In Touch: Cameron Diaz, 39, “won’t read scripts if the character is 40″

In past interviews, Cameron Diaz has always sounded so Zen about aging. Especially after her father died several years ago, Cameron always sounded content with her life, comfortable in her own skin, the perpetual sun-kissed, easy-going California Girl. And then Alex Rodriguez happened. And everything went to sh-t. Camy bulked up like a ‘roid monster, she started acting like A-Rod was the best thing that ever happened to her, and her face… well, her face has never been the same. Sometimes she looks almost normal, but most of the time she looks jacked, waxy, Botoxy, and full of fillers. Oh, and post-A-Rod, she also got herself a set of bolt-ons, just like A-Rod always wanted. The whole Camy situation is a hot mess.

I bring this up because this little In Touch story made me sad. I’m sad because I believe it. I’m sad because this is Hollywood – even Cameron Diaz, once the highest-paid woman in the industry, is being told (in so many words) that she’s too old to play “The Girl”. The problem is that Camy still thinks she’s up for all of The Girl parts.

Cameron Diaz doesn’t want to act to her age: although the actress is turning the big 4-0 in August, she wants to remain in her dirty 30s on-screen.

“She won’t read scripts if the character is 40,” an insider tells In Touch. “Her team asks that the age be changed in the script for Cameron to read for the part.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

I mentioned in another post that I recently saw Bad Teacher – I actually liked it. I liked her in that role of a 30-something, drunk, pothead teacher who is terrible at her job. Camy is a gifted comedienne, an underrated actress and for the past decade, she’s gotten the first look at some of the best scripts. To give Cameron some credit – some of her career choices indicate that she is interested in branching out beyond comedies, beyond playing “The Girl”. But given her relatively new “makeover” and what it says about her (insecure?), it feels like Camy is in for a rough couple of years as she makes the transition from lead actress to character actress.

Speaking of, have you seen the trailers for What To Expect When You’re Expecting? I’m embarrassed for everyone involved.

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  1. iloveretro says:

    For someone who’s 39 she looks awfully 45. Especially around the eyes.

  2. Cleveland Girl says:

    She really looks so much older then she is. Perhaps she should change her hair color? She has never really recaptured the glamour that she had in “The Mask.” I realize that that was several several years ago, but something about her never looked as good after that.

  3. paola says:

    I hate when women can not digest their own age. She’s been lucky, luckier than most of us, she has money, success, power, she could do anything in her life, travel, do charity, run for life, enjoy the money she has and all those things i’d love to do but i can’t do due to a very demanding job, so i wish these women would stop crying over nothing, get a grip and face the fact they had it all, but they’re too shallow and greedy to actually enjoy it and take it less seriously.

  4. Cerulean says:

    She was funny in Bad Teacher.
    Her poor face. Aging is not all that bad if you can just accept it with grace. Don’t go all Demi on us Cam. She has the absolute worst taste in men. Is there anyone in Hollywood that can rival her string of egomaniacal fools? Now Pdiddy…

  5. I really enjoyed her in Bad Teacher too! The humping scene gave me second-hand embarrassment! Lol

    I feel for her. The industry is so tough on aging women.

  6. Lady_Luck says:

    She’s becoming terrifying looking.
    Some women just don’t age well.
    Genetics is a powerful thing, and no amount of money, face creams, botox fillers, laser can overcome that fact.

    and what do you mean “underrated”? I think quite the opposite. The only roles she’s had are sex symbol orientated and ditzy. She shows no depth of character.

    • Neelyo says:

      I think when she started out she showed a lot of potential and gave some good performances. She was great in MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING and BEING JOHN MALKOVICH to name a few. I think her career took a wrong turn with CHARLIE’S ANGELS. She was charming in that too but it seemed that after that she stopped taking on interesting roles. Shame too.

      She was hilarious in BAD TEACHER.

  7. Nessa says:

    Yikes. She is looking rough.

  8. Hautie says:

    I suspect her biggest hangup is that she is 40 and single. She has always struck me a girl who wanted to be married.

    Cameron has been trying to get married since she was hooked up with Matt Dillon. And she probably saw her personal/home life being different at 40.

    Yet it is the same it was 20 years ago. Dating questionable men who have no desire to get married.

    And advertising that she is 40 and not fabulous. Has to hurt.

