Robert DeNiro’s “joke” at Michelle Obama’s fundraiser causes controversy

First Lady Michelle Obama was in New York City a few days ago. She did a few events around town, like making an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, and she also hosted a fundraiser that brought out some big New Yorkers like Beyonce and Harvey Weinstein. Robert DeNiro also came out for the fundraiser – I always forget that he’s an Obama supporter. I think he used to be a Republican…? Maybe. But he supported Obama in the 2008 election, and it looks like DeNiro is sticking with the choice for this election cycle. So when Bob DeNiro comes to your fundraiser, you let him speak, right? Right. So DeNiro spoke, and he even had a little “joke” about potential GOP first ladies:

The GOP presidential candidate became righteously indignant today over a joke that DeNiro told at a fundraiser for President Obama, which Michelle Obama attended.

“Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney. Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?” DeNiro said, according to web site Talking Points Memo. “Too soon, right?”

Cue Gingrich, speaking today in Shreveport, La.: “What DeNiro said last night was inexcusable and the president should apologize for him.”

He added that “the country is ready for a new first lady and he doesn’t have to describe it in racial terms.”

The former House Speaker also drew an analogy to the attacks on Rush Limbaugh, who recently apologized for calling law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and “prostitute” when she testified in favor of employer health plan payments for contraceptives.

“If people on the left want to talk about talk show hosts,” Gingrich said, ”then everybody in the country should hold the president accountable when someone at his event says something that is utterly and terribly unacceptable as what Robert DeNiro said.”

The star of Raging Bull and The Godfather 2 told TPM that his remarks “although spoken with satirical jest, were not meant to offend or embarrass anyone —- especially the First Lady.”

Michelle Obama called the joke “inappropriate.”

[From Deadline]

My first reaction was to laugh, just because I think it simply works as a joke. Then I started thinking – how would I feel if some Republican had asked, in jest, “Is the country ready for a black first lady?” I would feel… pissed off. Except THAT is exactly what happened in 2008 when the GOP pursued a campaign of “Michelle Obama is an ANGRY black woman, she hates America (because she’s black), she can’t be First Lady of the United States.” Which is why DeNiro’s joke works as a parody of the old GOP talking points. It’s sad that FLOTUS had to say it was “inappropriate.” But it’s also not comparable to Rush Limbaugh calling a young woman a “slut” and a “prostitute” either. Sigh… election year.

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  1. Nev says:

    First Lady Michelle Obama will be there for four more years….so they better get use to it now.

  2. fabgrrl says:

    What…what does that “joke” even mean?

    • bros says:

      it was a riff on the questions that were asked 4 years ago: is the country really ready for a black family in the white house? and when hillary was running and the repubs asked ‘is the country ready for a female president?” Fox loves the “Is the country ready for ____” as a way of couching their racist and sexist sentiments into a kind of rhetorical public polling question. so his joke was funny, pointed, and on target. Sorry that the ginchrich who stole christmas thinks this is comparable to launching a direct and sexually misogynist attack on a law student. just goes to show that republicans are essentially incapable of humor and that’s why they fear it so much.

      • nobodystan says:


        I can’t even follow the election coverage because even members of the media have short attention spans. Guys like Gingrich follow a pattern: if they accuse you of something, they’ve either done it themselves, or are planning to. Count on it.

        So, Newt’s accusing Dinero of being racist and demanding the president apologize???? Uhh-huh :::rolls eyes, shakes head, exits thread:::

    • OlsenTriplet says:

      The “joke” shows that Democrats think about people in primarily racial terms. Still trying to cope with the fact Republicans have a far better record on civil rights legislation from the Civil War all the way up to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, I guess.

      • Tiffany says:

        Olsen, you might have a point if the GOP could erase their behavior over the last 50 years…but they can’t.

      • Trashaddict says:

        This being from a poll of how many Democrats you know??????

      • OlsenTriplet says:

        What would you have them erase, Tiffany? The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the most recent significant civil rights legislation; that’s why I stopped there. If you mean that a few undesirable individuals have associated themselves with the GOP, that’s absolutely true, but digging up the most unsavory affiliations is a dangerous game to play–see Fred Phelps (and Jr.) of the Westboro Baptist Church supporting Al Gore and throwing him a fundraiser (complete with the photo op that won’t quit) back when Gore publicly opposed homosexuality. It’s not fair to extrapolate those rare exceptions to the regular people who belong to either party.

