Gabriel Aubry called “a loving and attentive father” in glowing report from DCFS

Radar Online has a follow-up today in the ongoing saga of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry’s custody battle. Yesterday we heard that Gabriel suspected Halle of having an ulterior motive in trying to push him out of their daughter’s life. Gabriel reportedly believes that Halle is hoping to have her fiance, Oliver Martinez, adopt little Nahla and effectively serve as the girl’s father. We also heard that Halle’s plans have been foiled by the courts. Supervised visitation is no longer required between Gabriel and his daughter, and potential neglect charges against him, stemming from an incident in which he allegedly pushed a nanny, have been dismissed. Well now team Gabriel tells Radar that the report given to the court on his parenting abilities from the Department of Child and Family Services was nothing but positive, and praised him as “a loving and attentive father.” Here’s part of Radar’s story, with more at the source:

As we previously reported, Aubry feels fully vindicated after the abuse allegations against him were dismissed, and he has made it known that if he’s hauled into court again over unfounded claims, he will sue Berry.

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“Gabe’s lawyers have now had the time to read the entire report that DCFS prepared and gave to the judge in dependency court last week,” a source tells “The report could not have been more glowing. It was noted that he is a very loving and attentive father.

“Gabe is no longer required to go to anger management classes, but he has told his lawyers he will continue to go because he wants to be the best father possible. Does he have anger issues? Well, as DCFS noted, anyone who has been hauled into court multiple times and doesn’t get along with the mother of his child…well, the answer is not anything out of the norm. Gabe is more than willing to work with Halle to co-parent Nahla.”

The Academy award winning actress may have actually done her baby daddy a huge favor by hauling him into court multiple times.

“Halle may have done Gabe’s custody case a huge advantage by getting a third party involved that fully vindicated him,” the insider says. “She wants to move to France with Nahla but Gabe will do everything possible to prevent this from happening, and his lawyers are extremely optimistic the judge grant that motion because it would cut him out of Nahla’s life. Gabe isn’t a part-time father and the judge will recognize that when considering the decision.”

[From Radar]

It seemed apparent looking at paparazzi photos that Gabriel is a great dad, but it’s hard to tell based on some isolated moments. It really looks like Gabriel adores his daughter and would do anything for her. He’s clearly fighting tooth and nail to make sure he stays in her life, and hopefully he’ll be successful for years to come. Maybe Halle will even let up at some point and realize that Nahla needs a relationship with her dad. I doubt it though. She is one stubborn lady.

These photos of Gabriel and Nahla are from 3-2-12 (swinging) and 2-28-12. Halle is shown with Nahla on 3-14-12. Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Happy21 says:

    Take THAT Halle Berry you stupid BEOTCH!

  2. Maguita says:

    No wonder Halle is still wearing that cast, she just shot herself in the foot again.

    In a very Publicly painful way!

  3. brin says:

    For most people, this would be wonderful news but not for Halle.

  4. Juliette says:

    So sad when parents put their own interests before those of their children. Selfishness.

    Every child deserves both parents in their life. Anyone who does anything to destroy a child’s relationship with their parent is horrible.

    Nahla will grow up one day and see this and will resent her mother. Very sad.

  5. jc126 says:

    I just think Halle is a c word. A vindictive, selfish, narcissistic c word who doesn’t care who she hurts so long as she gets what she wants.

  6. Lee says:

    This is great news for Aubry. Now hopefully a judge will force her to pay the legal fees he incurred fighting groundless allegations.

  7. Loulou says:

    I remember messaging Gabriel’s Facebook page once, and got a very Bhuddist type of response, even if I was voicing outrage. I’m biased clearly because I know how kids are generally raised back home in Qc. They’re adored and treated with intelligence. As for Halle, she probably has an open sore that won’t heal if she’s diabetic and literally causing herself bad blood. She needs to relax. I’ve never heard of Gabriel hatching diabolical plans. He’s not even vindictive about the Olivier Martinez thing, whereas Halle was all over the Kardashian court side ‘date’. Breathe in breathe out Halle. You’re snarling at the wrong tree!

    • podzol says:

      Maybe I’m equally biased because I’m also from Qc but I’ve also always believed that Aubry was dragged into something much messier than he’d ever done.

