LeAnn Rimes finally sells her Nashville home at a huge loss: why?

I had forgotten that LeAnn Rimes had a home in Nashville, Tennessee. Because she’s country, y’all! Or at least she was country before she started screwing around on her husband with a C-list actor, then stalked the married C-list actor until his marriage was beyond repair, married the C-list actor and then completely remade herself into a pretty standard-issue LA Girl, complete with an emaciated body and wonky bolt-ons. So now that she’s all about being an LA Girl, LeAnn decided to sell her Nashville mansion, which she had extensively renovated when she was married to Dean Sheremet.

The funny part? LeAnn has been trying to unload her Nashville property for three years! LeAnn shelled out an unknown amount for the property, and then on top of that she shelled out something in the neighborhood of $4 million to simply renovate the property. Meaning that she had already put something like $6-7 million into the home, and she had it on the market for $7.45 million. It just sold for the bargain-basement price of $4.1 million! Yikes. She just ate a HUGE loss. I wonder why? From what I can tell, the mansion was nice enough – you can see photos of the place here. I like the kitchen and the master bedroom a lot, but you’ve got to wonder if the place was over-priced for the area.

So, why did she eat the financial loss again? LeAnn’s net worth didn’t change that much after her divorce from Dean – she gave him a lump-sum settlement, from what I remember, and the settlement didn’t put that much of dent in her estimated $30-40 million fortune. Of course, since then, she married Eddie Cibrian, whose career is probably best described as “failing.” And LeAnn and Eddie take a lot of expensive vacations and she buys him lots of expensive toys. Still… she’s got money, right? So why is she acting like she was desperate to let the Nashville property go? Couldn’t she afford to wait out the market until she could make her investment back?

And to add further speculation to the “Why is LeAnn acting like she needs money?” situation, LeAnn is really, really trying to get that gig on The X-Factor. She sent Eddie out to confirm that she is in “talks” with Simon Cowell over signing on to the budget reality competition. Fergie already turned Simon down. Nowadays, the names getting the most buzz are LeAnn, Britney Spears (gah!) and Stacy Keibler as host. OMG, imagine Stacy and LeAnn on the same show! Epic.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. cmc says:

    I want Leann to get it. I’m not a fan of hers or the show, but I love snarking on her. It would be fun to have weekly material.

  2. brin says:

    Seems like all her money is going out and she’s not bringing much in.
    I didn’t hear that Fergie turned X Factor down, I thought she wanted it.
    Leann would be a huge mistake….Simon isn’t stupid.

    • bagladey says:

      I agree, a HUGE mistake; and I hope we can all count on Simon to be as smart as we think he is.

      • cbear says:

        I don’t know. She’s SUCH a trainwreck though. You can’t look away. She’s got 200,000+ followers on Twitter, not because she’s popular, but because besides her 25 or so really creepy fans, LOTS of people like to watch her mess of a life. It’s pure comedy.

        Simon could figure that she’s such a polarizing figure, tons would tune in to watch? Lots of viewers for the show? I don’t think it’d be good for HER career though. Everyone’s seen what a narcissistic psycho she is on her twitter, and how she lashes out like a maniac if you disagree with her. I can’t imagine how bitchy she would come across on TV once a week – especially with Simon’s barbs.

        But then I go back to thinking, well, it’d be huge viewers for his show, maybe, but I don’t think Simon would put up with her cancelling all the time when EC can’t sit and hold her hand every night at the judge’s table.

        I’m perplexed on whether he’d actually go for this goofball as a judge or not…

  3. Leikyn says:

    The hairdo featured in the first photo was worn by Loretta Swit on M*A*S*H. It wasn’t attractive then, it’s not attractive now.

  4. Dena says:

    Perhaps the home in Nashville no longer suits who she is and the flat lifestyle she had with her first husband.

  5. lucy2 says:

    Her career seems to have sputtered and died out, and her husband’s isn’t doing much better. A lot of people who seem like they have money really can spend themselves into bankruptcy pretty quickly.
    She must be looking for some cash, otherwise why take the big loss on the property?

