LeAnn Rimes & Brandi Glanville celebrated Jake Cibrian’s b-day together

These are photos of LeAnn Rimes celebrating her boy’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. What’s that, you say? LeAnn Rimes is Jake and Mason’s step-mother and Jake’s actual, biological mother was at the party too? That shocks me. Because the way LeAnn Rimes was photographed at this event, you’d think that it was HER event, and all about her and no one else. Yes, so Jake celebrated his birthday and LeAnn called the paps and they got lots of photos of LeAnn posing in her see-through dress (with no bra? Right?) and flipping her hair and squatting down with one of Eddie’s sons and carrying presents and all of it. And then there were a couple of photos of Brandi Glanville leaving the birthday party alone. Remember what Brandi is wearing – LeAnn will be wearing it in a week.

I checked LeAnn’s Twitter to see if she had gone overboard with the birthday tweets for “her boy”. I was a little disappointed – she tweeted some photos of the birthday cake and stuff, but it wasn’t wall-to-wall coverage. LeAnn did write, “He’s gonna be so spoiled. So many gifts from two households, grandparents, friends….omg….and we’re gonna have to put them all together!!! :). The Mail points out that a big group did arrive – it wasn’t just Brandi, Eddie and LeAnn.

Also – next week is LeAnn and Eddie’s one-year wedding anniversary. For real! It’s felt like so much longer, hasn’t it? LeAnn was tweeting about that too, writing: “I cannot believe a week from today Eddie and I will celebrate our one year anniversary. Big plans, full two week long celebration. Go big or go home is my way of thinking :) and we have so much to be thankful for. It’s nice to reflect on the joy and the obstacles you’ve overcome together, especially in your first year of marriage. We’re solid and passing with flying colors thus far :) :) I’m excited….if you can’t tell!” Oh… so that’s why it feels like LeAnn has been more in-your-face then she usually is. She’s preparing for a media blitz to celebrate her anniversary. It should be epic.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Happymom says:

    Both she and Brandi look horrendous.

  2. lil ole me says:

    Why are there a ton of photos of Leann and Eddie (on other sites it shows a ton of pics of Le and Ed), but hardly any photos of the biological Mother? It’s ALMOST as if Brandi was trying to be discreet about her son’s birthday party and NOT HOG the spotlight. Can you imagine?

    • autumndaze says:

      Anyone who doesn’t believe LeAnn to be the consummate bitch, note this:
      Brandi tweeted how much she loved a pair of gold cuff bracelets on her twitter. Within weeks LeAnn got them “from Eddie for her birthday”.
      Guess what she is wearing to this birthday party? An event that she will surely see Brandi at, and be able to flaunt the jewelry in her face?
      Brandi is no victim; and ultimately better off without Eddie. But I have to say, after observing this high school level nonsense from LeAnn, I really loathe her.

  3. Miss DC says:

    How could LeAnn Rimes have been so adorable when she was a kid and then grow up to be so ugly? She looks like… some kind of animal.

  4. Zelda says:

    Your shoes must be This Ugly if you want to ride Eddie Cibrian.

    Or maybe it was an idiotic-wedges-themed birthday party.

  5. Eileen says:

    Oh yes DOD (from her comment on the previous LR post): Jake looks like he was ready to drop dead he was so ill. Ear infections happen and he clearly was ok to make it to the party then go get treated.
    The next two weeks are going to be eye-stabbingly irritating. Grab some popcorn and a drink (preferrably a stiff one) and stand by!

    • Deliverer Of Deceit says:

      Yes, from the photos I now see and video Brandi tweeted of Jake dancing (cute) it appears he was fine. My comment yesterday was in response to these pre-party tweets from Brandi.

      “Urgent care with Jake, shoot me now, longest day of my life, poor baby threw up on me has a bad ear infection”

      “Jakes still sleeping I hope the antibiotics kicked in over night! I still have puke in my hair shower time!”

      “a little better but on fire at bday!”

      These tweets, to me, sounded like maybe he shouldn’t be out. Sheez.