      Am I also the only one who quickly mistook the last Halle picture for Olivier Martinez? Same haircut and sunnies!

  8. Embee says:

    How cute is Nahla’s outfit? I want one for my little one!

  9. Sue L. says:

    Well, doesn’t this throw a monkey wrench into Halle Berry-crazy’s plans!

  10. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    I’m sure he is a good dad, and I think Halle is a good mom as well, but her anger is misdirected. I hope all the shenanigans stop, Nahla deserves better, and she deserves a peaceful life. She’s getting older now, and she’s going to pick up on it if this continues. I’m sure she already has, but it can still be repaired at this time.

    I know Halle’s been the aggressor, but this isn’t a movie. There’s no villain or hero, but there is a lovely little princess with two parents who both love her.

  11. Irishae says:

    Off subject, but why the hell is Halle Berry always wearing either a 1) foot cast 2) forehead bandage 3) wrist brace, etc.?? I can’t be the only one that notices this. She’s the black Reese Witherspoon — except she hits people with her car, not the other way around.

  12. Jaded says:

    She’ll regret the misery she’s caused when her current relationship tanks. There’s a blind item about someone *cougholiviermartinezcough* and how his A-List girlfriend should dig a little deeper into his personal life as he’s messing around with not one but two other ladies!

  13. Lucinda says:

    I’m not surprised at all. I know a lot of people feel Halle is getting unfairly bashed but my mom would have and did pull the kind of stuff Halle has been pulling. Gabriel’s anger didn’t surprise me at all. It’s a normal reaction out of frustration but the nanny’s story really sounded sketchy to me. Hopefully he can get all this to end or at least Halle will tone it down some. But I doubt it.

    • Belle says:

      Agree…. and I believe that Aubry probably did get frustrated at the nanny, and then she and Halle twisted what happened, embellished a bit here and there, and voila! Another attempt to force her daughter’s father out of her life. So.Very.Sad.

  14. nan says:

    What Halle is doing to Gabriel to win custody should be a crime. What an disgusting woman!!!

  15. jenny says:

    best of luck to him, I hope he doesn’t get her taken away from him.. so many of my friends are pregnant/have given birth and dude, like 3 of them have had their men straight up kick them out or leave.. once dipped out of the state.. and I’m in my early 20s.. no kids. It’s so hard to find a GOOD MAN to be a FATHER. I so wish I had a real father figure in my life, as my mother was insufferable and had a terrible depression most of the time. He SEEMS to be a really good father… giving him benefit of the doubt. Plus HB is just so weird! calling him a rascist at one point? remember?…

  16. Jill says:

    Hold up… why is DCFS even releasing this report? All reports from children’s services are supposed to be confidential.

  17. TG says:

    Does Halle ever hold her child? The one pic above she doesn’t even look happy and even back in the early days she never looked very loving with her daughter. She is a narcissist to the extreme this demon will stop at nothing. Narcissist don’t stop and learn they keep on steamrolling no way will she ever come around and be happy Gabe is in her daughter’s life. It is all about Halle all of time. Fortunatly for this little girl she has a chance to not become like her mom now that her father has more rights.

  18. Maritza says:

    Now all Gabriel needs to do is find himself a gorgeous girlfriend, that will really driver her crazy!

  19. Lucky Charm says:

    “She is one stubborn lady.” I disagree on one point. Nahla may be a little lady, but you could certainly never call her mother that! A lady would not treat the father of her child the way she does, or put her daughter through this ridiculous circus for her own ego.

    I think it would be best for Nahla if her dad had custody and she didn’t have to be around her mother’s crazy all the time.

  20. Beatriz says:

    This is great news! I always thought that he was a good dad, but that was only based on what I saw from pictures, something that would never hold in court. I am glad that he has more substantial evidence to attest his good parenting now and that this helps his case.

  21. Anon says:

    google “Venus: The Dark Side”. Halle is definitely one of them.
    Here’s to raising responsible, respectable sons and daughters who don’t manipulate, gold dig or become a button-pusher. Lately, some women in Hollywood or media have made women go back in time or look down-right foolish. Be progressive in all areas.

  22. Mongo says:

    Halle does not even deserve to have a child.

    She looks like a crazy mean woman!!!

