Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson were loved up at Coachella: cute or try-hard?

This is a question for the Twihards and the non-Twihards: what would you do if you saw Kristen Stewart and/or Robert Pattinson just hanging out at a music festival? Like, you’re sitting there, chilling out, watching Hologram Tupac or whatever, and suddenly you notice that Kristen is biting her lip just a few yards away. What would do? Respect their privacy and simply feel puffed up that you and Sparkles are sharing the same Hologram Tupac experience? Or would you go over and make a scene? I’m asking because in these photos of K-Stew and Sparkles at Coachella over the weekend, there is a distinct lack of crazy Twihards making their lives miserable. How did that happen? Did Kristen’s Daisy Dukes throw everyone off the scent?

Anyway, against impossible odds, it seems like Kristen and Rob got to do Coachella in true hipster fashion. They weren’t swarmed. They weren’t torn limb from limb by rabid fan-girls. According to Celebuzz’s sources, they spent Sunday hanging out at the beer garden, with Kristen “looking happy and relaxed” as she and Rob hung out with friends – they were seen “laughing and looking like they were having a fun time.” Later in the day, at the Radiohead concert, a source says, “They were kissing and holding hands during Radiohead, swaying and singing along to parts [of the songs.]” Aw. That’s kind of cute.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. nina says:

    She’s got a cute little bod. His pants look like khaki pants my mom buys at chicos. I think they are cute if slightly neurotic from twihards fixating on them. I mean 50 shades lady admitted she fantasized about k/r the whole time she wrote that. Gross.

    • some bitch says:

      “I mean 50 shades lady admitted she fantasized about k/r the whole time she wrote that.”


      Some of my colleagues LOVE that 50 Shades series and wouldn’t stop going on about how great it and “kinky” it is. It’s creepy and poorly written, and that lovely tidbit of info just made it even more horrible.

      • GHJackie says:

        You mean you didn’t recognize them from the character descriptions alone? Not to mention the lip-biting thing…

      • Maguita says:

        Read the Fifty shades, and am I the only who never even once imagined it was either Pattinson nor Stewart in those roles?

        I imagined completely different people. Never thought of Edward and Bella playing kinky-f-ckery!

      • Scarlet Vixen says:

        I 100% agree! I tried to read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ this past weekend, and it was so poorly written that I gave up (it probably didn’t help that my husband was reading it over my shoulder and giggling at how bad it was). After the 1,000th time Ana said “Wow” or “Holy Fuck” I wanted to throw the book in the trash. I never once got a Bella/Edward/Kristen/Robert vibe AT ALL. I actually found the character of Grey to be much more interesting than any of them. Er, maybe that’s creepy on my part…

      • Maguita says:

        @Scarlett, you can’t unfortunately get into the Fifty books thinking that it is any kind of literary genius.

        1- The author did all on her own. Apparently her husband tried proof-reading a bit, but he had obviously missed too many spots. And NO EDITOR whatsoever touched any of those books.

        2- She f-cking wrote on her iPhone! And would send to her Mac and edit a bit later on.

        3- No matter how badly the books are written, YOU HAVE TO look at them the same way you would go, say, watching an American Pie movie: It is not a masterpiece, but clearly, meant to indulge your silly senses.

        Having said all of this, I have to be honest at least with my self, and admit that the second book, Fifty Shades Darker, was extremely hot. Forget well written, just the kinky-f-ckery, IMPOV, was quite different and more experimental than anything I have read. The sex scenes were beyond titillating… Which made me question why?

        I am not into spanking, giving or taking, but how come Fifty was more suggestively hotter, and much more acceptable than any BDSM story I’ve ever read.


        See, I came to the conclusion, that unlike Pauline Reage’s Story of O, where O was basically gang raped and beaten up daily so she could see how pleasing it was for her master, and unlike say… Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake who spent the last 5 books servicing on her knees, or being serviced on her back, in the Fifty books, no matter how you try to color it as Christian Grey’s Sadistic side, all was centered on the woman’s pleasure. Yes, it got at times out of my comfort zone, and made me wonder how come I am getting… worked up by certain things, like a crop and a good spanking, it was all done in favor of Anastasia Steele’s pleasure. She really did not get to do any nastily-disgusting things to please her “master”. And most importantly, he did not prostitute her in order to heighten his own pleasure. On the contrary, he was (albeit immaturely) possessive, and very protective of her.

