Dakota Fanning: “I’m not going to school for a career, I’m going for my own interest”

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning covers the May issue of C Magazine (alson known as “California Style Magazine”) to promote her role in the upcoming Effie, in which she plays the teenage bride (Effie Gray) of Victorian art critic John Ruskin. It’s an indie flick that probably won’t get much play but just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last week, so maybe it’ll get picked up by a distributor. Anyway, I can appreciate that Dakota’s nearly finished with her first year of college at NYU (she’s still only 18) and has put her film career largely on the back burner with the exception of little indie movies like this one plus her continuing (small) role in The Twilight Saga. In her C interview, Dakota makes it clear that she’s committed to finishing college even though she knows that she’ll keep on acting once she graduates. Dakota’s a smart girl, and she’s got enough talent that Hollywood will still be waiting for her when she’s through. Here are some more excerpts:

Dakota Fanning

On college: “I’m not going to school for a career. I’m going for my own interest, for myself. I already know what I want to do forever.”

On turning 18: “I feel like this new chapter as an adult is almost like starting over. That’s the interesting part about getting older in this business. I’m excited to present myself differently.”

Has she ever been in love? “Ahh, not really. No. I would have to say no … but Effie wasn’t really in love with her husband, either, which made [filming the movie of the same name] easier.”

[From C Magazine]

Does anyone else find it strange that the journalist actually asked Dakota if she’d ever before been in love? That seems like such an odd question but then again, we’re only seeing the excerpts of the interview without the larger context. I can’t imagine ever being in love at such a young age, and in fact, I wish I’d never fallen in love until my late 20s. Romance is too distracting! Just last week, my daughter’s dentist told her to stay away from boys because they don’t really grow up until they hit age 40. Honestly, I could’ve kissed the guy for saying that.

Now onto this photoshoot, which is quite lovely even if the cover itself is sort of “meh.” Here, Dakota wears many pieces of the latest Chanel Haute Couture collection. The styling is sophisticated enough without looking too mature. After all, Dakota has only recently become an official adult, and I think most of us aren’t quite comfortable with her going for sexier looks just yet.

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning

Photos courtesy of C Magazine’s Tumblr

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  1. almond says:

    Good for her. She has the possibility to study what she likes for her own pleasure. If I had her financial means I’d do the same.

  2. Snowflake says:

    Very nice, she looks great.

  3. lucy2 says:

    I am consistently impressed by how she and her family have handled her career and life outside of it. And THAT is how you transition from a child star to a lengthy, successful adult acting career.

  4. serena says:

    I like her a lot, love the black and white photo!

  5. Bite me says:

    Good for her… Education is a great thing

  6. Lisa says:

    “I’m not going to school for a career. I’m going for my own interest.”

    That’s funny because that’s what most college students end up doing these days, only not by choice. Major in something you like and expect to have a job you hate if you pick a major with few career prospects.

  7. Cathy says:

    Well good for her. I’ve seen a few of her movies, and she was really good in War of the Worlds.

  8. Nanea says:

    Her parents seem to provide a stable environment.

    I don’t see Dakota, nor Elle hopefully, veering off into Cracken territory anytime soon, nor do I think she and her sister will ever whore themselves out like the Kartrashians.

  9. I.want.shoes says:

    Not crazy about the eye makeup in these photos. And while they did try to make her look more grown up, she is covered up and doesn’t have her lady bits hanging out.

  10. lflips says:

    The black and white photo is stunning.

  11. sup says:

    i hope she’ll go the claire danes route best of luck to her.

  12. Sloane Wyatt says:

    How refreshing to see a lovely young woman glowing with health and youth.

    Hollywood girls needn’t rush into being dissipated tartlets. I’m looking at you, Chloe Moretz.

  13. bagladey says:

    Good luck and continued success to this classy young lady.