    You get what you deserve in life, even with little things.

  23. dorothy says:

    I bet Halle is LIVID by this report.

  24. Alti says:

    She wants to move to Paris with “husband” Oliver. A new life with a new man. Desperate? But without the permission of Nahlas right father there will be no life in France WITH her daughter. As the father, Gabriel has the right to have his daughter near his “home”. AND Nahla too has the right to be with her father! Halle should accept this.

  25. Violet says:

    That’s wonderful news for Gabriel and Nahla!

    It’s been obvious to me from the start that Halle was unjustly accusing him of all sorts of heinous behavior out of purely out of spite, selfishness and other f’d reasons that had nothing to do with his parenting.

    For years, even after their breakup, Halle sang Gabriel’s praises as being a man of integrity and how she couldn’t have picked a better father for her child. One date with Kim Kartrashian, and Halle starts a relentless smear campaign against Gabriel, claiming he’s an abusive rascist who assaults nannies.

    Halle is not just stubborn. She’s downright irrational and toxic, completely obsessed with eliminating Gabriel from Nahla’s life by any means possible. At this point, I think it would be better for Nahla if her exposure to Halle be limited and supervised.

  26. Holden says:

    I feel awful for this guy, Halle Berry reproduces with him, leaves him and then engages in a smear campaign against him so she can illegally take his daughter out of the country.

    Hopefully, Oliver Martinez’s infidelity comes to light soon and ends the madness.

  27. Tazina says:

    How reliable are these “blind” items? The restaurant just opened and Martinez is already banging two employees? This guy doesn’t waste any time.

    Halle could make all this bad publicity settle down if she started acting like a mature and kindly human being, sharing custody fairly and leaving her vindictive and petty behaviour behind her.

  28. mimi says:

    months ago when this all started, you all called me an idiot and a c word. I knew halle was stirring the pot to get everyone on her side, but you all said, poor halle. Well, guess I was right, and i find it funny how you all are dogging her now. you people need jobs instead of living thru the gossip pages.

    • CHLOEW says:

      good on you mimi- you were right!

      I’ve always thought Halle was batsh*t crazy

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      Mimi-I didn’t call you anything; however. I will take it upon myself to collectively apologize to you for anyone who gave you a hard time. I worked in family law (as a student) and have been through a divorce myself, so I know that things can get ugly, especially when one party has more $$$ than the other.

      Then there’s my mini-saga-I may have to roll up my sleeves and hit Family Court pro se at some point, because the ex absolutely refuses to change the five year old Parenting Plan. They were 5 and 7 when we split, now they are 10 and 12. Different needs now, ya’ think?

      Anyway, I am glad that DCFS recognized how stressful it is to be manipulated by a powerful ex. Money is power, especially in our society.

    • Maguita says:

      I’ve been though on the Gabe train from the start. Halle said it best a few years back: he is calm and grounding especially when her life gets crazy.

    • TG says:

      Seems most people have seen thru Halle’s bs from the beginning. I only remember ever seeing a few psycho’s on here spouting off how wonderful Halle is. I have always thought she didn’t look like a natural mom and assumed from the beginning she went and found the best genetic match she could find so that she would be sure to get a gorgeous child. Mission accomplished I would say. I didn’t realize she was a narcissist of the first order until all of this came out.

    • Romia says:

      Not everyone; I’ve always thought Halle was a toxic vulgarity. Aubry merely provided actual proof.

      I suspect those who stubbornly continue to support her are driven by the belief, consciously or not, that the mother of a child should have more rights than the father simply because she gave birth.

    • Who is this “you all” you are talking about? Most people here have NOT been on Halle Berry’s side at all.

      • anon33 says:

        Yes, most on this site saw through her, but there were multiple posters who felt that “the courts wouldn’t do this if there wasn’t good reason” or “everyone is on Gabe’s side because he is good looking.”
        Again, most of the posters here did agree that HB is wiggity wack, but I definitely remember some that defended her. In fact, when I saw the headline I thought “hopefully now those that defended HB will see the light.”

        However, I do not agree with Mimi about living your lives through gossip sites, as that is nonsensical for someone to say while they are also saying “haha I was right about this gossip story and you weren’t.”