  6. Jenna says:

    I still can’t get over her ‘Who-Ville’ face…

  7. ahoyhoy says:

    I read a commenter on CDAN yesterday who said that on LeAnn’s twitter, she was bragging about the X-Factor gig, and said she was meeting with the producer–but she named a producer from American Idol! Then her twitter blew up with everyone correcting/laughing at her.

    Did that really happen? Anyone follow LeAnn’s twitter enough to have caught that idiocy before she deleted it?

    • Eileen says:

      I was the commentor on CDAN-she sent in a story that several gossip sites ran with and in that story is where the wrong name was dropped. Then everyone laughed their butts off at her on twitter-tweeting her what a moron she is. Not even 10 minutes later the name was removed from all the sites.

      • ahoyhoy says:

        Hi—I’m ‘libby’ on CDAN (my pic is the armpit sniffer).
        Thanks for the info. I caught your comment too late to ask you about it, but I was shocked that this site didn’t report that idiocy! I count on Celebitchy for all my ‘LeAnn is a nutty dufus’ news!!!

    • Jezi says:

      Yes that was true. Apparently a story was run saying that she had a meeting with Nigel Lithgoe to discuss X-Factor. However, Nigel is American Idol, not X-Factor. Not only that, but Simon said that SHE contacted them, not the other way around.

      • paola says:

        I’m not even sure Simon knows who Leann is! I mean.. why would you give such an important chair to someone like LeAnn?! and i’m telling you, if she’s on x factor i’ll never watch it!

      • LAK says:

        Firstly, I am not defending her especially after she’s taken the name down which indicates that she was probably lying/bragging BUT Nigel Lythgoe is tight with Simon, and together with the other Simon are responsible for POPSTARS, AMERICAN IDOL, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, XFACTOR. Simon Cowell is in eternal rivalry with the other Simon, it’s like a frenemy situation, but Nigel works with both of them on all their various ventures. With that, if Leanne met with Nigel Lythgoe, it could have been a conversation about any of those shows.

      • Jezi says:

        I see where you are coming from but had that been the case she wouldn’t of had that part where she mentioned the Nigel Lythgoe meeting removed from the context of the article.

    • Stonegoddess says:

      I saw that on her Twitter. I don’t follow her but follow some of the BB’s.

      She went on for a day or so about meeting with Nigel Lithgoe (sp?) about the XFactor job. She was immediately called out. Her problem is that she thinks everyone is so dim that they believe her every word.

      The backlash was hilarous & made her look like the fool she is. She hasn’t mentioned it since. Now she’s onto promoting her album (which so far sounds pretty crappy).

      She’s so ridiculous.

  8. Jezi says:

    My thoughts are that she needs the money. Think about how much money Eddie needs to send Brandi for child support. He’s not working and so the money he did make on the Playboy Club most likely is getting used up. It’s expensive keeping an unemployed gigolo happy, especially when he has kids. I think she wants X-Factor since she knows her new album which was written about her heartache during her affair and was quoted as an “anti-Brandi” album, will tank.

    • cbear says:

      Oy. The anti-Brandi album. I saw where The Boot removed the reference of most of her album being about Brandi, and removed the parts where she said she wrote one song because she recently had begun to feel empathy for Brandi, “something she admits she hasn’t felt before”, or something like that. She sounded like SUCH an a-hole in that article. And even though she’s directly quoted as saying “if i didn’t live it, i didn’t write it”, she’s now backtracking on twitter and saying, tons of the songs were written years ago and have nothing to do with me. She needs an assistant whose primary job is just to document her lies, so she can be reminded of them later. She does a terrible job of keeping them straight on their own.

      I don’t know – cracks me up. This from the woman who tells people to move on all the time, and she writes an album about her affair and Brandi, and plays it for Brandi’s kids.

      Every time I think I’m being too hard on her, she goes and proves again what a complete narcissistic delusional psychopath she is.

