Jennifer Aniston has a scruffy, “secret” punk-surfer half-brother named Alex

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and her father, John Aniston.

I don’t really get why this is a story. It involves Jennifer Aniston’s family, sure, but Radar is trying to act like Aniston doesn’t know that she has a long-lost half-sibling, when really I think Jennifer knows, and it’s just the tabloids who were “surprised”. So, Jennifer has a half-brother that no one has ever mentioned (?). His name is Alex. He’s a punk surfer who lives in California and Alaska. Sometimes he sleeps in his van.

Jennifer Aniston has a secret half-brother that she’s never publicly talked about or been seen with, but now his wild punk lifestyle is being revealed for the first time. Alex John Aniston, 22, has the same father as Jennifer — John Aniston, but his mother is actress Sherry Rooney — and Australia’s New Idea magazine interviewed friends and neighbors of the described “scruffy punk.”

Unlike his 43-year-old half-sister who lives a luxurious and very public lifestyle, Alex — who goes by AJ — splits his time between Santa Cruz, Calif. as a “boho surfer” and northern Alaska.

“He had a mattress in the back of his van, always had the same pair of pants with 20 patches on it and only had three shirts,” Samantha Robles, a body piercer at Chimera Tattoo Studio, told New Idea.

“He just hung out in his van on the beach, and would come in all sandy.”

Samantha’s boyfriend told the mag, “Santa Cruz has a large population of transient punk kids, usually traveling north. When I talked to AJ last, him and his girlfriend were doing something in Alaska, like farming. I think her family had land up there.”

Although Jennifer has never spoken of AJ, he did attend the Along Came Polly premiere in 2004 with his parents. And AJ’s efforts to keep his half-sister’s identity a secret wasn’t well-kept in his Santa Cruz neighborhood.

“I figured out who he was when one day I saw the dad turn up. I had friends out back and AJ and John were going through the garbage can,” his former neighbor Rich Koslowski said. “I talked to them briefly.”

His former landlord, Ken Simpkins, said AJ’s parents were close to their son and helped him find an apartment: “His parents were involved in finding the unit and had been up a couple of weekends looking for places.”

AJ is a college drop-out who often posted lewd photographs of himself on MySpace and Facebook, including one of himself fully naked in the back of a car, and even had exchanges that alluded to his famous half-sister.

“I think of you every time Friends is on… I have a picture of her butt ya know,” one friend posted on his wall.

Samantha’s boyfriend Mateo adds, “I think he’s very happy being off the radar.”

[From Radar]

Why is this a story again? I still don’t get it. Jennifer obviously knows her half-brother – she invited him to one of her premieres. And God knows, Alex and everybody else is allowed to live their lives away from Hollywood, even when they have family connections in the industry. So Jennifer’s brother is a little dropout punk surfer. Good for him.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Photos courtesy of WENN, archive photo of Aniston.

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  1. mln76 says:

    Here’s what I love about this story how cool is it that Victor Kirakis goes dumpster diving to bond with his son :)

  2. MrsBarneyStinson says:

    She obviously knew about her half-brother!


  3. Pepper says:

    The tabloids have known for years, decades. Everyone who has paid attention knows. But then again, one could be forgiven for not knowing. She very rarely ever associates with her family. She acts like she is ashamed of them. She goes on vacations with friends, not family. Heck, on Thanksgiving 2 years ago rather than spend it with her parents or brother or other family, she left them to spend thanksgiving alone and spent it with Chelsea Handler instead, someone she had only just met. She rarely speaks to her mother, won’t acknowledge her brother, and won’t even spend Thanksgiving with them. She is not a family person at all, so one would be forgiven for thinking she has no family at all. I feel sorry for her parents and brother than she considers too low to spend Thanksgiving with.

    • Photo lab says:

      I don’t know the woman, but I don’t presume to know how much time she actually spends with her family, just because we don’t see or read about family pow-wows. And even if she doesn’t, who cares? Yeah, She’s had a famously distant relationship with her mom, but it’s ridiculous to judge a person’s relationships with their families from a distance. Contributing DNA to a child doesn’t automatically make one a fabulous parent or person (one of my friends, for an unfortunate example, is very much better off without her mother in her life).