      • Romia says:

        Anon33 – Those posts drive me nuts. “I worked for the courts! I know things! I’m a lawyer!”

        So what. I worked for the police. I held an administrative position. I wasn’t a cop and I wasn’t a lawyer. I don’t claim to KNOW things. But, I’ve handled enough complaint filings and observed enough results to put family court on blast.

        The fact that courts DO “do these things even if there isn’t good reason” is a major reason why the majority of officers I worked with disliked domestic-related calls. Police reports carry far too little weight in a politically poisoned, misandrist family court. It really f***ing breaks your heart.

  29. Ravensdaughter says:

    Team Aubrey and Nahla-no way that judge is going to approve the Paris move, unless Halle coughs up for Gabe to move too. (I am trying to give the LA County family law system the benefit of the doubt-for now.)
    Will an assessment be performed on Monsieur Martinez? I don’t know if that is possible, but if it is, Gabriel’s attorneys should push for it.
    We should start a Gabriel Aubrey legal fund…I’m up for it.

  30. lucy2 says:

    Halle should have adopted on her own or something, but instead she made the choice to have a child with another person, and now she has to deal with that. He has rights, and their daughter has the right to have both parents.

  31. skuddles says:

    I was looking at some pics last night of Berry with Nahla and compared them to pics of Aubry with Nahla. Berry almost always looks tense, annoyed, and in a rush. She often walks ahead of Nahla, almost appearing to drag her along behind and very few pics of her looking at or interacting with her child. The only time I found happy Mommy pics was when she was posing on the beach for paps. Aubry’s pics show almost the exact opposite. But what struck me the most was how Nahla looks when she’s with Dad compared to Mom. She seems much happier, less tense, more contented and relaxed. I’m sure the DCFS people saw all this too as they interacted with the parents. So happy to hear they gave Aubry such a glowing report – he totally deserves it.

  32. BK says:

    With all of this information, will the court NOW stop “enabling” Halle and hold her accountable?

    Every step she has taken has been in HER best interests, not her childs, yet she keeps getting away with it. Filing motion after motion filled with misleading and venomous accusations, both from her and the nanny that SHE hired, and so far she has not even been admonished?

    Come on judge – it’s time to step up and lay the hammer down on Halle. For the sake of the child primarily, but to also make a statement to the world at large – that having money and fame does NOT buy you more “justice” than any other citizen can obtain.

    Don’t let her get away with it. Enough is enough.

  33. butch says:

    I seriously wouldn’t leave my kid with that Martinez dude. This woman’s rep with men is bad. Physical abuse, proly other abuse as well, mental, sexual…abuse. The Gabe ex might have some issues like these, might not. He was proly a womanizer, but didn’t beat her. Possibly mentally abused her, who knows. Neither are faultless. Why do you think this woman is always bandaged and bruised? Would not leave my baby girl w/ oliver Martinez.

    • swansong says:

      This has got to be one of the most asinine comments on this site.
      The fact that Berry hasn’t picked many winners in the past probably has something to do with the character assassination she performs after they leave her. Gabriel was – according to Berry – a really decent man and father until he had the audacity to publicly move on from her.
      Sexual and mental/physical abuse are very serious crimes – especially towards children. You are disrespecting those who have been genuine victims of it by being so flippant with your accusations. Not to mention the men who you casually suggest are child abusers and women-beaters.

      • skuddles says:

        So glad to hear you say that Swansong – yours is the first comment I’ve come across that suggests it was Aubry who moved on from Berry and not the other way around! I’ve strongly believed that from day one. And it certainly would explain why she’s so bleeping hostile towards him now.

  34. hopperlea says:

    Halle is not stubborn. She is a friggin nutjob!

  35. Brenda says:

    Sounds like the stories she told about her first husband (David Justive) abusing her were probably made up too. This just proves that she’s the crazy one in relationships.

    • Maguita says:

      Actually, that is the saddest part of Halle’s history. There are truths and apparently hospital documents that show clear spousal abuse, but because of Halle’s crazy shenanigans lately, she is loosing all credibility, past, present and future.

      And it is women like Halle Berry, who unjustly and constantly try to manipulate the legal system with their “crying wolf”, that deny women in real danger a fair chance at getting quick judgement and saving their children from an abusive prick.

