Dita Von Teese banned “too skinny” models from her lingerie runway show

Here are some new photos of my girl Dita Von Teese in Paris last night. She was the guest of honor at the premiere of Christian Louboutin’s cabaret show, Feu. Dita wore this silver-grey Herve L. Leroux dress which is… pretty. I like her in stronger colors, and this kind of washes her out. But the dress itself is beautiful, and Dita styled herself as she always does – immaculately.

Dita came to Paris by way of Australia – last week, she launched her new lingerie line by way of a runway show in Melbourne. Dita got a lot of press because she was very vocal in what she did and did NOT want to see on HER runway. She reportedly demanded models with “a bit of jiggle” and absolutely no “orange glow” from fake-tanners. Dita told the press, “We gave a lot of models the axe for being too skinny – we probably turned away a dozen, It’s important to me [that] we show curvaceous women and fuller-figured girls… Lingerie looks terrific on girls with shape.” Imagine that – someone not hiring models because they’re too slender. The mind boggles. Dita also walked the runway for her own lingerie line – here’s one of the photos:

Sexy! And I don’t feel like I’m being assaulted by bones, either. Which is always nice.

Lastly, I wanted to point out this wonderful quote from Dita: “A femme fatale is always chic, a little wicked, edgy and dark, and has her own dress code she sticks to.” I wonder what Dita would think of my dress code? Sweatpants and flip-flops!! Edgy sweatpants. Wicked flip-flops.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. RhymesWithSilver says:

    I can’t believe she’s nearly 40. Damn, I wish I had her genes…

  2. BK says:

    It’s good to see some curves going on.

    Too many shows forbid anything but near anorexic stick figure models.

    Turn about is fair play. :)

    She’s always looked good in terms of her body, but it looks like she may have gotten implants. She hasn’t always had them, has she? Since she’s been a public figure I mean? I had thought she was natural and still busty, but perhaps I was wrong.

    • Girl says:

      I’m pretty sure those are implants but they look very well done. She is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t like the bra she is modeling but I’d love to see the rest of the line.

    • lettylynton says:

      She’s had them since during her relationship with Manson. She said she got the smallest ones she could. But they do look great!

      • BK says:

        So she was natural up until then, but after the breakup, got some small implants to “firm her look up”?

        It’s sort of too bad, cause she looked wonderful before that. But I guess if it is her profession and she needs to have a perky look and a Lift didn’t seem to work for her, I guess she did what needed to be done.

        Oh well, at least we still have Salma Hayek.

    • Theuth says:

      She has said in a couple of interviews that she got implants before her famous days – had a wild life when young (drugs), and by mid 20s her body was wrecked, especially her breasts.
      However, they look good because she got small ones and gained weight, so they have a little sag and seem natural. She must be around a 32D.

      • BK says:

        Thanks for the reply.

        Too bad she felt she had to get them, but whatever the case, she is a simply stunning woman.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        She also corsets. So her 18 inch waist isn’t exactly natural either. The call for curvy models would mean more from a woman who didn’t take such pains to conform to the pin-up/bombshell standard (aka the acceptable alternative to the super skinny Hollywood standard). Without those implants and the corseting she’d probably be straight up and down, just like those models she turned away. Pure PR move to shill her lingere line.

  3. HotPockets says:

    I always think that Rumer Willis and Dita look so much a like, but Dita has a better jawline and is a bit more feminine/ softer.

  4. Catherine says:

    She’s 39 and I just love her. She has such a unique style that she does herself that you don’t see now a days. She’s a great example of sexy, not skinny and showing you can look good with a classic look.

  5. paola says:

    Sorry but i like simple girls with very little make up and low maintenance and as much as i like Dita i don’t think i’d be able to be like her ever, too much pressure to always look too perfect and too groomed. i love running in my sport’s gear, i love having natural blonde hair and i hate when my skin looks so corpsy pale… my hair would never stay in place like hers, nor the make up or the nails….. but i think Dita is a woman who belongs to another era, she feel comfortable that way and thank god we’re not all the same!! but i agree completely on the fact that skinny girls should be banned from the runway., not only on the lingerie runway but on every runway in every field!