        Ouf, did not expect to decipher the books and their surprising appeal today, but felt safe enough on this site to express my opinion, hoping other women would do the same, just to see where I stand in regards to the Fifty Shades Trilogy.

  2. carrie says:

    she has nice legs and she did a Dicaprio (hide her face with a hat)

  3. lila says:

    They both look scuzzy and gross. I mean, that’s how they always look, but the scuzziness is amplified by the environment.

    • DreamyK says:

      That’s exactly how most people at Coachella dress. It makes sense that they dressed like everyone else because they weren’t there to attract the paps. Those two really enjoy going to concerts. It’s hot as hell there, windy, dirty and dusty. Those celebutards who dressed up for the first weekend looked like the complete fame whores and idiots that they are.

  4. carolina says:

    They’re at a concert festival. I’d think they were idiots if they didn’t look scuzzy cause you’re in the heat all day using porta-potties. I hate when you see people actually dressed up and pap-ready at places like that.

  5. marie says:

    they’re cute I suppose, the twi-hards need to leave them the hell alone though, crazy people..

  6. Love them says:

    It’s like the opposite of try hard. It is “please don’t recognize me, or if you do, please pretend you don’t”. Glad to see they aren’t hiding out in exile as much. And no crazy outfits either!

  7. Nev says:

    he looks really good here….she NO.

  8. geekychic says:

    I’d kill for her legs.
    no matter what, I’d never photo or gang up on a celebrity. it comes off as pathetic and I don’t get the point.

  9. T.C. says:

    Kstew in daisy dukes is a revelation. I like. :) Something tells me after Twilight is behind her she will break out and be more fun. Good for her, have some fun sister you earned it.

    As for him, he kind of sticks out like a sore thumb. What’s with the pants. Come on grab some shorts and get down with daisy dukes Kstew! Your only young onces. Enjoy it.

  10. alice / jane says:

    …so, apparently, if you don’t wear a pair of daisy dukes they don’t allow you in at coachella!

  11. Jade says:

    I don’t like her outfit but at least she doesn’t look like rolled on the floor of urban outfitters.

    I really like them as a couple.

  12. lara says:

    See the blond woman with Kristen in the last photo? She’s Kristen’s publicist, Ruth Bernstein. So Kristen Stewart attended Coachella with her powerful publicist and Robert Pattinson.

    • Sunshine says:

      I would think she can be friends with just about anyone, who cares if it’s her publicist?

    • T.C. says:

      How do you know who her publicist is? She could be a family friend or maybe she had to promote some Twilight crap during the show. Nothing wrong with that.

    • daria says:

      Lara, your overinvestment is showing.

    • Monkey Jim says:

      Lara, Ruth is Katy Perry’s publicist too. And? That is what you’d wear to a music festival, too, if you were there for the music. I refer you to Lea Michelle’s hilarious pics from last weekend…

      • Michele says:

        So, if you’re a publicist, you can’t go to a music festival like Coachella with one of your clients whom you have become friendly with through the years without some thinking you’re there on business? I’m sure Ruth was off the clock and enjoying her weekend taking in good music while hanging with good friends like most of the other festival goers there. Rob was busy in the beginning of the weekend doing a photoshoot so Kristen went without him. He then joined her later when he was free. That sounds like a normal couple thing to do. They both got to hang with their friends and eachother as well as watch some good bands live at a fun music festival like Coachella over the weekend. Good for them!

  13. Orly says:

    “Respect their privacy and simply feel puffed up that you and Sparkles are sharing the same Hologram Tupac experience?”

    Oh please. There is nothing private at a very public music fest. Those two need to get over themselves. Why do they think they are more special compared to other ‘private’ celebrity couple? All this unnecessary dodging and hiding.

    They weren’t swarmed because no one but the twihards care whether or not they’re bumping uglies.

  14. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    No one at Coachella gives a f–k about those two. They are all concerned about looking cool and hipster while they listen to bands that are 85% rubbish because Hollywood idiots have ruined the experience and now awesome bands don’t wanna show. I’m not mad. lol

  15. Nora_W says:

    She has skinny fat legs, dirty and unwashed both of them and attention whores too. You don’t go to Coachella not to be noticed but the opposite yet act as if they are better than the rest. I’m surprised she didn’t scream:”Don’t rape me”.

    That blonde woman is always with her, I bet her girlfriend. God knows she dresses as butch as possible.

  16. hairball says:

    He does actually look good here. Sometimes I hate to admit he can look kind of fug. But when he has his ‘serious’ look with mouth closed, he can look quite handsome.