      • swansong says:


        When will women learn, playing into the “bitches be crazy” mindset doesn’t do us any favours.
        It’s tragic that real abuse is doubted – Berry’s obnoxious behaviour doesn’t live in a vacuum, and not all victims of crimes are decent people (i don’t in any way mean they deserve it, just that crime strikes all sorts).

  36. butch says:

    oh…one thing. Go look at those fun family beach pics. Um hello….f-ing creepy. I agree w/ravensdaughter … time to assess the fiance …. Ya. The one who is threatening to leave her ass if she doesn’t pull stakes and move. Like NOW! Total abuser. Sry peeps. Victims of abusive relationships tend to be left open to more of the same. I don’t like this woman, but I hate abusers of women and children more.

  37. Leticia says:

    CB, you called HB a stubborn lady, but you left out vindictive and selfish.

  38. lizzief says:

    Aubry should take heart at this week’s news that Padma Lakshmi has also been thwarted in her efforts to keep her daughters biological dad, Adam Dell, out of their lives. He has been granted greater visitation rights by the NY court system and the child will now have the last name of Lakshmi – Dell. Padma had tried to replace Dell as a father with the now late billionaire Teddy Forstmann.

  39. Leticia says:

    I’m not usually into fair men, but this guy is beyond words…

  40. Jaxx says:

    This is the best news I have heard in a while. I actually started grinning from ear to ear when I read this. Thank God the courts aren’t listening to Halle’s vindictive lies. I’m so happy for Gabriel and Nahla. That little girl looks like she adores her daddy and Halle is trying to ruin that at her own peril. Once a Daddy’s girl, always, and one day she’ll cut Halle right out of her life if she persists in this crazy crusade she’s on.

    I never believed anything Halle said, and NOT because Gabriel is good looking. I have just seen too many pictures of him doting on his child to believe her. Conversely I rarely see pics of Nahla happy with Halle. She always looks sullen and like she’s trailing unhappily behind her. I usually don’t use pics as a rule of thumb but in this case they are really starting to pile up.

    The part I really respected was when Gabriel said he was going to continue the anger mgt. classes even though he’s been excused, because he wants to be the best father he can be. I’m sure he knows the courts will look favorably at him as well for it, but still I think this guy sincerely loves his child and Halle is despicable for trying to deprive Nahla of that love. I’m so glad the courts are seeing through her. It’s so sad that such a beautifulo woman is so ugly where it counts.

  41. Birdie says:

    I can’t stand this evil bitch.

  42. Yasmine says:

    I applaud him for having the patience of Job so far because I already would’ve acted a fool. Secondly, this just proves karma is real. If he is in fact still going to parenting class and anger management, no matter what Halle pulls out of her azz next won’t be relevant because he’s doing his part in trying to make co-parenting work. I’m happy for him but my biggest fear is that Nahla will grow up to be the mixed version of Lindsay Lohan. This case is just tragic, everytime something good happens on his part he can’t get happy because he has to worry about what move she’ll make next. I don’t hate Halle but she needs to mature quickly, she shouldn’t be making these kind of moves at 45. Hell, Brandi and Eddie “Sleazebag “Cibrian are more civil than this.And he cheated on her with LeHorseface Rimes but she isn’t trying to get him out of their kid’s life. Same thing for Bridget Moynahan

  43. kristipistol says:

    Damn Celebitchy, I’m so hot for Gabe now with all these posts!!!!

  44. Jaxx says:

    The next thing on Halle’s agenda: since the majority of social workers are women she’s going to come out saying that Gabriel charmed all these women with his good looks and they all lied for him.

    For Nahla’s sake though I hope she takes the money she is spending on lawyers and gets indepth therapy.

  45. tforce7878 says:

    Does anyone notice that Team Halle, aka TMZ, has been unusually quiet since these latest reports came out?

  46. Boo says:

    Glowing? I thought only Lindsay glowed in court documents?!

    Good for GA. He looks/seems like a decent guy–and Halle comes across as a complete psycho.

  47. Dap says:

    So GA is pursuing the anger management classes even if he doesn’t have to. And Does HB follow the parental classes she badly needs and she was ordered to?

  48. Hootie Hoo says:

    I’m only going by photographs but Gabe and Nahla always seem very relaxed together and appear to be having a great deal of fun. Really hope justice prevails and he gets a fair shot at being a Dad.