  9. Riana says:

    Personally it thought it all changed around Justin Timberlake (he seems to have that effect on women). She just started looking clingy and kinda desperate.

    It’s a shame when women submit to men in order to feel justified. She’s pretty, has good money and a rather fun life. She should find a responsible man her age, stop moping and relax.

    I don’t really consider her a good actress so I can’t say she should focus on serious work but hey, do a few rom-coms and accept you’re no longer in the spotlight.

  10. Cerulean says:

    I really hope she didn’t take testosterone to beef up and lose fat. But…her face looks more masculine than it ever did.

  11. Fyofeelings says:

    We got another Demi here smh you’re getting old nothing there is nothing wrong with that. Her ass should be happy she still getting scripts sent to her cuz truth be told her acting is not all that good.

  12. Rin says:

    I never thought she was pretty. At all.

    • polk8dot says:

      I was shouting at the magazines and my TV for years, whenever they praised her beauty and sexiness, that ‘SHE IS NOT pretty at all!!!’
      Some years ago I saw her first time in ‘The Mask’, and it kinda made me pause. In it she was totally adorable, young and glowing, and yes – very attractive. But it seems that since that movie, every time she was on screen, there was something that had just changed about her appearance. I suspect she’s been messing with her face for years now, only she started off so small,with such tiny, insignificant changes, that we pretty much had not realized that she was traversing her beauty from point A to B. We only realized when she finally landed at B, because the outcome is horrific! She looks ugly most of the time now. The freshness, the originality, the internal shining-thru happiness, are forever gone from her face. They’ve been replaced by hard edges, fake smiles, misplaced filers, and complete lack of expression due to Botox.
      But she did not stop there. Her body always used to look good – athletic, lanky and lean; she was all arms and legs. But now, again, all you see are hard edges. She lost the fragility, the girliness, that used to be her trademark. She more and more resembles East German female swimmers, with the bodies so shot full of hormones, HGH, and who knows what the heck else, that she looks almost painful in her own skin.
      She used to have a great career, success, happy life – now it is so clearly visible that the whole ‘surface’ is totally cracked. That’s what happens when you start adjusting your features for a man – because when the next one comes, you again do the same thing, and on and on…
      Poor Cam. She looks 46-47 to me. I shudder to imagine her face and body when she is actually 45! Sh!t, she’ll probably look a plasticized, Holly-weirded 60 by then.

  13. TXCinderella says:

    She needs to stop wearing the black eyeliner on the bottom lashes! Anyone over 30 should not be doing that, it ages you and draws focus to the lines around the eyes. I used to think she was uniquely pretty, but she is not aging well.

  14. sarah says:

    She’s only 39?! Wow, I really thought she was much older than that.

  15. Dawn says:

    Geez yet another one who refuses to believe that her clock is ticking. Come on Cam, soon the only roles you’ll be getting is mother roles; it’s called the circle of life. And believe it or not playing a mother can be interesting. It’s okay to age just do it gracefully, those who try to defy it always end up looking silly or dead. Life is wonderful at every age and it sure beats the alternative in my opinion anyway.

  16. The Truth Fairy says:

    Her nose looks like it’s collapsing. She needs to have a revision surgery. I really think this nose is what makes her look “off” and it ages her too.

  17. fabgrrl says:

    Typically, blondes just do not age well. And I mean, of course, natural blondes with pale skin. Paler skin is thinner and shows wrinkles, age spots and sun damage easily. Sigh, getting there myself. Some look great (Meryl, Cate) but not the sun-worshiping, hard partying ones.

  18. Ann says:

    No wonder some actresses are terrified of aging; just look at the comments on here. Aging men with their undereye bags, jowls and wrinkled prune faces (never mind the balding & gut) never are torn apart on this board as much as women are. Us girls need to stop undermining ourselves.

  19. amanda says:

    I’m really shocked that she is only 39. Cautionary tale against tanning and tweaking.

  20. kristipistol says:

    I hate man-arms on a woman, like Madonna. I won’t work with heavy weights because I don’t want to get them.

  21. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I think Cameron looks good and she will age beautifully if she doesn’t get “work” done. And Look at Annette Benning, who has done a lot of interesting character roles, for a role model.

  22. Darlene says:

    Why does she always always do her eyeliner like that???

  23. Embee says:

    Oh, I hope this isn’t true. She looks great! I actually think her new boobs look good and I love that length of hair for her face. She was hilarious in Something About Mary.

