you much since you & Bruce broke up, but listen:

    Ashton’s a douche-knocker of the highest order. He’s not worth a piece of ABC gum stuck to the bottom of your Manolos.

    Get healthy; don’t give him a second thought; and don’t look back.

  14. frothy says:

    first of all she’s not really a “woman”, she’s a broken girl who didn’t get enough attention from her father. just like almost every celebrity out there. she is so whack 101. her spiral has just begun…

    george michaels’ “star people” playing in the background.

  15. skuddles says:

    Back to rehab with you Demi! Or at least get your butt into counseling tout de suite!

  16. Floridaseaturtle says:

    IMO, ‘If’ it is true that he went to the party, he is an a$$ (and he would be well aware of his a$$edness.) And if she heard, it would be very normal to ask who he was with. Comparisons to 6th grade on her part for that ridiculous.

  17. Kosmos says:

    Omg, he should just keep his distance from Demi, out of respect if nothing else. Party or no party, just take your date somewhere else until this situation has eased up a bit and Demi has a chance to get on her feet again. No, I’m not a Demi fan, but it’s insensitive for Ashton to show up with his date. What’s wrong with him? If I were his date, I would not want to go either, or I would recommend he go alone. This is just something that could have been avoided.

  18. megz says:

    He’s a very young man who has chosen to live his life appropriate to his age. He is entitled to do so. She married unfairly given he was so young. She is self obsessed and idiotic. Move on is there no one else more important than herself such as her own kids perhaps. She is dull and greedy.

  19. Moi says:

    Touche! LOL!!! Demi needs to grow up. She’s got grown kids and could easily become a grandmother soon. I remember way when she criticized her mother and how she was raised. Does she not see that she’s making a mess of her kid’s lives too?