Prince Harry: “I just hope that my grandmother is proud of what we’ve done”

As we talked about yesterday, Prince Harry’s tour of Brazil and several Caribbean nations was a wild success. Harry was sent out ahead of his grandmother’s Diamond Jubilee, with the intention of simply raising the profile of the monarchy, getting some good press, raising money for charity and encouraging tourism to the UK. Any way you slice it, Harry did his job well. He didn’t mess up once, there were no embarrassing “international incidents” and he probably won more fans than ever. He was kind, he was playful, he was warm, and he was professional. All in all, a great tour. Harry also gave an interview to The Telegraph in which he sums up his experiences during the tour:

Prince Harry said that he hoped the Queen was proud of what he had done during his first solo overseas tour. The Prince disclosed that the reception he had received on his 10-day trip to the Caribbean and Brazil had left him “choked up”. On the final day of his tour the Prince, 27, said that he had been “humbled” by the “amazing warmth” shown towards him and the Queen.

He said: “I tell you what, it’s been an emotional trip. I’m absolutely exhausted but the warmth of the reception that we’ve received from every single country that we’ve been to has been amazing. I personally had no idea how much warmth there was towards the Queen. To me that’s been very humbling and I was actually quite choked up seeing the way that they’re celebrating her 60 years. She’s thousands of miles away and yet they celebrated her in the way they did and made me feel so welcome, so I couldn’t thank them more.”

The Prince, who marked the final day of his tour by playing in a polo match in aid of his children’s charity, Sentebale, said that he had spoken with the Queen shortly before his departure.

He said: “We had a great chat. She wished me luck and she said ‘Enjoy it, I hope you do me proud.’ It was a typical grandmother to grandson chat. I just hope that my grandmother is proud of what we’ve done.”

The Prince’s tour has been notable for his relaxed, unstuffy approach and his sense of humour, particularly in Jamaica where he left the sprinter Usain Bolt standing at the start line of a race track by running off when his back was turned. He said that his keen sense of fun and enthusiasm for pranks ran in the family. He said of the Queen: “She is very funny but I think she gets it from my grandfather. They are very funny together. My family is the same as any other family when it comes to humour behind closed doors, though I’d like to think I was funnier than my grandmother. We knew how fantastic these countries would be, I’ve never taken myself too seriously. I’ve had a gas.”

Prince Harry’s tour has been seen as a huge success, with Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary, describing his impact as “electrifying”.

But the Prince, who is expected to return to front-line duty in Afghanistan within the year, emphasised that while he would get involved with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, he and the Duke of Cambridge would continue to focus on their military careers ahead of royal duties.

He said: “Nothing’s ever certain, as I’ve realised. But I’ll do what’s asked of me. You can’t sit there with a stiff upper lip and not get involved. I’m in a very privileged position, so I’ll use my title to help out where I can, but at the same time, we’ve both got our military careers, and that’s what we’ll continue to do. I will help out with my grandmother whenever she needs me, but I have this job that does suck up a lot of my time, and that’s the number one for me.”

The Prince also talked of his closeness to the Duchess of Cambridge while speaking about his role as an Olympics ambassador with his brother and sister-in-law, and touchingly referred to her as “my sister”.

He also admitted that he had carefully planned his bid to beat the world’s fastest man when they met on a race track in Jamaica. Following a lively day on the beach in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday, where the Prince played beach volleyball and touch rugby, he competed in the Sentebale Polo Cup in Campinas.

[From The Telegraph]

He’s just too cute talking about his grandmother. He strikes just the right tone – and he is a breath of fresh air. So un-stuffy. So carefree. So funny. So sentimental. The Party Prince with the heart of gold. Seriously, when is Harry going to get married? I don’t even know what’s going on with Harry and Chelsea Davy. She’s in England now, and the last I heard (months ago), they were still hanging out together sometimes. Probably friends-with-benefits, right? Not really dating, but they can’t stay away from each other. And no nice, marrying-type of girl is going to stand a chance until Harry gets Chelsea out of system. Which may be never. Gah! The Party Prince is going to be single for a while?

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  1. Ashleigh says:

    I love the Prince of Ginger Partying. I remember back in the day when everyone was worried that he would be the one to kill the monarchy, now I think that he will be the one to save it:)

    • molly says:

      Agreed. Harry has learned from his mistakes in the past unlike his brother. Harry owned up to his shit while William had the palace defend his actions. All William ever had to do to get the press on his side was say how he missed his mom. I dont think Harry is a party prince anymore and he really does have a heart of gold. And can you imagine William and Waity getting down and dirty with those kids? That would be a massive fail. Harrys tour has actually been deemed more successful that Will and Kates tour last summer. What does that say?

  2. Nanz says:

    Harry stories make my day. And what a nice way to start a Monday. I love the way he talks about his grandmother and balances it with the right amount of respect of her position. He seems so down to earth for a royal.

    • Ashleigh says:

      I agree @Nanz His brother seems a little out of touch, as surprisingly does his wife the princess of curls however he seems to have his head on straight and can actually laugh at himself. I think being a prince would be sort of surreal and he seems to appreciate that. I also love the Queen, she is my favourite of the royals.. Huzzah!