  24. Jayna says:

    I get it. She is fantastic in certain types of parts. Once she moves into the 40 something parts she is typecast and put into a box. She is still in her 30s and a sunny blond. Hang onto those 30-something rolls for a few more years. Cammy.

  25. HadleyB says:

    I thought the played a good mom in My sisters Keeper, that was for a character aged 40ish right ?

    I just saw an old movie of hers and her eyes were smaller not bigger which is odd.. don’t eyes get smaller when you get older? her face was very round which I know slims as we get older but her eyes..

    I think she looks 39, not younger, not older just her age which is fine. Who says every actress has to look 10 years younger all the time?

    But I disagree I think for her to get good roles she will have to look for roles that are more serious, maybe older ones and why is that bad? Nicole Kidman did/does.. Helen Mirren did for a long long time… Julianne Moore.. I don’t see them as “older” but as great actresses..she needs to get her head outta her ass. And usually I stick up for her.

  26. Asli says:

    This may sound harsh but she won’t be getting much work if she refuses roles over 40. Why make it a bad thing. Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren anyone? Granted she’s not at their level but still…

  27. Sandip says:

    Love Cammy, I don’t care how old she is, can’t what for What to expect…….
    She was the mother of a teenager in My sister’s keeper. She’s cool with her age.

  28. ladybert62 says:

    I really like that shorter haircut on it – it sets off her blue eyes.

    The earrings are too big and clunky – the orange dress is atrocious.

  29. Sara says:

    I really like ‘bad teacher’

  30. D. says:

    Can’t blame her. Even far better actresses like Cate Blanchett & Nicole Kidman have struggled to get good leading roles since hitting 40. Men like Depp, RDJ, Fassbender (who already looks 40), etc. won’t have this problem.

  31. phlyfiremama says:

    FYI ladies concerned about skin: there are many things that you can do without having to resort to botox or fillers to keep skin looking younger & better for longer. I am a 46 year old Licensed Acupuncturist, and my business colleague is an Esthetician. I do facial rejuvenation Acupuncture treatments, which include not just the facial needles but needles around various points of the body to stimulate collagen synthesis, firm up muscle tone,balance hormones, aid elimination of toxins, stimulate blood & qi flow,and reduce stress. I have had 3 IPL(Intense Pulsated Light) photofacials for sun damage to my skin, and my colleague who uses top of the line organic products such as Source Vital, Cosmedix & Osmosis has done several facials on me~complete with chirally correct gentle peels & my skin looks AMAZING. The red undertones that had crept up (almost rosacea) have disappeared, and the fine crows feet are almost gone. While I still get hot flashes from perimenopause (which I treat with Acupuncture) the redness doesn’t linger. Luckily I can do most of the needles myself & trade with friends for the rest. So if you are looking for fairly non-invasive, surgical free, non toxic ways to enhance your skin~check into both Estheticians & Acupuncture. You will be VERY surprised! The sooner you start, the better your results will be. Also, make it your mantra to NEVER leave the house without sunscreen on your face & you will save yourselves years of grief on your skin~

  32. skuddles says:

    She should take any and every role offered to her at the rate she’s aging – looks much older than 39.

  33. LoL says:

    Err what is 39 supposed to look like?

  34. Samantha says:

    It’s pretty sad that the only roles for women in Hollywood are love interest or mother, depending on your age. Cameron may be afraid of aging, but it’s not her fault Hollywood is so sexist and ageist.

  35. Cinesnatch says:

    The dark comedy Bad Teacher is INCREDIBLY underrated. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. I admit, I went overboard in my appreciation for it after the first time I saw it, but it is still a solid, hilarious and fearless movie. It ain’t perfect, but it certainly isn’t typical Hollywood either. See it.

    And, Chris Rock is in What to Expect? What happened to his career? He was supposed to be the next Woody Allen, or at least something close to it. I’m guessing it wasn’t his fault, but I certainly would *love* to know the backstory on the last five years of his career. He had “Good Hair” and good on him for working with Julie Delpy, but at what price? Playing third banana in Grown Ups and now this? I thought Rock was going to be huge. Stars with much bigger failures then I Think I Love My Wife have a much easier time recovering than Rock. Something smells here. Anybody else?