      • Rtia says:

        LeAnn’s career is so far gone that she needs to associate herself with Brandi in order for anyone to pay attention. That’s what the photo-op at the soccer game was for. I loved Brandi’s response of:

        “What was I suppose to do, head-butt her for sitting on my blanket?”

        As for LeAnn empathizing with Brandi:

        After LeAnn made public the finger-sucking video, she always included the song “Somebody to Love” at her concerts. It was a taunt to both Dean and Brandi.


        When the truth is found to be lies and all the joy within you dies, don’t you want somebody to love, don’t you need somebody to love.

        When tears are running down your dress and all your friends treat you like a guest, don’t you want somebody to love, don’t you need somebody to love.

        Empathy? Wonder who gave her that word?

        btw- The song was originally performed by someone called Slick Gracie for an airplane manufacturer called Jefferson Airplane….I think but that was wayyyyy before my time.

      • Jezi says:

        OMG yes the reference she made yesterday on twitter stating that Eddie was singing the “Just a Girl” song that was the “empathy” song she wrote on the sidewalk after she plopped down on B’s blanket. Then the second reference was about the boys and how they already are picking their favs from the album. Gee, how nice, the songs about her affair with their father while he was married to their mother and the spitfire song about how pissed she was for being criticized for her true LovE. She was pissed cause Brandi said she was her muse in songs and in life. Ha!

  9. ya says:

    I doubt she needs money – just any interest on the money she had/has would be a ton of income every year – she’s sure to have a lot of it invested as well.

    Those types of houses are being unloaded at a loss all the time — I doubt the market will rebound to the point where she could sell it at a profit, and the maintenance costs on places like that are huge.

    Would be tough in this market to get renters for it as well.

  10. Lexi says:

    Does LeAnn smoke? Whenever I see a pic of her face ~ I think smoker’s nostrils ~ if that’s even a thing!

  11. Holly says:

    Interesting house. The living area, bedroom and kitchen have nice aspects and then the tacky bar with a Buddha bolted to the wall above it – what? And a topiary in the bedroom, oy. I wonder if Dean was doing much cooking when they lived there, he seems to have truly come out the other side with a real life, good for him.

    Wonder if Eddie ever pulled the “I left my marriage for you and not selling that house means you’re still holding onto your ex!” bs. I’m not sure he’s capable of that level of thought, or if he dares to sass his sugar-momma, but it seems like one reason to sell at close to half the price.

    • Happymom says:

      Or he’s encouraging her to sell because they need the cash to maintain their $$$ lifestyle. I really don’t think he has any doubts about her “devotion” to him.

      • Holly says:

        Yeah. I still think he’d phrase it like that though! I doubt he mentions the cost of their lifestyle or what he wants it to be, I’m sure it’s just silently “understood.” What other reason than money and obsession leave one super-thin/bolt-on (and mother of your kids) for LeAnn?

        I think LeAnn has put a few stories out over the last year about how much she suffered over ending her marriage, and, oh, the pain!! the pain!! so she at least likes to play that card.

        Too bad Dean didn’t get the place in the settlement if it was ‘untainted,’ I’d much rather he had had the option to sell it!

    • Rtia says:

      Actually, LeAnn and Dean never lived in the house. Dean was in the process of moving into their “dream home” while LeAnn was shooting a movie with Eddie Cibrian and that as they say was that.

  12. Jezi says:

    On another note, if she has money, can she PUHLEZE wear another pair of earrings? Those damn gold ones shaped in the daimond shape are worn all the friggin time.

  13. Sophi says:

    It looks like she is missing teeth in that 1st picture. Haha

  14. Rita says:

    The Nashville home was draining her account at the rate of $25,000 per month for utilities, up-keep, association fees, property taxes, ect. The house was also in Dean’s name so I feel bad he lost half of the $3 million.

    The home style was completely out of place for Nashville. It was made mostly of black and white marble, LeAnn’s favorite colors (First wedding colors) and it looks more like a hotel lobby than a home.