  3. Asli says:

    He looks so good in the picture with the suit. He can be serious but he’s also so very fun and sweet. It’s refreshing.

  4. brin says:

    Harry is a great ambassador for the UK….love him, the Queen should be proud!

  5. Franny says:

    I love him. He’s just a bit older than I am, so I’ve always had a thing for him. He just seems like a great guy, who has faired pretty well considering all eyes have been on him since day 1.

  6. Sasha says:

    Harry has grown into such a lovely, charming man. I remember back in the day when he wore a Nazi emblem to a fancy dress party and everyone was like.. oh lord, he’s going to be a nightmare. But he’s just wonderful now! So funny! I heard him making fun of his brother about how he can’t drive. He’s got that classic, sarcastic British humour. LOVE!

  7. Sasha says:

    Oh and to the person who said that William is a bit out of touch, I think he’s always grown up being the one with the responsibility on his shoulders as the older brother. Harry could get into trouble now and then without any dire consequences, but people are counting on William to be a ‘leader’ of sorts. I think he’s probably always known that and has grown up accordingly. He was never going to be the cheeky ‘party prince’. I think this is the way it should be.

    • Ashleigh says:

      @Sasha I agree, I didn’t mean to say that William didn’t have more on the line.. just that Harry makes a nice foil to William’s more serious nature.. Either way the Queen has two Grandsons that she can be proud of viz. their commitment to their position in society.

    • Sachi says:

      For all the claims of William knowing of the pressure on his shoulders and the expectations put on him, he sure doesn’t show any sign that he is actually taking it seriously. He’s always been reluctant to assume his duties as Prince. Even Diana (according to her biography) said that William doesn’t want to be King, and that Harry will be better in the position of monarch.

      William’s stuffy behavior comes from being a spoiled royal who always wants to keep things the way he wants it: he doesn’t care for breaks in protocol. He gets upset when someone “breaks rank”, no matter how minuscule the error. There is that photo of him and Kate in Hollywood with a woman’s arm around Kate’s, and William had an obvious look of discomfort and grimace on his face. He didn’t like the woman getting too close with the Duchess of Cambridge. He expects everyone to bow to him and respect his title and rank.

      He keeps on defecting royal duties and responsibilities in favor of living a “normal life”.

      But he has no qualms about using his position when he wants special treatment and most of the time, he gets what he wants.

      A journalist wrote a veiled commentary on how Prince William sent his bodyguards to “talk” to her into stopping her criticisms of Kate. William wants to limit freedom of the press and he bullies others into doing what he wants. It didn’t get much coverage because he is protected from the press.

      The stories of him being unfaithful to Kate and his wild party ways are hushed up in the media, while Harry’s partying gets exposed 10x more and he is vilified for that image.

      Every time William is talked about, people can’t help but say, “He looks like his mother” and Diana’s memory prevents others from actually going at William the way they have a go at Harry.

      I’m not sold by William’s act of “I am the future King, so I must be serious all the time and I can’t goof around like my brother.”

      I think he’s manipulative and cunning and he’s done well in covering his spoiled behavior.

  8. S says:

    Chelsy, Chelsy, Chelsy.

    (& I think he’ll be in his 30s before he ties the knot)

  9. Talie says:

    If Kate gives birth to several children, he really has no need to get married. And if faithfulness will be a problem, he probably should just wait until he’s in his 40s.

  10. NancyMan says:

    Yes, everyone will love him and think him completely charming until he makes a mistake. Then, everyone will feel hurt and let down. Poor guy….

  11. spinner says:

    I love it when Harry talks about his Grandmother. He is just so charming.
    I want him.

  12. chloew says:

    my favorite royal, w/o a doubt, is Princess Anne

    That woman is HYSTERICAL!

    watch some of her youtube interviews

    best wit ever!

  13. Reece says:

    Yay more Harry! Him talking about his family is very endearing.
    I thought Bolt let him win. I didn’t know he actually cheated. I like him more now. lol

  14. bluhare says:

    Gotta comment so Kaiser does more Harry stories!

  15. Catherine says:

    More Prince Harry stories please! What a great job and great person he is.

  16. Jordan says:

    Ah, what a Prince! My hot Ginger Prince!

  17. Belle says:

    Oh my, he knows how to work a suit, doesn’t he? I don’t know which I love more, the casual, fun, cute photos… the oh-so-fine suit photos… OR the military-man photos! *sigh* Luckily I don’t have to choose, as a taste of each can be found(;

    Ginger is definitely my favorite royal, and while I’m glad he has grown out of most of his ‘bad-boy’ days… I still like that he had them! hehe

  18. izzyvalentine says:

    I love him! So much more than his brother. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t feel the same pressure that William does as the future king. Harry just seems (to me) so much more genuine, and I guess he has more opportunity to be due to the fact he’s not future king. Go Harry!

  19. Julia says:

    He is adorable, particularly when he talks about his Nana.

  20. Sachi says:

    I ship Harry and the Crown, and I will go down with that ship!

    Harry for King! :D

  21. macarena says:

    harry es encantador y si creo que la reina y toda su familia deben estar orgulloso de el i love you harry.