LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian celebrate their first wedding anniversary

LeAnn Rimes celebrated her first wedding anniversary to Eddie Cibrian this weekend. She celebrated as she celebrates everything… on Twitter. She tweeted the whole damn day yesterday – go to her Twitter feed to see. It’s insane. I think at one point she said she was going to stop tweeting to celebrate, but she just kept on going. So… what does the kept man who has everything get for his anniversary? LeAnn bought Eddie a watch. Meh. You know he wanted a bigger toy – like a sports car or a motorcycle. Or a boat. Maybe LeAnn couldn’t afford to keep buying her man all of the “gifts” he wants? As for what Eddie gave her… I don’t know. Their real anniversary is today, and she says he was making her wait. She did tweet a photo of a flower – how funny would it be if Eddie just gave her flowers for their anniversary? Who am I kidding? LeAnn totally told him exactly what she wanted and she gave him the money to buy it, whatever it is.

She’s not ready to spill all her secrets about her relationship with Eddie Cibrian in a book, but LeAnn Rimes is happy to dish about the couples’ first anniversary via Twitter. Reflecting back on their April 22, 2011 nuptials, the country singer gushed to her followers: “A year ago this weekend was [so] perfect.”

Rimes got emotional even before the duo started celebrating the happy occasion. “OMG crying at anniversary cards, someone slap me!” she tweeted Thursday. And it seemed she couldn’t wait to kick off the festivities.

“I gave Eddie his anniversary gift early,” Rimes, 29, tweeted the next day. “I can never wait! He was so cute. He loved it so much, he wore it to bed. For you dirty minds, it was a watch. :) I just thought that was super cute. All boys, no matter what age love their toys a lot.”

She and her hubby were spotted enjoying a romantic, PDA-filled lunch at Toscanova restaurant in Calabassas, Calif. later on Friday.

Rimes first met the actor, 38, when they costarred together in the Lifetime movie Northern Lights. At the time, both were married to other people — Cibrian to makeup artist Brandi Glanville, mother to his sons Mason, 7, and Jake, 4; Rimes to backup dancer turned chef Dean Sheremet — and Us Weekly broke news of their ongoing extramarital affair in March 2009.

[From Us Weekly]

People Magazine also notes that on Friday, LeAnn and Eddie had an early anniversary lunch at Toscanova in Calabasas – they ate beef carpaccio and chicken paillard and they fondled each other throughout the meal. A source tells People, “All throughout their meal, they’d steal kisses or hold hands… They looked incredibly happy together. He had his arm around her shoulder and she would rest her head on the nook of his neck with her eyes closed.” Gross. I mean, congrats. I actually do hope that LeAnn and Eddie last… for a while, at least. I hope they last for two reasons: one, it’s more fun for me, the viewer, to see a marriage which is based on a man marrying his stalker; and two, LeAnn is going to go absolutely INSANE if this marriage doesn’t work out. It will be epic.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Sisi says:

    It’s been a year? ugh, feels more like an eternity…

  2. lisa says:

    I really thought they had been married longer for some reason.

    Well happy anniversary..

  3. Natasha says:

    “LeAnn totally told him exactly what she wanted and she gave him the money to buy it, whatever it is.”

    Oh yes, you’d better believe it! She’s far too concerned about how everyone else views their relationship to let a little thing like their first anniversary go by without organising EVERY. LAST. DETAIL.

    I’ll go get my popcorn…

  4. dorothy says:

    As long as Eddie stays unemployed he’s not going anywhere. She’s his ATM card. God, hope he gets a job so the constant “we’re so in love” pics cease.

  5. Franny says:

    hahahah this is for real her about me thing on twitter:

    PROUD…Peacemaker, Love maker,Hit maker, Moneymaker Coffeemaker….Homemaker :)

  6. hillbillygirl45 says:

    Can these people not open their eyes, or what?! I don’t know what keeps them from runnin’ over all kinds of sh-t. Shoot, I’ll bet Stevie Wonder can see better than these two…..just sayin’….
    I’m not a big fan, does it show?