    Again, LeAnn’s gross income for her life is about $30 million but after taxes, management fees, daddy stealing, divorce settlement, and the like she has about $5 or $6 million left so taking a hit on the house, hurt. The $250,000 she lost on the last album didn’t help either.

    As for LeAnn judging on the X-factor, LeAnn’s the only one talking about that.

    I understand the cover of her next album will be LeAnn dressed as a saloon girl wearing a gun holster with a microphone in it. The title of the album is going to be:

    Unwanted: Dead or Alive

    • beclove says:

      LMAO… thx Rita for always takin’ it to the hoop!

    • ya says:

      Don’t quite understand how she could have lost $250K on the album – she’s still signed with Curb isn’t she? So they would have paid her an advance for the album pursuant to her contract – the advance would likely be quite high as she had signed the contract quite a while ago.

      Ya the album sales were low so Curb probably didn’t make back the advance, but isn’t that Curb’s problem, not LR’s? LR just won’t see any proceeds from the album until the album proceeds(if they ever do) pay off the advance – I’m sure LR is not obligated to pay back the advance out of pocket.

      That’s likely why Curb didn’t want to promote the album as well – under LR’s contract, Curb probably has to incur expenses for promotion – which they would be reimbursed for through album sales – so they probably didn’t want to incur those expenses, feeling that the album proceeds wouldn’t make up for them.

  15. marie says:

    I love reading the comments on her stories, you guys are hilarious!

  16. Sarah says:

    I assume when she moves out some shuffling old dwarf woman will walk through the door and say ‘this harse is cleeeennn’

  17. Isa says:

    OT but did anyone see the picture of her on the cover of STAR magazine? At least I think it was Star…it was the cover with all the celebrities flaws. It had a picture of Leann’s boobies when she was bent over. It was disgusting!

  18. SleepyJane says:

    I’m sure she needs the money. Her life is so weird.

  19. Mytwocents says:

    Her face reminds me of that flying dog in Never Ending Story

  20. Jezi says:

    A little birdie pointed me in a very interesting direction. This is the person who purchased her home:


    Look at what they specialize in:


    So do we have to speculate that there are money issues?

  21. Candyland says:

    So is LeAnn preggo or what? What’s with the swolled up belly in the white dress? And the sarongie-thing covering up her bikini?

  22. Annie B says:

    An fyi, Neither Nigel Lythgoe nor Simon Fuller have/had anything to do with the creation or production of X Factor. They both did create and work with Simon Cowell on American Idol.

    So for Leeanne’s publicist to toss in the name Nigel Lythgoe, referring to a senior level producer of X Factor, well, some part if not all of the “story” is pure BS. Leeanne HAD been bragging about seeing Steven Tyler (and I believe Randy Jackson) at some party, so perhaps Nigel was at said party and this somehow became spun into “a day long meeting with Nigel Lythgoe”. Leeanne spins every brief encounter she has with a celebrity as them being a dear dear amazing friends. She is a liar, period.

  23. anonymoose says:

    btw, those ugly Warbly Pickle Wobbly Parker ads haunt me in my sleep!

  24. ImpC says:

    I really do not think I’d mind watching LeAnne on X Factor. Though I could see her booting off pretty girls with real breasts. I’d watch it just to see her drama!

  25. Deann Baldwin says:

    Her house was sold as part of the settlement and was split with the ex husband as both names are on the deed. Plus, we dont want her here anymore in Tennessee

  26. Dreamer says:

    I can’t believe she is going to call her new album “Spitfire.” I laugh every time I read that. It is so fitting. With her beady eyes, flaring nostrils, mammoth teeth, scaly skin, and constantly blowing smoke, she is the closest thing to a dragon I’ve seen.

  27. Amy says:

    The slideshow says her home is in the Avalon community. I’ve lived in Nashville and its suburbs all my life, and I’ve never heard of the Avalon community. Must be pretty exclusive…

    Edit – Googling tells me that that’s just the name of the gated community in Franklin in which the home is located. Good riddance to her.