  14. bitterwife says:

    Just last week, my daughter’s dentist told her to stay away from boys because they don’t really grow up until they hit age 40

    i disagree. man never really grow up.
    exhibit a: my husband 43 years old, for 2 years of marriage he still joins n paid member on dating sites, texts women n ask them to meet him…n he does all that while i am his wife pregnant 5 months.

  15. Gene Parmesan says:

    She is my role model.. and i am older. She just seems so smart and self-aware. Though i wish i was in college only for my interests…

  16. fabgrrl says:

    I’m not going to school for a career. I’m going for my own interest, for myself.

    Ah, a Liberal Arts education then.

    (Not hating, I’m a proud History major myself.)

  17. Amy says:

    “Effie” didn’t premiere at TriBeca. They just finished filming it a few months ago.

  18. Mosty says:

    I’ve always had so much respect for Dakota! She’s such a smart girl and i really which that she’d stay focused!

  19. Meanchick says:

    She looks like Drew Barrymore in the ‘Girl on the rise’ pic.

  20. Jayna says:

    @Bitterwife, (there was no reply buttons up there anymore), my sister’s husband asked for a divorce when she was five months’ pregnant. He said he decided they were wrong for each other after a fight and better to cut his losses early. He was in his 40s and very powerful in the community and she was only 26 and frightened. But she decided to do what was best for her and the baby. She knew to move out would send her into a downward spiral and would be harmful to her pregnancy. So she told him they would separate after the baby was born and that he would put a down payment on a condo for her. She did it her way, not what her friends and me told her to do, which was leave immediately. She said it gave her time to get her mind wrapped around it and make plans and not be humiliated amongst the community. She ultimately did move out a month before the birth once her condo was ready. She allowed her husband to be at the birth which infuriated us, but it’s what she wanted. It was her first baby. As we expected, he couldn’t wait to get rid of her, but the moment she left he was begging her back. She refused unless he went to counseling.

    After the birth months later they eventually started seeing each other for a while (it is an emotional time having a baby and he was the father), but when she refused to move back in with him on his timetable without counseling, he told her it was over again. His way or the highway. He tried again to reconcile later but she was over it and not interested. They divorced.

    So do it your way and what is best for you timewise as far as leaving him.

    • bitterwife1 says:

      Hi Jayna,

      I have decided to leave him, right now i am at my home country, after i give birth i will go back to canada for work to provided my babies.
      my canadian friends told me to stay with him until the baby born n then get divorce n get every penny that i can have after all the pain that he caused me.
      but i will not do what they suggested. i have never a revenge or violance person, fighting in court is not my things.
      i will not go back with him. He will never change, women after women n dating sites, texts them to meet them, etc. i learn that he dont trully love me. if he does, he will never did anything that he knows will hurt me.
      he promised so many times but always broken them. and he used psychology tactics, called me controling n possessif, over jealousy, thats everything is my fault. i have never possesif or over jealousy…i am sure no wife will accepted her husband sending love texts to other women or calls them tens of times a day.
      i am over him.
      i will move forward n never look back.
      if he wants to help to raise the children, he is welcome to help. i want him to help from his heart not because the court told him so.
      i know perhaps many of you dont agree with my opinion.
      after 2 years living with him, feeling insecure, broken heart, unloved, low selfesteem, what i want now just peace.
      i am a believer of God, what comes around will comes around, i believe my husband will harvest what he planted.
      but it will not be me the one doing it ;) i will never want anyone harm even if that person hurt me bad.

      i can work n support my children.
      i have two hands, two legs n brain.
      my daughter n my baby in belly are the most important for me. must be strong for them.

  21. Sugar says:

    I grew up in the Jodi Foater era (being the same age give or take) & from the start of Dakota’s career she has always reminded me of JF on so many levels.

  22. Navy Blue says:

    Jodie Foster wanna be. Always mentions her does photoshoots like her Taxi Driver character and now gong to college when she doesn’t need to. Jodie Foster started that trend of child stars going away to college. It gives them some credibility. But she’s not a bad role model to have Lindsay Lohan.