      • Pepper says:

        Photo Lab and Asli, her mother raised her single-handedly as a single mother after John left her and did a good job. By all accounts, she is not one of those bad mothers. Unless there is abuse involved (physical, emotional or otherwise), children have an obligation to their parents to treat them with decency love and respect. Aniston was raised by her mother all on her own and look at how well she has done from that and gone on to? Children who get too big for their boots and think they’re too good to associate with their parents or family after they’ve made it big are as dispicable as parents who mistreat their children. Neither are excusable. You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat their elders. Aniston’s treatment of her mother over the years, her brother and her wider family speaks volumes for the type of person she is.

      • Photo lab says:

        @pepper Unless you know them, how can you know how good a job she didn’t or didn’t do? There are a lot of single mothers who are still not great parents or people. (Again, my friend is an example. She was raised mostly by her single mother, with child support from her dad. She wasn’t physically abused, and became a successful adult, but her mom is manipulative and took advantage of my friend financially as an adult.) And “the way she treats her brother”? We have no idea how she treats her brother, this story doesn’t even bother with that. If he’s living out of his van, it looks like his choice (since his pops set him up in an apartment).

        I do know that, in their adult lives, her mom spoke about her to some reporters, and after JA was upset, her mom then doubled down by writing and selling a book about her. In those circumstances, I wouldn’t blame someone for not trusting that family member anymore.

        I never intended to write so much, but people’s relationships with their families (be it JA, any other celeb or Joe Schmoe down the street), are unique and complicated.

      • Pepper says:

        Again, Jennifer Aniston’s upbring is not unknown. Her mother and father are known, have given interviews; people know what type of people they are. I had an alcoholic father who caused us to lose 2 houses because of his drinking, but I still love him and still give him respect and visit him, why, because he is still my father, and because its the RIGHT and PROPER thing to do. Trying to take advantage of a daughter financially doesn’t seem like that great a big a deal to me, in comparison.

        As for the mother’s book, the mother did do an interview, most of it was supposed to be about the mother’s (Nancy’s) latest career, but instead they twisted it into all about Jennifer and cut out the bulk of the interview. Aniston was furious with her mother who tried to explain (and you’d think Aniston would know what media are like, so would have understood), but Aniston would not listen. All for something her mother never even did, Aniston cut her from her life, called her a disease, and didn’t invite her to her wedding. ONLY AFTER all that, did Nancy write a book telling her side, which in the circumstances, I believe she was justified to do. Nancy wouldn’t be blamed for never wanting to speak to her daughter ever again and for disowning her after the disgraceful way she was treated by Aniston, but she, to her credit, still tried to reach out to her. I wouldn’t have been so kind if I went through all Nancy went through and had such a vicious bitch of a daughter. And this is not the first time Aniston has done this, since an ex-friend wrote a book about how once she hit it big, aniston didn’t want to know her. I felt so sorry for Nancy, her daughter is one selfish cold bitch.

      • Photo lab says:

        @pepper, I suppose we have to agree to disagree. I wouldnt call their trlationships “known,” from a fee interviews. And in general, without knowing the situation first hand, I don’t ever get judge-y-pants about peope’s relationships, or lack thereof, with their families. It’s deeply personal.

      • Jeannified says:

        I completely agree with you, Pepper. I have always felt that besides not wanting kids, this is another big readon taht Brad Pitt wanted out. She seems very cold and aloof to me…I don’t care what “people who know her” say!

      • Janet says:

        to Jeannified: I could be wrong about this but I heard that while he was still married to Aniston, Brad Pitt wanted them both to go to his parents’ 40th anniversary celebration. This was a big family event but Aniston said no, she wanted to go to some Hollywood premiere that night. She ended up going alone to the premiere and Brad went alone to his parents’ anniversary party. Everything went downhill from there.

    • SallyBee says:

      Pepper- you’re a very passionate, misguided, know-it-all troll. I feel sorry for you.