  7. Oi says:

    Id love to slap you Leann. Sure, no problem…

  8. cmc says:

    Ew. Whatever, congrats.

    Hey, did we ever get to see their wedding photos? I don’t remember following them that closely/caring about this trainwreck back then, but I bet the photos are trashy and awful. Anyone?

    edit: Also, where’s the pic of her laughing directly into his mouth? Kaiser, can you start using that one? It cracks me up.

  9. Enn says:

    I think it’s funny that he keeps his hand in his pocket while she holds onto him for dear life.

  10. Girlygirl410 says:

    The amount of delusion this girl suffers from, certainly puts her in her own lonely world.

    She will never let her precious Eddie get a job because that would require him to be away from her. I think she has exhausted her sudden illness limit, on her health insurance, for the year.

  11. LadyD says:

    OMG! those nostrils!!! What a lovely paid marriage with a man that has not worked.His ex wife did not want him back…of course LEMAN took him. EC NEVER willingly walked away from his marriage to BG…he wanted to stay. That should tell you something Leann.

  12. I.want.shoes says:

    Leann must be running out of money. Girl spend like crazy on clothes and shoes- she’s always wearing only the latest. And I doubt that she is making as much money now.

  13. lil ole me says:

    Where are all the staged bikini pics? I NEED THOSE to make myself feel better….
    She really thinks she scored big with this cheating piece of scum doesn’t she? Like any SANE, SECURE woman would want Eddie

  14. Rita says:

    I loved her tweet about crying her eyes out at the fact that Eddie gave her an aniversary card. The fact that he gave her anything so filled her with joy that it was overwhelming.

    My sources (actual restaurant diners) tell me it only appeared that they were kissing throughout dinner. Apparently, it’s the only way Eddie can get his little bird to eat something. (See penquin parents regurgitating food to young.

  15. marie says:

    well you know they were meant to be, she’s a horse-face and he’s a horse’s ass.. good luck, can’t wait to see the break-up in the tabloids..

  16. Teamof6 says:

    If you look at the pictures from eddie’s car race she is wearing the ring that she just tweeted about as an anniversary gift. Look at her twitter and then at the ring in the race picture.

  17. Maria says:

    he is quite the hot guy…wow, could get lost in those dimples..which is why i worry….this marriage will NOT last… firstly, because marriages based on infidelity (lies)…don’t usually…not always, but not as a rule..and two, she just isn’t attractive….eventually, some hot woman will lure him away … I know I’m being judgy judgy…but it’s pretty easy to call these sorts of things…there is always a regular march of circumstances that leads to an eventual end. I really do think she’s not going to handle it well depending on the situation that leads to this marriage’s demise.

  18. Gene Parmesan says:

    She acts like this is her first marriage!! The jig is up Leann u look like a foal

  19. claire says:

    CB, I can’t believe you didn’t quote her on the “THIS IS LOVE because look at all we’ve endured” and “my happiness is all that matters” tweets. I think those pretty much sum up her craziness: she’s the victim in her crazy little head, and what she wants, she gets – no matter who she has to hurt.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Sounds completely like her: her happiness is all that matters. Not two little boys whose lives she destroyed; not her taking what she wanted when she wanted it; not her embarrassing teenage behavior at the kids’ public games nor her insistence on the kids dealing with the fact that their parents weren’t even divorced and she was acting as though she’d been in their lives forever and they should accept it; tweeting about children who aren’t even hers nonstop. What a selfish, self centered piece of work this person is. I hope she and Eddie are married forever and that she spends her life singing at chili cookoffs and state fairs just to scramble to make the mortgage and buy this idiot she married gifts. They deserve one another.