  36. Amanda G says:

    I get the whole “accept your age” thing, but it doesn’t sound like she wants to play a 20 year old. She’s 39 wanting to play someone in her 30′s. Why is that unreasonable? You’re only as old as you feel.

    • Lucy says:

      There’s nothing wrong with that — Jennifer Aniston & Sandra Bullock both play younger than their age but they both LOOK younger than their age…quite a bit younger actually. Even Goopy looks younger than ger age. Cameron just can’t pull it off as easily because she isn’t aging very gracefully.

  37. sup says:

    why? isn’t it better to be that actor who still gets roles in spite of being 40-something? i think it’s more respectable and says something about your acting skills. look at lauren bacall. she was nominated for an academy award, at her later ages, long after she stopped being the it girl. unfortunately she didn’t win, but she is still respected.

    • D. says:

      What? Lauren Bacall is a good example of an actress who went from leading lady to playing bit supporting parts in mostly crappy movies after turning 40. Bacall’s fate is what actresses like Cameron Diaz fear.

      • sup says:

        At least she got offered some roles whereas most actors past 40 get nada! And yes she’s still a legend

      • D. says:

        You mean most actresses past 40 don’t get work. Plenty of over-40 men still get leading man roles.

        But yes, Bacall is still a legend. Which makes it all the more depressing – if a legend couldn’t stop her career from waning once she hit her 40s, what hopes does someone like Cameron Diaz have? Not to mention that it shows how little progress we’ve seen from the 1960s to 2012 on the matter of opportunities for older actresses.

  38. TheOriginalKitten says:

    God, women are insane. Everyone sees her wrinkles instead of the sparkle she has in her INSANE blue eyes. This is a girl that LOVES being outdoors and seems to genuinely enjoy life. She doesn’t strike me as the type who is willing to be housebound to recuperate from extensive plastic surgery. I know this comment is made on every CD post but it bears repeating: seriously, ladies, let’s start a revolution and stop hating our bodies and stop incessantly criticizing each other. This chick is damned if she do (read the Brandi post about fillers) and from the above comments, damned if she don’t.

  39. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    I personally think Cami looks great. I’ve always thought she was pretty, and I still do. IMO her eyes are beautiful, she’s got a megawatt smile, good bone structure, and a great body. Plus she comes across as being really warm and friendly. She’s a woman who’s lived an active life, and I can’t hate on her for that, of course it’s going to show. She’s broken her nose a few times due to her active lifestyle, and for years never even did much to fix it. She does seem a bit insecure now, but maybe that’s the fillers talking. IDK why CD should be expected to do less than all the other actresses are doing to keep up their looks.

    The real issue is, does she have the acting chops to stay relevant in the industry, outside of her looks. I think she plays funny roles really well, and I liked her kick-butt roles too. She’s certainly more than one note to me. As long as she’s not trying to play the young ingenue, I don’t see more problems for CD than any other actress who’s aging. Maybe she could go TV, it did wonders for Kyra Sedgwick’s career, and now even she’ll be struggling again. It really all depends upon how much you want to stay in the industry, and how willing you are to look at new types of roles as you age.

  40. yuck says:

    Yuck! Cameron, you are already looking like shiite! Accept your fate and enjoy a long life out of the spot light. You truly look like the Joker these days. Relax and really live life – out of the spotlight! You look like a pathetic slag.

  41. Cleo says:

    I don’t think she was good enough in Gangs of New York so I really disagree with the idea that this is a valuable commodity worth catering to.

  42. Terry says:

    I always thought of Cameron as an underated actress although, yeah she’s typecast in “sophomoric comedies”.

    Don’t blame her, the industry is tough on women past 40 years of age (with the exception of Meryl). Even superb actors (such as Kidman) had a hard time finding great (leading)roles when they get older.