        Obama is our President. He’s not our black President. Michelle Obama is our first lady. Not our black first lady. The modifier is a sneaky us/them racial divider and I hate it. There weren’t 43 presidents of the United States and then a black one. There have been 44.

  3. Dibba says:

    I think its funny. No harm no foul. Just a joke.

  4. brin says:

    Ed Shultz calls women sluts too but that never gets mentioned.

    • Lee says:

      from wikipedia:
      “During his show on May 24, 2011, Schultz called Laura Ingraham both a “right-wing slut” and a “talk slut”. Feminist organizations including the Women’s Media Center called for his suspension.[8] The following day he stated on his show “I just want to make sure that if there are any ladies out there who were offended that I used that term, I do apologize. I didn’t mean to offend you.” Schultz further stated he had again embarrassed his family and reached once again “the lowest of the low” for himself.[9] Ingraham accepted his apology, saying “Ed Schultz said something about me on his show that was not all that nice, to say the least. It was pretty crude. He apologized, and I accept his apology. It seemed heartfelt, it seemed like he really wished he hadn’t said it and I accept that apology”.[10] MSNBC issued a statement saying that it had accepted Schultz’s offer to take one week of unpaid leave.”

      It sounds to me like people were pretty upset about what Schultz said. Not to mention, Rush never sincerely apologized and doesn’t seem to have any remorse about his characterization of Ms. Fluke. I think the incidents stopped being comparable when Schultz made any attempt at making amends for his language.

    • Leticia says:

      Bill Maher also calls women the C word, but he is always forgiven.

    • Zoe says:

      Ed & Bill are just as disgusting. However, Rush’s behavior shouldn’t be excused because other people said shait about women. He’s a adult not a child, so are his worshippers, they should take responsibility instead of saying ‘hey look Bill got to say it.’

  5. Ravensdaughter says:

    Ooops! Go away, now, Bob. Just keep sending money…
    Too bad, the joke was funny. But you can’t do schtick at a real political fundraiser.
    Funniest Lewis Black routine ever-”Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner”. This was during the heyday of the Bush administration, and let’s just say that Lewis had to make some significant changes to his usual coarse humor before the WH tyoes would approve it. How he explains the level of uptightness of everyone in Washington is exquisite (and quite detailed).

  6. Katie says:

    I thought it was funny too, and not at all comparable to what Rush said a few weeks ago. However, we justify comments from people we identify with, whereas if it came from someone we disagreed with, we would jump all over it. I hope I wouldn’t be offended if a Republican made a joke along these lines.

    • Laurie M. says:

      While I agree that Rush’s comments were out if line and deserved an apology, what about the comments made by Bill Maher about Sarah Palin? Calling her names (was it bitch & slut?) seems to have gone unnoticed by the population outraged over Rush’s comments. How about if we get upset about all mysoginistic comments made towards women?

      • ol cranky says:

        anytime anybody made any comments about any Palin that were not positive, Sarah Palin and her supporters were out for blood

        I think Maher’s a misogynistic turd but there are some critical differences between his “satirical humor” (if that’s what it is:

        first, and foremost, Sarah Palin made herself and her family not only public figures but ones held up as a shining examples of morality. The family continues to actively court the spotlight & make an awful lot of money off that (and they’ve taken some shots at others). Sandra Fluke, OTOH, is not a public figure nor was she courting the spotlight. She spoke (or tried to speak) at a congressional hearing and her detractors have pretty much completely ignored what she actually said and replace that with accusations she demanded something quite different to slander her. The comments are not in the context of a flip joke but an exponentially increasing and malicious attack on her and her character that the religious right seems to sincerely believe is the truth.

        #2 Limbaugh is a considered a spokesperson who has actual pull in the GOP; the democrats don’t kow-tow to Maher

      • Leticia says:

        Agree with you. And don’t forget what Bill Maher said about Palin’s daughter.

      • Laurie M. says:

        Oh, okay – calling a public figure a slut or c*unt is “satirical humor”. I guess I totally missed that. Good to know. Perhaps Rush should have claimed his comments were satirical humor (although not funny to me).
        And since when is Rush a spokesperson for the GOP? Just because he is a conservative radio host does not make him a spokesperson.