      • Eileen says:

        I’m not trying to bag on you (ok maybe a little lol) but if you have kids, you know that kids get ear infections all the time and they can go away on their own, or escalate into something worse. The bday party took some planning and forthought so I’m sure she decided to take a gamble and hope for the best-or maybe didn’t know he was this bad off. Anyway-I just feel like these are HER kids and calling out her mothering skills is hitting below the belt. As a mom you try your best and only want the best for your kids-to challenge that she is a questionable mother will only bring out mama bears who have been there. I took my 1 yr old to Disney World for his bday 5 years ago and he ended up sick as a dog with an ear infction-he still went to his bday party at the castle for lunch and loved it…but he was not 100%. What can you do?

      • Jezi says:

        Antibiotics for ear infection kick in over night. Amoxicilan works extremely fast. My son just had an ear infection and was up all night but once the morning hit, he was fine the rest of the day. A bit tired from the night but back to playing like normal. If Jake was fine to go to the party then I see no reason to keep him home. Kids get ear infections all the time.

      • thetruthhurts says:

        Do children usually barf from just bad ear infections?

      • Jezi says:

        Depends. Sometimes they can get a fever from it and their entire body is effected by it. Last time my son had the worst stomach pains from the antibiotics.

      • drealities says:

        It was an ear infection. Many kids don’t even feel pain with them. She did what she needed to do and took him to urgent care the night before, and gave him meds. He’s FIVE– can you imagine how it would absolutely CRUSH him to cancel his birthday party? Hell, I’d be pissed if someone canceled MY birthday party! lol.

    • brin says:

      Don’t forget the puke bags.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        My youngest just had his 1st birthday party yesterday. He woke up with a fever and lethargy, but I just thought it was a reaction to vaccines he had earlier in the week (his doctor said he could have a rash and fever up to a week after the shots). My husband offered to stay home with him but I didn’t want him to miss his own birthday party, so I brought him anyway. He slept in my arms for most of the day, refused to eat, and vomited on my lap during the last 30 minutes of the party. He spent last night projectile vomiting on me, several times. I now realize he has a stomach virus and hope the children at the party don’t get sick too. Luckily he didn’t have any contact with them, as he spent the entirety of the party asleep. Anyway, I can see why the party wasn’t canceled. Maybe Brandi thought he had an ear infection. You can’t really fault the parents with following through with the party when they thought the child had a noncontagious ear infection.

  6. Franny says:

    She really needs to get her money back from the doc that botched her boobs. She is 30 years old, her implants are so lopsided and low! My mom is 49 and got implants after her 4th child. They are tasteful, look natural, and perky. If you are going to pay someone to “improve” a part of you, at least get it done well.

    Brandi has great legs though…just not feeling the clothing saddlebags.

    • Feebee says:

      Sounds like just what I need, can I have the name of your mum’s doctor? :)

    • Sapphire says:

      Someone on this site had a pretty good explanation for the wonky boobs-implants are placed under the natural breast-and if yours are far apart, it just makes them worse. Also she supposedly didn’t wear the compression garment you are supposed don for 4-6weeks.

      • Jayna says:

        My friend got a boob job, and they were even father apart than LeAnn’s I think, actually out to the side.. Yet she went to the doctor because her friend got hers there, both petite girls, and hers were gorgeous. She went to another high profile doctor for a consult. He told her I think that because of the way she was built, maybe wide ribcage or something (I can’t remember), that he could bring them closer together but never perfect. That people like her had to go bigger to get them closer together. She went a little bigger, but she was so slender and petite that she didn’t want them huge. They are probably about like LeAnn’s now or actually a little closer maybe (I think, not sure) and probably the same size as LeAnn’s now. So sometimes it really depends on how you’re built on how they settle. My friend wears great bras and bikinis that bring them closer.

  7. francesca says:

    A rosary is not a necklace.

  8. sally says:

    LeeAnn has the most incredible style. Incredibly ugly, so fug. And you can tell that she puts tons of time and thought into “coordinating” these incredibly horrific outfits.

  9. J O'C says:

    LeAnn should now bra less. Her boobs are all askew.

  10. Agnes says:

    oh, Falcor. you’re such an attention whore.