  6. Reece says:

    I want to see those pictures.

  7. Samigirl says:

    I want her boobs. And her waist. And her hair. And her wardrobe. That is all.

  8. Asli says:

    Wow. She’s almost 40 – she looks great!

  9. velourazure says:

    i’m not a fan of implants, but i think dita has the best i’ve ever seen.

  10. Nanz says:

    She is gorgeous. And so confident.

  11. Hip-ster says:

    It’s pretty sad that skinny + fake boobs = curves in most cases now a days.

  12. MyCatLoves TV says:

    Love this dame…real glamour! (Love the sweatpants thing but maybe put on some glitz and edge now and again. Trust me it sucks wake up one day and think…damn, the only thing I CAN wear is sweatpants! Ouch!)

  13. Happy21 says:

    I really like her. She always carries herself with such class. I still can’t believe she was married (*gasp*) to Marilyn Manson.

    However, I don’t see a jiggle anywhere on her. I applaud her for banning super-skinny models as it sets a great example but she doesn’t really have much by way of curves and I can see each of her ribs. If that is not skinny I don’t know what is.

    And those are for sure bolt ons.

  14. sup says:

    she is really very skinny herself.

  15. Rux says:

    I am more in love with this woman every single time she comes back into the press.

    Kaiser, I think your outfit is the femme fatale for us regular women who do not bank million dollar paychecks. I myself am in a chic flannel, dark cut off shorts, edgy bikini top (laundry day) and wicked flippty flops; I always bring the sexy on laundry day.

  16. some bitch says:

    Dita’s a tiny lady but she’s obviously in great shape. Props to her for promoting different body types on the runway. I don’t entirely dig her style myself (as I sit here in my jeans, Birks and hoodie grateful I can open my windows again up here in Canada) but I love that she’s always dressed nicely, invests in her “look” and clearly takes care of herself.

    Really, I thought Dita was in her early 30s until I read the comments!

    One thing may be her foundation… I feel like she needs some vitamin D stat.

  17. Sapphire says:

    Her grooming is beyond impeccable!

  18. Alexis says:

    She’s got a great body. I’d love to see more women with bodies like hers on runways. She’s slim and sexy — but not a skeleton. Woot.

  19. Miss Bosnia says:



  20. Anguishedcorn says:

    That’s what I’ve always dreamed of looking like… a knock-out, elegant but edgy, can’t-look-away gorgeous woman. Maybe in the next life.

  21. Wendi says:

    Good for her! We need to see more women running the show re: fashion so we can stop being pressured to look like the prepubescent boys that all of the male designers seem to favour.

  22. skuddles says:

    Dita, you rock baby! Wish more folks would follow her example.

  23. Poppy says:

    She looks gorgeous, and good on her for picking models who don’t look anorexic.

    I can’t help thinking that that dress would have looked sensational in a bright red, emerald green or sapphire blue – she ideally needs stronger tones to counterpoint her pale skin. It’s still gorgeous though, and I’d love the grey on someone else.

  24. Kim says:

    From the girl who constantly brags about her supposedly 24 inch waist? Hypocrite much!

  25. Noel says:

    If you look up pictures of her without makeup you will see that she is one of a very small group of people who look better without makeup.

  26. mew says:

    Few things:
    Dita has her small waist because of corset tight lacing training.
    She has admitted she used to do drugs and get too skinny, lose her boobs and thus got breast implants.
    Still, even after all that, it’s good if she supports healthy frame. Healthy curvageous frame doesn’t mean overweight snack&junk food feasting monster but _healthy_…

  27. kay says:

    she is elegant and lovely as always, but you can clearly see her rib cage and clavicle bones in her runway photo…out of simple curiousity i would like to see what the figures of the models deemed too skinny look like in comparison…

    • Camille (The original) says:

      So would I. Glad to know I’m not the only one who noticed her look.