  49. mymy says:

    Well well well. I guess the pictures don’t lie. She won’t stop. She will marry Oliver to try and get her way. I hope the judge tells her Oliver can go to France and she can go see him on Gabriel s days.
    Oliver had no problem staying here when he was dating Sorvino. So it should be no problem.She is scary. I would worry about her and get video recorders in Aubrey’s house.She is very sick. I hope she loses the child and her career.

  50. Newtsgal says:

    You know, as batsh*t crazy as Scary Berry is if I were GA I would be checking my brake lines and make sure that she didn’t stash some drugs in his car or home…..I’m just saying!

    • Jaxx says:

      God, that is a scary though! But somehow I wouldn’t put it past her. But hopefully she will see the writing on the wall and concentrate on ending this harrassment. She’s about to ruin her career and reputation forever. And should something happen to Gabriel she’ll be the first suspect. She can’t get custody from prison.

      But she is the kind of person the words pyrric victory were created for. She wants to win no matter if everything is burnt to the ground by the end.

      • TG says:

        I agree there is no telling how far her narcissism will go. I know another narcisst who killed his wife since she was taking the child and he is serving a life sentence now. He came up with lies about his other wife too in a custody battle. I wouldn’t put it past her. A narcissist will try to win at all costs.

  51. Karma says:

    All that swinging around while walking is like having your own personal roller coaster every where you go. They always look so happy together.

    And sadly, it did seem like Halle was trying to set up the situation to terminate his rights. I was waiting to see what the report said, but even then, the pics showed that Nahla clearly loved her Dad.

    Why would anyone want to ruin a relationship between a father and daughter? Sadly, this happens too often in divorce/separation cases, even with step-parents doing the damage to that special bond rather than one of the bio parents.

  52. normades says:

    I know people who had mothers that tried to push their fathers out of their lives with manipulative tactics like Halle. When these people got older (12 or 13) and realised how screwy their mother’s were, they decided to live…with the father.

  53. SmartGirlsAlwaysWinInTheEnd says:

    Gabriel Aubrey= Winning…as a father.<3

  54. Kate #2 says:

    I agree pap shots (photos in general) only capture moments and don’t usually tell anything. But there’s an exception in the ones above.

    One of the things social workers and child psychologists look for is evidence that the child is comfy in close physical proximity to an adult, where abuse or anger issues are mooted. Does the child seem relaxed, trusting, happy to be that near; is trust evident.

    Nahla is grinning and hanging on to her father’s hand as he swings her high in the air using just that one hand. That’s a pretty strong statement of trust from a child that age. I know a social worker who said she first started feeling confident one mother’s allegations were wrong when she saw the child plead for “airplanes” and then the father lay on his back and lifted the kid in the air on his feet. She said the evidence of trust in that game was strong, and the child showed nothing but confident, excited joy. I’d say this was similar.

  55. Jordan says:

    Halle feels so entitled, I’m sure when she heard the news, she screamed and kicked a wall (hopefully w/ her good foot), and said “But I have an Oscar! I’m Halle Berry!” Yeah, Scary Berry didn’t win this time but her crazy probably won’t go anywhere. I feel for that little girl being manipulated by Halle. She always looks happy with her Daddy.

  56. ViloDeMenus says:

    It’s not what he’s doing that shows he’s a good father, it’s what the child does when she’s with him and the child shows obviously her love and affection with her father spontaneously. I think Halle is so hateful and hate-filled she doesn’t care that taking Gabriel out of her daughters life would profoundly hurt her child, she hates the father of her child so he must be destroyed. It makes you wonder how damaged her own childhood was to have made her such an angry, mean woman. She’s not a good mother if she wants to do this much damage to her child.

  57. Devon says:

    I too thought it was pretty clear from the pap photos that Gabriel and Nahla have a good relationship. She doesn’t seem frightened of him and he seems to dote on her.