  11. Holden says:

    Brandi is so much hotter, I feel like I should be comforting her. Is it bad that the whole Leann and Eddie thing make me miss Spencer and Heidy? *ducks*

  12. lower-case deb says:

    the hand-cuff style bracelet on her right arm is cute-weird piece of jewelry.
    the rosary style necklace, otoh, not so much. looks plasticky and easter-eggy.

  13. bowers says:

    Chuck E. Cheese? for God’s sake

  14. Jezi says:

    We knew these pics would be out today. Funny how Leann calls the paps for this. Very appropriate to wear a see through dress with no bra to a kids party.

  15. Debra says:

    poor Leann,

    all of Brandi’s hot friends were at Jake’s party, and Leann looks like this? ( are there any farriers out there, Leann’s hooves really need attention,, I always likened her to a palomino but in these shoes, she looks more like a clydesdale)

    and I believe Brandi was up all night with a sick child, so dressing for the paps was probably the last thing on her mind

  16. Jayna says:

    I have to admit I love LeAnn’s dress. I love the back. She looks cute. Though the shoes are cumbersome clunkers. Brandi looks so very, very pretty, but the pants are odd with those pockets and not flattering since Brandi has Angelina Jolie legs. Though, I love her shoes.

    How would the paps know to come to a birthday party? I notice LeAnn gets most of the photos of her. I am very disappointed in LeAnn these days. Not for the affair. It happens and people move on. If she and Eddie are in love (and it very much appears so), fine, but all of her shenanigans even up to the present, like calling paps all the time for things like her kissing that girl, this birthday party, and at the ballgames (or tweeting so they will know to come) is pathetic. It’s so amazing how tons of Hollywood famous stars manage to have their kids’ birthdays not papped, but this party has tons of photos.

  17. Rita says:

    No bra and a see-through dress at a five year old’s birthday party? The kid’s grand parents and in-laws are there as well. They are obviously all a bunch of sick saps.

    Apparently Brandi is in NYC cutting a book deal today so I hope that goes very well for her and when are we going to know about Brandi being on RHOBH? Does anyone know yet?

  18. Carobell says:

    I do wonder on some level if Brandi is playing a game with Leann of ‘let’s see what fug thing I can get her to wear in public because I said I like it’.

    I’d like to think that’s that is what this all about because otherwise they both have horrible style.

    • claire says:

      I think normally Brandi looks very stylish and pretty, and she looks fine here. I don’t love her pants, but it’s her son’s b-day party, not a fashion show. She’s a beauty, she doesn’t have to call the paps, and show up as a linebacker in a see-through dress with no bra to get attention. She had spent the night awake and at Urgent Care with a sick child, and from her tweets, sounds like it was a rush to get her son ready and get to this, and it also sounded like she went straight to the airport from this party. All in all, she probably didn’t put a ton of worry into her outfit b/c she doesn’t have to overdo it to impress. She’s not an insecure crazy stalker woman.

  19. claire says:

    I hate that dress. It’s soft and feminine, so it obviously doesn’t work on Leann. All I want to know is: WTF Is she doing to her face????

    There’s obvs been a nose job, as her nose is much much wider on the tip, and it just looks odd. And we know already about the lip-plumping. But what’s with the rest? She had normal features before, that while not beautiful, were cute enough. Now, it’s like she’s trying to obliterate her face into this smooth, puffy, pillowy thing. Does she NOT own a mirror?

  20. SolitaryAngel says:

    The passing of your child’s birthday should be special and fun; it’s meant to further solidify the child/parent bond as in “we’ve loved you THIS long and we always will”. It’s not supposed to be a famewhoring opportunity. I am not team LeAnn OR Brandi, but Brandi does have my sympathy; she looks sad and tense when this should have been a great day for her. I am despising LR & Ediot more every day; when karma finally comes around for these two, I will be cheering.

  21. Eileen says:

    One more thing: Jayyyysus-those boobs! Will someone please tell her to put a freaking bra on? I know her friends read this site-do her, and all of us, a big favor and try to get her to listen to you and tell her ass to WEAR A BRA! Her “enhancement” is NOT good-can she not see that? Her boobs look like they are polar opposite magnets repelling from each other.

    Also shout out to Rita and the others! I can’t remember the drink we christened in honor of Leann-anyone remember? I know it was genius!