    • polk8dot says:

      @ ‘Even superb actors (such as Kidman) had a hard time finding great (leading)roles when they get older. ‘
      First, Kidman is likely THE most overrated actress of her generation.
      Second, it is ridiculous what you’re saying about Kidman not having access to good material.
      For decades, she’s had a first right of refusal deal in Hollywood, that allowed her easy and unfettered look at anything that was making rounds in HW. She had even Julia Roberts beat in that category – whoever wanted anything made, was sending the scripts to Kidman’s agent. So she had her pick of what she might have wanted. Too bad that all she managed to do with such access is only keep other actressed from getting these roles. She would
      make a deal to do a movie, but ‘first’ she’d force them to allow her to ‘finish’ something else and then they’d make this movie, unless of course something changed, and she found an even better script, then that one, and it then had to lay around waiting again.
      She made a choice and a conscious effort to prevent other actors from getting the best roles – either she was going to have them for herself, or she’d hold on to a script for years, making it impossible for the movie to ever get made and some other actress get the juicy role. So I have no sympathy for her and her career choices. She brought it all on herself.
      She is a nasty piece of work, too, and her aging has been anything but gracefull and unnoticable. It is funny, and kind of karmic that she f-ed up her face so bad that even though visually she could swing playing a 30 year old, in reality people know that her face is just a MASK, and worse – completely unable to project ANY EMOTION, frozen in a single expression that never changes.
      Sadly Cammy is nearing this territory for me – she’s turned herself into a joke, and if she thinks she could ever swing playing a 30 year old again, she’s not only naive, she’s seriously delusional.

      • Terry says:

        @polk8dot Kidman’s a polarizing figure so I understand the kind of hatred that you feel.

        The first right of refusal deal you were discussing happened in the early 2000′s, (during the Moulin Rogue/The Others heyday) at that time she was in her early thirties . As to whether she made a conscious effort to prevent other actors from getting the best roles – who knows, really? Do you have first-hand info about that?

        “She is a nasty piece of work, too, and her aging has been anything but gracefull and unnoticable. It is funny, and kind of karmic that she f-ed up her face so bad that even though visually she could swing playing a 30 year old, in reality people know that her face is just a MASK, and worse – completely unable to project ANY EMOTION, frozen in a single expression that never changes.”

        Yeah, karma’s a bitch, isn’t it? That’s why she was recently nominated at the Oscar’s (for Best Actress)for 2010′s Rabbit Hole.

        I’m kinda gobsmacked when I read some people (particularly women) claim she’s now this deformed thing that they can’t bear to look at. She may look “different”, but for 44 year old woman, imho, she looks fucking good (and age appropriate). If she looked bad or freakish, she’d be unemployable in films (at least in significant leads). Things are recently looking good for her (“The Paperboy” with Zac Efron, “Railway Man” with Colin Firth and a Broadway play)

        I think the complaints had validity (at least at one point), but it now feels exaggerated partly because people like putting “stars” in their place. Call it schadenfruede or whatever. The woman made her mistakes and recovered as best she could. If she truly looked as bad as people claimed, she would no longer be doing anything significant in movies. The industry is cruel and it doesn’t tolerate weird looking women for long, whether your name is Nicole Kidman or Meryl Streep.

        While I’m on my Kidman rant(pls. bear with me)I will say that what’s probably hurt Kidman is that she does her most acclaimed work in “arthouse” movie. Kidman often plays deliberately unlikable characters in strange films… She really goes all out, doing experimental and weird stuff….Kidman got some of the best reviews of her career for Dogville, Margot At The Wedding , Birth— but were all Oscar non- nominatable performances. All were hailed as career best work, just like Rabbit Hole.

        Kidman gave an acclaimed performance (nothing new for her), but this time, she got nominated because the film is far more accesible than the type she usually does her most acclaimed work in.

  43. Dredz says:

    Actresses like Meryl, Glenn Close and Julie Andrews don’t rely on their looks from the beginning of their careers till now. Seriously, have any of them posed for Playboy then? No, right?

    Glenn Close’s performance in Fatal Attraction has managed to scare me to this day. Why didn’t this lady win an Oscar for that part??? *Sigh…

  44. iseepinkelefants says:

    This explains the ridiculousness of casting her in that role in the Green Lantern. It’s akin to Pine and Hardy fighting over Reese in that War movie. Broads playing chicks that are years younger than their real selves just ruins the movie.

    You’re getting old, get over it. If you want to feel like a 20 year old on the inside for the rest of your life then you need to come to terms with the fact that you’re not going to look like one on the outside.

  45. Cc23 says:

    Blondes (or anyone fair) wearing thick black eyeliner has been one of my pet peeves since high school. It just makes them look sort of haggard. Especially if they’re over 30. Dear fair girls/women, please embrace brown eyeliner (or at least a softer application)!!!!!!!!!!

    In my opinion, that’s what’s really really aging her in these pictures. It’s such a harsh look.