      • Meanchick says:

        Maher called Bristol Palin a slut I believe, so that justifies what Rush said? Why rationalize Rush’s behavior with something meant as a joke or something said by a comedian, not a politician, not a political analyst, not a reporter. It’s Maher’s JOB to make people laugh. It’s not RL’s job to insult minorities, oh wait, maybe it is.

    • JenD says:

      I’m a Republican (not a crazy Limbaugh type) and I thought the joke was funny. Actually laughed out loud at it.

    • ol cranky says:

      @Laurie – look I don’t think it’s appropriate for Maher (or anyone) to use the word that rhymes with hunt and I think his use of these words is one of the reasons he’s widely considered a misogynist. I don’t watch him and I don’t hear about most of what he says (shows you how little power he has and how he is in no way a spokesperson for the liberals) but some of the agreeably crass comments I have heard about evil liberals make in reference to, say the Palins are in the context of the family being holding themselves up as having morally superior values and Palin’s policies being seen as hypocritical with regard to Bristol Palin’s pregnancy and allegations that she had no responsibility for having a sex life (she was forced to drink wine coolers and basically claims to have been raped, I’m not sure what her argument was for continuing to have sex with him). Schadenfreud is a real bitch in the political arena, especially when the public figure keeps putting themselves out there to earn a buck via reality TV. In other words, as crass as it may be, they are inviting judgment.

      As for Limbaugh, he was quite widely (up until the Sandra Fluke blow out that he continued to harp on and expand upon over a period of time) considered a kingmaker

    • stroud00 says:

      Katie, I absolutely agree with you. And we do tend to see comments made by those we identify with as harmless. But in this case, the joke was since Martha Washington, every First Lady has been Caucasian until OBAM I can only see it as satire. Certainly not vulgar.

  7. Laurie M. says:

    President Obama agrees! The First Lady (or anyone) should not have their competency based on race. Check the news reports from yesterday – Obama agrees with Gingrich.

  8. Asli says:

    Uuuuuh, as we’re on politics – I actually read somewhere that Rick Santorum is opposed to interracial marriage because of the different ”cultures”. Ugh. What a joke.

  9. Aiobhan says:

    I thought it was cute and laughed. Gingrich needs to go back to focus on his campaign (which is the definition of self-indulgent and a comlete waste of money) and stop making something out of nothing.

  10. EmilyM. says:

    This is nothing. If we’re talking about political controversy and celebrities, why aren’t we talking about Tom Hanks?

  11. Aiobhan says:

    I thought it was cute and laughed. Gingrich needs to go back to focus on his self-indulgent hot mess of a campaign and stop making something out of nothing.

  12. Aiobhan says:

    Gingrich needs to go back to focus on his self-indulgent hot mess of a campaign and stop making something out of nothing.

  13. Anne says:

    Back in the days when women are trying to get the right to vote, a bunch of female activists put on this play where they portrayed characters who are trying to debate whether or not to allow men the right to vote. I remember there were lines like: “men can’t even sew their own buttons back on, how on Earth can we entrust them with the responsibilities of voting?”

    This is probably something like that. I don’t think it’s out of line at all.

  14. Agnes says:

    just a joke. AND they ARE all white. get over, which calls itself a legit news organization (versus deniro, who’s just an actor) spits out racist commentary on a regular basis. i don’t recall gingrich being worked up about that.

  15. Incredulous says:

    Uh oh, someone said something that might offend someone somewhere.

  16. bee says:

    It was a joke. The GOP can say all sorts of racist things about the Obama’s and nothing is done. I thought it was so funny, great way to represent Mr. DeNiro!!

    • Laurie M. says:

      Please post examples. I’m confident that if Fox was posting racist things, it would be a big news item!! Do you have specific examples or is it just “fox is bad, fox is racist” rhetoric?

      • Tiffany says:

        In addition to the Obama “purity” segment that I dicuss in a post above, Fox has aired many stories that are attempts at race baiting. I saw Megyn Kelly interview a girl who partipated in a Sprite step dance competition. A team made up of white dancers and a team made up of african american dancers both tied for 1st place. Megyn interviewed one of the white dancers,

        “And the women at Zeta, who you just saw, now have to share first place with the members of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority… from Indiana University. Was the scoring error a move to be more politically correct? You see, the second sorority is black. The winners of this competition were white.”

        The girl she was interviewing kept stressing how pleased they were with the results, how the other team was great as well, and how excited they were that both teams would be getting scholarships. Super positive! Megyn kept going back to the race of the teams, but at the end the girl wasn’t taking the bait. Megyn closed with a disappointed, “OK, well, good,” “So there’s no controversy. You think it’s great.”