    • lil ole me says:

      @ Eileen: HUSH YO MOUTH WOMAN! I’ve decided (as a breast cancer survivor who has had reconstructive surgery) that her showing off her wonky boobs makes me feel so much better! I mean to say, here is a girl- not really needing surgery (only to get bigger boobs)- and with ALL HER MONEY manages to still look like absolute crap. I think her boobs look craptastic and we should all ENCOURAGE HER TO SHOW THEM OFF. If she thinks they look great, then let her continue thinking so. Personally, it makes me feel so much better about myself!
      When I’m having an off day, I just remember, “Well, at least I’m not Leann Rimes”- and personal acceptance is achieved.

  22. Lana says:

    Wow, Brandi Glanville, wearing leggings and holding a zip loc bag to boot, is still an amazingly beautiful woman. Without even lifting a finger, she always manages to make LeAnn look like a fool. As for LeAnn, she looks like a mess. But she did that on her own. She’s worn that dress before, yes? Last year? An airport pic? But didn’t it fit her better? It looks like she hasn’t had it cleaned or pressed since then. She has the posture and gestures of a self-absorbed creature. I hope Brandi finds a good publisher for her book and they do a Sgt. Pepper type cover for it, with the whole cast of characters (all the friends and even the low lifes like DB, etc), in the cut out style, with a larger figure of the stunningly beautiful Brandi up front and center. One big happy family, yes? A year after Eddie moved from “living in sin” to “living in sloth,” Brandi Glanville has triumphed and women who’ve been treated like crap and were told to “move on, be quiet, get old while your ex gets it on, and sit in the corner” are cheering!

    • claire says:

      I was wondering myself what in the world the ziploc was for, but looking closer, it appears to be medicine and syringe – probably to give to Dad for son’s ear infection. I was thinking at first, um, you have great purses, what are you carrying your stuff in ziploc for? Unless, of course, she was trying to start a “trend” for LR to copy. :P But, no, just medicine. LOL.

  23. elaine says:

    leann looks awful as usual, what an outfit to wear to a 5 year olds party. she is so sick. saw pics where david beckhan took his 7 year old to basketball game and looked like they were having a great time, so obvious he is a good dad and kids adore him.Ya think Leann would let eddie take his son to game, NO WAY= she would insist on going cause there are some sexy cheerleaders there,N she knows all about his wandering peen

  24. Hubbahun says:

    *sings* she’s squinting here….she’s squinting there, she’s a dedicated squinterer of squinting

  25. Beclove says:

    Someone needs to take this girl aside and say “honey it’s not always about YOU”. Grow up you nightmare!

  26. sweetea91 says:

    her breasts really are the grossest things I have ever seen. I don’t normally condone making fun of someone’s appearance but in this case she bought those suckers!! YUCKKKK

  27. lower-case deb says:

    i just noticed that brandi has a hello-my-name-is sticker on her shirt.
    i find it really mushy-squishy-aww-inducing :D maybe it’s just me :)

    it just reminds meof when i was really really small, my mam would endure being stickered (wallpapered with stickers more like), paperhatted, and weirdydressed by me and my brother. just once every year, one for each of our birthdays.

  28. Candyland says:

    Like LeAnn’s dress, but no slip? Tacky.
    Also dress is to big but whatever.

    LeAnn: let the kid have his day.

    And PS: Whooptedoosh!t, they’ve been married a year. So what?

  29. MayaMae says:

    I used to feel sorry for Brandi, but then I watched RHOBH.

    Leann does not get on my nerves. My surefire way to get over Leann dislike – I don’t read her tweets and rarely click on stories about her.

  30. thetruthhurts says:

    Good LORD Brandi is tall!!!! Gorgeous!

  31. Sa11i says:

    What happened to Brandi is proof that you cant even trust a cheating man around an ugly woman. Real moms carry the medicine to make the kid feel better, bonus moms call the paps.