  20. fiona says:

    I know that Eddie is no victim but the fact he has to sleep with her I do pity him there on that score. She has to be the most ugliest woman in showbiz. She has always been ugly, as a teen and now as an adult. She has this illusion she is smoking hot cause she goes around in skimpy clothes. No you still look gross.
    Brandi although she kicked him out, with good reason is smoking hot. He then goes running to leanne after Brandi tells him she is finished with the marriage. So does that mean he still would be with Brandi if she decided to take him back. I really believe love was not a factor and that money was, in his relationship with Leanne. I have a feeling Leanne won’t be the only cibrian. There will be more in the future. He doesn’t look sincere in his pics but looks like he is acting the part that Leanne paid him to act. She can throw we are happy in peoples faces all she like because people dont buy it. He has n o freedom, no time away from her, he has no real friends. She has panic attacks when she has to go on her country fair appearances with about 250 people lol. She is nothing more than a ATM. Once he has a good job, watch what’ll happen. She’ll then go on to stalk the new gf and wife. Crazy chic. She needs helps not countless vacations.

  21. leannrimesisonecrazyb says:

    Gloating about the presents she basically bought herself, thats so sad and hilariously pathetic. Ed please hurry up and drain that bank account a little faster so you can move on from this trainwreck. We are tired of the faux romance just as much as you are.

  22. Shannon says:

    OMG they have identical squints! LOL’ing FOREVER

  23. kari says:

    she had 2 of those ugly giant rings on when she sang at the race, one had big stones but the other looks like a flat stone. she probably borrowed a piece of jewelry for the occasion and then Ed bought it for her. she did that before, bragged that he bought her some piece of jewelry that she had borrowed and lovEd. she wears the ugliest jewelry! http://www.celebitchy.com/220882/leann_rimes_cheers_on_eddie_cibrian_at_the_toyota_pro-celebrity_charity_race/ check out the rings here.

  24. sarah says:

    They both have that squinty eyed thing going on.

  25. MJFD says:

    @kari etal: On your link given @ LeAnn’s rings at the Toyota race; I noticed at the next to last pic that LeAnn’s engagement ring and wedding band are two different metal alloys, the band is 18-22k yellow gold, and the engagement ring is rose gold or platinum! WTF is Eddiot buying LeAnn seconds, other peoples returns, plated or CZ? Sold her pink elephant Nashville home to bankruptcy agent, 2nd hand or sleight of hand knock offs? Rich people trying to keep up “an appearance” will spend themselves into bankruptcy!

    • Enn says:

      A lot of people like to mix metals. I wear a platinum engagement ring and white gold wedding band. My boss wears a platinum engagement ring and a rose gold wedding band with an 18k white gold anniversary band.

    • Bodhi says:

      When I got married my parents took my dad’s parents’ rings & had them melted down & turned into one ring for me. The band is yellow gold (g-pa’s ring) & the setting is while gold (g-ma’s rings made into the exact same setting as her diamond) with my g-ma’s diamond. I’m not really into jewelry, but my ring is very precious to me because of its family attachment.

      Mixing metals isn’t a big deal at all

    • MJFD says:

      Come on ladies, Platinum & White Gold> hard to tell difference, melting 2 alloys together makes one alloy>intentionally not mismatched, banding 3+ metals is purposeful! Just saying LeAnn”s combo like mismatched shoes> looks cheap TO ME. If yo look at LeAnn UGLY new ring Ediot “gave her”, I say it junk Ediot’s jeweler friend couldn’t otherwise unload to some fool and deeply discounted for Ed to git out of his inventory so he didn’t have to pay inventory taxes on. Statin’ my opinion!

  26. Smothers says:

    Happy Aniver-sorry and Happy Earth Day! Time to celebrate all the recycled trash!

  27. Lindy says:

    My gawd, that is the longest year I have ever experienced. How is it not a decade already?!

  28. Laney says:

    You know why I think this girl is nuts.

    1: She believe Eddie really loves her and not her millions. #Opposites attract #He’s good looking, I’m sinfully ugly, #He’s poor – I’m rich. #He has a face for TV – I have a face for radio.