  17. Love them says:

    I think 13, 14, and 15 are all the same person! A lot of anger there….

    • Orly says:

      Actually, I’m only me and I have no idea who the other people are. In case you missed it, I have been posting here for years. Have you?
      Anger? Why would I be angry? Don’t be silly.
      If you were a regular here, you’d know that I’ve posted about wanting to see SWATH, and only this morning “defended” Rob.
      If you can just take off your shipper glasses for a moment, you’d see what’s really being said on this site.

      • Love them says:

        Oops, sorry for the incorrect assumption! I guess it was the hateful rhetoric that gets repeated over and over that confused me. I get that some people don’t like them, but with these 2 it gets so hateful.
        To response to your specific comment, how in anyway are they claiming to be more special than anyone else? They go out of their way not to be recognized or photographed together because no pap shot means no story. As low key as possible – why is this a problem for you?? Would you rather have them smile and pose, famewhore style?

      • TheOriginalVictoria says:

        Please get your life.

        I have no reason to post as a second person. Everything I need to say can be said as me. I have no hatred towards Rob. Is he fugly? Yes. Would I still shag his sexy ass if given the opportunity? After a quick trip through the spin cycle, I most certainly would.

        It’s true that nobody at Coachella but the paps are checking for Twilizzle stars. I love Twilizzle and everyone on here that knows my font knows this. If I were at Coachella, they would not be the main concern because the music is.

        I don’t like KS. Her persona irks me to no end but it still wouldn’t make what I said any less true.

        Coachella though it has gone somewhat mainstream and teenybopper is for a different type of crowd, which is where my real annoyance was placed as I used to go all the time.

        So please have a seat.

      • Orly says:

        Love Them,

        They are not the only private celebrity couple. There are others who don’t pose, famewhore or talk about their relationship. However, most couples don’t do the ducking and hiding nonsense, they just carry on with life.
        Robert and Kristen created this intrigue with all the hiding. That made people curious and fed the frenzy.
        They don’t owe anyone explanations or excuses at all. I’m not saying they should have even addressed the question, it was/still is all very daft.

        One doesn’t have to be a famewhore to just be chill.

        The public has a very short attention span when it comes to celebs, without the intrigue, they would have been ignored and left alone for the most part.

      • cara says:

        I don’t blame them for not confirming or publicly giving some statement. They just do whatever they do. Maybe their relationship is open or something, why paint yourself into a corner with creepy twihards who obsess over them and stalk them online all day long.

    • tylia says:

      I don’t really blame them for acting so skittish. Twihards are relentless and very entitled with them. I wouldn’t have said jack shit either with all those twihorny moms wanting to wack off over any details you gave them and then turning them into smut fanfiction(ie, that broad who wrote 50 shades).

  18. hairball says:

    I’m not sure why people think they are ‘attention whores’. I am so sick of hearing about them and lost interest a LONG time ago, but they really do not strike me as attention whores.

  19. Nessa says:

    For such a pretty girl… She is so busted. Ugh.

  20. another nina says:

    well, they weren’t exactly running in the wilderness – they were in the VIP section. And after having accidentally witnessed Patz being hunted down by random Twihards in 2009 next to my office, I had an anxiety attack myself. I don’t know how/if he managed to remain sane after all these years. Bottom line, I didn’t/will not even look at them.

  21. daisydoodle says:

    don’t like KS, but loving the baseball hat, love them O’S!

  22. Turd Fergussen says:

    Sweet Jesus her outfits are horrible. If I had her figure, there’s no end to what I would wear. Except what she’s wearing here: I wouldn’t wear that.

  23. CTgirl says:

    Note to KS, if you don’t want to be recognized then don’t wear the Orioles cap. From the really recognizable sweat stained cap to her White Trash t-shirt the girl is a mess. He’s just as bad and they both look like they smell to high heaven.

    • daria says:

      she didn’t look like she was trying to be unseen. It looks like she didn’t want to be papped. There’s other pictures of her hanging out in crowds just fine. She just seems to be putting her hat down when the pap flash is going off in her eyes.

      • CTgirl says:

        My comment wasn’t about her putting the visor down. But if you want to have private time with friends why wear that hat, which a lot of folks associate with RP? And why would you wear a hat with sweat stains? Yuck. But then again, I never did think that she’s the smartest tool in the shed.

      • daria says:

        okay, gotcha. I don’t think anyone would notice that hat though. I mean, I like twilight, shoot me, but I don’t know this hat. I’d assume at coachella no one would notice either, she just looks like another kid in the crowd.

