Jessica Simpson requested a $500 bottle of single-malt scotch in lieu of flowers

Jessica Simpson loves to drink. Always has, always will. I imagine that’s one of the reasons she’s been eating so much during her pregnancy – this is the longest she’s gone without a drink in more than a decade. Pre-pregnancy, there were always stories about Jessica getting blitzed at various clubs, but unlike some crackheads we know, I’ve always felt like Jessica probably does not have a drinking problem. In my mind, there’s a difference between “a person who likes to drink socially, and enjoys a good scotch on the rocks with her expensive meal” and “a person who drinks and acts like a dumbass and endangers everyone else.” Jessica is the former. The girl especially loves her scotch – and she even has a favorite brand: Macallan 18. But now that Jessica is about to give birth (any second now, hopefully), she’s preparing for her first postpartum drink. And she’s determined that it’s going to be the very best:

Jessica Simpson has instructed her family to forget flowers, candy and balloons when she gives birth – and requested a $500 bottle of scotch! Jessica adores The Macallan 18, but for her special delivery, she asked for The Macallan 30, a single-malt scotch that is aged for a minimum of 30 years.

“That’s Jessica’s champagne,” a friend explains of the hard liquor. “She stopped drinking as soon as she found out she was pregnant, but couldn’t wait to have a glass of scotch on the rocks.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

I can honestly picture Jessica wanting to crack open the Macallan 30 while she’s still in the delivery or recovery room. I tend to believe this just because Jessica seems like the kind of woman who hasn’t thought the whole alcohol thing through – like, it’s going to affect her breast milk. Like, that baby girl is going to be drinking White Russians for the first six months of her life.

Incidentally, you know how everyone was saying that Jessica was going to name her daughter something starting with “M”. In Touch always said it was “Maxi” and my guess was “Margarita”. But now I’m wondering if Jessica isn’t going to name her baby girl Macallan Tequila Johnson. Jessica should name her daughter after her beloved scotch. It’s not the worst name at all.

One last thing – Jessica released this lovely video of her baby shower. The food looks awesome!

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. cherryberry says:

    A woman after my own heart.

    • Cherry says:

      Cosign! Also LOL @ ‘that baby girl is going to be drinking White Russians for the first six months of her life.’
      I doubt this story is true, though. New mommies don’t drink- unless they give their babies shop-bought milk, but I’m sure Jessica will at least try to breastfeed for a while. I’m not judging anyone for not breastfeeding their kids or anything, cause it seems like a hell of a job to me, but I can imagine you’d want that sort of bonding phase with your newborn.

      • Rosmarina says:

        Cosignx3. But a drink is possible if you time it right. The difficulty is that the littlest ones don’t necessarily have a schedule, so I ended up waiting. I also thought it wasn’t a good idea to drink while I was taking pain meds after my C-section.

      • MsCatra says:

        If you unexpectedly find out you have to pump instead of nurse a huge unintended benefit is being able to schedule in the beer you missed so much while pregnant. DH said the look on my face while enjoying a Summer Shandy last weekend was the definition of “bliss”.

      • Lee says:

        my sister-in-law’s OBGYN suggested that if she wanted a glass of wine, she should have it while breastfeeding, since it won’t get into her system before the baby is finished and it gives her the longest time window afterwards. unless of course the little one is in a snack-y mood where she drinks every hour. but in a pinch, you’ve got formula.

    • MJ says:

      I want to try this scotch so bad! I’m a sucker for a good single-malt… and by “good”, I mean “50 dollar.” I wish I could afford such a luxury.

  2. Erica says:

    The video of her baby shower looks beautiful, it reminded me of my own, we’re both about to deliver :)

  3. Caitlinsmommy says:

    No snark here. I drank guiness in the delivery room after my daughter was born. My Irish husband said it would help the milk come in faster. Not sure if it helped, but it tasted good!

  4. Amanda says:

    I can’t help but adore Jessica. I can’t wait until she has her baby and I know she can’t either!!!

  5. Elina says:

    This makes me like her so much more! Salud!

  6. samira677 says:

    As dumb as Jessica is I doubt she’s stupid enough to do heavy drinking if she’s going to breastfeed. I’m sure that she will be told about the dangers of drinking/drugs while breastfeeding. I’m assuming all nursing mothers get the same speech.

  7. Jen says:

    What an awesome baby shower video. It actually made me smile.

  8. Jessica says:

    I love her and I wish her and that baby the best!! Hurry up and get here little one!! Mamma needs her medicine!! LOL

  9. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Erica is going to be a great mom

  10. TMI Tape Mouth Immediately says:

    I want that Pig pillowcase that is shown with the pile of presents at the beginning of the video! Does anybody know where to get it?

  11. Roma says:

    Do not put ice in a 30 year old scotch!

  12. Marjalane says:

    This woman is a millionaire many time over- she can well afford to have a closet full of 30 year old Scotch!

  13. some bitch says:

    Oo, great choice Jess! I’ll drink a toast to that. (:

    Her skin looks incredible, but I bet she’s looking forward to giving birth and getting rid of that baby bump. Could you imagine how heavy and ungainly that thing must make you feel?

  14. Fifthpocket says:

    This is my girl! I’m due in a few weeks and made my husband pick up my favorite bourbon. I felt like we were splurging at $30 though…

  15. Olive says:

    Jessica Simpson’s tmi pregnancy has done wonders for this girls image! You just can’t hate her. I guess it more has to do with refreshing honesty than the typical Hollywood crap.

  16. ZenB!tch says:

    I tried Macallan once – no clue which one – it was $200ish in 2008 – all I can say is EWWW! It tastes like diesel fuel. I’ll stick to my wine and umbrella drinks. That Macallan is some serious hootch!

  17. the original bellaluna says:

    So, I’m guessing she’s not planning on breast feeding…or she’ll use the ole “pump & dump” used by some acquaintances of mine.

  18. Kat says:

    You can drink and breast feed, just not excessively. I had my first glass of wine a week after my daughter was born and it tasted like heaven.

  19. Bodhi says:

    Scotch? Yuck! Gimme top shelf bourbon any day! ;-)

  20. Sara says:

    I dunno, my midwife suggested we bring a bottle of champagne to the hospital. Milk doesn’t come in for a couple of days, I think it’s customary to have a drink to celebrate the birth (in Germany anyway)