      • judyk says:

        No Pepper is not but you certainly act like you know it all. SHe isn’t a troll but you act like one .We all have a right to say things that we have read about and have even seen in action and what she did to her mother was awful and Pepper is telling the truth about it. Pitt put up with a lot of her crap and then he left and she played that like an old violin and made it look like he cheated and I believe he didnt and that is why he rarely answers any questions that are asked by reporters about JA. Her mother went thru cancer and she never called her mother ,she didnt invite her to the all star wedding she had when she tricked Pitt into marriage and snubbed her family all together. She used her dad to get into the pictures and then got brad and poof she became a B movie /TV thing. She cannot act and has slept around HW for years. She couldn’t care less about how you feel about her lol Unless there was a reporter around and you were laying there on fire she wouldn’t piss on you to put the fire out unless there was a camera in her face lol

    • Daphne says:

      I’m sorry. You can’t possibly know that information and all the deets about it. You can freely guess about it, but we don’t have the slightest clue. The one thing I will say about Aniston is that the book her mother wrote was entitled, “From Mother and Daughter to Friends”. It was indeed a book that had a lot of personal info about Aniston, and I’d have no problem cutting myself off from someone who would write about me like that. How do you know that Nancy (is that her name? sorry) “tried to explain” anything to Jennifer and Jennifer “wouldn’t listen”? Were you there?

    • Freya says:

      I agree with you, Pepper, that you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat their elders.

  4. Photo lab says:

    If it’s not news, why bother posting it here?

  5. Jennifer12 says:

    What is the point to the high hair picture? She looks like the typical 80s kid. Please tell me that’s not her punk picture.

  6. truthSF says:

    She looks sooooooo much prettier with her natural hair color.

  7. Bite me says:

    Alex and Justin should go dumpster diving together

  8. kira says:

    The neighbor saw John Aniston and AJ going through a garbage can? Are they paupers or something? Weird.

    And, it’s odd that Aniston can buy and sell 20-30 million dollar mansions like it’s not a big deal, while her brother lives in a van. Maybe her brother wants it that way, so who knows.

  9. Liz Taylor says:

    In her chaneldress, she looks like a 43 year old woman.

    i like her punkpic, especially her original nose ;-)

    she used to be a young special lady. unfortunatly, she mutated into an adapted blonde hollywoodbarbie whos addicted to plasticsurgery and is obssesd with her looks/body. a superficial poor life. money cant buy you a brain/depth.

  10. fabgrrl says:

    Sounds like this guy DOESN’T want to be known for his famous sister, and she respects that. Non-story.

  11. Darlene says:

    pics or it didn’t happen. :)

  12. lucy2 says:

    Not really a secret. Radar is lame.

  13. Paloma says:

    Doesn’t she have a half brother on her mother’s side, also?

  14. Erm says:

    Wow, she was so cute in the 80s picture! Hope she goes back to her natural colouring. She’d look lovely.

  15. Cathy says:

    Run Alex run or the tabloids and paps will be up your butt. Leave the poor guy be, that’s obviously all he’s ever wanted.

  16. Kara Ann says:

    I don’t know why this is a story. I will say, after reading comments above, that family dynamics are not something I would feel comfortable judging another person for. Families are complicated and so are their members, individually. So be it, Christian Bale or Jennifer Aniston, I don’t think we have any real info to judge this situation on. I will say that, to me, cashing in on your famous relation via books, interviews, whatever is a line that shouldn’t be crossed if you ever want to be a part of that person’s life again. It just smacks of fame-whoring and trying to gets yours off someone else’s work, ala Lohan’s parents. If your kid/relation is famous then let them be famous regardless of how you get along with them. Guaranteed is that no one will appreciate someone that goes to the press about them. I think of it as equivalent to talking crap and/or just “giving your side” about an unfamous person to all and sundry mutual acquaitances, you just don’t do it.

  17. sukienow says:

    maybe she respects their privacy, and her family dont seem like mediawhore. they go about their business quietly

    she is the famous one ; they dont need their lives in the media spotlight.

    btw her older brother is also in the entertainment business and has worked on some of her films: this is his imdb

    i also come across some articles or pics with both her siblings,,20141073,00.html

  18. Bronson says:

    Haha, I totally know Sam and Mateo from Chimera! I had no idea AJ had this connection. Small, small world.