  24. shailee says:

    they look cute, and please haters how are they fame who*&es, they’re doing their own thing, looking normal. These two are adorable together

  25. Nora_W says:

    Both look like Britney Spears and KFed circa 2004/5.

  26. TXCinderella says:

    The Dickies work pants and the tennis shoes Rob is wearing are filthy. Kristens denim shorts are unbuttoned, probably because they are too tight. They both look like they need a bath and smell of cigarettes and stale beer. I realize that this is an all-day concert series, but they just look nasty.

  27. loudval says:

    If you’re at Coachella, you likely can drink, and just aren’t the Twihard demographic that gives a shit about these two (cute) young adults except to make fun of these movies and participate in the associated drinking games (see foreverya’s website for instructions). Jorts!

  28. poiup says:

    Good god I want to kiss my way up all the way up those thighs…

  29. Skinnybetch says:

    I love so many of the bands @ coachella this year, but it just seems like such a gigantic dirty try hard hipster douchfest. I just. . I can’t

  30. Manuela says:

    u can kill me but i dont belive in them at all. and it s so boring already all her outfits

  31. aquarius64 says:

    Why wear a shirt with a slogan that says what half the planet thinks you are? As for the shorts, I’m surprised the pap didn’t check for camel toe.

    • danni says:

      I’ve never heard anyone call her white trash since she’s never done anything trashy …

      If you’re going to insult a celeb at least know who and what you’re insulting.

      Also, I don’t get the hoopla over their clothing, it’s coachella. Everyone looks high and busted. They’re on the lower end of that scale.

      • aquarius64 says:

        You forgot the double barrel bird flip in Australia during the Eclipse press tour in 2010? Paps or not, she handled it badly and she came off looking ignorant. She brought negative press to a promo tour. Her age at the time and the Twilight hoopla are no excuses. That’s why she’s doing glam spreads and the like – to live down that and other past incidents.

  32. ljs says:

    These poor kids can’t do anything right for a good share of the popultion. It’s well known their love of music and makes complete sense they went to this event. Glad to see they aren’t letting wackos get to them and hybernating in their house. It’s also known that celebrities who don’t like the attention will dress down or where the same thing out all the time. The papz don’t get as much money for and they hope interest will go away.

  33. Jackie says:

    someone just showed me the video clips of her being interviewed on letterman. she is definitely not the sharpest person. it was painful to watch.

  34. dahlia1947 says:

    Those shorts are tight and high waisted! Not cute. Nah don’t look like they’re trying hard. I would like to see pics of them making out.

  35. Bjf says:

    Looking at those shorts, all I think is UTI!

  36. Shannon says:

    She likes the attention, or else she wouldn’t wear his clothing in public when she knows she’s gonna be photographed. Like she’s staking her claim or something.I’m not even remotely a fan of either of them, and even I know that.

  37. Jennifer12 says:

    I really like this couple and I’ve never seen a single Twilight movie, but for a few scenes here and there. They have a great chemistry and seem to be really cool.

  38. telesma says:

    Actually, they’re among the few celebs photographed there that not only don’t look like they’re trying too hard, but kind of look like they aren’t trying at all.

  39. Annie says:

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that they were left alone. They are highly respected by their fans and we fans know how much they love their privacy and want to live as normal a life as possible. There is a time and a place for the frenzied, screaming crowds that you talk of, but Coachella is not one of them! I’m sure many fans were very excited to see them there and maybe even snuck a picture or two, but they would never presume to disturb them.

  40. kingkayski says:

    Kristen “The Body” Stewart!!

  41. katie says:

    Can someone please explain to me why people who know they are going to be photographed would go out looking like they just walked out of the trailer park? I understand wanting to be comfortable because it’s hot, but please, they look awful.

  42. emma says:

    Robert Pattinson is so handsome even on his downtime when he’s extremely casual. He seems like a really likable person in real life. I read an interview of his yesterday and he so intelligent.

  43. Renata says:

    Just one question: Why doesn’t she take a bath? She always looks so grease, ugh!

  44. Renata says:

    Just one question: Why doesn’t she take a bath? She always looks so greasy, ugh!

  45. Kosmos says:

    It’s a stretch for them to really think they wouldn’t be noticed LOL….but hey, they’re trying to blend into the crowd and are dressed way down. They just want to have some fun like everyone else, but seems strange they would attend the biggest event of the year and yet expect to not be noticed, huh?