    Parents fighting with each other is the worst thing for a kid. Growing up, my parents stayed married for a long time but they fought constantly. I was happy when they separated because I thought the fighting would stop but it didn’t. To get back at my mother for kicking him out, my dad would not pay the mortgage, refuse to pay alimony and child support, etc. I know he loved me and my brother but it was all in spite of my mum. Because they (he moreso than she) decided to be children about it all, it lead to me not talking to my dad for a really long time. It was really hard and I missed out on a lot of years with my dad that I can now never get back. I miss him so much and regret pulling away for that time.

    Halle and Gabriel need to sort this shit out and sort it out quickly. Nahla is almost 4 and kids are smart. She’s going to be confused and hurt because of the actions of her parents. It’s so sad when a child gets put in the middle of two grown adults. Halle is definitely in the wrong here and needs to stop being such a crazy bitch.

  58. Sunshine says:

    Nahla always looks so happy when she’s with her dad. Halle needs to have her head examined,crazy b*tch!

    • MW says:

      That top picture really says it all, doesn’t it? Really heartwarming.

    • Jacqueline says:

      The problem with Halle is that she can ACT normal and hide the crazyness. Most actresses cant act lol. This crazyb!tch actually can. Like most crazy people I know, its a survival trait of thiers to act normal and loving. She has the system wrapped around her finger. Reminds me of Precious mom. Nahla will move in with her dad soon when she hits 16 and gets emancipated. Watch……..What Halle should’ve done is sperm donor dad cus she has a huge problem with men.

  59. Judy says:

    Now we know why her husbands left and why one cheated or did they both cheat. One said she may act all sexy but when you get her in bed after you marry her that all disappears. She is cold and demanding . I think that was the baseball player that saidn that and the 2nd one said haing sex with her was like “just get it overwith”..She should have used a sperm donor so she didnt have to share this child and ruin this kids life. Because by trying to get this littlel girls father declared unfit she will ruin his and the little girls life.

  60. The Original Mia says:

    Excellent news for Gabriel & Nahla. Hmm…isn’t it strange how quiet it’s been over at TMZ. Almost as if their “source” ain’t got a damn thing to say.

  61. drea says:

    I so wanted to like Halle, especially after Swordfish, but she’s made it impossible! Good for Gabriel, although I wouldn’t really turn this into a clear-cut case of good vs evil because well, he married her…and he dated a Kardashian. Whatever happens between them, it’s just nice to see that Nahla seems loved by all the people around her, including Olivier.

  62. Nessa says:

    Most beautiful woman on the outside and ugliest woman on the inside. That is what Halle Berry is to me. Deplorable actions from a despicable woman.

    • Jacqueline says:

      You got it! Most beautiful or “hot babe” will go out of their way to point out how ugly/fat/dark skinned/etc some other girl is. Watch and observe. They are so insecure it makes them feel better to point it out. Thats why ugly people dont like pretty people. They arent even ugly but always have to bear the brunt of it. Most beautiful people are like us: normal. They have nothing else to offer. The richer the guy, the worse and the hotter the girl, the worse she is

  63. skuddles says:

    Say where is that nanny now – the one that accused Aubry of assault? Because this report more of less says nuh uh bitch, you’re a lying liar. Man this makes me happy…. I’m sure Berry will keep pulling all sorts of nasty sh*t in the future but this is still a wonderful moment of vindication for Aubry. I seriously love how badly this blew up in Berry’s face :D

  64. london says:

    I’m unfamiliar with Halle’s relationship with David Justice, but I’m sure he was a horrible husband and human being in general.

    Eric Benet was a “sex addict” (because we all know for any man to cheat on Halle Berry, he MUST be some kind of freak). Eric Benet admitted to cheating with one woman, not “dozens” (by the way, where are they?), and later claimed that he only agreed to go to that treatment center because Halle and her mother said it was a conditon to keep the marriage in tact, and that any man that cheats on his wife is a sex addict. Totally believe that now. And now Gabriel is a maid beating racist.

    This woman is nearly 50 years old and STILL keeps all this drama in her life? There is a pattern here, and its shaped like a berry.

  65. CaramelKiss says:

    How ironic that her foot won’t heal and she can’t seem to heal from whatever bad blood she has with GA? Hasn’t she been wearing that cast for almost 6 months? Crazy.

  66. elle says:

    Figures as much. I hope he continues the fight and maybe they come to an agreement together.