  19. Karma says:

    So isn’t this the half-brother she kinda resents because it represents her dad leaving her mom? That was the story line that used to float around out there….dad’s other family made my life miserable/poor.

    Anyway, the pic that Sukienow has above, shows a little boy who clearly wants a relationship with his sister. While Brad Pitt, who helped to create that moment with her family, seems to be tilting his head to get a better view of the boy’s anticipation of saying goodbye. That Brad is concerned for the boy’s feelings in that moment is sweet.

    I love Santa Cruz, Alex is a smart kid, being a surf bum is a good job if you can get it… lol Used to live there myself and my mom is buried there she loved it so much too. Lots of good memories there.

  20. Snowpea says:

    I think it’s hilarious that her brother has the same initials as her arch nemesis!

  21. corny says:

    thank goodness! I thought the week was going to go by without a story about pissy assiston…I’m so relieved.

  22. taxi says:

    It’s unlikely that they bonded when Alex was little. She’s old enough to be his mother & was long out of whatever house he was being raised in.

  23. xty says:

    of course she knew – but she doesnt want to tarnish her ‘perfect’ image. blah! I think its sad that they didn’t ‘bond’? tho’ – im 10 yrs older than my step brother, dsnt mean we dont/wont have a relationship.

  24. madashell says:

    I remember reading at the time of Jennifer’s estrangement with her mother that it was because her mother sold her wedding photos to the Enquirer. She seems as close to her dad as one could expect (they live in different cities) and as close to her half-brother as one would want to be (they are in different generations). Have we seriously run out of dirt to dish on this woman?

  25. Emma - the JP lover says:

    (Blinks) Doesn’t Jennifer Aniston have ‘two’ half brothers, one by Dad and one by Mom? Has anyone ever taken a photo of Jen with John Melick, her older maternal half brother.

    • Hipocricy says:

      John T Melick her older half brother, 10 years her senior co raised her when her father went away. He was the father figure while they were raised with her mother Nancy.

      I remeMbered at some point they were very closed and i think she was even pictured with Melick’s wife, as she was closed to her too.

      Rumor has it that the relationship between siblings kinda cooled off when she refused to invite their mother at her wedding and warned her brother that if he did want to be invited, he should stop insisting for their mother to get an invitation too. I didn’t know what was his answer and if he showed up at jen and Brad wedding but since then, there were less T Melick in the picture like he used to be.

      John T Melick is still married to the same wife and they have 2 older teen/young adult children, jeniffer nephews.

      • sukienow says:

        according to his imdb he was production assistant on the good girl; which was filmed years after her wedding , so ur story that they had a falling out after she refused to invite their mom to her wedding seems like bull.

        why do people expect her to talk about her siblings in a mag???? do we sk every other celebrity to do the same

        does anyone enquire about diaz sister, or jlo sister, or christina aguilera brother???

        these people have a right to their privacy,they didnt ask or seem to want the spotlight.

    • sukienow says:

      here you go:,,20141073,00.html

      and he as also worked behind the scene on a couple of her films

      does that make you happy???

      why must she parade ot talk about her siblings? they have their own lives

      we dont as other celebrities with none famous siblings to do the same.

      maybe these people dont want the spotlight

  26. Peta says:

    Are you kidding me? He sounds like a disrespectful bum that contributes absolutely nothing to society, except for crude photos that no one wanted to see in the first place. Must be nice to suck off his dad’s bank balance teat. I wouldn’t wanna spend time with him, either.

  27. Kricket says:

    I remember years ago reading in a soap magazine that John and his wife adopted a baby they named Alexander.

  28. truthSF says:

    Asli, I always said, the 80′s lifestyle and dresswear were the result of the drug use of the 60′s & 70′s.

  29. LAK says:

    hon, sorry to disappoint you but 80s fashion has been back for a while. leggings, batwing blouses, high tops, ripped stone washed jeans, dresses with a peplum, shoulder pads, body con dresses. Herve Leger made their name in 80s, and were forced into bankruptcy when the trend died. Only to be revived in recent years. Not forgetting that in the past 2 years Rihanna has been going around dressed in 80s fashion and colours.

    Top shop these days gives me serious de ja vu.

  30. Pepper says:

    True. It was a great era for music though.