    2: She denies that Eddie might only be with her because his ex wife ended the marriage, not him. #Denial is not just a river in Egypt but falcor’s best and only lifelong friend.

    3: She has a hard time allowing Eddie out of her sight even though she trusts him. :/#Posessive behavior is insecure behavior

    4: I believe she gets her paid friends and herself at times to peruse some on the boards where she is the topic of conversation and in combative methods post how pretty she is, how in love there are. Using the typical “Brandi is a drunk jargon.” to better her ego and fragile state of mind. #Psycho has no shame and her enablers are just as guilty.

    5:Paying celebrity online sites to post positive stories about them and paying paparazzi to follow her. #Stoops to new lows before people forget I ever had a career. Must stay relevent

    6: She doesn’t believe Eddie will cheat. If he cheated on Brandi with another pretty girl called Shaena, what makes her so sure that he won’t cheat on her, being as unattractive as she is. Maybe a contract she had him sign in the case that he did and she could sue with what little money he has. #Scare tactics. #money can buy me love.

    7: SWF the ex every chance she gets. Why swf the ex if you are so secure in your relationship with the ex’s husband #Obsessed #Single White Female #Fatal attraction

    8: Why are ALL her Twitter friends ALL of them even the ugly ones, prettier than her and she’s OK with Eddie being around them. #I’m rich and they wouldn’t dare cross me when I shower them will Xmas gifts. #I can buy love, friendships and the world. #Kneel down before me and worship me, sheeple.

  29. Missy Mara says:

    They look like each other’s evil twin.

  30. whatthehell456 says:

    Does anyone else not notice that they look related in the pics? Like brother and sister….Oh God, I just added a whole new level of creepiness

  31. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Is she seriously only 29? Jesus, she looks closer to 36 with all the plastic surgery.

  32. Justine T says:

    If you have to flaunt your happiness that much louder and harder, it only proves that all is not well in paradise. Her well being is anything but well. She is a very sick woman and eddie is a shameful pig for putting his boys at risk by marrying her, and now has her around them 50% of the time. She stalked him and his family, that is “NOT NORMAL.” She creates this fantasy of an ideal life, when it’s anything but ideal. When the marriage ends he should fear for his safety. The uglyness on the outside is going to be nothing compared to the new breed of crazy she will unleash on him. I also fear for Brandi and her boys. I hope she doesn’t blame them for her own Karma.

  33. Jennifer12 says:

    I have clicked on the links that lead to LR’s twitter and I can’t get through more than the first ten posts. She’s out of her mind. Brandi needs a restraining order, for both herself and her sons and she needs a gag order to make this moron stop posting about her sons. Is everyone supposed to cheer that she got to a year of marriage? That she bought herself an anniversary present? That she’s planting stories like mad? I can’t decide if I want them to be married forever so LR can scramble to support this jackass or if it would be funnier if LEANN found someone else as Eddie ages and leaves him high and dry. Both of them are toxic and complete wastes of life.

    • Snowpea says:

      Yes I did too, and I’ve gotta say, Leann, you are absolutely 100 percent off your rocker.

      I wasted ten minutes of my life and looked through her Twitter photos and there was a photo in there that made my blood run cold.

      It was a picture of Leann’s mum’s laundry and there was a mural painted on the wall of a clothesline and two little Tshirts with ‘Mason’ and ‘Jake’ written on them.

      This is HER MOTHER”S laundry. HER MOTHER has no relationship to those children. It creeps me out that Leann’s whole family are in on this charade.

      Honestly, as I sit here, trying to get child support out of my deadbeat ex, I thank my lucky stars that he didn’t go and marry a psycho, stalking, narcissistic, fake, single white female HAS BEEN. Yes, Leann, I am looking at YOU!

      I just feel for that Brandi woman so so much, having to put up with this BULLSHIT from a complete lunatic.