    Pictures don’t tel the whole story, BUT if that little girl was as terrified of her dad as Hallie has been saying she wouldn’t be that comfortable with him in public. Her body language shows everything and kids that age can’t fake affection.

  67. Bev says:

    I’m glad that he “has the upper hand” at least now and I hope he has continued success, however, I think Halle will continue to be spiteful and it they don’t come to a resolution custody will ALWAYS be an issue for her until Nahla reaches the age (14?) to decide for herself who she wants to live with permanantly.

    Does anyone know if that age is correct? I had a friend once tell me that 14 year olds can choose aparent to live with in a divorce. Is that right?

  68. kelly says:

    I applaud Gabriel. For all the parents out there who are trying to get out of paying for their children or spending time with them, this man WANTS to be with his daughter and spend time with her. Way to go Gabe.

  69. P.M. says:

    Whatever happened to the dentist in Illinois that was going to sue Halle for $80,000? Supposedly before she was famous she “borrowed” the money from him for plastic surgery and other things, then got the part in an Eddie Murphy film & left him.

  70. Daisy says:

    Does Halle have a permanently broken foot?

    I’m wondering why she thought she could have sole custody of this child when the father is very much present. She’s delusional and vile.

  71. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Some of ya’ll are just ignorant. Just because Halle is f’ed up doesn’t mean she does love or should not raise her child. I never negated that Aubrey was a good father, just that he wasn’t perfect. I always agreed that Halle was being petty, but that in a custody battle both parties are in it to win it, whatever that it is they hope to achieve.

    I hope they bothy get past this. And yeah, I’m still rooting for Halle because emotional scars run deep and can be a bitch to get past, and hopefully at 40+, she’ll take this as a lesson to let it go. She won’t but one can hope. They both need to come correct for the little girl because they are both douchey.

    • TG says:

      Why do you assume she has deep emotional scars? I am more inclined to believe she was over-indulged as a child and raised to be extremely self-centered resulting in her extreme narcissism. And when you are a parent it is time to put your child’s needs first over your own emotional baggage. I know I spent much of my 20′s trying to get over my disfunctional upbringing and didn’t have a child until I had overcome much of the issues.

  72. Loralei says:

    Am glad things are looking up for Gabriel. He sure is gorgeous.

  73. Wendi says:

    This really does put the earlier legal kerfuffle into a different light. No wonder Aubrey didn’t want Berry leaving the country with their daugther without him being along.

    Google “France child custody international”. It’s edifying.

  74. maemay says:

    All quiet on the Halle front. This means she is falling back maybe looking at this mess and the damage to her career and seeking a way to diffuse this….she has taken on a new movie role OR she is preparing the RELEASE the CRACKEN!

    She has already pulled the race card, the abuse card….there will be something else. Perhaps she is seeing Olivier for what he is….he conveniently announces his engagement during the opening of his new restaurant then does the Kardashian thing of advertising the jeweler who made the ring?? Really Halle??!!

  75. Msirene says:

    Why does a beautiful woman have to pursue a man? I will never understand that.

    Halle pursued & proposed to David Justice, begging for marriage.

    Halle pursued Eric Benet, looking for pity, when she practically ran over someone.

    Halle pursed Gabriel Aubry, when she was apparently looking for someone to be a sperm donar.

    Halle obviously pursued Olivier Martinez, to have him help her to get rid of Gabriel Aubry, even to the point of marriage, if it takes that.

    Halle is low-classed. We saw that, in Monster’s Ball, when she stripped and had sex on screen for her child to see one day.

    Remember, Halle….. what goes around comes around, and the truth/right will win out, in the end!

  76. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m happy for Gabriel but sad for Nahla. Halle needs to really learn to put her child first (same goes for Gabriel.)

    A child is not a circus toy.

  77. lileneboheme says:

    Halle is so mean and vindictive…I’ll never support another movie she’s in.

  78. Jacqueline says:

    “He’s amazing to work with.” How many times have we heard this? These Hollywood people are crazy. They all cover up for each other. I feel for Megan Fox even though she is very narcissistic as well. She had a point working with these people is probably ten times worse than our 9 to 5s. Probably why they get paid so much. They have to go through hell first then get more money from grossings cus its finally their turn. I never liked Halle. She always seemes hood rat to me. Wouldnt be surprised if she slept her way up either.