      • Laurie M. says:

        That is the only example of racism on Fox? Commenting on a black & white team? What am I missing?

      • Tiffany says:

        I never said it was the only example. In fact, I referred you to another post I made citing another example.

        Secondly, it wasn’t just Megyn commenting on a “black and white team” as you wrote. There were two different teams, and Megyn was trying to make it a race issue when the participant clearly had no intention of taking her bait. ***To put the story into even more perspective…why was Fox News commenting on a weeks old dance competition in the first place? They brought it up and FRAMED it with commentary about the race of the winning teams. Why bring up their race at all?***

        All in all, there are too many examples to name, and a lot of it is how they frame things. They went on for weeks about the “New black panther movement”, and repeatedly used footage of only 5 african america people (wow, big “movement”). If they were a responsible news broadcaster, they would have addressed the issue that the number of overall hate groups has EXPLODED in the past 5 years, especially those aimed at african americans, jewish people, and the hispanic population. What they don’t say is as racist as what they do say.

      • Tara says:

        You’re kidding right? Trying to make a big deal out of every piece of racist sexist crap spewed forth from Faux News is like sounding an alarm every time it rains in Seattle.

  17. taxi says:

    It was a joke. In context, funny.

    Now, did Flotus wear false eyelashes? Profile shot in the car?

  18. Katie says:

    Oh my gosh! It was just a joke. People need to get over themselves.

  19. I Choose Me says:

    Here I go stirring where I shouldn’t be stirring but…everytime Limbaugh’s inexcusable (three-day) rant against Fluke is mentioned someone inevitably brings up Maher. At first I thought good, that asshat’s being called out too, for his awful remarks but now it seems like classic deflection to me. Guy A says something terrible about a woman he doesn’t know but hey that guy said something terrible about a woman he doesn’t know too. As if that negates either offense. Do I think Bill Maher deserves the same amount of excoriation for his remarks against Palin? Hell yeah. This whole debacle should be the impetus for intelligent discourse. Women on the left and the right should take a stand and say they will not tolerate mysogynistic remarks against women anymore regardless of their age or political affiliations. Instead it’s turned into yet pointless exercise in finger-pointing. Ladies it’s not about who said what and who said worse. It’s about the fact that sexist remarks should have no place in politics at all!

    Edit: This remark was originally in response to Lis but her comment seems to have disappeared.

  20. Laurie M. says:

    Even Obama thinks it’s an inappropriate statement.
    What if someone were to say, “is the country really ready for a Latino First Lady?”. There would be outrage!

    • j says:

      Well, yes, but that’s not what the joke is about. Every single first lady before Michelle Obama has been a white woman, so he’s stating the obvious and turning it on it’s head.

      The nation has shown that, in fact, it hasn’t yet been ready for a Latina first lady, so that statement wouldn’t really be a joke, would it? I can’t believe this even needs to be explained.

  21. Sisi says:

    Lol, I had never heard of the abbreviation FLOTUS before for the First Lady. Have I been living in a cave or something or is that relatively new?

  22. lucy2 says:

    I think it was intended as a joke, but was inappropriate.
    Unsurprisingly, the GOP response is a bit overblown though.

  23. keats says:

    I don’t see how this isn’t satire? I mean, isn’t he pointing out how ridiculous taking race into account is by taking race into account on a ridiculous level? I don’t get why people want so badly to be offended.

  24. DeltaJuliet says:

    I’m offended because it’s not funny. Other than that, give me a break.

  25. Reece says:

    It was funny. I do see the other side and how it can be offensive. I would argue that comedy at times is/should be offensive because it highlights the ridiculousness in humanity. That statement in any context is ridiculous. Yet still funny. But considering the country’s history it would travel more to offensive coming from the GOP.
    (although they all but said in ’08)

    A debate! I missed all the stuff from yesterday.

  26. ol cranky says:

    I thought it was a lame joke but when Obama was running last time the media did ask if we were ready for a black POTUS and a black first lady. Nobody demanded an apology for asking that and what DeNiro was doing was satirizing that. For those of you don’t recall, there were all sorts of less than polite comments about having an “angry black woman” as first lady.