  32. Jennifer12 says:

    LeAnn started her nonsense by tweeting a picture of a huge pile of presents before anything started and talking about how someone would have a super birthday. Buying presents=fun, dealing with a sick child= not so much fun, so of course, what would LeAnn do? And a two week celebration for an anniversary? No wonder she’s distracted- she’s more interested in herself and the gigantic party she is clearly going to be throwing for making to a whole year of marriage. Eclipsing Brandi is interesting to LeAnn, but not as much as throwing a huge party to show everyone how long they’ve lasted and how much in love they are. Who throws a two week celebration for anything?? And did she bring Darrell Brown and his boyfriend to the party? One of the pictures looks like the boyfriend- both men cyberbullied Brandi. And papping your stepson’s birthday party? Again? Is there no low she won’t sink to?

  33. hstl1 says:

    Honestly, I am ignoring all the parental BS. Brandi and Eddie’s kids are so adorable!

  34. skuddles says:

    I’ve seen that exact same dress someplace else… maybe Rimes wore it before?? Still don’t like it. And the cork wedges make it looks like she has giant clown feet.

  35. fabgrrl says:

    Both of them seriously wore those horrible platform wedges? To a little kid’s birthday party, at Chuck E. Cheese? Huh. I did a LOT of running around at my boy’s birthday party, at a Chuck E Cheese-esque place, and I would have broken my ankle or hurt my knees something fierce in shoes like that.

  36. skilo says:

    Brandi looks beautiful here I have said it before and I’m saying it again the less is more look is totally sexy on her she looks great dressed casually and with toned down make up. Leann never looks half as good no matter how hard she tries and, bless her tiny, ugly, little slut heart she tries real hard.

  37. Kim says:

    LeAnn tries SOOOOO hard to be Brandi its pathetic & psycho stalkerish. With the sundresses, high wedge shoes, bigger boobs & extreme weight loss. She never wore this type of stuff before Eddie. He definitely has a type that LeAnn is trying to mold to – to no avail.

  38. Lana says:

    Check link to photo below. She looks less sloppy in the same dress back in January of this year. The dress seemed to fit her better a few months ago. And the dress – and LeAnn – look cleaner and more presentable.


  39. MJFD says:

    I’m surprised no one has called LeAnn out for the custom “Lego Cake”. Brandi, admonished Darin Harvey for buying Jake legos via Twitter after she told him no. Within 2 days LeAnn was tweeting to a “friend” to buy even more legos for Jake. Now, LeAnn’s custom made Lego cake for Brandi to have to look at while she uncomfortably puts up a front and legitimizes LeAnn’s patriarchal role in Jake’s life (I think Brandi is only hurting her own relationship with the boys in the long run by putting on this facade).

    • Heidi says:

      You are spot on about Leann intentionally ordering a Lego-themed cake to rub it in Brandi’s face. I really believe Rimes is a sociopath who knows just how far she can push someone b4 she’s outed. Eddie boils down to scum.

      • AnnieB says:

        I think the Lego thing was actually Brandi making fun of Leeanne. The only things Lee repeats about the kids is how they LovE Legos and Star Wars. Everything she does is themed around these, for both kids. Since Brandi is, you know, their MOM she realizes their interests go beyond these 2 purchasable “topics”. For all the bonus mommy, we are a FAMILY!! bullshit Leeanne waxes obnoxiously about she doesn’t actually KNOW any of these people. The kids, Ed’s parents or co-workers/acquaintances. She just gloms on to everything to do with him.

        Anyways, Brandi made the comment about the kids getting these expensive, fancy Legos and they are still sitting in the packaging either due to lack of interest on the kids part or it being too complicated for them to do on their own. My guess is more that they have every Lego set thanks to ATM Leeanne and are bored with them. As happens when you spoil kids to “make them like you”.

  40. original kate says:

    so now the three of them are friends? i’m sensing an icky three-way sex tape will be leaked soon, to keep them all in the spotlight.

  41. irishserra says:

    I wonder if she had the decency to feel awkward around Jake’s entire family/friends? Probably not. She seems like one of those people who lack compassion. Anyway, at the risk of sounding shallow (and I’m honestly trying to be), what on earth is wrong with her face? When she was younger I used to think, “Poor girl… there’s a certain cuteness but someday she’ll really grow into her looks.” As it turns out… Not so much.