      • AnnieB says:

        Well, in defense of Belinda, the laundry room is in an LA rental which Leann is leasing for her mom and that random fat man she married when Leanne was like 20 (which is blocks from Ed’s parents’ house. THAT is creepy). It was redecorated inside, Leeanne was blathering about how fun it was “helping” her mom pick out paint colors, etc. She moved her mom to LA from Texas so she could have ALL her family there (her mom, her newly christened “bonus daddy” and Ed’s parents and kids, HER family).

        So, Leanne “helped” her mom, which means Leeanne picked all out, since Lee paid for it all. SO I think the special, “loving” laundry room mural was commissioned by crazy ass Leeanne herself.

      • Natasha says:

        I know exactly what you mean – I felt the same when I saw that she’d posted this photo a few months ago. It’s too much, it’s scarily possessive, and it has LeAnn (rather than Belinda) written all over it.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        LeAnn and everyone she surrounds herself with is completely insane and inappropriate. Please, Brandi, you need restraining orders and gag orders NOW.

  34. Guest1 says:

    They don’t do anything for me.

  35. lori says:

    She started stalking this family and tweeting about it, calling the paps to follow her, when they were still having the affair. She needs to put her life and the lives of Mr. Ed and the boys on display for the press because her singing career has stalled. She doesn’t know how to do anything else but perfom. She doesn’t understand what a real family is all about. The caring and responsibility that go with loving someone outside of yourself. She grew up being pimped out onstage by her parents. She only learned how to perform, to be used and to use others. So now she is performing for the paps she pays to follow her around and document her fantasy family and marriage. Eddie loves this lavish lifestyle. He too, is a narcissist, and it gives him the wealth and attention he craves. This relationship is all about the high living and the press. The worst thing for both of their egos would be to lose their income and be ignored by the press.

  36. Vesper says:

    There is so much bitterness towards this couple, much of it unfounded. The homewrecker single white female theme is getting so old.

    They both look much happier now than they ever did with their former partners. It is obvious in almost every pic. They would not have married so quickly if the relationship wasn’t strong.

    As for LeAnn being a stalker, men don’t get involved with stalkers, they certainly don’t marry them, or let their kids get involved with them. LeAnn has no history of being a stalker.

    LeAnn is not morphing into Brandi. It doesn’t make sense that someone would change their style to mirror the woman their husband left. She is in the best shape of her life, but she looks more or less the same as she always did. Yes, she has had a few enhancements, but so has almost every other women in the entertainment field over the age of 25.

    As for Eddie marrying LeAnn for her money, what u are all saying is that 1) any man who marries someone who is worth significantly more than him is marrying for money. Men do it all the time without criticism. LeAnn is worth over $30 million, most men she gets involved with are going to earn far less. 2) Eddie has no money of his own. Eddie’s apparent net worth is $12 million, and he was making $100,000 per episode during the Playboy Club. Despite the fact that the show was cancelled after the 3rd espisode, they filmed 6-7 episodes, and he would have been paid for all. Before that was CSI. Before that was Third Watch. There was always something going on in his career. Who earned the money for the 13 years Eddie was with Brandi? It certainly wasn’t Brandi. 3) Nobody would be with LeAnn, but for her money. Her ex-husband seemed happy for their entire marriage, and nobody accused him of being in it for the money.

    • Rita says:

      1.)”The homewrecker single white female theme is getting so old.” I’m sure Brandi feels the same way.

      2.)”They would not have married so quickly if the relationship wasn’t strong.” LeAnn desperately wanted to marry Eddie when he was referring to her as a “speed bump” in his marriage to Brandi.

      3.)”LeAnn has no history of being a stalker.” She was dumped on tour 10 years ago for being obsessed with a male artist. Cancelled a concert, leaving thousands of people holding the bag to “stalk” Eddie at a basketball game.

      4.)”…men don’t get involved with stalkers.” Agreed, but were talking about Eddie Cibrian.

      5.)”It doesn’t make sense that someone would change their style to mirror the woman their husband left.” Unless the biatch is crazy.

      6.)”..she looks more or less the same as she always did.” No one before ever referred to her as lizard face, Falcor, or horse face. She looks nothing like three years ago.