    Kaiser, I too wondered about someone at a GOP fundraiser saying “are we ready for a white first lady”. Had that been said, the context would have been very different as it would have implied we’re stick of having a black first lady, it’s about time we had some white folks back in the WH.

    • Asli says:

      I remember there was some kind of outrage because Barack and Michelle fistbumped instead of a kiss after one of his speeches during the 2008 election. Something about it not being appropriate. Huh? It was just a fistbump. Some people get upset over the weirdest things…

      • ol cranky says:

        please yet another GOP legislator is still pushing the Obama wasn’t born in the US birther bs

        and let’s not forget that, a few weeks ago, a guy from Alaska filed suit saying Obama had no right tp be POTUS because:
        (1) he is not a natural born citizen and/or;
        (2) even if he was born in Hawaii, his father was born in Kenya and you can’t be a natural born citizen unless both of your parents were born in the US and/or;
        (3) Obama is mulatto and the 14th amendment only granted colored people civil rights, not political ones

        Do you really think they’d have had the balls to pull this crap on a white person?

      • Asli says:

        Wow, that’s just disgusting! And no, I don’t think this would’ve been done to a white president. Of course it wouldn’t. Bush was elected TWICE. Apparently those kind of people have no problem with the US failing as long as it’s a white president leading them. Pffft. Didn’t Obama have to have bulletproof glass in front of him at his inaguration or something?

      • Meanchick says:

        Yes! I believe the term FOX News used was “terrorist fist bump.” Can you believe that shite? Anyone who sticks up for FOX news needs to watch ‘OutFoxed’ first. Saying Fox is not racist is like saying Bill Clinton is not straight.

  27. Felicia says:

    It’s always amusing to see faux outrage by white folks over something that was in actuality was paying a compliment to the first black lady of the USA.

    DeNiro loves the sistas anyway so it’s not surprising. I dont see a problem with it at all. Mrs. Obama of course knew it was a harmless joke but in order not to shun the “precious white” vote she has to throw the obligatory “It was not appropriate” line out there. Politics is politics whatever race you are. She knows DeNiro was coming from a good place. But watev, it’s politics.

  28. Samantha says:

    No one seems to be menitoning DeNiro’s perspective too, he is married to a black woman! I think its a funny joke and people need to calm down. I thought it was clever.

  29. Amanda G says:

    Why should Obama have to apologize for something someone else said? These GOP candidates are ridiculous.

  30. mel says:

    You can usually make fun of white people and not blacks in racial terms….bottom line. No matter what – it will seem racists even if its a joke – no matter the context.

  31. Bobby the K says:

    Wait till they start watching some of his movies.

  32. Dee says:

    An ignorant attempt at humor that has backfired to create grist for the 24-hour news cycle. Boo hoo the GOP capitalizes on this- welcome to politics. (Read some electoral history and this will all see very tame by comparasion.)
    If some racist humor is ok and some misogyny is ok, you are actually fostering an atmosphere for all of this crap to happen. It’s sad to see how many women can not just tolerate a double-standard but put their efforts in to maintaining it. It’s like watching a debate on the “Animal Farm”.

  33. Jover says:

    A larger non-partisan point; our political class as a whole should stay away from hollywood celebutards, most can’t even utter an intelligent thought and I’d love to have their reading lists over the last yr. It demeans our political leaders, such as they, by hanging out with such famewhores. No one’s going to vote for or against Obama because of his hollyuseless fans; Remember, many celebutards pass themselves off as today’s Aristotle’s and Newton’s and they have never even graduated from high school. Obama would do himself a favor by ignoring the celebutard one per centers. Felicia, would you be open minded if i used the phrase “precious hood rat” as counterpoint to your phrase “precious white?” Just sayin.

  34. Lindsey G. says:

    There are some disturbing false equivalencies up in the comments, yikes.

    Suffice it to say, the joke was funny but DeNiro has already apologized. I also find it interesting that Gingrich was the ONLY candidate to respond to this. While his presidential run goes down, he fans the flames of faux outrage. Tsk Tsk Tsk Newt.

  35. Scarlet Vixen says:

    “Cue Gingrich, speaking today in Shreveport, La.: “What DeNiro said last night was inexcusable and the president should apologize for him.” ”

    Why should the President apologize for De Niro? De Niro is a grown-ass man and if anyone should apologize it should be him. The president wasn’t even there, was he?