  42. Heidi says:

    I reveled in the fact that Brandi had a big support group of loyal and gorgeous friends at Jake’s party. I sensed LR wasn’t real happy about it as her tweets lost oomph during and post-party. And Mama Belinda is pissed off herself today. Love it!!!
    I think Brandi has finally gotten what Leann is all about. She gave her the benefit of the doubt but after the soccer game learned the hard way that LR’s words are cheap and empty.

  43. Snowflake says:

    It’s weird how people are so into this whole leann-brandi thing and constantly comparing them against each other. and so pro or anti leann/brandi. you guys do realize you don’t know them, right?

  44. Lucy says:

    I know ALL kids like Chuck E. Cheese (mine included) but having or going to a bday party there is like the 5th ring of hell. And I can only imagine it’s 10x worse for a celebrity. (even d-listers) these people have money, can’t they have it at their homes with inflatables, ponies, clowns, games or whatever the the kid wants?? Hire a party planner for god’s sake.

    This just seems so lame, last minute & janky. I have NEVER had my kids’ party at CEC (even when they’ve wanted to). We go there occasionally but gawl get a clue losers.

  45. Just a lurker says:

    OMFG!!! You guys, check out galleryoftheabsurd.com -Celebrities Eating Hot Dogs: LeAnne Rimes Edition/ cartoon caricature drawing of Leann! It is SPOT ON! FUNNIEST THING I’VE SEEN ALL DAY

  46. lile ole me says:

    ^^^ @ lurker: That is awesome thanks! That cartoon picture of her in that bikini with the crazy bolt ons and NO HIPS WHATSOEVER is absolutely PRICELESS. How does one steal that image for an avatar? :)

  47. Camille (The original) says:

    Cute little boy. As for the rest ugggh.

  48. Lady D says:

    Looks like LR is wearing rags with dirty shoes.

  49. judyjudy says:

    Her breasts look terrible.

  50. Kitten says:

    Not particularly a fan of either but Brandi looks beautiful here-I don’t mind her outfit at all.

  51. lori says:

    You can take a girl out of the hick town but you can’t take the hick town out of the girl. I love it when Leann dresses up for events. You know her stylist hates her because her outfits are so mismatched and unflattering. She ALWAYS looks trashy and tacky. She is never dressed appropriately for the occasion and always emphasizes the point with a pair of hooker shoes and low cut slut cleavage. And even then it misses the mark, cause her bolt ons fled for her pits and she looks like an aging tranny hooker clutching Eddie’s ankles as he drags her around behind him. I wonder when the kids reach puberty will she just happen to be caught in bed with one of them. I so see this happening for the little backwoods slut who could.

  52. lilac says:

    So after reading this article I decided to check out LRs twitter page. She is repulsive and way out of line.


    This woman tweeted about going to Brandi and Eddie’s sons school and celebrating his bday there with his wonderful teacher? are you f****** kidding me?
    She obviously did that to upset Brandi.

    • Jayna says:

      If I had an ex-husband with a wife doing that about MY children, I would be declared as legally insane. I wish Dr. Phil would get hold of LeAnn. He would be flabbergasted by the rudeness and insensitivity of putting it out there on twitter all the time about another woman’s children. I don’t know one mother that would not be rubbed the wrong way by the thought of that.

      • claire says:

        If it’s their day to have kids, I don’t see what big deal it is that a step parent goes to the school with cupcakes. Now, when she was doing that stuff when they weren’t even engaged, and against BG’s wishes….that was ridiculous.

        I just don’t get why Eddie made such a big deal earlier in the divorce that he didn’t want their kids lives blasted out to media, yet allows LR to tweet about them nonstop and call paps.

      • Jayna says:

        @Claire, not that she went there. I see no problem in that at all on their time with the kids and is what a good, involved stepmother would do with her husband. I meant the in depth, ad nauseum tweeting publicly about her stepkids as if they were her own, such as all about going to the school and loving his teacher thing and Jake liking a girl. Seriously? Who is she to post that on twitter? It is extrememly rude to do as a stepmother towards the real mother. Even if they were her own, other celebs would never post photos like she does on twitter of their kids. A singer that is on twitter posts his girls’ photos very rarely on vacation or something cute with their dog, but only from the back or where their face doesn’t show for security reasons and that is rarely anyway.