      7.) LeAnn was Eddie’s bang toy and when he got caught he ran like hell from LeAnn who then returned to suck Dean’s face in public. Eddie wanted nothing to do with her. When LeAnn exposed Eddie’s affair with Scheanna, Brandi told him to get out and he had no place to go but to go after the money. Eddie is broke and always lived hand to mouth as an actor. He couldn’t make the payments on his first house or even pay proper child support.

      Remember what Forest Gump said, “Delusion is as delusional does”…something like that.

      • Jan says:

        Exactly Rita. Just to add, Re number 3, that is a complete lie Vesper, there is EVIDENCE of her stalking Brandi and Eddie all over the net. Oh 5, Eddie DID NOT ‘leave’ Brandi for LeAnn. Brandi threw him out, even though HE wanted to STAY WITH BRANDI. LeAnn got him by default, because he had no where else to go after Schaena dumped him, so he went to LR who is loaded. He NEVER actually left Brandi for LR, at all.

    • Linda says:

      Here you are on the day of your one year anniversary…stalking Celebitchy, defending yourself because of all the crazy, bizarre, evil and demonic behavior. How very sad and pathetic for you.

      LeAnn, the demise of your relationship will happen–it’s already been foretold.

    • claire says:

      She’s had a nose job, her boobs done, countless amounts of work on her mouth, changed her hair color, her hair style, her clothing style, her shoe style and frequently is caught wearing things that Brandi has already been seen in much earlier. But, yeah, other than all those things…she looks exactly the same and doesn’t copy Brandi at all except for buying the same clothes, shoes, purses, sunglasses, and so forth.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Um, if Eddie is doing so well financially, why did he have his children’s support payment reduced?

  37. skuddles says:

    This amuses me. Yes LeAnn, I’m sure Eddie is in it for the “big haul” – oops sorry I meant the “long haul”.

  38. Cirque28 says:

    I just glanced at LR’s Twitter feed:

    Sitting w/ Eddie reading Kahlil Gibran. Amazing quote…. “Is there a greater fault than being conscious of the other person’s faults?”

    Hilarious. You can’t write this stuff! Passive aggression dipped in a candy coating of faux spirituality and ‘subtly’ laid out for their critics to see. Also, honey, Ediot getting his drink on while you’re madly Twittering away (with a Kahlil Gibran book somewhere in the house) doesn’t count as reading together.

  39. Griffer H says:

    I used to be a fan of hers until recently. Living in Nashville, trust me when I say around here, she is a joke. I never understood all the criticism- until recently looking at her twitter, blogs etc. She is definitely “missing a sensitivity chip”. I think everyone is over the affair and moved on by now, however this lady exploits her step kids and openly taunts their mother. Their relationship spawned from an affair- and there is a certain code of kindness to abide by that this woman simply can not will herself to do.
    As a man, no I don’t find her remotely attractive, but her personality is also unbearable. I will no longer be a fan, and concerning her marriage bliss, as they say: “The lady doth protest too much”.
    Also, as far as the stalking, it’s hard to argue with documented evidence of her stalking the ex wife’s twitter and copying her style. Women, jeez.
    Oh- an old co-worker of mine settled down with his mistress- AFTER his wife kicked him out. Men usually aren’t cut out to be alone. Before this he had changed his number, etc to keep her from calling. He wanted to try to work things out with the wife. But this just made his gf more adamant to chase him down. Even got him fired from work. He says being with this young girl is better than being alone. But he is very bitter towards his ex wife. Guess he couldn’t handle rejection.

  40. chrissy says:

    Eddie must looooooove horror movies since he literally took it upon himself to marry one. Her face are what nightmares are made from. He must have a really strong stomach to bang that. A few tequilas, lights out and a long line of attractive girls, $$$$$$ bills he pictures in his mind to successfully complete the task. Any other girl than le. Poor little stalker wewe and her fabulous life. Lmao

  41. Kaitlyn says:

    Has anyone seen the picture People Magazine’s got of the ring he gave her? It’s absolutely hideous!