  36. Maritza says:

    That joke was not offensive at all. Michelle Obamma will be staying in the White House for the next 4 years

    • Kim says:

      Your right AND America will also continue to be in a depression with no new jobs for the next 4 years. But keep on having dinner with Clooney Michelle because thats whats important =(

      • Maya says:

        You kind of forget that America is in the mess it’s in because Obama can’t fix two terms of shonky George W Bush administration that saw debt spiral out of control (due to a prolonged war on terror).

      • Zoe says:

        Kim, I will believe that non-sense when Republicans actually try to work on the economy and jobs. All I see them doing is passing their Christian morality laws against women. Passing voter suppression laws against minorities, the poor and elderly. Oh..wait trying to control unions, working class poor and making videos about Acorn. Oh..and giving tax breaks to the rich and making the middle class and poor pay for it. What the hell have they done in congress & their states? They are self-prvilaged arsehats, that care more about women having sex, than women getting jobs.

      • Chris says:

        When Obama wins again I hope it’ll embolden him to become more progressive and deliver on that “hopey-changey stuff” he promised in his first campaign. The fact that he won’t have to worry about standing for re-election should mean that he can just focus on governing for four more years rather than campaigning for re-election.

  37. HannahF says:

    I’m registered as “decline to state” and am not an Obama fan. That said I think Deniro’s joke was just that–an inoffensive joke. The real story here is Newt Gingrich and his struggle to remain relevant. Gingrich is known for having a lot of crazy ideas and theories mixed in with some good ideas which partially explains his comments. More importantly, Gingrich finished 4th in yesterday’s Illinois primary behind Ron Paul. With this comment, his name is in the news for something other than his drubbing AND his comments may appeal to his base–ultra right Republicans. This Saturday is the Louisiana primary and finishing behind Ron Paul in the Deep South could be the death knell for his campaign. Frankly, at this point his campaign is more about ego and an attempt to be a powerful force within the Republican Party than running to be the Republican candidate.

  38. original sandy says:

    i agree, it was a joke, also understand why the joke was made in the first place, actually clever, newt is going down and is grasping at straws,the Obamas will be there another term.

  39. Jayna says:

    It was an ironic statement. Good God.
    Go Robert.

  40. Kim says:

    Females of all races should be offended by that comment. I get he meant it to be funny but it wasnt. Bad “joke” Robert.

  41. how says:

    The man made a lame joke already. Get over it.

  42. Beatriz says:

    Ha! I laughed, love me some De niro.

  43. Original Lucy says:

    I am so ready for a First Man….We need a woman president!!!!!

  44. Maya says:

    Gingrich is a moron. He has said worse things, including something along the lines of child labour [getting kids to do work like working as janitors, and the like] and now he’s sensitive and offended by what de Niro said?
    It’s funny how when one measly joke is made about ‘white’ women [effectively turning the 'race' issue on its ear in a satirical manner] causes so much offense. But amazingly some of these republicans aren’t offended by the fact that they earn millions by outsourcing manufacturing to poorer nations, downsizing jobs as a result, and other equally nasty stuff that is more offensive than a political joke.

  45. jc126 says:

    Just an ironic joke, since of course all of the prior First Ladies have been white. Not a big deal at ALL.

    And DeNiro is quite obviously not prejudiced against black women!

  46. Meadowlark says:

    This joke is ironic and, in my opinion, funny. It is not the same thing as if a GOP-er had said “not ready for a black flotus” because that isn’t ironic… It’s laced with historic implications of racism that still exist. It was a great joke. He shouldn’t have apologized.

  47. HotPockets says:

    All these people are a damn parody or joke themselves, the political active celebrities, the liberals, the GOP, whatever you label it, they are all serving the same agenda and it doesn’t benefit any of us. If you want disinformation and distractions, then turn on your TV, watch your major media outlets and discuss Deniro’s insignificant joke. It’s a all a sham, including the Obama’s.

  48. POW WOW says:

    —DeNiro is looking ever more like
    STALIN. Really, the resemblance is
    uncanny. He should really think about
    doing the definitive production.

  49. Meanchick says:

    Gingrich defends a joke against [white] women. Does anyone else find that hilarious? Isn’t he the LAST person to be talking about disrespect to women? The same man who was trying to impeach Clinton over the Lewinsky matter, while he was in fact DOING THE SAME EXACT THING?!!! Hah! Way to stay relevant Newt.

  50. wunder says:

    It’s SARCASM, people! geez