    • Seagulls says:

      Look at still, unedited pictures from almost any major runway show. Magazines feature these pictures, but they curiously airbrush away obviously sunken cheeks, obvious rib cages, super dark circles, etc. Magazines make the runway models look like they’re just naturally thin and healthy. Women come in all shapes and sizes, but I don’t think there’s anything healthy about the average runway model.

  28. Holden says:

    She should ban bolt ons from her shows…

  29. Mia says:

    So skinny with fake boobs now means curves? I think she is gorgeous but seems more like a PR shill than a real stand for curvy women to me.

    And I never realized before how much she and Rumer Willis look alike. Maybe if Rumer tried Dita’s styling, she could look great as well?

  30. dahlia1947 says:

    Wow she is stunning! It’s so fun to just look at her! I’ve always loved how she takes the time to dress, don the makeup and the glamorous hair! I just love it!

  31. Vera says:

    It makes sense that the show by a renowned burlesque dancer would be focusing on the general burlesque shape rather than the general runway model shape. I mean, a couple skinnier girls mixed in so it would have been diverse would have been nice, but if they were all around Dita’s size, then I don’t see a real reason why as she is quite thin on her own without being too concerned with whether she has a disorder of some sort.

  32. Lisa says:

    Well, good for her for discouraging super thin models. However… am I the only one who thinks she looks very skinny in the lingerie photo? Her ribs are showing and her legs and arms are pretty scrawny. She is for sure on the skinny side of what most people would consider “normal”.

  33. Michelle says:

    Dita is perfection. I just LOVE her. Love, love, LOVE! And you didn’t mention…. her line is for TARGET Australia! Here’s hoping for an American line, too!!!!!

  34. Snowflake says:

    Why does it always have to be either “skinny” or “curvy” models? Why can’t you have some of both? Some women are naturally skinny, and some are naturally curvy or overweight. it seems like discrimination to ban all skinny women. there is no right or wrong when it comes to body size. there’s a man for every body type. and banning either skinny or curvy or overweight is insulting, no matter which one you are.

  35. Bookworm_mommy says:

    I love her! She is awesome!!

  36. marie says:

    Great dress, nice figure….but a horsey face. Too much makeup and you can tell she’d be ugly without all the face paint.

  37. skuddles says:

    Does anyone find it interesting that a burlesque performer who used to be married to druggy, freakshow Marilyn Manson also happens to be one of the classiest, coolest babes going – anywhere? She puts “nice” Hollywood girls to absolute shame. Such impeccable style… never a hair out of place, never a foot put wrong, never a stupid comment, never a scandal. She lives her life with dignity and grace. I can’t help but adore her ♥

  38. Annie says:

    Hi Dita – you’re too skinny. Sucks being told that, doesn’t it?

  39. only1shmoo says:

    Dear Ditta,

    Thank you so much for making pale complexions cool again. You have succeeded where ‘Twilight’ has failed.

    A gaunt and pasty fan : )

  40. Eleonor says:

    I am a fan of her on FB and she linked some videos published on youtube, and I watched her runaway. I was astonished by her models, she choose some overweight girls, some cruvy, and some well toned girls who were skinny (in my opinion) but not scheletrical.

  41. Lisa says:

    She’s pretty, and I love it when ladies dress up every day. Can’t call myself a fan, but she is more glamorous than your average Hollywood star.

  42. Brenna says:

    She’s had facial plastic surgery and breast implants. She also wears a corset 23 hours of the day for her wasp waist. Her “Adult films” are hideous to watch, and her “burlesque act” isn’t much better. It’s sad she gets praised for “curves” that she bought. Get real.


  43. Chickenlishus says:

    Just can’t get past the face…Her foundation throws it all off.