    • Theresa says:

      If anyone needed anymore proof that LR is living a charade rather than a real life, this “anniversary” ring is stark proof! That ring is hilarious in it’s inappropriateness, and I have no idea why Eddie (or LR if she pre-picked her gift) would waste good money on such an ungainly vanity piece! The fact that she felt compelled to boast about it shows she has no sense of perspective, and that PEOPLE picked up that story, well they have got to be laughing up a storm behind the scenes about how that picture is going to be perceived by the public! Your comment does not do this ring justice, hideous simply is not descriptive enough for it’s ugliness…

    • Abby says:

      It’s the fugliest ring I’ve ever seen. Hilarioussssssly epic fail.

  42. Chrissy says:

    Lmao. vesper, after reading through all the comments, I posted before reading them. I saw lil ole me comment, she’s right you are not helping her cause or more like yourself. That was hysterical. Now vesper aka wewe, get off here and go enjoy your anniversary, or has Eddie passed out again from binge drinking. I can’t fault him for that, gotta dull the pain somehow. No one understands his prison and the pain he is going through being married to you, but then again, after the way he treated the mother of his children, no one cares. You are mental headcase wewe. Certifiable mental.

  43. Britt says:

    I think LeAnn would do well with a Blepharoplasty done to both of her eyes, her eyelids are so heavy, her eyes are like slits in every photo.

  44. Theresa says:

    As long as people wish them to break up she and Eddie never will. Not because they are destined to be together for ever, but because it is now her job to remain Eddie’s wife. Just to prove everyone wrong. That is how delusional and calculating she is. So sit back and enjoy this circus for quite a while. I guarantee, even if Eddie is caught red-handed, with the sheets up to his neck and the girl hiding underneath, she will never let him go. Can’t wait for those fireworks…

  45. Deann Baldwin says:

    I wonder if Eddie at night lying in bed, with her next to him wants to chew his on arm off and get the F*** out of there. She is sickening and I cant recall when it became totally obvious.

  46. Kel says:

    “LeAnn is going to go absolutely INSANE if this marriage doesn’t work out.”

    I don’t think it’s a question of IF, but only of WHEN. I was stupid and made mistakes too when I was young so I try not to be too critical, but she is definitely clueless.

  47. Lisa says:

    They’ve only been married a year? You’d think they were in the womb together by the way she’s hanging off his dick. Lord.

  48. Eileen says:

    She really needs someone to close her twitter-she is making a compelte fool out of herself. Can’t sell her talent so she’s whoring out her life. Pathetic.

  49. Anguishedcorn says:

    Damn, they are the Squinty Squinterttons.

  50. KLD says:

    LeAnn Rimes started out as a very young girl with a great big talent whose parents pushed her to be their ticket to ride. It was proven in court that her father exploited his position as her manager. From there she married young and built a career, succeeding beyond her initial fame. She grew up fast with no real childhood or proper parental guidance but lived a respectable life for quite some time. She was rarely the subject of the tabloids before Mr. Cibrian came along. Perhaps still naive, she got caught up in something she could not appreciate the consequences of. How many affairs, broken marriages and abandoned children are seen everyday in the celebrity world and how many of those celebs weather the kind of venom LeAnn has? (How about Jennifer Lopez who recently left her husband for a younger dance troupe member?) Rimes has definitely made it worse for herself with the attention she draws via the papers and twittering (what a destructive thing Twitter is for everyone!) but it seems to be rooted in her guilt and her determination to be redeemed and considered the good girl again. That is a bed she will have to lie in but to me she is just a lost little girl who doesn’t know what else to do with her pain and embarrassment. Footnote: Brandy Glanville deserves no sympathy.

  51. Stacia says:

    She’s always draped all over him in phoot. She’s a “STAGE 5 CLINGER”. You’re so right …if this marriage does not work out, she will go off the deep end and EC will pay dearly.