    That *is* a gorgeous master bedroom.

  28. GG says:

    Just saw MeAnn post a twitter pic of NoWork Eddie and Brandi’s sons. Look at Jake’s expression, all must not be well in Snow Globe world? Have a great weekend all you fab gals! Love your posts.

  29. Rux says:

    I grew up in Louisiana — all over– and watched CMT and listened to all the country songs. When Leann came out with “Blue” WOW this girl had a voice between soul and country. I had her first CD and listened to it many times. I would still back her up but I just can’t. It’s not the Ed C that bothers me as much — no judgy, we all have our past mistakes — it’s the behavior and change after.

    I am just looking in, but she seems to have changed herself into Ed C’s ex Brandi or a replica. I am not even sure that Brandi is what Ed C actually loved either. I think he is in love with the Knight in Shining Armor or in his case, Lady Guineverre (sp?). Whomever he is with, he projects his fantasy woman on to them and makes them feel they need to aspire to that.

    I just have a bad feeling this is going to go bad and at this point, I feel bad for Leann more than I do Brandi. Brandi seems like she may be bitter but she will make lemonade out of those bitter lemons. If she has not already. She seems more resilient.

    You never know, Leann’s heartbreak might be her mea culpa for her next album which will bring her out of Ed C debt and then some.

    • cbear says:

      I think sometimes people forget that BG was with EC for 13 years altogether. It’s a big freaking deal when your dream of a family, not ever returning to the single-scene, etc., gets shattered like that. I know I would be bitter. Seems like she’s moved on pretty well – she’d probably love to never have to speak of them or deal with them, but with kids involved, and having to constantly defend herself or speak up b/c Eddie’s a douchebag and LR is such a narcissist and has no boundaries or conscience – she really doesn’t have much of a choice. I hope for her she has success and finds a decent guy.

  30. bruno says:

    Doesn’t Ediot get embarassed going on vaca when he doesn’t work? He really has no shame & Uglean has no money left. Pathetic couple.

  31. lori says:

    she has “fat lady of the circus” look

  32. Lauren says:

    A lot of people are selling real estate at a loss.. we are in a recession. There are not too many people who can afford a 4 million dollar home, or a 7 million dollar home. Leann is an amazing singer, but her personal life is a disaster.
    I guess after being married to a gay dude, she considers Eddie her trophy husband, and LR does not mind supporting him-or his ex-wife & children.

    • Lana says:

      Why do people say Dean Sheremet is gay? Why would a gay man, living in New York City, marry not once but yet again after getting divorced? What possible reason would he have to do this? Is “Dean was gay” supposed to be an explanation for LeAnn’s behavior?

    • Jennifer12 says:

      The man has been married twice. I’m glad he acts cool about the gay rumors because it’s not an insult. However, saying someone “looks gay” is homophobic. I know no one said that, but calling him gay when he’s repeatedly said he isn’t and married to his wife for a year or so means you’re spreading untrue rumors. I do believe that LeAnn was really into how cute he was for a while but they weren’t sexually compatible. Then, when she got into Eddie, she began gay rumors to excuse her behavior. Even if that isn’t true, people should stop labeling someone, especially without proof. Since moving to NYC, becoming a chef, and marrying his wife, he seems like he’s finally come into his own.

  33. Lana says:

    Linda, thanks for your comment on my own (above). I was wondering about this. It does seem to be a pattern, Dean being injected into the LeAnn conversation as the “husband who is gay,” to give her some fake aura of “innocence.” LeAnn and her entourage are really pathetic.

  34. lori says:

    Yeah, I think LR and her posse have been planting rumors and stories ever since she had the affair. I think she purposely manipulated things and called the paps to get attention about her bad behavior. Her time in the spotlight was slowing down and she is such a narcissist she needed a big scandal to make people notice her again. She will keep doing and tweeting outrageous things to get attention. Her parents created a Fame Monster, and it is all grown up.

  35. dietke says:

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