        But bottom line, tweeting on and on like this in a public forum about these boys like they are her own is very insensitive to their real mother and truly would rub any fan, who is a mother, the wrong way.

        I agree. Eddie won’t let the boys on the show (though, I agree with him), and yet LeAnn is always posting photos of the boys or alerting the paps (which anyone with common sense can see she does privately or through twitter on purpose) to where they will be for photo ops with the boys. Very disturbing to me.

      • brin says:

        Wait til the boys get older, they will despise Leann for tweeting about them like this.

    • lori says:

      I don’t think this is about angering Brandi, although it should, I think this is because Rimes is a weird compulsive stalker. She is getting attention tweeting about the boys and her new “role” as stepmom. Don’t forget this attention whore was pushed into the celebrity spotlight by greedy parents at a very young age. It would be natural for her to want to keep chasing celebrity. Her music career died but she is trying to get someone to pay attention to her for a reality show. If she has to put two small children’s lives on public display and call the paps to advance her career that what she’d do: “Hell, my mama and daddy did it to me”

  53. CaramelKiss says:

    The bobblehead, cork wedged, skinny bitches unite??? LeAnn and Brandi make me want to vomit. While Brandi looks naturally thin, LeAnn hates the fact that she can only eat once a month and has to tweet about it to let us all know how healthy her eating habits are is shameful. Maybe when Eddie is screwing his next Lifetime co-star, she’ll realize how much of a douche he really is….

  54. befriendacelebontwitter says:

    At least she retired the bikini for more than an hour. She can rely on user slobbie to lie to her about how hot she is. Changing the subject how did slobbie meet Kim Kardashian? Don’t answer that was a rhetorical ? How many other celebs or upcoming celebs does slobbie try to befriend on twitter? The I don’t speak for LeAnn, but yada yada yah user. Leannfart ….., ….., ………., …., …, …………., …….. Let Leann learn the hard way. I hope E leaves and slobbie uses her to the max. Everybody loves Leann. Yes for their own reasons. She should get her some friends with money so she never has to question their intentions. Aquaintances but no real friends, poor idiot. She has no idea, no idea of how many people really see her for the person she is but are seemingly friendly. It’s no secret of how unstable she is. Play along, play along. People playing for bragging rights I’m friends with celeb. Some don’t want just bragging rights, they want the whole canole, you know who. Her sick rants are filled with sighs across the board. She just doesn’t know it. Play along along girls. Play along

  55. Baylor says:

    Someone said Belinda was pissed. How do they know? does she have a twitter?

  56. Meghan says:

    Ahhhhhhh this girl…not only does she have a horrible sense of style and a severe look but she tries at every opportunity for attention (no bra, really?) I’m not saying Brandi is perfect but nobody beats Leann’s lunacy.

  57. Malin says:

    How long before Eddie bangs another woman if he hasn’t already. Brandi left Eddie with only slashing his tires. Imagine what this crazy biach is gonna do. Run Eddie run. His next wife will have the wrath of leann. He might as well give up his failing career entirely, remain single. Head for the border under the pseudonym don Juan set up a brothel. Playboy paradise. Leaving behind his donkey and pony show.

  58. Denise P. L says:

    “Saw Monica on E, downloaded “The boy is mine.” Who is that directed to? Public twitter message to another slore of his, maybe? Funny how the people who get with cheaters think it’ll never happen to them. Ha ha. Your turn is coming but no rhobh & book deals for you. Just a bunch of smug faces, laughs, jeers & we told ya so’s. BOO BITCH BOO No sympathy.

  59. annon says:

    love that leann tries to make it look like she planned the whole thing and wants to make it look like she played a big role when she took photos of the cake and presents. then called the paps. um, according to brandi’s twitter- brandi said she organized the whole thing and asked eddie to buy the cake and they split the cost. nice try leann,you are still not their bio mom, so fake

  60. Colleen says:

    That dress is uglier than she is! Seriously she has a ton of money get a stylist!
    And quit it with the Brandiidolizing!
    Leanne and Eddie please just GO AWAY!